Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 28, 1949 · Page 18
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 28, 1949
Page 18
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g Sept. 27, 1949 Mai*n City Globe-Gazette, Mason City, U. A LINEO'PIPE Stick lo the Pipe— Let the Smoke Blow Where It Will By T. PIPE GOODBY GARDEN Oh little garden good and true, I now must say goodfay to you, The summer time has gone and so, You too must fade and cease to grow. No more the sun sheds wanning rays, Nor shines so long through shortened days, And longer nights now often will Produce a cold, death dealing chill. The summer through I've worked and sweat, Trying vainly e'er to get, The best of bugs and worms and weeds, That would destroy my plants and seeds. But it was great beneath the sun, And though small money's worth I won, You brought to me instead of wealth, A million dollars worth of health. & . — ^i ^^^ Which for all the material results from garden farming one obtains, one gets but a small amount for the labor expended. But the Now She Shops "Cash and Carry" Without Painful Backache When disorder of kidney function permits poisonous matter to remain in your blood, it may causena gging backache, rheumatic pains, . leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting: up eights, swelling, puffiness under the eyes, headaches and dizziness'. Frequent or scanty passages with smarting and burning sometimes shows there is something wrong with your kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Dean's Fills, a stimulant diuretic, used successfully by millions for over BO years. Doan's give happy relief and will help the 16 miles of kidney tubes flush out poisonoui waste from jrour blood. Get Doan's Pills. value of the health that one gets from hours spent in the sunshine and in physical exertions, cannot be even estimated. Especially for one who sits in a chair for 8 hours a day on the inside looking out. We never enjoyed a summer more iian we have the one just gone. And the garden working had nuch to do with our enjoyment. ^fc____ "•*"•" ^f '«••• But didn't our summer quit quick this year. It just ceased iike t had collided with an immovable bject. Said object probably being he approaching: autumn. At any rate, one day it was hot and sultry summer weather. The next day all had done arrived and it was goodby summer, fare thee well. _ A - ^f ^^^^ Ho hum. John L. has done called on another coal strike. It just seems like when everything gets ':o going pretty good and the out- ook has a rosy hue, some of the abor unions come down with a jad attack of strikitis and wreck he pleasing prospects. A <MM» ^p "" Which how nice it would be could things settle down for a year or so and let us get somewhere. Labor seems to think there s no end to the amount of money it can take from the earnings of its employers. But the old cow an, and may at that, be milked dry. And a cow that has gone dry isn't of much use to those who live on her milk supply. 0 ._ IT MIGHT AFFECT, THE MILK SUPPLY, TO MILK THE COW, TILL SHE GOES DRY. •— A ••"• ' Any one desiring to have their car washed would do well not to call on the undersigned for such service. We are definitely out o1 the car washing business. Oiu supply of car washing ambition is completely exhausted and defunct In other words it is nil and void — • — As to how come this alergy to c. w. we would say that Betty Buix had become so well coverec with dirt, grime and bug juice tha she was a disgrace, not only to ourselves, but to the entire North Light suburbs, Mason City's mos xclusive residential district. Therefore with a bucket, a hose, a chamois skin and a common rug we went forth to eliminate the oreign substance from her otherwise shiny body. The resuits were tot all that could he desired. In act the results were discouraging n a big way. • — 9 — The more we washed B. B. the vorse she looked. Vivid streaks would appear here and there and .he more we would try to eliminate the said streaks the bigger and brighter they appeared until when we finally gave up in disgust she looked like a zebra just Betting over a night out with the ;>oys. Nuts to this car washing biz. Sere after we shall have it done jy a professional c. w. ^ ^f DISCOURAGING, THE RESULTS ARE, WHEN WE WOULD WASH, THE FAMILY CAR. _ A» This Tuesday and Wednesday 2 day off business is working out pretty well so far. We have done, or did, considerable driving around, taken in 2 mighty good shows (and one not so good). Also The Missus has taken us to her church (First Christian) for a couple of Wednesday night dinners. And man, oh man, do these church people ever eat. And what a swell bunch of people one meets at such "gatherings. — • — How True! How True! Sing a song of sixpence, A pocket full of dough; Looked like a lot on payday, But whoops—how it can go! __flBi . ^f Furthermore, it is well worth the while of attending these dinners just to get acquainted with Rev. R. L. Williams, pastor of the church. He is one of the easiest men to like we ever met up with —* — Our