Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1912
Page 4
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THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRIDAY EVENING, JANUARY 12, 1912. lOLA DAILY REl'iiSTEK Um' JIH-BC « llaUlo 10 miike u thai will be a ttaM no nialior Tht lola Dally Record «nd lola Dllly mlBlnkf, mid that Uiul faul ought not who llio r.-iiididato may be, wo print a ' to (lliicrKlli 111" whole jury system? 8ani))lo raruRrnph from a long odltor- TBE REGISTER PUO^fSHING CO. It »he whol*- nuinhcr of decisions ren- Inl which recently appeared In nDi m- -rj- derf!d by judges could be laid along oeriillc paper In Joplln: Bntensdat ihe^Ma ro|a^«f..M Second-number of verdicts The people would ask "What do's : '• — r.udircd by juries It Is likely that at Rocmeveit ginnd for?" Th.-y would Advertising: Rate* Mndc Known on AppH-, , mlafikes would be """mselves. "What did Mr. Rooa- «»tlo„. I'-.-^l nianj mistakes uouiu DL ^^.^^^ the seven years ot hi.i 7—, found chargeable to the juries as to g^.-at opportunity?" SUBSCRIPTION RATES. !.,,„....,..„„ A„,i..f,„r i. h:.uhe«n So far as tangible achievements are eonternejl. the Roosevelt Ineunibcnry s iireliy nearly a blank. The histcr- B" carrier in Ma. G .rci^^^^^ And after it has been Concrete, LaHarpe and Batsett: trL-d a v.hlle we venture the t>i:lnlon ••--^.•:::;::;:::::::::;::::::iJg;|.hat as ...any n,is:akes .eg.H.„t.on ;-'-;>,™ ^ lind'^.aVoVlS By vine, One Week lu centH One Month One Tear On* Tear. In.xkle c.ii.i.u- nr"lraeV svsum as under Ui-- o'.d reprc- -arlslilv daub'd. miissively framed. One Tear, out .^ld ,„ly »3.<.,. j 1^^,^ l^^l^.^^^ _^ ^^^^^ other vlew;:c:r.;. f!i<- Uoonevelt TELEPt^ONES: Business Orri Society Job and Ecnl::ii\e syst<m. •The ,.eople" not a separate, dis- """->• vlew;:c:r.:. r:u- Uoonevelt era ' ' vva.5 8:'ven bla:; I I vorIfirDiis years. ( Offiii- l'*l ' " . . _, , >va.5 8:'ven bla:; I I vorIfirDiis yt ne,«rt.-r 1> i tinct tuljly a being endowed .^j^j,^. „,„^. y,..,rs Blii.iery iKft » | ^yj,)^ ^vi^,;^^, .nid all the good- e!.?irni'ic)ii. Years cf difamai Otflrlal Paper erf City ot lola. OfflclRl Paper City of Bassett. Official Paper of Allen County. WE—THE I'EOl'LE. "the Kansas City Star, the Topeka Capital and the insurKeiii i)ress gfn- erally are deaianding revolutionary changes in our form of gov-i-rnnu ni on the pround th;.i "the people" only can be trusi.'d, :ind not the representatives of the pi-ople. The demand the initiative on llie theory that legisia- atives of the iieople. They demand ih<' the referendum on the theory that they will pass bad laws,, and both on the theory that "the people" .are infallible and with power to direeily enact legislation would never m.-k' a mistake. They demnrd the rreal! on the ground (hat judges e.ainol b' trusted to render JuilRiiK-nts. ym: even Roosevelt tlielari-s that ih.r. ought to be a way jiroi^drd by whi. li "With proper safeKuards ami nfle:- due deliberation" the pi'ople shoulil havejin oiiporimilt.v to roiw ilie de- ciHlons of I he eourtii; These demaiuls are not inen'Iy progressive, they ar<" funilaniiiitally ri'V- olutloiiary. Tli'-y iiiipi';n-li tlic sis- 1 fX- nirntioi;. Years cf di'famation. ness, Incapabie eitlii r of intellectual Years of fuss, fury and fiiGlir.n. error or of mor.;l v. roi.g doing, as ^ So if the Republie.u. j.arrv . nomi- . , , ., I, nates Colonel Roosevelt for pres dent, the latest brand of "iJelonners would .