Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1912 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1912
Page 8
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRmAY EVENING, JANUARY 12, 1912. THE PRIZE Wii'ERS NUMEO BLUE RIBHO.V HIKDS AT POILTHY SHOW T.\(i(JKD TUDAY. Firei Kept Aglcnv Last Mpht and the VoviW Did \«t Sumr—A List of thv >ViuiH'rii. cockerels or hena entered. Pullets— 1st, y.iVi, a. Al. Fuller; 2aii, Ku, E. M. Kuilui; ord, a4, fuller; 4th. yi'?4, l-'ulJer. liuCf Uockii. I'nd cock, S)U'^, James Eastwood. 1st lien, Janies Eastwood. Mliile Itocks. 1st cockerel, Sam Geyer; 2nd cockerel, 1)0^^, C. J. Peterson; 3rd cockerel, W^, Mrs. Miller. Xo hens entered." Pullets—Isi, y4yi, C. J. Peterson; 2nd. yt, C. J. Peterson; 3rd piace tied, y3^, S. Geyer and C. J. TO START UP'MILDRED PUNT Kfsnmption of Cement Mill February IStli, It Is Stated. .\lthougli the severe cold of yesterday and today greatly cut down the attendance at me Allen County Pii '.iltry Siiow tlie scoring of the birds on disiilay, and the awarding of the ribbons, was completed yesterday, and otherwise the snow Is being conducted just as if the crowds were as big as they undoubtedly i ^ould have been with more salubrious weather. C. K. Ackernian, of Kan-, sas City, who was secured by ilic Association to judge the birds, aivard- ed the: ribbons yesterday, liul two entered for •jiens"—that is. for the five best birds of any particular va- ;i'elerson; 4ih, 'J2, Sam Geyer. Silver Lared WjandoUes. 2nd cock, SS^, A, Uadgley; 2nd cockerel 5)8^4, Cliaxies Fry. Hens— let, 90, A. Badgley; 2nd, bSiA, Badgley; 3rd, J-JS'.i. Badgley. 1st pullet, 'M-i,. and 2ud pullet, 91V^, Chas. Fry. iiarred Uork!<. 2nd cock, Rev. Moomaw. Isl cockerel, tied, 92^/^, by Mrs. Seth Bartiett and Herbert Johnson; 2nd cockerel, SGli, Roy G roomer. Pul- leti—1st, 93, Mrs. Seth Bartiett; 2nd. tie, 92, Mrs. Bartiett and Herbert Johnson; 3rd, Mrs. Bartiett Uliiek Lanarshnn^s. 2nd cock. SS, J. F. Eastwood; 3rd riety—Mrs. both Baith-tt and Frank '"wk, S6',i... Eastwood. 1st cockerel, Eastwood, aud of both secur- Eastwood; 2nd cockerel. 90, D. W. ed the. prize souglit. 'ihe fires were •>hufoid. 1st hen, 92U. Eastwood; kept g6ii!g at a Kood rate last night,;-"^ l'^""- "^'-i- Eastwood; 3rd hen, ana none of the bird-5 suiiered from • l=:!istwood: 4th hen, 89%, Shu- tho severe cold. Koiloving is the hsL , ^'""f'- Pull.'ts—1st. 90^4, Eastwood; of prize winiifers- [2nd, 90, Shuford; 3rd, 90, Shuford; V ^land IN-Js. { 4th. ^^ Vi. EafUvood. 1st cot k—Score w, .Mr.s. Frank! < ociiln, IJantnm. Mtlton. Isi cockerel .Sore Ul'^,' ^''^ c(v\erel, 92U; 1st hen, 91; Is: Mis. Fn,i;k .VeUon: 2.1..! iockeiei..-"-'i"'' i : E'lrry Ptinsou. K. -Mci^n; ;{td hen. S7-J4. i; 4tfi hen. ST-,, i\lr.-. J. 89-4, -Ml-''- J- HulTi.;.!;; 3id cockerel, Herbert .louu .-cin. ]si hen, 91 Mrs. F. Melton; 2nd hen, 89'J, Mrs. F. Mfs. Melton B. Huluiiiin. Piilkl—1st. 'J\-}i. n. Johnson; 2iid, 9'J'i. Mrs. Mellon'and II. Johnson, tie. settled by wfight In favor of .Mrs. Melton; 4tli, Mrs. iMiiiun. Mhlle Oriilnulons- No cock. 21V.I (ocU—^.9l4, A. Thonipsoti; 1st cncki rcl. ;';!'-4 A. C Thompson; 2nd cockerel, 91'i. .Mr. Wilkes. Hi -n.---l.Kt. !i.".>4, V. J. Peterson; 2nd. 9,'>. .\. t'. 'I'iioinprnn; 3rd, UZ\. A. I". Thoinjiton; 4th. ST '-i. Mr. Wilkes. PuMit—1st. 94',. A. C. Thonip son; 2iid. 93. A. C. TnoMip.-^on; 3rd, 91'i: C. J. Peterson; 4th. S9-'!i, Mr. Wilkes. Unff Orplnetons. 1st cock. 90. Mrs. S. B. Agee, Gas; 2nd cock. St',';. Jf^sc Osborn, Gas. 2nd cockerel. ST^i. E. M. Fuller; 3rd cockerel 87 Vj. R. E. Wight. Xo hens entered. Pullets—2ad, 89, Mrs. S. B. Agee; 3rd. 89. Mrs. S. B^ Agee; 4tb, 88 Mrs. S. B. Acee. WhHe Wyandolles. 2nd cock, 88, E. M. Fuller. Xo Indian Game. 1st j)i:lle;. 92; 2nd pullet, 90; 3rd piiUet, STli; G. A. Johnson. Chlne.vo Silkies. Cockerel. 91->4, Frrnk Cope. HIark Orplntrtous. . 1st cocU, 9314; 1st pullet, 93>,4; 2nd pullet. 