Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENmG. JANUARY 12,1912. 'Simkisf Are Sweet, Juicy Havels Tliese are the very finest oranges grown. They are the best crop of 5,000 prize groves of California. Besides being sweet, juicy navels, each "Sunkist" is tree-ripened. Each is picked with gloves. Each is sound, seedless—^perfect. Oranges Most Healthful Fruit All oranges arc healthful, but this tree-ripened, full-flavored fruit tones digestion and supplies the required acid like no other. It is impossible to get better oranges than those which come in"Sunkist" wrappers. They keep well, as each orange comes to you perfect, sound and solid. Buy them by the dozen, half-box or box during this ^ big week's sale at greatly reduced prices. BEGINS MONDAY Huge sale of finest California Navel Oranges. These are the famous "Sunkist" Oranges, the prize crop of California. Each "Sunkist" comes in a valuable wrapper. Save wrappers and obtain beautiful and genuine Rogers* Silverware. Read full instructions to the right This special orange-week sale begins Monday and lasts the entire week. Remember, California ''Sunkist" tree-ripened, hand-picked oranges arc the finest in the world and most economical. Special low prices. Buy in Quantides—by the box or balf-boz, at all dealers. Insist on "Sunkist" Wrappers You will get better fruit at lower prices, and you will get free Rogers' Silverware by sending in wrappers along with a few stamps or money order to help pay charges, packing, etc. "'Sunkist" Lemons ^^ost economical, because most juicy. Thin-skinned, and each comes in a valuable "Sunkisi" urappcr. Big Sals Begins Monday at hit dealers. .rruua .Mtu ..i.i..^ CaHforuia Fruit Orov/ers' E?:cfeaa^e, '1 ?H?ciG^,^* .11"' Choose From These Fourteen "Sunkist" Silver Premiums Get This Oran^ Spoon At right is shown new "Sunkist" Orange Spoon, actual size- Genuine Rogers and of the latest style. Sent you on receipt of 12 "Sunkist" wrappers and 12c to help pay charges, packing, etc. For each additional spoon send 12 "Sunkist" wrappers and 12c, Read carefully directions at right. Send for full descrip- tton, number of wrappers and amount of cash nec< essary to secure each ardcle. "Smilrist" Premiimis Table Knife Table Fork Dessert Spoon ChUd's Knife Bouillon Spoon Coffee Spoon Salad Fork Oyster Fork , CbUd'sFork Orange Spoon Fruit Knife Teaspoon Tablespoon Butter Spreader This Fruit Knife Yours. Made of special tempered steel heavily silver-plated, same high quality as the other "Sunkist" Pro- miums. Sent on receipt of 24 "Sunkist". wrappers and 2(te.' For each additional fruit knife send 24 "Sunkist" wrappers and 2Ck:. Read This Carefully On all retnittances up to 24 cents send one-cent stamps; on amounts above 24 cents