Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1912
Page 3
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, THURSDAY EVENI>fG, JANUARY 11.1912.' 3^] till to Come United States Signal Service Reports Ano'ther ~ Severe Cold Wave You Need Blankets, Comforts, Underwear Note Reductions in Our Clearing Sale 20% off on all WOOL BLANKETS, from $3.98 to $10.00 10% off on all COnON BLANKETS, from $1.25 to $4.S0 15V< off on all COMFORTS off on WOOL UNDERWEAR, from $1.50 to $5.00 15' WA Off on s\l WINTER UNBERWTAR. from $1.00 to $1.50 rk Store Cdats, SUB'S arid t'lsrs at 1-2 and 1 -3 of* SPECIAL! LlialMlil il -r i-..i ;.;i ;!i:> . 'I 'ljo ||v,. fi'Oiii ill r <]•<••< lln- jitl .l iliil • ciiiviil.-i-.- hi. ll.'.lll.iVi' llilnli' (lisi-()\i ll l\1 ; tlt>:';i i|. I One lot of L.-i'li''-;" i:^ Skirts in PanaiiKi. y <^Vr and Ser^ires — liqlu ai; • 6 dark coloi'.s—^piod siyl' . i-l worth up to So.(!(>.: rlr; • S up" price— . $2.50 i - (i : Mtiiic^:. .M. CUIIDIIICIIIIIO. 1; V V. • III .li.|.|i|| |,>l II i ' ('Liiniy IliilIiT ;it i 'ilv u 11. M;> HI:- II- I 'liiTil:- Is piiir, I I" ,?i.'i-nMi 1\ III «Itli (lrii|isy - 1;.,- W C .Tr:ils Ucnlly r... K :oss i ' (J'M '' . V i'" nn- 1"''li inn, ii.i; r.y.::. HM.IUS 10 ii"'- <•'<• v-'-f -'^ I i.."ir • 11 : ir III 1 i-.niiw \ i'^lri iliiy '. 'i' I>' V I'!' Oil I'.VM. ill RAMSAYS 12 • ,. V .,11 |,i,-, .iTii.i'i I...I V. ,!i ' : i . "i M I 'y i!' i .• 1 1 - (s i.ft... - I>r. I .Hcy M. Hull, Oslcoii/itli. ril(l.l:i)iH« till iiiid l!fil. 'I' . ,- i'l'.lll'ii. wiiii WHS ; trilil, i,\ . ' i. \. I'll- I til- Siit:ilii> li:.-ili!fv, • .1 :i ;"i liir.- ii: lin- si- ':<.•. :> •. .. •• :•' ill iiii'i I'l'ii iii,',v r I.I i' ill.:.' ilciuln lull i i ;:• ••MIII'WlilH'Bi^lli III! IKItg-T; For HEATABILITV. COOKADIiJTV uni BAKEAIilMTV. v.. GARLAMi i line of Slovc.: ex.'"ls a'l others. Lci v-s ^i-nw v -.i nil ':• i-.u:.- Idlii liii-iiils will If si'iry III lii'iii liiiii Mr. tli-o. !'.. I-M;Mr. Sr. Lilli'T III I ;•(•),;••;,mi !{ .'i i-M- ;:;ir. lA lyini: :ii ilii' piiirJ ol (UM'':. ! r Tiii.-.iiii.- iMi.! W I'm!:-: vM'iiil ^.••'> Cciili r, ;in- in tin- cily imiay M ;i -iiMvi liii-in.--.s \ i.sji. <"liiii;i li.'s ll .i' j ;ri ;it '-t <!o|ii': il> <i|' iri'U 111!' in il:.- wcrlil niiil is li. - ^i'liniii^; ill i'x)iiv.t i!'-^ iinn. — l-'iv. r.M'.iii:: S-'.iiii:^ up cxccrt Mon-' I :. M -i.:.^-2 "i-. I . ".il : :i:• I, I ill- ymiiiu ii;:--! u luiiu:-.- i>-i^'.\ :'. ;'.r : . .! v.. .s t- I • ... i. ,! ;,. i( >. I -.i -J .iv. 'V Sc'inriiliriin li'ip I 'S tilis i-vi-n- Vi-\\ I 'n: :. \ikrin~:i~. In :i •••,i']i; a r. .!s '. ir i.iiv rriiiiiiii 1- lin-r.. !iii f i! y I:, iji'iii ems^x >:.r.^-u::r:ii.: in " As • • G R A Friday, iam&ry 12:'; - I.,!li.. 