Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1912 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1912
Page 7
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THE lOlSK DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING. JANUARY 12, 1912. FELIX AND FINK--"The next time there's a Black Cat on the Job I'll Pass it up," says Felix to Fink. THK! CAT »S A MOOOOC AMO Give YOU PEttOwa A DOLLAR IP YOOLL CHASE MlM OUT OF THE NCI6HBORHOOO, HE'S IN TK£ BARREL FELIX. YOU REACH IN AND GHAQ HIM. WANTS—ALL KINDS. •WAKTED FOR CUSTOMER—A private loan ot ?S00 on a new eight room house on paved street, close in, east front. Want it for tliree j-ears and am willing to pay good interest. The Peterson Land Co. 1 WAXTKn—TO WKST 3 ' modern !;oi;pe. .iddir^s \\n\ ROOM) FOR SALE—FOR SALE. AV.AXTKF)—COOD SICCOND HAND pas kitchtn range. Phono 2.-)0. FOU, SALE—FIVE WHITE OR- riington pulktj acil one cociioril. Ur. WANTED—\v -00n TO SAW WITH buzz .-^.T.v. Pbune 4tU. WANTED—RAG C.XRPF.TS ANI' rugs to weave. Call r.nd ste i^amiU's of work; 912 N. Chestrait stieet. IVA.VTEl)—ELDERLY L.VDY girl fur general lutiiM> nork. No washing and Iroiiini;. Uox lUT, lula. WANTED—GOOD LAND, WELL improved lying near lola. Will buy half section or more if woilh tli'' money a-ked. Give price and fu!'. particulars for reply. Ownor.-; ouI>. Meshew <t Company, Tulsa. Okla. WANTED—l 'nJV .\TE NIGHT .\Nn day .stii(!<^niH. Gr'^i:); :?l)()r!hand. Tone!; TypewriiK^' y.lfl Ure-.wr. lola, Ka.-. Phone S.-s. ' : W.\.\TKD AT OXCK—Vi >rxr. L.VDY di-.-ii-'.i:.~ of !:)-il;;ng uo(n! v.:'.r.;-: i.n.-i- li".': ;;! (>n.-,. n.-- cli-rk in .•^to;<'. V::te W.\vTi:i>-T\VO L.\I)y SOLICI- r.' at iu apj'ciranrc, for work i;i ]-:;i-;y .-I 'iliT, b.'c roiiipii-.'-'ion.-. Kansas- s;:rn i*.: .Advo:;;-in.:-' ('•)., 2"'i ri. .(« f-ViM.n. HAi.'f; \n IT ^>.-.iuiu. H.>ii-e 41'." .V. Corton ,vi >.Hl. Wi!'. take :-tofk ii;' til. 10 nr. rart. Mii.-t soli. Wr.It.'- .'.incs. (Vi /lyU- llouti.- Xn. 1. vi>\i s .\i .i:-sr» AfiiEs OF.NO. i 'jot;o:.i !;'.nd wiiiiin 1 mi^e of Ki'.a at la l-a:i:ahi c: ?r 'i.'i' down, balaiKL- on rii! to suit imri-iiaser. Al!<-!i (\.iir.ty Jiealty Co., Evans I'.ldg, loia. TO TR.IDE. Tills p'.ai'P will make a nice clJcken 1>;> aii. i noiia central Oklahoma; ranch o.- dairy farm. Call or write, f'' 1 rj;ii>aii 1!, nicaduw, pa.siure; all! .X. M. K,;ok-.n, Colorado S;>rings Co!o. !'<wi(i-.!; I'l" hearing trci:.-; 3 railroada within IK. miles: station 30 feet from; FOR S-'ALE—PURE JLVM.MOTH run:, r ."iim: K. F. 11. ;rara! telephone Rron;:;^ turkey toms. Phone OyT-12. 'I 'v'li; t;;ule f.>r goo;! in.-iue residcn'-e' or !'.a :n . . ;irop.':-ty, lo'.a. I'ri'.'e ?7000. ; FOU SALE—ONE GAS RAXO;: 1 .