send post- office money order, express money order or bank draft. Do not send cosh. Make money order or draft payable to tba California Froit Growers' Escbanjfe, and address your letters to the California Fruit Grower*' Exchange, 192 N. Ciarfc Street. Chicafio, III. Not responsible for cash sent through the mails. • You can secsre these premiums with " Sunkist" orange wrappers', "Sunliist" lemon wrappers, "Ked B;iH" oranga wrappers or V'iied Ball" lemon wrappers. Or merely send trademarks Scut from wrappers. If you will buy only ••Sunkwt" and "Red Ball" orange* and lemon*, you will set fruit of the finest eating •111A H t y, economically ))riLC'l, and you will soon : hiivc fU'nitrh wrappers to nccurc n cmipletc set o£ the licautituUable lilvet- "SUNKIST" ORANGF .S arc for in lola by thi> foUcwifigr dealers, who •:• carry this Famci:; Brand in <iuck s.{ times—and thvy will be plea.sed it; fill your orders: T. A. JOYCE ll-I S. tVa ^iiiiitctiiB l 'hi>»i> ^})> . C. L. COWAN » S. >Vji *!iiiiL't(>ii riione 2I« FRYER BROS. H. W. STEYER ll .'i MiiiUMM) I 'bone 159 Ic .. :i.;.ny On F.b. 1 ! Iv'i'',; «in iv \ ••• - .. .i .y woatUi^r •^ci in -til- -A ;i • 1 A'-.-t Atr.:;':-^ .-5 U '.ii.-rniari nvat to thtf ^r'-Mi''~ '.'I '• ; h. 1 r-nv>A- . i-^ >.•-., 1 ijiii.: ••'jii.'oi .loua I 'l ^i^iii w,i- ir. '.i •.-.-ii)t; .u-ii ti.'- ^ ii A;..-. ii[;iiti>-ii hy l.a-i \ V,U;1I.T. FT UmWS HAUL t :!:i \Ut>lin VU.l.KV. <::\>i:r.'- .i;.'. ?;i.>v. ti ;.Ian r. —"i i:- ; I V. • i . - !'•- '•: :..•••<' K"v '.!-.-•!>• w.:- 1.- i; • -.-l r->:'>.i:^ :-)inni!)~ • .i.-t :.r. : lii. f.i : ir<;;:.i <<i .-r.<i«- iia. inp: <f.-ir'- • jir.ici. t > :.:. • ..V t«. : K r -.i:;:-.:! r ci" days d;irin? :;.:.t "'•r. ; d ivy U.> i.i.-^ i-.'M •'.'.<• ury v,.-nt cot;- int. lis I • i.i. T;.- liii.v .ost irr. iilorably b-'.o-.v ,i'rv. vvl-.ich wouii? ;t.iv . r. . <::T : .: • •• ::i > vl:'*ir.: ik.-'y '.ir ..•,v -h- ;. r • •• .-oiiJf" lie!') • davis >•:' i • ' • ;i -A •• :: a :-.;-t 1 :' lial p;;:: a" ;l- .i: !iiri:> ;• ••.'.vssiW ..(.•:•! ("ai>; -:;r> A •> ^ :•: .!:: 'I;'- iu--.-^nt (.'.i.;- i. waril '.v.'. in ::.- -. -.~ ; .r ••.'.1 t ••i; •.' • r • v,;i- :l 1..:.. . !;••.:! " we 1 ;;<"•;»; }• . , ; - • ! -..11. .- :ri- k-y <••:- .•• - '•• .! riii. V r;. i^-i- • P; • ..i-.-i.< .! ; i>:' i ,•• -n:: >:;ri.i:: Van i'--.. >y 1', ': . 1^. hi^. - . r •:: .^i-o i<;. soveri ••. ' -..' L;'. i ii r : > ;'• ;. t-ar-"ti \<"inp .)!. ;ri i . :•' 11.. :-• -A-i an r;>»-!i-n- -1 • • r. ^ rirf -^^ii:' a::(i l: •••• " \ -rk r.' ii- f\-rir.C - -.ii--.- v ti. . '"ir-.'ii 1' t :;;i'.' [.rsv-- ::.c--':i!:-.:.- :i.'n :v ..3 -i.-'U 1 i\\ ; ••'.u-i.Vii-h •oil thi- f:i*-:"''. •• k. !rirr .i3- •• •• r.ii:*:' V. :- a:;-: ar-: \:^::i::z (.•.•.•,.;r:i: » ; i re';,-: - AV. : • • •>! . f ;,v .'ac- >. -.