The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on November 7, 1961 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 8

Ottawa, Kansas
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Tuesday, November 7, 1961
Page 8
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O THE OTTAWA HERALD 9 Tuesday, November 7, 1961 News Briefs Franklin County's board of commissioners yesterday closed a road on the Roy Swank farm, southweat of Ottawa, acting on a recent petition of Swank. The commissioners met at the Swank farm yesterday morning after having published notice of intent to close the road, and no persons appeared to object to the closing. The road had not been in use for some years. Chili Supper Tues., Nov. 7, 5:307. Hawthorne School P.T.A. Adv. Farm Group Debate On 2 Surplus Plans (Male Help Wanted —19 Curtis Thornbrugh, a student at Ottawa University residing at Price Hall, reported to police that someone removed a 6-volt battery from his 1951 Chevrolet. Turkeys, fresh oven dressed Murphy's Turkey Farm TU3-6618. Adv. WICHITA (AP) — Two intricate plans to reduce farm surpluses and bolster farm income are being debated avidly at the annual convention of the Kansas Farm Bureau. The head-on clash will come to a climax at the final business session Wednesday when the delegates vote on resolutions. One plan is characterized as a voluntary cropland retire- ment program, backed up by incentive payments and relatively low price supports. The other is the Finney County Wheat Plan, involving bushel instead of acreage production allotments and two prices for wheat- one of them at near 100 per cent of parity. Backers of the Finney County Plan say it is endorsed by 40 of the 105 counties in Kansas. Neither of the plans is new and their proponents in the debate at the Farm Bureau convention Mon•day declined to predict success for either. The cropland retirement p r o • gram would leave it to the secretary of agriculture to determine how much cropland should be retired in order to reduce surpluses of wheat, feed grains, soybeans and other crops. He would then enter into contracts with farmers to retire the excess land for three to ten years —at rates high enough to induce voluntary participation. There would be no marketing quotas or acreage allotments • to control production. Price supports for the cros would be integrated, and kept low enough to discourage the use of extra fertilizer and water to increase production. The Finney County plan would have the secretary of agriculture determine how much wheat is needed yearly for primary use for food in the United States and for export—and this figure would be cut 100 million bushels a year until the surplus is reduced. Each farmer would get a certificate for his share of this primary use figure, based on his production history. He would get parity prices for wheat sold under the certificate, plus premiums for quality. He would get a subsidy for wheat sold for export at prices lower than parity. There would be no supports for wheat sold for feed, seed or industrial uses. Farmers could get loans at 75 per cent of parity on certificate wheat they hold but storage would be at their expense. MAN TO REPRESENT US in this area. Good pay. For Interview -Call collect, WE 1-4873, Kansa City, Mo. 6 to 9 p.m. Ann Landers Total cars moved over Santa Fe System lines for the week ending Nov. 4, were 38,281 compared with 38,242 for the same week a year ago. Cars received from connections totaled 12,357 compared with 11,116 for the same week a year ago. Your Prescription Drug Store, Snyder Pharmacy, 318 S. Main. Adv. Two sets of first and second prizes were awarded at the Elks Club duplicate bridge tournament last night. For the North-South, first place winners were Butcher- Clark, from Baldwin; second, Walter Hegberg and Robert A. Anderson. For East-West, first