Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 16, 1962 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 16, 1962
Page 5
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araara p i L Visitors this week of Mr. and Mrs. Murl Corbet, 811 N. 7th, •were Mr. and Mrs. Guy Corbet and daughter Mrs. Lawrence Thonen and her daughter, Sherry, all of Hiawatha. Mrs. Thonen is an employe of the Hiawatha Daily World and visited at the Telegram yesterday afternoon. Weekend visitors of Mr. and Mrs. C, W. Whitehead, 503 Taylor, were their daughter, Mrs. ' Paul Ochs and sons Gary and Ricky, Ulysses. Returning Thursday evening from Colby wher e they att nded the Dept. Assn. of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Patriarchs Militant were Mr. and Mrs. Orland Terhune, Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Marmon, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Huffmaster, Mrs. Mary Rundell, Mr. and Mrs. Dean Nelson and Mr. Holmes. and Mrs. Ellsworth Scott Citian Reigns as Queen Telegram Photo Linda Shank reigned as Homecoming queen at Scott City High Friday night as the Beavers defeated arch-rival Dighton 2-0 in football. She and the two other candidates Sue Norman (left) and Darlene Eitel (right) are all seniors. The football team selected th« queen by vote, and she was named at halftime. Linda, 17, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloud Shank. Her father is grade school principal at Scott. Attendants were freshman Ton! DeWeese, sophomore Sharon Steiben, and junior Janice Buehler. Calendar of Social Events TUESDA* NITE LITES HDU — 7:30 p.m. Mra. LcHoy Vannanian, 912 Sufford. Bring family picture. ELK COUPLES BRIDGE — 8 p.m. Elks Hall. Hosts: Mrs. and Mrs. Ed Lewis and Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Micliel. SOROPTIMISTS — 7 p.m. Warren Hotel. Safety committee host, dinivr. JUCO — 7:30-10:30 p.m. Recreation, Civic Center. O.V t,|//f. ~,\. f \v.< w/I //I// 1 -./;*-' ,.'.. ...'!.•«••. V^_ JLJj. GIFT TRIO: Evening in Paris cologne, purse perfume and talcum powder excitingly packaged in a sparkling silver and blue gift box. So very French and so very surprisingly priced only $2.50 GLAMOUR GfFTS-$l to$25 created in Paris by Uonrjoit Mntle in U.S.A. MORRIS DRUG STORE Phone BR 6-3231 Garden City, Ks. PRAIRIE HENS HDU — 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Robert Peat, 107 E. Emerson, Election ol officers. TWINS MOTHERS CLUB — 4:30 5:30 p.m. Fatlnm Hall. Costume Halloween Party. ........ WEDNESDAY AMERICAN ASSN. University Women's Study Group — 1:30 p.m. Mrs. Frank Feldman. S. Star Rt. SUNFLOWER HDU — 2 p.m. Mrs. Clayton Ladwig. 1502 W. Kansas. SALMAGUNDI — 2 p.m. Mrs. R. II. Callhan. 724 Center. PRE-SCHOOL STORY HOUR — 10 - 10:45 a.m. Garden City Public Library, 702 N. Main. Readers: Mrs. Morris Jones, Mrs. John Wheeler. SAINTPAULIA CLUB — 2 p.m. Mrs. Clmrlra Mllhon. 904 N. Main GIRL SCOUT COUNCIL workshop for Western Kansas — 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Civic Center. 8th and 9th GRADES — until 9:15 after Scott City Game. Civic Center. PIANO TEACHERS LEAGUE — 8 p.m. Mra. John Frazier, 1201 Conard. TI1UKSWAY NEWCOMERS OLUB — 7-11 p.m. Civic Center. CHRISTIAN WOMEN'S FELLOWSHIP group meetings: 9:15 a.m. Venita Whltnrer Naomi Hett, 209 E. Hazel. Mra. 2 p.m. Velrna Larson Snhopf. Holeomh Mrs. O.A. Ethel Shreve Church Parlor. Plymell ladies, guests. Wilma Tye — Mrs. Mllo Joyce, 1016 Theron GLEEFUL HOMEMAKERS HDU — 1:30 p.m. Mrs. Sal Goseha, Rt. 1. METHODIST WOMAN'S SOCIETY Circle Mpptings — Bring articles for sewing bags. 2 p.m. Gertrude Byler Circle — Mrs. Andrew Larson. Sr, 1018 N 7th Iva Conner — Mrs. Harold Collier. 202 E Fair. Marion Conrow — Mrs. Ruth Ruckel. 805 N. 5th. Ruth Marie Cox — Mrs. Andrew Brhart, Exp. Station. Janette Crawford — Mra. Hugh Hawk. 706 N. 7th. Orpha King — Mrs. Wilbur Morris. 