Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENING, JANUARY 11,1912. Index. SHE B^GISTER FUBLISUIXG C«. entered at the lola Postofflce as Second- C3aM Matter. DAILY REGli:,TEiv -•^^'•l 'f ••'•e ir..:i v.ho made these crlt- -TM loU Dally R«Mrd and ^he lola Dally i <^*sni8 bolievcd Ihcy were warranted If Ihey believed, as they declared they did, that not only the practices of the Republican imrty but its principles also were utterly wrong and subversive of the public good, then as honest men they should have been flrst to I''av2 the iiarty and demand its dc feat. They have not done this, but th' returns from the Seventh and from a lo'. of oilior Congressional districts make it fl";ir that a :;ocd many other men h.ivo done ii. Th<se O M IT men unlike those who h:'.ve misled them Advertisllig Rates Made Known on Application. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In lola, Gai City, L^nyon- , VIHe,'Concreto, LaHarpe and Basiett: ~ One Week 10 centa - One Month 44 cents _ One Year 15.00 BY MAIU: One Tear, inside county JI .OO One Tear, outside county t3.00 TELEPHONES: |_ Bnilnesa Offii'e Society Reporter t\ i^i Joh and Bindery l><>pt. • ^ i*i have sliowii constst-ncy and courage Official Paper City oi Baitett. Official Paper of Allen County. IJeins ronvinrod that Ilepubliean lead ers have boiray"d the people, that 1 Krpublican mcii.sures Iiave been conceived in conspiracy and brought I forth in fraud, tliat Ripubliean prin- uiple.s .ire inronsislftil with sound land'honest povernnn iit —in a word believing to he true a!l Ilie iliincs ME SEVEM.H DISTKICT HESfLT/^-hich they have heard from the In- The Republican i-arty c.innot win j gurg. ni pr. s.« . MI •I : i; :io/:ii. ihey by attacking riepiibllcan mea.sure:! imvc fo!lo-.v.<I i!- fr':.• i::,ir ron- and Republican leaders and by tryin:; virtlon. ::rl it Iv -, !. ! i!:'i-i out of to Steal the other fellow's platform. That is the '"lesson" of the election In the Seventh district. Or rather th^' result in the Seventh <listrl;t simply emphasized a lot of oih.T lessons to the same effect which have been administered to the Republican i)arly daring the past two years and a half. It is time they were b'>Inp learned. The Republican party wrote a perfectly sane and satisfactory platforri In 1908 and nominated upon it a perfectly sane and satisfaciory candidate who was elected. Ther? wa;; elected at the same time and on tlu> same platform a strong working majority of 'Republicans in botli Houses of Congress. But at few of these Rv-publicans had hardly got their scats warm bf,. fore they began a guerrilla warfare upon Republican leaders and Republican measures. They began to shojit that the rules of the Republican _IiIouse of Representatives, alihouph they had not been changed for twenty yekrs had suddenly robbed the ifouse of its power to represent the people. Thfey declared that the Speaker v.ho had ser\'ed three terms with approbation;^ and who for thirty years had been a trusted Republican leader, had suddenly become a tyrant and a irai- " tof' to the people who must b • d<'-posed If the Reimblic was lo eiuiun . They assailed measures known lo have; been framed by Ropublioaii Cab­ inet'officials, 88 deliberately drawn In favor of "the Interests," and they denounced the Republican I'lesldenl as either an activo party to thi- "betrayal of the peo ^le" or as being so stupid that he had been hoodwinked I'v (hoie who were plotting .iKaliist the people. I They nccusM ilic Iiadlng Republicans of both House ;ind Senate with conspiring together to wrlif a tariff law that was deliberately designed to advance sellish iiilensis rather than Ir* promote tli<> g^n-ral welfare. And then they came home and dictated platforms that eudorBrd 'dogmas which the Republiean party had been fishiing for twenty yiars and that by impTication, if not in srt terms, impeached either the .s.nso or the sincerity of all i)revious RepubU- can declarations. • Now if these men wen- right, if R< - \ publican leaders and Republican mojis j the p;u y. Tliat i: Mur.' i.A I D \:. .Iud;:r M::i ;i ;t. 'h' !" ;••.!,'!