Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 12, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 12, 1912
Page 2
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.IHE JOhA DAILY REGISIEB, FljIDA3 :V gVENim ^JARlgl |2^,^ -iflMp Mj breams Come True, 1 Vhqtiuy dreams coino tiiie, when my . J4ream8 come true. i Shill -J lean out from my cnsemenl , • *ito -'U»r BttrtJght and the dew. To lltt^it^smlle and listen to tbe tink . y \9 Of the Btriogs Ot/the iweet guitar ray lover's fing- '".•Cfa fondle as she sin^i? , And'^aathe nude moon siowly, slowly •^•IradlffirB Into view;' ShiOl 1 vanish from his vision—when to; dreams come true. Whfn,fliy dreams come true shall the -•'•^•lljiBlegown I wear. Be -3iiC |i|M' to ^ softest, sagSk' t^no ">y > •''TlWdbl'^rBlded hair B« fttHM'^npi flossy mists of rarest, -> ilUreat* gold. To w'ttlnted into kisses, more than any.lwan can hold? Or ^ff'anmmer of my tresses" shall • • ' aiy lover lllcen to tervor of his paE^Ion"—when :- •• ifty dreams come, true? .• • —James Whllobtth - Rllcy. USE. Daggett & Ramsdell's PERFECT COLD CREAM The kind you see adver- -1^ theory of ibe practical hous'v "•jithat it is economy to can vcge- • ""ind fruits during the summer tastead of dctoeadlilK upon irer's pro4ue^,>. tn^s been by a Chicago Ijsoil expert. I that unless a vroictafi has her Asa and has worked out formu aaTeral season 's work, it is . fbr tbe family to use factory iFsd fralu and VPRc ^bles. Tlii< Dt vaa included in 'an addretin , lillsBouri packers' coiivendoii ^iB Kansas City rr>t:i-ntl.v an , have been made to boost tra<!< *triU give the nvcragi- cook l^glj ^tng to think abuut just tlv >4VK Wirt, Osteopath, Tcl 4S7, S8> Sbi^.Ony Garlock entertained hn tUnilile elub yesterday afipmoon. whli^ has been piveo \hc name c' 9Vy%d^y Kensington club. The men.- herii'%lU be Mrs. F. H..Finnel1. Mrs. SlferiV Mrs. Tlra Canatscy, Mrs. O-.-- Vitf<>'=Uarsh Mrs. Ward Johnson, Mrs. Smia',: ^otiiiBon, Mrs. AV. E. Kcdfi'an: UA Jliri "Earl Weekly. • ' +•»•%• fii -9te4 BowdleB, Period Decorator. Z.^-}-^^ * •> '•Tlia"Baptist Aid society had a sew lag ^$artr yesterday afternoon at tb ^^-^•^ Reverend and Mrs. G. V tised. Buy it at BURREirS » ' The BexoII Store West Side of the Square iTtos SPliursday afternoon Wliist bi<i!i9d''ihe storm yesterday an<?riiac to the home of Mrs. .1. . In Whe^'ler Heishts. wii-i ere happily entorfaincd. Fiv 1 played the «lub and v.vr I %lth a delicious supper. 'I'l; f -ircre Mrs. E. D. Shields, Misf WUiabetb Apt and Miss H'-lf-n^ Poi Car." -^e priies were won bv Mrs. F J.-lferton and Mrs. C. H. Shields. Mis W)ie«Ier. Miss Potter and Sfiss Art • * —llB. a I* rox. «»-nJM. 1 4* 4- 4> y. W. C. A. jms'Iors -will have a mi^tag tomorrow afternoon nt th iiln^'naie' for their gymnasium v.orl -.' • •> •> * The. tostailatlon nf offleert of th Trfipe Tfe lodge, which was tn hav< oieAttrefl last night, was postponed un til'i^'ptt vreek. A banquet Avill be a ttft^ike of Ibe evening whm the- in- ataUiittan occurs. ' -V--' •. • * -•• * TK^N. T. T. club's party which was to wra Iwan held at the hom<> of Mrs A. If. Heeox yesterday jifternoon waa;iioatpon(>d untiP nett ^wssk bi cauaa; of the storm. - /: +.