-urs-wix will be, "What did he ae- sec ni lo believe, "'r::- eeople" are lually do in his seven years?" oursi'Ivrs, we and ou;- ii. islibors, yon I The .Tnswer will be piveji ai i!:' and your n.i«hbcrs. -.'.-.e r.>..n that and it will be in aeeord wiih , , the lr(;ic- cf ihiiigs that iijs sorn yfl- are iiood. ;he nm ..i.-^. are bad, as j^.j^naiis,,, and go: that has ' Tl'.ey mean | n the yellow magazines come and • I the main '^''^ ^vntching their demoralized re'•' treat into receivershi)is and suspeniUi: soin< bad and as soo:; i. !o do vijih". as • Ihey (In iU> <:'.i:\::. : • A . '.'.v. lime- •'.•y ivM- !:;• Thai is to .":;iy 'v.'. Ill'- |.((.> a !:;;?take. Ail! :.M i-! •i-ir.'.;: o'lr votis ;i il e;i II ; . r.a likely 10 Tiiake iei.-.ia)'r : .e jonie of us, casting cur vcis in .i legialaiive ebanib'.r or in a jury rcnm, or he- hind thf judge's lit mil. Svi il ill he- si.i'is: tliaj has sei n the yellow poli- I'l i:>i:s bloom and fade. The answrr will V the ri-pudia!ici' or Knos'velt. F.awrenre CJazet.'e: Kd Howe Ins d:.='-n''i-t-i'd Ilia! down in Urazil about If") years t'.y.o Ihcy had the recall. _ ;h:n beiitini' "P form" that is i\'s* nnv. comes, the best of us lo tliiow d^rn-i mr this country. IIi> Icks in the directieii of the res; cf ii.-, or words to that ei.ict. V\(("I.\.VTI(>X KIK TYrimuj. Tyi iioid vaccinal Ion, :ii ilrsi a vol- uniary ineaHiire !n iiiir army, lia:i since .luly 1, rui, I • II eoai- piilKory fur all olli' is ;M.II I iillst-'d men I.(111'.' IIM- -.f.;.- uf ^' ycarf I who liave !ia'l iiii h'lil l( ::lc(! I c-ise (I lyphiiid I •.' r tern of representallve goveriimeill nil-j •ihi- i :;IIII':IM -i i.i I'l,' M-.y • der which this .N'aUon has lie. ii rii!-:l , priUccded r;!) ii!:y u:- r. ,:i ili,' pre.-: from lis foundation. Air.! ilie.» propu.'si'i i-m jioijiewh.! n..;- (;o,iniii in ii a new system b:ised on the jiropos-i-I lia\•« »•;ii;i','< ;••(! ili-' ci'ss.ii-y liirc" tlon Iliat "the people" i-an do. or ai j inoculatioiii;. A:iur,i: ;i.i.s .'iitire lUiii'.- least lhat they will do no wroii}:. i i)i.r and coverin;; a ii.iiod of iiiariy nri— liliree yi ars, but t.vclv.- cases of ty- Here comes th'? Kansas Ciiy Star. I plioid have ilcvelor-i'd and no dcathi' and the Tojieka Capital as u:=".ial iraii , bave occurred, tine m;i;i a! ihe ing after, both of them fairly bl: ' tanamo Naval Station died five days in the face with drniiiHiaiion of 'In [.-iffT first ine,!".il.-iiii;ri from a c.;.-.' verdict of a jury In a Kansas Ciiv j of walking tViihoiil. Tliis is the orly law suit bocau.<?e said verdiei a-.varii- ed a large a|im of money lo cei • of iri.'S at-, tl'• exiierii'iiee of lirazil llia' 111'" cjuiitry recalled IL'teen uovernors in nine monihs. That onghito gi\ rip'al 'nconragement lo Ihe In-I! rait: crs in ihls counlry who want to keen lli'ir f;iVorife iniployilclK poii)-!!-.;; ;:i I he tin'e AS IT SEEMS TO ME. 4. Tho ThlLjis ill'fare. My flenr:— I'liat-e do not apologize for comli.;;, •o mo V. iih your perplexity. If you j flBK) have lost your way and 1 can help ^5^^ you Hiid It, that Is just Ihe thing to' do. It BO hiippens that I belong to your own rhurch. 