The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on November 7, 1961 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 7, 1961
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Television Log Four tditorials Tuesday, November 7, 19.51 j Channel 4, NBC Channel 5-13, CBS Channel 9, ABC Tuesday Reason For Existence Too often we take our freedoms for granted. This point was driven home recently to Kansas editors at a meeting in Lawrence where the speaker was Dean Burton W. Marvin of the KU school of journalism. Marvin spoke of the year he spent in Iran where he taught at the University of Tehran. At the most, he said, possibly only two Iranian newspapers are self-sustaining through advertising and circulation income. The pattern, he said, seems to be for newspapers to be sustained by government purchase of advertising space or through subsidies from political or special interest groups. The dean went even further when he pointed out that a number of journalists This And That by jph hold two jobs. They are reporters on newspapers and they hold "government public information" positions. Hence, often they are reluctant to bite the hand which helps to feed them. "The notion of objectively reporting what goes on at a public meeting simply for the sake of letting the public know what is happening is alien to them," Marvin said. His comments are interesting by contrast. In the country of Iran, as in many around the world, freedom of the press may exist in theory but not in practice. In this country, objective reporting, the telling of who, what, where and when, is the very basis for the existence of newspapers. Without the free exercise of this one freedom, those other rights which we accept as inherent are non-existent. A Pearl On A Pendant JPH KUALA LUMPUR, FEDERATION OF MALAYA — From the extreme southeast corner of Asia a long peninsula drips down. Thailand forms its base, and hanging at the end is this fantastic land, like pendant pearl. At the very tip is Singapore, where the British found, only after the Japanese struck, that they had the guns of its bastion of the Far East pointing the wrong way. Not far below Singapore is the equator. Just a bit above is Kuala Lumpur. The liquid name long has been both appealing and intriguing. Did it have something to do with that funny little Australian tree bear, or was it a name drawn from an old Asian poem? We have even been able to picture the place through a haze vaguely. It was a mainland Tahiti A semiparadise with soft breezes, Sadie Thompsons, a remittance men, Chinese merchants, thatched cottages on stilts, native girls in sarongs, and just enough British amenities to provide for creature comforts. Our dream was only heightened as our old DC- 6 (but it did serve champagne with the excellent four o'clock lunch) drifted down through one lay- of clouds after another to touch wheels on a runway that was lighted with kerosene flares as night had fallen. Preconception was jolted a little, though, when we found that the cheerful little lounge in the airport wasw&n&ceteditioned. "Tell us," we asked the money-man, as he changed some American dollars into Federation dollars at the rate of one for three, "what does To Your Good Health Kuala Lumpur mean?" He explained that in Malay it described a swamp in a river's estuary. It was as disconcerting as first learning that Boca Raton, which identifies one of Florida's more sumptuous resorts, is simply Spanish for rat's mouth. Outside we found that evening air moisture laden and languid. It was not so much hot as humid. There was a background of rich tropical growth, with palm and banana trees predominating and splashes of various blossoms, but it was an orderly growth rather than nature left to its own. Perhaps it was the contrast with Pakistan, but the feeling grew, as we drove in, that it was not an outpost in the tropics we were entering, but a modern, almost western, city. The streets were what we have become accustomed to, remarkably clean. We passed more new houses than old. and most of them were built in western style. Shops with glasi, fronts. Trim looking small factories. Rows of structures that were put up orderly rather than helter-skelter. A thin but steady line of cars that were, for the most part, late models. The center of Kuala Lumpur was even more eye-opening. There were "skyscrapers" rising seven, eight, and even ten stories. Solid looking banks. Stores with attractive displays of furniture and appliances. Movies with electric signs covering their whole fronts. Restaurants one would not hesitate to enter. A number of large office buildings under construction. We commented favorably on it all to the young Chinese who drove the taxi as we reached our hotel. "Sure," he said. "All strictly up to date KL is boom town." 4—Picture ot tile Oay !