Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1912
Page 4
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 10, 1912. Th« lela Dally Racerd ana rua loia Daily Index. THE BEGI8TEB I'CBLISIIIXG CO. Entered at the lola Ponlurflce oa Second- Clara Matur. lOLA DAILY REGISTER ^U;men vho comrose the National Monetary Commisaion, including Senator Aldrlqh, arc hiKh_inlnded pat rlotic mcri whoso sole aim and ambi- tl«n in this niiittor has 6eon to frame a mciBure, lo i)Ian a system, that would Bfitle the currency and banlt- Ing ciuoBlion in the United States for iili time to come. There Is not one of them who could be Indueed by any c;o7Jce|vjib!t' lilfluenre lo Riv" his up proviil to a ijlan which lie did not be- Ifpvp would iiromote the intrnsts of all the peoplr. For ir.ore than two yo;;rs thcs' AdvertlsluK ItateH tliulu Known on Application. SUBSCRIPTION RATES. By Carrier In lola. Cat City, L^nyon- yllle, Concrete, LaHarpe and Baiiett: Ona Week 10 rentr One ..; U crnts One Year , »6.00 BY MAIL: One Tear. tnsMo «.00 Ona Tear, outside cnuiity »3.u() TELEPHONES: , Business Office is KK n |;;ivo been wakiiij; a profoui'd Boelety Reporter 1** Job and Blndtry Livi.t...,^. 14) Official Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Battett. Official Paper of Allen CoUnty. THE >EW BANKING ST.STEM. Bearing in mind the fact that thr House ji Re|)ic «;iitaii\ ^-i is coKirol- led by a party the lirst article of whose political crcnd is to oppose my measure that emanates from a Republican sourer, and that the ance of power in the Sonate is held by a group of men whose occupation would bp goni if lii'p.' were no lonsei a "Wall Street" to use as a bogey man, it is hardly :o be f .vpec'ed ^^at the plan for the re-orRanization of o^)v banking and monetary system present ed by the Monott.ry Commissii;;: will be adopted :if the present se.^Kiou of Congress. Bu: that ought "..o b<- .idopted is wii!icut t'ouot the cn.i«pn- sus of the best advis',>d opihinn of the country. Those who oppos"> the plan are able to Kive but liitli- reason for I heir opposition which docs not have its roo' in a hysterical and wholly unwarranted suspicion of Senator Aldrich. lie- cause Mr. Aldrich has been a Rtjuib- lican leader for thirty years. It is assumed that he should not be followed now. UfH-ause lie has been trusted for a seneratlon. it Is argued that he is now untrustworthy. And so men who are utterly unable- to pick any flaw In the plan which he brings forward, assume that there must be some sinister design concealed in it somewhere or >Ir. A'drich would no' toe for it. They forget that Mr. A\d- rich is only one member of the Monetary Commission, and that this is a' unanimous report. How .ibout tiie other fifteen members of the Commission? Granting for the sake of the most hysterical of arguers, that the other Republicans on the Commission would be willing to enter into a conspiracy with Aldrich against the interests of the people, how about the six Democrats? How about S?nator Teller of Colorado? How about Senator Money of Mississippi? How about Representative Padgett, of Tennessee? Are these men stupid, that Aldrich could pull the wool over thi h eves'! Are they timid, that he could torowbeat them into concurring in tha; •which they do not approve? Are they 1 any ])iovision iliat would more C(r- study of the banking !