1508 E. Spruce. Barbara Kurtz — Mrs. Hirolil Kleysteuber, 308 E. Olive. Jean Marie Powell — Mrs. Elizabeth Baldwin, 217 Pennsylvania. Emma Wilson — Mrs Glenn Haas. 615 N. 1st 8 pm. Ethel Calkins — Mrs. Lester Hen' derson. 607 N. 3rd. Ethel Romfeldt — Mra. Alvin Lowe, 1404 N. Main. Theresa Lorenz — Mra. G. T. Adams, TToleomh. Mary Belle Oldridge — Mrs. Ernest Proudfit, 211 W. Olive. FEIDAY Baptist Women See Play A playlet. "God Is Love — Winning the Children for Christ", was given Thursday afternoon in Hatcher Hall of the First Baptist Church for 23 members of the Women's Missionary Society. Mrs. Robert Fuller, Mrs. Fred Chaffin, Mrs. Leo Bennett, Mrs. Willard Miller and Mrs. Ed Aust participated in the play. A movie was also shown on this same theme which advocated a Program of work by the American Baptist Convention. Devotions were given by Mrs. Don Heinrichs on the topic "Why Teach?" Presiding for the business session was Mrs. O.C. Hicks. Plans were made for the individuals to mak«fc articles of clothing to be sent to Southeast Asl a for the Church World Service program. World Community Day is Nov. 2. The serving table was decorated with autumn flowers and candiles by the hostesses, Mrs. John Eaton, Mrs. H.B. Stephens and Mrs. Henry Hopkins. Next meeting will be Nov. 8 at 2 p.m. Fielding Hands, S. Star Rt., is leading evangelistic singing all this week at the First Christian Church in Scott City. Mr. and Mrs. Hands are singing special numbers throughout the week. Mrs. Ruth Marley, 616 N. 2nd, returned Sunday from a two- months trip in the Northwest j where she visited her daughter ! and husband, Mr. an'' Mrs. ! Charles Baker at Castle Rock, Wash, Mrs. Baker is the former Sue Marley". Mrs. Marley attended the World's Fair at Seattle and visited in Portland, Ore. Page S (inrden City Telegram Tuesday, October 1$, 1962 Supper flimt* Friday night at the Homer Hankey home in Hugoton were Mrs. Angell Glunt and daughters, Connie, Sandra, Karla, Karen and Marcia of Holcomb. They also attended the football game between Holcomb and Elkhart at Elkhart. Returning last Friday to Avon Lake, Ohio, were Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Downing Jr., who visited several days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Downing, 204 N. 7th. They *eturr.ed by way of Kansas City to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Whinery. Lucien was employed 't' the John Graham Architect Co., who designed the layout for the World's Fair buildings at Seattle. He is now employed as head of research with Don's IVoducts Inc., Cleveland. Leaving Sunday for th home in Clovis, N.M., were Mrs. Harry Hess and son Lance. They visited several days with her mother, Mrs. Clara Minnis, who is a patient in St. Catherine Hospital. Returning last week from a 10- day vacation in the Ozarks were Mr. and Mrs. Archie E. Crab'b, 705 Summit, and Mrs. Lee Roy Lile of Friend. On Friday Mrs. Lile flew to Dallas, Tex., where she was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoff. Mrs. Hoff is the former Patricia H6skinson of Garden City. >"'ce Brands Vary Soy sauce, vinegar and sweetening are three basic ingredients of Worcestershire sauce. Flavorings such as spices vary in variety and amount in different brands of the sauce. Sublette Chooses Queen Telegrar Photo Miss Ardis Wait, 17, a senior (third from loft), was cfowned Homecoming queeri at Sublette High Friday night. The Larks lost their game to Lakin, 24-6. The queen is th« daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Wait. She was crowned before the game by co- captains Danny Stapleton and Ron Bailey. Her attendants were, from left, freshman Nita Foulks, sophomore Poggy Thomas, and junior Karen Mills. Salmagundi Club Hears Comparisons of Education Mrs. Russell Maxfield and Mrs. Lowell Craig spoke for the Salmagunli Club Wedsesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Robert