+ * -Br. VcXnirn. Vhones IS and 8K * • * Sofosls was to have met yesti-rdii.v afternoon and elertiMl D AI CITK but | IOKI pohefl their mecilnc until m-xt week The 'tlub will meet Wednesday afternoon January sHventet -ntli, ai tli basie of Mrs. S. £J Hilscher. Mr. O. W. Onten wlin >!•.« '"•-i r a buaineas; visit to Vera Cruz, Mexico, anlflH)' home today. iteL J. H. Shepard and daughter. Berilieei'of AbiUue. nn> visitinR Itev- erendrand Mrs. G. W. siiepard. at the Bsi>l&l -iMrsonage. Hrvrrpnd Rjiffrr- ty, JCansas City, who is attendinc mM&gi at ihc I'niion Brethren cbttKh Is also their gutst. + • •> r -A>ecia] Sale Saturday only on .Viii, But»rcups. Regvlar 4<r pound at lOc perponad, only. Palace of Sweets. - <• * ' T1& Fraternal Mystic Circle held theli rqcular meeting on Wedn«sday etenl&K And- installed officer!; as MV. R. John H. U'alters: ;lfL, "J<jhn Evans; Treasurer, Re- rjjRADUATE OPTICUN! glaases fitted as cordiT and Collector, Madge E. Pancoast: W. \V. Curl Read; W. M. FranI: Pipar: W. Chap. Susie Pike; W. G. .Tohn Burns: Musician, May Evans: \V. M. B., Dr. W. H. JlcDowell. After tho installation a social hour was spent with supper and talks for the good of the order. , + •> * .''^ The president, Mrs. Caro G. Lewis, of Kinslay, of the Kansas Womhn'F Day rluh liaH announced the prot'r."" for the annual ijieeflng nt Topeka oi T:)nii:iry L'!(th. This dub I H organla?' 'o ronimcmorate the hlsiorlrnl spot* 'n Kantias and they have iilaml : vrry liundBonu- monunuui ai I'awnc 'tnek In Il/irton county conimi'morat- 'ng the battle fought there between he United States troops and the In- lians. This monument is to be un- .illed some time this summer and litle is still due on the last payments It is hopf^d that every patriotic Kati!as woman will send to the treasurer •wt^nty-five cuts the yearly dues help In this cnn>] work. Theri» ari' :i' .•Tcsenl 1,100 namrs on the club ro."; 'er. 4> .;. .;• The Wfimrn of T..CS Angeles are plar line to give the politit-ians an e.xi-it 'ng year. Before the ne.\t election, i s il .-'cli'rod there will b" a woninn'- oJitical club in every one of the 31' irecinets. Xor will any pledges b' i :!ven In advance. The candidates- ••jll be s ?lprtPd nt privaf? sDtinss f he cliihs. .Ml of which is calcula:e:l n l ;.-cp politiral manacrs on th- nxious seat. Thoy wi 'l realize befon- he y.'.-ir is over that women have •ore spare tini-' for politics thai: •en and can mass ilieir votes forn:!- .ib'r.—IIi:icliinso:i Grzeite. •'• v Mv> .Tames Stewr.ri of .Mcon':' 'ov.n )!•-) has bfrn vi.=iffin»; her bro'I' •r. W. \V. .Tones nnd Mr. and Mrs. V." sharks. !i ft yc-stcnlay fcr lier iiomi •r. •'- -> Reverrnd K. W. STienrer, repr''s''n' Tig Baker I'nivprsiiy, is a guesi r' "Jeverend and Mr."