1 am so glad of that and I believe you will be, loo. IA'I US S< t at the heart Of the matter if we can. and v-e can. What a heartening thing is that old baby-boy rhyn-.e, "Til be il man if f can; and 1 can I" Women need so much, don't yon think? —certain nianiy traits. ju:;t as men are better for some of tin- w-omanly (llialities. W'liat Is j'our husband doing as 5 young business men in tlie larger town you have togelher cho.sen for your home? } am sure, from the little you say about him, that he is losing no time in getting into the ujiwanl swing ef the j-lace. He does not cling 10 tlie lii'.' yiui have left, he uses its miMiods as f;;r as l^e may, in showing :h'- people he wants for his patrons thai lie i.s ready to stand for the gen- i;iiir si-iritof the town. He unites v,i:;i liii lod";!' and gets iiiro Ihe com- club, and his line prospects -•!: ke yen very proud and happy. :oioi0i©iocm^^oioioioia LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND > L A.N'n to the .--tarved. thirsty, slilp-wreckeil sailor Is what Liuid In The Lower IMo (•'ranee Galley of TeNa;* ,1s to the woin out, tired and dishearten,-il .Voriheni K.->.nuer, when drouth, wet weather or frost leaves nothing to HIUUV for liis season 's hard work. Tiien come with us on c-.u Special 'llriiln to illssion. TCN.IS. and let 11.- show you lijis l-iind in the Loner Rio fir .indc Valh -y. Where crop fuilurcA are unknovin. Where you can cut .Vliaif,; s (o |i) lynrs earli year, one <on per acre to tho cutting. Where there are t2 months each year. Where tlierc are no cold winter months; but summer always. Where Fruits, Vegetables and Melons will net you from |2i;0 to $100 per acre. W'here they will pay yon from to $25 rent iier acre for Farm hand. Where .ro ;i can grow tv.o to three eroiis each year on.llie same piece of ground. Where Aii acres of this L.ind irrigated with the silt v.ater of the fUo Grande river wl!I Iiroduco more than IGO acres here; take care of this 40 acres three years ;.nd it will take care of yourself, and family during !irL--i:me. Where llie cool dry fSiiIf Breeze iiiingling with the im.-e mountain air from the Mitre and Saddle .Mountains in Old .Mtxico, make;' an idtni climate tiia; will make your weak lungs strong and cure catarrh and asthma. Where we l.-ave Ihe best Irrigating System in the world and give perpetii.Tl water riglit. We ep.ii siiow yon and prove the above to your entire s.i'isfaclion, if you vvill only go . Willi us. Next trip .lan-iary IG, 1912. Call on or write J. K. Wakefield, linmlmldt, Kns, Hniiriit Land Co., Jl.iran, .). L. .lone.s LuHan'O, Kansa .s. .1. >V. .Ilarker, lola, Kansas. STAR LAND COMPANY 204 WEST .M.VTII .ST. KAXS.VS CITV, .Ml). (When writing mention thi.'--. p.iper.» LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND mm packing hoiises for land wh.ich :ii city was proposing to take for drainage purposes. It is the verdict of a jury. m!:i! j-oii,—not of a corrupt Federal judge, which these papers denounce. frual caf.' of lyi'.lioid in liie goverii- \ III' lit service in any cii"' on whom iiir- inocuiation h.-id lucii bigun. T!;'- r-<•- ord of the\er di\ision in cumj) at San Antonio, Texa.-^. during the past punimer has bet>ii most instructive. .\n army division liaving an .