Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTERrWEDNESDAYE^NING, JANUARY 10,1912.7 Tell Your W FELIX AI\ t) FINK— 'All the World Loves a Lover—sometimes,' says Felix to Fink. PEL IX I HAVE AN \ ENGAGEMENT WITH W GtRL ^ TO NIGHT, I WISH YOU V/OULD GO OVER AND TELL HER THAT I'VE GOT TME TOOTH ACHE AMD ^CAN't GET GOT. IS TMAT LITTLE SHRIMP COMING HERE TIONIGHT AGAIN ? WANTS—ALL KINDS. !;()(tM| WANTKI)—Si:WIN(; TO DO; i'J} s. ():lk. pas kir. hiTi r;iiij :i\ I 'iiono WANTED FOR CUSTOMER—A private loan of ?S0O on a new eight room house on paved street, close in, , , ..^.„ „. „. , „. east front. AVan^ it for three years , WA.\Ti:U-AVP ()r> 10 i-AV« Willi and am willing to pay good interest, biuz .°aw. I'.umo ^vi. The Peterson Land Co. W XNTKlANY .^xr xwo KXKv: WANT TO RENT—BY KKH. 1ST r, i <V'<;---»'-r ' ;!i> 'l^- ]•''•••• •': - • or 6 room housf, iiuidern, close in. ;•'••'•<<•'•• • '•••> ' Box 1C:J. lola, Kas. J '••"'^ AVANTKIi—(;0;)1> SKloNi) liA.XDi \VANTi;i >—1.( V\ (t o:-" COO':) Al.- W.VNTKI)—Kl.DKRLY I,.VI>V OH \\'ANT):i)—TWO I.MiV KOIl SAU:—FIVE WlllTB OR- |)!ni;tc<n imllpts anil one xockeril. I)r .N'f i;.-;iinio. I'honc-S24. IJAlKiAIN AT $s :,0 .(IO. }\ttn<e 42r> N. loltonwnod. Will take idrl fur irt -m-nil hoiiNf nork. N«. wa>li- j l";^- ''• r ' • ^ '' s::.,k' or "iJiiip on i.:n-t. 'Must solA tng and ironing. Itox HI7. i Kalians si^n^l^'uh^V^.-^.::^V,../'i;'.^^ ^ Carlylo Route No. 1. W.4NTED—GOOD LAND, WELL ] ^improved lyinp noar lola. Will buy I half section or more if worth the' >VA>'rJ 'I)—( i.)'\> >>H!!'i: l 'i:i)no :t.Ni-2l. FOK SAI.IC—ACRES OF NO. 1 Ijf tto:n land wiiliin 1 mile of lola at money asKed. Give price and full ( >ym , n-a,. a , 1. ''^Jodw particulars for reply. Owners only. ""u-... „r,.rmt.) MI t mircha«or Mien Meshew & Company, Tulsa. Okla. • i',"' . v' .,„^ P,?,^; , ! WWTFM TO I'.IY C \1 vrs : ti'!inry Realty t o„ Kvans LldR, lola. WANTED—PRIVATE NIGHT AND ! clay .students. Gre^ir Shorthand. Touch Typewritng. Mabol tJrewer, lola. Has. Phone 9.".,<. I KOR SALE—ONE FINE STAND- FOI! .^\l.i;--A i;f)op •Mi.i'ii fowlnnl bred driviuK mare; registered, a l ^.i C:\\\ a: !.' .\. I '.i -.vk. ye. j Tv.o s;i)od lui^^Ics. Plicne OK."). FOR SALE—SOUTH SIDE RES- tauran;. or will exchange it and my 7 !(H:I!,M1 hini.-c for a small tract of iui- P'ovi-d land . Call on ar address A. .1. .lusiid'. Pi.pia, Kans. TO TI{AI»K. H'.<t acr^s iiortli central Oklahoma; ci:iti\atci;. mcai'ow, iiastilrc; all '.'mcii!; ICO ! • ar.'.i^; trcc.<; 3 railroads uit;:;u I'j r.'.iirs; ttation 00 feet from loiiitr [.'.:ai; U. F. O. :riiral telcplione Will tr.'.io fr pocd inside rcsidon-'e or Uusinir-s vroporty. lola. Price $7000. :.u:n,uc 0 3 years G\iV,. Write owniT, I^ck Vn)x 2 'tZ, Che'opa. Kan;;. and male hojr: good stock and cheap for quick .-•ale. First liouse sotith Eiectric power house. J J. K. lUack. FOR SALE—TWO GOOD POOL tables. Inquire at The Model, Gas Kas. FOR SALE—SO ACRE IMPROVED farm, ty owner. Box 7S, J. W. Stevens, Humboldt. FOR SALE—A GOOD SIX YEAR olil liorsc: si.iind and pentle. Phone 1('4. Ui 'sidcK.X' 701 E. Lincoln. J. W. Primiucr. FOKTV ACUES AT BARGAIN, iliiarti-r \vi '.