< ::n eali- dldalc. alil"' i: :t'.:\ •> mosi <'X- celloiit genlli 'iiia!!. I K in assailed during iln- primary cimpaigh as a "slaiidpaller" ;ind he tliouslit it necessary lo disprove i!>.is charge by soinc brfor-- llie propic iiftcr he was nominated, upon an "Ii's'.n ^renl" i)lat form. . H" fell iiit.i ili-< "Insurcem' error of belloving U- could ilLscredi the Republican party mid yi i lio elect ••d as a Rep 'iblic.-iii on iIi-- ilnory lhat he was different from !iis iiariy. Bu' the jieople.—very louitaMy, inun I'lP: point of view. t !iou >:!i: difieri 'mly Having lie<'n .-iFsiduousIy lauplit during the past three year.*; by th- H piiblir;in lejidrrs and the dislrii 't tliat the I'arty is wroiip in principle, praciiee and liadersliip they very naturally anil eonsisieiitiy coneludetl tJiat if ll::.- wor-.' true, ther no man who called Iiii.i.-. If a Retiubli- ean, no m.-ftter what principh-s h' professed, sliotild ho eliTH'il. The lesson, as remarUii'. in the bc- ^inninu. is lurfcctly plain. The Re- 'iiblie .Tii party cannot win by ili.<!ered- iiinp its own m(-asures. by destroyinr its own leaders, .ind by itiipeachiiif its own principles. Certain einiiieni •jentloinen who while, holding ofllce •lir<jugh favor of the Rrpubliraii par­ ly liave yet b"en comjiletily at variance with Hie princt (iles it professes iind wholly out of liannony witli the measures i! has liroiight forward, •nay hnve imagined tJiev roiilil r"vo- ntlont/.e it and still keep it in power '.111 Ihey rantiot. They t hcliiSflvi .•nay lie ;ible to RtH" lhat a parly which 'he pi'ople put in power wliiMI Ihey believed it stood for on<' thing, slioiil 'ic ki-iil in power wlii'ti it stands fot ' totally diffi-reni thing. Itui the peo •lb' are not so discriminating. They ill parly in jiower because they 'lavc confidence in it; and if (hat con idence is destroyed they |mt it out o •.ower without stoppinu to considi vhether or not it lias been "rt ;ormed.' It n <;iy lie fossili!" to revolufionizf •he Republicat' party, to discredit it •esislalion, to destroy thos" who hav 'lei-n i:s trusted le.iders and to mak •; deelare for j-rineiple.s which it ha In retofore pronounce.! to lie viciou hopelessly out of power that none of these things wUl be of the slightest consequence. W). ABRimia GETS THE JOB :©ioioi©i©i©i0ioi8iaioo^ Prc>>ent Incumbent to Be Poor Com- We don't know anything about the I iiii .-s .l«ucr .mother Term, company that is coming here with i The board of county commissioners "The Servant In the House." But this i yesterday afternoon le-appuinicd Al writer has heard the play and he'-^hraius poor comuilsaioner for Allen wishes to say that it is one of the !' he term of the commissioner great big powerful dramas of this generallcn. It docs not merely entertain you for two or three hours; it gives' you something to take away with you and remember and get good out of for a long time. .N'o man can iiear it without at l<ast an Impulse to nobler living, to greater charity and kindness I' is a great play and lola is to get it. And this is not a paid advertisement. ® L^^D LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND LAND Kvery ne»vspaper man has known 'hat It was Ralph Faxon's p'ide and mi-^h that k»pt th" Gudcu City Daily Telegram going and not the support 'vhich it received from the town. Hut 10 amount of pride jind push can take the place indefinitely of rfal money, nd there is no surprise therefore. ••« the announcement tliat after Fcb- •uary first the Telegram will be a •.omi-weikiy paper. .Mr. Faxon says "rankly 'hal the town cannot afford "o fuiiport the Daily, and he makes he ch:inge brcaiise it has to be made. It is the sensible thing to do. cxpl;ed yesterday and it was up to the board eiiaer lO appoint a new commis- sionr or permit tne duties ordinarily perlormed by such official to fall on the mayors of the several towns and tlie truiiees of tlie sieveral townships , in the eoiiniy as it iirovided by the law whicn aboli.';aes t.ic office ci poor ccinmisidioner in cotiniies Iiaving les.s j than 2S ,t .'iiO population. The couiinis-! sloners, liowever, found taat the pres-i eiti !:y of handling pauper cases was ;• saving and saMhiactoiy one and they a^ked the officials designated by law to Iji'come jioor overseers to waive their rights and iiliow the boanl to continue in office a poor commissioner. .Nearly all of I lie officers waived an dlhe hoard yesterday afternoon decided to take a chan'.