Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 11, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 11, 1912
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THE lOLA •A VOLUME XV. NO. 67. SuccAivr to the lola Dally Realttar, th« lola Ca.o Record and the lola Dally Index lOLA, KAS., JAN. 11, 1912~THURSDAY EVENING. Dally Regliter, EftabllshM 1897. Weekly Register, EsUbllahed .1867. SIX PAGES IMG BLUE •eii i SCORIXr. FIMSHKIJ AT THK I'OIL- Till- SHOW List SWHT. mmi EXiiiBiis mm ABOIT T«<» IirMIKKtt »l .(MM )i ;p FOWLS AT THK SHOW. Cold Wnvp SprloHslv iliiuiliriivs tln' t'xfifdfffon Ruf riors Vol AfiVrt £nthuiiiii!>ni of ti:f I'IIIICIITN. THE WEATHER. FnreRiiKt for Kunsiit: Snow fliirrir.s (onfKiit or Friduy: colder (oiitglit T»>iiii>ei-alure: Highest yesterday at ?. i>. 111. 13; lowest today at 6 a. in. zero; deficfency in teiiiperatiire yes- •iHrdny IG degrees; dWclency since January 1, 154 dogrei's. PrurSjiltatlon for 24 hours ending 7 a. HI. today 0: <leflclency I" iirorlpl- liitidii f<lnc-e .Inniiary 1. .nC inrli. Hi'lr.tivp humidity 7 ii. in. today SO m-r ciMit; liaroun'ii!r reduced to SIPK li'vcl :iu.i '."i inches. Sunrise today n. iii.; sunset i». Ml. HOW IS THIS m TH fLOTHIEH BECOMES BHR Ki.MKK .>I'(I,VI\ (nOSE\ ASSIST. ANT CASIIIKK UV STATE SAVINGS. C. E. Acreniafl, of Kansas CiLv Ui" well known poultiy juilgp. late la.='. night finished the ^;eoring cV the biids/^ at the Allen Coun;y I-oaUry show in the Jowa Store biiil<!int;. and iiiis afternoon ri'ibuns arc huiu!; jiui on the coops of the 1 rize winner.-:. Four prizes are b£;-;ur awani.d -n iv.^h vurhuy. Altogether there arc aljout two hundred, birds on di:-]>Ia.v ui tlie show.j and there is not one of tlie c.\hil)U.- tha\ isn't worth ^veiUS Todays severe storm kci)£ a '^r-i.: innr.y ifcoji;^ away, hut those, w'.-.o biavrd ;hc s-tonii to^see the exhi|>its foiinJ liiiit V.:v bis: room.was very comiona'.v!'. and thai the display is the be.-;; ci Icin.I that has ever been seen in .MILH touni\. Two stoves have been rut I'it in l!ir room, and good fires aru liciii uji continuously. A number of ihe roorteis have frozen coml>s but iln'v were no doubt expo.'ed to tiie civcie cold before beiUK placed oti cvl'.i\iil. The. chickens'Ive.'! Holiiirt and'Cliiford l)is|insr of Tlu-ii lM««'re>f-,/. I). .IriMlt Llrclid President. «i >f)W niMVEX HY HOWLIMl (UI.E IS Tf«)Al -'S i'KOKRAMj W0eSEFEIUEIiB:F08EBEnEfl THE POLITICAL SITUATION AT OYSTER BAY. I,<MVI:ST TEMfEKATIKE OF SEASON FOUECASTEH. nillnv' '.'old Swei'iis llie Couulrjr, Sunil- Ihf Frosf LJiip ('!c:ir liilo (he (;uii\ doing a !J they can to irake tlio sliow a paying one. the daily piodu^-'iion or eggs being between IS and 2i. .A. present price for f ^p.-; .his is <iiiii- a help in |>aying e.\i)! i:r^ EJIEIMJEM'V MUtS O.M Froxcn The ar.niiai meet'ns <;f the- i=;ock- ho'di-r.- i;f tl;<- Siaie Savinss I'.ank wa.'; held yi'stenUiy Hfitrnoon. Harmon Hobart and H. K. Clifiord retired tron; ill.' ban!.-, .Mr. lioiiart relinquirhinp the posi '.ion cf cashier. whU-h he hat" h^Id .-in<-e f.'ic Ciiablisiinicnt of thr bank throe years ago. Both gentlemen ilisiiiufd lit \\U'\: .-u-.rk to Mr. .1 /). Aniet: vviio bcioiiii's ])r€siuent ol the hank. nthei- of.''ictr.'= eiecird were as fol- iow.*: Frank Xij;h. firtt vice iiresi- Ji-nt: r <i!oiifl l.ay.yiin. s.H-ond vice pres :drni; .Inseph .McKiniry. lar-hier. am '.•".Inir-r McCiain. a."=-i.-;ant cashier. Tlip f<,vc:--oic? orfi?ors with the fol- !nvv;n? ^'cntl'-m' n cor..= iitule the boani :)f (!irel•:or^•t f'.'arlrs 11 ..Vpt. .1. S !>..•:•. !:. L. T);ni7ip.;ijn and Kiani-: Ua'es^ Tt«r I'ffair.