Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1912
Page 3
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THE IQLA DAILY REGISTER, FRIDAY EVENING, JAN UARY 12, 1912. 1 BSKI inter Goods I Every Coat , Skirt, Furs oad Millinery will go regardless of tb.e cost price--in many instances less than cost price. LADIES'' TAHORMABS SUITS Evei-y Suit a ii'i'oal b;!rii;ain. Owe lot vf suu.- o;r.-rio(l cwr from I;.! season—vah ;c >s up VJ $\r->.00; s !;:c 's K>, 8). —lake youi r chfiico. oniv $7 -45 -tvU'.-—l-.ike Suits — (iiis scasnii's xouv choice at Half the Marked Price Suits «:7.r)0 $20 Suits.$10.00 $25 Suit.s .S12.')0 NOBBY NEW SKJ^IS. Xohhy New Skirt> in brown and c:rev: vaiue.- choice 1 Uie.<. tan. .'^ to $S.5(> .... $5.00 LA!)IliS' WAR.M is Coats S'.7) >i(i.;:0 Coal; Sfi .nO :>'J.:iO Coats NT.oO Xm .MJ Coats SJ0.00 Nl7."?() Coats ^li.i^O :.::;i.t'D Coats Si2.:S0 .S27.5U Seal Plush Coats ....^19.7") Greatest reduetioii in Chil'lreii's Coats of tlie seaso!i. MILLMESY Every one of our Pretty Hats at half theii- niark'MJ prie.". Cvery- t:iin:r ccies. WARM BUNSEIS AND COMFORTS Greatly Reduced. "t e Double Blanket for single bed, priced at 42c ;>1.0() Double Blanket, good size 83c J^i.Oii Double Blanket, large. .$1.69 82.2.-) Double Blanket, large. .$1.85 •S '^.OU Double Blanket, w.ool finish, priced at $2.45 $6.50 Double Blanket, all wool- large size $5.25 $7.30^ Double Blanket, all wool- large size $5.75 HEAVY OUTIIGS and TBVNiS FLANimS Splendid selection at clearance prices. .Mr. :inil .Mr.--. ll.:lioM S. II. (if fn. (oiint.y -I'vi 'ii mile.-; iKiriiiwpst of lola lU' ;i l ;oin till; ijiiiinim;. ()SlV<l|>rtll< Tilt' jinniial iii<'<i!ni; n.'" tin- .sin-k- lMi !i (i-r.- Ill lii.' .Vi riliriiji I'.nvl \v.!< jirlil \VLi '.ni '-(!:iy r.lli riio'.n in th< bank ljulliliir.;. Ti;i' ofri-crs >vi.c !. rvi 'i' ''iirini; liMI v • i i'-i-'k i ;ni Ti:!' ioiluA I:-.-.; lU'ic;:)!^ \v(':i' i ''n ' !>. !' K. .\. .Voitliriip. 1.. 1. Mil iM-.n'k and li; .). ioi- New \'irU Mn up oxceiil Moa .A .'r. l.f;y(; of .-as City, who i: '•Oil iPf"!!!}; ;;io hic -il 'v iiibiM-.s of tli' .Men !in;I Il-'ifrion Kciwisrd .Mnv,!:ien' i;i t 'i !i-l:- (>i!rl)\ ciiinii.ii.i^n (Icliverf'f ' -; ; ' .i' ilii: !..,r.^; ; ;•; I':.,, . - r.-.' of On. I'-' : • • • •• •• I; wa.-. l -fi:li ii: try, ; • :. .:• riw ;:i till' in Ul'GO B. KOCH .\t\:l till' Cr.aJivt tjiM Cur Seen ill ti:r .>! iiiiili-.v ".'•t [J 1 \i;'.r :.'! .\.->\ Vn;\ fi':: 9: 1 >';'.! :'. l .i .i '.iDii : !:•.::;!-• .'.•i i5, (';i!< .•(^'<i; tiow i'i.'i i; n y. • Prices SI. 7.jv, .IGc. 2.1c g; xum-'su Tin. vojti.n i\ MTO. S;iu;r.'-V ; o'c'loj., ; • a.rLoriiciu!. i ;M"i'.; ii' .Mill lli'r.i- ."il- ! I •: - u j • —al«.•..'^ r-'-^ fr.'^y ;i ' v .':i;. - nir !;' i- T: • ' • Ko'.'_-\ y t :ivUim :i7'i'. ••• I'll''." vi?<- ••.\:'.v. ii..'(iicii:v ••••r.\ ijitiJs. I '.iri 1 (.'leni to a:: -M; l!'.at!ilpr trii;'';''' — iiii nut -.uUtw \i'::r •lOa'i'lt-r li-oiiliH IL' 'hj- • roach of nicJiciui. 'i\t'k'- nry Pil:s. T!;py i;; HE 'J Ftcp irrpirui;!!-;; !•> \, ing ;)roniptnes£.' I 'ill. "I Ir'Mi.-y •..•--lilts , .:|.:-1-- ; Mfra's. .M^mty^ !•'.'•;• i; "a;.-, n<i.-<'.--, cliin.--. clicfJc.s tiii-s. ami fiti '.'Pi-.-- !i;i'.(' coiai' to In :ii ;h"r (•(iii!iii(ii) in HIP) i«;.st srvern! tV.iys- 'mt t!;iiy far no rpally serious ii'ja'•;•'.- Iinvf lipcn rpiiortfd .is a re.->ii!i of i!;tr stvi'n> cold. Allnr Klli'tt .the fiaimliter of Reverend and ilr.-. U. II. K 'lli 'U froze both her handf t:;is i::firi;!n=; while on iinr way from her home to the high scliool but tin ,-!"''ident will have no si ^rioiis peruian- '•nt results. — It wfll 'lo to your Interest to bti.i vo:ir rintjp and Feprt of H. Klaiiraann C0«; .leffrr^^on. Phone 2.'.!». Ttiruiu;;-. the ' •, c Hir .all hoiir.'