•\;o'iirai;;' JlCt 'o 'i years hhi'• . Write ! lar.t;.' ;.;::s lieafer 1 smail Efiiclent o\« ni r. Lcck V.o\ 2-' j, Cl.t'oia. Kans. j in aier 1 large davenport, 1 bed, » -I springs and mattress, buffet and on-^ FOR A GOi ^n six YE.VR ;"'!^- Inriuire at 21'.' S. iiuckeye, or hor 1 ; so ,in;i and gcnr.e. Pi,one ! idione 2> 1. W. R. Sparks. 1' f. L. Id -iHe Tul E. Linouln. J. W. i Tola ]iroperty worth from $?,.000 to Call on Ti:e .Mien Coanty !n- ve-rnient Co.„21.i i. Washingion Ave. JG^u, Kans. v. :! FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR LEXT—A FIVE ROOM CRICK liousc. I'Sione 7TS. , ]';-iiii:i;'r. FOi: RENT— .MV ROCK CREEK farai. imiuire of L>r. W. S. Hendricks. WAXTi:i>- -SKWIXG TO HO; 42! .X. \VAXTFr)-TO I':. on.; '.'1-22.. r.FY CALVES. FOR .-VVLE—A G001> COV.- at a baiL .iin. Ca!i at J.'.-". X. l;aikvv-. ]!•: ACl:!'.:^ OI" IMriltU 'KH I.AXH > ?o -,i::.i-: n .\;!s.oiiri and :-:.'.d I:;r:." :;:r r;v):.i i ;ous.- in loia ut < •.<!;:.(•:;•• • ;.i :i>; 10 ar U'ia. 'Crai'.e wiiii own-:. y.:. .-. !'2; .X. Co;;or,V,.-,0:1 l.iia. FOi'.TV .\CHES AT (p..;r! r •VI.: KincaiJ; all kinds fruit;! (watiT and location; good I soil, hoiis.- and bam. Wriie or call.! i-'r;.:j!i 1 M>ii'.;!icrty, Kinca'd. FOR SALE—SOME BROOD SO A'S ^ rnd male hog; good stock and c !i .ai»' P.xrGMN '''^^ iiuick sale. First house so.itli ' Electrie i..>v,er house. J.I. Iv. iliac k. : FOR REXf— FIGHT ROO?.I, MOD- i -rn l:nu-i:; r.iG Vs'a 'iuu:. InquirL' Mrs. Chaslain. FOR SM .i:— TWO GOOD P(>OL t .-ibl--. I:;' aire at Tiie Model, Gas Kas. For. \i.i:--xr.\;i-i;K (L\E HK!>GI: •s; . !! .Ii .d'r ;i:;], dniva, Kan^. FOi: SA!,K -MV CHFXTin- HOME "'p"oi, SALE-SO .VCP.E IMPROVED u ,..t Il..--,'tal, ]7>:.. acres ground, <^:uirm. '.y oun.T Pu.v T^. .1. W. t^--.- ' en.s. lii;ii;inndt. r'Miii i.oii.-.'. tlie fine.'-t bam :n .Mien ei 'unty. iroo .l ci.stern. good cellar all lir; Ki d all .-ooil, im ii'.^al place to live. H.-.'-on ;'.>r .-idling, aM loia'ed in the U'l .-.t w; ere I Ijavo b^!^in^ss interests. FOR ExciiAX(;E— 22-ACT:K urban boa:.', n •ar town in Ci't'y (Oitntv. TUi.s is extra fine. V\ai: LVM) F(H: SALE: I have for sale tlm .'lioai'ost li 'o ai -r s c.f grass ia .'.lioa Coaut; i'or a ir.;'.\;!e i; i-.; I —evet- lis;:i:.s' v.ater—o'' i' al! be mow:i. K. 1;. Maciiai. I'art time. i ,i!ro .:er ;.s i:.,rraved land cloiR U) li .'.i Ua.l 1 can .-"!l at a i>ar;;;;ia. '!•.•.:.;:; •'M'-. (. »». if'tM.ix;!.!: WHEAT DECLINES SLIGHTLV IRA 3. HETTEK ( lUM'S AHVK E.S KROL- AK(;E.\T1\E AFFEtTER FlTi }iKv.i:^Thi;i;i> UPI <;ii': t uir i i !a.iiboId'. Cattle iiiid Jtiiniri' Mo::s Show ^>ith Slisihi tiuu. the Yaria' I • ral • ran, afternoon ail tlay l !ie :7t!:. of .Ian. 10 auu! Lallarjie, Jan. ISth and l?th. FGf;.S—2^ cont.^. I'()l"I.Tl;V — 11c; springs H'c; ("id C; M ks ."c: > corks i;c; d;;cks rr; ^-i-I ii-.rk.y !.i r.s and yoan-.: I..-: '•'M-,- 121 : ..M tora< 11c. Ti;i; —st.ik 2i 'c. iiti'l'S—^r. II. ;.