Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 16, 1962 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 16, 1962
Page 7
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Dominican Republic Expects Trouble By WILLIAM L. RY/ N A PSpecial Correspondent SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic (AD—"My girl and I want to get married," young Ricardo Gil M; rales said earnestly. "EJut my country comes first. There will be some fighting t, do." Violent trouble may be coming soon. It must be .net before young men like Ricardo can turn thei.- attention to binding up the wounds inflicted on their nation of 4 million neople by 30 years of dictatorship. "But you can see the hope in their eyes now," says Newell Williams, energetic administ'utor for the U.S. Alliance for Progress in the Dcminican Republic. This is one country where the alliance seems to be off and nm- nirag. It seems within reaching distance of its first significant victory in Latin America over communism and Castroism. The extreme left will not take this lying down. The tough hard core of the Castro-Communists numbers perhaps 70,000 members, disciplined and well organized. Its intention obviously is to throw the little Caribbean.nation into violet elections scheduled for December. Communists ar e believed smuggling arms and ammunition from Cuba to use in a battle to prevent the Dominican Republic from getting on its feet. "But with or without guns," y'i'ung Ricardo said, "we will beat them. They have been making most of the noise, but we outnumber them and we are going to make some noise ourselves." A new slogan is "Basta ya!" Roughly, that is the equivalent of "Knock it off and get to work." it was the rallying cry shouted 'to huge crowds in Santo Domingo's Independencia Square last July after violent rioting. It came from Dr. Viriato Fiallo—a physician- philosopher who is running for president under the National Civic Union banner. The chances are he will be elected in the December voting, but there are big problems ahead. -Dr. Fiallo says he is confident that with the new impulse created by the vigorous U.S. aid program, tlie Communists will be beaten back. . "That impulse is as great for us as the Marshall Plan was for Europe, because we are such a small country, and the force of The Mekong River rises in the Tibetan highlands and runs southward for 2,800 miles, through the Southeast Asia peninsula. the program is that much stronger," says 67-year-old Dr. Fiallo, who suffered prison and persecution under the dictatorship of the late Rafael Tnijillo. The Alliance's success thus far has been the more notable because it was accomplished in cooperation with a governing seven- man council. The fact that the council, with all its varying viewpoints, worked at all was a source of astonishment. "If this country is given another year to work out its problems and get things moving, it will have it made," says Williams. In the brief time the Alliance program has been in operation there has been noticeable improvement in the economy and 1 standard of living. People are i eating more and better. A hous- : ing program involving self-help lias caught on and captured imaginations. But, says Dr. Fiallo, everything depends upon establishment of order and political stability, and that will not be easy. The forthcoming elections have drawn 25 political parties. Most are fly-by- night affairs. Only two are really in the contest for the presidency. The main opponent of Dr. Fiallo's Page 7 fiftnton i'lty IVlogrnm Tuesday, October 16, 1962 UCN is the PRO—the Dominican Revolutionary Party, headed by Juan Bosch and somewhat more to the left. \ TIME of </eAf? \ "ID WRiTE TO THE / ON HAllflfcJEEN NI6HT HE OUT OF THE PUMPKIN PATCH, ANP FLIES THROUGH THE AlROJITH MS 8A6 Of T0<# FOR ALL 7H£ CHILDREN.' IM WRITING TO HIM NOO),,.D(5 <<OU oJANTME TO PUT IN A 600D uJOfcP FOR VW, CHARLIE BfWWN? . 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