Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1912
Page 6
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THE lOIA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, JAN UARY 12, 1912 17NCLK SAM'S >EW XAVAL BASE. Of ENTNG .rEARL^'HARPOB. Rear Adiiiirnl Tlionias thus realizos the dream of early navigators wlm nearly a century ago rccopnueil tln^ worth of Pearl Harbor as a base. Tlior_ was a general cclelnatiou In Hono- • lulu, Includins a bannuot attended by Queen Ulluokalaui. The Above first iilioto.craph sliowinK the oi)eninK of I'earl Harbor and Cliau nel, iionolulii, to uroui batDoshiii.-- marks one of the most important naval moves of recent y.-.u-s. The harbor was formally opened on Dtioiu- ber 14th after ten years' of dred .uiUK *ad oens to the world one of the (;r<::t-. r .QVEEH liLlUOKALANI ADMptAV i .leni and the Orient. Tlie cer .Miiony of opening consi.sied of tlir est slrafiotlc point., b.ii.g n.i.luav IM-IT-MMI the Occident and the Orient. I he cei .Muony oi opening < ^erlnfand K-nlng fro.u t!,.--harbor oC the "Cliiornla- with Uea.- Thon.ns .n command. you mwi mm i FOR CURE OF PNEliMONIA Physician Tells of Succeisful Use of Camphor In Practice Since 1906. Use Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur, A Harmless Rcrredy That Makes the Hair Giov/, country. Yet the per capita wcnlih wcs only $1.3r.9. Great Hrltaln In 1009 was worth $S^"25.000.000. cacli person, nciording to the census, thus geltlngr Sl.;t72. France, with $S3,O0O.O0O.O0n in 19 lo; had a per capita woalth of $2.(170; Germany had $C:?,500.000.000, with a i)€r cai>ita of $l.ono. Russia's total wealth was $fiO.0rtO.O0O.O00, but There have been and still are many varieties of treatment for pneumonia. A long list would be required to Indi- j Its enormous population dracpcd the cate all the medicaments which have j per capita down to ?40n. while Sw;t- bj>en omiiloyed agalntit it. Souio even ' eerland, with a total wealth of only consider that this affection is an ail- fS.OnO.OOCOOO, has a per capita rating meat which has a definite cycle, of $S<"'G. The per capita division in. They are of the opinion that no medl« i Sweden amounts to 5402 out of a total cation should be adopted which lulghl act on It and disturb its davel.jpnient. the proiMjr course to take biii.;; one or better, a ihera- Wh.ii n I'i 'v )! t 'l ol.-orvf •so m^iiy people with tliiii ainl i-.uU-A l.iiir .mi tli. i; realizi- liiut ilo- i;,..?! .;• In-—- ) ••. p;.- : miph! luivo » f-i... h .-aiiiiv h.u.i ..I h.i, jof •expectation, if fhiy wouM lii.i u-.- ;1 M- >iu:;-i.- • peautiquo armoe more particulsny de- tea" of our irrainiin.. tin r-, . i'li I signed to combat complication, other inj.'r .-.Ii'ii;- f. r i, .iii .l |..-<> I r)r. Serbert, in the Muenchner Medl- serriiur the li:iir. .\.. ..a,., y, r:,;: . . 1. | zinisdje Wochcnschrift. descriai s the need liavi- ^i.iv u.jl., tin falliup hiiir. .l.-.iiii.iiff ..r aii> t. • il I remr.rkable results which he o'jtainod the sort if lii -y u .nil.l l.i;t iI-- \\;. .r;.' Sage aii.i Siilphiir Ila;.