^ .1 •. . V It;!'.' . • " • • ' "• . i.^iiv/ • .: a <niu !-;<t-ll. :i >.!'••• .' • ; i •-•J;;1 ••:;k.v i I-..:-; ••• .- ; i-» t;:-> i> T • • , .1.1 .r-r-.i: r. i . •; •>;• . f •<:.•• i i . • •• • ^li-r' I . - r ^ " u. - j"' ... !• • ' ' . ai !'»•.•• ••! it N . lar.-'y •• It .'• ••.y.r} .-lii'->- I'.'i.r 1)1) 1 i!-. • nnig'. ' Miho'Ml ar-' •'•:(; _ • • • .• .• I.';' r .'iKui.. • •: • • .; ;i.Ml ii .iilr-.' -v.lf id; I :ii •• • i!y . :.- c .-.i; ' • cf 111*' I'liii . !•'•;. • jr...::.-.i r. : •-.til.' i ! .•i.i- • - .'! 1" 1'"' • -•.i:ih yt-fiitti '• •• i;;t i • V ill -ay if 1>| • iric .i:;. >'..M.wlir lirlri-. ."f Tl: - f .• V. 'i. • •- .!iv.<- <i-.iMi i> !-Tii; fv -i; U. ' ri; -. Kv- !•.:,>-..!t uti.i hail 1.••<-;: vi.-itins T-,;.Ti • ' :.. • .<i;niiay. I>:ui ...r:it.T f(. U'..>r*"! i i -.\r lo^d oi fci:- .--!.:";•:'"V.f Wi 'dn.-(iay -i ;h '.'ih^w-w apiH-ars'.; ;> • list m" liioso H I H ) have been ii'jr'p.ioneii to. ;::t.'tid thf" tirt.'s«?nt term <'c;irr jiirorv-. -M:;: ! M:S a.* it ii'ay ^.'.^•n. Reval •:<:;.•• iiai-.- Ti -iiii- has prowa Iiair :ia t.-a(is th;-.' VfTe or.ce h.iM. Of cours • i:i noriH oi t!;r>.-'^ I'.T.-VS U-TP llie h::ir roots (, r.ov l>.i-! \'.<^ •••;>'i> t.-kkon on a ;;:a7 ,<Hl. shiny isi'M.-aranfo. R''x;ill Hair T,>:iie acts s-cien- tififoJly. •ii'^tt<.yi:jr !;,- jipvnis which )ar«? ii >,;;i;;_v i-.-j on^i'.il-" for baldness, jiist a ti .a'i''i- ni Va;;.iiy iiijiloiuncy. 'f ^ it iKeni-'r '-.r -i t<i the ir&ts of 'he hair 11. :i- .\rc Kiu-t^ Wi- Want Yon to I'rote at (|':r l:i>k. i^wels are Basts of Child Healtit liiit i'ro'.n a si -..r..^ of ri-a! ini»^rpst, Iiu.'- ')a"iis iiiiMi";!^'- fhpir iviif.'^ '.'lat th^ •f ]]:::• shal! !.•:•..;•.»' >tit;<ii\ «-vrly .•:-\: rail. fl.;-.: r-.-.-.i;;--: fv .it ai 'i! iiii'T >iTtu -.f .Mli;.!,.* will );i.)r hi' er.- (an -Jii -r • 1 i>y tl .-c hi-av/ d;:)';chi .-J of ii>l.l iiiiv; ;i> ti].- v .-'ni T i<M.-i'ti. \V;!>-h I'i .k.-y rf.-!v»-I n •l»svr\.)'. fri.r: V-!-.---2 ii •ley or t .•• > ^-tj Jt^r- :h>> '^^f t'.v wf^athf-r. arl r ;li;'.ulatins: r.Pd nniiri-^iiir.s !.';"ni. Ft is a i;.o.=t j.i .isani !.v;..i rennisite. if d'iiiat. '.y ;ifr!!i!.ii 'i. a:;'i v.iii ivi' :4in-.'. I!!- 1)-r'.nri-nTiy staiv. !:: i:. M"r' wuru yttit to sot a '>'):il>' "i JifK- ;.ll ii-.iir Tn^ilo a:;;! i' a .s di- v-'i'tfil. If it dot's lu't rcliivy S-.-T I JI "irritation r. isiove dandnifi. )ir r'.'' hair *ro; j filling out f.nd )>rr>- Mllk for Flesh Reduction, The simplest article containing cQta- pleta nourishment is milk. That Is Dr, Mitchell's cure for obesity, hut he put* his patients to b€d while he gires it to tbem. An amount of milk sufficient for the nourishment of a healthy, ao- tlre person presents digestive difficulties for many. It la not the simple liquid diet it seems, but presents a solid mass of cards In the stomach. Ume water makes it more digestible. In the form of bnttenntlk. It is easier to digest and mmkca a very effective reduction diet. It la wise to take vijrh It a little gluten bread with f.'::t^- since the fats have been removed \rr the milk.