Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1912
Page 6
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 11,1912. FUR MEM. - [DLA,KAS Like a Flash, of Lig'KtnJRg from a Clear Shy Comes tt\e Announce srs*-. r>t mm Tliere's No! a SUIT OR OVERCOAT lit Oiir ill! Wliat is Offered at a Tremendous Savli^ The latest and finest assortments in town of all high-grade, brand new, stylish mod- cis for M -n, Yomig Men and Boys. Every one up to the PERHAM standard of cual- and FULLY GUARANTEED FOR SERVICE AND WEAR-^-"^^ S!ioe,'i for F;Ieii 8iid Eoys 1.::. •• - Ti •• $1 .60 > : •• •• " .$2.00 : i • * $2.10 $2.80 $3.40 $1.00 FURNISHINGS. I' n'crwear. I.' 1 K>:;-\f(.i-d Hose. "••lii"-.• '~!'.! • • ^ I- y : 1 1 .3oc .:]oc ..S9c .2oc .25c .25c .39c .45c .59c •is 89c $1.00 $1.15'd Mi'.ts S9c . ('U^yv> S9c 9Sc SI.19 $1.59 $1.98 $2.19 SVM) 45c Boys* Suits and Overcoats We are determined that if low l)riceR on fine aud desir-ible )3oys' clotiiinp; will make a quick clearance for us, these Suits and Overcoats will not last long. We here have space for three items, but every garment at every prjce has been similarly reduced. $5.00 Boys* Suits-ffl 71: and Overcoats . ^^•U The most popular selling line we have is our special value.^ offej-ed at $5. To etfect a quick clearance, we offer your "TP choice at $6.50 Boys* Suits Ct. Cfl and Overcoats . ^>^*^" all wool Suits and Overcoats in LIIO season's newest styles are here now for (gP PA choice All Suits and Overcoats tliat sold for $10 and $12 now reduced to . The Suits come in all the new styles, exceptionally well tailor-' ed and made of sploidid serviceable fabrics. Special mcleis for men and young men that v.cre excellent values all .<^Ga .<on for .SlOand $12. Now $7.50. All $18 Mis and Overcoats are now selling ^19-50 for ... . ^1^ Absolutely all wool fabric^, well tailoi-ed in the newest models for men and young men, are hei-e in our regular lines of $1S Suits and Overcoats. Not a garment but what is this season's style. Your choice of any of these now for $12.50. $10.00 Suits and €7 Cft Overcoats . . 'Pi -JW i-hoico of v.ny of tliese garments now, ai tho extremely low price ihoice of All $22 M C .50 SuitsandiOvercosts %Evei\v one'of the season's fashions are to be foud in this great special line of .Suits and Ovci-- coats we have been selling all season for .$22. Choice all wool materials, all hand tailored, in .special models for men and young men. L.I I.. • I . • 1 mm ( : ;'• It !.;••; I r \ itiiii .v.. St. l.oiils LhoNlodi. ^; Lniiis. .Inn. 11.— C.XTTr.K ro- |(. .-ironK !o ten hi:;lirr. Na- I :iv.- ;l ."r.~ S4 .r .(:fi t;.l.": cow.s imd lieif- I S:: 7."-.J; stockers and Kedcri r !{,.(•, ijiti; IS.'i'^ri; strady. Piss !::!!'! iljli;-; f fi.iii; ^J 'J .or.ffi 1'.'.. I- I ji- I 'f .\r- ;!!-:^ S' n; - . 10 -"s Tn Ji:'y ;• (•:!>. .mil. \V! 1 KAT. ro- •, •-. 1':; i-.r.-. (';i ?h w:ir:it iiaciians- • X .i. 1' h ;ini. Sl.'-'.'.-l .i'S; .No. :;. Jl.ol •/ 7: x.>. r, ii. ^i.<-:: No. :; r>f-r— .\l;)v SI..,: -^T/; .ii:iv •.>2 '/^'ii hi.!. COKX—Steady t.o half cent Iiisiic. Nil 2 !i'.<.:ii .l r. I _.T! ('.«'.; No. .So. 2 .v !::i(- i:'::;';7; No. (::.. Close—May •''JK hill; .iiiiy i;."'"^ sellor.-. OA 'r .S—I'nciianccii. .No. ,2 white .".(•';; No. 2 mixed 4!'[j i... i:Vi:— fi 'ijc jxr hiishel. H.W —Sironctr. Choit-c tiniotiiy ?21 -.2: (hni.c i.rairie $1.' f; 1S..MJ. jiKiKiM CiiiiN— $7 <''ii H<i lic -r um. —Seal^hiiit. nyst.T.