!. .T. H. Price today •teverend Spenr-r will go from hcrr o Parsons to conduct a meeting OP >undBy. Scarcity of Willow Wood Haa 8tead> led Market, Which Waa Unaettled by Overproduction. ~ Laat year was unfavorable to th« ivobfles ahoe manufacturera in Hol>', land owing to the keen competition' of the Belgians and a decided over-! production here. This year's pros-' pects are aomcwhat brighter. | .The scarcity of willow wood, from- which those shoes wore formerly | made, has caused the market to steady up a little. Poplar and some nusainn woods are also being used more extensively than heretofore. The coat of the wod from which tbe shoes are mada Is. about $6 per cubic meter, out of "which 100 pairs of ordinary size can be made. Tbe wholesale price of these shoes Is 12 cents. One workman is nblc to make 12 to 15 pairs hi a da3', from which It can be Inferred how narrow is tbe margin of profit In the industry. Relatively few wooden shoes are produced by machinery for' export, but with this exception all the wooden shoes are made by hand in Holland. About twenty different tool.s are required in tbe operation. A year or so ago several oerman capitalists started factories In this country to make wooden shoes by macbiner}-, but failed. Machine-made shoes, it is said, are not well flnlsbed, and soma handwork is always necessary to make them satisfactory. 1 iiit and Overcoat Sale Is on in Full Blast.. Cver?^ Overcoat and 9uit in the House at COST! BARCLAY—iSHIflLDS CLOTHING CO. "The House of Quality" Wanted by McQraw. Stone throwing by children is not na common now as when tbe automobile was a novelty, but it still exists. A big limousine, occupied by a well known theatrical man and bis wife, was running slowly down Riversido Drive, New York, a few days age when a good sized rock, thrown by s boy not more than three years old, crashed through one of the windows. The chsutCeur stopped the car hnd caught the youngster, who made no attempt to escape. The matter was referred to a policeman by the irato owner. "Whot do yez want me to do?" as':;- od the representative of law and order. "Arrest this Uttlo lad?" "Something ought to bapi>en him," protested Iho owner. "Aw, well, he's only a kid. Yo can do much," counselled the pollceniau Suppose, now, ye take him and turn him over to JlcGrnw. He's looklns for this kind of talent." latest Fashion Models Direcf from Across the Water First Display and Sale of .Irish For Dresses, Waists and Frocks In order ip introduce these high grade embroideries we shall place them on sale for ONE da^ dj| ! only, SATURDAY, at .. . . SEE SfORTH WINDOW ( am BEDWELLBilCKffllOU to The W. C. T. r. meerini; which wr • 0 have been held this afternoon hav •>epn Doslponrd until tlie .'ipproarhi .T-' Hond.iv pfternoon wh "n th-' proan; • •fl published in Thursday's R CR I S I'r vill b'- rendered. -> .J. The Presbyterian clioir will Ii!iv< 1 p-hearsal tonlqlit at sevtn o'clo'-:! It thf.' home of I>r. and -Mra. Hllschfr —firerlnl sale Patniday only on .Vm '5lltl (>rI•lll)^. lU'Bular 4f)f jwund at H • 't ;r piiund. only. Palsre of Sv.ects. • •:• Till' V. W. f. A. hoard mi'eilii« w;i.s ".()' held yesterday lift "riioon but vlil •le au ivent of <h'- neiir future. + • • <"ti((:;iao. .I JIII, ll .-Thlv l.s what \ii)eri«fiii woni< II v.lll wear tin- coir.- iuj; year, ns dlaclosed today by th'.' ••tyk' congress held here by the Iji- dies" Tailoring; and Unsa .Making A" .six'Iuilda of Amerlea: -No hobbli- skirl. Dresses two and jiK-lialf yards wid", threi-rourtiis of i yard v.idtr than tin; hot )ble. i'l '.i'y must bu short—threi; Inirhi'^ ro!" till- ground. Ml;:*- and whi -e are the colors and tlx- maierials wliip- cords. .f.icfcf-ts are ;o Ji'' 2« or. 2.'