-.vsiems of ihi world and as a result of their study ihey have isresentud a measure which they believe will i)ut our currency upon an absolutely sound basis. The only criticism of it which Is not frankly based on the i)redjudice to which wc have referred, is that the banking system which it proposes to create might come undr t.'ie coivtrol ot Wall Street. That criik -ism may be honest but it is certainly ignorant. The truth is that in the Ilcserve Association which it i.s pioi >osed to form, AVall Strett is not given half as much control as the banking power of the Siri 'ct would really ^vurrani If if %v «re to' be treated as arc other sections of the country. Wall Street controls ?>0 per cent of the banking capital which would be comprised In the proposed National Reserve Asso- clailon, and yet under t!ie Aldrich plan it is given only 10 per c< tit ol the voting power In the govi riiln.; council of that body. .\'cw ICn^land. *i;h 1- p"r cent of the hanking resources Is to have but S per cent of lh«> vote. The rest of the groups of StatC'S -llie Middle West, the Far West ;ind •r ,i (lfic Coast, and the South — with .".>; per cent r)f the banking cap 'tal v .G.iid have SL' p r cent of th< vole In the governing council. It will thus b(> nolic<'d that ih' National Monetary Commission, which had ex-Senator Aldrich as its head, :inil whicli was supposed to be domi- niited by ICastern, and particularly W.ill street Inlluenci s, has dlscriml- fiited against the Kast. in their anx- i <».'y .|o avoid (•><•» the apjiearance of II intentions, Ih -y have goix; farther away from the possible "money power"control than they could in Ktrict fairness have been asked to .s.":. And they have done it deliberately and with tlie avowed purpose of making it forever impossible for any one section of the country to dominate the finances of the Xatlon. The writer of this enjoys p'rsonal ec- ffuaintance with e". ery member of this Conniission and he has repe lu -dly l .enrd membfrs of if say that if any :in could le devised, not lnh"r-<i.'lv ineonsibtcnt with the system which •A'.fy wished lo have adoptrd, wliich V. auld more certainly preveni ihe As- .i .iation from passing into the ci;n- irol of one section or one proufi oi I ;i. they would jilr -ily ir-. orporai- it. Hut no such i .ii '.endnier h<\s been suggested, and i* is hard 'o conceive the plan,—aside from that based on senseless prejudice,— Is beard. It Is more likely to come from the East than fronx'any other section. KIND OF MEETINGS THEY AKE. If you are staying away from the men's meetings that are being held each evening at the Vnltod Urnhreu church through fear that they are the old fashlonj-d revival meetings and you will be personally solicited to "tomo up to the mourner's bench," or otherwise embarrassed,—don't do it. These meetings are nothing of the iort. There is a lot of good singing to begin wlili, then a short prayer, and then a man wlio knows mighty v.-ell how to do it stands up and talks. He is a business m«n, likely as not who would be the last to claim that he is a bit better than you are; but he is a Christian and he is taking time away from his business to give you some plain, common business reasons why he thinks you should be. If you tlon't think the reasons arc •onclusive, vou wiir at least h.ive in'cn entertained, for he is a rattlin.t zood talker,—whoever he may be.— md Nour time will not have been wasted. While if by any chance you should conclude that his reasons are :;ood mi"s, and m:ike up your mind that henceforth you want to be counted with the men who are a positive ••;nd aggressive force for good government and good citizenship and rlght- ousne.