'I'loii? Il.ili!iii! aiK! '.' 11 i- a" ( 1)\\ iM .-.'s. i;:i: M.aI^. M'^nly- ., ,. ~" . , l-.\:ll--. 11,111.', (i; M'. 11 I 'll!!! •>. Il :r 111' I!-nil. :,ii-! 1 , . (11- \ ;i .''"I'.'- I iiry-!iiMi yar mi il,. , .. vvi -j.. ii- 11- .-1. ...--'''laii (•<•: 11 -ji-i -iTv linn. «:is in lo'i ', ., -. -,1 'i, i:.>,.';• , . . • > • .-^i'• ili'\ "I'.'is iininiinir !ii s!arl>-ii • v . ' 111, iiilv a '"'"^ !''>ii:i'ii! iiii-lii.liiiL: a il:iri> •'li;-' 1 yl.l|^ ciT • 111- J.-^ a i!l.|i(is(i|)lii-r. .T ivtir .ia: Fnini Loans. In-- _ , .-..TaMr of CriiW. Mo ; i::-. i :i. .-a i • .I'MIMI «il'i .-irk l;(.'a'!lrii " :'ir a'ivc ypiir-:. slie l )P .::ar: I !;;l.i- < 'i iiiii.-Tla'R's 'I '.Tblfts. Sin ,, ! Ill- I'liiTli'S of t !io :n anO I,,.. .,, ..' i.i.v.' rn:-. ! Iii-r. Pii-k iifatlar!'!- ,. .1 i- .''ii-.-il !iy a 'lis.inl.'rcti stniiiarh fm ;.. ;....;.i ; J •• .1 '.' • .•..•i'.; a:'.' i'?iit"i;a!iy in,,' yi , '-'.i • Tiy '.• -11', I .•• •.v.'U anil slay I ,:i (• , ; 1 . ^'.1 I! .-•'"! a'.l ij. ali-i->. .Mir-irai-; = I (• i.> II! r. ll t .- . '.irv.ii i >ll "ir l!ii' Grealcst 3Iodi-m ^M P : 'i-'.i ! I> ,\ I . •• 'I I '\'. 1.1' - 1- ,, iiai- . Ci -iv. il ; iv . ' ill" V llil !l .-'-llV. .; ; ^ > • f lldlciiinli r - nai- '.' niaii ilii> I'mn' ' !• • a; II.' I- i -ii!i lli'iirj Milli-r'- > M ...i i::: 11 HUGO B. KOCH in 54 11 Kv Cliarlf- l(an:i v. It' 1 •. .11 t 1 - UP And the f.rciil 'vi < --i I , , r Si'i'ii. in till- 1 -1 1 voar in >.'•• \'i : !. 1 yvar in L <iT:i!' a: : Chicago; ncv. i 'ii.>'::.: "•• Places $1, 7oc. 5Gf, 2-' JC ^ I iv'iii, ii ; I Auditorium SKATING RINK \ Tuesday, Thur.'jday and Saturday E^•enine.s at 7 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. I. ;^ IV ,.,11,.. . : I , : .Iriiii,-: I':,. I,:;. , r.i:-.; Iln- iii .la J ~.i.n\ 111.- S'.-i' 'i.-;-M liiiiil ll II. ! t niii . .. ,1 V ^'.--l V Hi - 1 iiisl - lir;.- , • 'I •: •!, Ill,- i;iil| 111 Mi i, . ),.; I"-- ii .i-.. -ll ij.-ui-ii .i .•d-.-w ,-1-1-.1 :.• V' v. ii|i. la-i ..ail i)M'.-r ilu • , l.l -Ml . • 'f.'l • I ': lrii |i -illri« . ,! i , . i',;: -,>. • ,1''.., ;• : ^ 1 1,' , I m i !i i.f N.-v. i M '. Ill- W. il 1. 1,11., : •• -ra'.- riiiiiliii' ill I'.ii-ii.:; Ml- ,ii.i Miii 'l'-.- li.-r . Ti'... i -a'l..- '11.-II iiii'i '! ja an.I ':a ' - I )«• • i .i '.i...' I '.i I •aa .-i 'lian I'l •• ii -a-l ;!..- ;...i -i. V iail llii'-viim liii: 1 I ;! 'i! .li- ; Ui- III i' liila. I "!nrr» in K.i<ry < ii>i>." -i _\!.- .1;,-. M-'-a!'; ry. y:.zr. of l!><' " '.. I laiai.i.. .\' -II.. n-i .1111.. II i:;. y ar.l Ta;- riini- 111 -- ;• I a: •• In PVTV VA.-C. ': '. -.1 ',' n.y.-il' av.d 1 'lavo ;->-r- • •-.'