* inches on-^ eloE:- fiiiiiig. Knipiro cffecia inuit be forROtten. If any waist line is affected it must be "at the waist ZT lower." R<'vers and sailor collars; will be laboaetl, but collars will b" iifferent eoloied than the coat. No .•i;;u;;;(':: "ar.- otTc red In plain tailored iown.-; Lr suils. 83 and 75 on a Lark. Mr. and Mrs. James Stead Clddoil came Into New York from their homo n Fassnlc, N. J., yesterday to celc brnte the fifty-fourth anniversary c their marriage. We always go for a lark on our wedding anniversary," laughed Mr. Bidden in their borne last night We've never missed It." Mrs. RIddell stood close to her bus band and it was plain they were stlli sweethearts. As he talked she too': bis band. "We've always been happy," he said. "Wc never bad a single quarrel." Then they laughed. 3Ir. Dlddellis eighty-three and his? wife seventy-live. They were married in Flusbiug, L. I., but moved to Passaic half a century ago, \yhen it wan small village. They look much younger than they are. He retired from business IC years aso.-=-New York Telegraph. Doctor Djfcnds Meat Eaters. In bis recently published work Dr. Robert Ilutchinvon observes that energy is not to be confused with muscular strength. A grass fed cart horsa is strong; a cqrn fed hunter is energetic. Energy is a property of tho nervous system; strength of tho muscles. Muscles give us the power to do work; the nervous system gives us the initintive to start It. Muscles do their work upon carbohydrates (starch foods), which are tbe characteristic nutrltivo constituents of vege- iablo foods; tho bruin appears to require nitrogen, which can only be attained in a ronrontrated form from auliiiai sources. If protcid food, therefore, be regarded as a nervous food, a diet rich in it will mako for intellectual capacity and bodily energy, and it la not without reason that tho more energetic Tj \ce8 of the world have been meat eaters. One From Papa. •Papa," asks the lltle boy, "why io they say a woman is 'setting bcr cap' for a man when sbc wants t.^ marry him?" "BecaQse. my acm." explains ;:.« father softly, "If she sets her I K>::: • for him she knows blamed wr:' price of it will scare bim to <|.^:.r*. Judge's Library. Sl'.Kl'.ni ro (OLLfJCT. Cl .SIMUKT.S ti:iJK \ KiLiuis }ir :.u>.\riih: WFl.L lv>(>W\ KK.VL KST.VIE DKAL KH oPi:\s .\.\ orvuK HKKK. ; (ientiv iMii Thnrnnuhly Clrunvi: Yniif M ir, .Sloiiiiirh :iud liuneiN and ^o.i Feel (Jreut by .Monilnir. .ilvia.ns I.IKed lulii and Piiuiid it (Vn- tnilly j.oniled am! Suited to Ills Wice llu'iursiy. Voi'rt? bili'ius you have n throli- blng se!i.>:atinn In ynur head, a lir.d taste In your iiuuitli ynisr oye« Ijiir'i, \ rXMOVS PLAY TOMOIIT. •Till- Sfr»(in> In llie lloujie" the OfiVr- inK 111 the (inmd. Tlie fainnuR proMem iday, "The S(.'r\ar' in the lion.-c" will he [ire- fenti'd at t):v (:i;ir;(l titeater toaii;lit l >y !i very i -apubi" cdiiipany. Tlie fiiealer v.ill be warm ami conifortahle tl eme FkillfuIIy weeds out the wicked iMipli of Koml over evil a triumph c Ki oil ixani))'!' and consistency over l.:iil iMiaiple anil Ineon-xlstcncy. It si '.ciwcri lu-aiiy how In- fiiu'iue can be e.