-iverage 'sirc.npih of li'.soo n'-.n. all inoculat-.d. But is not a jury ."the people?" j occupied the same eaiv:p for four •\Vould it be possible to devise any ; nionihs. from .March ;o July, and l;i I more "directly democratic" way 01' : this eoinnian.l but one case of typhoid determining the justice of a cause'.' ; develoiicd. This was a nii'.d ca?'' in Here were twelve good men and truf. • a Iiospl'al corps imm who had no: There is not a hint that the judi: • comr.leted ihc iiiocula;ior..s n"cois.iry misled iheni as to the law. Tiicy for proleciion. There v.i-rv for;y-ji:ae heard the evidence themsclvi ra^es of lyi'hoid with ninetctn dealiis which neither the Star nor the Caii--in the c'.:y of San Antonio for the I!" f'rrili:; lo il;c liiioyali' ciithu^i ia-iiu v.illi v.Mcli 11;.' I'l V! !'.-ii;i 1! , ulillcan has I'Kir' alii'.'d .'la-! all bill iTiiiln;.!i-d 'Ire, ('rider fur ('• !-;;r in :h!s d'^Vii! niM fall. I'.ro. I'.r.-i'l.' •.i:iiiii-es to ri'inark that wli^'ii lb liir(> I t;-! re will be at !• :;.-[ o'li OIIKV C: Mi'.id;ite. He dc^esv't :-.;iy ^r: but he is probably n .•'crriii!: to Hro (luycr. In one of his recent speeches l.a- Follette was talking about the Tennessee <:oa! deal, and somebody as'ied iiiin "How about Teddy?" Sleppinc lo the front of the jilatform ihe Sena;or shouted, "If I had been Presid'vr I would have called that b'.uff." And •ivhen Ihe news got to Oyster Ray th Colonel went out and chopped down seven trei's before he .got to his normal equanimity. .5..><. ^ ^.^.^.^.^A.:-^.^.> > AS OUTERS SEE TlllXfiS. .> .> .;. .3. ^. * .;. * .5. .> ^. + <. •> tal did, by the way,—and there is not , sani" four months. During the sain a whisper that any on ' of thrm was 1 period t!;af this trunp ixiste-.l :i' corruptly influenced. And t!ie venlici they rendered was unanimous. Surely the people spoke in Ibis casf if tliey ever did. And yet the Star and Capital declare that they rendered ";• preposterous verijiet." len'l that a flat impoachmenf of ih' doctrine these paiiers have preaching? What becomes of th .-Vntoiiio brtwcrii I'-r-e aiid four thousand m-n wro in camp Galveston. Tcx^is. ::n(! in iliis command no r:\-n- of typJioid occurred, while llie lily cf Cialvesl^m furnis'^ied VM cas^t nf >''e iMse'is" during the c-xisteivT the eaniti. The city and the caai.. lie.-n i had 'l-.e sr'ine water, milk i-nd fed (i'jf -' snp!,lv. 'vhe eniy iKifereace l„ j-ii; (i,.,t ma lhat all the ills of our jirerent ihc camp had b" en irniici'd by Inoc- syslom will he eliminated if only ulatioii. government can be ••r>'islore;i 10 ih' About .';.i'iiU nun u>re .'.-latierod " people," In the presence of this ad- along the Mexican border, mosriy in mission tliat "the people" li.n- small camp."*, many 01 ihr-m in locaii- brought in a grossly unjust verdict . ties where typhoid was present, >ii of That Is no morn than a despise-! ;h;.s command only iiii • man conirait- court could have done. . And If our ed lypliold. wiiich ei;i!ed in recovery, judiciary system Is to be revolutior.-' In a recent numix r ot ilie .lovrnai cf Ized because courts now and taen liie American .'M'dleal<-i:,iion. blunder, shall we send the jury .sv^-j Cajnain fhelan, of ib.- .Medical Corps tern to the scrap heap along with i;V|cf the Army, cojilrasis the record of And if we do lhat, what shall we s'lb-; these camp:; witii ihos" of the coii- stitute in its place? Shall we fin:,'• (eiitrat.rn camps of the Spanish- some way. as tli',' Colonel suggests, j \in'ri(;;ri •v.