Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 20, 1954 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 20, 1954
Page 4
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IfAJ, ftdtl.* >4 ft ft A Ml AS •-.pyrft^-vsr,. feTfi* TtM|i NHIM, WHS jm stfg » *«»* fl RlVldffMi *hr«* II* JM» t>*7» tttttil m 1.20 1.80 110 140 170 1.06 l.M 100 160 1,00 1,80 400 4.*0 ,1.00 Utt I.W 160 I.GO 10.60 li.OO 11.10 11.00 1FIED DISPLAY' SA8V ©hicks. Llrfce See ihese chicks befofe buying Several varieties. Dannie Hamilton. Fib* 27-lMft. Announcements MOW AVAILABLE PRIVATE , rtibntt, irid VvlttW!' '4 ins lot* rear 9f St> MSrk's EpiS- copal' Chtif ch,"3ra 'and 'lilnl.' Cdm >l " , daily.' after, 2! 10-121 I 60c ptf ificH I ,,4.. ,../..« 50c per iaeh .... quoted obov« or* for ewt- IV* (motions. Irregular 4r »klp- -dd» wilt tok« the drxHtty «t«, daily clasilfiftd advertising copy ,b* occejited until 5 p.m. for Nation "th« following day. publisher* reserve (he right M of edit wi odv«rtlHsm*nt« of' for publication and to reject ferwble odv*>rtliln« tuft- tltlol* •or ot one or more fiouret «ueh at nUmbert count hOUMt a* one ..90. acres and deoof4lttL. -house. One mile from tpwn%$20.000. Will sell house ^fcd J3'aftrep, $14,000./Trade for plfld limber land." *Ph r 6lie 7-5535. , , Mar. 10-1 Mo. 51 CHEVROLET. 4 door, poWcr glide, heater, radio, and Scat covers. Under 15,000 miles. Crain Esso Station 15-6t « St*f ll tttthortfc*4 to AA< i ftij th« ftlWtlfli ir* f *ftdi<n(e7f« IONIC owe* ttfe» Ject to the «Uoft of the ttefto* 66 • Hop* Star will not b* ra*pen- fbf trron In Want Ad* Unton 4'*<•«• railed to our attention ' "FIRST intertion of od and for ONLY th* ONE Ineorreet 7*3*31, OPE STAR Hope' .... ofed Jqnuory Pr*M II, 1*2* Hay, Johnson-grass & Idspedeza mijtctl. Also some pure lesped- cza. T, S. McDavitt. Phon6 : 72116. .••. : 3-Tff BEAUTIFUL new white gold engagement and wedding ring set. Vt carat diamond .and smaller stones. Jewelers certificate. $150.00. YOU save $100.00. Call 74913. 18-3t )OKS „) «v AKOBJ Poi 1 8h*frff and Colleetdr JIMMY CdOK ft. C. (SON) PHJLUP3 TOM MIDDLEBROOKS AKJermah Ward • B, t. KOTTIO Jonesboro and Van Buren in Cage Finals Sdrvlc«i Offered SEPTIC Tanks Cleaned. Phone March MMo. WILL Have few more days, nice 1 big fryeraUOr .-760 .Mrs, Lester Huckabee. „>.„', „ ; 18-'3t SABV, Chipks.. AAAA Grade. '' ' F - MABKEJ 1 , " 862" 3rd St,« Phone 7-IW03 CALL Payrtc fit others. House movers, irtsnred fcontractors. Public Service Commission -Number M* '1426. 313 Central AVehue, Stamps Arkansas. < Phone 3-4481 in Stamps, Arkansas., March 2-lMo. MATTRESS renoyatitth and: Innerspring work. Cobb Mattress Co. 313 South Washington.' ' Phone 7*2822.*' ' 4-tf Real Estate Wanted „ «!" ever/ weekday aftemooH by LitTARl PUBLISHING CO. t £»; P«lmtr, Prmldent h. V/oihburn, S*cy.Tr*» t'Thi ! Srar Building 114 , South Walnut St : H: Hops, , Arkqnioi Ureet, *tiir"M:-J(>n*i, 'Mor.aslng Editor W,"*Ho«m«ry Mtchi' Sup*.. >cv)v,'.Aa»«rtljlno Manager ittred ai second elan matter at Pdit, Offlco at'Hopo, Arkaniai, ']|H«'Act of March 3, 1897. ..'•the Audit Bureau • ef Clreiilatloni acrtptlon Ratei (payable In od- <)t r ,'"^ f . " k !t< ^ , 'carrier In Hope* and neighbor* ,,, id<"-_a' ' k * Ip46, .ijhjbvj l ql9t, business c. Radib, heater,, practicalljf' new. I tires, Prlt£,r$2.95. Buy tjn Installf . puryear, Margaret street, Phone 7-3485. 20-6t 4946 DOdgc yorth Pickup. See at, 400 n 20-3t TWO air compressors. 