. ',: ••'i . :aa:;y fl.'iors wli.) '..I- i .i • 1.: :"s a;- at rui'ii- ;ri IMM - ci ti;p tl'.roat .-.i;.! II:-:- " l'.-.;- ali c-f>ai;;;s and t.ilds : :•• : , -. .My ..r .i-Mvi .1. I'. Munilii i: i- ;.-.'li'v I :';'.>i-;iv.- .1 II :uiiniiis Co WEST OF THE KIYER. Jiiniiaiy 10.—Owing to the' cold, storiii.v wt-atlier there was no uioptlnK lit Inlnn Saturday and Sunday. rnilu .Ii'.sif IUKKB vlniti-d Grandpa I)a\^.-(ln rroin Kilday until Sunday and 11 J. I'lPi^toirs from Sunday until Til. ..-day !ind at C. Ii. Pe-jk « until U'.jd ni'iday then went to lola to visit the ii'.^t of the wwk. Kdnn IJeaty's folks vlulted theui Sun ! '!iy and tluy's folks Tuesday. C. P. Clark Is able to get out and around again. .1. .M. Hieston and C. R: Peck ea;h kllli'd a lioi-r Tue.-iday. Ci.ra IliKKs writes that the pinning .'reason Is about oevr and Jake U cut- tinK wood at seventy-five cents per cord. Hert and Arzle Iliiyes have bought and iire feedinK several hundred bush- I U of corn. They pay from fifty-eight ii> i-l.xty cent.s per bushel. Fied Hcaty has not yet found a farm to r "nt. llf? want.s one with a pasture, i llaxt'l and Maud West were vlsitlnt; ai Andy Hcahni's last Saturday and Sunday. They and Pearl Beahm attended church at Salem last Sunday ul^lit. W'f understand before this appears • in prinr there will be a wedding on our • Ide of the river. If till.-; bad weather continues we f«ar we won't get otir kaffir corn thraplu'd In time to plant. Mr. Ttirner drove over to La Harpe and back Sunday. Till' Ibaty boy.-; delivered ten or elev en ton of hay at the car. They got $la.2.-. at Piqua. CVira Flake, of Tola .spent Wednes- ilav nl II. II. Shockeys. .Mani.d. W.'dnp.=day. .Tan. 10. 1912 Ml- IMir Karl and Miss Peggy Su- lavin. Tlioy will live on what is known till- Ilitilelirant farm. .Mr. and Mr.«. Salivan aro moving to the Harr farm. WI-SI.KY ni.VPEL. .laiuiary la'.— .Mr. Saar was suffering M ilii tiMitJi arlic till' last of tlw week. V .'i' ail' having Home gi-niiine winter w. .1: 1 i-i-, 'I'lii r" was no services at the Chapel Siiiiiiay on arcimiit of the cold weatinr. T. . ;r ua> no cnal at lhii church. \\''> imil' III ii ;i \i' si-rvlri'S nr-xt Sunilay. Vi--.-- .\nn;i lionth Lela Hunting. !iifi. MM ;inil Pri'ston I'atler.^on at- f ii'liil a |i:irty at .Mr. ('(txV .S;ili(i -il :iy 111 • It Mr Cliaii. nil! went to lola WedticK- i!;.y. M Ki '^'i'rs wi .nt up to Mildred •I 'll Slim In lii 'lp ('.iri' for the new •ji-iiul-uii iiiid .Mrs. Hill came home. i.a.'.'i .Mil sdi'li'ty meets today with M' I'lfwnoil. The aid hn.» been at iMi 'l; a -nln nn ()iiilts. ' •-* in ni'i -tniber. one black mittfn -irijii'il •.•Invc. ftdded together. Iie- i«(-.'ii Mr. Cloiitiin's and I..a Harpe. \ i;iy Ml.