place winners were Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Miller; second, Schroff and Cramer, Lawrence. Boys' Acrobatic tap class, reg. now, Bernhardt's CH 2-3696. Adv. Dr. Josaphyne Davis has received news that her son-in-law, Albert 0. Kiesow, attorney in Kansas City, Kas., has been appointed Workmen's Compensation examiner for the Wyandotte- Johnson County area. Appointment was made by Fred Rausche, Topeka. Kiesow served in a similar capacity from 1954 to 1957. Kiesow and his wife, the former Orpha Davis, h've at Lake Forest, Bonner Springs. "Trash" Belongs To The Collector Dear Ann: My husband works for the city as a garbage collector. Last week he brought home a badly tarnished vase which he found in one of the refuse cans. He said he thought it looked pretty good and maybe I could clean it up. I spent about two hours scrubbing and polishing it and the vase turned out to be truly beautiful. I noticed some markings on the bottom and took the vase to an antique d e a 1- er to find out if the marks meant anything. The dealer told me the vase was a fine antique and he offered to buy it for $300. I refused to sell it because I w a s ANN before high school graduaiton. He was sick a long time and knew he was dying. He made Mom and us kids promise we'd spend no time mourning. Even though it was hard for Drake's Bakery — fresh butter rolls donuts, pies, cakes, cookies, wedding and birthday cakes. Adv. Dale Purcell, Richmond, Ind.^, formerly associated with Ottawa University, has been appointed to the position of Director of Development at the University of South Florida, effective immediately. Purcell has been general secretary at Earlham College for the past three years. His duties there involved co-ordination of the college's development program and his new position involves similar duties. Chicken Noodle Supper. Thurs. Nov. 9. Family style. Adults $1. Child. 50c. Union Chapel W.S.C.S. adv. Girl Scout Den 2, Pack 81, Lincoln School, visited Carnegie Free Library as a group yesterday afternoon with the den mother, Mrs. Robert Graham. Ottawa B Team Final Game Drops Ottawa High's B team closed out its football season yesterday afternoon, losing to the Lions at Lawrence, 0-20. The young Cyclones showed defensive strength in holding the Lions to 20 points. Lawrence had to battle for its TDs, getting two on quarterback keeps from inside the 1-yard line. The third was on a 10-yard run by the fullback. Ottawa pushed inside the Lioas 15-yard line in the third quarter but lost the ball on downs. The B team finished with a 3-win, 2- loss, 1-tie record. The varsity Cyclones will end their season Friday night at Bonner Springs. thrilled to own something so lovely. Now my conscience is bothering me. My husband remembers the house where he picked it up. Do you think he has a moral obligation to return the vase?—UNEASY Dear Uneasy: No. Trash cans are for unwanted articles. The condition of the vase is evidence that the owner attached no importance to it. Occasionally, a valuable article lands in the garbage can by mistake, in which case, of course it should be returned. But it seems clear that this item was consciously discarded, so please enjoy it with no misgivings. Dear Ann Landers: I am the father of three children. My take- holiie pay is $88 a week. I've worked hard for 25 years and have nothing to show for it. We don't even own our home. My wife goes on buying spells and our credit rating is terrible. She lies about having paid bills and then I get calls where I work. I've always given her my paycheck. She hands me 50c a week plus carfare. She gives each kid $2 a week because she says teenagers need more money these days. Yesterday the teacher of our 13-year-old phoned to say she hac to take money away from him because he was playing with during class. I'm fed up and '. don't know what to do. Please suggest something.