-n iM:.i ;aticn-; furni.s'r.rd dr.ily i y i) .Pu'.y I: idKN—'••'.c. K ••.FFIR CORX— :.0c. HAY—a ton. O \T.-—l.'.c. MINCE FIE FOR BREAKFAST lOLA R. R. TIME TABLiiS .A. T. & S. F, BAILWAV It MigJit Pay Those Who Declare It U Wrong to Try (t for Awhile. i.Dy V..- .-\.---'-i ,.t. ChicaL 'o. .!an. 12.—I! cises fr 'a. .\rut n::no decline tn'.'.ay. Tiu- to lowtr May $l .e(.'. sank t(.> l«'.ot, $l.t 'oi,. i-i„<,j_Miiv Seiit. i<?AH. COKX—.Ian. 01',; July >'i^i ''i's; 0.-\TS —.Ian, 47"^; July 44"-; 11. 4i:--s PORK—f 1';.^ ^1 1 LAUD—Jan 4'' 62»-; Juiv ?;-.72i- ; : •ter crop .- cav.s-u w'.i-at op-.-nina; was staCud W's ; ~^ :vac:ied ^'.'•i; July ;.4- . L(-::i- St. Loiii< Lhcvtock. Jan. 12.—CATTLE r- .V. —The W. C. Tents Realty Co., Kres.s OffSo roims 22 to 24. - (o'.vs and stiH k- r.-; aiui fiid. : ? ! !i >!;.•-'—1;. i -;iji:s i_; .".u"; ad i:i:!Us HUMOR OF THEIR OWN MAKE .. r. i 'i^s heavy $0.;; '•; •;.4.".. May .:!' ^Iay 47' J;:iy : Ma; Lead and Siicltcr. I-'-'iil-, .Ian. 12—I.i ad No Profession, Trade or Industry But Has Its Own Technical Jok^s. r ?.r4 h::a> X , ('liicairo Livestock. -licngo. Jan. 12—CATTLE. r'- reij>I.= : .-tiady. !;• ev.-s J.; 7."' h.hi'; .'-lockers aad ;.'i";.-:-s ?;;'a)'<;:,.-.",; row.s and heifrrs $2A'O IM; HOGS— Kccci;r,.s :;i ."i .i.: stronr Lights J .'.'.e .'^ii;.:;"; uij.x-.-! .;.t(.: l:e3vy $';.o"vn'itrl; ••"'^i ; ,dgs J4.v.-.r, 1;.-, St. Loniv (irain. St..I/iuis Jan 12—WHEAT, .1'- May WKU ; July l':!'^.. COliX—.May •;.•!"„: Jaly <;.•-,, OATS—May .-.oi,.; .J„iy 44'j CO! ( iiy (Jrain. .!. i;. ;2 —\V 1 H;AT , rr- i'..s ; whia; nnci;ti!i.-- • d c:;'„ i .i.s; xo.' :;, . 2 y .!. 1.'J2; X O. (-,. :,):,v ^l.ol-irv. -May i;- !; X l;V!. 1 i \ •>• ••i ady . |>. 2 !".J\eil. •;7: No. .Iiiiy .\'o wi.itc' 7 tiaiottiv $21''( . 1.-. f.' . I.ncal Uarkit-. I Produce iiiii.r..- . II- larn'-^ ilai'y ^ Cnf ;liiH Ciuoiei -sion I'n ) PUBLI U.'itini; di'cldcd In quit lllc dair- luixini-s aiid a:'! v:ii\ws In mi/ic i!«jiy «lll sell lit jKildic > M I C ni.v j-ntirc In-d of <li.d(e d.iiiv vv\;^ al the Horu'lic nincli, lofutcii 1 iiiiJc ii'^rtli and 1 ilc "<'»t 01 Inia, on Tuesday, January 16, 1912 Uc'tflnninc ;;t 10 oVInck a. I'.i., tl (• fiilliiuiiig docrilM d |iriii<'r(y: ;jt) IIEAIJ OF < VITI.E. 23 head ol i !;o ..e are soon. 7 some w;II b>- I r< s !i oughtired Duiliaja of i! and l-ead 1.1 fi UlllK COWS (.'•liTS v .iil be of 2 -yc;.r-old iit'i!.-. •.V. sjirii.g. 1 Ij CI ball, pi-digri 'i , 1 f.:; v,( ••j!it ini: This herd has been lar .'fiilly cin for th<' dairy business a.s I hav> 1 in the business U-r 14 ye.ars. a!!d is as clioioo a leinch of cows as will find Hiiytth. r .c J WV.Vi OF JHIK.-ES. • la!^;.- l.:-;.-k i;-y,..i,-cld lair^ . l.'.oii: 1 i'.,.y, 4 yoars old .".lioCii I'C"; I hor'c ccji, loi:!