--. .Mary K. Thompson. .Moran, lull'" one. .M"-. Minnie Cliltwond vislleil at ln-r 'I 'i;'ii IS at (;as City the last day.^ of I":'' V I k. rituiiiing Sunday. 1 !, , 1,. I '\N '-'i-: I - !;.\r, i -.\i :rFTs .wn • '-'•-.•.. >'ani; -pf- sa:r.i>!i-s !.: I'lJ >.' I ".i --ip.'ii siri'et. 1 -1 .1 I •I I- ai.i.n \iir' Mill-' 1-: .-VI-. V Terrible Suffering • v.-ill IK. ;.II- !' - l -i 111"! ^ ^ ' • ; Eczema All Ovor Baby's Body. ' "- '•'' I.- • ; •..-a'-I 'W:-.. p, rry l.-by was four ir.aths ,'Old his fit-.- brokir 'out ocr.ema. — 1 and at .'iixtf-f-n nior.'.h.u of ai;.''. his r .'.ic. iiiil M'-> C. Iirrk' III' V-JT hiii '.Is r.v.a arrriK wrr.? In a die-iili'ul .1D5HSSI0\ «• Erenlnc lOr Skates lie :Aftrnioon<i 5r Sl;a;i'< lite N 'nrth s;r"^-r. ir.r. • a r.ini i- TM - if.- Thf- ec T.p;nr. .-pn-ad all nvt-r Jil-till ir i-Uiii I -s; iiitiit. wliirli ii u! ai- on iy. W.,- l.mi ;o iiat a mask or clolh r!i.-,.;--.| I'll 'i- -n.,, in'r.'-:,:,y w-.t-'^''--^ b'." f. • p 3Tn! tb.- tia >:!< h.ind.s. ., •' -a^'irii -n ' I f-i-Vl.-'-i'.- F !:al'>- we .u-ave lii:n H .,oa-.s V.irsapa- ,. ,i \i 1 -.-• I - '-^ '^'^n:!'" be wii.-. en- — r-'l" /••-<-;k as ll 1.1.-^.^ ... J.,,,... y.:rs. Inez I.r-wl.-. Earir.^^ Maine. • aviii'. .;,i- ,ir.'.s.. v.-a= disi ov.-i.-! M> K.-xi's^aparllla rure.-« hli.od dis- —It will be to your Interest to buy ^ i,,^ in flana-? and Un- ai- ii n! ".- '•- ; c. -s nn-I l.-i; !n up the «ys!<m. your Flour and Feed of H. Klaumauc, . ?v f-or-ipelj. rj lo r.-ir-.. i 'h 'iivri ' <: t. Ii to.'iv In u.«'i-i! Miuiil form or 206 S- JeHerson. /Phone 2r.9. 'itur.- from the hous-' and a.^.^;.=t lb- i chocolated tabids called Sfirsatabs. .XTAll lUSTKICT. .Ian. II—.Mr.s. .\. L. Kniei^ou was i-ilai: III S;i!rm. Iowa by the serious illuis.. (.!' her motiier. Mrs. Kdwards. as i ''i laaii'y i'\iiected to move to Iowa in I'rlii ;;.iry. .Mrs. Kmer.'^on will not re- •'ivn 'n I ills pl.-ice. The departnr.' of ::'.i- r^tiiiiable family is greatly rc- -•.I iir.I I 'v :i larce circle of friends. A la-;ie niniber of young projib' :ri-;ii .-^ .ir |)r-.trlci atlenned the basket li.'ii' -ai'i.i'r held at .Mt. Pleasant school il -' 1 imrsilay and a good time w;is en- jiyril. Win. Payni' is baling hay this w.-ek. \ I. i-Iiia-r.-oii loaduda car of hay ir. CnioriV last v.eok. yr:-. .\ni'.a Idikerson and children. " iit lioaie after their usual holiday •^'i wit'i ivlatievs in N'> Kalis. yu.<? Criice Payne and Miss Lillie ''.•yr.i' havi. n'siiined their school dull' r'.rri'r a week's v.'lcatton Fjient with : • AI -ii imr high school stu- liini-. Unnice Payne and Lena r. - lai' In.liilay jtillifi.-atir.iis •.; -. ;—1 : Liai nat schrol in Colony .. - : - -- . av.' doing exi'elbni work ' ''—.