—TRAPPED Dear Trapped: A father who would let his wife hand him 50c a week while his teenagers ge $2 must be out of his head. Tell your wife her handling o the money for the last 25 year hasn't been so hot so you're go ing to take over for the next 25 Sit down together and work ou a budget. Pay a small amoun out of every check to each o your creditors. Tell them how yoi intend to pay in full and ask them to bear with you. And close thos charge accounts so your wif won't be tempted. me, three weeks after Daddy died, Mom insisted I attend the prom and the senior class pincic. My older sister stood up at her best friend's wedding the following week. My aunts and uncles are all mad at my mother. They say we are rotten daughters and that he should not have allowed us do these things. They refuse o talk to her on the phone and he is left out of all family af- airs. What can we do?—GLD Dear GLD: Ignore the relatives. Your mother deserves credit for laving had the courage to do as •our father wished. Ann Landers' new book Since You Ask Me" is now a best seller. Continue Ledom Trial; Others Fined The case of Clyde E. Ledom, 123% E. 2nd, charged with driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor, was continued his morning in police court, and ^edorn is to be arraigned on Nov. Richmond News Celebrate Wedding Anniversary By MABEL CHANDLER Eight of Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wolken's nine children and their families, including 34 of 35 grand- Nehru Against Troop Dispatch children took the couple's a basket dinner to home to observe their 45th wedding anniversary. Mmes. Robert and Arthur Wolken baked and decorated the 3- tier cake that centered the table. The gathering was a complete surprise to Mr. and Mrs. Wolken. They were presented many useful gifts. Present were Mrs. Mildred Seek and family, Kansas City; the Robert Wolkens, Greeley; the Arthur and Harold Wolkens, Garnett; Sister Christina, Greeley; Jean Wolken, the Anthony Butells and Keith Emerentia, Mays Paola; Sister Paola, and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Diedel, Lawrence. Their daughter, Sister Benigna, who is teaching in Bartlesville, and grandson, John Seek, in seminary at Conception, Mo., were unable to be present. The WASHINGTON (AP) - India Prime Minister Nehru was reported today to have strongly advised President Kennedy against sending U.S. combat troops to South Viet Nam. Three weeks ago, when Kennedy dispatched his military adviser, Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, to the Communist-besieged nation, there was wide speculation that Kennedy might send a U.S. force to South Viet Nam. When Taylor returned Friday he had no public word of support for sending troops. White House press secretary Pierre Salinger said Kennedy and Nehru discussed both Laos and South Viet Nam in their first meeting Monday. Nehru, a leader of the nonaligned nations, scheduled a midmorning White House meeting with Kennedy today to discuss subjects ranging from Southeast Asia to Berlin to nuclear testing. Their meeting at Newport, R.I., Monday was the first chance for the two men to take each other's measure. The atmosphre was described as friendly. They flew here together from Kennedy's vacation headquarters. On his arrival here, Nehru stressed a peaceful approach to the problems of the cold war. "With us peace is a passion," he told Kennedy in an impromptu statement at Andrews Air Force Base. The prime minister wished Kennedy "all success in his efforts to maintain peace and freedom in the world." He also took note of recent U.S. criticism of Indian policies and said one purpose of his visit was to "explain what we have in our own minds." Relationships between friendly countries, he said, are more basic than "temporary policies and events that