Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1912
Page 2
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• :,'J •f "4- THE lOLA DAIty REG] Her Rfantlfnl Eyes. i r p her beauUCul eyes, they are blue as '. the dew j On the violet's b'.oom when the morn- j _ • ing is new, ] Ana the light of their love is th" •-^ • gleam of the sun i O'er the meadows of Spring where th.' j Qulck shadows run I •v^ As the morn shifts the mists and tlio S clouds from the skies— jSo I stand in the dnwn of her heim- J tltul eyes. And her beautiful ejos are as triid- day to mc. When the lily b-'ll bends with ihi> weight of the bee. -And the throat of the tlinisli is »pulse In the hent. Aild the senses are rtrunpejl witJi tht " subtle and sweet -* '• And delirious breaths of the air's lullabies— - So I swooir'in the noon of her lieat!- tlful eyes. O her beautiful eyes tliey have smitten mine own As a glory planeed down from ill-' glare of• a Throne: And I reel, and I falter and fall afar Pell the sheiiherds that looked or. th<_ mystical Star. And yet dazed in the tidings thai bade them arise— So I grope throuRh the night.of h'r beautiful eyes. —James Whitcoinb Hi;-:- Remember that best of all Letter Papers Symphony Lawn in boxes — white and i'lnis—unci hy the pound BURRELl'S i?^£E The Itexall Store West Side of the Square n I. The girls who are to be hosieps' • at thfe' Leap Year dance next Wedii's dny night, and the beys who li:-.'-' been.aslced to the party are havii no end of fun about the ir.vimiiui: and acceptances. The girls hav. h;u' a meeting to exchange e.Nperiinc: _ and every one of them was eomi"-!'.! ' - to tell Just what she said and j.i." - what "he" said when the inv-cuici •was accepted. Aft^r the uirls ;••:.! had their moelinp and Iiad hn:.?x- ' -.about a corner o nfun. ih'v l.i:ir! the boys had had a sl:!Ul:;r TII. : and told what the pirl.s said whin tli. v _ made the engagements. Thi' 1 IIK li is having quite as murli fun i.lar.nii .u' the dance as they will hav.- in at':: : out their Leap Year comedy. •r « 4. •> Mrs; J. G. Stadler will give a pa:"" tomorrow afternoon for her earl club. * * Some one is supg-^siins: i;it!i wiv Of the.CHnker Cluh mn si ii;il an enjoyable afternnon ur .vi- together at the eluh ro^trs. if ^-iiv.f Of the women would tak.' t!i«- in ' _ tlve and plan the party. ..\.; il,. , :i room is arranged at priK' ni ii wcnV be a comfortable :inci v. r .v s-ni place for a card party i>r \-< u • and should the }io.sf'\^y> (.'.•.•-•,T'- Mr;-.. I II. L'-niasiors. Mr. and Mr;\Vm. Davis. Dr. and Mr:^. LaOr:i!i;— Mrs. l.aCraiii:"'. -Mr. Vanmiys. V,v. :IP' Mrs. Iii:nlai). of Carlyie; Mr. .ciiil .Mi '.^•Ill.-i)••n• ;inii I'amliy. / •;• •:• ' If will I"- iiniiossiliic ;i leat r!iii:=;'::i< <".!ir.<h toini:!!' so ihr eiial -.vliiili ih<- iiniiils of ("r"nr;.' \V :.iiTr \v. re to !iav.- sivm will be ini!!rt| y ^i'iir' iirn?;r:uii will h<' n-nileri'.' T!;ur/::iy r'l i;in.a .laiiui'.ry ls;h. •:• * .'lis.- 'ilivo H;inkfns has r.tii '-ni r; •ro'.ii a vi-ii V. iili >lr. ;iu '.l Mrs. Wii; iam I 'rm 'riTu; ami I'air.Dy, n < P.rr.-. Okl-ih"ina. —Dr. \fhU r»Meni.alh, Tel 4S7. •:• Mrs M:'<t K. Mann, of Ah^:• .line, Non'i Carolina, is < xpecled •odav to •> 'si' ". IT sl«t''r. .^Ir .•5. Ilaii : Drake. "Z" *•* —Ilr, MrMillrn. f'l,,.nr* S-" and 58-.' Tl-e I', i:. 11. ( )t:.;.-.v ".ill h .iv- Fi-'ial anil lii'>:.ii;.- :^r:'inoon Tiii^ii.iy ilii Iionif- of Jir.s. ('. narek, ill \V !'".;i r Hpidit.