—Harper's Bazar. •.HZ Ti.aT .-. v. was u r.-.irr». -ly ii).. M.ote an in<r€3.-^wl gro.vth of vair.'h'id ^» iv. V ho \y.,\c pa.-.-:ed ihrotii;:: :n.:- in ^v.-vji^wav giv- enf're<r:!''ioi ry K;i--= " r :.;.:a-.!.'= and judi^od -if siniidy "mn..'. !.iiok and toU ;!.;. me cU- • ns -.t-: a rt- li^v- .U ••• . t;:-.-. r. - . b.l.;.- the ci-:-. : S .t OTi'O ill..; ..i -.' This o-.-er aal Sim nivalin \>n USKHV.. .'.•ir: !' —-\not!if.r fold wave ha.s hi; tiir \>in;;v ami !; ran:*' wiiij a v-ry -tirr wird. Mrs K R 11.- «n «»-nt to ti'.ilarv<' .•iMtiirday ;'.''"r 1 • r dnuchtcr Mr? Tn:u (..•wfi vv'c 'n- ')"'n in 11! h":!!:') tm- 'lUi'' litii*-. ^l'..- r.-v:ry :f>d Imiiif ' ••'..-n'rc ;ind .^i.. 'ts t» Lr> uitt! i-r til t! '•..i.:\t<.':'.'. f;i Kansas f'iry T, - r .i-' uurn 'i'.'f ' Vnvc loii.t- r.i ti,.- (K :.i:i' VilVy !;ai.;;.f rh ire:: ;in i li -'V . > |.i I • f.i \.:i:f f.ii ;tl In l.y Sunday. I .!>)yd Parkt-r »a- vV-n '.•.d'!>r."\ Miir.'' ati'! H <\"'i <ir)i N>-'i;i. of .Miidr'-i! i\d (••iT.'r!::i • of I;-'.r .>..-i. v . re <'3!!'d aienin TM^y hav,' • I .ir^'r"! d'v. t »r.- now nad aiv do- mrinir witi-. iir. Kor- 'yt'.f I'f Ml '''.:fd •^r,^\ llowcll. i .f DJiK .S:--.^n Hi-- ri»!i>:vd \'.\ t';.- "h-.- '..t-rc^ or !fi ;>t if t'l.' V <-t I; I^r N'li^' iva.; o . . \^.\-. :•-.•.(:' ; T'! tioi:.i;,-- '':!•.! inii ai'nn.- r.f i • r:':.iMs. liii' i>' i.s •j.jtin:: nlnr.f r '^M -iy V. :!no it :- !;op<-? ii'"'«'.s n' " r.-. - ;ir; :i i.rta'r:* of *r .i' di.-eas-- .^ijsfp .i .•"(ssi-' f (.TiT .::;f.rty af.ii fV;ir' J siniid:- '.\n\c vithoiir •jue.stion or forKiality 'v^ v.iii hard l.>ack t'l ycu evpry p-rrs'- y.x paid !!? for it. Tv.o si'.p.s. and SI. Sold .inly at f.'.;r -fr.—'> .• ".fxa:. Store. S. R. Burrell. We f .-i '. . r...s„ i . <-,.l- • C. . s Q -rt ,>ti:f E«^st. :l -f .1 11 • - V- • .J ..- ' • 'rrv,'..- • ' s.i. j: ;'..Jilr«-->-r • i ;. days visltins friend: s nrv.oiy i.s a . ^jnii. •• .•• ..-^ati .,v. i'. fi4v.. >•'. s-vn'-tcTi M.. S-"-'Frame has J bargen s, west of 1 Will Van P-".- .-n ' l.r.n Kid .-^vii t?-rj< shipi-.d v I..:iJ of to 'C:.nr3 ( i?y Tiip'day Rii'.'r^'.t DvmastiTs loti.iinpr a mr 7^ .. • , . t , -; ' • • f i ;:v ^'rich PT;.<^'~;S to -'.•.i;i ;o tf,, .:• •'v' • c:*v t!3t :.:<r tarf tf : v <>»'.k. .•• --j^: Mis-s ivma lie;' i.