<i Kiucaid; all kinds fruit; cxcidlfnt waiiu- ami location; K<'od soil, liir.i.-c and harii. Write or call. Frank ! !>)IIL!II rty, Kincaid. FOil SALE—SOME BROOD SOWS FOR RENT—A FIVE ROOM BRICK hou.«e. Phone 77S. FOR RENT—MY ROCK CREEK farm. Inquire of Dr. W. S. Hendricks. FOR RENT—EIGHT ROOM, MOD- prn house; r.l6 S. Walnut. Inquire .Mrs. Chastain. LOST AND FOUND. LOST—STERLING .SILVER BELT pin. Dr. Lucy Hull. Phone 120. NEWSANDPEUS0NIILSIIT6IIS FItlFMH.V .SI IT TO lu: iiitor .;;!' TO TEST .>li;ri It lilK.STIBN. ! \ riea'-ant Snrtirivc I'crpclnidd Fp on Ri'M'Tciid Shiillriilierircr iij the llii«s. BSrS NEWS AT LAHABPE JRA 3. (^•«<-%i< . i:<ii \i». ti'orr iiKi'OHT OF B\I> RKiJfMi itr n oi'Ttifi il;!^; g, ^•,,{,.;s AT I-AWHKN(K. .M..:-,m. al! .!. \u :uiii The ctiii.- in !:i 'i s '>! thi.- city nn -l acaiu cviiiiiif; in liic cit^ anti. (!'.v-ciis::"il tin- i:;is sitDa 'irin. Il was di-<-iil. d ID l.ri';..; up a \'i .1 • }iff<ir<> J:i ijiL- ).'.> !i: .-'y for a Sell!'- niciit. A CfiTi.'-uirvi- will !-•(' to ofllcc. p.iy his liil in full and 01- fiT to irive uji hi-; in'':'r fcir the .'^.'i dfposifi d .somo tiin- IIL'O. ar .d if lie is refu.ccd this sutn l.c i^; 10 k" p tU' Tieler The coripaiiy will brin;; proceeding's asainst liim. as has liei 11 their statc -n-.em. and the d'X'ision 01' ihe court w'll intlii'iiri- th'^ eitiz-ns to a preat extent. .-\ enmrni '.teo of four was ai>]ioir.!<-d to look after the interests of th** citizens, seeur" a law- Aer if n<>cersary and do oth. r ni-c^ s- sary work. An a.-ses.=pient was ma 'I' •o defray al! i<e- ssnry extKns;-?. F. S. McKeUvy was < leeti il treasur<r. F. S. Myers of Mildvl. formerly of this city, r-'cntly und< rw.'in an oii- eraiion for aiipeiuiieitis in a Kr;fisas City hospital. His fri'iids here h.n 1 received won! that ii^' is f:rnd',i.i:ly improvinc and will b- ah!e to n !urj home the first cf thf> week. The Preacher Mnilc !Iii »pT. Kincaid Pispattli: R. v. C. V. Sln;!- lerber.i;er was C'"v<n a id 'a .'^aiu .surprise at his hom.- Ti :<-..;day cv.-iiiiL when he was pre=<nt'd ivi !h a suit of clothes which ili'- Ixiys in am' about town order, d for him from Chicaco tailoring; house. When the boys cather'd ni parsonape '•ShiiUy cried ".Mi 11. wha- do yoti m<an?" And when xot int' the new s>iit he said: "I fee! liko r small st<-er in t .Tll corn." Th'- buy took along the oystt-rs and a v. was made and all had a ^ood 'InK'. This event shows tin- ceti.-ral es teem in which thi- irood man i.- hidi' in the community, as this ilonatio: r.Tm» mainly from those outsid'- of th Methodist ihurch. and ih<' whole coy munily will rejoic- wlun they hart of his iiresent. Rev Shull'iihercer was pasior I'l' the First M. E. (liiircli hi'r<- for >i0iii> timi' atid tin- faiuiiv has many frl- iid: liere who will r-ad this !!• in will' jrreat liil<'ri 'Sf. Mr. and Mrs H G Parsons of Law rencp v.cre in town ta'-t W.'K - or buslli" ss coiui 'siril with tli.-lr prMp. r ty her". Mr I'ai-nnt. owns nnn I properly in Gas and .