Wells, 1102 Hackberry. "Democracy — the subject our schools don't teach" was the topic discussed by Mrs. Maxfield You/' Problems — iby Ann Landers — Nazarene Society Studies Samoa Mrs. Floyd Hands gave devotions from the Book of Amos at the Nazarene Foreign Missionary Society meeting at the Church Thursday evening. John Sims led the prayer for the 44 attending. Samoan Islands in the South Pacific was the lesson study presented by Mrs. Robert Morris. She stated that the Nazarene mission work there is relatively new. Half the natives there are AURORA STUDY CLUB - 2::{0 j American nationalists and the DEAR ANN LANDERS: I am a girl 12 years old. My patents have a fault that bothers me something terrible. They talk with food in their mouths at the dinner table. They also chew with their mouths wide open which is about the crudest thing a person can do. I would like to know how to correct them. Dining at hom e is becoming a very unpleasant experience for me. —WELL MANNERED GIRL Dear Girl: How nice that you know how to keep Your mouth closed at th e table. Please take my adivce and keep it closed away from the table, too. Far more serious than talking with food in your mouth, is talking out of turn. Your parents perhaps did not have an opportunity to learn some* of the fine points of etiquette. They must have some admirable qualities to have raised such an elegant young lady as you, so why don't you emphasize their good points and overlook the rest? * * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: We are worried parents. Our daughter is a good-looking young woman of 20, sh e has a pleasant personality and did fairly well in school. Pat excelled in athletics and at one time had her heart had the notion they come from low-class families and that their morals leave much to be desired. Since we have no authentic information we are writing to you for guidance. What are your ideas of women in the service? — T. AND R.F. Dear T. and R.F.: In the absence of authentic information it's unfortunate that some people believe the worst. Regardless of the career a girt may choose, she maintains the same moral standards she learned at home. To qualify for the services young woman must meet rigid physical, mental and moral requirements. Careful screening and close supervision insures first-rate conduct. Girls who fail to measure up are handed their walking papers. The women's pleasant living services quarters, offer well- set on teaching physical education, but she quit college after p.m. Mrs. Dale Berry, 1111 Belmont. ! n ih pr 1,-if arn Rritkh Tho TT C, OLD TIMERS -1.4 p.,n Civic "'^f..^.?" . B ™ lsh - Jhe U.S. , ^ Q ^ ^ & travelmg job a naval base wRh a sporting goods firm Center HIGH SCHOOL Recreation — 7:30 10:30 p.m. Civic Center. IIOiMEMAKERS CHORUS — 2 p.m. Church of the Brethren. REPUBLICAN TEA Robert Townsend, 1606 '. Mocker, speaker. Government has there. Mrs. Steve Hezmall reported on the star goal for the year in- N. ^'."GL-OI'KC cludin S membership, budget, Prayer, fating and books. Now Pat has the crazy idea she wants to join the Armed Forces. We don't know any girls in the service, but we've always CcD SAVE MOTHER'S TIME, ENERGY AND DISPOSITION Persona! extension phones bring the calls to her, where she is-kitchen, bedroom or family living area. Save her steps, actually help her do two things at once (call the cleaner while she looks after baby). At night she enjoys the security, privacy and peace of mind of a phone at her bedside. And personal extension phones come in colors to suit every mother's good taste. Who needs extension phone service mosi? Families that make or receive five or more calls 3 Gay, * Families with one or more members active in school, church, civic or club work. adults 65 W ' th a P ° PUlar teena 9 ers <»• young If any of these conditions fit your family the chances are you need extension