Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 8, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1943
Page 2
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HOPE STAR, HOM,"ARKANSAS- Tuesday, June 8, 1943 Hope Star 6f 1899; d •vwy WMk-dqy afttrnoon br Ste* Publishing Co. the. • t Palmw and At«x. H. Wcuhburfl) > Stof bulWlno. ?»2-»l4.SouttvWabiu* street, Hope Ark. - Efcttrad as second class motter or the ' itotfke at Hope, ArkdnSo*, umrtr th« t of March 3, 1897. (API Means Associated Press Newspaper Enterprise Ass n. lptlan Rofc (Alwavi Payable. In V<MK«): By city corriw, per.we«k tSc; lempstead, Nevodo, Howard,. Millet ano, .ofoyett* counties, $3.50 pet year; «ls«- •here $6.50. K M.mb«t o»,Th« MM Associated Press is exclusively entitle* to [Ke use for republicatlon of all news dls- jxilches credited to It or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the local hews published herein. ^National Advertising R«pfeMBld«lve— Arkansas Dalltas^'lact: Mennphis. Tenn Sterick Building; Chicago, 400 North M ch- taan Avenue; Hew; Vofk.Ctt* 2WMadison Ave.' Detroit, Mich., 2842 W. Grand Blvd.,' Oklahoma Citv, 414 Terminal lOdg.; New Orleans. 722 Union St.. ' Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges wlllbc made for all tributes, cards ot thanks, reso- irtions, or memorials, concerning the de- odrted. Commercial newspapers hold to th s policy In the news columns to protect their teaders from a deluge or sP a "- takln(ahm f; morlals. The Star disclaims responsibility for the safe-fceepipg, or i»turn. oi any unsolicited monscripts. ' Municipal Court City Docket: Edgar Williams, running a "stop" signaK forfeited $1 cash bond. Willie Garland, disturbing peace, plea of guilty, fine $10. Geo. Braswell, disturbing peace, forfeited $10- cash bond. G. A. White, disturbing peace, plea ot guilty, fine $JO, Sallie Garland, dismissed on motion city, attorney, w. A. White t drunkenness, plea of guilty, fined. $10. Floyd Leeks, drunkenness, forfeited $10 cash bondt' . Joe Bob Stewart, drunkenness, forfeited $10 cash bond. State Docket: T. F. Parsons, giving an overdraft, forfeited $5 cash bond. Sam Moore, petit larceny, plea ot : guilty, fined $25 and one day in jail. Willie Doss, carrying, a pistol as a weapon, tried, fined $50. notice of appeal, i Willie Doss, rape, examination held, bound to grand jury. Nicie Taylor, assault with intent to kill, examination waived, held to grand jury, bond fixed at $250. Nicie Taylor, assault with a deadly weapon, dismissed on motion ^prosecuting attorney. SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith Classified v Ada must be in office day before : publication. All Want Ads cash in advance. Not taken over the Phone. i One time—2c word, minimi! m 30e 1 Sfx times—Sc wordi. minimum. 75c ' Three time»—31/jC word t minimum-SOe ' ''Clnemonthr-lBc word, minmium : $^.70» ''Rates are for continuous insertions only '/THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER , , YOU. SELL." For Sate '• MOTHERS LOOK: SANDBOXES for the children, delivered complete with, clean washed sand. Hempstead- County- Lbr. Co.. Phone 89: 3« \ RED CHOW AND COCKER Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded by day, week or month. Padgitts Kennels. 20-lmpd ONE 6M.