Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 9, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1943
Page 2
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Hope Star S*lr of.Hoiw, IW9; , Con»lktat»d January H,'t929. Stor Publishing Wj Inc. (C £. Potmer and Alex. H. Woshbum) th» Star buMdfno. Z\ 2-2»4 South Wotmrt street, Hop* Ark. j,. C. t PALMIR, PrMl»«nt $ Altt. «. V/ASHBURN, tdttdf and SSP Entered at second clow motter at the ST 1 *Postoffice of Hopa, Arkansas, undef th« i?«Act of MQfth 3, 1897. (Ap)—Means Associated Press 'v(NEA)—Means Newspaper Enterprise Ass n • SubKriptlon Ro»« (Always Payable In A * "Advance) By city carr.«. p«r w«* IScj . Hemosteod. Nevada, Howard, Millar and ^'tafayetS countus. J3 5U per year; slse- tthere $6 50 M«mber ol Th« Aneclalxl Pn**i The ^' Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the u«e for repubhcotlon of all news dispatches cred!ted to ft or not otherwise 5 erediteJ in this paper and also the local ! published herein. . Notional Adv«rtlil«fl R«pr«J««toMv«— Arkansas Doliisl, Jne.: Memphis, Term., Stenck Building; Chicago, 400 North M cti- Hjon Avenue New York City 292 Modiion Ave - Detroit, Mich., 2842 NV. Grand Blvd.; Oklo'hon-a City, 414 Terminal IBdg.: New Orleans. 722 Union St.. . Charges on Tributes, Et«.: Charges will be . made for all tributes, cards of thanks, reso- V luttans. or memorials, concerning the de& Sorted Commercial newspapers hold to this r Co"c7m the news columns to Protect their S ' Teaders from a deluge of space-takmg me» rnonols The Star disclaims responsibility f_fo> the safe-keeping or leturn of any "unsolicited manscripts. Classified Ads must be in office day before publication. All Want Ads cosh, in advance. Not taken over 'the Phone. One time—2e word, minimum 30c Six times—Sc word, minimum 75e Three times-^3V'jc word, minimunr5pc One month—18c word, (ninmium 52.7O Rates are for continuous insertions only "THE MORE YOU TELL THE .QUICKER YOU SELL." For Sale Washington By JACK STINNETT 'Washington — There's so much u'talk ol post-war planning these days, its hard to see the war through the clouds over the future. But don't get me wrong. The lack of post-war planning has been the prelude to more wars and more economic disasters than all factors combined. The trouble is that msot outlines for peace are nebulous ideologies which are not backed up by hard - headed, two- fisted, practical blue-prints. Wilsai's 14 Points, President Roosevelt's Four Freedoms the Atlantic Charter — with its Pacific extensions and the 'Good Neighbor Policy — are wonderful moons to shoot at, if somebody back home is building the rocket ships that will get us there. That's why I want to tell you about a little movement starting here in Washington today. At the moment, it doesn't amount lo much. I n the schem of things to come foi- a U.S.A. at peace, it may amount to a whole lot. The movement is simply one to save our present federal-aid highway system and to blueprint a network of shuttle roads between traffic centers that will take care of every center of traffic congestion from Fo-ir Corners on market clay to New York on Sunday night. Just getting establisned in Wash ington now is the Automobile Safety Foundation, headed by Fyke Johnson. Surrounding it are the federal road agencies, certain sympathetic highway leaders in Congress, the American Association of State Highway Officials, the American Automoble Association and several other road groups. On Johnson's staff is S. Donald Kennedy,.... former .. m, Michigany commissioner, who will devote his full time to the future modernzia- tion of the nation's highways and ic elimination of traffic snarls. MOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXES lor the children, delivered complete -with clean washed sand. Hempstead County Lbr. Co.. Phone 89. 3tf RED CHOW AND CO C K E R Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded by day, week or month. Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmpd ONE 6%-FT. GENERAL ELEC trie refrigerator in A-l condition One 1934 V-8 Coach, motor, body and tires OK. Phone 568-J. 8-3tpd FORD 'BICK-TJP, 1937 MODEL, A-l tires. $375. See Mr. Wilsor Victory Pool Room. 9-6tpd 40 ENGLISH WHITE LEGHQR pullets, 3% months old. Fed greed-blood tested; 75c each. Se S M. Pankey, 'Emmetl, Ark. 9-3tp MAN'S BICYCLE. PRACTICALLY new. Electric horn and lights. DeLuxe model. Call 768. 