\crted by a good ii:an. It tnuKht lirotherly love as It .-.'•oiild he practlecd to Ita highest type. I L in a play that reveals the Soul' of ii:;in in ri:*. various pluys and the joiir skin Is yellow, with diirk rinj;;' I-^^'^'n I NIV I IIK liail a man n-.-.s and worldllness leaving the no- iiiider your eves; your lips are'''rlnff tlv fiiruaee in the hrn\se siiit-n b'.e and hishest feelings. parche.I. .\o "wonder you feel ugi;,, i-'•''-'^"'"I 'V morning. .\ni! The play was given in Independence \ rit-'!': :o very appreelative aii- j iiu-nn and 1)1 tempered. Your .-y.ste :i ^. , , i is full (if bile not properlv pa «Pt 'd orT ! '^"'^ ::we aUo. .\ : ..j.,, ^^..^.^^ ^.^^ ^^^^ j^, ^.i,,„,,,:n.^ ,,;,;d;enee. T . K? UIM-V Kep(.-r;er in ci m-Th n:!':or .o Kii- iftecf ar.^iclp^tud t!.e . inside. Don't continuc'belu-i :i hiluu-..^!''''-n''"^' "l-on tlie i erforniance say.-:: fret by .-J.oiii a wetk, but was K day | nuisanc-e to yourself and those wl c j '^"s a ^pieiK.'-il dram^tit- p.-r- ai:!hor::..;I !y .lrr:y himself wl.:) 1-i ; kn-y vo>i and dont re-sort IJ:R(;LAI:S AT U.VIKJLEY'S. Feed Slurp ^.Knlcred by Thlevea Last MijhL nn fipenirs hi.? feed store on West ..... to har.^;.i t'-"t "The Servant ia the .j^^n ^^^.p^ue this morning. Azberry lure ;:!•;;::;•< I is- his office In tho Iowa j „!,vsicK that irritate and i.ijure. i. -ll'^use eomiiany save at the Ueldorf j^m^j .^^i room had K^ore l-'.iilc! ri-,' and looking for a: r.:c!iiher that every disorder of tlie;'-^t "'K/i^ H w::s an unusual play^tr.n giie over bv thieves. Nothing place to live. - —" .Mr llrilwe!) i.-; one of the be.-:t knaivn real nre dealer.s in Kansas ar.'l diirii-g the uanicrnus years when he operated in lina he was cred'tfi witii haiin.n raised the valuation cf ".lion :i!"jTi y fu-'tii lan<; an averai;- of S2'> vn aeip l>v reason of the expensive ci.-Ivt^riis-ini; he did in other states i.^i.' li 'iasin.^ here of land buyers Ir in t :U' iiiuih and middle w St. He p;o.-pp:rd here and left beciuse l.c •iHil il figured out that othejr field.s orferiil ,:?roater Inducements. (For a time he was located at Olathe In .lohr Fon couniy but lands there were held io high that there was little activity and then he removed to Montgonury ^_ ec:inty. There he resumed his 1'art- j Yhe 1 n-r^hill wl;h Phil Ray and the iwo ^^jj. ^ ,j hcvc enjoyed a very satisfactory buil- fnfipy v.i'l t: lomnch. liver and can in-' unii-:uar.y well prc-;eatcd. , e.\ceiit a couple of sacka lui'jkiy cured by niornins with Kcr.-' " was a story taken from life. A p,. f,p„r^ n,, ^jf^j.. apparently, hav- t!e. thiivygh Cascarecs—rl:ry wotk j story nf the broti;orhood of man excm-j^^,. i,^^^ „,.,j,p ^^^^^ the money '.•hi!, yo.! sleep, A lOv.-rU hov fro-1 i P'lf'ed on the i-ta.^e. te .Yl inf: a lesr-cm ^j^^^^ rcbbery was reported •.oiT druggist will keep you and th-;miica neecied in tl'ss day of sordid police. iiirire fan-.ily feeling good monlhs. 1 thinsrs, and ct eon?ideration oi .^..^^ burslar effected entrance to the r'hi'.drcn love to take Casn-.rets. b-.- tne feeiinss and nir..:-= r.r.(\ J ^^»"ation ^^j. ,.^rpj,,„ ^p^^ fj.Q^^^^oor. . cause they taste gcod and never {Tij.