happen." Wellsville Newt Small World, Isn't It? By BERNICE HOLDEN "This really is a small world," writes Donna (Bosworth) Rom- stedt from the Philippine Islands. I had written to Donna to ask about an incident in which a copy of the Ottawa Herald, sent to the Romstedts by her parents, HELP WANTED - Service man able to repair household appliances. Write Box K-57 c-o Ottawa Herald. PART TIME — Full Time route work. 23-40, married with car. $2 per hr. part time. $90 per week full time. Phone CH 2-2447 after 7:00 p.m. NATIONAL COMMNY needs 2 men with good work background for route work. Guarantee $110.00 to qualified man. Write personal summary c-o Ottawa Herald, Box G-56. MAN WITH CAR to service established customers. $103.00 per. week guaranteed. Qualifications 21-35, high school education, good work references. See Mr. Schaulis. North American Hotel, Tues., evening 7-9 p.m. or 8-9 a.m. Wednesday. Salesmen —20 and Mrs. James Bosworth, Mr. had 28. Fred Wiesners visitors. were afternoon Dear Ann: I'm 17 and miserable. My father died two weeks Luther Henry Ray, 58, Richmond, Minn., arrested yesterday and charged with speeding 43 miles per hour in a 30-mile zone and with having an open bottle accessible to the driver, was 'ined $13 on ths speeding charge and $40 on the second. The $40 ine was suspended. Willie E. Williams, 115 S. Mul- jerry, charged with being drunk and disturbing the peace, was Fined $50 on the drunk charge. The peace disturbance charge was dismissed. Bert Bell Jr., RFD 3, charged with making an illegal U-turn in the 400 block on South Main, pleaded guilty and was fined $10. Robert Lee Castle, RFD 2, Blue Springs, Mo., arrested Nov. 2 and charged with being drunk and having an open bottle, was fined $50 on the drunk charge and $25 on the open-bottle charge. Jack E. Stayton, 1310 E. 7th, arrested Nov. 1 and charged with speeding 40 miles per hour in a 30-mile zone, forfeited a bond of $10. " Evelyn E. Foushee, 704 S. Cherry, charged with failing to yield the right-of-way and being involved in an accident on Oct. 31, pleaded guilty and was fined $20. Roy C. Travis, 504 N. Mulberry, arrested on Oct. 30 and charged with failing to yield the right-of-way and being involved in an accident, entered a plea of guilty and was fined $20. The case had been continued from last week. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Spencer have received an invitation to the marriage of their grandson, Dick Ward, to Judy Stockman on Nov. 18. Vows will be exchanged at the Stafford U. P. Church. Mr. and Mrs. Clark Platt are parents of twins, a boy 5 Ibs., 4 oz., and a girl 5 lb., 12 oz., born Nov. 4 at the Anderson County Hospital. Mrs. Platt was formerly Rose Celene Wienser. Members of the Fortnightly Club met Friday afternoon with Mrs. Abe Severns. Mrs. George C. Dietrich arranged the program and had as guest speaker Charles Edwards, who gave a talk and displayed his collection end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chester Martin. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Risdon, Ottawa spent Sunday with them. M. B. McLees was moved Saturday from the Showalter Nursing Home in Garnett to Cedar House in Ottawa. Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Johnson, Olmey, HI., were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leo Metze. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Henderson have received word that their sister-in-law, Mrs. Grover Henderson, Siloam Springs, Ark., is seriously ill. Traffic Toll TOPEKA (AP)-Kansas traffic eath log: 24 hours to 9 a.m. Tuesday—1. During November—7. During 1961—439. Comparable 1960 period—424. Segals of shells. Mmes. Alma Bastin, and Ella Fox and Miss Mabel Chandler were guests. Fifteen members were present. The Nov. 17 meeting will be with Mrs. Lee Perkins. Mrs. Albert Dunbar will have the program. 