Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 16, 1976 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
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Friday, April 16, 1976
Page 10
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Published by the Students of Carroll High School Vol. 23 Carroll, Iowa, Daily Times Herald, April 16, 1976 No. 29 Model U.N. to UNI By Mike Peterson From April 8th to the 10th. 11 delegates and two faculty advisors from C.H.S. attended the 12th annual meeting of the Iowa High School Model United Nations, sponsored by the University of Northern Iowa. Those delegates representing Guyana were Jim Seidl, Tim Rhoades. Brenda Wuertz, Rich Riesberg and Mike Peterson — head delegate. Those representing the country of Cyprus were Roger Riesberg. Eric Niceswanger, Jeanne Hulsebus, Dave Sunderman — head delegate, Cliff Stroh, and John Erickson. The students left at approximately 1:00 p.m. and arrived about 4:00 p.m. After locating our rooms at Holiday Inn, we soon were off to eat. We left the Inn about 6:30 and arrived at the Men's Gymnasium at U.N.I, shortly after. While there, students attended the committee meetings that preceded and followed the General Assembly. Such issues that were discussed were. •'Women's Rights'". ''Multinational Corporations", and "Northern Ireland". After amending and voting on su'ch resolutions, they were sent to the General Assembly for the final vote, that is if they were passed in committee. At the G.A. the resolutions can be passed or failed, again. depending on the majority vote. Between sessions, many of the students went sightseeing around the campus. The U.N.I. Dome proved to be everything it was made up to be. On Friday, April 9. the students attending Model U.N. were entertained by the group TENNYSON, at a festival, again sponsored by the University of Iowa. The trip was thoroughly enjoyed by all. ABC's for Success Arrive a little early for every meeting or appointment. Be enthusiastic in everything you do. Complete every assigned task. Do a little bit more than is required. Express yourself after you know the facts. Feel comfortable in every SWING CHOIR I boys are hard at work preparing for the Swing Show to be held April 23 and 24. situation by acting yourself. Go all out to please your friends. Help your enemies. Identify yourself by deeds rather than words. Join in and help when you are needed. Keep your head, it may save your hide. Listen with your ears, not your mouth. Make do with what you, have. Never say never. Open your heart to those less fortunate than you. Please yourself by pleasing others. Quickly respond to an emergency. Remember the spirit of Christmas — especially in April. Study, study, study to excel. Take advantage of opportunity. Use spare time intelligently. Value your health. Work at your work. X-out any qualities that could lead to failure. You are your most important asset. Treat it well physically and emotionally. Zestfully meet any challenge. Letter to the Editor We, some female students of Carroll High School, would like to make people aware of the unfair practices in our school lunch program. We have found that in proportion the boys are given much more food than girls. For example, if we are served a casserole of some sort, the boys are given a bigger helping. In order to get two sandwiches, we must ask for it whereas the boys are automatically given two. When coney dogs are served the boys are given two hotdogs on two buns, the girls are given two hotdogs on one bun but only if they ask for it. We feel this is unfair treatment. Everyone pays the same price for the lunches and we feel this entitles us to the same amount of food. We have no complaints about the food itself except that we don't get enough. The general idea is that boys eat more than girls but this is not necessarily true. We are growing teenagers and use up a lot of energy during the school day. Very seldom do we receive enough food to be full after a school lunch. We are not trying to say that we are starving, we simply feel that we should receive more food. We realize there is a candy machine for our use but this does not take the place of nutritious food. We are not trying to place the blame on the cooks or anyone else. We realize that this situation has probably existed for years. We are only trying to make the point that times are changing and we would like to see the lunch program of our school change with them. — Cindy Franz. Diane Rother. Janel Sporleder, Valerie Johnson, Pat Petersen, Lisa Petersen, Jeanne Hulsebus, Beth Petersen, Deb Christiansen. Karen Peters, Brenda Huebner and Jeri Beidler Golf Schedules Carroll High Girl's Golf Schedule 1976 April May June 26 27 30 . 