\>, to t 1:' more soon Joe Folk and liavi 1 Ihjw.ird I- • yesterday for (•ofriy\ilk' wti<;c tie • liave 8fMur"'d ^^ork. The water ]ti\f running to Ih" 11; stairs hydrant ii: tin- .Abbot hf >n;«burst yesterday :iJ:d had it not b- 1; for the iiroitipi v.ork of Mr. .Abho't shutting of ^'if w;-<<r < oi;.-:d> r.ih'. damage would haw n^sulted. Mr. and Mrs. IL S. Perry are m;.k- ing preparations to move into ti" Brown protierty on Taylor stretti Mr and Mrs. Brown will move with iheii son Roy on the farm north of town Mr. and Mrs. N. Brown are visiM!-:- their daushl<;r, Mrs. Charles Tro' in Pittsburg. Mrs. J. L. Kauffman spent yesterday Willi lier daughter, Mrs. J. H. Purk- li'tild Ietl..u< hislall Oilicers and Olh- cr Orders (Hw Kiiferliilnmciit'* For 'I'lu'ir .Mfiiilicrs. hur.ct of I .Ml: r; 1 -r :t '.r. " ••! 1- • ' :i ' \ •:. It v.:!i 1.. < . ... .:• • . .•;..:.. ( s.;: r s :.i,e . : i • ! ; . 'i'li' r. f r. '.e. ,••• •; - cr-itn-."- '.hi.s I; " .. :•. • tf.:-: pi.- ;;r:;'i< is 1 - • • i. M. 11. \;-. I-;.:.- •• • • I- ,;;!..:.%:•:. this :.r; ; : • Fr::i.:< ;:•.•. V v ' . i. - '• ). vi-- iiiiiL' .Mr. /'is. 1.. n'j;i-un :i- turn "d tn - • ( ••• 1,, ; I.i:s:.r I.-v :r: v. •! \V. (V W. V H\:-<\ in I,:.['::r, • •-• Le\*':s S*.:-';- \ - h ! " ii.' VS-V.f v.-c; V •; \,r.' sisti r-in-i::'-'. • .-::;;!!• v. 'f Kl.!..:r::d.> SM ':• . '•" •. '! • • I-.-ii;.-: i.- was i!:e o .iK ^i- I'i i-. :i. >'.•':•;•'.•;' h:id !)• en , : ': :! . :\'.:. for •• ; • ; ^ M :• • ' y :.!.•! ,Ii)!:n if'i .V' I- • • •;• h-: • ,,1 rln.-s nii:";: : •: ; ! ••• •;• ;;-l w:.;( !: v.-as U- :.! •! • The !e 1: ^ :!.• • Warti: uill ].<,'.) •• • , :• '-.y ••• -••1^ froai O::;'' ii; ^ • ' ' In:.! • e;' Mrs. .!. !.. K::'!-ie.:i., 1 n V.fvl...- W". • :.• A ' -i . :.• .•• --^r will mml-. Lv- ..-.v .'. i: )•:. :!>=. i-. :. -M,< fo nil'- '.lir-'iii i'.e il'.e v.:is 111 eiiy y : I 'li'V. \ \M>IL ilic Si::-ili!e (h'niiLht Reiiitdy lor S(ll >i !''e I 'eeple. .v:;;i pills, p..'-;!. r- ;.nd' no .-triKn-- md .'^Mll v. '.a-'j 1 ' : -• .-••:; nf th:;' ••I 1 ill!,. , j,e I . ;. :;M,I^ (,; !:,ii. :\ ]u.:^ [ !•;: . i':)] i-: !.:!!" •.';:•:• :.'):i * :.-|-Mon- <,t 1 •,-.. ii-.i . '• .'II,. - -r (;;;::!-'>1 e I '. • : I,. ...I I'.-: I •.. a lo-.v.-l ,!id 1.;^ •! :•••• .,w. • M il.. M)ol!iiliJ,' It-^ \ ••:>• '. • :; 'riie:i u'n (.. . a: •. • a ! .-bar !i";ol :e ]• VOMKI df.i s ni .l 1 : • • • • 11 •. ill.- Of :,nv |.:,-t ' ' < .• \ ' ••• •.- (, V(). MKI li:h.:: • a' '• I; r .• I •,• V - I ' ' . . .' • , . \, I • 1 ; • •• .).••• • '. • •, rrinn t\ M\ la u BVYS. _ V ,-.-T .>•...-•..! \\V\ I''••;ni| r-.mey If P\Zi> 0!\' i'i'N'T f -i';-- vo ^ln^ -a.oe r' Tte''!"'". F"":^. 1 '•"•'"i'nrr or I ''niirnr V'- • :n 1^ i.-> i;|d:-.vs T<(\f KANSAS AND <tKLAIh»>Il Low Rate: Annicil or Semi -Annnal Inlpre.»l--l 'riviIeL'e ie Pay in Full ' Kediieed Itates on Fire Insurance! i R.M.Cunningham ' Old Court House Oldi;. lola, K«». Dr. .1. F. McGill returned yesn rd;iy M'lini l ,e ;i\enw oil h w jieri- he was !• d Siliiria.' o>i aeeount of the illm .ss of 'lis ;ni:tli"r. II'- ritiirietl by w;'.y of l.:iwieiiei-, where ho spent a fi'w i:.