- Ki -iifly. d:, fbe_ OOlltnii '.v. il [>..—il.l-^ 1., !iav, healthy, vipt>i"iis li .,ir. nf |MTI".-C| bv n few aiil 'li't'li"!!- ni" ii''^ i-k able jiri'iiarati'ti. W .VfthV S .I-,- an.l - U... 11 v.:- ery <iuu -kly n-iitov,- ihiu.if f. i\v •pe«3p rle.-iu Inalihy. I 'iMiiii:!'< ili- growth "f till- hair .-i; i ri--I "i'- l!" Iiral «-<il <ir <•.' Ih.- Iiair w lii. li 1. . fade] .ir i-ray. Ii i~ -i . |.-. a. Ali--!---- • ;dressing, wlii'-li nr.iy 1.. u-'. i ai ai... ••.ir and witli j-irf<-i-i. >:if-i.. i>'.'! n. your hair, h^iiri i..,;,iy - , . JSage .•iii-l .^all'hiir. This i>r. i~ 1 ptililic at lifiy <iu\^ a 1. •.. . rc-i-i>niinfiiil<- 1 • •': Special Agent—S. K. Burrell . 1 1- SIXKI8T OH.VXiKS .MONHAV. Annul Shljiment of (•.iliJorniaN tiidd- en Fruit. ^ndar-:^a'h't\';".;^;;! I WEALTH OF THE NATIONS The larcp.--; c'insii;n!ii. r.t of iriii; . •, - j North American, er shipijed to market has a;:i\.!l and is in tho i:aiiiis <if tlie r-tail ira.! for a gigantic Uiar. commence Monday and lavt tiinrj out the week. Their half iia^i- announ.j'M.'-nt \\)ii<-!i appeals in tliis is-ui- ivl:?^ \vhn!.- story. Sunklgt CaMfornia Orar.-.;' - r.r-' tin- most select fruit frcin h. -ijirove? In the world. Ti." iirii<-s aii- reasonable and all rcMi! ir:or> > lnw: a Xu:i inppl)-. in the treatment of serious easej of pneumonia by' means of stron;; doses of camphor. He first had occasion to use it in 1906 in a case of douhle pneumonia, whore • the was also suffering from typhoid f«'ver. He therefore practiced a subcutaneous Injection of 12 centimeters of camphorated oil (20 per cent.) recently steriiized. The results obtained on the piilse.and respiration an.! general fjudition were extremely s.-.tls- tactory. Ho renewed this do.-e e\er.v 12 hours, and he found aft'r tl re «J davs the tremble had disaiipea;-d. Dr. »'<-rbert has since employ, i the same ir.utnent in 21 cases, o'.e ol which v -.s e -flremely serious, sit ce 1' wa.-? a question of double coniii'i. atod pneumonia in n Fevei :-v-two years old. .-Ml these cases recovered- It seem cerlafn that th(> camphor procured tlu 'se offi Tts. since there was no real rrisi.-, tl:o cure being gr.idual and slowly eft'ected. — l'hllade!phla of $2.1C7,000,000. Switzerland, in the last few years, made a 20 per cent, gain in national wealth. The avciaco per cnpita wealth in the 25 cantons rangfs from $1.SS.T in Geneva to $27D in Tcssln. Switzerland thiu- .stand.-; very high. The population in 1S21 was l .S8r '.229, so that in 00 years' tinio it has not doubled. France, it Rill 1)0 noted, stands at the head of the nations with a per capita wealth of $2,070. That the United States, with l*s enormous total, does not rank higher Is because of the rapidly increasing population. France, on the contrary, has reported a diminishing or at the most a very slowly Increasing population, so that the money advance has become greater than the birth rate. KIND PEASANTS OF BRITTANY will willingly Share With You Ccn- tents of Cupboard and Will Not Ask for Pay. Unltec" States Does Not Make Tre- mrndously Good Showing in World's Financial Column, For all its vaunted wealth the T'nit- ed States, in so far as per capita r.itio goes, does not make such a tr"::'.en- dously good showing In the world's financial column. The wealth in the , , , , United States in 1910 was estimated Oysi.