-j I"' (tr sickcnl VftiT Deliuqiieut Pemenul Tuxpayi-rs In Alien Coanly. IJelinqutrnt personal taxpayers at the (rlo$p of tomorrow's buelnefs at tne ir.?asurer's office will have tbe-| sheriff to deal with. Monday the five per cent penalty will be on and the ta.xj.'ay><r will liavf the sheriff 's costs o settle in addliion. .4s a result of repeated warnings through the press there Is quite a ush for the trua&urer's office today, .lit Trt tourer Aueherman said tbis uf:ernoon that the Uai of names of de- iinquent personal taxpayers to be turned over to the sheriff would be Jost Received Big shipment of Men's. Ladies' and ChUdren's OVERSHOES— Plenty of Felt Boots. ,T;je decision to return to Ida war- reached via various routes of logU, acconlln:; to Mr. Bedwell. "There Js 3 general stagnation in the bus:nesi: w<irld ai iirrsent," he stated to a Hep- isier re))niler "which may not pai-a •antil after the pre.^.Identlal election this fall, and v.hi.-h is a» noticeable one phu-e as another. I have no faii!i ;•:» l!nd with our buHlne .»s at Ic- (ie)ipn<!ence, Jiir we have done very well there hut 1 believe I can live mure cheaply in lolu and my family have never eeafied to declare their preference for a homo there. Sentimental reoFons alone would not have pemuudi'd me, but there are , stronf; huvlnesA reasons nlsu urging the move Indopcmlenee Is at the south end of th" territory In wlil .-h I operate, while fnm iola I ean work In every direction, which is n decided advantoKe. 1 flKurc that I can work from here to be(i( r advaiiiage, make a living during the dull period which Is all I would hope for anywhere, live cheaper and have about me and my family the old friends." \nd Fo Mr. Uedwell decided to re- urn to lo!a and engase In the real p.siaip buFlnesK HKain.. His return will be we';-nnipd. liuth «in account of thr rli'iid.-hlp whi'.'h .Mien county folk hear to him and iilu family but be- ;-ause he may be relied upon to continue his old efforts to increase the nrmlif r nf farcier.- of means who have alieady nuule .so notable a showing In iniprovinK Allen county farms. Many of ihrtse w.-n have moved hero to e.-;- nvf th" I'Milonged cold of northern winters, And have sold their lands for from (100 to 5200 an acre buying quarter seitlons itere and having_ abundant ready money to Improve tbe I hou .=e», erect big barns stock the' plhce!< well and ojierate thsm alon .i;! modern linen. Kviy one of these well | t improved turins enhances the valUe of jthe l.-inds in the vicinity and affords an excellent examiile for others. If Mr. llrdweli t^e^s his way to add to tho progressive agricultural population of this couniy he will be cheered on by all the Inhabitants and will _ be forgiven, iinaskeil if he makes the | land worth 51,CCfi an acre. lie Is invited to come and do hi^ worst—or his best. THE MILDHED I.EDUER SOLO. l{. K. rolloy, of Tills rify. Takes Cliariic of Paper at Once. E. A. Mellen proprietor of the .Mildred Lej!«er, jvas. tn Iola today c.orii- pletini; the details of a lniii.~atil<;n Ledger becomes the i)rop Colley. of this city. .Mr. take charge of the. pnper coxt week. M-. Mi.M^n wll! proha'.'.iy iccii." in v.