92'.4; 3rd pullet, 91 Vj: 4lh pullet. 9U4; Ell Sharp. White Peklo Ducks. Drnkcs—Ist, 92U. .Innies Eastwood: 2nd. S.'.'.i, C. J. Peterson. Ducks—Ist 91C. J. Peterson; 2nd, 91, C. J. Peterson; 3rd, SS. James EastK^ood. Indian Kiinner Dnrkx. 2nd drake. S9'i, James Eastwood: 3rd drake, 89. Ell Sharp; 1st duck, 'i ^'l. .lames Ea.-ilwooil; 2nd duck, 87%, Ell Sharpc. Mildred Ledger: Superintendent C. W. Lyon returned from Kansas City Tuesday nigh tand reports that the plant w^ill likely resume operations about February IDth, according to conditions at the present time. The merger proposition is not yet settled, but Mr. Lyon sates that this plant will operate whether it goes into the merger or not, and in case it does it will be one of the dominating factors of the new organization. While in Xew York Mr. Lyon took an order for 6.000 barrels of the Apple Waterproof cement, and future shipments for G. W. cement are now being booked. Financial Interests "fn N'ew York are now being interested in this plant, and it appears that plenty of money is now in sight to make things hum. Arrangements are under headway •"or an independent electric light plant for the town, and the milk condenser is almost an assured thing. There ir s a bright,future ahead for Mildred )nd our people must not get discour •iged if times are a little dull at thr "resent time, for they will not con- •Inue long that way. Mrs. I..yon returned with Mr. Lyor rom Kansas City. They bare or^er- ••d their household goods shipped an<^ will now make Mildred their jierma- nent home. SuitsISuits! $30.00 Suits. Shovel 'Em 000 RH Out now ^ZZ i JU $25.00 and 27.50 Suits. 00000 ShoverEmOutnow... aZUiUU $22.50 Suits. Shovel 'Em CIQ 00 Out now VlOiUU $20.00 Suits. Shovel'Em Ollj OA Out. now dIuiUU $18.00 Suits. ShoverEm Oil ift Out now )l4 -i4-U $15.00 Suits. Shovel 'Em OIO 00 Out now OlZiuU $12.50 Suits. Shovel'Em Olft 00 Out now vlUiUU JMrt]i ?Bnin& QHntlira $30.00 Overcoats. Shovel 'Em Out now .. $22.50 S25 and 27.50 Overcoats. COO fift Shovel 'Em Out now . .. $ZUiUU S20.00 Overcoats. Shovel 'Em Out now . $18 Overcoats. Shovel 'Em Out now $15 Overcoats. Shovel 'Em Out now 12.50 Overcoats. Shovel 'Em Out now mm mm $10.00 'SHOVEL W our SAIE OF WIISON BROS, and NAVARRE FINE SHIRTS All $1.00 and $1.25 Shirts, fancy negligee and pleated bosom, made especially for the Globe; QZp choice during this sale . . AU our $1.50 Wilson Bros.' Shirts, fancy negligee and pleated bosom, your choice during this ^ J sale Men's Hats 100 Men's! Hats worth $2.50 and $3.00. Shovel 'em;out ^$1.98 Sweater Coats A big assortment worth $1 and $1.25. Shovel 'em out 85c Boys' Knickerbocker Pants $2.00 Pants .. .Si.50 ! $1.00 Pants .. .85c .$1.50 Pants -. ..?1.2.5 ; 85c Pants 65c Pants .. .. .eOc WIFE SUES POOL PL.iYER. I '-ewIs Vancll LUted tbe Game Better Than Home, It Is I'hurged. Independence Reporter: In a pcti- ion filed in the diitrici court todav u which a wife asks divorce from Kr >.M .\(i WATEK FROZE. \ Common Safeiruard of Ilouseholdrrs , Proved IneiY{ra{-iuu^. The report Irom the river this morning was that t!.e ice there is ton . , I 'Hclies in tnicknes-s and on bodies of ler husband, it appears that one of still water it is douljtless considera- !ie iirime caH .^es for the marital un-1 biy thicker than thi.s. u seen:s thi'L applness which thus culminates in - he divorce court, was the husband's PUBLIC SALE h:un\» as the old .1. S. Ball farm,.4 yEVi DAIRY OPENED. T. K, ninck Estflhllvhes "The Jersey | Dairy" and In Read;- for BuNlness. The continued cold has caused Ice of over a foot in thickness to form, even on running streams, and those who aro willing to brave the storm may find excellent skating. Rock Creek at Electric Paxk, has been clear ed of snow for a mile and a half north of the park bridge, and the railway company has strung electric lights along it for some distance for the