>— Early Shim B—Popey 13—Roy Rogeri 5:;«) 4—Highway Patrol &—Early snow 9—1'opeyc- 13—Camera Corner 5:40 13—Spons — Dcv Ne;sou 5:95 5—Sport* 13—Weather — Gordon .lump 6:09 4—New« &—News with Harold Mac* 9—Ozzie & Harriet 13—News with Dim Harrison 0:10 4—Sports—Mont* Moore 5—Weather with Johnny Yates «:!» 4—Hunttey-BrlnKley Report 5-13—News with Douglai Edwardi 6:30 4—Laramie 5-13—Marshal Dillon !l—Bugs BI nny 7:00 4—Laramie 5—Dick Van Dyke 9—Bachelor Father 13— 2:30 4—A Hltchcoc-k 5-13— Lduic • ailis B—Calvin & The Co'otici 8:00 4—Dick Powell 5-13—Red Skclton 9—New Breed 8:30 4—Dirk Powell 5—Deatli Valley Days 9—New Breed 13—Jim Backus 4—Cain's Hundred 5-13—Gary Mooie 9—Alcoa Premiere 4—Cain's Hundred 5-13—Gary Moore 9—Special 10:00 4-.J-U-13—*\eui 10:1(1 4-5—Weather 10:15 4—Special N.Y. Election 5—Ichabod & Me 9—Peter Gunu 10:20 1C—Spoitjg—Dev Nelson 10:30 4—Jack Pnar 5—Five Star Theater, "lulia Me" 9—Peter Gunn 13—Hawaiian Eye 10:45 5—Five Star Theater. "Marked Woman" 9—Big Show, "Desperate Journey 11:00 4--.IHCK Paai 5—Five Star Thi-mur 0— Big Show 13—Hawaiian Ev« 11:30 4—JaoK Paai B—Five-Star Theatr* 9—Big Show 12:00 4—News ri—i iaily Word 12:40 and Wednesday Is "Tiredness" Physical? By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER (This is the last of a series of two articles.) Continuing from yesterday, we'll discuss "that tired feeling." Some other simple causes of this condition are sleeping in a room without adequate ventilation; inadequate sleep (some people unwisely pride themselves on "getting along on six or fewer hours a night"); excessive stimulants late in the evening; carousing; staying up too often for the late-late show and kidding yourself that you are "resting" because you sitting. 'Tainnt so! Another cause of fatigue —< and I can hear the chorus of : protest now, saying, "Y o u don't mean me!" — is the dumb American habit of skipping breakfast. Many people stretch the evening out too long, sleep until the 1 a s t minute in tffe morning, rush lo work without breakfast, and i hen wonder why they are so •Jrtnvsy and pooped. Dr. lUrntner Some people have systems which, either because of an innate factor or from careless eating, or both, react to a low blood sugar level. They sag in mid-morning or mid-afternoon. The best answer for them, as a rule, is to eat a little more p-otein and a little less starch and sugar, because protein absorbs more slowly and prevents that between-meals sag. That's the reason for the old saying about a meal of meat "staying with you." Other disorders that can cause chronic fatigue' are glandular insufficiency, a "lazy" thyroid gland being a foremost example, and it responds to proper medicatio chronic infection; nerve or muscle diseases; anemia. And finally back to emotional factors — boredom may be the worst one of all in this regard. The housewife who doesn't like being a housewife (or the man who is a salesman, a clerk, a mechanic, a lawyer, a doctor or in any other job that he doesn't really like) is apt to complain of being tired. The person who doesn't respect or like his work is bored. And so, also, is the person who doesn't have enough to do. Yes. "doing nothing" can make you tired! This can happen to old people or young. Teenagers can be chronically fatigued because they are going too much, or doing too little, or because they are worried or because they have let Ihings slide and suddenly realize that they've yot to work like mad to catch up. And the thought makes them tired. These are the things that give one "that tired feding," and it sometimes takes tome painful frankness on the part of the patient, and some pretty shrewd digging on the part of the doctor, to elicit the truth: Is the "tiredness" physical, mental, emotional? Is it some faulty habit of living? Is it the consequence of trying to do too much? Is it boredom? Is it illness? Lack of sleep? Poor diet? Whatever it is, the prospect of correcting it is pretty good, once the facts are recognized and accepted. "Dear Dr. Molner: Please tell me why so many people become laxative addicts.