'Mrs. Kenneth Cunningham's entry placed sixth among 65 at the state egg show in Wichita last week. Twenty-one attended the meeting of the Friendly Circle Thursday. The ladies quilted for Mrs. Edgar, Ottawa. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Gault left Saturday to spend the winter in Florida. Mrs. Cecil Mathias was in Enid, Okla., Saturday to attend the marriage of her granddaughter, Patty McDaniel. Mrs. John Williams is being cared for at Cedar House Nursing Home in Ottawa. Willing Workers met Wednesday with Mrs. Walter Lankard to quilt for Miss Jane Myers. The club will meet Nov. 15 with Mrs. Ella Hunt in Garnett. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Risdon, Hamburg, la., and Mrs. Grace Ewing, Blue Rapids were week- Local Markets Soybeans $2.21 Wheat Milo Rye Shelled Corn Ear Corn Oats Barley Butterfat 48, 1.83 1.65 .90 1.12 1.07 .75 , .95 .43 Eggs, straight run 20 Eggs, graded 32, .24, .20 Cocks 03 Hens OS KANSAS CITY (AP) — Cattle 5,000; calves 450; steers steady to 25 higher; heifers steady; cows steady; vealers unchanged; stockers and feeders steady; good to high choice steers 23.00-25.00; good to choice heifers 22.50-24.10; utility and commercial cows 14.25-16.00; good and choice vealers 23.OJ- 26.00; good and choice stockers and feeders 22.50-24.00. Hogs 4,200; barrows and gilts 180-240 lb steady to 25 higher; sows steady; 1-3 190-250 lb barrows and gilts 15.25-16.00; 1-3 270400 lb sows 13.75-15.25. Sheep 2,500; lambs 50-75 lower; ewes and feeders steady; good to prime lambs 16.00-17.50; cull to good ewes 2.00-4.50; good to choice feede rsl 0. S 0-11.50. choice feeders 10.50-11.50. (First Published October 31, 1961) (Last Published November 14, 1961) itatc of Kansas, Franklin County, ES: n the Probate Court of said bounty and State. n the Matter of the Estate of iulena May Oray, deceased. NOTICK OF HEARING The State of Kansas to all icrsons concerned: You are hereby notified that a petl- lon has been filed In said court by Margaret A. Burgoon, heir at law of Sulena May Gray, deceased, praying or the determination of the descent of he following described real estate In Franklin County, Kansas, to-wlt: South 10 feet of Lot 5 and all of Lots 7 and 9, subject to an easement for maintenance of public utilities over the South 10 feet of Lot 5 and the North 5 feet of Lot 7, all In Block 43, City of Ottawa; and Lots 2. 4 and the North 'A of Lot 6, In block 3, Lathrop's Addition to the City of Ottawa; and all other property, real and personal, or Interests therein, owned by the said Sulena May Oray at the time of her death; and you are hereby required to file your written defenses thereto on or before the 24th day of November, 1961, at ten o'clock a.m., of said day, In said court, In the City of Ottawa, In Franklin County, Kansas, at which time and place said cause will be heard. Should you fall therein, judgment and decree will be entered In due course upon said petition. Margaret A. Burgoon. Petitioner. Bowers It Bowers, Attorneys. Hospital Notes Admissions Mrs. John Rossman, Richmond; Craton Cade, Williamsburg; Monday. Births Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Brooksher, RFD 4, Emporia, daughter born Tuesday, weight, 8 lb., 13 oz Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Byrne, RFD, 3, daughter born Tuesday, weight, 5 lb., 5 pz. Dismissals Mrs. John Roth, 722 S. Hickory; Monday. Mrs. David Suther land and baby son, 309 Ash; Mrs Wallace McNees, RFD 4; Mrs. Thomas Michel, 1404 S. Cedar; Tuesday. Attention Hunters SHOTGUN SHELLS All Sizes and Gauges af DISCOUNT PRICES See Us for the Lowest Price in Ottawa flic friendl, Slor Conner '* CIIAPKI. DEPENDABLE AMBULANCE fjEHVICE 525NOPTHMAIN PHONE CH 2-I 331 OTTAWA. For QUALITY select A GUARDIAN MEMORIAL OF EVERLASTING BEAUTY We tevile you to visit our display of quality memorials. You ^?4=* will be assured of utmost value at an honest price. ' £&£ 1111 Transportation furnished to our displays. Guaranteed Bond furnished with any Memorial. Memorials in all Price Ranges. "It costs so little to remember" Stewart Memorials "Standards of High Quality Since 1902" FRANK SNOOK, Mgr. 118 W. 15th Phone CH 2-3325 Across from the South Water Tower been of particular interest to one of their friends. Donna replied that she had been working in the housing services office at Yokota Air Force Base in Japan at the time. "One day Staff-Sergeant Fox and I were visiting," she explained, "and the usual question was asked as to where we were from. I said, 'Kansas,' and so did he. I further stated that my hometown was Wellsville near Ottawa." "He remarked, 'I have a brother-in-law in Ottawa, maybe your husband, Jack, knows him." He said his brother-in-law's name is Howard Doyen." "I went home that evening and mentioned the above conversation to my husband. Jack had just returned from home because of the death of his father. He said, 'That's funny. Aunt Marie had asked me to look up some sergeant who was Doyen's brother-in-law'. " "Later, my mother sent copies of the Herald to Jack. Mr. Doyen's picture was in one of them, and I took it to Sergeant Fox." "After we had arrived in the Philippine Islands," Donna continued, "Jack was immediately sent TDY to a classified deployment. Who should he run into but Sergeant Fox." SALESMAN wanted by long established firm. Vacation with pay. Opportunity for experienced man to make good. Write Box J-57 c-o Ottawa Herald. Female Help Wanted—24 RELIABLE Baby Sitter, days. 2-3941 Hawthorne vicinity. CH after 5:30. ASSISTANT in dental office. Experience not necessary, will train. Attractive hours. Pay will commensurate with ability. Write for interview, briefly stating age, education and working experience. Box L-57 c-o Ottawa Herald. General Services —29 IRONINGS - CH 2-3357. BABY SITTING - My home, 627 So. Mulberry. BABY SITTING in your home. Day or night. CH 2-3211. IRONINGS WANTED. Call CH 24261. Nellie Deal. ALBAN'S Hydraulic Jack Servic* New and used, 715 Willow. PLOW, blade, grade yards. Le« Carter. CH 2-3659. 535 KNAPP SHOES. Lee Carter. So. Sycamore. DEAD ANIMALS removed. Standard Rendering Co. Call collect Ottawa - CH 2-1064. LET US help your business by advertising your service in the Ottawa Herald General Services sectioa WALLPAPER removed by steam. Painting, papering. Conrad'i Spray, Painters and Decorators. Phone CH 2-3268. SALE DATES Ernest Arnold Overbrook, Kansas Phone MO 5-3236 Nov. 7—Osage City Livestock Sale, Osage City, Kansas Nov. 10—Emporla Livestock Sale Co., Emporla, Kansas Nov. 11—Franklin County Sale Co., Wilson and Loucst, Ottawa, Kansas Nov. 13—Special Stocker and Feeder Sale, Franklin Co. Sale Co., Wilson and Locust, Ottawa, Kansas Myers Bros. Phone Centropolis Claude—918 Howard—48. Ottawa RFD 4. Franklin County Sale Company Every Saturday. Locust & Wilson, Ottawa, ICas. Nov. • — Waverly Sale Co., Waverly Kansas. Nov. 13 — Special Stocker & Feeder Sale, Franklin Co. Sale Co., Locust It Wilson, Ottawa, Kansas. Nov. 15 — F. O. Spencer & Son Here- lord cattle & farm machinery, 7 mll«» South 2'/4 East of Wllllamsburg. Nov. 16 — Herbert Barnhart, Dairy Sale, 3 miles Northeast Michigan Valley. 1 p.m. Nov. 17 — Lyle M. Cox Farm Sale, 2Va miles North Wllllamsburg. Harold Stewart & Charles Bcatty Harold - CH 2-4836 Charles — Lyndon, Kansas Nov. 8 — Harold D. and Marie A. Persinger, 8% miles east of Osage City. Nov. 9 — Night Consignment Horse Sale, Ottawa Livestock Commission. Nov. 10—Chet Louderback farm sale 4 VI- miles east of Ottawa on Highway 68. Nov. 14 — Mr. and Mrs. Earl Cum- mlngs farm sale, 2 miles south of Ottawa, Kas., airport. Nov. 21 — Night Consignment Horse Sale, Nersho Livestock Commission Co., Neosho, Mo, Nov. 30 — Night Consignment Horse Sale, Ottawa Livestock Commission Co. Printy and Sons Ben Printy "Cap" CH 2-1974 CH 2-1201 Community auction every Thuesdaj night 7 p.m.. 1136 N. Main. Community sale every Thursdaj night. 