- • ars iibi: ] iiors'; laiile, (ora- _ .:;^!S old. MiSCEl !. VNEOl S. 1 ni ariy r.. \v i oik -.v.!!.!):! a-'l iiilk I'aus. !.o!i'.c.< .i;,,! i -v,-; yUiict; ti;:;' ' v.i'li a li.'irv. (lac l :;oroai:!;li "ed Co I ,!:.: Cl ^iaa i ^.ar. p •.i;;;r.-. d. i 'lC t :<••'' '•\\:•':.'^-• '•! (I,;!; sii;:.c f' , "J. (<;!:<•:• nMic;-, s tox iUM'i' ;c :s to laeiltion. TEKMS tJF SAl.E -AU s ;a:s , : over a en dit of J2 .'j}o::;|.s \v: approved si -curiiy. bearing tj'. i.'i'e paid when due to draw 1" . fro: a credit sales . Xo pro ;)i 'rty r^uioved ( OL, <". S. UlSHO'l", Auctlomor. J. U. lAMPBELL, Clerk. I ash 1 h;;. in h,i!;d. .Ml sums and under :. l;i' liiven. pu !i:!u;s>-r givinu note wii ; • -I from dale if jiaid whi-u due. If lu i date of sale. ;;•, I 'i.scoint for cash or. r'.itil settlid ,or. note reouirei J. L. Adamson There is hardly a profession, trado or industry nowadays Caat does nut have a periodical or organ of its own. And few, indeed, are th» piliiicalions of this kind that do not devote a weekly or jnonthly page to the "lighter side" of the branches of human activity to which th^-y arc devoted. This tcclinical humor has a twofold intere .:t; for the layman, that of tho jokes and anecdotes he can appreciate on the one liand and that of tho.sfl wliich aro. incomprehensible to h'm on Hio olliier. He finds no dini '-uliy, for instants, in the farailiar anecdote of tho prc.^idci:''.^ daucliler who, on being infomed thai bvr atcount was overdrawn, severely told the paying teller "not to let it happen ns-aln or sha would have to f.-(ieak to papa about It;" but ho would very likely ho unable to soo tho humor of a hanking story. whose point lay in Home detail of tho j routlno of tho clearing house. And y^t; tho latter might b.^ b;-' far thn befter of tho two. The fim of Iho story of tho now boy In the niachUio slui^ who Is told to fetch bucket of steam from tho ipnglne room la obvious enough, but that of an anecdote turning on seme technical point of machine construction will appeal only to tho in!- tiata. Medlcino baa Its st.dctly professional anecdotes of sickroom, consulting room and operating ron^, j many of which would bo grisly to tho layman if I;o eculd grasp their meaning; but it has also, for his amusement, its tales of tho ama7.i::g misintrrpretations cf medical diro tions by the unsophisticated patients, chiefly of Irish and German nativity. The church and tho law, tho arts and the BcScnces all JiaVc this double form of humor. No doubt even the under, laker's shop ha." its fund of anecdote. ; One willingly takes it for .eran; ^d, ' The body of humor keeps close step { with progress and development In all the professions, trades and industries. Tho humorous columns of their organs are there to prove it. Xo doubt ' a\'iation has already developed a fund • of