«. •*• V MrV <',. \V. .\(!anis wi-nl to ni ;::n:; • y <'5ier ;l:iy to s ;i' lul a fvv.- days wi--i relalivi's. <• •> <' -Hit. o. L. ri»x. ncnUst. •:• •:• Mr. Reiibin K>-y nu<\ Miss l.aiir. .Fry -.v ho h :iv h<>t\ visiting t'h<'ir en;-.- m. Mrs. Willi:;-'! :linrT ^iiar.. will leave for I 'uir 1,1,111 . ii: .^'••:M!Clta. Illinoi:; lomorrow. —Fred Howdrn,' I'erlnd Deconitor Phone 7SG, O'.iver, willard McPhee, Dorothy Mc- Klnney, Catherine Kellenberger, Louis Weder. Mable Becker, Rita Stewart Adeline Leater, Erma Harrison. ** * Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Stoddard. Jlr. and Mrs. R. M. Cole. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Sherman, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hecox, Mr. and Mrs. T. A: .Toyce. Mr. and Mrs. S. L Jnrkson and \U: and Mrs. Fred Pr«^en!nn were guesis of Mr. and Mrs. C. S. J»raki!. S27 -Vorth street last night, at a • partv-which was -a mcetin.c of (ho .N'orlh Side Cerd club. A two course supper was served. • . ' THE SEUY.l>T IV TUB;H(»rSE • Rarely Ksrellent Production at the Ornnd Tomorrow Mgbt. "The Servant in the House" which Harper's Magazine calls "the most j remarkable phiy in- the Kngiish Inn- | i;.nge." and which the Now York Kv- cnin? Post says ij "the greatest.-drama of the generation." will he pvesfn* ed at the Grand th-atre ir);;.nrrov night by the grcitest eo'n;'r.ny of players ever sent Into the Mitldlf West. "The Servant in the House." ran for nearly a year In .New York lilaying to crowded houses evci throughout the summer months. Sine that time it has been prcsentea In Chicago, San Francisco. Boston, i'hil adelphia and other large cities ir this country and In I.pndon. Tlerllr and Yienna on the Continent. TCvery- where It has been unanimously proc)a!mc(l by the rrllfcs the inostl important contribution to the .stage tha' has been seen within the iiieniory of the jiresent day theatregoers. Th" central flgurc of the play ia a i-ilndof whom many critics call the reincarnation of Christ. The play Is, howev- nr. entirely modern. Its scenes are laid in Kngland and the events of th- famous story are siiiipoaed to occurred during one sln:;ie moruln; in Spring. —IVr-'-'ons trfiubled with partial pa ralysls are eflcn vevy n'.iich bencfitp !)y nia.'.-sasir.g t';e affected part thorou.ghly when applying Chnmhc: Iain's I.inimcat. This liniment a 'F relievos rl'.euinatic pains. For sale h: all dcale .'S. HIS HOME i> (»l!I>Ei: riKST. Then n Kormcr Hnil Clerk Musi f."' ' t(» Prison. S. A. Hrainard, years old. lui rir (iJove of the .Mefro.vnWta.T str.'i-i nij' way company at Kansas City, Mt is to rcinaiii at I'lierty and ni wor iinli! he has saved enough to ker his faiiiiiy from want. Thi-n he CO to iitisou. Sue!) w:is the dieisio if .fudge .John C. Pollock, of th • r- eral court at Kansas City yest.-rd::. »r.-.i!-aril' pleaded guilty to taltiPi *-l.T.S frpiiT a registered letter %'.;>!•' •mjdoyc il as a mail clerk :il Ai.;;ilsif- in Oetob'-r 1?11. That In- v,-r unab!'- 10 properly supimrt his wir tind two lirfle .girls besides his moil- •r aiu'. t'va sisters who werfe parti.T ly i\i iictulent upon him was Uraii .ird ".t plana I ion of his act. "1 will liot sontr-nee you now." sa^ .Iiri^o I'ollrek. "for the reason '!i. if ;!u- money you are sr>iii!ing Ii.-^n were to atop, your wife and ehildn-- would suffer. I will fix your bond :• .