--, of the bank were pnnr »v( r tl'Droiishly by tlu- board am! I'.irtnd ijc in a very satisf«;-tory con- i dition. "Wo l-.ave hv.d a Riili-ntiid s;row;h " s:iid Casi'.ier J!"K!nIi'j. "and e.vpec' in r::nt;iine buildlni; u;) o\ir busincs.- ri^-)!! ;:lr -.r .H;." '::!r. ;• .XiVCIain. (he ni'W as.-<i.«tant < :i<'.'\i T v.r.s In ihi> rbitliiriL' l)uslnps> in lid.i ri;r maiiv years i.s known a:' n vi-ry >uci-i'ssrul imd inpiilar busi- I i:i:in. Mr. i;:)lr.i'.i w! I) rrM'.>- fnii" llu (•:i>.li|pr's I'l'sk. lias ri;ii!p no deflnilr Vlwn Are OuTworklii--' V.iv lolii I 'iiiii'iliir.'. .Patrons wlio caiiod lola ;,1:;!!I!J.T.-. } I'lans for flu'f'lturi'. "T'tcn'arc <iul;- by telephone today aekinj; a rum | •' lot of diC-.Ks to bn aiwnrtfd to li be eenl'iil once to do tome r.'i ' "innrctlon wlili ihp llnbart estate." l:r work wcr» (old »ha( il'-? .-f.'t,;i(i(i:i ;n>! "nml J shall ;i.>-olia!iIy jfivc my at not been relieved by tho d;iy (ir two .railip. to t!iai fo:- ^o:I;4• time." of warmer weather vvi>i<h ^atcrM-in-d i between this cold wave and the la.^t. MlSSOrifl .'S ST.l'iK S0>(.". "We're only able to l:;'<"p up wiiii ' the enierpercy jo)i.«." a piu)nb<-r sa'd ; Naiivc* Cmzy About DocKerel—Ma; this afternoon, "and WP are not proii--; Adopt It. (By the A .S!ioi .>latpa ITesn) City. .Ian. 11.—Coming with i prouounct-d drop in temperature •novv driven by a wind of thirty tulles vn hour sv.cpt over Southwestern Kansas. Northern Oklahoma and Soi;- hern Missouri today. The mercury "egistercd u degrees below zero at •lodKc C.ty. Ki'Hsas. The local forecaster predicted a drop to ice low- •.•<t-point of the season throughout Sou'hv.i-si tonight. .><• .Vodcralio:! iii SlsM. Chir-ijn'- .Ian. 11.—No moderation of cold in sight yet according to the lo cal forecaster. The severest temper- itiue leporied today was at Pem- •>ina. Xonh Dakota 44 below zero The arctic conditions were working southward. .lust as Itiid Further Lust. St. l .ouis .Ian. II.—Kast Missouri ind Southern Il'-nols suffered from s •itir.K stnriii lodiy. A lieavv snow v:in apCDiupan.'til by a high wind and 1 ti iiiporaturi; .si nt r.cro. . Kvcry 'i:m- 1 come to town Islng Just what time we can git lo the ordfcrs that are coming in. In 1 TJ,,. "bovs k^cp a-kick:ii' homes where bath roo'ns and l;i:c?-- j around, ens pre flooded my do: aoded. im.nied.Tife r'?!rf I'l.'.-- j -Mjikrs no (ilff^icnc if hi- is a houii / d we are getting to the;.; as i'^,y i;oi!a (luit kickin' mv dog aroun' yC s .-ible. In !,oTi :es where ih.; j./is ,.,.rtdiuly Ki '-sak 's time tf^<^''°" be had and fast as Possible freeze-iin is not noodir.s and doing no particular damage, i-vcept to rnnsf serious inconvenie'iic-e there is nothing to demand iniii;ediate attpiiiinn and they come second on rfnr list. In many bongos water ip bplns; cnvripd from Mparby wells a.^d thoiiirh wp tp- gret our inabiljry to ren:p'!y tiii.'.- .situation promptly cnnnot help it." Know II '.'W It Is Themselves Now. GrPHt U-Mid. Ki's.. 11.—H-rierin i-ndciit Kerns and Tralnmar.tpr .\sl- •rafi of IliP Saa;.i Ke. who enme !>eri ••stPfday from Topeka to inves'tlgp .tr iip I'lni-.ilnlnts <if poor rervlce on tU"- •ntl Clly lir.-ini'i ll:ip .>.|ric«. HIP Inii- 'low.-itor'".'^^ w"!-'' Mwd I'i) w-si of lipri' idiiv (111 ih'Ir loar of inspoction "h'-'r ^,•.((•lal Irnlu iiccoiniuinied hv r •ivv . '.uv- Is unnble lo nio'o either •ly. Wii-.'H nre down and the worst tori" ^-r tl',.- vinter I;' raging <odzy IE BELOW AND HIIRB WIND THE nCENIS STARTED H ROlt HrRDOCK PITTED AGAINST CAMP BELL FUU KULE'ii -COJfjnTTiSE RE8DLJIRSWIN DOT US USVXL -r=-i snriALIST RERGER GITE8 NOR^ RIS AND .VL'KDUCK GOUD ADVICE ILLINOIS Bii»D OF HOPE Er .m. LOKLWEir.S THU.'i: IHV 0\ MIT- .M:.SS STAM: IN OWN ntiiALK. The Senator HUfs Leiads of IliiiioN I oilUcs and j ;,MtU 's Jtrlhi-r} (•liiirj ,'eK. Ui-rriirj to Fnll Still Lower Tiiniur- ;un and Stav Doy>u Indotinltcly. Kuurral of ('. K. Kates. iaupJi. .Missouri, "poor old .Mi.