-FT. GENERAL ELEC- tric refrigerator, in A-l condition. One 1934 V-8 Coach, motor, body, and tires OK. Phone 568-J. • 8-3tpd. FOP Rent DOWNSTAIRS APARTMENT. Fur-* nishedv Mxs. Mary Middlebrooks. Phone 364;. 5-3tch. |,THREE••- ROQM. UNFURNISHED Oil and Gas Lafayette County, Arkansas Prepared.by Mrs. Eunice Triplet, Lewisville, Arkansas. Oil and Gas Lease: 10 year term; dated May 26,, 1943; filed June 4, 1943—Mrs. Annie Tyler and husband, Addison Tyler to Kerlyn Oil Company; 5/72nds interest in and to the WM> of EVj ofi SW.y.i. of Sec. 8, Twp. 19 S., Rge. 24 West. Oil and Gas Lease: 10 year term; dated June 2. 1943; filed June 4, 1943—P. W. Jackson and wife to Kerlyn Oil Company—An undivided l/32nd' interest in the NWV-i of SEV4 and SWVi of SEY4 o£- Sec. 17, Twp. 19 S,, Rge. 24 West; and NEV-i of SEV 4 and SEV-t of SEWi- of Sec. 17, Twp. 19 S., Rge. 24 West. OU;and Gas Lease: .10 year term; dated May, 29i 1943; filed June 4, 1943—W. L. Allison and wife to KeclyrvOU Company—An undivided l/16th interest in the SEVi of SEVi of Sec. 17., Twp. 19 S., Rge. 24 West Assignment ot Oil and Gas Lease dated. May 24, 1943; filed, June 5 1943— Vi interest in.lease dated Apri 30, 1943. from. L. Slack, et al., to Melvin, Boucher, covering the EWV :of NWVi and SM> of SEVi of NWV of Sec. 5, Twp. 20 S., Rge. 23 West •' Oil and Gas.Lease: 10 year term dated June 4, 1943; tiled. June . 1943—Wendell Utley and wife Kerlyn: Oil. Company—An. undividec l/24th. interest in. and to the WMs o EVi of. SWVi, ol Sec. 8, Twp. 19. S Wash Tubbs & FOR CAPTAIM eAsys CONTACT WITH THE NORWE- ARE-' FLASHED TO MAVOft OLERT'S SECRET RADIO! A Mdn Scorned . . . By Roy Crane, AM AMERICAN SPy IsY^OO WORK.MAROOJ you WILL BS" OMMMUN HERRfel t ) ReWARPBpf-ANP SO WlU-THE OUERHEARO'tHE PLAM-/*?* iWSTEAt) OF MEETING THE NOR^ THEyV6;60NE! NOW, 6E<5R6,V0URDAU6HT WILL BB SORRY SHE WEARS FISHERMEN, MA6NUS.TH6 AMERICAN IS TRAINED— i —-NOT CAN THIS AMERICAS! FlMPOlfWHAf WE HAVE BE6M UNABLE TO, 6EOR6? SNUBBED ME ,WHEM I . MEBTUS! WE Wilt PUT HIM. UNDERGROUND OURSELVES! TELL WHAT 1 HAVE ' MISSION, MV WE MAY BE OVER HEARD 6, Popeye 'A Corny Lover!" Thimble Theater COPP. 1943 Bt NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U. 5. PAT. OFF. apartment. Robins. Close in. See Leo, 5-3tp,d. MODERN. ERONT BEDROOM With private bath and entrance. One block from town. Telephone 553-W. 8-3tch. :Rge, 24;West. FOUR ROOMS,- ?3. PER WEEK. - Cool and- shady place. Separate - place. Just off old Fulton Highway, Mrs. W. A. Price. 8r3tp. Wanted t<xRent Today \n Congress By. The Associated Press Senate Resumes debate on $820,000,01 agpicultural appropriation bill; may, take up amendment to McKellar. federal office-holders "The city kid's homesick, all right, but he's spunky- said he'd work 1-1 hours a day on this backwoods farm il' it would heln \vi|)e out those .Ian rats!" FUNNY BUSINESS 0<3CAR KIM NOT HELP THE IUAW HE LOOK'S 4A HAD WO POOR OSCAR, HE ) MI6HT DO ^UMiPIK)' De<=.pRrrj—: -^Tt? K , HIS HEART Donald Duck "We're saving records I" at 11 a.m. Central bill War • THREE OR> FOUR RQ»M UN- furnished apartment. Convea- iently located.. Duplpx preferred. ' Phone 798 before. 1 p. m. Saturday. 