<•'' is feeling <niiii' well al li e\i'('ri>'n! e with puiiniiint •' •-nilllll,'. 1- l)i-kerson and Kusia'-• Itozi- 11. nr vi -iH in Cnlnny .Monday inrcniKUi •• V,.,.. I! |)|c-ki-rson. Till. f\ivi 111.' cold is kfi'iiing tlii- yi." ciiililri-n mit of school this wi-ek. Iliisian. Ii.izi'iiinn a fiui' mllcli i'.\ ':':! wii'k. The other catib'.' I ; I'. .!.il il ii-.i-r lir.o a manger dutlne, 1 I! liii'iit ll «as found in the mnrnlni-, i 'II-' on i:s )»;ii-k dead. 'I'iiis I'l -ro weather is fine for tlie liay iiiarkrl. I' .1. I 'lAvell had a young iiiuli' Iiri-aK !•> !r-g Siindiiy. \!r I-''ii"iin had a lior>'e get down and i.i.i;.;!il in tin' stall In such niann>'i- as M iic.'d il down Two men worked I-ii'f a iilii '.ir to release it. Old t'lii'Uds iif Theo Klliotl will he .•; W.I !o barn of his death, lie died I ; i Is ii.itiu' in California. .Mr. Klliott 'ad ii'cn iU for KOTVP time, but the Im- d'ate lause of death was paralysis. •\llii'ii I'l.-.rson lost a horse Monday nri;h;, Tiic laiuily of Mr. Wiseman are vis- i'lnu-^ a; .Mrs. \Vm. .Miller's, while .Mr. \\'i.=eman is looking for a location. Lit:li' U'iiHe U'.-f man is atteading school at .'^•lar. Our 21st Semi - Annual Shovel 'Mm Sale h Going On! MIL il GLOBB: Ida, Kansas It is to Your Interest to Attend Tliis GREAT SAVING SALE A big reduction right when yoti most need it: Suits and Overcoats $20.00 $18.00 $1S.0u $14.40 . $12.00 $10.00 $25.00 and $27.50 Suits and Overcoats. Shovel 'Em Out S22.50 Suits and Ovei'coats— Shovel 'Em Out $20.00 Suits and Overcoats- Shovel 'Em Out $18.00 Suits and Overcoats- Shovel 'Em Out $15.00 Suits and Overcoal.s— Shovel 'Em Out $12.50 Suits and Overco:'.i..s— Shovel 'Em Out All SIO.OO Suits and Overcoats All $8.50 Suits and Overcoats SH.OO S0.80 SHIRTS and UNDERWEAR Wilson Bros. $1.00 and SI .25 Shirts now. . .. 85c S1.50 Shirts now. .$1.15 All fleece lined Underwear garment . ... 35c Heavy winter ribbed Underwear, 50c grade .. 35c Sweater Coats, Odd Trousers. Hosiery, and' Boys' Clotliinti at a big reductioi;! 250 pairs Shoes at $1.85 ISO pairs Shoes at $1.10 WEST SI-DE SQUAIRE JiO'RTH TiLOCK. ASK THE SAI^ESr- MAfi - 0 ijs ^S 'fcB "Just Say" HORLiCK'S li Means Original and Genuine MALTED MILK Ti^ Food-drink for Ail Ages. More healthful than Tea or Coffee. Agrees w-ith the weakest digeslion. Delidous, in^'igorati^g and nutritioua. Rich milk, malted grain, powder form. | A quick lanch prepared in a minnte. Take no substitnte. AskforHORUqjC'S. Others are imitations. rr ^ FREE SOUVENIR Saturday, Jan. I3tli China Pfaies, Iridescent Tumble ra and Green Bowls T.\ AUniTIO.V TO US(:AL CHFX'KS WITH {'01 KH: TK\ (HOCOLVTE ST-VIU'II JiXTR .VCtS (OAdMvrr wiiit sv.v.n (JEII.VTI.NE B .V11GA1>S THIS WEEK. l.'