-:zou,' which has jc.TPd Kansas. Inis sun,' th;;t cho'd "rather die and go to li—": Ihiiii livf on thp Kansas sidi,-," is oi ;hf run. With much iioisr shn startfi out to create a state pann, words an music by .Missouri.-'ns. and offcre' mon^v fnr tlie same. iJut before ih i music was found—words btiiig a< 'c'j'tid—;;lon? comes old hill countr;- , , , ^ T. . , !'li;iv liiioifd above and ir went right The fune"! of C_ K .Ha.p.==. of (.as ;Mjssoun heart and threatens City, who fell of heart fnil.i/p ; ,„ ^5,, iianh' SM:TP song befon on the street at Gas Cuy ye?terdrvv.; „ i,„r„. T,.C "houu' song" strike: win be held fni^f-rrow af;<-rnoon ai : „jp j,v"ra=c NMuian as amazingl- two odock '"le '•OWP. If-'T- ..,,5,,,, ment will occnr In the f ^:is City c^in- 1 efery. ' Lon Hanmer left tci^Iay for Colii!!'.--: vllle on business. .1 lUinm (Mil: «.\ TRIAL. v.. .Mriluirh Mvilainis Kiioniedge of 1 S.ile fhanred. T'.iP l.ii'.l of K. McMugh. charge; C. E. Knmso. wl-.n lias been in lli city for the ;.Yt srverM days nn '•^^^'l-^ilh'» 'vioiat"ion''of''ihp"''protiVtd^oi-: iness. returned today to his h -.n... .,1, j^. Colony. Jerry Uedvell will .ur've toninht from ^dc];*'ndenje to inaVe Inla hi:" home, after 'savin;; sojouijicd in Oia- the and Independence fnr gduip liiup. Mrs. Bedwe:V .:r.d little diu;il,-.- rived ye!:ie;i':i.-. . IJr. Payni- ('lart-in'i- \\'IHH\ .II>I.;.I, SheUaiaii. !tni} WlHi.iiii H.v.-ily. „i iiir. : boldt. will be her<' Kuiii-.hi m ;ii < with the local conimu'idi-ry irf i^.. Knights Tenijdar. and li> laki' tin- Order of the i;^d I'fi-f^s ;r.;:l lluv Oniiv of the Teiiii/lc. Manager !.<Van <it ih- fJrati'i. U< gan preiiara'.liiiK, imlHy f'lr Icivin;; theater wan .i loii'oi ii>w niuht fur tb«' 1 J»««luction <i Till- .'^i-rvaiii in Hi' House." T"'. nil I.urn'T In tin ('in-; ace was Etaiii-d full Idusi tnda>- ;ind J It will be k'M^i Koiiig all nfsjhi ;'«'iivlt and all day "onvirro-.v with a I'MII In j constant aitcmiauii' to IP^'IIH:.- it. It' takes soineti.uf. i<, war.,: a l"" Idin;: j ,„!,i '"r.;,:, Mj.n^r: him the size oi ..o (Jra'xf. I,, once• take:- many lio'ir.-^ lo .00! 11 olT. | :,l,.,nn.'(I to dyiia. Guy Sir."-.- n, a clerk al Fryer 's r.rn- cery. In ord<"- ;o give bystanders s.iiii<" Idea of his slr-ngth. mJ'.de the declaration Tues'.iy night that for "two- bits" he wovild carry Iloy n,th. a^i; i ^^,;;;;rsThTOr wi.ij-coii ^drl^cy to ;Ulernii'n bi-fdie .Iii.;;;e II. fl. I> Sn'''!i:'.('r. McIIu.s;:! <!p:-lari 'd that In illd ret irfll any li(i ;:i:r and that whoi he |)ivii".:reu son;p a: t!io rcfiupst of an- OHKT man lie did not know lip wa: v!ola!ini; the luw. He said it was : i .Tj ;p w'lr-rp f.vo or tlin-i. men "chlpppi :n" t!i.' price and »vnt for the boozi "Wberp did vfiu ppt the Ihiuor?" Col I. r>. .McliiMin .Milluj'.h's i-oun.upi .••.>.k«-d. "KiI III a ci.!()i( d Iran." '•\Vf'!!li!. knnvv ilip man if yo sliDiiJd y (• aiiriinV" Cuy |>(.ps, cli» prii>-'i <'u;or, aslTcd mi 1:1 '-e.\anilna- tinn "1 do not biiirv.' that I woulii." 'Il 'i- r.xaiiri 't.. i'-r 111 witni'.-isps wa .-I'M Ir. 11! I'-.ri a' 1 r. ; '..< nr. >i<u{i. nvvAvrif: SKNSATIO.V. Hiiui-s Naii'i-s ThcM' Who Were t- liloiv Knildinir. • nw 111- Af-<'•i.'l'd I"i<«v> I-os Angi'b's. Jan. 11. - ••(•o!iirT> I "US ;ii;inn<'(i to uyiiamitf liie Hall of Records and that be with Bender and .Maple Wt-re told t/ lo the work." This slat;'ii!eut by .Marz>'ll P.irks was todi«'« (iinlribution by the Stat;> i to the sensations of the trial of Hert other clerV. 