« of the i:i!:l !t vvi 'i -n th'' iri'T'-iiry was st(.'adi!y 1 ijin-.' down, till- ,iU tire in the furnace • . i.'e Oi.-in) 'HI;.: w:i< kept hiim- iiiL' and I hi.-.- Ill 'I'lv'.!!: the bit: titiildlni.' "..I- i:otl iMilv ,.:,','iii";-. The fire h !ii= lo'ii L'oliijr f:ill Ilia.-' all day loday, iiiil tl .oM' w;.r> ir \vlll!n;r '.u brave tlir • •:.! 'i> ;• 111' 'he e.\c('Ilenc<' ol • T! ' S'; .an: in thi' lloiii-e." will no iloiilit find, ll (•-ide^• an unusually pood ;;"rafilon. at' nltindan^e of comfor! (niii :i.r :\e to ail und!-tra<<pd ln^•rl '^t. — (' Iirki 'r !i" CoiiTitv liiiiter at City .Meal t I'lir'l,' MS TO JOKES .3-R ])fArZ T.n.tV\NLON Beglfifer Want AHf Hot tlic njz. .Wv, '.111'. 11'.—.\iiiont; tile -.-iliivi-!-" :.'d •: uhh .ij-i...! on Hie l,ii- sitr.iii;: .liiiiuarv .".t;.. wiic Tom .'ones. J. i'rnK'.- ivn i'. .M. H.-inlon—who :-t:TteU out nearly a year from l)etr:iii ai'd I.UM cireied the plobe in a fim ^.n aiitoincbile—the first tiiao a Hsly road ca;- ever made cii<? rlrcitit. r.:ir;- ^r.t '.h wW. In- 'i; re "arefiil j' r'.^;'ii'i .•'';i ";t fliiKri .'ililni; money !r • • nyt 'od •• . .--.\(n !n the fri'" of ,-; ' .I'l'.' T':i. ir.nrnlny wi 'He in the \V. A. !. U": tai 'oi .-!>eii h'.> plavfiillv flour- i- :;iJ S'"i' iP bll!'; !•• the'fa'-e of Mr. ' I 'im'.- I'i'^d-dov. I 'nilnK the canine lo i ••i -r.' the money if l :e could. Tl:e doR ; .-aid notiifncr. o' .'Ointe. but he golemn- j ly winked one pye. an '.l then, quick as 'a f'-i -'ri he .-napiKd the bills from Mr. I ^'iii 't':"-; !'.-.r.d and made for the door, ^'r. Si '.iith an <l the d.'--; would probably have bt -n eith.'r rniinoi;; Vv -t or frozen to death, had ni.' Mi I.ont; closed the door just In time. i —Sealsbipt Oysters, best on the • market, City Meat Market Phope 818.1 CURIOUS WORK OF PENANCE Ancient Buddhist of Japan Writes 125,000 Words on Piece of Paper 13 by 7<i Inches. • Il For some lime there has been i ahovm In San Franci.sco a piece ofj] paper IS Inches by V'.i inches, on i which there are written 126,000 w oris, i | This •niiting Is the work of Ko!<o i Talshl. a Ruddhist of Japan, who !i\ed i | 1,100 jcare .T 'o. Heforc hi.s time I'm' countrymen used only CMne .-e cV ...r-: acters in v.riting and he evolved U;e i Idea of the .Iap?.ne.>!o alphabet. i Tho wr'tiiiq; on the paper is so f.r.o that a mlcro.^ropc has to be titod to ! j decipher the Intricate Japanese c;ar-'| actors. It is r.\act copy of ciu'ht | books of the Huduhlst nible. and; was written l.y the author as a sort of i penaitro to purify his Foirlt. It is the property of a descendant of the w, it r. and pa.s .sed HR a i=acred liciilo ^ni, from father to son for a tlious ;.nd| years. Kvcry precauticn ha.s been' taken to insure the safely of (!io document. In a case of white wood Is I a benutlfitl laniiercd box wrapiied In groon pllk. Within the lanue -.ed 1 ox is another made of a very IJKht porcm wood that Is oxtenslvoly used In tho manufncturc of cabinets In which to, Btoro treasures. In this box Is ihoj precious writing. Arbuckle Ariosa Coffee Demonstration AT—Fryer Bros. Grocery Saturday, January 13 i 4 Pound Free with every pound bought Pepsin. :«8 The Introduction of pepsin as a re-: re-^ medial agent effected a complete re.o-' lution in the method of restorlnK to normal the aliments which In tho old ; .•'1 daxs were classed In a group as dys-' pepsia. If physicians were to observe anniversaries of the discovery of remedies wb.lch had proved a blessing to mankind the entire profession would unite iu remembering the fiftieth anniversary of tho first manufacture of peppin in this country. Just half a century ago the late John Carrick, the eminent physiological chemist and the father of physiological products in the United States, made possible a new epoch in American medicine by producing the first pepsin. Pepsin had been made in a small way in Europe before Mr. Carrick's enterprise caused it to be introduced here, as it was orisinally suggested by Dr. Corvisant of Paris. The qual- ^ ity was so-poor, however, that its use h was distinctly limited. Si 5.'