<!3no and suspend sentence. \Vli(. your family is out of danger and wa:. ycu must bear punishment." THE PROPER COIRSE. Uifarniatlon of rrlceless Value 1 Ewry lola Clllzen. First Display and Sale of For Dresses, Waists and Frocks In order to introduce these hig.h grade embroideries we shall place them on sale for ONE da^ only, SATURDAY, at . . . SEE NORTH WINDOW r L NEW I Home Health Club Hj Dr. HaWd II. Header Lupurle, lud. .^'over this an ordinary towel to protect ihi! clothing. j Kellef i.s almost iiistanluneous, atul peiiiai-'s in live niiuutes, or suuner. in •soua- vasea after the seconil coi:i- liress is appHe;!. the pulse heats will : l-e found ifueh nearer iioraial. ii' ' two ;i(..;ite cases the.-^e coiiipri'sse:: ' v.-ore applied every two minii'es for si\ i;,- e!g't [lines, wilii the lit-st re: suits. TJiere may be serious d;iiii;er in a;>i)!viii^' a large coiiipre.-J.s iti ;liis; ( woMEv I'I.KISM: »VII., P.VKIMOXI.'.. This is tiie Iiii:e of The yen- wiiei; ,i:ieui;ionia-~(oii:ii Mily knowii as iut.g way ;.nd changiiie it too freqiie.'itly. I'ever—prevails to .''reHl extent :in<l is hut a linen handkerchief is eonij ar.i- Most severe. Yet up.der simple treat-. nwiv saie. •.!ont is is rea lily ciocd in llie avrv j After the fever has been broken il ige case. It .s UK.S; dnnfTenns i -.i:- K.^^•s.-aly to prepare the viiailty Iiose tiersoiis w!;!> i:i:ve hi-i'u tor tl:e col'aiise that is sure to ct-ni". ••d to iaiempt'i-ale li:'.l>i'::. tlaji!;.;:-; I'l-y It i.-^ very dnlicult to g-t pneiiiior.ia !i.iy sei 'mir.gly h'; very !i--':hy. ' p!ent.-- to .i:ke nour:.=!.irient. I; caii- The i)(-t adiiee rlia.- e:;.- l -e give-: • :„n'>:,- r.«: e.xcicised t::e coII:>|)S.- Ii;!'ls •(>r<'pr''ini.' r.iiy ili .-iv :se is 10 avoid tliein so we:ik as lo lie unable to,- ;!\iiig -.vlii-h v;!!-' I .-t- dor.e—every- :£t:inil it. .\othlng but liciuid noiirisli- iiirg < i-.. i.iiag e'i;;al—ijy stea.ifa?t 1 ;ont should he given them while tie^ ..•,.,.:ie ;i,:n: c-.i. p.!" iivlnr; t! e avoi'l- (asp j. serious. Pure niilk is e:-;- r.e el l ;o! o .ily inli.e ,.(.,.'i,.,;t malted liulk is preferable. ;e o! ;-!;! Milan 's ?.:vl na:•••,•.!:(•.-.' hi:! . Tiie n.-iient wi'l probably not take h:- ei;i:i!- of fo'.ds that ;ir" iio'oi i-' |.-(,n. than a few swallows at a liuje •I sly l.:iii 0:1 ihi' stoii:aeli; to tiny ij-jt it should he repeated every tv.o ;or! r,f.vni:.-;e-s ly over-doinc. [hours or so. Tlip Ik-i'lt'i f ;i !l. method of; 71,,. f,,pt sl-.oiilil he k-i.t moist ar.d. •,ea !i'..! i- ::i ::i-i e : nl juacMeal a; d , v.-arm. If 'hey heeoiiif dry or < oM." '.ay I.- V. I'M ir;:;!! race.-.-:: imrh. they should he imai^i'i.Tte-y 1.1.- !' (.-;'..') oi- in :he iiia''- Tl,. tend their hospitaliiy to -vo' n r. )•> ^ Knabands do not h-lon- :o '.i'. there would be room fer iii.. .-K-roTf datton of a large nn-iil)< r of iru-- The hail ia at all tim.-.< ii-n- which is more than e;in In- saiil o: n. averai;e residenc? just now anii !|ier<- . would be no detbils of hospitality for one or two women 'o assmip. Ii' some one would just boos* th<> i'l< :i a little the party miglit ii:ater!:ili.' • - very successfully. - . .5. .;. It Is comparatively .ariy ;i> h -i.-i -i forecasting spring weddings lii:! !li> cold -weather-and-i!o-v.-:(rni - !icuse -if -> give-n-party-in stare of -;i /r ;rr.« f ">i- BfiltB of the most visionary paragrat ha. Friendr-of the oouule s;iy.