Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 17, 1962 · Page 12
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 12

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 17, 1962
Page 12
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Your Problems — bv Ann Landers DEAR ANN LANDERS: What) all the way from $5 to $230 and can I do about a husband who in- "/i are not money-grubbing people, but believe me every check Tentle Trio Combine Talents Bella's Algeria to Stand by Cuba we received was greatly appreciated. When I wrote to thank these sists on maintaining what he calls "a wonderful relationship" with his former mother-in-law? When I married Everett he had custody of his children. So now, under one roof we have his children, my children and our children. Everett invites Ms ex-mother-in-law to baby-sit wheneverj so, Ann Landers, will you please there are no duplicates. we go out. She loves it and would cancel anything to be with "her angels." I've told him I don't like ft, but he ignores me. vou forever. When I divorced Nick I sever- READERS ed elations with his parents because I feared their presence would be embarrassinsg to Everett. Now I think Everett should do as much for me. He reads your column every day. Please print this letter and yuj^ar.' your comments, so he can see it. -R.C. Dear R.C.: Here's the letter but I'm afraid wlien you see my answer you'll ditch the paper. T think your husband is right. Why should this grandmother be deprived of seeing her daughter's children just because the girl and her husband made a mess of their marriage? Too often grandparents are completely buried under the rubble and ashes of a divorce. I hope your letter and my reply will open a few eyes around the country and provide a better shake for the old folks. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: I'm a v/idow 34 years olsd who has been going with a bachelor for five years. I'm not writing to ask why he doesn't marry me. I k n o w why. He isn't ready. What I want to know is would it be all right if my fiance took me and my 8-year-old son on a five-day motor trip to see Mt. Rushmore? Ronnie has been wanting to see Mt. Rushmore for a long time and my fiance said he would like to drive us. We would be staying in motels, and Ron and my fiance would share one room and I'd be in another. Ron knows we have been going together for a Jong lime and that one day we'll get married. I hope you will see the educa- tonal value in this trip and say it's all right. Ronnie wants to make a report on this to his class. Thank you. — MOTHER BEE Dear Mother: This trip could have omre educational value than | you think. Your son's report to the class might start: "This man that my mother goes with —." It is not proper for unmarried peoeple to travel together (even with an 8-year-old chaperon). After you and your fiance have taken that trip to the altar you can travel anyplace together. But not untl. * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: Every time this question comes up I get hot under the collar, I say j when etiquette doesn't match common senses, it ought to be chucked out the window. Some of the so-called authorities on good manners criticize the practice of giving money as a wedding gift. They say it is gauche, crass, unimaginative, and vulgar. j As a newlywed who has just been through the mill, I say these • authorities are cracked. How I wish some of my relatives who j gave us useless pieces of trivia | had given us money instead! We did receive some checks— By BOB THOMAS AP Movle-Telavislon Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - They're having a summit scare conference over at American-International. Hop on your broom and drop over You'll find that terror triumvirate-Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price. More ! fun than a werewolf reunion. j The terrible trio is appearing individuals I told them what Glen! together for the first time in a and I planned to buy with their | cn iilcr freely adapted from Edgar check and I'm sure they felt good j Allen Poe's "The Raven." about it, I Having made a mint with •House of Usher," "The Pit and explode the myth that