-s generally in this and every other community where they may hai len to reside,—if you should reach that conclusion as a result of attending one or more of these meetings vou will never make another as good investment of time as Jong as you live. Aiivway, suppose you Iry it once, I. re are half a do/en men who havi ft llielr homes and their business fur a whole week with no compensation at all, some of them refusing even to let their e.vpens ?8 be paid, just to ome down and talk to the men and hoys of lol.'i about-what they re>.'ard ;is the most important thing in the world. As a mere matter of courtesy, to put it upon no higher ground ought not the men and boys of lola to give 'n hour of their time to show those men that their kindness is ai)preciat- ed? Vou can pick out the hour—anywhere from 51:30 to 12 every morning, from 2.(10 to 5:00 every afternoon, ind at 7:30 every evening. The chances are that the evening hour would suit you best, Jit least to begin with. Suppose you try it tonight. Then if you are not satisfied come iiround to this cnice and hand in a bill for your time. he hadn't said before, and said bet- + + * + + * ter, and doubts if it was worth wjblle. * The sporting papers have figured It out that football killed 22 men In lail and base ball "9. Have to lake it baclf, won't yqu? AS OltlEBS SEE THOGS. A 4.4. .>.}.,]. 4. .><• .^ .Vevertlieless thLs paper Is of the opinion iliat Roosevelt will not be a candidate and ih:!t Taft.wlll be nora inated by acclamation. However It is only ten months until It will all have to be dofie over again,—that snoweil-in election out in the Seventh, we mean. It looks a leetic bit as if the Rcimb- llcan majority out lii the iJig Seventh had been frostbitten. ' corrupt that he could seduce them Into an unholy bargain? tainly guarantee tl:e distribution of rower than the one which the Com- The truth is, of course,—and only ! i: iss\on has recommended. Certainly the most blindly and stupidly prejudiced will question It,—that the gen- il:e West and the South have no ci.u .se to comi>Iaiii and If objection to "Suiiliist" Their Smsjl Cost The price of "Sunki .f Uranjr'-s—the finest fruit grrown—i.s no 1;;,;' cr thim that which you have paid for or; ::: of much less quality. JIadarn, merely : f. r "Sunki;it" and insist that each orai:(:j y r.i b::y i.s wrai^jud in a tissue paper, :itri.:i\l ".S ;:nk;.:t." J'or every wrapper is valvclL. Thoy i.]cniify the best oranges in the v .er? 1. i'y Ea-.-ii:? these wrappers you receive Icr : tfitr 'Si-:;kist"si]vcr premiums at bot a trii'i:..: aJc;:i?jnal expense. Many wide-awake v.t..:ncn are furnishing their dinir.g tables f",- tl;:j nicans. Read carefully particulars belc.v. Seedless, Trcc -R '.peacd Navels The chi:jcf:t crop of 5.0C(y '.'-.iiforni.-i sjrovcs. They are omngcs with no sc.-'.:'.. V.KV are s; .1:J, ri /crirJ on the trees and pit;:^<l i / Kiottd hatids. Juicy and dc!;>;h"lully ^n••.vt. J'.;c ino .'ii h<;;llhf;:l </f all fruit- VoU v.i:! y i g -T :u;ne "Pur.'~i!t" Or- UDgL -s with t:.e v :.'.-u. j v.r^ippcrs by imisliv r on tbem. V<.ur fri;:'.;;;.' c-cjcrvts tli'S must htaith- ful and economitai U'z\u Get This Splendid Rogers' Orange Spoon Sarc 12 "SunUiM"<r;;n;;e or iemon wrappers, or tradcinarkscutfrom v .Tr .jvcrs.acd.^t-nd thcmtiius, with J2c ia sinnjps to litlp p.iy charges, packicg. etc.and wewilis-r-ly u thi-:)rt.-::u:n<: Kojit-rs'silver oiaD;;e r.poun. I'"r cacU au'r:;-;t nal sptx.a send 12 J , v.rappcrs cr t.-.-.:]cir..'.r;:- \ 1-c in st.-i:i;ps. /, * Kut rct^'jle Icr t.^:: i,^-cl throujjh the mails. // Fruit Knife for 24 Wrappers cad 20c ia stamps, Escc-:!v.