__^ mor is-not denied by the gj that a-girl who is studying in Kans;-:? City and n man who is att"'ni! :• nnirerBlty in the east, will be tnarrir I here in the spring. P.oih ar'- to r -orr- _ plete courses of study ai the elos- of the present semesters I 'lid will L-fi. theip -«ttentions to iilans for tlu wedding at once. + •» * Mrs. Gay Garlock is giving a iiarty this afternoon for her embroidery club. The club has no namf no<v but naed-tvbe called the Bow Knot. Th' members say a name, raih -T '!••• liu -k of It-, does not aff?<.'t the jiUnsure 'h'j ^t from the meetings. + -:-•> • Mm: F. W. Fit7':"-:';d. wlio has been here several w<'oks will return to her-hoire at Orav.n". rki'a.-: s' Saturday. Mrs. Ki'/g'-rald li.'s hi< n vlsitint; all her old neigaliors ai"l friends. Today she is a guesi of Mrs. - A E. Balliett and thf> last two i!;i >s of fatn* visit will be spent wfh Mr.< 1 H Amett, \. •> * •> A deliglitfitl dinner an'" af|.riio>n | ,,„', ,„ ,,, p.,I,,;-,., party was given at the honn' or .Mr ],;,,,,. .|. . , v, n- and Mra. E. C. Rein si." rr todav. iv.n- oriagr Afra. LsGrjnge, of JMIJ.-IP.). V'..^ 1 IB rlaltloF har son. Dr. f) T i.;-- Ontags} Dinner was sirvxd noon ^^^<a:ble was arruagi d fur .Mr .-md V,-. (ViMijis. rf i' '•<• li ! Vci ill lo 'll. llllV" !•• • - ri •! Tl • l;I;.u (if I'dllS'.r id;i;i!ig il'i I'l-il. 1.-. Til.' iii'f.ilier!- .r ihc t^^o i-;rr,, s w. di' ci il in opii^- ion. liov .-"V(i- ;i f, v ivi 'niiiiv :<f 'h> lo>;".< K Tii'l ••-.•1 voiii! i:i-:;i'i-,rlv 'l'- two ejM'ip:-,. 3' on ih." cnhj'ct. T 'l and l-^^I will mi"' in th>- M. W. hal] n>'.\l .Moiidri.v ;,;i.'ijt ;,nd nP'ir'-r of the 111'-.'- ''ii |:;i-s v.i;i !..• Ins'iilli"' •.<iii'"( r -.-.-iii fi'- strMtJ ::{[ r ihr work. •'• •'• <• ila-'r,g le ' II M-.k il lo 1 \p--ss 'li ^-f-!.i i"-ji 111 ;-s 1. ('.Mb i'l ri-Tirri iovo" for v.oei"7>. il'.'- Mo'.Iif rV rlnb In.i i- riri.'d tiny fii he iTo^'l IniIl'^ •' ' R ;i ;j:;.'i to •:• 'n nript r v. otiic-n suer- — in m.iinv th • j .-i vjt'.- if tli ' [l ,tijtJ-tt-J ^want io l.'ii -.!M ' i !-.,li will fiV- vainn. r :<]k '"ii ;=urrr:':v' this r .^r: in^ a iri'i h-r of ilif r !-:I) s-iid •!!" ' Mf :;;>• \-.i:t:;cI: iMt ^V I 'llV clir:-:;.'- :o 'lo ;•' • ' ••• ii'i'M- ih ir o'.'. n ho'! !i;ii..-^1''•'•.-••=''iny anil '.]<••' ,1,, j...!;.,..,- .. (;, f .i' -I-.. 'iei'- (•:;'. Il • li.i" II i-i govt: ain.rr ;!.;;families. Th'-' club Si'. :•. v. r;. v!e.-><?:int ••>''- t<::ioei' s< v iir.i :.:i.l ial?<i'.iiT al..-.iit sr' :• i ->f (,'1 ihf;r :i -n. whiili ir.i-I;:.'' ! ill' ;s for S.ibh.ith obs.'/'v- aiic^ TTI -"tl'.' "»»'•. .M; •• .liiS'.ii W .'i'.-^i .n.>.-:dent of tlr e'lili ''IIS :.;.i.'';r'i |l,e folio-.-ing wi, <.-i|:-''rm< :' ot" ijo'nmit'et s: Pr..- UTinii. '.tl--;. i-: .\ .Jones: visiting. Mr.; I|. i: l''.-;r: ;-'.»• it';,-. Mrs. F. A. \Va:;11' r. l'.o\o.i!. Mrr-. Ki:'.n'-: r fn -.-l • 111' ;iis, Mi-i II II Sill rmnn. •!• T'M' .•\ss'.~-;,Iif rl!j)> ):;,tl !!!> .-.f-',-- II,,.'11 i.-r'v '..:'• I 'lry ;i( lioi'i ' ot Mrs. ("i:'r;.s \Ioore, Whil'- s.'.\*n:' ;uid i -iiioviiig llii- l!iiieh"nn. I'l" ladi. - .'li'iip. d .1 ;iinj'.' •';.t},—;it" si.'<-ial I 'V.'iii 'or thi' I'.'-'f fiifir, I •:i tloir i'l;i|.s ar I until iH 'iM-i-;- II. IIo'.-.- lo a<'t ' in an ••mr'rKeii'"y I knowli IIL'I' of ini^stiinahle worth, an Hi. i- )iarl i-.-'ilarly true of the ni'^easr a:ii| il!.