- ^rt'Cdin?; a f^sv ''• iavj visltlns friends in isr^n^or.. niovfd back into rint tayin? at Mr. Hel- Bayard us::! his rfAR.H«.VY. .fan il —Th.' r )ld wpather continues. .lark and ?am fiirn.!] .spent Satur- dav and Sundav wf.:! Cary f'Io!i<l atnl :-;ii\:y 1, ^ liD-.f lia? iirin ni;i':lnt' S.KUI- ;>iir''.lii ' - ti> bt'itin fariiiin:: A ::!) n^-^' s;>r:r;r. S^r.'-y f'hiiid, nf I.rillarp-' r-- rn-.-r.. .1 '.i«:r.i' Tui 'sdny al'.-r !.;..'nd;r. I f.^vri Willi ;:i'r -i-;- :-!r.-!;iv.- Mi.s Annn Cii.iid }•;;.•.••- }:ni\\ti l >.Td a runaw .Ty ?ut!^ d ;iy ! u; luti.' (!anias;>' was don". M;- • !C\;in-." sisti-r and hi(it!i>'r-in- .'•.IV. ari' ijjakinv ))"r a vi.slt, K.-;i l{:'Hyi;n spet:r .M/mduy and .M<,ri.!.i,' iiieiit \vi;ii '/.UIA rioud lias is ratli»r low at ^.hool ni.ikins i' ni'<-.--..-ary to burn wood. i...y !;:w... anr! wir.' ^,•>.•nt Sunday af- '.T, .:.n a! \lr II: Kutiyon's. 7\- -.-looi ftiildv>?n still hav-' fkaf- in^ i -.'rr- s .i'.;(:,>-;s!; it i-s lat'.ier i o!d f 'l;- ;i;--: Js^a.-urc. Morean Il<;r><» n -T 'irned liome .Saair- '.nv a^vr "[.-ndin^ his vaf-atinn witi, his -.:;rd!v-l :i>:-. Mr = . I.. .1. lloo^. —Sp. c-iii! rt i:nd trip r:i:e v. iri; nipal-. htrrii and all s^ide trips inrlud- fl. ziiint: ai;d r<-tarnlnsc via K. C, tr I.'>«pr I'.io CrLind Vallpy. See a<" -.'.7 • A';ivre. nLE.-* CCKtll I.K .SIX TO M DATS -^Ynur druggist will refund mone; if P.\ZO Of.VTMENT falls to cure an.- ra.«e of Itehlng, Blind, Fleediag o- ProtnidiBC Piles in B to U days. SOc Defects That Cause Failure. "Failures which a man makes In hla life are due almost always to some defect in his personality, some weakness of body, mind or character, will or ieu:p'-'<;:meni. The only way to overcome tU ^ve failings Is to build up his iierjonality from w'.th.n. it i.s only those i'r ."or".-= the ni-.n iiimt-:'!! pats forth tl'r.r - i--:::!:- ...lii ;j:n '" —^Joha D. K .VI.;.- •-i! r. BKST W.VV TO BRE.IK .1 (<ILI>. if «i»l Si 'MTi- Ciilil or ibe (irippe H«- lii'n-tl in SiMcrnJ Iluiir!*. V'.'ii dl.s 'ini -lly fft-l yd iv <<i '.d i.i -i 'i.I.iliK „i-.d all l.;-i,ip>' !ivi,ii'».)'i,:. '.•ir. I'll; ;vri.-:- la'ii.ns tht- very .i.s; !t I.s a )ii .-lti\.' f-i' t !l>ni f':iii.-s Cd I '•''\ poilf d, tjk 'tl rv -,v IV .ii I'.uurs. 'lli- il (hr<.'>- i -o'if lutlv.' dosf.; arc tali-ti •.'.•III -tid thf cripiK' and bri-ak 'ip fh- .•("».sf .s .-u'r." fidd. flth'-r In t!;-' hfail. 'dn'st. hfli k, >i|'>j ;i , or liiid.'^. It jiroMiptly I'-'i '-veM t';,- M.H^I I:.<<-' •ratdn ht-adarii»- di ;lln «-.«s. hf-ad am! •Msc stiifft'd up f >'v<(;~hii '-.i.-. .sn'-"*:"- .r>S s (iri» throat, niniiin-/ of t^i-' P iinirc'i.< catarrhal di.-i !iart',o><. -on- iiess, iitiffnc '-.s aVid rheuniaiic itis -s Pape's Cold rfimiiound i.s r'.;,. r ^svi' -)f three >-i>rN' research at a .