1% horsepower, one 5 horsepower. One 1947 Dodge pickup truck. JoirdaA's Body Shop at Gib Lewis Auto Sales. . „ u 20-3t Notice Wo give the best Prices arid best 1 Trades' HAVE buyers fdr^aU size' (arms. '.List today. United'jjarm Agency. i 101 . East L 3?rottt .S.tr6ot. ,. P,hone -7-37fi6. .< MI MaY.> v 10-l Mo. . - - . r. . < . ' Butineii Opportunity HERE "Is 'an eiicellent- opportunity to owh a modern-.6•'j'dbm home and-' going ^grocery bus)riess. All 04 same lot; Business 1 jiow, doing over $3,000.00,'per'month gross. Both the grocery 'store, and home can-be bought fofrthe price of the home. You will have to, act quick On this one'. ' '' - • " ' ' 19-3t LIEBLONG 'REALTY co. " J Wanted ioaHII , ,... *.50 I«ln0 R«pr«entqtlv«t/ II|n,'.lnc.; )602 sVuK il«,'2,iT«nn.} SOS.f^qi )ollo»j2, .Texas; 360, ri ^Chiepoo '1, III,; 60 & i-Vofl,' i7>Ai" y.' ¥743 2 ',» , n, *o'yt/i8 . ™.^—,,w-,. SteV'M '» Y « nfi "* d . ** K -*--,>or republlct ,-,-^ra Hazel |Jne pf QOUNSELOB -COSMETICS V j? ^ - 1 ' < !•,,' 's peauty §hop, Phonp me In for free ppn- HO^TIB Phpne 7-216?. nterola /«, Electric til Service . 4 5 »"£w,<Location" ,10 Sputh.Elm, Hope MPUETE REWIND A . REPAIR SERVICE * / Phoqe UPHOLSTERY *. Alsp custom . -cohnlcee boards Work QUaran- G9PWJN 416 West Plvlslon MATTRESSES r.Mad* Into Innersprlng Work Guaranteed, One Pay 1 Service < - Mattresi Co. &i»»J&cfirlty ,Li;e Jns. Co. -* snUaj|zatIen,. Health Accident Connpany |pr People" T ARRIVI5D , te%3?g M5Pl4w™l< I WESTERN SHARES Jneoms , . ant.1,-469 East 3rd, formerly, grta6k? Sho^.j. • ^r^ir ft }\, 18 COX'S, y910 : ai. '4, _ TT ,., ,.,.. - Tur&ey' Clnnbr, Si|htl^y uvmrgn 21st.V?1.0tl pSr platd; .Dririks exr- For Rent Iocaii6n< be used as duplex. 812 West[4tlt. 7-3152. 'i • ld-TF house. '$10.00 pe? fti6nth. See Owner «t 1326 West ;lth. 10. ACRES. i0 room House on Wefci' JBthi, ^p:oo/ ,\' " ''i SAMUELS REAL "ESTATE. , ,7-3766 { t . • 4 ROOM f,uw}ishe.{i apartment'. 712 East 3rd street. Phone 7-2320. 1 '^.^-il t X u* H i i **M^ttL M *.^.^^IKI!A t^K^^ ent. jocationiipr' npignoontgop &K t« - tie «' i4 J-\ V»" **' *4"3t tStBBtO^G,{;tli;A|i*ry' COv' ttle as '5% down on Call us By CARL BELL JONESBORO (ffi — As expected lt!H be undefeated Jonesboro Van Buren for the State Class High School Basketball Champiot ship here tonight before a crow due to smash all previous tourna rtipnt records. The Johesboro Hurricane, whic beat the Pointers twice during th regular season, is, favored. Hov, ever, about 3,600 fans who fidgete( through la'stnight' s hectic Siemi finals are taking nothing for granl ed. Jonesboro had to comefro m be hind three, times to whip Littl Rock 59-52 and Van Buren needec a whirlwind finish to get pas Sheridan 68-59. The yelling, stomping crow which last night covered ever, inch of space off the playing flooi and gome of that, too, was believed to have been the largest ever tip see a high school basketball game in Arkansas. The : exact number isn't known, because only the pay ing customers are counted at th< gate. Doctor'Carl Reng, president o tourney host Arkansas State .Col lege, estimated that some 700 per sons came in free. The paid atten dance for the session was 2,082 pushing 'the total, f orth e*.meet to 11,118 Who have paid 8,147.50 to watch the games, .The all-time attendance record of 12,090, set at Faycttcville in 1952 is certain to be topped tonight. An- bther turnout, like-last night's, n a dollar a head, .would push the