-i n '-uffer wif ilie human If yoi baekiicfie. ur.'nary disr.r di-rs. or any form of kidney troulil" rlie advice contained In the followin -latra .i nl v< 'i! add a valuable nr'.set your ^ll re of knowledge. What con! he jrore convineinc iiroof of the ef ficlmi-y of l)oan"s Kidney I'ills thnr the statement of lo'a cltlT .ens wh '.lave been permanently cured? .Mrs. .Vatlian Stephen?, 2<"; .Vorf Foiifth !-t ".-i 'L. lola. Kan*--, say.s: i ;;l:;[i!y eiiiifirm the public .statement v ,-ive six years ago recoinmcndln: i;o;;nV- I<i'i"fy Pill.-:. -Niy hack aeiie •'.-in ^tr'.ntly ami wlienever 1 st.ioped o Mftpd. I liad siarp pains through ni> riJns. Thf kic'ney .-ccretions u-rre un- riatura! and I was suheet to jdizzy ind TFrvous •••pells. .Votiiing heliied T !ie in tli" nrtil I used iJran'r K.inry Pills, procured at C. Ii. Siien- •er & Co's. d:ug store. This remedy 'irouK'': entire relii'f anil restored my '-:irtn "yK to a normal condition." For sale hy all deah'rs- I'rice .".Ot '•'o.=i -.--Milburn t "o. Buffalo. N. Y ri'i' .ifrents far tl:e f'nited .States. Kenieniber the name—IJoan's—an: :al:e no other. —SpjilEhipt Oy.-ters. on. tl < T'larket. City Meat Market Phone SI."- NEW TELEPHO.\E DIREfTORY, f V-'lEyes tested; glasses fitted as • ^ot/as |L«0.' iQkADUATE OPTICIAN! I*. B M « M. Z. A X. mai SuU F« Til. li'ii'l of ;'i •'•iiiioiiiv's ehuri 11 Wlis 111.11 111 , .1 In- s C. \V, at th.. rr«toiy y,s:,.i-||;,y iifteriiooii. T .-,i si-rvi 'il. Til,' s<iil)-ty Is plaii- j Tiiiig a s ')i iai for 111,- I'MiiIng of I-'rh- I rimry I'ourticnili. wliii h will In* a val- ••iiiiiii' leasMui rade piiriy. The so- eii'l will ln' held In some roomy reol- dem-e ;iU(l irb-uiir, of thf rJiureh members will be invil..<i I * + + } Mr. and Mr.s. Klmir Cummingt en- Iteriaini'd a tew voiing people '.lut I night Willi a Vi -ry , ujoyahli' party in i honor of 'IK- fourieeuth liinhday of ilieir son. r'ifToV.i. The guests were Lloyd iSurris. H^rt Thayer, Athol Peck, Taylor Stoddartl. Clarence S/o- cuni, Verh Kdwards. Harlan Barnes, Cliris Cottrell. Cecil Stout. Orval Ciinj minfs, Clifford Cummings, Mildred «VfII He Hi'jidy for Oelfvery fn ti rev. The bindery deiiartnient of the Reg's;, r is t(,(iay puttins: llie flnishint •i;i:i-hes on a new teleiihone direciorj for lohi, C.As, city and Piiiua. Th' -look printed coniiilele in the Be- offif-e and i-' one of the legjln: •ssiH's of the P.ell Teiejihone Company 1'. contains ^o^^e forty pages being se •n ^uKiili -r type and In a very conipae' form wi'.k--! gives It the appearance of I seel ion from a metropolitan dlrecl- 'iry Tiie new Igsue will be boum; mil -iie entire edition ready for de- •ivi r> In u fi'W days and will supplan' ;hi' I'll! idliloii now ill u-i' for som. moot/ s ion c.f 1. i: ;e:'.-f'r!-. Il lies iieer. —'li'l i-i .•liriPi -Tt .".11 con- it •.>;i-i i i -II'-. -le ! !-.""•• beet! adont.-'' y ivr.r-- rl i-I'..-:-i:'iii:s. .vho liiri- •for" v ':. '-'-'•'•f :i ('isasfroa-ly—ui>- n r'ov' ci: /.'"ii'.'i.-il ii'et-'.ods. .\i;i •e* th" of ll:e Home lle:-l;"- •liili is fro;; 'h" " of all (h- -schools being NaiureV. simple me!l:o' "his r'^'ne-ly is water—Hydro-theraty s the big v.-ord by which it is know* 'clentlfically—Inil simple water cure K a bet'er name. Thr- erij'is in nneiimonia i"ay aupear -Ithi-r et tlic third fifth, -(eventh or 'V ^n as I:.te as the ninth day and !.ftt:',-.(| witli a EO'uiion of .•M -.-tie r'-M and made very warm. Tl;i'= ac-tfe -icirt ha»h sliouhl be eontiaiic'1. even to the whole body a."; :t v. ill on. n pores and J^c'ii the eliiyin.-itii".- pio-,'- ress vir;orous, thus i;.ai:il -.iniii.:: 'he i:enoral vitality'. .ludiciously i;sf>d. the cold wat-.