3 10 11 13 14 17 21-22 28-29 7-8 Sat. April 17 Sat. April 24 Mon. April, 26 Tues. April 27 Thur. April 29 Fri. April 30 Mon. May 3 Tues. May 4 Mon. May 10 Tues. May 11 Thur. May 13 Sat. May 15 Sat. May 22 Fri. May 28 Sat. May 29 Kuemper Conference Glidden Denison Jefferson Audubon Denison Sac City Coon Rapids Sectional District State Carroll High Boys Golf 1976 C.-K. Invit. Wheeler Invit. Kuemper Sac City Jefferson Glidden Denison Conference Sac City Audubon Denison Sectional District State 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 There (CC) Denison Here There There Here Here Here Here Schedule Here (Country Club) Audubon Here (Municipal) There Here There (Coon Rapids) Here Audubon Here There There Here (Municipal) Corning Awards Won at Workshop Five students from CHS participated in a Business Career Workshop, last Friday. Miss Young accompanied them on their trip to the Boone campus of DMACC. Bev Nappe, Linda Axtell, Brenda Ludwig, Vicki Haberl, and Joyce Onken competed in one of the five areas. They chose either advanced shorthand or accounting. Bev Nappe received a first place plaque in shorthand and recognition for her 97 per cent accuracy. A fourth place certificate was awarded to Linda Axtell for her shorthand accomplishments. In overall points, the "five" rated fourth out of 17 schools. In the morning, they found time to tour the campus, and at 1:00 p.m. awards were handed out. Swing Show Nears The auditorium of Carroll High is full of activity these nights in preparation for the Swing Show to be held on April 23rd and 24th. Those music groups involved include Mixed Chorus'. Tomorrow Singers (Girls Chorus). Boys Chorus. Swing Choir 1. Swing Choir 2, and Pit Band. The Art and Home Economics departments are also getting into the act as they are helping with props and costumes. Others involved include lighting crews, sound crews, and stagehands. The Swing Show itself will consist of a variety of music including contemporary, patriotic, and a number of show tunes. There will also be specialty numbers such as dances, a duet, and numbers which will use blacklight. Tickets are being sold by those students involved in the show. The cost of these tickets is two dollars for adults and one dollar for students. A lot of hard work is being put into the Swing Show and it should be worthwhile to see. Thoughts For the Week If you would be an expert at some skill, teach it to another. Busy people have a strong will; lazy people, a strong won't. Most of the worrying we do about troubles bound to happen . . . never happen. Average remains average. To be better than most, increase your average. Criticism from the wise is far better than praise from the foolish. Greetings Kim & Colleen Two new faces have been seen roaming around the halls of Carrol] High lately. Kim Eich, a freshman, and Colleen Berner, a sophomore, are both new students at CHS. Colleen Berner, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Berner, formerly of Fairmont, Minnesota, enjoys playing tennis and swimming. Even though Colleen is not involved in any extra-curricular activities right now, she says she might go out for track next year. When asked about her plans for this summer, she said, "I might get a job or just loaf all summer." She commented that she likes Carroll High a lot. Kim Eich, formerly of Clinton, Illinois, says that CHS is about the same as her old school, only quieter. Her hobbies include basketball and swimming. Kim's plans for the summer include two opposites, working hard and bumming around. (°nio Track Quten- ncw Crisis Unit Helpful to Families ATLANTA (AP) — When police in Erie. Pa., first teamed with mental health workers in a 24-hour "crisis unit," it wasn't exactly a match made in heaven. "The social service people thought the police were dumb cops with a hit-em-over-the head attitude, and the police thought the psychiatrists were bleeding heart do-gooders." Police Chief Sam Gemelli told a meeting