money is ! The Pendulum," "Premature a vulgar wedding gift? Newly weds all over the world will love - KANSAS CITY Dear K.C.R.: A casual acquaintance should not give money as a wedding gift, but a close friend or relative can do so. It is neither gauche, crass, unimaginative or Money is the one present which will fit in with tlr- decor of any bride's home or apartment. She will never have to polish it. can't break. She won't have hunt for a place to store it. And Burial" and "Tales of Terror," the film company's policy on Poe is: Evermore. Mssrs. Karloff, Lorre am Price are oddly cast in their longtime typings as hucksters of horror. All three are men of '.he utmost gentility. Karloff is a cultured Englishman who now leads a quiet life in mid-London, commuting her for acting dates. Lorre is a charming devotee of goo^ ood and wine and one of Hollywood's (best raconteurs. Price's love of art is well known; his job as collector of art for sale by Sears Roeb'ick makes him the greatest HAVANA (AP) —Premier Ahmed Ben Bella of Algeria, who says his new nation will stand for. ever beside Fidel Ca -o'j Cuba, Condemned Man Wants To Die on Schedule OKLAHOMA CITY (AP)-James D. French, sentenced to the electric chair for slaying a cellmate at Oklahoma Penitentiary, has asked the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals to let him die on schedule Dec. 5. An attorney for French plans to appeal his conviction. But French wrote the court: "Gentlemen, it is not my want or desire to appeal the sentence of the court . . . You see, gsntlc- men, I am an honest and just man and sincerely feel that the verdict was, considering all circumstances, a just one and one that should be upheld.'' and one that "gets dull,'.' send for Ann Landers' booklet, "What To Expect From Marriage," en closing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped, envelope. Ann Landerc wll be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Earthquake Shakes New Zealand Buildings CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand (AP)—An earthquake swayed tall buildings in towns and cities of both islands of New Zealand Tuesday and triggered spectacular snow and ice avalanches in the mountains. Centered on the country's highest peak, 12,349-foot Mt. Cook, the earthquake star'. :d an ice avalanche that covered the whole of one face of 10,350-foot Mt. Sefton. There was no immediate report of any casualties. I visited "The Raven' set, all three were exuding a>. air of congeniality. Their ship was even a little sickening for three men who are supposed to inspire hate. How did they get pegged in the horror field? "I guess it was 'M' that did it," said Lorre of the German- made talkie in which he played a child-killer. "Did you kncv that it-has been revived in Europe and has been doing sensational business? Imagine — a picture that was made in 1930! "Actually I made only one out- and-out horror picture, 'The Beast with Five Fingers', though I have done a lot of suspense and mystery films, of course." "It was 'House of Wax' that did it for me," Price explained. "I've done only 10 of the thrill pictures but the typing seems stick. That's all right with me. This type of picture goes back to what Hollywood used to offer the pub lie—entertainment." Los Angeles surrounds the independent cities of San Fernando, Culver City and Beverl. Hills. i gets a chance today to look at the ' Cuban revolution results he avowedly admires. In reply to grectingr from Prime Minister Castro, who loosed a tirade against "Yankee Imperialism," Ben Bella said on his arrival Tuesday from talks with President Kennedy in Washington: "Brotherhood "• s reigned between Cuba and Algeria. Algeria is and will be wit'.i Cuba. History has willed it that both peo, J meet on the road to liberation." Castro met the Cub- airliner that brought Ben Bjlla from Washington, and declared in his welcoming address: "To visit Cuba at a time when the United States is redoubling its criminal blockade, when the Yankee imperialists threaten to attack, is on your part ai act f political firmness and valor." Castro said "the Algerian and Cuban revolutions trt irreversible," Ben Bella in turn praised "th