- tr'afmenl will reduce the iiio-.t-.l'iy eases of tineiimonla to a sii.ailer per cent that has. ever been '-eppose'l -iio-- | sible and the disease laaile to he li • t e fe.irsd hv the re-idfrs of 'h.- H''" - HMJth Club. \!1 readers of this |iiililie;itIon an- i:l-^i-tv to "vrite fo-.- ii,'. rntaiion )"• his must he reiueiiihered when freat-{ ,T |„|n„ ,„ ..;„i,Joct of henlfh at ai v ni; it. The greatest danger at ihhij,i,„p Address all eommunieaiioi-s <.' lerloil is the liability of hear' fai.iir , I'.ie Ho Health CI11I1 or Dr. h.-'vi.! "ii! iiervous breakdo'vn. The l-m-in U'-ader.'orle, In-I.. with nan-- -.erature of the patient miiHt be ear.--;,,,,] ..„i,irps.- |n full and at l.-asi foi'- -iilly w.ifched. because [lersl.slent I icli I j,, |,„.,-f.,p,.. 'ever is a great lax on the heart':: ' owe;- It -Iso inei-enses the Mis-! .^4^; ,., ,„:,;.,ni:., •onfoi-t of the patient at a time win n ; i."-' >. 1 'i-coniroit (Incre.ise,-, lUS nmili> r-m /i .-r .it ilv r.n.. ot K. .1. i iir .-.i v .V fn.. 1I..1 • •vlHistand his other sufferings, 'f th'-i ^mim -w m o.r 1 nv M T..;,:,. f,.,:..iy ,(:,.! .-i. II' M-v i.f IM .- •( 'I.IM. .i (' .1 •.. S t.i Ii-- "1 '.: •^tipnt's t'luiieratiir'' is more than lUL'j -i"'" •'Tlirenhf-it. efforts should he mad" to' •educe It. Previously, certain d'.-ugs derlvei' ; >om coal-tar \rere used as the aua'i^j if reducing fevr teinperature. Tliev ; vere known as a-iti-fehrile ag'-n-.,, -.eanir.g "against f.-ver." To some; •\tent H 'osi- coal-tar proilucts JIT--, I'll user] bill noi ne.irly so miici- Tlie 1-est reiii'-iiv lo ri 'diiee temiiem-l 'lire in the j>;;tient without distres..^ ) 'nt; hin«. is to place a ho» water hot-1 ''e at his feet—and when we say ho' i •hat is jii?-t what is 'iif Jiit—H-O-T'!.. •''hen apiilv a eoM compress—a i jf,,^,^ .' "a'"r iiack—to the base of the brai" -the back of Mie bend, ren^win:: It -. 1 'M: • .1 rii>' Ii­ .1 . i'li«.:r\ <t'(i T- , I cai:?i' III T, ;-oi • . - :l TTIM, IIIWTIMJ FOR WOOII. Hujers Iliiie to rumue the Sellcnt- WlioMI .\dvertUeJ .Mention wild made the other day •luit some WIsp .Man should Tell throulfh the Reglsler that he has wooi' for sale. Afterwards a reporter foum^ n man faiiendlng his time hauling wood Hiound In search of a buyer, and al- •niost persuaded hliii to let the Register find the buyer while he jiut In hi.-: whole time dellvpring. Hut he didn't. This morning the reporter overheard one man telephoning all over town for a load of wood, had to have ft right away, and notK >dy could tell him where to find it. Who will be the Wise One to profit by this cold wave? 1 )1 III l ::i«:r'.- i;--1. V opfd in r. ' of anri,-!! >S soon as it becomes the least hi! [ viirni. In this manner of redi.-einr tlw-j •"fnperri(;iire. .-i too sudden rerlur'In ^1U£! h" 'iv siii'iilv 'eas vigor. The teiiiperaliire should be taken '.villi a clinlcHl hree or four hoi: iny fever, and while the treatment; 'or reducing the temperature Is pro- f'' Cci.-,, 1.. r -oediug. It Is safe to reduce this a. Tarnai.-i.-i. , he i-ate of two or three degrees per""" f'dev :'i:r.:.. hour. . number of ,.r.i--.'.. An iieportant inafler in I'lls treat- l!^^.'^ '! ' lent i.s th.- ventilation of the sick- „„,„K. ''..' ' ' -ooin. Ke,-i. it well snj.plled with I j'"" - ; • mre Irish air even at the expense, f,"^'"'lf"f If the room's temperature, it is a ' f""'' •"•"•'^V rre.-tf m/..( 10 think that patients ("J .