— 1.7," I'm darned if I know, except that years ago somebody dreamed up the idea that frequent elimination was "healthy." Letting nature act normally is better. There's quite a variation in normal pattern from one individual to another. The harm of the laxative habit is primarily in irritation to the digestive tract. MRS. C.M.: No, vibration (such as handling a mower on a bumpy lawn) has no relation at all to causing Parkinson's Disease. Nor would using a pneumatic drill do it. The cause of Parkinson's Disease lies in the brain, not in the muscles. Fat' My leaflet, "The Lost Secret of Reducing." tells how to get rid of it the easy way For your copy write to Dr. Molner Box 158, Dundee. 111., enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 5c in coin to cover cost of handling. Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters Dr. Molner answers readers' questions in his column whenever possible. Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Lee Nichols paid off an election bet by supplying the power for a wheelborrow to carry Jim Overholt from 1st Street to 4th Street and return, on Main Street. Lloyd Heth of Ottawa purchased a 20-acre tract from Mrs. Hannah Rule, northwest of Ottawa. The Church of the Brethren at Overbrook was dissolved, it was announced. 50 YEARS A(GK) Charles and Fred Martin rented office space in the Underwood building for their agency for distribution of the Martin cement culvert form. R. B. Hunt, engineer on one of the Santa Fe switch engines, was off duty with a severe cold. Mrs. W. E. Masters of Homewood was here for a visit with friends. 8:00 4—Contental Classroom 6:W 5—Profile «::!0 4—Contental Classroom 13—College of the Air «:S5 5—Farm l-actj 7:00 4—Today 5—College of the Air 13 Rush Hour. •:1.1 9—Good Mjniing 7:;iO 4—Today .'J—Moment ol Meditation 9—Search For America 13—Rush Hour 7 :S5 •t —Cartimninnri 8:00 4—Today 5-13—Captain KanRnrcio 9 Heckle and Jeckle 8:05 9—Cartooni 8 ill 3-ia—Captuin Kangaroo 8:30 t —Today 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 9—Whizzo's Wonderland 8:00 4— Say When j—Jnclc Lu Lunn* a—Romper Room 13—Calendar (:30 4-Play Vour Hunch 6-13—I Love Lucy 8—Masterpiece Movie, "Go Into Your Dance' 1 10:00 4—Price 1* Right 8-13—Video Village S—llovit 10:30 4—Concentration S —Your Surprise Package 9—Movlu 13—Your Surprise Package 10:53 8—News n:00 4—Truth or Cunsequencei 5—Love of Life 8—Texan 13—Love Of Life 11:30 4—It Could Be You 5—Search for Tomorrow 9—Love That Boh 13—Search For Tomorrow 11:45 5-13—Guiding Light 11:55 5-13—New* KslMI 4—Cartoons 5—News 9—Cnmnuflag* 13—News 13:03 5—News, weather 13:3U 4—Accent 8-13—As the World Turns 9—Make a Face 1:00 4—Jan Murray 5-13—Password 9—Day In Court i:30 4—Loretta Young 5-13—House Party 8—Topper 3:00 4—Young Dr Malone 5-13—Millionaire 8—Number Please 3:30 4—Award Theater 5-13—Verdict Is Vouri 9—Seven Keys 3:00 4—Make Room For Daddy b-lo—Brighter Day 9—Queen Kor A Day 3:15 5-ili—Secret Storm 3:30 4—Her«'t Hollywood 5-13— 'Etlgt ol Night M -Who do you Trust? 4:»n 4—Kukla and Ollle 5—Early Show, "Henry Aldrlch, Editor's—American Banstanci 13—News 4:115 4—Mr, Magoo 4:1D 13—Weather 4:15 4—Picture ol the Day, "The Red Pony" 13—Kracko's Komedy Klub of the Day 5—Early Show 9—Torey, Popeye, and Friends 13—Cartoons 6:00 4—Picture of the Day ii—Kuriy snow '.I—Popeye 13—Quick Draw McGraw 4—Highway Patrol 5—Early Show fl— Quick Draw Up.Graw 13—Kansas Panorama 5:15 IS "Sports With Dev Kelioi 5:50 IL' -Business Nevti 6:55 5—Sports, Harold Mack 13—Weather with Gordon Jump 4—News ft—News with Harold Mac* 9—Man b'rom Cochlae in—News with Don Harrtson 6:10 5—Weather with Johnny Yates S-13—New« wilt) Douflu Edwardi 6:30 4—Wagon Train 5-13—Al vln- O—Steve Allen 7:00 4—Wagon Train 5—Talent Roundup 9—Steve Allen 13—Donna Reed 1:30 4—Joey Blshup 5-13—CheckmaU 9—Top Cat S:00 4—Porry Como 5-13—Checkmate 9—Hawaiian Eye 4—Perry Como 5—Mrs. G. Does To College 9—Hawaiian Eye 13~-Beachrr.v,iber 9:00 4—King of Dhimomis 5-13—Armstrong Ciruie 9—Naked Cliv " 8:30 4—Brinkley's Journal S-13—Armstrong Circlr 9—Naked City I0:"0 4-u-U-lu—New* 10:10 •'•r»—Weather 111:15 5—Five Star Theater. "Fuuicr Knows Best" 9—Peter Gunn 13— Wea the r—Gordon .lump to^o 13—Sports WlUi Der Nelso» 10:30 '—.I'lull Paar 5—Fa'.SiT Kijn«.