convenience of the skaters. ARE E rom IN THE THICK OF THINGS OR THE THIN OF THINGS? It takes the steady nerve, the elastic step, the energetic body to meet modem conditions, and the quick mind grasps the fact UMA body and nerves must be properly nourished, Weaky hesitating, doubting natures are those who lack vitality. Their kingdom is the crust or outer edge— the thin of things. mm mmm is the vitalizer for all a^es. It feeds nerves, body and brain with pure, wholesome food-tonic It does not stimulate— it nourishes. A new Tola Industry came Into be- 'ng the first of the year when Mr. J K. niaek acquired a number of Jersey cows and added dairying to hi? other activities. Aside from furnishing ani uncommonly high grade of milk. Mr. Black prides himself on conducting his dairy along the most approved lines In the matter of sanitation and cleanliness. Every posslbU precaution will be taken to keep thf milk free from any sort of eontami nation, and customers w-ill be servet* with promptness and regularity Those desiring to place orders shouV see Mr. Black personally or call 'phone 410. ersistance in spendliog his time at )laying pool. The wife, Binlie Vancll. of Coffoy- lUo. says she was married to Lewis ."ancil. in loUi. In 190."., and that they ;iave tVo children, age 2 and 3 years respectively. She says for the first three years he husband supported the family. )ut after that spent most of his time ind money playi^tg pool and drinking ind failed to coiitrlbuto to their sup- lort. She aska absolute decree of llvorce the care of the children, and ounsel fee, an«f*othcr rellot. STOVES OX THE STREET CARS. lola Elretrle RallnaT Will Place Oil lirafem on the Cars. TARDAMAX I? VIXDICATED. Hfid Blamrlefis fn the Matter of hU Continent Fond. (By the Associated Press) Jackson, Jliss., Jan. 12.—Former Governor and United States Senator- elect James K. Vardaman was exonerated of all blame in the alleged irregularities concerning the handling of the executive contingent fund when the Joint legislative incestigating com mittee reported t«day. The chief problem nowadays Is to keep warm, and the solution of this problem is the more necessary for places of business, to whose advnnt- ige It works to keep their customers warm, '\yith public utilities, such as the street cars, this problem is Just as necessary of solution, and even more difficult. The lola Electric Rail way Company, whosr cars, fitted with electric heaters, are usually comfortably warm in ordinary winter weather, has found it necessary to provide other means of heating the cars in this zero weather, and they have procured a number of oil stoves, with which each of the cars is to be stil^- plled. even swiftly running w iter is not proof against the pre:"Dt extreme cold, as la attested by the fart that '.vater allowed to rur from faucets and hydrants to prevent freezing li;i- 111 many In.stance-i fi-o;:en Inio a hi;Icicle, whieh almost entirely cut ol! the flow of water. Eugene Tarman left yesterday for CoUinsville on business. —Choice County Butter at City Meat Market. Phone 818. Prank Travis slipped and fell on the ice the other day and for that and other reasons has played invalid most of the present week and remained close at home. SOME iREWAIITS WANTED — LARGE ROOM AND board, room with closet by couple. Close in. State price. Address R 711, Register Office. G. W. Adauis went to Chanute yi-i-- terday for a visit with relatlv.^s. H. P. McAfee, of Kansas City, whc has been here superintending the la oal eight day camiialgn will return to his home tonight. \V. E. HafT'-ty. a teacher In the Baptist Theological Seminary, at Kansas City, is liert and. he will take .Mr. Mc.