of the American Orthopsychiatric Association here. "Now the shrinks are like part of the department; we're like one big happy family," he said. "We've demystified the closed police and mental health systems." The director of the Erie County Mental Health-Mental Retardation Program, Dan Hatton, said Erie's Family Intervention Crisis Unit was begun in 1972 "because the police were making no dent in crime and we were making no dent in mental health care." In 1974 more than 5.500 persons contacted police with a list of family disputes ranging from drinking money to infidelity, Gemelli said. "During my 26 years as a policeman, I couldn't find anybody to help these people between 5 p.m. and 9 a.m.," he said. "Now anybody can get help anytime, from the poor Time* Herald, Carroll, la. Friday, April 16, 1976 family who's fighting over booze to the influential family who doesn't want anybody to report that the wife is crazy." Gemelli said most cities could effectively use Erie's program of combining policemen and social workers in units to provide on-the-spot counseling for troubled families. "I think our program shows . that doctors and lawyers aren't the only ones who have ethics," Gemelli said. "We may not bat 1.000 all the time, but police do treat people with respect." Bowling PINSPLITTER LEAGUE Team Standings Points Breda OH Co : 91 Brend's Standard 89 Carroll Bowl 85 Roselle Trio Tavern 76 Flower Loft 75 Breda Fertilizer 70 Pepsi Cola 67'/2 Reuter Inc 67'/j Zeke's Place 62 Center Pha rmacy 62 Boeckman's Feed 45 Pabst Blue Ribbon 18 Tlefenthaler Repair 17 Wittry Tavern 15 High Ind. Single Game— Randy Cattermole 219 L. Timmerman > 207 P. Bernholtz 207 Paul Schulte 201 High Ind. Three Games- Dean Ertz 570 Ted Starman 560 Randy Cattermole 536 High Team Single Game- Carroll Bowl 986 Boeckman's Feed 980 Brend's Standard 944 High Team Three Games— Roselle Trio Tavern 2740 Carroll Bowl 2683 Breda Oil Co 2646 io Nutrition is a Wise Health Investment By Gaynor Maddox (NBA Writer) "Nutrition," says Jean Mayer, Ph.D. and noted nutrition scientist at Harvard, "is everybody's cup of tea." But,What are nutrients? According to Dr. Mayer, "Nutrient is just a short, handy word to describe all the absorbable components of food — carbohydrates, proteins, fats (particularly polyunsaturated fats), vitamins, and minerals —that the body needs in order to fulfill the three main nutritional requirements of good health. "Those are: the energy we need to keep warm and to help our organs function, as well as fuel for moving and working; specific nutrients that are needed to utilize 1 foods; and finally,'the nutrients that are required for the growth of cells and replacements of used up cells. Besides the carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that should be included, there is one other so essential it is often forgotten — water." I n a well-written, authoritative book "A Diet for Living," (McKay, $8.95), Dr. Mayer explains that nutrition "is the science that deals with the effects of food on the body. Its roots are not in whim, guesswork or superstition, or in the personal preferences and private interests of the men and women who practice it. It provides you valuable information on what you can pr should eat, how much you should eat and under what circumstances. And, equally important, what you shouldn't eat, and why. "For instance, a lack of vitamin D causes rickets in children, and an excess of the same vitamin acts as a poison. Omit calcium from your diet and your bones and teeth suffer. Overeat most animal fats and your blood cholesterol • will probably go up. "The guidance presented to you by nutritionists has been gathered, bit by important bit, by trained investigators. Their findings have been checked and confirmed by others equally responsible and — to the advantage of you and your family — professionally challenged by each other. "All of us need to become , more aware about nutrition.' We should ask questions of nutritionists and listen to their answers. When the answers are complicated, confusing or unconvincing, we should ask more questions," Dr. Mayer observes in his "Diet for Living." the good neighbor. The American Red Cross •dv*ni»>ng tonuibutwl tot th* public good KSffi YOUR CHECKERBOARD CORNER wrwr. sou»- ia Octane. 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