10 his home in the St"' block on S'-inh strep;. A rolli-;iioP was fakeri. the "f«o-b('s" rafs*'.!. a;id then it up to Strawn. He was game. He "u! Bush on his shoulders and C3I "led him the eleven blocks to his homo. Peoole who saw the two were amazed, but in answer to their aupsii'-rs Sirawn said that Hush had broken hie leg, and Bush then groaned in a very painful mcnner. Horrible AtrorltJe* In AfrJcn. , fB.v A.'s.ioclTtciI Presjsl Lisbon. Jan. 11.— Horrible atrocities have bees committed bv tribes in Portugese Africa during the native up rising there according to a dispatch today from Angola. Several Poriu- gexe ofHcfels hare been oapfured ifid burned anve. dcstray the county building. Te.wiii Muuti'd ut Home. • By ihf As.<orl;it> li I'resii) Austin. Texas, Jan. 11.—Gov. Colquitt today requested the tJnvernoi- o' Illinois to grant a requisition for Prank Holloway arrested in Chicago and wanted in connection with the robbery of a tjank at Harrold. Holloway recently made startling confessions implicating himself in various robberies. litft- From a temperature of zcri at six o'clock this morning, the mercury gradually fell, and at 12:.^0 this after looii rc?is'rr'd one degree below. an« vas s'i:l"faHing. This low tempera- »rf acconi.oarifd by a northeast vind with a velocity of about twenty- "ivp milps an hour, made the day as iisagrecable as any yet this winter, This is had enough but the worst it is '.hat there Sfjems to be no indii "ion that the severe weather is to thate. The prediction for tonight ind tomorrow is colder, which means • fall of at least len degrees from •oday's minimum, or a temperature if from 11 or more degrees below ze- -o. The weather map received at the local ollice of the weather bureau this •norniiig shows a high .pressure area In .southern Canada and the northern "uiird St-i;rs extending entirely .f ross ihp con'snent, in every [-art of <h;ch tl!'- •.••nii.,(Tature is far below •.'•ro, !lic ininlmiim in Canada being '2 brloc.-. piiow began falling here hits mornia;^ a'. 10:15. and at press ih-' 'ntal fall had a:nonuted to iboul half an inch. MOROS WERE (UTWITTED. Wily *<iiv!ures Tried t<i Amliiisb Amcr. leans Ihit (iot Worst of It.' (I'.y Ihi- Ax -; |>ri-ysl .Manila. Jan. 11.—Tv.oniy-slx Mores viT" kllN'd today nitcmiiiinK 10 ambush Ainericiin troops In the Island of 'olo. I.bill. .Mci;(P. of the Second In- faniry was shot twice, and another Vtuerican soldiiT was wounded. Brig. •Jen, I'r rKliliig. c'ommander at .Minnn- laoii. said I he engagem'-nt marks the nd of the Moro ri 'slstance. TKrvr lASE rONTINI'El). Ouster Suit AcalnsI SI. Lunis lleef Coinlilup tines Over. Ji'Tirhan Cit.v, Jan. 11.—Special Commissioner I>lllon. for ihc Suprenip Court in the Stale's ouster suit ncaiiis; (hn St. Louis Uressed Brof and Provision Company and the Hammond Packing Company, .today continued the hearing to March fourth. Attorneys for ihe defendants securV-d the continuance because of Inability of President Tild°n, of the National Packing company to be present. FIiaiT FOR RICHE.SOVS LIFE. Old and Blind Hnrnpd lo Death. (Hy Uie AS30<-lat «i PrHw) B.ixter Springs. Kas.. Jan. 11.— Mrs. Rachel Sparlln aged seventyrsix, and blind burned to death in her cottage here today when coals fell from, her clay pipe and set her dress afire. His Fi)inr<-<'s Fiilher Will Flnanri> Ciinipalirn for Clemenry. (fly th» Assnriiited PreMi Bosron, Mass., Jan. Jl.