-- Willi bis lamiiy. lir. McGiil ii lis of two (!is:;sinms tiris in L;iwr.-nec- .-^iind:iy morniiij;: Tlie private library r.i "X-.lndu.- .Norton, located in the t'erkii'.s HuiUlini; was burned as a re. lii or til" :ire!iiiiK of two (dectric wires. Juc.l^e Norton's library was noted, it being one of tiie best !:iv. r"tc'rc:iee libraries in the st;ile. Also til" lioine heionging to i'rof. Price was ! urni d. —Warmth in La Harpe is hard t. • Lruiu at any price these cold days, i! '.- not so witii ciir pttro Teas and l\n>i.y ("oflee. I!y iroin,:,' to l';irk- liiK-.-iV you will always find a large •;r.'i In .-.:! .-toek of Teas. Coffe.-s S)de- 1 !!;ik;i;i; i^owi.'ers and Extract.^ ai lis •!•.:'> "n;:b!i prices. Comhinin.i.' ';e;;;iry v. ..u iiav prices yon have )>roli .lb:;. :. IT: ;I, 'i -c.-.-cd wiicn roadin.g our ad> . .•;iMiiii -.i!.-. wiiii tiie fact tl'.at our IK!- < - ;ii tiine.s re;i>:onahly low. Vi ii lai.r.,- i.riee i^, not all there is in ilie L:>!:U of biiyin.i;: it.s the UE.Vl. WXf.i'i-; yf.'ii :;et for your money that <:o;!nts. CoartetMis tr-atiheat to all. .Mrs. 15. .M. l;sou rc<ei\ed the s:i(I news yosurdiiy of the death of 'ho inf:inl child of Mr. and Mrs. \\!)• rt Hedlund. Tlie funer;il service.^ w( le h(id this afternoon. J. A. Brown is unloading a car ot flour. E:irle \Vilgus writes that he is' uei- liri? along nicely witli his n<-w \\\>r'.{ :is station agent at Bangor on the M. K. & T. The LaHariie dancing conimltt'" h:is ;irranged for a dance to be giviii Frid:iy niuht in the Op"i!i Hous.>. Sbiebrs Or<hes;r:i will furnish the mn.-;ic. Ku;;cne V;indevi<r of Huniboldt Is visiting his brother south of town tlii.i Week. Dr. Shaw of K;insiis t.'iiy who le- lured last nigl.l in the Cr.-md on how prisoners are ireaied jn ije- Missouri pei>ilenll:iry W:IK the ge-s! of Mr. :in<l .Mrs. I. P. .Mai. (dm at dinner yesierday. He is an old fri"nd of the fan\ily. — For li.ihince of tl month we V il! ;;onie iivi-At b,ir;;:i!ns in \\.\]] l':iper. W;iterr; A; Duiifoi-tii. It; ir-s and .lewelry. Ovin'i to ti^e Inel inenf weather tli • me.-tini; of the Mutual Itt'proii ei.'l) which w;is to have be.-n held las: '•vining at the home of .Mias Alic • Barker, was post pott, d indefinitely. Mis'-- Crosby who v.;!s abr.'::d ,'or" time has consented to address th" i!neting. She is spending the- wii;er with her sister, Mrs. E. I. Crosby, south of this city. A few of the scliool teachers atid lady dorks will meet this evening to org;inize a basKet ball team. A nnm- b<-r of teams may be organized as the m;iieria! from which to draw is larg". The M. W. A. atid their auxlliurv 111" Royal Neighbors will hold a joint installation of officers this evening in the h;ill over the N\itional Bank. Refreshments will be served after the work. II. T.ii:u;irt and son Ray went to V;ites Center yesterday on business. R. M. McCulley and .lohn Vaughn I:M 11 shipped a car of hay to Kansas City iiKirkels ye:iterd;iy. The Eneampiiie'it degree of the f. n. O. F. Itislatle.l the ^-ollowlnc ofll- cer.s las' eveiiiii>r: Chief rl.ircli. farl ll:iriiliolt; Senior Warden, .?oe I'.eii'.er; .lunlor W:irden, A. Williams; High Priist, .1. C. Tredway. F - Hnlm. M. v.. (IcnIUt The big M. W. A. banquet, will be ;:iien on II.o evening of the 17ih of this month. .Mrs. .