-rs. be.i on the , |i25.000,000,000, by far the greatest • amount credited in bulk to any one market. City .Meat Market. THOS. n. BOWr .rS, President J. F. SCOTT, Cashier Alien County State Bank lOLA, KANSAS EST .\11LISHK1> \ Ql ARTEH OF A CKATFRT. Capital . §30,000.00 Surplus . ^ 840,000.00 Deposits .5.-).50,000.00 DiTEREST PAID 0> Tl.MF. DEPOSITS SAFFTV UEPOSil IIOSJIS FOB HEM In Urittany all peasants carry their Own knives; and as for forks, they J.nvc no use for them. George Wharton Kdwards tells, in "Brluany and the Hretons." of a visit to an inn where he met with the proverbial r.rt ton Iiospitality. An old withered Breton woman sat at the fireside, busily knitting at a Jersey of blue wool, and three men sat at a table, playing some sort of gamo with dominoes. Tho men gave no apparent heed to our entrance, but I knew We were being discussed in their patois. We asked for bread, butter and a pitcher of cider, which was forthcoming, but no knives were brought. Noting our predicament, the three men at once produced their knives, Immense horn-handled affairs, and aft-! er wiping them very carefully and; considerately on their coat sleeves, they opened and proffered them to us. "And now, madame," said I, "what Btall I pay you?" "Five sous for the cider, m'sieur. There Is no charge for the bread, for Is not that the gift of bon Dieu?" Thus it is throughout this strange land of Brittany. One may travel from end to end away from the large The lola Booster Club and Mileage Bureau Ass'n, Extend To Vou A Personal Invitation To Visit !ola To Do Your Fall Buying. . THE iMILE.AQE BUREAU ASSOCIATION WILL PAY VOUR P.R.FA^!- All the Stores are Now Showing a Complete i .ine ol -to-D U IVlevchandise lola is the ••linv r.l'tcring'; of Y()!i will j "ir.-(.-.-;. Jlcrc yoii will fi:v.l hrMjjaiiis of every -iJcMripjion, tliat incnn a crrcnt ^avi:ltJ t i tlic imn-iiascT. every kiiKJ of at trrcatly reiiticcfl j^ricc'-—rncrcliancli.-e t • ujcct tin- r« n-^ri'iii'.nis of .'li find it trrcatly loymir aiivaiiiaq<.' to do yotir sli'.'.])|niiy i:i lola Come to lOLA whei-c you can have R. R. fare paid ])oth \\-ay.-= and m ^A :c yorir .--h Mirrc r real p'.fasurc! No Betti:r Stores Anywhere in the Soutvvw^st Tlic li^-'t nf lola nkrohant.s who wii' i .->;'.r rofimfi Ii'-rr'cs on apj)!-.:".ii''r; arc .'i-ii'^Tif,' throt!gli ,<l:o;)[ iTCM^itt y-iir n 'turii ticket. tog..'the;" wirii your r..-fuTid coi:;>: ii. r.: 'he offici' o- fare Itolli WAyf will he iinnedi.itcly rcfr .ndcd in ca ^I; :h.s IJII i >:i !v !' •f ];;a When •t."' and vour Rul 5 R JET rdlnjj: Refundtrg: of Ra k'^-^i Fares Any iion-re.-.ident v.lio I'.a": p!;rc';a.=;t:d .f;cot!,, from the mercliants who>e names ;ip;)ear on tlii • rcl)atc coiqion. is entitled to a retutii of car fare upo;i i!-,o •-t:-ro:i.:t.