gross 'receipts aboye the $10,437 of 1952. The old records were set in a four-day tournament. This mee is 'a five-day affair. The % defensively rugged Little Rock Tigers forged ahead of Jones- bpro by five .points In the firsl quarter, by two in the second and by one -withonl .y five -minutes left to play. Every time, though, frail Ralph Childs looped enough of his spectacular shots from near mid-court to haul the Hurricane into the lead- Thd clever .guard, one of the less .publicized; Jonesboro playeis during iihe(,regular- season J?ut tha money shooter who has,-.pulled team over, the Jiumps consistently in the -tournament.< He was supported a.bly by Larry Gr,isham's 14, 11 Van i Buren looked as though it Would make a fsrce- of its semi- as .lt< ran, up .3! 30-13 lead by'the middle of t ( he;./second quai> top on the i long ju'mp ,shot3 of Dp- vjd Hampton and the close-in scoring of Bob Crawford 1 . : ; . The Sheridan Ycllbwjaqkcts followed, their .Winkie , May, to sha-v.e difference»to 82-22 by'half time and; drew- even . at 40-40 as: the quarter .ended. :. • ". Buren settled down without falling behind. and toijik over for B<j9d as Hampton ,and • Crawfqrd nt backito work\ Between them 29 « the TIN J.t221fe'S ipjSTANT ft|LAtive-Thfe is tha hdw '.fdtA '"ThuHdetblrd,* which tfetroit Automobile Show. lt*s a eoavertible 1 , but can be » phlch inakes It a complete all-weather caf.' The cloth tob'folds oiit ^ ^ s6a J' ^^ « n g ineer s say that frohi a standing start, to 40 seconds be 53 car lengths out in front of the conventional 1954 model. lt< normally „ . but the full-width seat provides accommodations for a third passenger,,Over- «7.v^ inches—nearlys a foot lower than-tHe regular Ford sedan'and it Is powered bV a 160 horsepower V-8 'engine. Production of-the new car starts in the falL all height WISHFUL THINKING—Mrs. Claude Tillinghast Porter, ownqr of a" St*.' Louis, Mo., paint- and wallpaper company, proudly shows off her new rose-colored automobile 1 , top. She claims the' cover gives her as much a' boost as a spring hat and hopes the wallpaper-style automobile top I . ' ^ will catch on as a fad. •' ' KILL .WITHCARI BY HUGH LAWRENCE NELSON •3 • Copyright Lowrenee Nelson. Distributed by NEA Service, Ine produced 19 of Van.Buren's ppints n^the fourth quarter. 'Way meshed 24 last night to run: his tourneyrleading total for three games, to 88. Crawford dropped in "1 and Hampton 20. The victories by Jonesboro and Van Buren made certain that the state champion will come fror north of the Arkansas River fb sixth time in seven years Jonosboro last won the title in 1942; Van Buren in 1950. By HUG WHENCE NELSON THE 'STORY: Private Dete tiveJ'Jjm Dunn, who had been In Coloraelo^City fop the wedding of Polite. Lieut. Mark Richards, has suggested that Banker Atwood knew' 'more about the murder that interrupted Mark's ^oney moon ;than he told when '..queS' tfdfied. Chief of Police Drover .stabbed by two paradin, mobsters" in a fake horror film publicity $tunt. Nancy Drover, :lii • chief's daughter, was a close friend' 1 of MarK' .- ,.; ,. Vll It had_been j an*unpleasant dream nd--ijirij was. glad to \ return, ti least' 1 partiaL •. consciousnes Saydd By the bell," he mutterei loufl. He 'sat up in bed and rtwried. • EE (Of, four, ,room, ' artment ^Private,' one 74558. :fi trance. 20-31 Help Wanted EXCHANGE those spare hours for a good income. Avon products offers an excellent opportunity. Rcprescntativps needed in Hope and Blevins. Write Mrs. Hulsey, Albert Pike Station, Box 71, Hot Springs, Aikansas. 