-r, i-.nd F;'ys it is ineon- to give the people an opportunity to i cs iv.-.b'r ihat, with siuii condiiions. pass on the verdicts of juries, as h' jihe prattical aboliiion of ty|ihoid insists they mu.-; be given an o;ipe;- |could have hepn cfrened without the lunity to Jiass on the decisions o! ; use of inceulatiors. judges? The ans->ver to these queri-s wi" doubtless be that any jury is liah% to make a mistake, and the fact tiia- one does so now and then by no means discredits the whole jury syj- tem. Very pood, vei-y true and ver^. conclusive. Hut is it not also tr;:'.' JIST K»R n.STANCE. No: as endorsinu t!.'; sfnfiment ' x- iiressod, but merely to ihow the kind cf a eampaign that mi^ht be ex pec d in the event of the Colonel's nomination, and as goii:^ also lo show BEST THEfiTHEHT FOR CATARRH S. S. S. is the best treatment for Catarrh because :t is a perfect blood pttrificr. It is the oniy medicine that is ab!e to get dc 'i into the circuLi- tion and entirtlj* remove the calan'hal matter and iictjuriiies w Itich product: the trouble. As locg as the luucotis membranes and tissues are kept inflamed - and iiritated by this impure and infected condition of the blood Catarrh wiil remain^ Its disa;jreep-ble apd danperous sj-mptoms, of lining noises in the ears, mticus dropping back into the throat, headaches, watery eyes, diffinilt breathing, and evc-n stontach disordcnsand weakened health, cannot be permanently rdievcxl tnlil tl:e blood is purifiL -d, Kothitig equals S. K. S. for this purpose. ltgcK.3»I.iwa to Uie vcr>- root of the trouble, and removes every LaKiiMelle to Withdraw. Sj'ecial to the Washington Post. .\. Y. Tribiinet That the way is bting elear--d for Senator RolK-ri M I aFoll^tte. of Visronsin. to reiir' «;raeefully from tlie ihrre-coriiered cor.test for the Uep>.:bliean i>re.-;id n rial nomination and b-a*.e 'he iii-! 1 e-' en to Presiih-nl Taft and Theodor' Roos"velt, v..IS the onininn today of ;ht>Ee V iio i-ivi- taken an active p.-irl in Ihe movement to defeat President Taft for a rrnominalinn. With the viihlrawal of Senator l.aFoIletle, the tirngres'ives. It Is s;iid. will concen- trat" their forces In an effort to lioiiii naie Mr. Roosevelt. .Tames IJ. fJro-lleld. of Ohio, who v.-i" Presldrnt Roosevelt's secretary ot the ini-rior ami who has been one of the bai;. rs in the l.aFolIeiie movemri;t j-aiiie to .\ew York today on a s- ere* inlpslnn. He conferred with Mr. Hoos ••veil and it the belief of poll'i.-I.iii>-- fn the Ucos'-velf eainii lhat Mr. Oir- lield eanie as an etniss.iry from S-na- tor I.'FoIlftie. .Mr. Garfield refused to talk to 'he reiiorfers, and .Mr. Roo."!- evelt !!e<Iarrd lhat ho had no s';:t'-- iiient ti make in regard to his iioli- position. '•\"o' a word." be said. "I shall s.-y no'hinz." Within th^ last week Mr. Roosevelt has Iiiid three.seore or mom ou- liortunitits to end all the i.olitieril speeiila'ion i-onnecting his name v.iih the^i'Ir-ntial noinin.-'lion by d - elering that "In no circiimsrances -,v;ll 1 111' ; c-indidaie for or accejit another nomination." Th were ihc word.-; he us-d in that historte statement v.-hich he issued at the White llo'isc on ele'-tirn night in .'November. i;iii4. His sikrice has led not only bi.s own friends anO nolitical supi>orier.'-- nni tliose win .ire .'dvocafing the renoniin:?tlo^of Ti-si- ilent Taft. to the cenclui:!On th.i' Mr I^cor.evelt is at !.