-r of Ir- rebate co:ij>on to tl.? office o.f the fola IX-riy ['ei/i-ler. --.ilijvCt to t';..- n >llowii:jj conditions: The enti.'-c sun) -o '.•;\'\ n'<t e;<--et:l 4^: of '.'•.]'• tofal of a': : •ir;-?;;-e? er.; in tio event will any .sum i". t.v'.-t'-s of the ai-r-:a! on; •'•ire be p-i'd. ,'are- -ire :cfu:idei! by tl.e a t :c '-«'t. cp.-n lare receipt, -ir other sjti-fac'ory pri.,,f mr.-; meicliants. 'I'b.f' rt'.'.irn lo.iX bate is collected, as cvidcnre c -f u:c j-.-ir.t fom v.bich tlie .^hcpner traveled. W hen y.'vr r.-adiiig i pen to the sale.>man. He v.ill tl-.e loi.-'! ainonnt of yot;r pi-r.:liase entcrcti, wi,h tlie date, ilir rebate coiii-on to you. i,ia rl -.c .-mn. at each store wiiere yot; '.'-ade. T.'iat i- ?.!!. V.hi-v yo;'.; your rebate coupi;ti to tlie <. JT;CC i>i he loia Daiiy Rej^ister. ar.d prc.-etit it brfi.rc ; . ni., prcc; show your ticket, c-isii fare rc-ceipf, etc. No otiier i<!cn!if;c?.tion, no red tape, and t:. know the right amount to ]iay you \>..i.hont being informed. Ask for a refund o upon in the first stor-.; frcn which you make Ida Daily Rcgi-ter. vrji.r o.- the d i -1 '.';is rci'. ;e eonjH ^n. A.w\ .-' r, not by the • '.-n r;t ttie off;'cc._al lime rc- i'in'-.i.'.'l. hrii'.-i your rebate cou nil"'; .•;i ,-':,-n''ir,^. r nd return the • tr.".-ii!i7 i- iinaily coinple'ed. take .T. i: ;t w .Tc a c :";erk. Merely •• inc.'- a!y. The office will !-.jav •'.<.• hnd at the office of the •J I THr F-UU)U:; CLOT;n.\<J— sfiOE.';. Tllh PALACE Barclay ffOTIIIXJ-SJiOKS. JiU: ULOBC ri.<iTiii\t;--.suoi.s. C. h. PhRMVi CLOTHlNfi-SHOtS. J. V. ROBERT:) MUSIC STORE SI!(ft: .sTo::?- I Mor is ^ W ^y-^Tiir, Yi );-k Stcrc I'liY (.()<)U.S. • i r >jti"«is ^^vlSAVS Samp'e Shoe ^store no f :aNt .'Aidisoii !ecp3f Fur. u . ^ I. .tore Fi 'UMTlRK. ilBSON S*llD10 I'HOTOOU.VI'DS. G. A i^ffi ^r ,1 i:U!:i.i,i; >»',^i ;;:..'s Fl!!MSIII.\(;.S. .4, .jKnii.KKS M. J, Prishman :rian5 Hdw. Store .S -.v. ( !»i:. ."SQl ARE PRYER BRO^. (iliOCKHS i. shannon JJATIDW.VRE. tlirouph the room :,<-cainsl t;;' harp-like chords of tlic pi.iao. With e.\nui=ite d.iririK. •'^lihs NVil.-^-n looked etraight at Ills majfs-ty niul b<'- gan the llns: -Hush—then an omi- lOLA STATE BANK WE Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 PAY INTEREST GN TIME DEPOSITS h.T.. HOKVILLK, Trps. W. .s. K ilF.M.V.V, iuA Vice Pren. J. li. HMI'iiKLL, OiJihlir. A. W. BECK, VJte-rre*., F. 0. ULX.SOX, .\s^t. CuoMor SAIETI DEI'O.SIT KOXKS FOR KK\T. ^iurs. a;dy;t;;ne ;;re :t with th^^ 1'---r;-.'^ - -ice-.-1,- .M.. came hospitality. The peasant wiU ^ , ? J^".'' ^" ^' willingly share with you what he ha. "f"^ '-""^«h: uito a ,.:.:r In the cupboard, and will not ask for °' ^V"^ f''"!'"^ '= I merriment. There was a mor,:'-nt of susjiense. whon tlic king t;;ivoi] i!:t' -rlndow sill among th« balls of wool -i Iv"* "'''"•""^ 'l>e I^'-K'' ^^^i't i I the company loin.