tecl:nical anecdotes of Its own. I When our Puritan ancestors wished to throw the last touch of cerulean | gloom into the blue laws they enacted 1 to wit: "That no one shall make mince [ pies, or play any Instrument, except • the trumpet, drum, and jew's-harp." As ' a moans of mortifying the flesh anil .' thrr«ving a damper on tb.e joys of tho v.orld this prohibition of mince pies was ever regarded as more effective than pl.icing the aforementioned musical instruments in unskilled hand.s. ' It afforded almost as much quiet ' pleasure to the early Now England conscience as refusing food and lodging "to Quakers and other here^ Ucs." I WTten the reaction set In it follow-! ed the pendulous law of reforms and swung just as far the other way. Tho skill in the maklnt of mince pies became the very touchstone of good citizenship. The recipes always cnu-' merated tho brandy and the currants and tho raisins first, and then, as a sort of afterthought, made casual mention that a little "finely cut meat" might Improve the mince. Hut tho uncongenial environment under which tho mlnco pie was born left cpon It a Btipcratitious tradition that it was not altogether whidesorao. In, spite of tho increasing number of peo- i plo who survlvo a second helping this projudlco obtains here and there unto ^0 present time. South Sound. X .I, 201-t '.iUv I '.isv. -r 1:05 p ra Nxi^'S-t-cy i.;-;-. ; II. N'.u Cu7—IXii:; (:';;<.c;il oa:.Ji.y; i'r.^t-z- tr r S:5') \>. tr. N.. D^o:<- {exc^^pt Saad.ajr) Way I"n :>rlit. Arrive I>. m. l ):'.rt 1:05 ;.. tu North Bound. N"o. ^^2—Daily l-so^seiiper 2:?2 rt. in L'cJ—I ..lijy f u-^.^ciii^T No. 2".-:—Daily '<>xeLi .t INissi S< r >''X''< • ; .Vii. LI', -Ii.iily i.xcept Fii::.Iay) ViT r- :A'lit. .\rriv.j i:;!.'> a. XOTHE. W^.' have an eMar .-ioa on the IBth of t.';is ii;oiu:i !u oi:r Florida land.-.. Al=o an excursion on tiie l.',!!i to oar .-•.ic:.-'.a)> iiio Valley. Calii'err.:.-!. kijcs. i'^..!! and make (•iLUu.i;sroTTEB leia, Kaii-;:s, pert i:::oi HISSOIKI PACIFIC I{AIL\1AV I • Freights—West Bound. , 4'il—I.r>rnl ia :iilv ex i^iin) tv .'!:tSp. ' 451-. Colli. R..1 !••'!: Iil.ilvi ;.-.. .S:;<Freights—East Boiind. A '^~ni-<\ Bell iiiolvi :tr Irl" i irij— l.ijffil f<l;iilv -x. Pun) nr Falii c Passentjers—West Bound. 407—Kac-iis Ciiy.ypu.a Center M-itl J- i'xpr's. Iv 4-47 P ,409--SI. I .-uis.vricliit.i Ma'l anJ Kr-i Otrittv) Iv.f <!:S .T 1. "A'--roers—East Bound. 110—Ht. r .eiO •• Kii^ s Citv V .-ill jini' ' pr.s? i .l .iil-. > •:: rf 4 ()i:— St. r.'.ii'v:-[•:,•,••-•.•,..> J'-O I r!e--< (fllllv I ,)r . . "> S. 1 FOR SALE. A ?.r \H-A FA1L1I hii'trniaa Co;;;!:}. K.-iiss, ^ H'o acres 4 niilts fr. ::\ railroad sta- it ^'n: f;.:r iaiprov .-Trrr-'s ; luO acres ;a :r ,-':"a e;nd; or.:y ."Ic.-u 12 feet to !':;r.