18-3t About a fifth of the, women who reach age 65 this year in the United States will live to be 88. Graduation Gifts: The easy way. Lay-A-Way. WATCHES of 011 n)0Ms, Mhoon's Jewelry M • 119 South CUSTOM LOOK!!! tiful lots today: ; POSTER REALT'Y: 217 Soi^th Main'Street , Hope,' Arkansas 20-3t 100 big r.ftn.dxtra l^ge shgdj lof, t? front' bV ?42 ft. Qelp, 4v „ paper shell 'pecan trees in back yard, this home is pne of the best in town, Large Master bedroom, private entrance, extra bedroom, bath and shower, breakfast room and butler's pantry, .kitphcn with huge paltry, dishwasher, dis^ posal, new washer, 1 dryer, bui't ins, storage closets (ain't that something?) living and dining rooms with curtains and drapps venetiai\ blinds, harSwood floors and garage. Ideal *9r couple with one or two children wanting a really nice homer Priced to sell -*• shown by spjpoJIjxtWJt only. 916 SoUth Elm. T ~ WE have available FKA, GI, and Conventional loans -* quick action. So if you plan to build or buy, see Us for Our listings and loans. < ' VOyLQ you" l?e Jnjtorgstod in owning t % go0*} rfivep,ue f .producing property located ,il up town busi- ^(JistjcJpt? (?ajl \fi gu- details. (HALTY-COMPANY (FonneJ-Jy 2Q-3t Embezzles $9,896 Frpm o Bonk JONESBpRQ, WI w ^h said today that a 32-year-oki teller at the FJr^. Nationaj ,'i ;^|snk of FBI popularly name :ers in the crack of the door. "Doggone it, MJSS Drover,' weeney pomplained, P get me fU-ed? been ,ch<jirged With sut a fish related to caip. pn charge^ ipf em,, falsiifyiicig Bond was set at ^2,500. said the man, , l|v e FBI's Arfean^s pfto, ident^- tWHj'M W4t \M I^W? ^0«* l e ShaatBit, 1' 'tme?iv We wSSf Basketball By United Press NCAA Tournament at Kansas City (Semi-Finals) Bradley 74 Southern California 7 LaSalle 69 Penn State 54 National AAU Tournament (Seml-Finals) Grihalva Buicks .(San Diego), 63 Fort Sill Commanders (Okla.) 50 Peoria Caterpillars (U Denver Bankers 59 Fights Last Night By United Press NEW YORK (Madison Square Garden) (UP) Joe Giardello, 15D, . Philadelphia, stopped Willie Troy, 156Va,' New York (7). Philadelphia (UP) — Jimmy Soo, 136, Philadelphia, outpointed Reuben Davis, 134'/^ Philadelphia (8) Baseball By United Press At Bradenton, Fla. Philadelphia A) 10 Milwaukee (N) e At St Petersburg, Fla. Chicago A) 8 St, Louis, (N) 2 At Tampa, Fla. Washington (A) i Cincinnati (N) 5 At .Clearwater, Fla, Boston. (A) 7 'hiladelphia (NJ 6 (Game called end of 6th, rain) At Mesa, Arizona, Chicago (NJ 13 Baltimore (A) 8 At Las Vegas.Nev. , Cleveland (A> 2' New York (N) 1 At Miammi. Fla. Brooklyn (N)3 No w York (A) 1 'ijU: Mumbled through the dark rpom, found a light switch and the te.lep.hone'. ' - v 'IWe'ce coming by for you,' Mark Richards said, "Thought I'd give you, a call so you could be downstairs." Maik. and Nancy were just driv ing U[) to the hotel entrance whe; he .came through s the doors H.s hail- wap dripping a .little, but. he wasjf^irly sure he'had'on all his clothes'. "Hello, Nancy," he said. Slie could smile at him now "Hello, Jim Mark says, T Can help and that's what I want." Jirrj crowded in the front seat scowled at Mark. "What's the big idea?" ho mandeti, "You don't have to be so pro- teptjve," Nancy said f irmly. "Real ly, Jim, I'll feel much better doing something Jim offered her a. cigaret, lit it and one for