-,t quuUty—gsnuine Rogers. 14 "Sunkisi" Premiums Zyni lot foil iJescription. m:mfccr oi wrappers anA amount of ca&b nccossnry to secure eacli article. TnUcEci!* Cfcild'sCcife Ov%*arFo*. Fnrit Baifa TaLIei'ork BjdUoaSpooa CbiM'sFoffc Tcaspeoa S!»ea CodceSpcoD OrcagaSpaaa TaUM ^iaa Salad rorb Buiicr Spreader ' 7 ^:-^!r-Rile <l. Juicy "SaaiaafLEMOIW -Of the aame »i;a"rb cjunlify us tile urtinecs. Economical txacanM to !>>'n -Kkiimrd uwi extra JuK-/. Wrapper* aamc valoe as ".••>iml-ls»" Or:;trjiJ wrappers. Keci^o Uooittct /•>/» opfiD rccuwil, , (121) CAUFORNiA rmnr GROWERS' CXCHAKGE 292 ll«f<k CM »!«•(. CMcalsklii. \ QlKSTIO\ OF PKIXiri.K. There seemed to be an opinici: among members of the I)emocn ;!ic .Vaiional C'ninmitice that the Democrats mipht well afford to wait until .nfter the Rejiublicans have made their nominations at Chicago. Ii was argued that if Mr. Taft were renomi­ nated it might be i'Xpedi <'nt for ilie Democrats to choo.«e an out-and-oni wro^ressive. If Colonel Throdon; Roosevelt were nominiit< d, k was s ;iid that it niipht bivjiood Democratic policy to name a man "more conservative" tliun the ex -I'resident.—Wash- iiiftton Dispatch. Why certainly.' Find out wh;it the Republicans are Koin;^ to he for and then be "agin" it! it is such a simple program and it saves so much vear and tear on one's tlilnking aji- jiaratuB. Talking about pure food laws the Washington Post calls attention to the fact that while thirty carloads of Kansas jackrabblts have been shipped to the canneries to be made up Into clam chowder, down In New Rnglaiid they are busily encaged In making rabil pcl-pl<' out of clams. Congressiiian Liiileion, who was a ('istingi.*I.''hed and successful lawyer in .\ew Vork before he went to Con- Rress, bcKan life as a track walker for a Texas railroad. And Oiat was not so vi ry long ago either. "There Is no chancv^ In this country for a poor man." We never believed that story aboi.j Compers standing and stamping- on the .\merican flag while he was making a speech. In fact If Mr. Gomptrs would come a little more nearly making Old Glory his platform than he ever did, we should have a higher opinion of him. In case of Chami) Clark's elcciion It Is reasonably safe to say that among those who will not be in his cabinet will be found his fellow- State's man. Gov. Folk. At any rate it will hardly be claimed that the ludlscretlous of the Em! peror with some gay Harlslan dancer j were responsible for the downfall cf the Chinese dynasty. "Is your T.n2 <5n straight?" is the way the Washington Po3t puts it. .\nybody heard from tli" peach buds yet? • rOlNTKD I'.VH.VCiH.VrifS. Frcm Ilie ChiVago .\ews. Will if be ilie same old svc:/ on he j;-w le.-.'f? !'rob!'l)ly Adam never forgot I'.is (irsi Nev Year's Kve. T!'e V ;.,e 1< ;:p yrar m;;id will keep both eyes o utho young widov..-. Resnlve not to make a d"i:;ijohn for •h' fountain of youth in 1^12 Wat-r can't extinguish sn:iie men's ))iirii;r.^-tlesire for sometb.iiig sirong-r , Remember gir's, good cocks will be ilie leading ladles In leap year dramas. There Is more than one brand of smokeless powder that is dangerous :o puMiklnd. In Adam's day wimiatr was merely a side issue, but during leap year she poses as Ihe whole show. With the ailvent of l!(ll', make up your mind 'o .-iti'iid siiicilv lo yuur own buslH' K.s, and you 'll have no time to mix li up Willi your iiei :;iihors. HKVLK(TIO\N OK A KVl IIKI.OK. Frcm the .Vi-w Y(>rk I'resn. Hope never '.leis around to paying dividends. .