9-3tpd, Today in Congress By The Associated Press Senate •May take up Farm Security Administration appropriations. Military Affairs .committee hears Col. .Lewis Sanders on Ausin-Wadsworth National Service bill. Senate and House conferees seek agreement on anti - strike bill. House Considers treasury — postoffice appropriation bill. Naval committee studies college training program. Deaths Last Night By the Associated Press Clark 'NeUleton Seattle, June 9 — W — Clark .Nettleton, 74, former publisher of ,the -Seattle 'Post - Intelligencer, died last night. '1935 CHEVROLET. FOUR GOOD tires Cheap. See Monroe Smith, Washington, Route 1, -one .mile 'north of Columbus on Guernsey- Washington road. 9-6tpd. CJIEAM SEPARATOR. DeLAVAL make. Self oiled. See Owen -M. ,Clmgan, 801 South .Main. For Rent Dr. Albert Gilmore Boston, June • 9 — (XP) — Dr. Albert Field Gilmore, 'C. B. S., a trustee of the Christian Science Publishing Society, a former member -of the editorial board of the Christian Science Monitor, and one time president of the mother church, the First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston, died last night. .Rev. John McNulty London, .June 9 — tfP) — The Rt. Rev. John Francis McNulty, 63, Roman Catholic bishop of Nottingham, died last night. MODERN FRONT BEDROOM with private bath and entrance. One block from town. Telephone 553-W. 8 - 3tcn FOUR ROOMS, $3 PER WEEK. Cool and shady place. Separate place. Just off old Fulton Highway, Mrs. W. A. Price. 8-3tp. Wanted to Rent THREE OR FOUR ROOM UN- furnished apartment. Conveniently located. Duplex preferred. Phone 768 before 1 p. rn. Saturday. 12-3tdh Help Wanted SETTLED WHITE WOMAN TO help with house work and cave for aged person in home of three adults Good home and wages Write P. O. Box 405, Hope, Ark 8-3tch "Bear a hand" is a term used in the U. S. Navy meaning 'hurry up." Hold Everything Token Up BAY HORSE; ABOUT 850 LBS Owner may call at Police Sta tion. "He's going to have to think up another answer the next time I asH him for money for a new hat!" ByJ, R. Williams WELL, THE V FOR YEARS PEOPLE HAVE V HE.V EVER D\5- \ HEM COMES \ BEEM MAKIMG LIGHT OF N OVERED WHICH] FIRST WITH \THAT PROBLEM-NOW IT HAS CAME FIRST V ME'/I'LL TAKE } BECOME SERIOUS/WITH THE HEN OR ff A CHICKEN I THE MEAT SHORTAGE AMD THE EGO 7 J I C/IMMER AMY < THE DEMAMD FOR CHICKEMS, I'M WOMDERlKjfS HOW THE EGG IS GOIMG TO LAST IF IT DIDM'T COME TIME OVER A FRIED EGG/ THEAGE-OLP Wednesday, Jane 9, 1943 ARKANSAS By Roy Crone The Million Begins Walh Tubbi ByGalbralth SIDE GLANCES y<3U KMOW WHOM YOU A»E T<? ME&T, AtOO HOW TO FIND HlfA. WE'VE DI5CUSSED 50M6 PARACWUTE TROOP5 MEETIN6 SITUATIONS THAT MAV DEVELOP, IT'S UP TO YOU WOW, CAPTAIN! LUCK! WlORWAy BOUND, WTO SOLVE THE MY6TERV OF A TRUNKFUL OF U'S.CURRENCV CAREFULV.V 6UARDED BV Thimble Theater "Answer to a Maiden's Prayer" WELL, BLOUJ ME U. CLOSE MM EWE'S WEN ARE SCARCE AMD JUUE UUON'T LAS , DOlitM— HOLD COME HER IN TOUOSi 7 AMD OPEM THEM UJHBM I HEAR FOOT- •QREVl-R-I'LL. MARRW THE M£l(T I UJAMTCHA TO DO I MA*E UP MW MIND NOTHIM61 CAW EA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF By Walt Disney "You mean il' I divorce my husband I can't continue lo use his ration book?" Getting Down to Earth! Donald Duck VSG&TABUES.YNO, -THANKS! LADV fflSHT/V. WE LIKE FUNNY BUSINESS By Chic Young Four Rain-Checks, Please! \ \ \ I £ WHERE'S /COOKIES PINE- SHE'S COOKIE ) RI6HT TMERE.CUTTIWG OEAt? 7 A-, OUT LJTTL.E PAPER POLLS I WOMPER MOW ) ALON6.WMILE WE WERE OUT RATION BOARD There seems to be some question as to who wus here first I" THIS CURIOUS WORLD fyWIIIiom Feigmon By Edgar Martin Where Have You Been? Boots and Her Buddies SIMON CAKE, AN SOLD GERMANY ON THE VALUE OF THE ,5*XS p /H.4/C/A/i£ - ...TEN VEARS BEFORE THE FIRST WORLD WAR/ THE GERMANS WERE SO IMPRES$EP AND GRATEFUL THAT THEV STOLE HIS PATENTS AND SQUEEZED HIM OUT. LATEE, HE RETURNED TO AMERICA AND .BEGAN BUILDING SUBMARINES FOR. THE U S. NAVY. By Fred Harmon All Is Confusion ! HEM> HUR.1S- CAN'T S1RWGHT' ON1LY REMEMBER Tri GL\NT OF RIFLE OH, W HEMV' DID 1 DRE*rA IT, OR THROW WSEL V THERE IS A PIJTSBUReH eASEBALL. BATTERV COMPOSED OF By V. T. Hamlin IN ORDER TO GET A6HAVE, YOU MUST GET A HAIRCUT/'Si^f HENRV WOLFF, More Than He Expected ALL RIGHT, LEGIONNAIRES... GIVE THIS CART A GOING-OVER I USUAL MANNJER.' COPR. 1943 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U. S. PAT. OFF. pearinp from the man in Hie moon. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Ho IOO IM OePOR.TMEWT, < GET MORE SHOOKSOU OUT Of- WE \MlMOOSM TUB CRUMBS, BEEM & )2,COMIN& . IF MOD TWO CP»<4 PRODUCE: &RPKD6 CfsM SET SOU OM .V4\TVA HERNS^N S HIGH SCHOOL- By Merrill Blosser Clever Clew Collapses Freckles and His Friends YOU MEAN ITS THAT SHOULDN'T BE TOO DIFFICULT. THIS BOARD CAME FROM THE BUILDING ON WILLOW RCAD WHERE THAT MAN WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN MURDERED.' ANALYZE IT ANP SEE IF THIS DARK; PATCH IS A BLOOD STAIN ' IF THIS IS BLOOP.CAPTAIN COOK,THE MAM IT CAME FROM COULD GIVE A TRANSFUSION TO A , HOUSE/

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