-\fee'8 p!aif In conducting the campaign. From present prospects there art to be two games of basket ball in thi: fIty a week from tomorrow night. Tin lola high school team will meet th< Baldwin team, and the big game wil probably be preceded by a game be tween the local Y. M. C. A. Athletic: and the Yates Center high school five The problem of heating in this sor of weather Is bad enough any place but In the larger buildings the problem is doubly difficult. On the colde: days It has been foutid impossible tf keep the library at a comfortabh temperature, and for this reason it ha^ been necess^fy to close it to patrons The building was closed yesterday ant today. I will sell at PuliMt Sale on wlial miles north and mile -.vest of lola, ;:i SUiU- .Slreit nud, and 1 niilesonth and Hi miles wt-;-l of Carlyle, on : Wednesday, January 17, 1912 Heginning at 1» o'elcek, a. ni., th<- f.iilowlng described property: A whole lot of men make a great deal of loud talk about the way In which they stand by "the principles advocated by Lincoln" who never read FOR SALE—TWO SECO.VD HAND coal heating stoves. Diamond Barber I shop. STRAYED—SORREL MARE, BALL face, blind In one eye .weight 1000 one of Lincoln's speeches all the way | l^s-. heavy set, about 10 years old. through In their lives.. Call 707, lola. ALL DHUQGtara It was reported today that the local supply of coal was exhausted yesterday, at least that the dealers had sold out Several cars are enroute here but the train schedules are all shot to pieces by the storm and ^Jelirerles are uncertain. It certainly would add a whole lot to the difficulties of the situation If a coal famine should start out to exceed the gas famine. Next year. If the remarks made by city officials when the mercury Is 16 b^igv zero may be relied on to hold good in the hot summer days, a contract will be made by-the city with some pipeline to supply gas here when the cold weather puts the local supply on the bum. There Is considerable argument as to why that ia not done onw, it being claimed that the city Is under a temporary contract which It cannot break. T T17 U19 »egiit«r,W«rt »4 mj. mU SPECIAL Values iri^ HEATING STOVES. Best and only complete stock, in Allen County. Get your house warm and see how good it seems. Word has been received here thai Isaac Freeman, who will be remembered by old settlers as a resident o; lola about thirty years ago, died last week at his home in New Carlyle Ohio, aged seventy-nine years, will be remembered that M;. Freemai and his brother conducted a hot housi many years ago on the present siti of the lola Portland, and that Mr Freeman formerly owned the Ian which at present constitutes River side Park. 3 HEAD HOK.SK.S. 1 9-year-oIU itiare. s-afe iu foal, wt. ll'io Ib.s.; 1 lO-year o!.l ii:are, safe in !oal wt. 10011 1 11 year-olii •, wt. 12U0 lbs. II HEAD CATTLE. 4 good milk cows giving milk, wil! '.le fresh in siiring; 4 godti heifer .•a'ves.^iree good steer calves. Three if these calves 1 have been fattening. 8 HEAD HO<i.S. 1 flne Poland China sow. will have ;dgs by t\?.y of sale. 1 tliink; 7 fat •logs weighing I'lm lbs. and up. These iic Poland China. Some are go.-irl gilts. FAR.W I.HPLE .HEN 'rS. I good farm wagon. 1 llsjlst dray vagon. 1 carriage. 1 niovving machine I two-section harrow 1 cultivator— prlng trip. 1 riding plow. 1 walking :)low, lister and drill, t do-ihlo shovel. MISCELLAXEOrS. II doz. chickens; 1 Sharpless sep- irator, nearly new; 1 incubator I Old Tni-^iy; 2 ciuirns; 1 grindstone; 1 set iie.T.y i)locka anrl tackle; 2'> gal. cl- !er vi.'iegar; 100 gts. canned fruit; -'0 hi:, turnips; 80 bu. Red lUver Ohio .)olato<'s: 2 sets work haruMs; 1 set el i^ii'gle harness; 1 sled; D bushels ;io;.) corn. FEED. ;!Tr> l>ii. corn; 10 hu. seed corn; r;boul 10 tons millet and cow pea lay; U'o shocks of shredded corn fodder in barn; also some corn foddes in shock: :tr> shocks Kafllr corn; ^oire Kalllr com In head. IIOl'SEIIOLD (.'OOD.S. 1 range. 1 kitchen cabinet. 1 dining lalile. 1 sofa. 1 sewing inachlne, 1 wardrobe. ;{ iron beds, springs and tnaitresses. 1 dresser, 1 writing desk. I organ, nearly new; 3 stand tables, ;i cupboards. 