-:;:n r.: jr.C j'cr acre . ('••i- in 4 years. , ,a'-y ;• e- -GOd Ic'.a - I I':;!;: •. .A :;:) Cf ..MP.-.NY. ; wa't -r . It's a Mc;--,ia^e ?2'"' Q M. K. k T. »V!!.'.VAy South Bound. •Ni.. .171— X ^'av Kiiisiit i .l.Tlly err.- .=;ii"'IiV. 4:'- • N.. N-;\e,l (.tiilvi 4-4^ 11 .V... 7r ,--r -sw,-.(.!:iiho Ti'-t? Nil. 1'."..- fiver i.Icllvi 5:r.' i NDrtll Br'lind. N... 1\ -P MS--:V_-.-T iil'.ilv l:?r.-i •:M T-'.- MWnl f.Iol\i 2..^" fi •NT.. :'.7.'- \V;iV Ire'-'C Mlllv eve; .^iri.l;)Vl •571 :inil ''7; wilt O-ITV i.-i««-ncerj. KA.\s \s '\:> oKLAini.nv E (>v. R.ite; Ar.anal ';r Scml-Annual luteri'Mt- I'm ilek'i' la I'aJ in Enli U.'dun i! Laii." ou Sire hisurunre: 1 IMd Court Ilio:^. pi,;-. Tlo- Clinker Club is plannir- have a leap ye.-ir d .inco ii; the near ture, (if whicli the I;idii:< who been gues !.<5 of the club this " will have enliri> r!):'r>v>. Tho tiiiiiee on arran'.-eiiieiit.s \\i.ll soon to form dciinlte plans. 'O ; '- i h:.'- I di --eH,-- ia 'er •. ;s.p.V COM- , I ".anil UP et ; a !i; '' jail .r •tlieoy (}!;•; Will ctire V. a-'.e iiiae and :r.on- •.v:-.;.'n > on can ..:ot a • .Mas won a v. orld- by its cure- of tliis a!uay,f 1-e dcpend.'d Ready to Meet Emergenclet. "no Eystematlcally heroic In little | unnecessary points. Every day do| something for no other reason than its diJflculty, BO that If an hour ofj need should come. It .m.iy find you' trained to stand tho tost. Tho man ' who has daily inured h(;n.<:''If to hab- yy^, ^,.|| j>„|,ilr Sale. ."> mlics «i-<t iiud laiie Us of concentrated ntti'niion, t ner- i,,;;^^ natth and niilo wr>l of IHiiulmldl, and :> i.;i!<^ getic will, and eelf-dcnial in unneeea-, ,.;,^t oi ri<»aa, i>ii sary things, will stand like a tower, •when everything rocka around him." —^William James. — Here i- a r your cold. \\'A/ ew exr-ri'fien;::: -epa ration t • •..ii;.' ro;-uia':r:i an I can It is known evcrywtiere a.i .•'.ain's Ce,:;;i K .-!ii •(!y, nr.d U :ac of rea; la rJ. For sale by • rr.. ^ouJii (if frtla, 4'3 siiiidi and i uille-i A Good Pole Horse. Prospective Purchaser— 1 want a horse to use in r.r- work. Dealei^—Well, kind of work do you do? Prospective Purchaser—Wire repairing. Dealer—Here slie is. J I J SI the horse you waru. younc man. All you have to do is to shr.w .M.iude a (lie-ture of an fitone,!i!!e and shu'll climb a •cli.'- graph [lolc.— Jt :Jge. The Allen County Reah) Co. Make a specialty of seliing Allen County Earuis. Wo also write Insurnnro of ail kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and lin a general real estate liiisi:uv ..s We represent '!i,-i-e i -t i;e best loan ciro.'.ir.i - ., , : • ness In Kar:~aV <. i share of t!;- lo .ia i guarantee 's eke •, quick service a :r ci.. .: . ; wiiere. Co The Allen Couritv ?. . h L. ih .-ia::: ... . •,(. r. OFFICES EV A: •• r .M-C. ILL.