. Motherly Admonition. A New York woman of great beauty i*' called one day upon a friend, bringing t- with her her 11-yearold daughter, who ^ gives promise of becoming as great a ^ beauty as her mother. It chanced that the callers were shown into a room where the friends been receiving a milliner, and there v.cro several beautiful hats ly- i li:S about. During the conversation • tho little girl aiiiused herself by examining the milliner's creations. Of iho number that she tried on she • eenied particularly pleased with a ' argo black affair which set oft her llKhi hair charmingly. Turning to her mother, the little girl said:. !ola Ice, CoM Storage and fuel Co. yi\\.\Y\ iMZZi.Ks not Tints. > (i|i>'M> Scli(imerii> III Uil.'i :i .*»frant:<' HiM-a ^e. '.;i::-;--le iv-'itiiii.-rii.-. dai'slili •• c: Vr. and .Mr.s. I). .SclnMiienis. i! .'<•,:;'! 1' : t .siri'i't. w '.o ha.s li". ii d ;i;'j;ir- o; .-^y 111 lor ioiae lliav, its ri -ou ::,'Ll •.I'v low toilay tiiid i.-; not •':, iicti'il n ..iirvive the niKht. Sclioiiierus became .-ii(ld<ncv 'I look just like you now, moth -'il' .-oiiie (HO week,-; ato and tince ha.'.J»«l* TOIt ' : 1 ! « I .. er, don't I?" Shi" cautioned the mother, with iplirted finger, "Dun't bo vain, dear." Lipplncotfs. Outlook fop Peace. "Scientists tell Us that the sea Is radually cutting the continents iway." That being the case, I suppose the inie will come when there won't be lay land left above the water." 'It would seem so." "Vcace may some day be estaa- . lied after all." ;i ::riin"d in a sort of coaiato-ie slit v-; .i -h pii;-/lcil I he lioi •oi-.s. Tho '.iL 'h (•: 'iv iio.s.-:!!)ii' care liaj; ln 'cti c.\''•- ci 1 (1 in iliai-'nusr.-- aad tn-at!:;"iil. (In ;;;ic:t doe- eot resii'mil ami ileaih , : ears iUi vitable. \\\ it'.'iii in Till' !:i'i',isler of la.-t iv.rhi !--late<i f.':at .'lajor .Schocnlinr: !••• I ^iire to X'^'wport. .'.'k.. to acce;)' a ii'i:'ition. as a window trlmiiter i" r tr- dry KO (<d.-? store. It should havr • ! 'n .stated that .\Ir. .Schoenbrun K''pf Xewjort to becon;? a salesman ir •: • :.'n':! clo'hinr; and fiirnishin!.' good;.ii'. o-vned by relative.-. , — r >ersons troubled with partial pa! .'.•::y.-:is are often very ma'ch benefited , ! y ma.'ii-aKinK the al/ected parts j t'.jro !.trlily when applying Charaber- I l.iin's IJnIment. This liniment also ' I' III ve.s rheuniat'c iialns. For sale by (!.;a!ers. .\fter liearluK the testimony In tho casi' of the fity v.-;. Ed McHugh yes- I'l 'fday afternoon. Judge U. B. li. Siiu'ltzer suspended judgment until a Liter dale and ordered the release of .\;i iliif.;li on his own recognizance. The evidence .showed that McHugh was not ui 'ting a.s a salesman but that he had procured liiinor.s for persons who had •i hipp'-d In." The defendant said he lid not know he was violating any law when he did this. Fo!e)'s Honey and Tar Compound. —is a reliable family medicine, riive it to your children, and take It voarself when you feel a cold coming in. It checks and cures coughs &nd -rolds and croup and prercnts bron- •liitis and pneumonia. J. D. Mundis Co. Breakfast is Always WITH Post Toasties IN THE HOUSE 1 Theso tt-nder bits of toasted cofii .'H'o .-t'l'ved flii'cct from the packa .ire vilh cream or hot milk, and ma!:- a deliiL ':iitfuI dish for any meai. P (>sl Toa '^ties are a ready-cooked food, used in thousands of homes becau.-'e they ai'c DELICIOUS! CONVENIENT! ECONOMICAL! The Memory Lingers Postum Cereal Company, Limited, Battle Creek, Mich. 9f

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