° Best 9—Peter Gi,"n 13- Target: Corruptorj 10:45 5-Five Star Theater. "The Texans" 9—Big Show, "Daughters Courageous" 11 :l!0 4—lack Paar 5—Five-Star Theatre. 13—Target: Corruptors 4—jacu Paar 5—Five-Star Theatr* 9—Big Show 12:00 4—Reporter's Scratchpad •J -Dally Worci 1-1:13 5—Movie. "Henry Alcirich, Editor 1 ' Tonight's TV Highlights 6:00 Channel 9 — "Ozzie and Harriet." The honeymoon is over, and David goes back to work. 6:30 Channel 9 — "Bugs Bunny." Tweetie Pie is featured, or "Laramie." Lloyd star, or Channel 4 Nolan is the Channels 5-13 Ion." "Marshal Dil- 7:00 Channel 9 — "Bachelor Father." Kelly wants to purchase a car and has raised $5 on the project. All she asks is that Uncle Bentley supply the balance, or Channel 5 — "Dick Van Dyke." 7:30 Channels 5-13 — "Dobie Gillis." Maynard figures out a way to get dates — lots of dates, or Danny Subdued And Sentimental By CYNTHIA LOWKY AP TV-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP)-That infrequent but welcome visitor to television, Danny Kaye, made his annual house call Monday night via CBS. As usual, one's reaction to his dancing, singing and foreign language double-talk was, "Gee, what a talented fellow." Danny, however, seemed in a rather subdued and sentimental mood. His best moments came when he was sitting quietly on a stool, half singing, half talking sad songs about youth and age. One song would have teen a lot more effective if it hadn't been used all last season as the musical background for a camera commercial. Least amusing moments came in the hour show's full-dress sketch, a long and extremely unfunny sequence about hypnosis. annoying. The other night this reporter counted five commercials in a row during a station-break period on "The Jack Paar Show," some network and some local. N.Y.. Milk Drouth Ends NEW YORK (AP)-A two-week milk drought in the city and Long Island ended on this election clay with an agreement to submit lo arbitration the last remaining issue in a Teamsters Union strike. The issue involves overtime pay. An industry spokesman said home deliveries, beginning in some sections of the city at the breakfast hour, would other sections later in widen to the dav. Before tin- strike- began Oct. 24, Channel Colonel," 9 — "Calvin and the Wittiest number was a Kaye-less ' (j.5 million quarts were consumed dance bv the chorus to sounds,: each day in the city and anctlu-r or Channel cock." A nights. Iv. 4 gal's "Alfred husband Hitch- works including locomotives and type- j writers. i As if television didn't have 11.5 million in the Long Island ! counties of Nassau and Suffolk. ; The timing of the arbitration roubles with current cnt- : announcement—just fi',i hours before the polls opened—placed the » » O ••*"•- •'••" •*• ..w«..»wi t f t\ 1 • i f • t i 1VII *; H1U 1>VH t. . V/)./»-1 tv-u 1/1 nv. v-v* vi iv. and she gets kinda lone-l lclsm of the Duality of its pro-1 trike smack jn (he Iiljd(]]e of the 8:00 Channels 5-13 — "Red Skelton." Audrey Meadows is the guest star, or Powell" star- or Channel 4 — "Dick Show. Mickey Rooney is red in "Somebody's Waitinj ! Channel 9 - "New Breed." Wen- idell Corey is the star in "Till i Death Do Us Part." ! j Channel 5 — "Death Valley Days." A fellow is torn between two loyalties. 9:00 Channels 5-13 — "Garry Moore." Gam- has as guests Mel Tonne and Alan King, or Channel 4 — "Cain's Hundred.' 1 I Cain goes after the underworld czar of professional boxing, or Channel 9 — "Moment of Decision," a drama, starring Fred Astaire and Maureen O'Sullivan." Late movies include "Desperate Journey," 1942, Errol Flynn, Channel 9, 10:45. gramming, now comes word that| d ( , & heatw] fll battlc the Federal Trade Commission i j Robcrl R w Dem . ;will start looking closely at the I . rat % eck; a thi| . (J term madc content of its commercials. ,. ' . _•• _ I the announcement on a paid po- ! "Broadcasting," a trade mag-j ]itical telecast. He had proposed ! axine, reports that a prime FTC | ar bi)ration. i interest will be the commercials I i stating that "four out of five doc- JiiiiiHi^^H^Hi^^^^^B |tors recommend" and "nine out! | of 10" movie stars. They will be j . asked to prove it. j Back in the nation's living i rooms and bedrooms, it is often the quantity rather than the quality of the commercials