phone service! To order your personal extension phorv»e- Prlncess, wall or table models-call the telephone business office, or ask any telephone serviceman. Why not order yours today? SOUTHWESTERN BELL Call by number. . . it's twice as fast balanced meals, medical and dental care, smart uniforms, economic security, and excellent opportunities for advancement. I recommend the Armed Forces for the young woman who wants to see some new faces, get out, of a rut, and at the same time serve her country. Information can be obtained without obligation by checking your phone directory under U.S. Government for the nearest Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine recruiting station. + * * DEAR ANN LANDERS: The 17-year-old son of our dear friends was arrested last week for stealing a car. We were shocked beyond words and so was everyone else in our social circle. The family is prominent and extremely well-to-do. Th e boy had access to his mother's car as well as his dad's. All he had to do was ask. Why in the world would a boy do a thing like this? He is not stupid. His parents are heartbroken and nobody can figure out what got into the lad. Can you explain it? — QUEST- TION MARK Dear Question Mark: Seme kids steal cars (anr 1 otho things) because they don't have anything else to do. "Kicks," they call it. A boy who would rather steal a car than ask to borrow on e is undoubtedly looking for excite ment. When children of prominent families break the law, usually there is a punitive n.otive involved. They wish to humiliate and hurt their parents, and this is a sure way. Does almost everyone have a good time but you? If STO, send for Ann Landers' booklet, "How To Be Well-Liked," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper enclosing P stamped, self-addressed envelope. ivho gave a comparison on the American way of teaching and he European and Russian methods. "We must awaken our youth :o an appreciation of the meaning of. democracy," Mrs. Maxfield stated. "Freedom must be earned again by each genera- ion. Each student must realize .hat he is personally respnsible 'or seeing that d e mo c r a c y works," she explained. "What Ivan Knows That Johnny Doesn't was the book reviewed by Mrs. Craig. Sh e compared the average reading program in the United States with that of Russia through the first four grades. "In our country the humanities are emphasized while in Russia they are suppressed as they run counter to Communistic principles," she quoted. "There they learn more history and literature. In the United States' more informational knowledge can be taught and also more love of country, its history, ideals and heroes," she advised. Twenty-four members attendee and two guests, Mrs. Phil Mill er, Oakland, Calif., asd Mrs. Everett Glasse, Dodige City. Hostess for the meeting Wednesday will be Mrs. R.H. Callhan, 724 Center, assisted by Mrs. Ray Caliban, Jr. Maris Stella Club Attends Deanery Meet Memibers of the Maris Stella Club met at St. Mary's Center Wednesday and attended the deanery meeting. Several of the club participated in a skit on how a meeting should not be conducted called The Little Girl Who Wasn't There.' 1 Mrs. Henry Weldon will be hostess to the Oct. 24 meeting at 2 p.m. in her home at 922 Center. — Marilyn Strieker! is now at the Unique Beaoity Shop. Phone BR 6-7413 for appontment. —16adv THE FIVE EPPLY SISTERS GOSPEL QUINTET of York, Pa. will appear at, the Church of The Brethern 7:30 P.M. THURSDAY, OCT. 18th formerly PRAIRIE GAS & EQUIP. bruqnt FORCED AIR HEATING & COOLING SYSTEMS 5 YEARS TO PAY CUSTOM SHEETMETAL WORK Ducts, Elbows, Fittings Gravel Stop Rain Gutter, Metaibestos Flue Pipe, Furnace Filters, Grilles, Registers, Complete stock Minneapolis-Honeywell Thermostats & Furnace Controls. For Prompt Service or Free Estimate Call . . . 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