e extraordinary "rogress" of the Cuban^ revolution. He also noted that Algeria's National Liberation Front had awarded its golden Medal of Honor to only one person —Castro. After the roaring welcome and a 21-gun salute, Ben Bella and Castro held private ti.lks at an official residence in a W .stern Havana suburb where the Algerian is staying, informed sources said. They added that the premier probably was interested in Cuba's experience with agrarian Deforms and economic measures that may be applicable to Algeria. Informants said Ben Bella and Page 12 Garden City Trtegrtim Wednesday, Oct. 17, 1961 Castro would make a tour r»f neighboring Matanzas and Pinar del Rio provinces, site of some of the land reform and other projects. Ben Bella is expected to leave Thursday. Attention All Hunters For Immediate Delivery A TRAVEL HOME, ECONOMY PRICED AND FEATURE PACKED, FOR TRAVELING EASE AND CAMPING COMFORT, THE ALL NEW OVER-CAB PICK-UP TRUCK CAMPER ... THE NEWEST OF THE ADVENTURE LINER SERIES! GARDEN CITY IMPLEMENT CO. WEST HIGHWAY 50 Garden City, Ks. Phone BR 6-7291 AUCTION I will sell at public auction my furniture en Thursday, October 18th at my home, 1025 North 4th St., Garden City, Kansas, starting at 1:30 P.M. One good Maytag washer New 17" Motorola T.V. Antique oak bed & dresser Antique dining table & chairs Living room suit Writing desk Platform rocker Occasional chair Electrolux sweeper Hoover sweeper 3 apartment size gas ranges 3 electric refrigerators—all good Center stand 2 end tables 2 drop leaf dining tables Step stool 2 kitchen chairs Singer sewing machine, treadle type 2 oak rockers 3 beds, mattresses & spring? Small desk Dresser 2 chest of drawers 2 piece sectional divan White dresser 3 gas heaters, I—30,000 B.T.U. Drapes & Curtains Pots & pans Lawn mower Step ladder Shovals, garden tools, and miscellaneous items not listed • ~ TERMS: CASH Mrs. Ellen W. Snyder, Ower EARL BARTON, Auctioneer DALE DICKENSON, Clerk WHEN: THURSDAY, OCT. 18TH TIME: STARTING AT 1:30 P.M. WHERE: 1025 N. 4TH ST., GARDEN CITY, KS. BIG JvL mat 42*7%. HEAVY DUTY BRONZE or CHROME hnilSTtfUfiTION & 8 DELUXE CHAIR: ULLIN FURNITURE STORES, INC SPECIAL CARLOAD PURCHASES Compares with Set* Selling for 149.95 Backache relief pills bring mild diuretic action through the 1 kidneys Unwise eating or drinking may be a source of mild but annoying bladder irritations- making you feel restless, tense, and uncomfortable. And if restless nights, with nagging backache, headache, or muscular aches and pains due to over-exertion, Strain or emotional upset, are adding to your misery— don't wait—try Doan's Pills. Doan's I'ilU act 3 ways • for speedy relief. 1 — A wonderfully mild diuretic action through the kidneys, tending to increase the output of the 15 miles of kidney tubes. 2 —They have a soothing effect on bladder irritations. 3-A fast pain-relieving action on nagging buck- ache, headache, muscular aches and pains. So, gel Ihe same happy relief millions have enjoyed for over 60 years. For convenience, get the large size Doan's Pills today! 4l'x72* with without L«nv«i Large Enough to Seat 10 People Comfortably $1.00 Dawn cud $1.00 Weekly delfvurs this hug* f«PkM (Tobl« and t Chain) heavy duty chroma •> bfonz* plastic top dinette. Tht table top ii wood- grain plastic In Gray Alh with chromt legs, of Blond Aih with bronM Itgi . . . heatproof, alcohol and add resistant. Th« I deluxe matching chairs hovt shaped backs and self-leveling glides, c«m(attable, and with long-lasting washabli ploitlc upholstery In bslge or 9?»> with gold fl«cla. Her* \t a beauty for your kitchen, dinette, living-dining combination. PHONE TODAY BR 6-3302 Garden City Doan's ORDER MAIL COUPON Pleau rush me rh« Hug* 9-rY. >Diatf»* Stt <* $1 Down or More, grid $1 Wo«My or $S Monthly. 0 BRONZE Blond Ash and 8 Beta* Summit Chain O CHROME Grey A»h and 8 Gr«y Swmmfr Chair* Out-orTown Pleaw Add $2.00 ttetiwy, H«»4iM O Amr. Encfeied Q C.O.D. Q NttrAccb D Old Acer. ADDRESS „.« «..._...«_ w » ,«..^_^™.« CITY STATE H opening a <MW or.couat «nctov» Dem* ef tank and employer. PC. DINETTE BRONZE <t OR H* CHROME 29.95 PC. DINETTE BRONZE OR CHROME

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