himself. The smoke tasted as if it were made of creo sbte mixed with some abrasive, Ifis mouth an dthroat felt like wo|n-out furnace flue : .after too hot a fiie. He looked at his, watch, listened to it, and found out it had stopped, 'It's five minutes of nine," Richards said, "In the evening. The same evening> if you'ie in doubt." "Quite a nap," Jim admitted, ''Why don't we go to a restau- I'artf 1 and talk now?" Jim wanted .0 know. "Sorry," Richaids-l put in, "but I "dbn"t' think we'd better take the .ime.' According to report, he goes o bed early " "AUVood?" Jim asked. "yes. Wc'ie back to him again." Mark Richards pounded on the door of the hotel suit.e occupied by he bankei Atwood. The heavy ojd- ashioned panel syvung open a few nches was checked by an inside chajJrt ' "Who's \thatf" It was an unfa- Jliap guiff voice. Richards told his name* The giuff voffee said somethinj, igj could not be heard in the hall ay, and now a beefy red face ippeaied in the crack "Mr. At- vopd, ain't seeing anyone!" Nancy pushed Mark aside, 'Sweeney. Wait a minute. It's me, Nancy Drover." She put hev fin- SPORTS ROUNDUP .By OAYLE TALBOT. TAMPA .—Though 1 he is naturally enough,; highly pleased with the great pace his Philadelphia Athletics have been setting in their exhibition games, Eddie Joost is too smart to have any illusions about Where they will go When the firing begans in earnest next month. , The American League's only freshman manager declares he would rather be where he is,ts.tait- hurt 'you. It'll hurt you if I shut the door on your fingers." "I know," tyancy said. probably break them, : maybe ihem off. But you wouldn't do tha .0 "me would you, Sweeney?" Jim Dunn could 'hear a, vagu nurmur. of •. Atwood-' s :voice from '"If cu ing to' build ^ team' and his own career at the same time, _'„ than ,talung over a first-division. outfit where he 'would be expected to produce or else. could have the trials " facin Brooklyn's ne Saturddy, Marth 20, 19S4 '*-- T .^w-t.-i^aatajeaaaaisalMliamaaflM Kidnap Try Foiled by Instructor PORTLAND; Ore. M — An ajP tempt to kidnap the son of a prOhV inent Portland realtor ended in gunfire that wouhded an Instructor at exclusive Catlin-Hillside school. here today. ^ The instructor, Nanvel Schauffler, was shot when he grappled with a man who had forced a? mother and her maid to drive hitti; the school. The extent of his, wound was 1 undetermined, but ilk was thought not critical. He was^ taken to. a'hospital. , .,; Mrs. George P. Bricc Jr., saidi the ; mari, e'ither drunk or drugged.; fbrccd her and her maid to drive:' them to the school. .'•;>•; lie went to a. play area, which was filled.with youngsters just before classes were called, arid grabbed at George Brice, III, -a third-grader, police were told. '•' Schauffler lunged at the • described as being 35 to 40. . old, Who pulled a .32 caliber pistol, from his pocket and oegan shoBt- ing. Schauffler was hit and the man fled. No children were hurt;, Chief of Police James Purcell Jr., said the entire area Was sur» rounded. .'-..• • i " - .•'(•*•' Benny Might inside He felt a little fo sorry Sweeney. "I don't -want to do this," Sween cy said, "but I got to. I got t shut this door." Nancy tightened hep grip. Th ieavy door began closing slowly Jim braced himself to slam hi ihoulder against it if it so muc i touched Nancy's finger. The door stopped its closing mo ion, and Seeeney's'face appeare again. "All right-for you. : I can' close the door but you can't ge n eitherr , Nancy answered in much the tame tone of voice Sweeney had jsed, two .children playing game ogether. "You.betJ/sc have Mr,'At voocl let you open^it, Sweeney You'll be sorry-if you ilon't." "Women,"> .Swee'ney -muttered 'Why don't you go away? 