\ Plew has returned from Dewey. Okl:i.. and .Me(z. Mo. aftei- visitirg for a number of weeks. Her moiher. .Mrs, Raines accompanied iier home to spend the winter. On aeeoiint of a severe attack of grip Rudolph Myers was unable to attend to his duties at the store yesterday. Mrs C. Ti. Evans and Mrs. Ed li;'n- forth attended the program given by ;he Mu?ic cluh at the home of .Mrs. Waugh ;n lola vesferdny. Til" \Vomnn"s Foreign Missionary '11 • yeste'rday at the home of Mrs. S. M. Martin.. An interesting program was rendered. T!ie W' O. W. lodge gave n supper last night for the members and their families. V.liile )i;e.:l-::;5 hogs to Moran yes- terd;iy. Harry Barker's team became frightened and r:in a-.vay. Harry was thrown fro'n the wagon and received number of painful bruises. The liar nrss a):d wagon were badly wrecked. Thv rr- is an abund;int supply of gas it th" l-:ast works naw and the furn- :ices are running full blast. LEG.4I..S. m m HEART :ieal Facts To i-. l.':/fnian'sHir:css. Relief Ob- tzmd By Curing Kis Stor.scn Aiiinents.- V.'.-.ynosv:::j ,:-;."c-^ar. F. R . Uulf.ran, of tcity, sri /s: "1 'Jtiffcrcd drcat:ii;liy v.if.i v.h.-it I t!tot::;I:t v.-as liMrt trouble, and tiied various medicines in vain. Aitcr oihcr remedies liad f.iilcd, Tlicd- forcs Clack-Drauglit rcslorcU nic to (leallh. ] would not feci safe williout H'.ack-Draut:ht in the house. 1 consider it wortli its v.eight in p,old. It cured r.iy indigestion, and by this means I was restored to health. I can not express my gratitude for its benefits." Good health depends on the cofidition of your d;.:;csiion. Poor dif;estion and i;ood health do not go together. Thcdford's Black-^Draught wi!J l .'ioroL ,h !y cleanse and set in order your directive system. It has done litis for others, du.-irf: the past 70, and is Icday the r.icst prpiilar vc;;clab!e liver remedy on tlie market. Try it. In::isi on Thcdford's. Prico 25c. Special Agent—S. R. Burrell (First Published .lanuarv lo, I'.m.) FRANK SANUEBSON and S.A.N lii'MiSO.\, nunie unknown, hlK Wile, and each of them will l:iUe notice that they Iiavo been sued villi others :is defendanlj* by J. E. Wert as plitlittili'.' in civil action .No. '.),''<li7 in tliu District Court of .Mien Coiiiitv, and unlesti ihey :ind each (>f them ;iii.siver jilaiiiliU's jietltlon tiled tliereiii on or bi.-ioru the :;:;rd day ol l-'ebriiaiy, 1H12 .said petition will be taken :i.s true and Judguient and de- <-iie will bi- rendered and enten-d therein setting aside and cancidling a i-ert;illi tax de-ed dated September t I:MI. and covering the followlng-(!e- .scribed real estate ill Allen County. to-wit: Beginning al the northeast coiner of t !ie .Northwest quarter lU), tin uc" south lv2t;..") feet, theme west ',:<'; feet thence norlli IMS.S feet, l;. .c.