^u by reappointing Commissioner /\branis. Tlie Infani of .Mr. and .Mrs. Albert ik-illing. forme: residcnis of lola died at Hurllngton rccenily. .News of the death was rc eivcd in the letters to friends. L DYSPKl'SI.V Olt ^(UR STd.M.VdI. it will probably bo In the nature of surjirise to most [V-opIe to learn lhat concrete bridges can bo built more cheaply than steel bridges. At ny rate the Capital reports one case vbore the best bid for a steel bridge '.vas t^.OOn, and a concrete bridge was built for JCi".^.ti.">. Tills may be an ex- •eptional case. But at anything like lu' same price a concrete bridge ought always to be built rather than ne of any otiier material. It is h.'tnc'- omer, it needs fewer repairs, and it 'ill last longer. It is a pretty safe guess, considering his record, that the ((uestion vh-lh 'T lie stood ".i better chance to scape the 'hair by confessing or by going to trial, has "racked the soul" f ;lio Rev. Riclieson a good deal more ban remorse over the cruel murder le committed. In this, as in the Mc- Vamar.i casec. "remorse" did not be- ;ln 10 get in its work until the man •vt's arrested atid put up against tes- imoiiy that lie knew was absolutely perjury proof. 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In ills letti r .Mr. Zii gler ] .sny.-i in part: | "i liave inspected t!u> tr;'.ei o\<neii • !>y K.e h'lorida l.;inil .inil Coloni'/.aiion i of. a 11.iie souiii San .•\ great many reasons have been civen why Roosevelt should be nomi- •laled. but Ihe corresiioiident of the Topeka Cajiital who wants Teddy returned "ill order tliat the country •uay have rest" hit upon the most ab- ;olutely original and uni<|ue one of .hem all. .*ltogciher a<:ide from tlie rigiits or vronps of prohibition or the oppo- -ite of it. the fact that the bunch of 'ola men who started in to celebrat- •he supreme court decision which tlii>y • hougii rendered beer parlies immune, •o' nipp'-<l while in tlie midst of their clrbralion, was a good enough joke. "Serunit In »he Uousv" .11 the I.'rand : Friday .Mu'ht. "Tiie Seravnt In the lloii.^e" which will he seen Jit the Grand on Friilay January 12. was ealled by Harper's -Wa.gaz.'n- 'The .Most Kemarkable play ) in the i:ng!ish laiimr.ige." and tl-e New Vo.'k Sun said i! wa.s "tlie grratest drama of the generation." :ind the Ch::'ago Daily .\ews declared it to bij^'tl!? inosi beautiful play of all age:=. Mcs.srs :5askell and MacVitty the producer;:, ire ."^ending this wonderfu! play iiere with what is laid to be the greatest ast of players ever sent into the Mid He \Ve.<;t .prominent in the cast is Hugo IJ. Koch, tin actor who has fr.- deared himself *o iilay-gcers liy lii.i excellent work of the la?t few years. Ci:mpaiiy .\nt()nii). I want 10 -ay in •.•e.nfiilenee | iliat tile laniis ar^ goc.i and the ioea- • lion I 'lost desirable. Tiie Tani;''k- , I'j s:onivIle hard road is now ivaildin.'.; 't ihroiigli tliie tract and when com-! :'| pleted, witiiin six montlis. will put tliis iract on a direct hard road fn>iii .lack sonviile to Tampa. 1'2."> miles long. Tiiis road is now about completed only a -f. ip Iliroagh Paseo coiiiiiy to build, so 1 am informed. "Tills country is n:o-t beautiful ami iiromising eounlr.v, luit as yet unile- lelopid. Xew develo] ao nt. however, is going on everywliere and 1 am :."lil '•y people aciiuainted with conditions, here lhat tin re hat been more dev 1- opiiieni in tlie la-f fi\e year.-, tiian iliere had been i :i rise iirexi.iiis iorty years If -Jia! iriie. I have 110 re;tson to doubt it it would -eeiii thai the next tin years would make a won- dirfti' ciii'.nge here. Thete i-- up iloub: but this will be the lie.niity spot of lie I'tliteii Sl^iles when develeiied. 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I'iuex has iirt .