-;-?« a receptive candidate. 1'h.-re were those who iioin'ed oir tod;:y thai Mr. Roosevelt v-;is plaviim a very adroit gam" of poliMrs Snp- •orrer? of President Taft ass-rt I'la' Mr. R(:o=eve't realizes that c\ery d.-i? he iiostpores makinu a definit.. :---;;ti- merit as to his Intenrir.ns bis i:;:rne will figure conspicuously in ili - news- pfvi r he;;fiiineF. His ojpnnents assert tjiat Mr. Roos -•»v.>lt f"I!v ii>pr,'ciates ih.e \;,lue of a:i I'.Ttisin:;. atd 'hit fb.^ •<•,••.- an'onnt of, r si:u-e thtit i.- I)«>lnt: r--iven ;o him jns; ih^s lU-.y- accounts for his spbinxlllf sil.nci. On the oiher hand, frfend.s of Mr. Roo.o/i', .'1; Pill yoti do not get into tli" swini: of the big clr.irch. You are "dreads fiil.'y homesick for the little old ( hireh where It was just like a. big fan.ily. Yon played t!ie little old or- n for the choir, and nothing went on unless you were !ii. It. And nov.-. de; rl'-' :!S y(<ii love [i. jiear the hit j'!|,e i.rg.'li, ;lid (if course th" Si Muitis -..Vf a gritit dial b-Iier. nobody see|i;s to care for yo'I. Iioliildy Se; ills lo ii'i'd yon. The pistor and his wifi ii.ivc c:i;!eil. bill you Ii.ivcn'i plven li; your letrer.- .-iT.I r.omeliov, the folk; outsid'' ot the church don't make yon feel at lii>me either" AU. me! Tlic 'leartaehe and llie tears and the w; ed enerpy bcc.-iuse we cannot "leave llie I'lines that are behind, and iiresr- forw.-ird to the things that are bcfon loo. Shall I not hear from you? AI NT MINi;fiVA. St, Paul's injunction is good sound •iense. The Clirisiian religion is good .•;ound sense in following Christ. Yoii- Mn .'Jbantl is not a Christian, and he i- doublless judging your Leader by ti;e wa.y you follow him. He was loyal ti. his Miurch though he knew its utmost depth of degredation. And when he founded the Christian church he knew to the last jot of human weakness! just what it must alway.^s be. A hii- .>rK> iMSK T(Mi mm. l.ifi' iiisiiraiK-e cer;i;i.!iii( • "lev aie wry mil fill iilioul i - i ;.ig jiolr .e,< ID :.(-;lve ;I:.MI our '.'.'i j.tirs ..i.l fuv li'iiiccs arii tlia' I'ley l:w i!i'iiii:ii; 1.1- r lie:.lth gieaiiy !y meiu.nk. (If il .ill .II'.- I !;eii !ii '111 e. this (l.ilii..r. • Ciif. I..- l-i-ii:;!. el. .\'. -, .'•.M'ptt I; nl' .•lilt .in. 'I'e ., . ;iy.. i . ;i • ec • :i : •.My liailli r.::''-il!% nvviii:; 'n ip\. ru-ejk and a:'. 1 il;.l l.ii- ;'.<•' !'-t, •,- ;-i'ier a ii'i'-.iM. I l.e;,.:., LtiUiiij-. \ i:,e'. It bus givi II lie a i . tiei- ;ip-;i.e. lieleeil me to .--ieep a:ul i.- :: .;i ixi-neial so tliat I l.->\v I'.el iorniir self. If is a i;re'i' pb: :!:-.!:re to recoiiiiiumd \ inol '.•) every one' wio ':eeds a strength retiewcr." !iv-y man. \voii:-.!!j and rlii.'i! w.'^o is In poor health, weak nerM' 's atid '-iin-iii.v>II I'l.K^il to ki'ov- tl..,i Villi): .•: exac.Iy tho right titiiiv: ti-, !;;!;!•! iheii; uv aiid make tiu-ni : tronir r.gaiii. it is litaiie frtmi li'f'h c;)i! livers- and 'iir.ii- iron, '.vithcir :M:.- nil cud i- .!e- liiioit.s to t;;i;e. W - aiit.^- \ .! n; 0 <Io jii't wiii:t we s:iy Jini! give brick your leoiiey if it d les rot.- 't !;. jjur- r,-<ll. Dnigz.'i.'-t. iD.'a. Kana. THENEWTOM I - tOM-*ANV - » Ik'st Luni]) Coal—delivered anywhere in cily. "iiVnSNJtAHS** U. S. Patent and Fidelity P^lour, to dealers onl3^ Feed, Bi-an, Shortr. (,M1 Mc'il and Alfalfa Feeds. 