1 refrigerator, 4 rockera dining vchairs, Py12 rugg. 1 carpet. 1 linoleum, 10x12, some dlshM and cooking vessels. Other articles 00 numerous to mention. TERMS OF SALE—All sums of $10 and; under, cash in hand. All sunjs over JIO a credit of 12 months will be given, purchaser giving note with :ppro%-ed security, bearing 6'.' Interest, from date if paid when due. If not naid when due to draw 10'.^_from date of sale. 47' discount for cash on 'redit sales. No property removed until bcttled for. Bankable note required. rOI- C. S. BISHOP, Auctioneer. i. R. BOWLCS Clerk. WALTER s. mm LUNCH OX GROUNDS. Charles Bacon and C. S. Caldwell of Moran, were in to see the countj commissioners yesterday in regard t< good roads. .Mr. Bacon and Mr. Cald well are among the most enthuslas tic farmers of the county when I comes to good roads, and when th< commissioners made the propositioi that they would oil a mile of road'i Mr. Caldwell or Mr. Bacon" wouh make the necessary preliminary prep aratlons. Mr. Bacon told them the: might as well order their oil. Th' mile of road wP! be oiled oxneri mentally, lind If It proves successful thia, process will probalJly be usei extensively In the future. There Is an old story that people ut north do not feel the 40-degree belov zero wpather any more than we dowt here feel the ten above zero weather You have often heard It so stated. Dr F. 8. Benttle is a committee of on' on the negative side. He lived nea I the Canada line many years and say; every winter brought a lot of snow prolongetTcold weather and that h' always suffered from the cold, al though bundled up In clothes to hi eyes. People on the street often me would grab up a handful of snow anr rub another's nose. And it hurt lik' sin, Beattie says, and was done be cause the nose was white from freezing, - • ' .... I *^ PUBLIC SAL£ As I hare decided fo leave the state, I will sell at nnbllc auction on ttie arm known as the Allen Johnson farm, 2 ^2 miles east and % mile south of 'olony and 4 miles west and IM miles sonfli of Lone Elm, on Tuesday, January 16, 1912 beginning at 10 o'clock, a. m., the following described property: II HEAD HORSES A^D MULE.S. Span of mules, fi years old. well iroke. wt. 2500; span mares, black ;nd gray, 5 years old, wt. 2200, bred o Percheron horse; sori-el. mare. S •ears old wt. 1000,, in foal by Shet- and iKiny. broke to' all harness; bay :iare. 6 years old; bay horse. years lid, broke single or iloiible. Little Toby, the Shetland poi:y, ;{ years old. :ind and gentle for children to ride; .* yearling colts. 1 sjirlng Shetland -•olt. /67 HEAD CATTLE. Consisting of 7 head milk cows 2 o S year old. r. milking now. 1 with •alf by side, rc.vt will he fresh in the prinsi 4U head heifers coming two- year-old; 3 yearling hulls, 2 Herefords. 1 Shorthorn; C spring calvea: IS HEAD HOnS. Consisting of 4 brood sows and 14 shoats. • I .1IPLE .HENTS. CiiH .sady gang plow, nearly new; riding ll.ster nearly new; harrow, corn planter. SO rod? check wire; 1 mower. 2 wagons. 2 spring wagons. 2 buggies. 4 sets work harness. 3 sets single buggy harness, saddle, large galvanized water tank, Detaval cream separator, good as new; l .iO shocks kathr corn; some corn fodder; about 100 .'ls of corn; about 4 dozen chlcken.v; also my household goods. TER.VS OV S.M.E—All sums of $10 and under cash; sums over »10 a •redit of y luonihs will bl>~gtven. purchaser giving note with approved se- urity. drawing ."i'; interest from date; 10',' from date If not paid when due. > per cent discount I'or cash on credit sales. No property removed until ettlcd for. Bankable note required. OK H. D. Smock and J. H. Burnett, Aucts. f A TJrrt .*,;i .i ..rx« |. IL Bowlo.-i and W. D. Bishop, Clerks. J rlanilltOll Ladies' Aid of the M. E. Church will serve lunch. For the qmckest results—The Register Want Column!

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