friend J. J. Fitzgerald and his justly famous Monroe Junior high school band has been ou parading past our humble domicile several times since school started And we would say he has the spiffiest band this year he has ever had. For so early in the sea- pn the band performs like old imers at the music business. We particularly liked the drum sec- ion this year. Them drums sure do get whammed. And one doesn't leed any hearing aids to hear the band coming. HERE and THERE Thompson — Harry Alexander returned home from the Iowa City lospital where he had been for treatment the past 2 weeks. I/eRoy, Minn. —Mr. and Mrs. P. Rouse and Mr. and Mrs. W. Anderson of Green City, Mo., were recent guests in the Carl Smith lome. Britt — Mrs. Don -Melenney is employed at the Dr. 11. R. Morgan dental office. She is a graduate hygienist of the Marquette tmi- versity denial college. Mrs. Peggy Stevensen will go to Iowa City in October to take a short course in X-ray technic at the university. LeRoy, Minn. — Miss Ruth McRoberts of Greene, Iowa, is here for a month receiving training for a position with the Interstate Power company at Greene. She is staying at the E. McRoberts home. Ackley — Bernard Keningcr, Marvin Weber, Charles Coyle, Charles aijd Marjoric Folkers and Mabel Limburg have left to attend I. S. C. in Ames. Britt — Clarence Trafford has enrolled as a sophomore at Iowa State Teachers college. Ackley —Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Woodlej are the parents of a son born Sept. 18 at the Lutheran hospital in Hampton. Britt —Mr. and Mrs. Tony Bartik are the proud parents of a daughter born at a Mason City hospital Sept. 20. Wesley —Mr. and Mrs. Charles Halvorson of Edgely, N. Dak., are spending 2 weeks at the Olaf Funnemark and Ivan Johnson homes Thompson —Mr. and Mrs. Claire Doyle, Clarice, Dickie and Billie spent a week in northern Wisconsin on a fishing trip. Wesley — A newly organizec Girl Scout troop under the leadership of Mrs. L. Pfeffer and Rut! Hauptman have chosen Judy Pfeffer as patrol leader and Marvt Nygaard secretary. There are 18 girls in the troujj. Thompson — Mrs. Mike Hulvor- on is in Mercy hospital at Mason City where she underwent surgery. Jay llamlin is in Mercy hospital at Mason City. Wesley —Mr. and Mrs. Harvey oates, who spent several weeks n the Clarence Ackerson home, •eturned to their home in Detroit, Mich. Wesley — Mr. and Mrs. Pearly Haynes of El Paso, Tex., are spending 2 weeks in the parental 3 . Haynes home. Latimer —LeRoy Main has left for his ship, the U. S. S. Maddox, it Delejoc, Cal., after a 15 days' leave with his mother, Mrs. Mararet Main, and other relatives. Popejoy —Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kelly of Gary, S. Dak., and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Koepp of Marietta, Minn., visited the Leonard Kelly family. Swaledale —Mr. and Mrs. Fred Redman and family have returned to their home in Edgar, Wis., after visiting relatives here. Scarville — Dr. and Mrs. John allahan of Richwood, W. Va., are visiting at the parental Martha Fellancl home. Corwith —Mrs. John Mullin left for Jacksonville, Fla., to visit her daughter, Mrs. William Shipman. Fenton —Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Haagenson have gone to Storm Lake where Mr. Haagenson is attending Buena Vista college. Mrs. Haagenson is the former Shirley Culbertson of Fenton. Kanawha —Mr. and Mrs. Max Mechem and sons of Rapid City, S. Dak., visited in the home of the Lyman. Nelsons and with relatives at Clarion. Osa&e —The rural women's chorus of Mitchell county, comprising 28 members, accompanied by theii families and the office force o; the Mitchell county Farm Bureau and their families enjoyed a picnic Sunday at Pioneer state park, Brown ville. Bancroft —Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Johnson, who have been traveling with their race horses this summer, returned here Wednesday for the winter. Goodcll —Mel Ver Heist is enjoying a week's vacation fishing in northern Minnesota. You Get More ~ You Save More with NEW KENMORE HEATERS Kenmore gives you the right heater to do the best job for your room size OIL HEATER Phone or write for more complete information about the new Kenmore Oil Heaters and Save! Sears Low Price $7 Down, $6 Month on Sears Easy Terms (Usual carrying: charge) • Automatic Draft Regulator • Has Vz Gal. Humidifier • Comfortably Heats Three to Four Average Size Rooms Pot type circulating oil heater has Sears exclusive Zonosphere vaporizing burner which operates on very low draft. 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Before You Buy Check the Features of Kenmore Exclusive \dju»lo Door Automatic draft re(n- Constant level valve »u- Ileaiitlful console slyle f.r «.!.