100 'iTounds pc:- >ack—/^-iiaranteed \yeight.s. PHONE 157 Si'evator Co. V .^illis Pereau, Agent The Crewless Ship. The German Naval league has just tested the work of an Inventor of Xu- retnberg, a ship to run without a ci«w. man instituiion in human conditj-mr, TIfe transmitter with a mast similar 10 cannot be otherwise. P.ut wh;:t a glo- that used In wireless telegraphy com- j ry be has put in tlie cour.ige of imper- mands the ship, which works systemat- • fection, and liow he has told us over 'c^IIy during a period of hours. The a.-d ever asain not to wait for xh- ^^'P *° "Sht and left, backs and ,,, , . ,,,..„• . , comes to a stop as-lf run by a man in o'her people to do the things tow.-in' ,u • tr ,.• , , , . , , ^ the encme room. Multicolored lights us th;-.t we think they ought to do ^j.^^. maneuvers to the men but first and last and all the tltne, to ashore. This practical Invention is now do these things towards them. Wi .i e-ii joined the little churd n the liitle town, iierhaps you did not reali-/" that every other church of every orthodox denomination becami responsible for you. Your own denomination, r-f course, first of all, and most of all. e.tid wherever yon nilgbr hanci> to go you had your vestid right am! (iiace in the church of your •liclce all ready and waiting for you You are really .-it home though th memli-rsMp Is different, and to y:t> ind feel il:,it you are not at home [Under study In the German navy. Pri- 'marlly destined for use in connection 'with the discharge of torpedoes. It Is now under expert eonsiderafipn as a medium for the control of dirigible -balloons. Kites provided with phosphoric I apparatus and steered by Hertzian I waves wlirbe a new accession to the German army. •a Chance for One-Armed Man. "I'm Icokfni? for a one-armed man." said tho patron of a New York restaurant. "If you know of a man who has only a right hand I can make him a Your Merest Is Ready All depositors havinn- accounts in our Savings Department.will i^lease present their Pass Books at the bank, to have the semi-annual INTEREST for the ips-t half of the year 1911 credited thereon. You can either draw this inte;"est in GASH, or have it credited to your accoimt which will draw interest, thusilfaking COMPOUND INTEREST. " YOUR INTEREST IS READY! good business proi>osition—one that putting both yourself and your chur( ii I will save him a lot of good dollars and :n it [:ihf Ih'Ut. An embarrassed counlry lass, once upon a time, was enfertainlnt: h beau, and broke the .-'wesome sil'iu-e that the. "best room" liad thrust lipor. | 'b<m hy saying. "I'm at honi", and .-ave me tho same ntnount. His right band, however, must be a No. "'A. It's this way: Several months apo r sprained my nnkic and for mtny months was obliged to lean heavily on a cane. To protect my left hand I wore a glove on that hand, but did not UEC one on the right. The result, was that I wore out dozens of left Capital $25,000.00 3'; Interest Paid on Tin^; Surplus $2,500.00 or Savings Deposits! lie wish you were," and was horrilied at •he way it sounded. But what a warn, gloves, but the right hand ones I nev- eonifortable atmosphere we alway- 0*" PUt on. find about peojile who feel at bom' in th>'ir own right am! privile;;.' and rxi-ect you to feel that way too. In ymir "own littl" church" did you not always notice that Ihe strangers wbr i cami' in prepared to find the righ iliieg .