-ii ii'-d. but never siif-ees-riillv. f..r eolhiii:; e!s- will pnvliiep Ihe same i..>idts. The •jeiiitice is piHranteeil to ciiv al s dife sat's'a 'tioa or money re.'und. •!. <'.'itili. :'.:e of •,:vi ;!r- aillee is '•.•r:il:;ird in e :ii li im>-'':t^". Vi .ur driiSKist INiiei c r will sla !li- •-'•l il for you If not. send lu Tiie I'laex Co.. Ft. Wayni-, lud. other agents. Ilismutii-Subnifr^-ite and Pepsin a;e constantly emjiloyed and recognized by the entire medica; iiroiession as in- - •.a'liabie in tiie Irfcalm-.-nt of in.'iige:;- tion and dyspepsia. ™ The Pepsin used in Kcxail lly.^pf p.-ia Tahlr ts is (•arefully prroareii so as to | tieevioji its greate.'^t effl:'!en?y. l'ep-'=in i supplies to the digos::ve apparatus one i of the most important eli !!•.• nts of the digestive fluid. Witluui; il the dige?-• tion and as: ituilatirn of food ari' im-, eossliile. i Tiie Canninailve.- iio.--e?s i>r.per-; ties wliifh aid In rflievinir tin- eis;iirl-: iiices and pain caused by undigesie.l lood. . This ccnibinatlon of iliese in- :-r(dien:s makes a remedy invahiabl" i fo- Ihe complete relief i,f in'I.L-estiin ;;n>l I 'yvspi lisia. We are so eertaiu of this !!i:r w.- _ urge ye.ii to try ili :;a!l I>.i.-jiepsla Ta"'! Ills on I 'll! ir.\ II i-eisoii:;! [ K Thiee si/e-. '2: ••i -ii!-. Tel eenis-. i'.nd | [ji Jl.i'i'l. i;e !i|' iiiher ,\ .,ii e:.n nh;afn l^::- i ail U'di-:- (in'y at <;iir s lor^ •-TIo'I M •'<••!• >•• er,. Curreil's UniL. Store, i For Hides and Furs. AIsc .Fine Lump Coal for sale —at L. KRUPP'S .V'XK YARD Phone :jl4 .\xi :s. mcK s.vMs. suv i.i 't H^. CKII.SS-I IT S.\>VS, CO.M, Hoi:s, poKKHs. (( \ si:iivi:i>. WKIK.'KS &k:rdware Co. THE COGMILf. COMMISSION CO., ioi.'.'.s ••i:oi); : :; .M \i!hi;r iniiiiiteu West Side Square. V.VTIS CKNTKIl \K\VS. Y.\TI".S CCNIK'.; K.\S . .Ian. II-.Ml-s Freila Shears, iifid •'erk in h' Po-Iili'ice I!< ol; St'-re. v.ho ha- In :i visi;ri: in 'l"( ';< kr. ard Kiin^as !'i,y fur 'le easi ii'n i''.:y.- ••.vrti-d !a-: evening. She ref-orts I ' vin-.; mioi! .i'l Cilen Sil.tts •.vho fj'-en '(••11' fo'k' for tile pa-t t'vo wi ; k-j re- inri-d .') I.awver;-.-e y. i-. e'-.!:;y, ui;ere ::'e js er.lillg K, C. I'.!. Villi; i .\ery da;, It; I', i;i.:. i ;;;i;s and i ii ri glad M taJK to - 1 ('. v.h- i;p a re ri, ll.T. I'hrif.c:!:« •.I. 'I'hit's t.SjicccsM>r.«. lo lo.'a I'rodac( We.«.t of Santa Fc Tnicks • I'.'.-s for Hie \Vi • for. I'll.) POCLTflV, are always lola, Kansas !'ren'!i. 'iid are .-•]•• nc;'ni; a few d;iy n: I !i:i^a;ouii .ilTer wt'ley •.vili ^i,' ;•: h..i;ip to fri'-ni'.^ iu Ya;.s (.'i!!,.-:. I -Mr. Cox is on.- o* our voiinK men Tex U'a:^';rman and Leonard .McCor- ' •^''•''"^ K -hins. n is one of tiie i.est youn:; n'.," ry.o of Y. C'.s liaske; ball teani. • •••'•-^ Ii-IU-, of our .-i 'y. Con?ratil- • ad a r.n;-'.oiind go last nigiit w!ii.-;i 'ornii'-'iit or. four black eyfs and nuiae'-i ous minor bruisp.=. Mi?;- l-eta Biadv went • as fnr 'as lola with .Miss .Alive ll .-7gt !eland wlio .V?'-- :ft;'rning to Itaker I'nivprsity. .Miss .Jean Singleton retnrned »o Wa.'^hhurn Sunday. -Married—.Mr. Guy Cox and Miss Ida I Robinson were married Monday even- ;:ii:iiri-. ^-^I:^•'>^ ;';iink Tr;\\is. of lola was •n r:ii\ ! ity .^afiiiday. .^^oiiie are ii^ran enougii to Insinuate that l;c is respon iible for liip wea:!;pr we are having. The Kn;.^:.^s of Py" ias in.-; ailed t'ae fol.'e-wJn:; otii-nrs on .Monday evening: Wui. Ccrneil. ". C •,!: i;.:. .'.! if i^'.. !•• ..I. Wiiit'.aker, M. of i; ; W ;i i-lai]>i:t(:n .\!. of W.; Wm. .'arr. .M .\.. C. II. Sticher. I. G.; 1!. (' l ).;v .r..-y. II. .After installation ail M 'laireu lo the lestaurant for oysters. .Mr. Sam Can!, an attorney from in'a. was in town .Monday. —Tlie Missouri Pacific will have on =ale .January ISth, 14th an^ 15th Tv-iiad trip tickets to Henver, Colo., for .Vationa.l Western Stock show al T. Fry j ^2a.;r>. with usjtal stop over prlvll- V. C; Cha.s Harris'. Prelate; .1. S. eges.-lii^it on return to January Slst Fordice, K. of U. & S.; C. A. True-| Phone ItiO. E. E. Munger, Agent. j

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