1136 N. Main. Nov. 11, Norma Loux, household goods, 911 Willow St., Ottawa, 1 p.m. NOV. 13 — Harold Burroughs Property & furniture, Homewood, Kas. 1 p.m. Jack Nelson Phone 4-F-43, Pomona, Kas. Overbrook Livestock Sale, Ovtrbroofc, Kansas. Every Wednesday. Gordon James Phone Feed Store - CH 2-5596 Home - CH 2-1460 Ottawa Market Bale located one mile East of Main on Wilson, every Saturday, 1 p.m. Want Ads Phone CH 2-4700 CLASSIFIED DEADLINE 11 a.m. Daily Except Saturday—10 a.m. Save I0%--Pay Cash 10 per cent Discount on Local ads paid by 5 p.m. following day. WANT AD PER WORD RATES 1 insertion per word 4c 3 insertions per word lOc 6 insertions per word ........ 15c 26 insertions per word 60c Minimum charge 70c Card of Thanks 4c per word — 70c mln. 1 inch Lodge Notices set with emblem $1.00 emblem $1.50 2 insertions no change .. $1.50 Classified Display (Local) 13c per line. Out of trade territory, 5c per word per insertion, no discount Classified Display (National) 20c per line Special Discount Contract Rates Available Card of Thanks Our sincere thanks to our many friends and relatives who sent cards and gifts and well wishes, on our 40th anniversary. Vern and Jerold Hodson. WHEEL ALIGNMENT - Balancing, body work. CH 2-5456. BULLDOZING - All types. Nor- Scott. Phone CH 2-1219. man PRIVATE CARE for elderly persons in my home. Wellsville, TO 3-6024 or Box 66. __ TREE TRIMMING, topping, removing etc. Insured. Free Estimates. CH 2-3389 when you need SERVICE your best bet WARDS phone . . . CH 2-1770 all brands — Kitchen appliances, TV, radio, sewing machines, gas engines & Refrigeration SERVICE WARRANTY parts in stock. McCRACKEN ELECTRIC CH 2-3254 WIRING CH 24930 ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION DAIRY and BEEF Herds Associated with K.A.B.S.U. 24-Hour Service CH 2-1751 BILL Bins Position Wtd. Women—30 BABY SITTING by day. Your home. Reliable. CH 2-5252. Lost and Found LOST OR STOLEN — 13 year old, large, black male cat with white feet and white spot on breast. Reward. CH 2-2113 or CH 2-3518. Notices —0 Ottawa Lodge No. 18 AF & AM. Tuesday, Nov. 7. Past Masters Night. Work in the Third Degree. Dinner at 6:30 p.m. Myron S. Steere Jr. — Master Sidney 0. Morris — Sec'y Ottawa Council No. 18, R. & S.M. Slated Assembly Wed. night, Nov. 8th at 8:00 p.m. Business meeting. All members welcome. Harry E. Brink, I.M. Melvin L. Sellers, Rec. Ottawa Chapter No. 7, R.A.M. ^ Stated Convocation Wed. nite, Nov. 8th at 7:30 p.m. Business meeting. Work in M. M. Degree at 6:00 p.m. and in P.M. & M.E.M. Degrees at 8:30 p.m. All members welcome. Harry E. Brink, E.H.P. ' Melvin L. Sellers, Sec. Livestock —34 47 WEANLING pigs. Gerald Breithaupt, Welsville. TU 3-5573. 2 650 lb. stock steers. Phone CH 2-3917. FOR SALE — 4 sows with pigs. Orvil Pohl. Baldwin. Kas. WANT TO BUY from 200 to 300 head of shoats — 60 to 100 Ibs. Jack Wilson, Pomona 15-F-22. 8 NATIVE EWES; 1 buck. Larry Shaffer. 1^ miles southwest of Homewood. FOR SALE — 3 Hereford bulls, weight 450. Contact Roger Scott Scott's Service. CH 2-9796. HORSE SALE — Thursday ev£ ning, November 9, Ottawa Livestock Commission Co., West Wilson Street, Ottawa, Kansas. FOR SALE — Pair smooth mouth Sorrel mare mules. Well broke, good work team. C. S. Paulson, Richmond, Kansas. FOR SALE — Holstein, Guernsey, Brown Swiss, and Jersey heifers. Fresh and heavy spring- ers. Kenneth Russell, 4 ] /2 southeast of Lane on 169 Highway. FOR SALE — Ottawa King 8485- 99CL Registered Hampshire boar, 400 pounds, breeding condition. Out of certified litter. Sired by 1960 Conference Champion. Mohr & Son. CH 2-2490.

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