The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on June 2, 1998 · Page 18
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 18

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 2, 1998
Page 18
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B8 TUESDAY, JUNE 2, 1998 Fun THE SALINA JOURNAL Gilbert Jumble Crossword I'VE BEEN HAVING SEVERE SHYNESS ATTACKS AT I'LL SEND NUDE PHOTOS OF "YOU TO EVERYONE ON THE INTERNET. WILL ALL OF fAY THAT PREVIOUS WORK? CLIENTS ARE DATING "MOTLEY CRUE'' BAND BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARGIRION Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. HABET [; f "\ ^ / 01991 Trthn M«tt Servtat, IK. Al R0« Ramvt. Peanuts YOU KNOW WHAT I AM, CHARLES? I'M A "REMINDER" WE HAVE A BOOK REPORT PUE TOMORROW.. KNOW! I N KNOW! STOP BU66IN6M6! NOBOPY LIKES A "REMINDER" iff i WHAT THE WEREWOLF GOES THROUGH PURING A FUUU MOON. Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. '"^Y" s A. (Answers tomorrow) YastsrdaVs J umbles: BURLY MADLY VACUUM DISMAY ' Answer: How the Gl's described the line-up for their shots —A CALL TO ARMS Cryptoquip SO, HAVE SOU/WADE ANr PLANS R3PTHISWEEK, OEREMVf ^...I -{ ENTIRE SUMMER V SCHEPUUE. WE'RE SlTflNe TWO FEET AWAYFRT JUSTWK Baby Blues 6-2 O'KP WGDPNKPH XIJX XIP HWVCGPJX YIWXWT- NJYIPN VJD YNWCP XW GPOCT CPTJXOKP. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: FRANKLY, A LIKABLE BAKER WILL ALWAYS BE THE TOAST OF THE TOWN. Today's Cryptoquip clue: K equals V The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands for another. If you think that X equals O, it will equal O throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. ACROSS 1 "Piano Man" singer SLuau bowlful 8 Trilled 12 Erstwhile Peruvian 13 Grecian vessel 14 Hodgepodge 15 Hacker's purchase 17 Ms. Chanel 18 Owns 19 One 21 Less cooked 24 Entreaty 25 Remark re Yorick 26 Yellow pages? 30 Sleuth 31 Helen Keller's first word 32 Barcelona bravo 33 Bridge- table item 35 Any time now 36 Count counterpart 37 Llama territory 38 Whom the pope met in 1998 41 Annoy 42 Ship-to- shore call? 43 Auto item 48 Ground com 49 Aachen article 50 Letterman's rival BY EUGENE SHEFFER S3 Booty 11 Suitable DOWN 16 Com spike 1 Conrad's 20 At hand lord —" 21 Charlie ' 2 Lennon's Brown's lady expletive 3 Old French 22 One of the coin Baldwins 4 Cilia 23 Texas city 5 99 of the 24 Potpourri 101 bit Dalmatians 26 Blankets 6 Man- of a sort mouse link 27 Lakelet 7 Humored 26 Bum aid 8 Gregarious 29 Hide- 9 Greatly 51 Busy as —10 Riviera 52 Turf resort Solution time: 24 mins. Yesterday's answer aways 31 Sport 34 Do a second draft 35 Anaheim squad 37 Diving bird 38 Hacienda 39 Obsessed seaman 40 A few 41 Combo 44 Carnival city 45 Basilica bench 46 Literary collection 47 Trail THESE TPIPS Be \Mo(**6P TO Nt&HTf ITS e*HM)$TlM<»t The Lockhorns Born Loser "YOU'RE READING! ARE DICK AND JANE PLAYING WITH SPOT?" O"TI IIV /IDCrV} F° r answers to today's crossword, call O I Ul Vlr L_L/ : 1-900-454-6873 (99 cents a minute) on touch-tone or rotary phones. You must be 18 or older. A King Features Service. HlSP£NUTYCHeocCNAeBN^. 59X COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS FOP Better or For Worse LoVlEDTo DRIMK HE LOVED To RSHTT —flN 1 WHEN HE WORKlM'Or? DRINKIN'OR LETTiMS you BLEEP OVER "Know what I weigh now, Mommy? 100 pounds!" BUT IT TURNED OUT ALL RISHT BECAUSE THE POLICE CAU6HT HIM IN THE ACT AND BESIDES THAI7 HE OPENED A WINDOW WE HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO BUDSE FOR VEARS Bi?OKE INTO OUR LAST NISHT OH NO/ CLAUDIA/ YOU'RE KIDDIN6/ ONE WITH A LOU5V AIM' VOU'RE MV KINP Of CROWP.' V\ Dfl f BOXER-SIVLE TRUNKS AND TflNK TOPS FOR uiomew! we FIMflLLV BE fl& RELAXED flS mEM AT THE POOL .' REflLLM ? CUT LIKE fflEM'S SUITS? com- FOKTflBLE LIKE fflEN'S SUITS?? EXACTLY MEN'S ...WITH 7U&TA LITTLE THEM /WDe OURS OUT Of SWM- Tl&HT SP/WOEXf flLSO, OUftb COST SIX TIWES BECAUSE WE'RE WORTH IT. Rex Morgan, M.B. n A«-vpr€«i>re IS ECHO CUARLIB 5-2-7f SOING LOST COW7KOL.' / (N /MV PU/?5£.-IN THE WHERE'S THE CELL [i I'LL KEEP AH EYE ON THE PHOME? ^—-^V _ PLAWE: JOIN o\\\«« \i\^e yooyseF IN A « N J°y-tVie ONLY

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