^"^ •uffirliig from pneumonia must not '''"7''"'^ •'• i' i-'.<ii-- - . ' .. _i. I r/iflter fiosMy two hiini.i'i I 'liii, in .avoided. Tbi= cm be 'If'"" .:, ,, .; ' ; ilv using the trealiiient with ^.j re should be taken ^J'W .'P thermomi'le.r every r.ii< i: V:';- '•'n ! mo; • ; !,. . !• < \- "ll. ••• "1 'Il ^ <i a -,. O Ilill '.vir, •\ i-^etV ;1;. n-.p- liii- ;in- !!.; o: i.'h •..iisist l.y i-:vi:ill.'IU - Mr I iii:h. '-.•.ri r, b'-iiiu' !r.-..l. ou ro;-; I.' i':i ;,a:. Vji .ill.l T :.I * .1-,. 'le allowed to breathe cold air. Very old air Is not desirable but when It uust be either cold or Imimre. choose the cold and pure. The tempernlure may. at any time ifter the third day, be found very high, and the overburdened heart uu- .qu»l to its task. Cnle^H relieved the laws of the twelv.. Iiibles wr!'; >li in-Rome 450 B. C, whlb- it is expr .-ss- ly forbidden to bury gold ornaineiil!; with iMJdIea, a sjieeial exception i -s made for gold with which iien-haiu- Ihfi teeth may In- bound log-lhi -r. Tli museum of I'ope Julius at Koiiie contains u "gold cap made of 1.1 o siivll ind that ipilekly. it will soon becoine plates of gold a ;amped out to r-ori - •xbiiUBled and reu»e lis efforts. >Vhai ratl|cr closely a middle low. r in- o do under such clicumstanceti. anajelBor and these two pieces sohl-n d lefore II It) possible to obtain the ser- Ici' of a plivKlcinii. Is of vital Ini- loriam-e The nkllfiil use of cold wa- er Is now Imperative nnd the person, u charge iimsi not only employ cold vafer hut romiiion sense and good luilgment. First see that the hot ap- pliratlons have been placeii at the feet—a hot fomentation well up to the knees—prei^eeded by a s|ionglug with hot vinegar. Then have a bowl of eold water handy, and two cloths, about the size of a gentletuan'.-i handkerchief, folding (hetn to about si.v inches square. Wring one. of them together to form the crown of a tooth." The Hiiliric poets of Rom'-. p»|»e<'lB)ly Martial, refer freiiucnily to uril/tuial teeth says the .rciirniil of the AmericHn Medical Aseoch-iiion III discussing M\ eti'ertalning dlBciis- slon of this subject. .Martial speak.^ ot'nn old woman who* was so acar -d as she ran away her teeth fell out. In one epigram he answers the question why one woman's teeth are dark, while another's are white, though both are of the same age, tiy saying that one of them buys her reeth while the other has her own. The Romana on: of the cold w.-.ter and lay it over had a number of different kinds of the heart, next to tho skin. Place dentrifices, and took great care' of fl:i.- iliat .MI.-. K- ' !i isliand ('I'll' way v.hi(-h h:-.- Iduml rio -,.ei,. x.ith !«'> i'l; Ti-e iiicine:.; XWK Vti'l " ;-i •:i'..| ui. ly -in' Mr i -vi(l'i;(-e was furnished which would Ihnnv an. .-j;.! 0.1 rlu- 11 an. i:;:! i' w:-;; thoughl that suicide was the cause. I.«ater 0:1 ii -i. vi-lopi-d 11-:;- tl:.- woiiiid.-; were of such a nature that I they could not have been self-inflii ti.-d. Tliere was. therefore, but one con' (Jiisi'.'.'i—that of i.-i:;-'!. r. <'.re, i .-.n 'i .-il i-viile'u-e iioiuts to the wife, well kiiov.M !.oi'ially ai'.l I'.i.v.;"..-! \v chili .irili's. Siie inaintiiins that she Is the vii-tiiu o.'' eneirji-s vi hu -.visli 1.1 get llie little money left her by her late luisl .'iii .il. Till' |ii':-. •' iMiii;!- 11 u::.' .! - i- iu.t eoa eisi the crime she at 'eis; • i:.)w., uli.i ,i; ! .