-. l)v?t on the market. City .Meat Market. Plione S18. DEPOTY ASSESSORS KlEO POII.TIIV—ilcns llr: springs lur; [ o!d cocks yoiinK cocks tie; dticks '.'c; :.;ee!-f Sc; Hirkey, lien.^ and youns •.,'ol)l<iers 12c; old toin.s 11c. nCTTKIt— Packinj,' stock lO'ic. r!II>i;.S—Sc. ((Irain (iii"tation.s furnished daily 'ly S. I"). Kav •: COK.N—."."c KAFFIR COH.N—.'.Oc. HAY—a ton. Ct.VTS—4ric. All of our $15.00 Suits and Overcoats now reduced to . One of our mo .-i })(>piilar Hues in Siiiis and Overcoats wore the e ;:i .('!)tio)ial value.-, wo oilVrcd for $15. All of the new shades and models are repi splendid variety. Your choice of ar.y of these now i^.s- .'^11.00. Qme of All $20 Siiits Overcoats now fo.r . . . Tliis line repre.-enis some of the finest slvle^ and fabi'ics ever olfei-ed by PERHAM at $20—all materials, strictly hand tailored. Special models for men and young men. The season's newe.^t shades and colorings nrnv ofl'ercd by us for $14.50. Choice of All S25 and $28 Snits and Overcoats $19.50 Ov.i" (inesl Hiiils and Overcor.ts —Ih'' in;»;-t popuL 'ii* sel'fpg lines ever (Mi'eivd by thi.- .stoi 'c — v.\- c'usive weaves patterns and :-'v.i(l'>s, strictly all hand tailored. Included are clothes fi-om the House of Alfred Beiviamin arid Sophomore. JIUU) FK.MTS FOU .U.H FLYNN. ! 7". : •^ : tnckcr..- • ".'.'I! :> ''.w? I '.nd Ucif ; c * .- '<: -"'J slow. Li!;h' •. V 4.". >]A''; roir-'i! .! • • - \\ c!;.M-. .I 'I 'iy r.' I.r:i'l .TMI <Jii'Ilcr. . . ..n. ]' l.i-:i<i. n-iii. hrin^.is City Livestock. KM .r.-:..^ City, .Ian, 11.— CATTLE re<('!|''s 4ii'L> ;stron£r to ten cents up. X.iilve s 'pe :s $.'..2 .'i 'fJ *v .2.".; cows and \''-U'V> $2.'."'?/(">.r ,u; siockcrs and feed $:;.7 .'fi i ;.2.-.: bulls $:J..".U'& :..2 .j; .••A]\P^ $4..'.09 S.UO. noes— Uecelins ].^,<^on: ten cents :i":ier. Heavy JO 2'.T; (j.:;.-,; i)ackers ;i!nl hiitrlu-r.- $'"^i O.U*'; liiriils K!ii;-as I'Kv I'mducc. K.w! .1'; ciry, .Ian. 11 .—iiCTTKR— 11. :.:ii.iy :;i:.-; fin t.-; .'U; .'-ecortds 32; pa' Uii;:: noi k 22. • •!.!• 17. Ur. Vtiunu- .'.rriimrim,' for (he Work .\l:eii'J in Uis Oiilce. l.oriil .Miirkets. iPudne in'.otations furniflied dally hy Cot'lilll Coinuili'slon Co.) i:;;(;s—2s cents. r /- \-Ik.VV.'A '\ It iz th? rntrro cf women to suffer u.ic-j.-apia.uinijly, tte discomforts and 10.-. :» tuat accompany the bearing of iliCdir.a. iiotheihood is their crovra- i^j i .lory, and they Irravc Its suffer- i:!::r. for Iho joy thnt ciildicn bring. i:j eypcctant mother ncea suffer, i:ov.-cv .T, • diuias tte pcnod uf \vait- :.. c;.-.".:'- -rhy.i crrnes, if Hctlier'c xricnd is used :r::;thcr s Z '-.'.r.u. relieves tbe piin ,'j3d discomfort i :;-:nf uts, ov?rcoEi ;s;i by coanter- ci" jl -i >:s Z^.CL Eootlies the infliaimation . • u r.rcr-zics every por .ic;. e! the !; ttLsr's T 'iie county coi'.iaissioners yester- lay aiternoon niadi- ti.c aiaiiial ap- loiiitiiient.s of di'intly as .=i '-sor.s as per lie recoiiuuendatiou Of C'ottiity Assessor Yoiinj; a':'i tlie operation of tlie law. In the town.ships. certain of the olficers are iii::d» <lepiity a.sses.-Jor.s and In the ciiie.s .Mr. Vo-:ng appoiut.s the deputies. The loliowinB is the Ii. t of appointees: LOGA.V—nepuly A.s.'^e.ssor 1.. riii;!;- en; Hoard of Ueview, I.. O. Kadd tiiid | \Vm. Works I nr.\mou)T—n. A., J. V. sihu-idi; i rioanl. I. n. Wheal 1-y and W. A. lies.--. : COTTAOK CKOVi;—1). A.. ('. V. l!a- ; ker; Hoard. 