(nd do the right thing, declare.' at once how-.cordial and friendly yo:all were? And did you not see wh< i: •lie new comers held aloof and talke'' continually about ••back hotV" how bard it was to do anyiiting for them; 1 Highest For HIDES and FURS 'arket Prices •"If a man hath frintii.-. be rrist .^!io-.v himself frimdly." Tl'.it i.-- vof.' business, and that is ri^ht. I'r.t of yi:iir coat, and slip a.-nii:;d to your pa.-tot's s'udy. Give him your hand 'I'll liiiii ]'.nv. ^.lrry von tii'e to hav< been so slow, and ask him what yoe e.-tii do in the i:ood ber.ine.^.s of your chiireh. ; He has many a-hi-tirfidi" ovi ;- 'he .way his [ieople treat tlie ire- i;:c iidi.i'.is enteriiris '. and you will K a cre::t 1i:;ht in Ms face as be fii.-l; WO.nK\ WITH PHKS. Cured \n Siinph Takimr Suirar- Ciiatcd riihleto. l'o;!.-;:;ii.;tion light clotliiiift and wo- ir.eii'.i ( cans" idle.s. Women mnVr iiiiis more than men and nl! •viil he j:rateful to Uno.v ci a suc- •e.ssful remedy in tabb't {•.•.•iu. that •):iri,v a cure v.-lthoiit ctti'-i.T. ise of ialv-; or stieiiositorres. Thi;, ;-.e;ii'i :i- •ee.l i-emedy H.'vM-ICO:!». .-old by v.. ypct'cer * fo. lola. K i-t-.i.-; -itS! • druggists. «1 r-r !rea,'i.-:t h--- :ig dtys. !)r l.e-,!ihai-dt Co S:;:lion P.. !'.';f- I'rile. V Y. I'rici. Wi-;;e f.,; l..-:)k:-t. KRUPP'S .Jl NK YARD Phone 81-1 Cold Weather Supplies AXKS. Iin h .SAW.S, SiT. U: ! K.S, CUO.-^.S-t I T SAW.S, COAL 110r)S, I'OKMtS, CO \I. SMO'. KLS, WEIXJKS ev,d:,in bis f:,ilure to de. |.....i„.rs , on il, aed t. Us ^oIl Jii.- Iiov fine !es -tlinil.. bv declariir.; I'l:" v , ,i . , should he come nut in lb- opm his "' ' '''"• •^'''^ " >^'"'ay Opi ••nentlcs wo.lid as.seri that tht- Irblids of President Taff h-id sue- ded lir- tion. Then ibc s\inj>toins bt^ia to jxviA away and when S. S. S. has enliyel7 purified the blood, Catarrh is iieniianently cured and the general health greatly biult up. Boole ou CaUrrh uud any ui«»lical advice dc :>trL -d sent Ires to «ll who write. ^ TBE SWIFT SPECtSK 00,, AILAVTA, OA. morning ask your husb-;nd lo vo uisl you in your public acceptance of lb liy in "sinokin.' him on." In his I .,,.„ j,,^, ,i,e old home 1, cwn good time, they assert, Mr, noo8 I 'Veil vt!I sTiie bis position in 1..11-' Puapc thai ci«ni:ol I; - fiiisconstru —r J. Pettrfon: Farm Ixjans Jaunmce, Abstracti. -33 A. larger siie and si iilng. Tell him .il' there IH hi your heart.—men have a way of wnlling for lliai.--and ' lni»t<you will B'-e the great light In bla e/os, and that be will como homc| ID- For that Ccijgli or Cold . Try KANOLA TOUT. TAR AND W !LD CHERRY 25c and 50c I'wcnty year.s' .h:ive n:-ovc.i it to be o(:uiil to any. at ah :)Lit h:ilf the price. It Is Safe! EVAN ' BR09. U - Old time Drizffgisls i^- ir'mham Hardware Co. VBUXSi TI-i: ( OGIIILL COMMISSION CO., MIL.V'.S I'KOIHCK MAKKIT Piy t>^' ir\('-y (lay-:i!'.vays pt-yiitg best prices for POULTRY, V.l'.'ir.J. Klii'.s and lllhl"..;. I'a 1 ns up. Phone .'!Ti;. We are always ft; ;•! to talk In yiei. Thai's wl;-.:» we ale here for. I'huiiH iSiicoeNMirs III lola I'rodiire Cn.r \\v>t of S:inla Fe Tracks,' EITICTKISBXas lola, KunMn,<i Tell your Wants to 20,000 People through The Register

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