*•«««* JH»l. ..tor azures, ft™-"^ ^\\^ ^^K.? "'^ where you want It— efficient heat always— p e rmlls use of unUidc n(eel, welded construe- when you want it! no fuss or bother. tank. lion. \r AM i junivf APPLIANCE DEPARTMENT 1st Floor, 23 E. State Ph. 380 Movie Reviews By CARL WRIGHT "Criss Cross," showing at the Palace, is a swiftly moving crime melodrama. Locale of the story is JOB Angeles. Burt Lancaster has :he same type of portrayal that zoomed him to overnight stardom n "The Killers." Co-starring with Yvonne De ^arlo and Dan Duryea, Lancaster is seen as a man who turns criminal in hope of holding the love of a girl. "Jungle Patrol," co-featured, is a dramatic story of 8 fighter pilots and a girl played against the back- THEATERS AT A GLANCE CKCIL—"Mighty Joe TJounj" now showing. PALACE—"Criss Cross" and "Jungle Pa- Irol" now showing. STRAND—"Command Decision" and "The Bluzin? Trail" close Tuesday. "The I'aradinc Case" and "Home in San Antone" open Wednesday. STATE—"The' llurning Cross" and "The Scar" close Tuesday. "Michael O'Mal- loran" and "Race Street" open Wednesday. LAKE—"U Happens Every Spring" now showing. DRIVE-IN—"Topper" Tuesday only. "Flying Tigers" opens Wednesday. ground of war. Data from the U. S. Air Corps' historic records on the New Guinea theater of operations were used. Kristine Miller and Arthur Franz are co-starred. * * * Screen entertainment of sensational caliber is presented in "Mighty Joe Young," lavish action drama of a huge ape's devastating experience as a freak attraction. The film, presented by John Ford and Merian C. Cooper, is showing at the Cecil. Human personalities starred are Terry Moore, Ben Johnson and the well-known character players Robert Armstrong and Frank McHugh. Interest, however, centers about the career of the ape. « * * Hollywood's most authentic set, London's Old Bailey criminal court, was completed after 85 days of construction for scenes in the David O". Selznick production of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Paradine Case," which opens at the Strand theater Wednesday. The set, which cost $70,000, was built from more than 1,000 sketches, detailed drawings and blueprints compiled by Hitchcock and Fred Ahern during a 4 months visit to England. "Home in San Antone" is co-featured. * •* * "Michael O'Halloran," authored by Gene Stratton-Porter a generation ago, is opening at the State theater Wednesday. It is the sort of tale that is filled with human qualities. Scotty Beckett and Allenc Roberts are co-starred. Loyalty to an underworld code motivates the co-f e a t u r e, "Race Street," which stars George Raft, William Bendix and Marilyn Maxwell. "It Happens Every Spring," starring Ray Milland, Jean Peters and Paul Douglas, is showing at the Lake theater. It is the story of a college chemistry teacher, who through a strange chain of circumstances, is propelled unexpectedly from the classroom to the diamond, where he becomes baseball's most famous pitcher. , * * * A page out of recent history is immortalized in the picture, "Flying Tigers," which opens at the Drive-In theater Wednesday. It's the story of the heroic exploits of the flyers in Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's American Volunteer Corps during World war II. Student Body Elects Dccorah—Decor ah high school student body has elected Hamlet Peterson as president; Donald Lomen, vice president; and Morris Ellingson, secretary, for the current year. Peterson, son of H. E. (Pete) Peterson, athletic director at Luther college, and Mrs. Peterson, is quarterback on the high school team. At least 10 countries use the eagle as the symbol of supremacy. Lake Mills —Richard Hoel, son of Mr. and Mrs. Auger Hoel, enrolled for his sophomore year at the State University of Iowa. CECIL* ENDS WEDNESDAY STARTS THURSDAY I rr'fiytffyjtiH FOUNTAIN™ AN EMOTIONAL EXPLOSION! DANCE AT NEWLY REDECORATED CASTLE CLUB CHARLES CITY TONIGHT Tues., Sept. 27 Music By DUANE'S ACCORDION BAND MIXED DANCES EVERY TUESDAY AT CASTLE CLUB NOW! THRU THURS. LANCASTER 1 1 VONNl DeCARLO CROSS Pius 'Jungle Patrol" OPENING FRIDAY "Belle Starr's Daughter" and "Set-Up" Riverside Barn 725 North Kentucky Mason City DANCE Wed. Kite SEPT. 28 Featuring Rusty's Cedar Valley Cowboys BROADCASTING OVER KICM Barn Available for Private Dances FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE 1192-J End Tuesday — "The Burning: Cross" — "The Scar" STARTS WEDNESDAY GEORGE RAFT BENDIX MAXWELL Regular Admission Now! Thru Thurs. The Curves They Threw Nobody Could Hit! It's Hilarious Dipsy-Doodle Adventure! • -.v» hi *''--•: A Zen. ciNTuiT.rox ricnjtt ^^^^ ...jun> YOU rosr CAJTT STOP IT Plus Cartoon — Specialty — News Matinee Wed at 2 P. M. End Tues. — "Command Decision" — "Blazing Trail" STARTS WED. GREGORY PECK ANNTQDD CHARLES COBUfiN LOUIS JOURDAN VALLI — PLUS — FIRST SHOWING IN CITY! ( A Tornado of Tunes .< v-ifes-^. ^^- FOR YOUR FAMILY NIGHT BARGAIN NIGHT OF FUN Admission Tonight — $1.00 Per Car Gary Grant - Constance Bennett in "TOPPER" On Highway 18 Between Clear Lake - Mason City WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY PAW. KOLY> GOttON •111 SHIRLEY • MAE CLAKE AM A CJUT Of THOUSAIWt K*r Mmwrf G MracM by Dovtt MHter A REPUBLIC PICTURE Box Office Opens 6:45 — Rain or Clear Two Shows Nijchtly Starting: at 7 and 9 P. M.

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