1. ('. .Mtilslmry :tnd K 1 Uoiihaiii. i SAI.K.M—I). A., f". F. ratkr--: Hoard. ! .r. It. Adams and M. .M. Oiaiiiond. KI>S.M()I!i:— n. A.. .1. I). Aril: Mo.ird. .1. M. SnniilelR and .1. II. Woods. j MAUMATON—I). A., .1. A. Wl.ltlnw; ' Board. J. A. (,'ooi)er and W. .1. Kiiiiibel. ! ICI..M—R A., A. W. Kdwnnis; Hoard j Chicapo. ill., .Ian. 11—.lack Cnrlev. the enevRelic of .liii T! Fc-'ler Funk and .lames ! fiitiue v.liich MIH rfiit:M." .-ome lie.ivv V 'OinK for the Hai ulo iii man. Of co :r .s. lOr.A—n. A., n. A. KWIU^: nonrd.j ,.-]^.,„j ,„jii „. |„. ..,.,^,,,1 j„ v,.vada.>i(her in .Iiine or July • .lo la-.m Sam. K. \\11=on and .Ino. Harris. < su-V,-,. Cailev hi.s .-hov.n .lu!-,n;-on while the «;iarau!.e of FortiiatCoughorCold Try ^ KANOLA TOLU, TAR AND WILD CHERRY 25c and 50c Twenty years have pi \;7cd it to be equal to ; ny, at about half the pdee. It Is Safe! r 'A^ - mi Old Time Druggists TLYNN ti-r^. c( t' «-:.(•.::-'on 1. Ii- tlx 1 •.irtii' •'o i.< JMs.s tlia •-••-r.-.i • <:'o'v;;ii, ui-c-ii-iir'' I in c r oc I (M /, yl' • • Ro*^^^^\*\..''•Kno•.vlton• ^nnd'''"lHKh • i'"'"'''?-^ ""' Jl^'-""" liinVr, nre „iovii,:: pir-ture .o;;;-. . CofTey I t>;i,e. Ilyiin has to lii -et .\I l'al:'..'r Ivfore Toi!i O-Kourke-.s Cliib tie' ea;'v i.::;! of F.Lr'iarv an^l C.\ULY1.K—1). A. n. F. Rates: I "''^'^ month. bouts will be walcl:< .1 with great interest. Board. C. F. Sawyer and R. II. Cozinp.; - ' ' - . . . , riK run. mafxu c DKKR CHKKK-n. A.. M. Hewlett: i,^, f..^ ,ho rec'.lliration of any Hoard. J. H. Fvi^^ts and I.evi Robin-1 ,.,,..„r jn asse^.-men'. Having failed son. I to .secure sati.-factlou from ibis board OS.\GK—n. A.. II. C. Lienrnnco; ; pjij^p,, ,„ uoard Board. H. W. Hoffman. I-. C. Raker. ; (•„„:,,v Com'm.s-iou. rs. LAHARPF. riTV—n A.. M. -T. Ad- [ aHis; Board, ll'irrv Dotv. B. F. Kvan.s. : , pic riTV r> i r T inrv Pmrd ^ f^'-'rl'^F F. Scott w< ut to To:-'- tc!Vn r JJ\7P T MonV^^v ' ' ^Oiiny wher.. she is to pive au ad- lOI rriTvin \ I "P Wiboni'^'-oss tomorrow evening before ihe .nT'A. B StodditrdV Boani, Kansas State Arrricultural .Society on Fu^n= and A T <?ervev ' S'jme Glimpses of Tropici.I Amerl^T -\rnni nr CITY ri A J A 1 She will be the puest of .Mr. and ne ^llK ^'B .ml .rn.~^ardneV and r i Mrs. Arthur Capper while in Topeka. H. Schaffner. ' The body of Liiiwood ('air.p !)e !I, t:'. ^ two year-old son of .Mr. and .Mrs. Karl Campbell, colored, will arrive tonipbi froi.i Wi.'hita, where the child died yesterday giid ti.e funerul will be i iie'd tomorrow uionii!!;; at 11:?.') from t.i.i' hoi; '-. .Mil Noith Syca ::;(ire. iiiter- n !L ::l b-ing; in the lol'a cotuetery. Thp Board of Review is the body of men to whom the taxpayer must I suronCe, Abstracts. —C. .1. Peterson: f ^ans In- TO rCKE A COLD I.\ 0.\E D\Y —Take I.a.\ative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Drutrglsts refund money If It fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 2 '>c Try the Register Want ad way. The burial of Mr.^. l.-aac W. Ish e.- curi -ed at ten o'.-U<-;-; tiiis iiioriiiiu; in the old (•i!nM,;>. A f. ' u friends ot tlM> (i- .i i .n 1 h-r i'.;::i!y Were pr-^.-'.U.-s v. V.' : : , who aci-oti!i)::i.i"d ;!• • Ij-i.';-. \.:: i- i pncst 01 .Mif,.-i 0 ;i\.- i!ai:kiiis u:i';l lo- ir.orrow, w '.y .w she uiil r.turu ii> I'ome in I)<ii>(r. .^!:*s. Fr;;'i W who WtfS to h:i\e made th'- J! :• •. with Miss We'sh was c.'Iled to lis, 'u:- tran to attend ii -r !r.:;l !i (r, w!'o ijii' did not CIJII)'' i') io!;-. 8 B a m « ..I —0. .1. Peter«on: Faiiu Losns surance, Abstracts. In- ; :• i y\\\:-A re'iirr.ed this afternoon I (.'••u: a lAi;;ness vi.^ii; to indepen- Cence.

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