which is KEEN TV SERVICE 114 S. Main CH 2-S To Investigate Crime Syndicates LAS VEGAS, Nev. (AP) - The U.S. Justice Department has picked Las Vegas as the launching site for n new drive against national crime syndicates. The chairman of the State Gaming Control Board, Ed Olsen of Reno, immediately promised to support the drive. But he said the Washington announcement of the investigation sounded "just a little hit sensational." Justice Department officials in Washington announced Sunday Atty. Gen. Robert F. Kennedy has ordered a systematic investigation to determine: (1.) The extent to which syndicated crime leaders are using Las Vegas as a meeting place; (2). Whether a race track wire service is being run here for bookmakers throughout the country; (3). The backgrounds of some gambling casino operators. Freemen To Speak DODGE CITY, Kas. (AP)-Sec- r e t a r y of Agriculture Orville Freeman will address an appreciation dinner for Rep. J. Floyd Breeding, D-Kas., in the Dodge City municipal auditorium Dec. 8. Breeding is a member of the House Committee on Agriculture. Sreeley News New Homes Are Planned By HELEN IAO1AN Two more HLW homes are to be under construction soon. The Nick Kratzbergs recently purchased the Boyd Spencer property in north Greeley. They are tearing down the < ' 1 hcuse and will build a new one on the south lot. The Bob Snows, of Lane, will tear down the late Wilbur Scales home in southwest Greeley and will build a ranch-type house. Other new homes include those of the R. B. Morgans, which will be completed by spring, and Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Lickteig already completed. In addition there are the new bank and post office. The Phillips 66 station south of Greeley has changed managers. The station was closed for a short time. The new manager Buford Blackmore, opened for business Saturday Nov. 4. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Garner are planning to leave this month for San Diego, Calif., to visit their son, Capt, Kenneth Garner, Mrs. Garner, Yvonne and Karan. Wesley Gerhold recently underwent surgery in a Kansas City hospital. Prayer For Today "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." (Matthew 5:9 RSV.) PRAYER: 0 God, author of true peace, teach me when to use my tongue and lips as instruments in building peace, and when to keep silent. Glorify Thyself, Lord, both in my speech | and by my silence. For the Master's sake, who taught us to pray, "Our Father who art in heaven. . . Amen." Ottawa Herald 106-108 S. Main Published daily except Sunday and Holidays. Second class postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B. Wellington Editor and Publisher Subscription rates lo trade area — By mail, one month, .85; three months, $2; six months, $11.75: one vear, $7. Subscriution rates outside trade area—By mail, niie month, $1.50; three months, $4.25; six months. $8.00: one year. §15.00. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Pi'ess is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in the newspaper as well as all AP news "All dispatches. Laff-A-Day / CONSISTENT QUALITY more milk profits Consistent quality in Mueller fcalk tank manufacturing assures you a high quality performance in the milk houM where it pays off in profits. Economical ciirect-expanaion refrigeration in both "atmospheric" »nd "vacuum" mcxMi ... si;£«s from 90 to 2000 gallons . , . built•I in controls and either remote or Bch'-contiineo condensing units. C.I.P. cleaning is an optional choice. Whatever feat urea you prefer, ther may be found in one of the •varied Mueller models . . . come 5n and let us irive you the complete story. Auk ebw.t our etor,amy model "R" sr.ritt 300 Gallon Bulk Tank Completely Installed $1,500 MUELLER bulk milk tanks MEETS 3-A STANDARDS 1104 So. Walnut . and Trenching CH 2-1264 take that ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ fall trip now! down payment only $1A39 Santa Fe Ottawa to 10 Los Angeles $9.16 pe r month (12-month plan) for round trip coach ticket on the high-level £1 Capitan including extra fare and tax. For more details on "60 Now—Pay Later" trips: CALL: Santa F* Ticket Office, Phone: CHerry 2-1692 Tecumseh and Walnut Sts.; Ottawa, Kansas this isn't as important as you think, Miss Klotts! I plan to marry young!" '

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