Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1974 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 28, 1974
Page 8
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Eight By GILL FOX 03 1171 'to «A. Inc . I M bit US Pal Of 10-26 "No, thanks... we don't need a book. We have a teen-age son who knows everything!" OUT OUR WAY By NEC COCHRAN I THOUGHT you ^J J AIW'T, BUT THIS GUY SAlP >»OU WEREM'T ) DOESM'T KWOW THAT/ EVERY TIME I PUT A PILL IW HIS CHOVW HE TO SPIT IT OUT--BUTTHIS TIME : THIMK HE'LL FORGET AM' SWALLOW IT \ 'CAUSE HE'S FRETTIW 1 X ABOUT MY SOIN' OUT WITHOUT HIM' OUR BOARDING HOUSE By MAJOR HOOPLE TrIE POCT0R SAYS THERE'S N0THIN6 WRONG WITrt MY EARS -v~THEY 'RE JUST NOT USEP TO 5ILENCE.' 6UY! TOPA«Y 5NERK TOLP MR6. HE'P WALLPAPER TKE PLAdE FREE IF HE WA6N'T BUT YOU CAN T BLAME TME MAOOR FOR ENPIN' HI& T(?AVELOfiUE.'AFTeR ALL.5NERK HA6 ACTUALLY BEEN TO .SOME Of THOSE PLACES.' MUNd'H POTATO CHIPS WATCHIN6 THE 6UILLOTINE WORKIN, OVERTIME.' IVIN6 HIM THE NE.EPLE = EEK&MEEK HOPE (ARK.) STAR Light-hearted Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 Merriment 5 Glad feeling 8 Happy lune 11 Greek letlcr 12 Mountain (comh. form) 13 Country bumpkin 14 Negative conjunction (pi.) 15 In what manner (Latin) 16 Puhdrinks \1 Verse rhythm 19 Capital of Afgluimslan 21.Saint (.Sp.) 22 Brother or sister (uh.> 23 Vigor 26 (ah.) 28 K«it l).v candleliiiht 31 Hesidenlof (suffix) 32 Happy lime of year 35 Ancient Jewish sect 38Small drink of liquor 39 Shoo loaeal 40 Cooking measure (ah.) •12 Son nf (!ad (Bih.) 43 Chart 45 Perched 47Tolalk(Sp.i 49 Mora I 52 In good health 53 Co/.y room 55 .Sufficient (archaic) 57 Small island 58 Scottish CARNIVAL shecpfold 59 Greek portico 60Sainte<ah.) 61 Finale 62 Long periods of lime DOWN 1 Alcoholic Ix-vcrage 2 Weaving device 3Tohe(r>.) •(Cardinal direct inn (pi.) 5 Travels fi Worthless St rap 7 British fox hunting cry 8 Feminine name 9 Cain's brother (IJil)J 10 Affirmative reply FLASH GORDON MASH HAS H£L0 H6 OfMAGAIUST CWIGUIAS SOUXGRS- 0UT... Monday, October 28. 1974 By DAN BARRY 13 Hare 18 Hearing organ 20 Assistant 23 Apple seed 24 Numeral suffix (pi.) 25 Mountain crest 27 Beef fat 29 Number 30 Arabian ruler 33 Abated 34Hooffinial 36 Roam idly 37Kindoftvpe (ab.) 41 Light touch 44 Father (Sp.) 46 Not those 47 Bidding (archaic) 48 Entire (Ger.) 50 Preposition 51 Haccoon (slang) 52 To know (archaic) 54 Evening (poet.) 56 Once existed >OU HAVE HAP V TO THE YOUR GAMES/ ARENA/ WE SHALL HAVE OURS! HASH, LOOKOl/r/ THE BORN LOSER V*Mj?Wtf t$nw?7/C^ H _^-^*^ / ^<- -^»—>0 I ii' v3 V^ TOTHEMYtH Of YOUR BEIM6 A SOP' ByARTSANSOM ALLEY OOP ByDAVEGRAUE By DICK TURNER VOU HAVE 6IVEN \ YOU MlfiMT \ ,,.CUBBLE SAID ] US OUR FREEDOM,] TELL ME MOEE ) HE WAS LIKE / LURCH... HOW CAN / ABOLTT YOUR < US.' -- ^ WE EVER REPAY/FORMER RULER... I /GOODNESS/ VOU? ^^~~~ , . ^-Xl/7 THAT RE' MINDS ME.. 10- ... I ALMOST FORSOT TO TELL YOU THE NEWS/ ' ADAMAR SMITH IS ALIVE.' A FRIEND OF MINE SAW HIM YESTERDAY/ IN THE THORN KING'S CASTLE/ CAPTAIN EASY By CROOKS & LAWRENCE CHUMtEV 15AY5 NOT TO TRY REVIVIW6 "PIRK VAN PUYER":...HE'5 A POLICE SUR6EON YARP! BACK TJ THE 1 CRATE 1 I WANT TO FIWP OUT IF IT'5 REALLV THAT COM AKTI5T, 5HAP, VAN) PUYER,! WHERE TO MOW v MAYBE! BUT WE'RE WOT THE THE CELLAK.J "Failed in modern art appreciation, eh? GOOD BOY!" BLONDIE By CHIC YOUNG Build a heller mousetrap and you'll find (hat someone patented it yesterday. All the gags on television aren't runny — especially the regulatory ones. Keineinbor: it' it's the boss lelling the jokes — he who laughs, lasts. P* I'M EXHAUSTED (ITS ALWAYS SUCH A S^-f JOB GETTING CHILDREN OFF IN THE MORKJINJ6 IT.OH, MV GOODNESS, L THAT'S RISHT, 7 TDOTSIE / I KEEP COUNTING A OAGWOOD BUTVOLJ ONLY HAVE TWO CHILDREN, BLONDIE/ By HOWIE SCHNEIDER WINTHROP By DICK CAVALLI / Ifs peuc/ous! iue ALSO I HAVE IT /" "JTmcxr/viT^-U ORW&&, , AMD PISTACHIO) THE PRIZE SIQNATURE IN BCXDK IS BUTT THIS aAYS, UZAgETH'S AUTOSRAPH BY CINDY A\AXWE1_U." OF COURSE/ HAVE VOU ANY IDB^ WHAT IT COSTC>TO R-Y ALL THE V/AY TO LONDON? FRANK AND ERNEST ByBOBTHAVES CAMPUS CLAHER By LARRY LEWIS t'M THE MEANING Of Lin DOEJW'T : HEV, i HAVEN'T SEEN VOU SINCE GRADUATE / NOT SCHOOL; HOW ARE x BAD.' vou I'W DELIVERING A Y JUST PAPER /N TOKOMTO } SO, TOMORROW J. HOW ARE VOU ^ BUGS BUNNY By HEIMD AHL & STOFFEL PRISCILLA'S POP By AL VERMEER HOW'S VEK CH'CKEN FRICASSEE. FUDDSV ? IP'S IMPOSSIBLE , TO OESCWI&E / THAT'S WHAT X LIKE... A SATISFIED CUSTOMER / AND SHE SAYS I'M NOT SENTIMENTAL AMD PICK OUT A MICE CARP FOR BUY YOURSELF AN AMNJIVERSAR PRESENT, YOURSELF

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