12-3tdh Help Wanted (meets Time). Banking committee questions OPA officials on retnail price roll back (9:30). Senate and House : committees resume conference on anti - strike legislation (10:30) House Miscellaneous, business, (meets 11 a.m.) Small business committee hears grocers complaints on OPA regu lations (9:30). SETTLED WHITE WOMAN, TO help with house work and care for aged person in home of three adults. Good- home and wages. Write P O. Box 405, Hope, Ark. 8r3tch. THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson Fort Pulaski National Monument, Ga., had 38,020 visitors during 19«10. Los* BOYS' BROWN LEATHER pocketbook. Lost Saturday, May 29, near Saenger theater. Contains four dollars and identification papers. I£ found please return to Hope Star. 1-tl Deaths Last Night By the Associated, Press Courtenay E. M. Po'lock London, June 8 — W) —Courtenay E. M. Pollock, noted sculp tor, inventor and writer died las night. ' . James Q. Monnnt Cleveland, June 8 — (#) James G. Monnett, 65, veteran - Real Estate Editors Association ':<• Plain Dealer and president ot the ~ Reji Estate Editors Associatoin died Monday night. Mold : Everything LANDMINES ARE NOT THE ONLY DANGERS THAT LIE HIDDEN BENEATH. AFRICAN SANDS/ THE VENOMOUS SAND VIPER. BURIES ITSELF AS A PROTECTION A&AINST THE MIDDAVSUN, AND SOLDIERS HAVE LEARNED TO DETECT ITS PRESENCE BY THE SCROLL- LIKE DESIGN IN," THE SAND. T. M. RtC. U. S. PAT. OFF. BEAT IT. BDB. VOLUTE 1O.OOO MILES TDO LATE T'GET THOSE DISH- r " WAGS J >ED/ ) C?ETt?EAD Tip Mil t:', IW, . 6-8 Excuse My Dust'! " NO, DOGGONE" IT.A MV ametf T\\O By Wolf Disney Blondie A/ATCH ALVIM v^AKE LIKE A 1ACMINE-GUN. POP THEVCOME IS?) TWO SIZES- f LARGE? 5— ^ ANP <? SMALL J ^ The Enemy Retreats! By Chic Young ! t "•'Watch your' battleship, 'sir?' OUT OUR WAY ByJ. R. Williams Boots and Her Buddies That Man Again By Edgar Martin. I V\t X 1 . 1 COW- VS?O'5W5YX ^OST •bO^t W\^ *acre \cx\^6 TO CK<bV\ \Vi OW xoo^ ?o»avNC.\"\v f ri V^\\V, ^OSVrl- . BOOTS I 1 . \.00\-i SUN. SPOTS CAM BE SEEN WITH TH& NAKED EYE, IF THEY'RE /7O, OOO SGX/Atff/H/tfS OR. MORE IN AREA. Red Rider Dropping the Mask By Fred Harmon &-G //',. . ,\V>\ ^^B^B^j^f^^&^^t^^m^m^** COPR - 1MJ B " NEA SERVICE, INC. ANSWER: New York'harbor, where stands the Statue, ol Liberty. NEXT- How Ormanv became "sub-consetans," YOU.' DOCTOR ADDER' AH RECKON VOU . S'PRISEP, r\' DEW, BUT TA^RY NOT OVAH Tri' R.ED HEAD-WE t-VWEL A LONG i < Alley Oop He Slipped 'Em the Wink By V. T. Homlin OUR BOARDING MOUSE with Major Hqople YOU CA>M GO TO THE PARTY - JUST AS SOON AS VOU TRIM I THE WICK.S AhOP PILL THE S\*l **-, I *.I>.ACKZ / &.»vtr3 kl/^iT /~°*±\f= LAMPS / AMP MOT OME I^AINLJTE BEFOKE. FINDING THE JUDGE'S RPCTION BOOK VJ^S A N\CE 3OB OP- BLISiO ^LSIWG, M/\3OR/VME LIME |M As LUCKV YVOR.LO-—- FIEST CVARrWOPHER- COLUNABUS.TtAEM i Sou/ BLIND FLSIMG ? X'IA ^e^^^^ED OF [UMOER.TH& - SOUNDS RfcA<;>OMED tMEr 3UO6E V^lf^S FOND OF M\<QS L CA.M KEEP FRNMKEV, AMD FOUND ¥. COOL THIS. -THE BOOK UMOER. J?> 5UMN\ErR. THE HAM-NAOCU. IM *•' HER SARD/— BR\SVAT J^r A PMIA 81T °%H 1 -2 1 ^_LJ~^!> PftN/' 3UDGE IS FIRST FIDDLE =• I \HAUL NOUGHT BUT HA.V ) 'OB. "THE FEW SCRWVNY / FOCL CKTTLE. IN THE MEVT VILLA.GE! Freckles and Hi* Friends And That's Final By Merrill Blaster u'B A BLOOD-STAINED BOARD ) I'LL HAVE IT AMALVZED.' TME MURDER-VICTIM WAS yMEANWWILE, YOU KIDSCAMT PROBABLY LYING ON/ r ^,^-r i ,^^,ac.^ K n Diiuno PRIMT UNCONFIRMED RUMORS IF A WURD5H, HASN'T BEEN corA- fAITTED MERE/ I'LL ARREST You FOR, &EIN& ACCESSORIES BEFORE THE FACTS/ BEFOR&THE ] YEAH- BEFORE THE FACTS W6RE

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