•'*••(:' nior*" than fifty ti ;ousand -dollci; ; 'K-! •ontain .s n« 'jr.inine. which t.; v • •onolu.sivt'y dt -r!ir>n«trated is p->i .t-f- ^ijcirv" in r !i<* 'rtaiment uf olds , i- -.;r {pp>-. Take thi^; i,ari :ilf:<= crir .'poi :;iv' as di- ecK-d. v,ith thf knowledge thar tlic-f^ -s ro ot 'uT i^t'dicinp. uiade anvv.-ff re •Uf in fh<- world, whifh will r '.rf ••our roll! or end prippe ni ?ory ns •rniTptly at'd '.virhout any oti . T assistance or bad .Tfrcr -effecfF as a cnt package of Pipe's Told Cotn- Tound, which any druggist in lie world can supply. itonio Outdoors—the bluest of blue skies—dazzling sunlight and air like rare old wine—you forget all about winter as you play the Eame midst the health and wealth cf ian Antonio's glorious climate- You can ride or drive, play golf, tennis, polo; you can shoulder yoiu gun and go into the nearby country for quail or turkey; yoa Can try y .>L ;r luck in shooting wild diicks or in Wishing along the Golf" Coast; or yo:i can just loaf and find the charm of years ago in the crumb- Iinu ir. -:M ->n3 and other landmarks • of priest and pioneer. ,' You'll be glsd you came to .'^t.T Ariton;o this winter— superb l.ijt'.!;. tafos. theatres, shops, arid :hj co:nfort; you wish about ytju. The v/ay to go is via the Katy I.i.iiiti-.! •-.iln ;..-over !hi> distance Jn tbv <r.iukt".t •.:!;;>! •.ith '.Uc ;;reate:itCOmfort. • ^ijiir:y f.n .X '."i" —.ihrautlfultllos* f.i'xd ii<i-.. '• • liii.; ritv ol a ihou- r mi dr!ii ;i,.ti ' ,ri>rlsii; rtitl give youa-. v.v«- idiM r; 1 .\'i:o 'ii iNatiractivtness. b-.Mi 1 tur .1 r • . .;. It's ficc. 'iV. Zl. t'ttie, Ctntral PatMSftr AfMt, K. & T. Rr-, S«iat Low* f.1'1", Wf..'-, anil travel, iii .'orjaation KC :t K..:y A-^:=:. -V nOKI.D STl I»V or I.IVINU COST, t ent m o.iirial 'ife. The President * pronUsf-d Prof. Fisiivr ti«? 'vosild take ; Mr. Taft Mij \sk l.oneres!. to IVo- - p v.:ir . ; tiii' fnr i>>mnii>.oion. Wishinstiin. .Ian IJ. — i' T.ii't i:iay a-k tn.- lissv-tan.-f 'Tm- in solvii»K th • pri;;).'r-;ii -jf tk"; h.Kii f'j Ih.ins throuKii !• g'.'-lr'.-! live authoiiiation for th- i'nil.^d Stare.-i to jn rticipatf in a wi-rld -vi :d^ ' iii.'if>'r»'fii-f on '.he ;.'ibji-<-: I'rif Irving !"isi,»-r. of Vi:- I.'ciw; ^•.'y. ilelegati-d liy iht- AliK-'if n Ivo- nfiii:ic Atsof-iation at ii.s nieo'ins h^r,'' for the purpose, hua laid th.- ;i':ai; i-.- forc the Pr>»sident. It has be«;n »i:do- ^ii t.y r.any publican'ot; a'-C ct;.Ci- :ir; -rAiKl.K: CAPKLK: CACKI^ J '• \Vs t:ie hen .s are all cackling when;, i f.-d ("oafcey'ii I-iying Tonic. It brings' ' tiie "ss-s. For -ale by .\Xorri9_& How-t •ai-:; ' ' • —Mr. Sniidijras.s. tuner and repairer;; of pianos and organ;?, e.vpects to te-i' tirn to lola the tiist of nest weelc|, f>rdors for this work can be sent ti>' .Mr. J. H. Ronner. 423 South St Tele^Phone 210. -

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