- Villi su .i.: 3 room hoase aiai .M-re of eroand on car Hue; i '."'i i.,c ;*j .c. 4 room h..a.-e aa.! P- :;-cs i ;;:;'.e location; $7 ('ii i.u;r;e;i-'. . o 2 roon; lio ;:.;e a:.! l'- a '-j. triae location; ..••t- •- ; i Ibcie piO].: :;:cs r.;c ail v.-aier line and gas iine i-.n. .;nd chicken pro|ios ;;ion .s. nayr .'.ents' will be • raile cousiciered. i '.r .it rr Uii '.U fruit ia ni ove p !.;c'.-.-. roil iL ':\r. 7 room niotici-n i.o ;;sf ci.^.-c room niodevn iioase clo .-e room house, close in not id AVhilakcr k J>o;!i:ei!. i;.r l:r:e. • i::iriteo .M.iUtisly Ic:: aiHl irt; in. ?2o ii-ra,.?il .MONEY TO LOAN-WE HAVE -A .?lient who has Ji.sno private u'or.-^y to loan on Allen county land If you want this, come quick The Pit 'rsnn Abstract Co. .irovEv n> fot«; *?1II le.nd on iniif .'M..' • • f>i«QO(. oruwa deutrfl vklBMi dlarooodr ti'.tl )»•-' m >orth -^trffi •s •« 3? -R 3- * =5 * * * -r- * a •> « f Knynl Typewriter Vsenrj i Controlj; E."cclusivt Sale !!• * 'a Hojallstandard Typewrtl^- -f -7 In Allen County 3 E. !L Un»>inc. Virt-n . "i % Xo-thrup Puiidint In;,, K.n.: t Typewriter l{epair> and Snpiilii". * 3- « * * * a- s- * * * ^- X w 3i A rf: iC a: Dr. C. >L nu«v H OEVTIST Room .No. 1. Vorthruii Hit" Kxtraction n-ithout i.ain if • use of Vftrou!- Oyirif C-.t » Plione—Gffiiv Pe.* 3- 3- 3^ 3- 3- « •? « •-• -: -. ;p a; ai a; iS ^ ;r. ^ IS Lii ^ J. A i:. * » , « W H T > 0 T I * 3? Flave Your Piano Tun-O i-; <• < -5 Eviierieneed Tuner—On- ' '• < 3- inc 'n vour nom»- town i 3- t. O. rVN^TSFV » K-* Piano Tuner iind K.-patrri 4 .3r Poherts .Music Co Ph -,Er <!. • a a; K ffl jS ig iji iS ^. Ji i?. ;v 4- a- * IT rS * 3.- rS -r 3- 3r 3: 3? 3^ •? -r -r •:• •>» » T \ * V i'.L. li. Li.AVEi.L. >J. 2 ' 3- -;;.'ecialt!fs— .3- Disease.- of Iv.v Dis '-iuM -c of r ;,i:c;.-. - PNiine>- I'lilre 1 *7; i -'i lOLA STATE U.VXK .M LLG * <? * * 3T * 3r 3r 3r v •:• -r * * « • 3- 3- 3- 3- • 3- • r V f V ALCT10.>EV.U aatlMfactlou snarauteed.Wlreot ptionu at my e.xii«)nat] (or autM B. U. ILAUIi, f«t«i Comer UuT Cvm. BMk * + 3- •> 3- • * + 3'**« Monday, January 15, 1912 neginning at ID oVlock a. ir... ?.;e (o!ir.«ii>'_' di-^ proscrty: VUiUlV IJEIUEH 110^ South St. HAB.VESS AM* .SAUDELRy ({eueral Keptiirlng, All Klud» Deceives No One. "Tho espect.ation that you actually can be one thing ana, appear to another Is doomed to disappointment. HEU> HORSES. ip .ivip^'- te:!tii. bo'}! ba.'s, ars oi 'd. Weil iiroK.- aaii i ;-'Cc l!,s.; 1 gooil dri 'i black, well laalcla .d a ;tl . s and H yi -ais oid, wi. I :'!at( Ii t.-aiii Mu.'rj, 4 and .'• oiii, wt pco I!,-.; i !jay j;.;;.i- 7 idd -.i.f. i !;>s ; 1 Lay i.:,ire li-s i,I .!,'M -t. 12'"; ;;.s.; J gray 1! y,:rirs oM, wt. lloo 11,s,; ! ;;.:ce 1.'. ye ,irs old, wt. 11 "0 U .S.; Ijv.y :: years old, w'. S'") lbs. CATTLE. 11 he.ol c' cood luflk cov.-s; 7 cov. fresh !