* lbs. besi Cane Sugar Jtest .liijian Hie?, 1 lb. cotton Itair -»« Ite-^t Seeded Kaisins, per )Mi <-kace Jlc Three His. Carolimi !:Jpe ^ 2Se MWV, Peerless Hrand, Horden's tall can ?C- Mllk, Peerless Itrnnd, norilpnV simaH can '>e Kag'e JJraud iUWi, Jlordcti's large cal> 1»C- (.'LASS PIK'I« F:n HIS WKIST. STONY POI.XT. .Ian. Our cold wavt: just keeps nn waving, but the wind is in the •I 'Mil.wesi this morning, .ind we may iiav - it a liitle wanner in a day or so. Mrs. Wealthy Kitzmiller is still at Siiitt taUiii'-'; care of her moi 'ai -r. who was -no l;en"r at last rejiori. .Mr. Iniin Tillery and wife lift Sun- ilav I'nr ilwir home in Turon. Ka.=.. iifter a two weeks' visit here wltli -I'lat'vjs The cold Weather has I'raciically -itotipfd work on the farm, except '•'loring, which has to bo done. Tile' I o- market l«: climblnj; up a little again. It will have to g'-t u-i i-iirsi'li-rably n'ore for feeders to get •I 'arkef iirire for the corn they are t'eeiiing their bogs. Mrs. T.ottle Broughton and little Kranddaughter. Ruth Broughton. and M'allace Mali and wife tciok dinner with Mr. and Mrs. S. n TJi-andenburg last Thursday. Clari-ni-e Kiillz, Seti-nleen Years Old. Suffers Paiiii'ul Injnr}. Chirincc Fultz. Hie sevi-iiteen-year- olil silt; nf.Mr ami .Mrs. .M. Fiillz. who reside south of the city on the .Soiiih Stat', sir.'ci mad. was very painfully anil pi'rhiip.'i serinusly injured In an accident which occurred at his IIOIIH'' yesii'idiiy iiinrning. the young man tlinisUng lli^ ii'fi. Iiand and aim tliroiigli the glass in a door, a splinter of till- '.{lass [liissing entirely through his Ii-ii wrist and another piece of gla.-is iiiibi'dding itself In his palm. Vuiing Fultz and his brother were sciifi'ling. :ind wlien they threatened to lose llieir balance Firitz threw out his hand to keep from falling, and it pas.-^jed tlirough thn glass. The splinter wliich passed tlirough the young man'.s wrist was liilly two Inches in length. 'Ilie sidinter which pier.-ied hi.s iialm was a!s<) about two inches long, and the great force with which .h"' struck tlie glass caused it to be entirely imbedded in liis hand. The attending phy.=i( ian states that barring complications, the injcri.'.-; will have r.o serious cff-'.-t.s. 7 North Jefferson PUone.; CANCER nn>l liim-irrun !•«• i-un-'l wlth-ut r, ncul n| r>t*«TiiM<>n j - f li>-^-'li -i -U'" >• I-T iti.» \ v< I iriti^ -.ur*. |.. .'ill : |i<m*'-likj', wlI M |uliip*«'l rit\'.:u.Ji*\v\. lltvAr, •>. I • —tl-'l.'-l iirnli-rU. Vr.rt* ^l.•F^^4 iii.hir, Urili U-r \ j-i(t:i: nooK. A <Mr>"«. MISSOURI VALLEY SANITARIUM, ' ATl.HI.Mi>, KA^>A.