'Please. Jim heafd -the, sound of a quick maximum irltake of Nancjs reath. Even, so he'was not pre ared for the .volume of sounc vhich came wlth ; that breath's ex- alation.' ,,..;' . /";. . As a scream it was grade AA t made the hairs on the back 01 Dunn's neck stiffen. It rolled and choed down the hallway, and even n the rebound seemed to have the ower of pushing open doors, 'eads popped out of those doors nd voices wanted to Sweeney's face disappeared, like setting red moon Nancy drew n another deep breath. Before she ould gcream again, Atwobdhim- el f peered through -the crack. "What is the meaning of this dig ustirtg exhibition, Nancy ?I'n/ sur- rised at you under the circum- tances." "That's why I've come to-see you," Nancy sajd and her Vpico was chill, "4b,out your djsgi|sUng exhibition — .un'dfir^ 'the: 1 ' <$UMVHTIT stances'. Now/let- rVally lose my Sweeney had his -gjin ^'raWR he finally let them in, and J)e did not put it back in the holster until the door was closed, ,Joc.ked chained It was a ne,w' chain, there were fresh scratches, woodwork as cd by an Mr. ^ "You wan$#raijgiii: ,. v „.,,,. looked as i| he no strength in hj§ 'ty erect. ' ' ''"'<" Mark $ichar$si thought a chance to break \he ba,nkey with out more ^WlV»t ai . .. Ahvcjgd" te.gfj Hfo-J*j had in _, mind Walter Alston, field general. "t hear everybody isj picking i to finish dead last, eveH 'belo 1 Baltimore," he said equably "That's great as (far qs I'm con cerued. Now 'if we surprise them and 1 finish sixth or! seventh i we wi feel we have accomplished som thing. "I know thjs much already, tha we got what we wanted in ou trade with the Yankees. We go some y&uhg players who are ing me the kind of hustle I wan ii) see. They're really fighting fo regular jobs now that they kno\ they have a chance and I woul say now that all four of them wi be in my lineup on opening day I would hate to trade back." The deal most discussed -,of th winter, brought the Athletics ou fielders Vip Power *and<Bill Henna first baseman Don - Bollweg an catcher Al Robertson from th Yankee system in exchange fo pitcher Harry Byrd and first base man Ed Robinson. The world champions dre\ some criticism' at the time fo having disposed of Power, 1 ' a Puer a Rican Negro who hit'a 1 hand ;340 for ( their Kansas Citj •last season andt who, i§howe< prqnijse of! fjein'g (he 'ijrst ^embe rf nis race ^p l 'b}-e : ak' into U&e Yan see lineup. > ' 1 ( " a . ' ',T|* 'It was just that vfe cbUld giv< them, what thfry need now fo: what we need to build on,/? Joos says. "Nothing else was involved ['m convinced from what I've al r.eady. seen that Power • Is:, going tb'imake;. us a great player," ' ; The jury ;still is out on Bobby Shimtz,' the little left-hander, who sensational 24-7; record, two years ago'but fell pff/'abruptly to 5J-9; last year \yhen he had the miseries in 1 his throwing' arm Joost is hopeful, but the hard truth s that,very fevv pitchers ever have •egained their former, effectiveness a,fter such an experience. Department Store ST LOUIS departhibnt ft 1 ) Dollar-volume of store 'sales in the .... Eight' Federal '•Reserve District last Only distinct