- east 312.7.''> fett, thenee noith .;iS.-' feet, thence east t ;^>l .•J.". fcet i h -ss a tract of land containing ;;Vi acre-s and less a tract of land containing l -i .o^ acres) containing 14.49 acres In Section Tliirty-Iive ri'<). Township Twenty-four (24), Range .Nineteen (!9i which deed was made by .A.!len C(>iin- ty. Kansas, to defendant Frank Sanderson and was filed for record and is recorded in Deed Book CO at page 43;"> in liie Ki'gister of Deeds office of .safd county, and excluding them and eacli of them from ;iny right, title, estate, interest in or licit upon said described real e.state. e.vcept that defend:int Fnink .Sanderson may be adjudged toi have a lien upon said real estate fori the amount of consideration paiil by him for said deed, the sum paid for recording the same and subseq-ient taxes paid by him together with Interest on said sums as provided by law; and quieting the title of pi lin- iiff to an undivided one-half interest in .said real estate and for such o:her and different relief ;is to the court mav seem proper, ami for cost:.;. CAMPnELL & GOSIIOR.N. Attorneys for Plaintiff. Attest: .lOHN W. !:l!OWN (SKAH Clerk District Court. (l)-10-i:-24. LAND FOB SALEI I have for sale the cheapest ICn acres of grass land in Allen County For a i)asti:rc it can't be beat—everlasting water—or it all can be mown Close to R. R. station. Part time. I also have CO acres improved land close to lola that 1 can sell at bargain. Terms reasonable. C. 0. IlOI)LI.\tiEK NOTICE. We have ?.n excursion on fie IGth of this month to our Florida lands. Also an exc^'.r.•^ion on tiie L'th to our S.ictamento Valley. California, lands. Call and make arrangements to go. I'UAKLES & rOTTEK lola, Kansas. FOR SALE, ALFALFA FAK.U Kiugniiin County, Kans. 160 acres 4 miles from railroad st.t- tion; fair improvements; 160 acre.- alfalfa land; only about 12 feet to water . It's a bargain at ?.'>0 per acre Mortgage $2000 G'v. due in 4 years. Can exchange equity for good Jola property at its cash value. lOLA LAND CO-AfPA.NY. GRAIN AND PRODUCE MARKE CIIKII Buyers In lola Oner Stnum IJiil for Country Trade. In today'.-) Keglsler appear tpiotii- ttoiis by several local dealers on Ihe prr )diK -e of the laniui of .Mien county which should prove of Interest fo the i-ounlry reiide*-'- of tin- I !e»er; Thesi (|uolaiioiis will he cor :eeted from day to day a .s (he ji;arkei > !iii-i ;;e .s. biif will represeiU ll :e daily ca:ili market prieij of uiiineruiis jirodutts of the r;;rm. Tiie pr 'Mlm e qiiot;itions are [urnisi 'ed by the CogbiU Conitiiissioii ('onipany aivl liie grain quotations bj S. 1). Kay. both of wh.ich firms are lo- L-ated here and in the market for the products listed. If (piotations on other 'ines are desired by tl:e farmers the ilegister will appreciate suggesiion.<^ and seek to obtain more complEte iignres. These local markets are published below, but hereafter, from day to daj. they will be found following the telegraphic market report which has been a valuable feature of the Register for some time: (First Pnhli=:;ed In The Tola Dally Ile.gister .Ian. 3. 