—It is ejt- iifcted that wHliin the next two weeks an appeal will be sent to Governor Koss to save the Iffe of Rev. Ricfae- «on The fight for commutation of his sentence will be financed by Mos- rranl EdmontlB. lather of Miss Violet Kdinonds, former flancee of Rjfh- eson. Miss Ada Leffler left today for Ottawa where she will spend a few days with Miss Ada Beckey and then go to Cawker City, to spend the remainder cf the winter. llSy till- Ax.siH'lattil I'roM) Washington. Jan. 11.—Details of tin "ilund of Hope," "Hopkins Heiidnj-. ilfciiilerti. • and "Hopkins' Apple liur- rcl " ihlj;g.< syiio.'iyiiious with Bupub- ;icau jiolitlcs in Illinois, were told by deni'.tor Lorin'er today before the in- committee. l»art of tin morning scsslo.-i was taken up by the rending of political stories printed by Chicago papOTB at the time of the Senator's eiectiori. TMs Is IxJrimer'i third day us a witness. His counsel said that cross-exniiunaticn might not lie readied before Saturday. Yeslerdiiy's Testimony u t'omedj. Senator I.orimer's second day as a witness before the Senate Investigators of his election was a comedy of politics. The day's inquiry delved Into the dark windings of party government and touched lighter phases that swept the audience with laughter. Mr. Uinmers relations with Edward Hines. the lunibernian. who has been said to be the man who obtained JrLoriincr's election to the United States Senate, were talked over at length and Senator Ix)rimer said he had never asked Mr. Hlnes to vote for him and. In fact, did not thinJc Hines knew enough abov.t politics to be trusted in such a capacity. The now famous message which Hines is said to have carried from Washington . to Governor Deneen. to the effect that President Taft. Senator Penrose and former Senator .\id- rlch wore an.xioiis to see l.orimer elected, was discussed again, and Senator Lorimer said the. first he knew of such a message when HiiiP>- deMvered i». « Hines Not "IHploiuat.*' Is H.nes flic soi 't of a man who would be selected to carry out a delicate political mission " atk'ed Si -nufor .Icnes. Certainly not by ini." returned Mr. "Hinps and I were friends but I never felt I coi:ld ask him lo hl.< tliup for inc." "Did Mr. lline.s ever contribute any- 'liing to your campaign funds?" '.Vot fh.".l 1 know ofT Once when 1 was running for Congrcs.s. somebody had Konip Circulars prlnicd. I don't kno"' who it was. If Mr. Illne* .lid It. thai the only litre hp i vin" did anvthing for ine.'" Mr. Lorimer .said lha' si. fir a- h-> knew lllneb'a actl\ity In his lifhaK lieg.-n after Hines had taUcd wllh Penrose nnd Aldricb In Wash.nsjion. "nbl yoti latpnoHP the pre.sldeiii fn- vored vou?" asked Hi -nntor Jones M^r'lj Heiird Tuft Story. "I o.ily km;w tha' such an i.npief^- slon iiad be. n carried to Springllcld. 1 do not know th:it a Repi;bllcan wus wauled from Illinois, and In the doling days 01 tlie legislature the idea got around that I was the one man who could be elected. 1 never received aryihlng direct froi.i the Whil.; House. The president had no Interest In ir.e personally and' I knew Penrose and Aldiich only casually, but they seemed to think 1 was the man who could be elected."' When Senator J^rlmer was rplntlu.»! hia ear'y relations Uith Governor Deneen and told of the break v.-Jth him. he showed some eiuotion. othRrwis;- he was a chim and Imperturbed witness. "My frisndship was something aki;i to affection for him," he said, refei- ring »o the governor, "and when he went off with other men who were not' my friends politically. I still felt he favored me. I do, now. and I always will feel that he WHS for me. although his Chicago friends the newspaiier."