•; I'ebriiary, 3 cows fr'^sh in May: 1 (ow giving milk; 1 yearliag, 1! 1 icatch 4 and .7 y; geiule. wt. ti-aia. both l^eiltie i 'l-: ; y. ar> \. ai s '2 y-: saar-' g!ay : I bay head l..iai.i; !io:;s. sho.iis v.c: about •> <• • • * •> •> •> • •:• •:• •> j# MO.VEI TO LOA.\ « on all kinds of household gooda d or jewelry—anything of value • lii.gus Pawn Shop, East S;d» • S<iuar6. Oi.lce in Fruit Store • Ail iransactloua strictly confl- • dential. • •:• •> •:• •:• •:• •:• <• •:• •> «:• <• <• •> ^ « ivir.KHLVTs, f :c. 1 rid -iig li. ;er. {re.,.,! as 'c-.\ ; 1 wa'^ia?, lister aao c:.ll, ri.i:-.^ pu.iis. ;: riU;i;£t c ivvat-cs. i \ .:;,<w, 1 csa'liiu ro .V li i -r ciiiiis..; r. 1 i ••-.•k row i.Uui'.er, r (ii :-c icin.f.v'. i icmving liiacbiiie 1 i.-y r.ik.-. ! i'.,c.a v. ;>•;-•!;. 2 biii^K.'S. 1 . ..-se.if eil sp .-iag wa- g(ei. I w.iiir 'tai.k. - s <i3 work bar-^ n <'.-s. 1 set dou'jle driving harness. lj| Successor to Dr. S. A. Coffman =5^ SCI sipL -le dri".;';g harness. Ab.r>ut vW" U\i. corn. C'lic!.- n!i—»l 'it 12 dozen w w « « S $ ® ® $ « tS fS ® -5 « « » Office lUs. a * Phone Phone 1S5-Y. * Bl{. ,L 0. AVALKEIL iS Kress Illdi;. S :-5 LU.XCH O.X GEOUNDS. French Aviator Killed. <lty tl:.-'.\s.s(Ki.iteil Pres«5 Paris, Prance, Jan. 12.— Tlie Fr. lith i aviator Uuchonn.-'l was kilL^d today I Ahile landing in his monoplane .it S'^nlis, alMJUt Ji2 miles from Paris. Hypocrisy Is the saddest fallacy iu j ^ the world. The disguises cf the pre-( tender are so thin thai the simplest see through them. What you aro heifer. piiite-.s. Soa 'c other ihiiigii to iioii.'a-IieM poods and nun;er;>n.-; to nuniion. * Special attention to Obstetrics a •5 and Disease of Children. S TERMS OF SALE— All sums of 510 and under, e^.sh in h.and. All suras over $10 a credit of 9 months will t)e Riveis, jinrchase;- giving note with ap- provpj security bearing fi'. interest froro. date if jiaid when di.o. If nouj Bpeaka so loud aa to drown altogether j paid wlien due to draw K.i'; frop.i d^te of sale, i'r discount for cash on For the quickest results—The Register Want Column!' M .^lt^'^h^onTsis^""^'^ ^^^"^^ any declarations you may make of what you wish men to think you are. The deceiver deceives no one but I»lai8elf."—Henry P. Cope. credit sales. .Xo property removed until settled for. Eaiskab-e note i roL. V. S. niSHOP, .Inctioneer. G. K. BOffLUS, Clerk LUNCH 0.\ GROUNDS. reiiuired. D. H. Beahm, J.H.Nostrang •S 3^ 3: 3- w 34 3- * 3- 3J 3- Si 5 S 3 S S A DEPENDABLE ABSTKACT Is one which contains accarato information of all records relating to the property described therein. A complete anf accurate Abstract Is the basis of s good deed. There are no better Abstracts than those prepared by THE PETERSON ABSTBACT CO. rjiose 97 OM Court Boqse Bldg;

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