1012. \ollrc of .Viipointmenf, Ailniinistrator. State of Knnsa.', Allen County, ss. In the Matter of the T-Tstate of Peter Wedin .Lite of Allen Co:intv, KaiiFas. NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT. Notice Is Hereby Given. That on the 2.sth day of December, A. D. 1.111 the imder.-lgned was by the Probate Court of Allen County. Kan«-as. duly appointed and qualified ns Admlnlstrn- tor of the estate of Peter AVedln, late of Allen County, deceased. All parties Interested In said e.state will take notice and govern themselves aceord- Inglv. DORA WEDI.V. (I)-:j-Ki-17 Administratrix. (First Published in the lola Dally Register .^ 1912) Xofii-e of Final JwitlemenL The State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. In the Probate Court in and for said Tounty. In the matter of the Estate of .lesse Rosenberger, deceased. Creditors and all other persons interested in the aforesaid estate are hereby notified that I shall apply to the Probate Court, in an* for said County, sitting at the Court House In lola County of Allen, State of Kansas on the 8th day of February, A. D. 1912, Loral Market?. (Produce quotations furnished daili by Coghill Commission Co.) rGG .S—28 ceLt.s. POt.'LTRY—Hens HH.Cc; springs ff'.ic; '.''d coeko ."><-; young cocks tic; di:el:s :tc: gepse S<-; turkeys, hens and young gobblers 12e: old "Toms lie. m 'TT)-;R—Packing slock ID^ic. HIDES—Sc. (Grain quotiitions fu-n'shed dailv bv S. D. Ray.) COUA -O^e. t.\FFlR OKN—.-Oc. 1! \ V—$10 a ton. OATS—4.-.C. for a full and final settlement of said estate. JNO. F. GOSHORN Administrator nf tiie Estate of Jesse Roenberger, Deceased. lola Kan . .Tan. 3, A. D. 1912. (l )-a -19-17-24 CASCARETS FOR A SICK, .SOUR .STOMACH (Jenlly hut Tliorotitrhly rieiuisi« nnd Itcgiilate Voiir .Sluitiiicli, Lher niid Kowfis M'hile Yoti .Sleep. That nwfiil sournes"!. belehlmr of aeld luid foi'I gaseV;; II.nt i>:iln in t'o- pit of the stoiii.ieh. the hearthiM'n. nervousness, naiise-i, b!o;ilIn« iHi«r e:i(lnir. feeling of fiillne.;:'. dl/.zlness and sick hi'.idaehe. nieans indluesiion: a dl.sordered sloiiia(-h. wliieh e:in not he re"iil:ited until yon remove lie I c.nuso. I' Isn't your stoii::ieh'-- f;'ult. Your stomach is as good as .inv. i Try Cascarets; they cire ludige-- The Allen County Realty Co. Make a specialty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance of all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate business. Wo represent threo of the best loan compatiies doing business In Kaii.-;is, and solicit a share of the loan business, and guarantee a.s cheap riites and quick service as car. be h;id aii;^ where. The Allen County Really Co. It. L. Thonip .son, .Mgr. OFFICIOS EVANf, I:i.UG. lOr ..A FOR .SALE: ;'. room house ainl acre ef en,,iu,i on car line; $i;ij(i mor(gii(ie; $i'.'.0. 