!. wou'd not let him show it. S<mie it »he Chicago newspapers have p-it irf fifteen or twenty year- trying to pi.t ipe out of public life." "And during that time you have al- j,ways been advanced by the people, said Jlr. Hanecy. Senator Lorimer did not reply. AMIIASSfADOR BACON RESHJN.S. Our Rejiresentiithe to Fram-o Will Come Home to Help Harvard. (By fill- As .-<iTi;iti-il t'ri-<.'<) Pars. Jan. 11.—Robert Bacon, Am- !n.-sndor of the United States at Paris, confirmed his resignation today. He liSfl been ch"-«en a fellow in Harvan! University. AmbuRsador Bacon's U-t'er in which le announced his resignaUon to Pi-ps- ident Taft. is due to rpnch the President at Washington today. Mr. Ihicon snld he wished his frlcnd.s to know fliere was no ulterior motlvea for his .-pslgnntlon. He has been for seventeen years a member of the board of iltNINemS SFflEUDS TERROR TFXAS TOWNS ARK ENFORCING RIGIU tilAKANTISE AtiAINST IF. Tels Them If They Cant Line Up The; Ought to Start a Kew Party. Ail .Wcijtlilt's iu Dallas Praetlfally Abiiiidoned Although the Condi'. Hons Are Improved. fll.v thP A.-'soclafil I'r<-.«!<1 Hnllas. Texas, Jan. 11.—The menace of mfuingltls in Dallas and other cit/ps of norUi and cant Texan has Instilled sucii fear among the populii- tlon that public gatherings have jirac- liCTllv been abandoned. ('Imrch niec;- overseers and could not. he said, de-jlnj-'s lif-ve been given up and even ss:- ^ •Mne the honor to become a F,.)low '.oonkeepe:s say the fear of the nienlr-, if Harvard He s-'iild there was no Ritis epidemic has canted serious re- ^y the Associated Press) Washington. Jan. 11. —Republicah insurgency broke'out in the House today for the first time this session when insurgent Leader Norria, of Nebraska, bolted Republican Leader Mann's selection of Philip Campbell. - regul^r .Jo ^ucceed E. H. Madison. In-, slu^gett!^ oir the House committee on rules. Mr. Ndrrls nominated* Victor Murdock of Kansas, Insurgent. When Xorris nominated Murdock. Sjieakvr Clark ruled that Murdeck 's nomination would have to be voted on as a substitute for the nomination of Campbell. Democratic Leader Underwood urscd all Democrats to vote for Camp bell and sustain the Republican leader. Mr. Xorris said he was not bound by any party caucus. Fprjper S;>oaker Cannon. Repre- 3ematWe Berger, Socialist, and others oroke into the fight. Berger said that f Messrs Norris and Murdock could not agree with Mann "they ought to ?et off and start a party of their .own, as w;e have done." The House sustained the Republl- l.reader .Mann by defeating the' nomination of Murdock 107 to 167.' Twenty-six Republicans voted for Murdock. UI:RNS NOT A KIDNAPER. lolltJcal side to his action. A CHeNEBIE 'S SHREWD IM IIKLIEVES' PART.\ER.SHII'S -VORK EFFECTIVE THAN CORPORATIONS Also He TMnks the Day of Competition Is Passed and Many Olher Things. • ductlon, In their trade. Conv.->ntion and clnli meeflc ITS -have been postponed. While the State. Board of Health announces that the epidemic condition? have Improved there }s no let u;> in tJ'o fight against the malady. fBy the Associated fress) V.'ashiiigton, Jan. 11.—Andrew Carnegie, before the Steel Coniiiiittee today. recomH!tndt>d ^lartncrships as far more effective than corporations and incidentally praised the farmer who owns his land. "1 don't believe that any corjvora- iion can manage business like a partnership." he said. "When we were I'.Mtners 1 felt that we could run around the corporations. You taltc thlrty-!ivp young men interested in wptchint; even a leal; in a spigot ami no coriioratio.T comiieic v.ith .such an organi':::>tior.." "It is the. Kiiinp thing wit'fl a mar v.