•iiii.':.;, ii. :i.,ii tr .is conclusion upon the alleged I'ai't ih.-ii sl.i- hiis i'ei|U .-i;;!-. t i.r- .I'l-;!.' I !> r husband's life and made life :4i 'n'.':..I 'y unh. uraiilc in'C iiiin. II - 'r.'..;.! j,.'<i(:i'.'... rif <-![tii women are convinced i.rv is ii.iii.'ii' i.f tii.. Mill'.- of si '.ouling to death her '.. .".'I.; 1 (i-.v :'.: 1-. 'il'.- (-iiMie was 'committed in a al.-'il'iti l.v l.'fili il piilie,'. ('Iiar ''-H .Morrow's body was i-".- • •• "- ill ;!.' In irt and one in the head. their ie-i]i. t!.-!"", (ltscril."^s a sor' of' laslil!.- ' oiitaiiii!'-,' ;ir.'";iiiis a:,I ium lh;;i iii!,:;h; in- u:-.-ii as a !o('l'.i!(-he pi;!n. -'I"he lilljns.' of l-etl: '-ji; various kinds of :i;'la! Is d si-ii;: •! tiy Crlsus. ilioiurli ;!ie tirsr sur.- r. ;•- t-niiei' ?o gold lii 'ii!:-.: '1 i"S I'o! o;-, iir un'il iboMl lii.- ii;i,:'le of t^;'-'-;:I li cf n.''tir.>-. I'iii' ti-.;t !";i |.:.'iM(id!! I'i' I"!-;'; •-sp .'iiiJIv :rom .i;.- i.-,.i:;r;> r.' sla...; into liie iiioirlis i.;- ilnir i-i-; ns.-..;-;. SI-* ins t.i h.<\.' 1." • ,1 -,.r:u-'lei'il ni'lur in t! - : i.rly i!:iy.- 1.1" ih-- Roman Kiiiidre. Keel-iter V.nnt .\ds (.et the lih. Keep Your Feet Warm Overshoes and Ruhhei.s for tiie \\h('!-j fatirl'y. 3Icn's Fell Bcols 1 and 2 b'.ick!:- Men's (lerirnn Socks Card of 'rhuuks. i.'e wi .-h to iliank our many friends an;! ni'i:;l'.l)o:-.-: wlio so kindly assisted II- tie illness and death of our : '.;.;v. ,! ii :iii .y;hier.—Mr. and Mrs. Or-E. i.i! .:-(l an-I Familv. ini: S .\L1C_0NE FAT YEARLl.XG .-I.e.. .loim Bishop, Lincoln Park... Ciiiiiuy .".tturney K. B. Smith, of . .\.^.;i'i' county, spent the daj" in lola Oil I '•;'i'i,'l business. .liiiig'- >':iiit;i issued a marriage 11- I'.ii -e This 'iii'ining to Miss Alice .^•1 ik'V (,:" -ill.-; city, and J. R. Hall, of tlent-v .i. 1 li.e hia;-ir.f; of W. R. Beach. charged '.vith iTi .^aiii-y -.vas not held in ;i:i: - ci.ii' r y.>ter(!ay afternoon as bad !.,. n anan^. li. Tiie examining physl- .-ii'n^ .un r.nuhle to be present. Judge I ! tiinr the commission would . :..;tu;n»- IJeach some time tcv- Kir:. .1, ! .Mr- I -: ! f. V. Sliullengerber, of . . in l;;-^t night for a short wlfi-.;. parents, Mr. and r \".iin.-r. - lie: 1.- .1 remedy that will mre .11- I 'M \Vi:y waste time and moor • V I: .'.iitia'.; wiien you can gat a : a !i;;it has won a worlds ;>i!"j.''nri by it.^ Cures of- thla^ I i-'CJi al\\ay.'< be dopendwt , i. i. kno'.vn everywhore as ..lin'- cugh Remedy,-and to .11' I'l' K -a'. merit. For sala by — Chrl"" (•ouniv l;ti;;(r a: I 'i'y .Mi-a! .Market. Phone The ci:n.l ':'"i -n "I "".!,- i:. Si,'.!k. who has been conlliu-d ti> tiie lio.-pita! since the tiiii.- of tl:i- ,lrov nins'of two childr.ii .-i-vr.ral u.-i-Ks a^o. ai whl:'h limi- s:;t- Tas feiind lo 1"'. iiieiital ; .7,! ly unbalanced, i- repor;.t! to be i'>ucli | ^pty .T^ .,j." Inijiroved. Mr.^. .S,-:. el;, w.ho.-.- horr-e Is i ' '_ / near Piqua is now almost iii-rfectly ' rational, hut slie reiueinbers nothing concerning the tragedy. Thf i ''ii .i'.iaturp in one of the I -.i 'ilt; . .- l :iL- liii;!.' school this ffiomlnff ; was ".il i :(.':;i<.es when Miss Annabelle • Pa'!i!«ji-U .the l-rngiish tea.cher began readin-- the dHseriptlon of Hell in .Mil- 'on s • Pi'" but It is stated i on j .-.i;i '.l autiiority that before she fin- t' 'ui'.ratuie had risen a,t —Sna'.-hipt Ovsters. best on the market, City Meat Market. Phone 818.

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