-?E r'T X^n-?.; !If i-.-i-- li^'jn :iiai::c.^ r .'^.r}y.:\-^ T!'c I: 'err Jii !-.-;y -.•np:^ T •(• r '• • •• • . ildy r T - :•: re'-*, s:3nio:,s i'ivo";<;f. No (•<;ll 't >f in !-"!! f:>::;- ;! l-- lU'T ili:)::':.}. .Mr.--. ;'' i^, v.-ij • ir.Tnred ;'. dIvor:-e iroM l ;i .>r : K. K. Slni- lii:i;! • !y .I O-- i;- .r . lU Ihe ilt>t;v ill leri.'.;.|! i' .; ni f'l- • irl M 1 > !-.•.' I'lle (V aiiii clilM. In ill r |.. i.l .ic elliili'v;! l.i: ! ti i.: cMiolly. It was a heart ir -.m-y irom The he- ginnin.!; to end, closing with the tri-"^h^tracL-^ —C. J. Peterson: Farm Loans,.In- !v V.-. •II. ;--Tl ;c . vonto.-t .-. wnrdr'd '• Minor . .1:1.1.0 Wash Baby's Qofhes with the Self Acting Oxygen Washing Compounol PERSIt Persil wU absolutely remove all stains. Persil cannot injure the delicate flannels, laccs and embroideries of the baby's '.vardrobe. Persil leaves all clothes a stainless white, sweet and hygienically clean. At Your Grocers 10 Cents -1 ..I >i • 1 ! il.'i'Di: • v.- i'l .\U\' . ; i .• • 1 y r.!.'-'' '. J .",1 .-. :H r!i;p : i '.r.w: .- Iiov. il i«ENT TO OUR PAzmm ANOTHER RECORD BREAKER ill.' (uial-. of tlie h:'sit;e.';s of r>n the result was e/en larjjer and better than we 1 showed a iragnilirent liifre;iM> over yi-.-ir aiif on th'- whole year the increase • ii. I;'' more than last year. Tl-i.s was only pade iioa .-iblo by the confidence of the ': •• t!i:i' we are jiroteetors of the public—s;;nidin^ ;u. ;i Imlwuvk lietween them and :•• Vr-ar we v.ill ende;ivor to merit mure lliati . .i-r tlie faith in us that our :i-.;! ve hope they will conrii-.m- 10 t^jand li-.- 11^ li ' :s,' '!;:• comins year. LOOK AT THKSK KHW I'lJit'K.S: —ronkey's Poultry Book means dol- iars to any one. Free If you bring this ad to Morris & Howard. I —Sealshlpt Oysters, best on the market. City Meat Market Phone 818. L:(.!ics' high top lU-butt.-in Hcots in tan, patents, gun metal, suede and velvet, vegulav $4 and $5 value ^iM Ijidies' Shoes in patents, gun metal and v:ci kid. button and lare regu- la; $a and ?3 .50 values «1J>.S Ladles' Shoes in patents, vici kid, button and luce. rag. $ .values_»31,.W Misses' high top Jockey Boots in patents, gun metal and vici kid, button and lace, regular |2, $2.50, $3 values sixes 1> to 2 *1J.S Sizes 8Vi to 114 $1.75 Sizes C to 8 *1.50 Mlsse.s' School Shoos in patents, gun u'.ctal and vici kid. button and lace, regular Vr>0 values Sl.J-* Mla.scs' Shoes in vici kid, button and Ipce, regular Jl.'iO values ,9Sc Cl .ii.i.: suoK. button or lace, regu- • I: 1- .-! valTies SOfi Mei IS .shoe's in patents and gun m^l. hiiti .a and lace, reg. S4 valuea-t&48. .Nif -n s Shoes in tan calf, gun m«al. / Lull snd lace, reg. $ii values $3 .98 Mens Shoes in gun metal and box calf, reK' :ar $3 values Mun « :Hed. weight Shoss. regular 83.^1> valv:s , 91.50 Mens solid work Shoes, tan and bliick reg. $3 and $3.50 values ..91.96 Eoy.s' Shoes in patent's, gun me^aU butim and lace. reg. |3 values 91^ Boys' Shoos in gun metal, vici kid ahfl' box i :air, reg. $2.50 values—__9I^ Little Oents' Shoes, good solid wear,' si ;:is up to 2. reg. $1.5() values--9^ . #1 We Pay Car Pare Sample G. W. Reeves, f/i^l

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