-l-.o owns the land he tills. Take Iowa for Instance. When young I weri to Iowa. There I s;iw those beanti- fiil farm;-'; tliL.;c Imrnes of frltimph- ant democracy. Tliose young men owned their lands. lUelr home. Great C.-Jesar! What can a big farming corporation do against .such a condition a."* that? The Juan who owns tin- land l.i a man the eiinal of any othc- man in a triuniphnnt ileinocrncv." Car'ip^ie declared that the diy o' coippptitlon was passed becaime of the Inabllliv of n^'innfacliirer:! to Il.t and maint.Tin prices. FlltST BLOOM FUR CI.ARK. HN Friends Claim Ihe Se^pnlh KiiJS .>^:is nistrict for the Speaker. 'llv lhr» A-'^'tf^tiit'-'l I*r«»««i Washington. .Ian. 11.—Friends of •^iii'nltfr C'lrk claim 'b"111-81 lii .<iri!ci- ed PrPFiilenlh'.l dilcsatp': for ihi S'lieakcr as a result of the specia' -•'ecHon In HIP Sivcntb Co.ngrpssionn' distrlrf of Knn?:is. Tb" c'lnven'io'- which chtise f'eorgp .V ;'Pl :>y Pemocrai io succeed fiei're.'pn'a'iv.' .Madisor. T1-O Fplfc*pd presidenriel ripIe^atPB Instructed for Spoakpr Clark. Clarlc forces Ih -Mis.-'oun are ma.king strong "fforts to srpure In.^tracted delecate.^ for the Sjieaker from his home state. STFART -SrCC KEDS WlI.SON. Professor nf I o^lc Ptvntnp< President of Princeton rnlrrrslty. CRv th** Awnj-iTt/^d T»rp"«^ Princeton. N. -T.. .Tan. 11.—Dr. John Crier Hlhben Stuart. Professor of I-ogis fodav was elected President of Princeton Cniversiiy bv the board rf trustees. He suceods Woodrow Wilson who rFsfgned in IflOO to rin for Governor. Grnesheck Takes no Chnncps. Groesbeck. Texas. Jan. 11.—Quarantine against "the whole world' has been established here on account of the meningitis scare. All persons are warned against buying r.tihvny tickets to Groesback. None will be i)ermit:e:I to leave the trains here. Lime has been scattered throu:?h the streets. So far there has been no meningitis here. NEW -SIDYE PIPir FK.TRES. Dressrniikers Have H.trd Timp Finding -Ifodel for New Style, Chicago. Jan. 10.—Plumpness of Chica.5o .voung women almost caused the failure of the exposition of styles in women's gowns yesterday by tho Ladies' Tailors and Dressmakers' A.s- sociation. The fashionable figure for the .leason is the "stove pipe" accor.'i ing to announcement. One model after another had to be titmcd away by (he exhibitors because they were no; sufflcipntly slight to wear the gowns. An effort was made to bring slender women "from (he theatres. This failed, and finally a woman tailor con seated to wear the gowns. She was •he only woman available who possessed the required flgu^fc. . OLD SOLDIERS RECOVERINC Doctors are Trvlnir to Find Out Whul SIcbonrd Them. (fty tlic A!<!incinCP<< Pr>"i"> Leavenworth. Kas., Jan. 11.—Iiivis ligation Inio the cause of the illiiPH.i of one hundred and fifty old soldierK in the Veterans' Home who slckenul .•iftcr i-ailiig hash ystcrday, was con- tlnu>-d today. Chl<f Surgeon Fryci- said that none of Ihc uiPil Is In a spr- lous condition. Governor Cook, head of fh(» Homo re/upi'd Inforniiiiion concerning the casi'. HAR.MON AI..SO FOR M (INO .nV. That Wits Hi* Burden of Ills Speerli at lroi|iio{s Club. (Ity thf .\ss".-(iitfil lYfss) C.'ilcago. -Ian. It.—Kconomy in tl:p airduct of t ;!P National government, nnd tariff reform were decbived bv Gover.ior Harmon today in a speecii at the Iroquois Club luncheon to be the vital Issues of the day. He ;in- ilictod the electloii of the. Iieniocratic nor .iinet who promises these reforms. Jnmes' Declared Elpcfrd. Frankfort. Kv. Jan. 10.—In join* cession the senate and the house cf the Kentucky legislature at noon today formallv" declared Ollie M. Jaflfes Democrat, elected to the United Slates Sen.ite, to sticeeed Thomas H. Paynter In Manh I'JlS. ECHOES OF EOriT .lBLE FIRE. That is Indicated liy Judge's Bullng 1 .111 IndianaiHiHx. (tiy thp A.