^d. Th« I left an offering of silver upon th« Indow en yarn. SHE HUSHED KING EDWARD How Alice Nielsen Reproved His Majesty for Speaking While She Was Singing. . One evening tho duchess of Manchester entertained in honor of the lato King Edward. .Miss Alice .Melson, tho American oi)era sInKer. wa-; present and sanR. Among others there was a reuuest for Tostl's "Goodhy to Summer,' 'then in tliu first Hush of its great popularity. With the compo.sor at tho piano, the first stanza wont with no strange or unusual occurence, but while Tostl was playing the soft Interlude to the second stanza, the king turned to one of his party with some remark, and hlfl sonorous bass sounded out elurpls ( ro.v:iI giiHst took his Koiitlc rcprjnand wltli ti-ue gallantry.-Joe Mitchell Chai'plo in National Magazine. MADE SOME GRAVE BLUNDERS Embezzling Banker Admits Ho Overlooked Missionary Fund and Property of Orphan Child. Tlio cuihezzlinK haiilcer's friends were connratiilatin^,' hiru. "How in tiio world did you krc[) It up BO lonjj without U<'!ni; discovur'nl?" tliey asked, bri'athlu.sbly. ".My frlendi^." came an aaK::\-:hfd voice from ti ;i' otlier siiU- of th<- hara, "I.aiii nuv .iM 'hy of tl.i?; kiu .latioii. I have been guilty of t;rav« tai.iical blunders. I failed lo liave m.v.-iclf sleeted Sund.ay scliool siiperlntfiitient. and 1 did not show myself at prayer ms^QS inorc '.^a CucQ a month, i could havt! ?Ti'ii m;--r .-j^a .-y fund, Imt l!..r-:no:;.^ly I it to slip throu:;ii iny liiigor.' ar.i! .^o io an- atiicr. "iVsidcs. I mit^ht li .Tve l-cronic the ^uardiuu of EO:U« •,mn-.-. iV.iivil u'.'.'.'.^ou- liro'-s cliild. l nni ill-iic-^f.-vir;;; oi" y. weli-.'iicant, IMII niisrlhiTi* .». p'::.'..'-. .My wiirlv ha; li"P7i ciaii-f :,::;! leurish, indeed, or I coiilil hf '•'((• .Si? t'VC'iiintT ]i :i. ynu in our TJ-wt'tkly poker i.?::f. Wf'.-, wo.? is in.-;" And ihoy Irft liiiu \v.-c;iii;^' l)!to?rly. —H. Yi. Siiv(-:j, ill Tiie Sunday M'l^jj.- ciue. TEE KCRTIiRUF nn.. T iT, O.Ml BANK lOI.A, inV-iS (!VKi: FORTY VK.VKS OF (()\Si:i:\ VilVK ItA.\KI>(J I.N 101.A 5,>(;i!).iti'N fur tin- Iniicil .Slat. s. .^:af( m" Kansas, ^nd Ail«n County <)M:(!.I:S: I. !. N^'UTMICI''-. !'p i ' f -M HITl IC ['P. 2nd V-Prei. .NOitTMIM'i', Vi. .--I". • i'i ir l-"RO.\'K. Ca.shier. K, .•- i'u;'l-J .V. As:i'.-:a!:: (•:i >i::t ;r CAPITAL .$50,000.03 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Queer Monument. A monument erected in tiie .Srr.i<r. I lieno cemetery ha.s a vt-ry cuiicu.- '.iv j tory. It is t ' of an olil \v ,>iii;iri uf Genoa, who made a loirr.; 1;\ s.;'i :'i'. j strings of nuti in the nir. • l". I';- u i -i gallty and industry hho s'n i-ccil- I in amassing a small fi )rtun<; in 'his wu^.; and then cammlssionod a well Ki.own sculptor cf Genoa. Urc-nr'-. 'i' make a life size jKirlrait of I..-.- In niarbio just as .she appeared at her pitch in the street. Thi.s i;:at;!c slie ordered to be placed in the fawoiis Straglicno cemetery, probably the largest in tho world.—World Wide Magazine. | IntiTCsl raid on 1 Inii- liipfi'iis .S:i:'(i_v Dcpo-it Ro.vts for Rent vol K i!i . SIM:S;; ^{)).U\ rh3t Is Qmnine USED THE WOftUS CirEn TO CVRZ A COU3 IN OHE DAY. Alwixji rcniruibcr t !ie full naiac. Lock ^tX^ V 0 m &rxnrx^ lar tlil; signature on evcr."^ boi^ 25c.

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