city showing a gain rom last ye|,r, wa§ Little 'sales weye up ellipse "decline m other per Rock, 5 per cities .lie St. drea, 6 per cent at Memphis 'enn., 15 per cent in Lpuisvllle ;y,,t and 13 per cen^ in eigt mailer cities. District ?ales were down' 4 per ent for the four weeks that ended aturday and 2 per cent for the eav to date, as compave4 with he same periods of 1953. By BOB THOMAS ;,';HOLLYWOOD W) —Filmlands foiiups — ..' ; ' , if'' Now that he has married off'his, daughter, Jack Benny is, geftirtg back to work to pay off the wedw ding bills. I think the Benny' vault can handle them, however. • /''/ Benny, one of the few big stars to keep Up with radio, say's hes' might give up his radid show next season. "I like my present rate'of TV shows but. my sponsor wants me to do more. If I do, I don't' see how I can continue in radio;" This summer Jack plans to take his vaudeville show to the Pacific Northwest . He has als"o considereiSb doing "Seven Yoar Itch" oh the stage. "I might do it at Lajolla or ; .' ( "some" place like that;"' •'he.bbT served. ''It's a demanding'' role and would rdquire me to'be -onstage' all the time. It prese'ntS -a challenge; I've never done a lejjit- ima,te show before. It might' open up a whole new field for hid.'';: So Jack is looking to new fields at the age of 60. One' thing ' he is not considering a return 1 to filrhk-|i, "That I don't need," said .the;.cortw| ic r perhaps recalling than ;horrt blowing at midnight. /. ;':;> v Harold Lloyd is still mulling the retur n of'some'of his old" cldssics like "The^ Freshman" and i*'Wpl- come Dan'ger," which* are as funny today as they were' when released. , ' ;' ; ' ; ' .•' ;.-' "But I have certain pro'blcms,'" •'- bespecta'cled comedian I saltl. 1 . . . . ,....- :"..,.li. the "We have had test showings a' the younger people love thtj tures, once they arc exposed !jto them . The problem, is how to get them into the theaters. ; :", "Anybody tinder 24 doesn't knoiv who I am. I'm just a name; fp them; they haven't seen' my pi£- tures. And the kida under 24 make up the bulk of the movie audience: If you can't get them into' : the theaters, you can't make mohcyvf? Frank Sinatra says he. doubts (if he will be in town for ;ih;e' event, in which he's favored' 't win the supporting actor's award. I'm a sajoon singer," he says mpdestly; "I've, gotta go where the work is." I'll wager he'll ar- ange kp be here, however. , • The Negro Community o or Columbus Coleman of Hope died Friday, March .19, Funeral arrangements are incomplete. ' Funeral services for' Mrs. . VI. Belcher iwere held Saturday. March 20, at the CME Church in 3chaal. Wjth burial m Tollete Ce. •netery. The Humming Bees Gospel sitfc ers of Texarkana will render -a rogram at Rising Star Baptist Church Sunday night, March 21. ponsored by the Usher board. We "he public is invited.' ' Mrs. Daisey Morris js asking all adies who had relatives that ser» ed in the Military Services ty neet at the home of Mrs. Fannje T ». Buchanan Sunday, March 21, '8t :30 p. m, The purpose is to orga- ize an American Legion LadJes \uxiliary. .„ Mr, and Mrs. Dorsey R, Da,vjs nd family and |rtjss Helen Da,v<s f San Diegq, Calif., have arrjya* or an indefinite stay. They • ar isitin? theif uncle and aunt. Mjs, lesta Randel and Berry Nelson BUI ? Ppst No. 4?7 win meet Tuesday n i|ht, March 23,* K he regular p}ace. be present,

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