^soofiiCfd PrcmtJ Indianapolis, Jan. 11.—Detective Burns was not guilty of the crime of kidnaping when he captured John J. McNamara hern nnd took him to Cal- Hfomla Federal Judge Anderaon indicated today that such would be his ruling. / .. The Judge said the case 'a|ilaat» Burns was without merit. Argtiihfetit , on the kidnaping charge began todajr.' The action came up on Detective. Burn's petition on habeas corptu-prb- \ cecding for permanent release from, indictment by the Marion county, .grand jury charging falm with kidnap- ins W. A. Kctchum, former Attoxuey., General of Indiana, counsel for Bam8: contended that all tbe regulatlona ot. the Federal laws regarding extradition were complied with and that MUL indictment against Burns was based on the provision of the Indiana law which imposed restrictions njSt contemplated by the Federal statutes. WILSON'S KNOCK ON BBYA>% Full Text of Letter That Haa Set Tontmes AVagglng. .Vpw -i'ork. Jan. IL—The Herald baa, made public Governor Wilson's view of W. J. Bryan, as expressed In 1807. Governor Wilson's letter follows: Princeton University Princeton, N. J., President's Room. April 29, 1907. My Dear Mr. Joline: Thank yon very much for sending me your ad- dres.s at Parsons. Hans., before the board of directors of the Missouri. Kansas S- Texas Railway Company. I have read with relish the entire argu- TTcnt. Would that we could do some- , thing nt oqce dignified and effective <o knock .Mr. Bryan once for all Into, a coirked hat; Cordially, and sincerely vours WOODROW -WILSON: Tc .Mr. .Adrian H. Jollne. CHAVINt; FOR OPIU.M .VEMALt BO;K Sold Rock Candy and Potask Thnt SiitNHcd Fleada. \ Pan Francisco, Jan. 10.—^Detectlve8\ liellcvp the cWaze for drugs Is more' mental than lihyslcal. They reached ' that conclusion today through the discovery In police court that two mes- '"nirer boys had for weeks been deceiving cocaine fiends by selling them !i mi.vtiire of rock candy and P9tash. The iTisoners explained the deception to the judge. An analysis by thc^rftjr phemls-t proved it. In releasing them the judge remarked they bad done nior? good than harm, THK BEAR'S CL.iWS IS CHINA. S I SITIOU.S niffiriilty Miiv, tirow Out of j Hurniu:: of Rp'fords. rr.v the j> «.ic./.|iiif<i^^ .\'e»\: York. Jan. 11.—Directors of the l.'nlonPa'-ifi: he'd a meetin?: tcday to consldj- the advisability cf calting In all outsiandit^: certificate.^ of the com pany because of the dettruction of its records in the Equitable fire. No derision was reached. Powder .Mill Blows Tp. (Ky ttie .\asopi-^tpd I'rfisi Wl'nin, Minn.. Jan. 11.—A powder mill blew up here today, killing Jarces Healy of Hibbing. and Charles Wii:- ter of Columbus, Kansas. The Empire Trying to Ke«n a Testlg« of Rule Iu Moni^>Ha. ifiy ihf A.sstvlnred Press'* . -vB Peking, China, Jan. H—Negotia- J tions bet wean China and Russia re^ garding Mongolia henceforth wUl be " .l ^l cond't'^tod at St. I*eteraburg. U ts 'yf^ understood that China is prepared to r iii?cuss the -Russian project for'a.' ' Trans-Mqrgolian railway linking Ufri sa. the capital- of MongoUa, with the« Siberian railroad, but dlspntea tto <,i «tf.-,^ of the Rnsalan 'dsmand for tmr: withdrawal of Chinese garrisons trt^"''M Mongolia. ' •-^'•^-M Rns -slan Steamer Fosoden on Eaziiift ^ (B'- the Associated Pre»»> : T-5^ii^j Bucha Rest. Roumania. JaS -Vllir^^^ •ylThe Russian steamer "Rusa" fouii% ered during a gale In the Black ;;Se«'. with all her passengers and CTe^j^tti^^ taMng a hundred and seveaty-tvgi T^Jf^r^ sons. '

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