4 room house and I'i ;i(ie.., s;imo loc:ition; $7uu; 2 rotuu house and 1"; ;tei-es, same location; J.i'.o mortgage; ?7.">. These properties are all on car line, water line ami gas line, i-'ine garden ,ind chicken propositions. Monthly payments will be allowed, but no trade considei-cd. Fruit trees, and small fruifin above places. FOR RENT. 7 room modern house in; S'S. S room modern house close in, ?::0. "i^room house, close in not modern, $G Whitaker & Donncll. MONEY TO LOAN—WE HAVE A •lient who has SISOO private money to oan on Allen county land. If you .v,-3nt this, come quick. The Peterson Xbstract Co. • ••••* + + + * + * + *^ 1 MOXET TO- LOAM Will lend on hoiiP'>ho!d no.*** yitaos, organs potvtac r,-* tklBifl, diamonds ind IPT . v J. W. COFFET 11» Sort* Street • ++ « Royal Typewriter Agency « •5 Controls Exclusive Sale ot the 9 S Boyal Standard Typewriter 31 •S In Allen County 9 -S E. JI. Bnsirfug. Agent « No-thrup Building lola, Kans. * '.' Typewriter Repairs and Snpplles * 3r 3- ffi 35 5^ iK 3t ffi «- ffi ffi tS * * -It * 9 •Ir f» * Sf 3> 85 S fB tij««i « « » « « Dr. C. H. rtnss « « DENTIST * •li Room "So. I, Northmp nirtj?. • Extraction without pain hy the • * use of ^Itrous Oxide Qas • •» Phon&-(>^ice 653; Res 851 • 1 * S» 8r fB 9- * •!» » flj * » «! 1» m Si » » S « -E 3? « ?P * S? « « 3?* » » » » • • -fi WnTJfOTI • 'S Have Your Piano Tuned by a« • Experienced Tuner—On# LJ» • •3 !ng In vour home town 0 « t. 0. CA>AT8Ey • rS PInno Tnncr and Kapnirof • « Robei=f3 Music Co Phone 421 • r. L. B. LEA V ELL, «. O Specialties— Diseiases ot the ChMi Diseases of Children Pkoues—On'ice Ueit. lOiuA STATE BANK BLDG Se«i Estate and Li)e»t««i AUCTION ELIi *• Satisfaction guaranteed. Wirts <« phone at expense lor dat»» * B. B. CLAllK, T*te» Ceater Over Com. Bamk PHILLIP IIEIGELl . 110% South St r 1 HABJilSS AND SADDELKi , . General Bepairiug, All Klndi ^ . • • • • 4 •:• • • •:• •> •;• >> •> « ^ • 4 > MO.VEY TO LOAX •> on all klnd.'^ of household good* '> or jewelry—anything of value •> Bigus Pawn Shop. East Side • Square. Oflice In Fruit Store. •> All transactions strictly confl- *> deutlal. * • « : V rff ri* «•«••!?*•;• 3J tfi -B * Office Res. •» •h Phone 1^.'., Phono IS-I-Y. ^ DR. .1. r.. WVLKEK. « *• Kres«i Biiig. -8 <^ .Succe.=sor to Dr. S. A. Crfrinnn « .'~'l)eelal attention to Obstetrics 9 and DlseaFp of Ciiildren. . S tinn. because they Immedirtcly clean;-- , ^^J^} I^'J:^^ * ..^xt 2 and regulate the stomach, remove the .vour. undigested and ferU'enting food and foul gase^; take the evee^s l)il" from the liver and carry off^the <ic, composed waste matter and' poison from the intestines and bowels. Then your stomach trouble Is ended forever. .\ Cascaret tonight will stroight- en j'ou out by' morning—a 10-cent box from any drng store will keep your entire family feeling good for months. Don't forget the children— their little insides need a good ^ntle cleansing, too. A DEPENDABLE ABSTRACT Is one which contains accurat,9 Information of all records relating to the property described therein. A (Mmplete and accurate Abstract Is the basis of a good deed. ' There are no better Ah- Btracts than those prepared by Tire PETERSON ABSTRACT CO. Phone 97 Oid Conrt Uonse Bldg.

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