^ i SOe Plaques 2% Tola Furniture Store —Clioici County Butter at City Meat .Market. Plione '^IS. (;E\EV.\. January 10.—Tin's finds us enjoying good old winter time. Dan Sherwood and .-ons are putting up ice this '.leek. The yniing folks are enjoylns sleigh rides anil skalin.? [lartie.s tliese fine nigiit^. MIrs Iiiit Call \isiied several days last week with .Mrs. .1. II. Lemons, north of town. Doa't forg-t the literary tiiis coming Friday night. Oeorpe an dFrank Mabie made a bu.sinesa trip «•' lola Wednesday of this week. Chauncey Reese, our mail carrier, ;;;et with quite an accident Saturday liorning on trying to. cross a creek his horse took fright and whirling around ovprtiirned the mall wagon, throwing Chauncey otit and brui.sing him coriEid'jiabJe, but not seriously halting him. OuK and ilolpcri J'.oi.nh, tlir- two hru- theVs of near liron^ori, WJKJ an- ih-r.^-- ed by K. .M. Iloai^an of the s; a.e vicinity, with assau!'. 'vith intent In kill, were arraigni-d b'-!'.>ri' .hisric .J. P. Oiincan yesterday aftt-rno<;ii t'c- a preliminary hearing. They- pi'-a-i.-l not guilty to the chargi-. and w re bound over to the district court In tlie sum of $1,000 cash. A considerable liu.aber of witnesies from the vicinity of lironsoa were present at the trial. ,.' - • • • • J. li' ' I A Poor Weak Woman As she is termed, will E.nd-jre brc.-elv oncf patie.-.lly i agonies which a stronii man -vou'-l Civs V.-.T , under. The fact is women are laore pnlicr.. ti.-n tln.> ought , to be under such troubles. ' Every woman au^Mt to kr.or/ :h • • h:; irr.y oliijiin the ;nost exper:2r,c-d i.-.cj;i;al at! ;cc /rcc if rf-rr* ' and in cbsalule n vi pr:\ .cy b/ -.vriliaj to the World's Djipcni.;.-,--M. .'ic-jl •^.cv'.^it'i'ir.. ll. \. Pierce. M. D., Prcidrn:. 15i::> !o. : '. Y. LV. i ic .-C3 has been ch;»l consul!;-.; r'.'/A'''-' '• '-^ Ir..i;;;.^:' Hotel and Surfjical Jr-,l,tu .L-. . ' '"_•',, V., f:r many years and has I:;---.! * -r [-•• :• '.-c 5 in the treofmer.t ot WLrr-r-s (' ..r. cry ol! pbysioiza in this eoimtrr. His medicines ara -.v ^rlJ-t'^in f>j.' I'.-r r sslarj-jbing eScacy. The mosf perfsr-; r-i-,-,":!': .--cr drrlz'd for wcat oad den"> c::tc Tvomcii ii Dr. i r--- :'::yar'.-:c Prcscrj^iicc. . IT SLVSES V V ''M.^N' GTr.CNG. ' • - - EZCK \rCirEN WELL. L The monr and varied symptoms t" tivinan'ii p?::i!iiar cilments ore fatllr'Mt > forth in Plain Epftlish in the Pt< n;^:'-: .^i=a;.-.'. .\dvjr,~r ('0(!8 pii4te«), ft MW I T revised and u3-t.~-c'a:c Edition c: .^U^zl:, cliith-hoanj, viill he mailed/»• qa - % receipt of ,31 or.e-rijr.t r.tiinpr. p,iy co-tt of nci.'ini cftfy. Address BS -obome...

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