\ gii'l c ;;irr even be frank with her own mirror. -lust as soon I'S a man gets inio jiolilics h<' serins to hate anything ilint's respectable. The reason men ought to want women lo vote is so everybody could then find fault with ihe government. It's impossible for a m:iii to m;:i<e Ills family understand how liad busi- n ss Is when he keeps getting fatter ;ind fatter. i>u. i.Ko.vH u ;i ;r.s m .s«ovERY ?lciii-i{f>id Will Inlerrsi l-!>ery Persoi Who Has riles. Tl '.e puh .ie is Indel • .1 'o fir. .i. P ! e 'lnhardt. of hinco '.M h'.. for ii\ st'Kiy i>f liie tr. lit;: e:ir ru' pile.<. am: for tils di^cDvr.v cf ;i .-Nece.'i -ful r^^m- !y. '.''ke;! iinvar.lly. ulii.-'ii livens up f'le ?!a»' i.loo.l circulation and reduces Ilie swollen vessel.';. Pr. Leon h ::id 'ts pn.^riiptlon is 1 li:.M-ftOiD— --'jl 'l by r. P.. S'|)pni-er H Co.. and al! driiegists at fl for I'l dav.-*" ireil- iiieiit (?uar :t"ieed to iriv sil;^fneti');! Or. I .eonhr .i 'lf f'o . StMlion V. i!;;ir:i !i' X. Y. Write Uir !• .>k!rr. —The Mi??f.-.r: Pacific will liave or. •ale .lanunry t::;!i. 1-Ith and l.''t!- '•nund trip t'''!-:o'.- to D'-nver. Colo., fo; Vafi'^nal We.-tern .^tnck show at VI^.^TK vir"" i!.-;ii;il stop ov^r privi!- eres. li:"'; i^n return to .Tar.uary Slst Phone li;'>. V. K. Munger. Agent. Miikr It .VrliUrntlon Voir. I .Vew York World (I)em.): -Vo ruN In the world has made so noble .-in {ending a .H th- citizen Presid 'iii I the I'nlted States with his speech the dinniT In this city on internntlon al arbitration and peace. The Ainerl can nation cannot make a better bf ginning of the new year than in ac qualnltng Itself with the addres.s and rallying to the support cf its PresI dent in this cause. Jlr. Taft never appoared to Ix'tter advantage. His speech was weighi with argument, lightened with humor and pointed with homely illustration The "unctious and odious hypocrisy which has been attributed to his cause was thrown back wiih a fori that evi-ry intelligence can under stand and every humane heart must reel. * The pendlnpl treaties were consid ered as a men* beginning in a gre:^ world-iuovemont. The term "juslic able" is not va .;;He. It comprehend a!| causes whicli can be sei'led by th rules of law and eiiuity. and sue .-lueslions as the Monroe,Doctrine are not of them. The Senate is not a ?ked to abrogati' any of its iiowers. If i r.".n make a treaty to d .eid^ fulure iTuestions as they arise, it nU those questions to arbitiMtion whe'i they do arise. If it be objected t!ia bad juiiges ina.v get Into the arbitra tiors. tlien it must be obJKU -l i!i;,t all courts of justice should b- rulei! out as bad judges may .get into theni. And the cause? Are (the iieniiie o the nations in a ferme;!! of iliscon •eni? Are they burden-d v.-illi dead- charges and charges to make more death? .\re they resentful of injus lice in Industry and w<ai;!! dis;riliu lion? All means of correction nie.i; fail if every gen-c-ration int!sl conliiii! to have its deTastiug war. The mission in whicli President Taf; .would ntiike this Na'ion a li:id<ir i."? the greatest ever preseiifd In practical and concrete form for the beit '-r- iiient of the world; and ilie biters read at the peace ditim r from De -iio- •rall(- Governor.-;, jiirisis and bgi.sla- ors shcjw ihfit while his support may lack itidiviiluals ip ejilier piiriy \.ill coninianil the ileiiigiiru! majorir. cf all iiarti.-s. The y-ar I'HJ v.lli b a great one In the human calemlar if it shall mark thi" begiiininus of iiiter- natlonal arbitration in the raliJic .-ilioii of pending treaties. F:ven the Topeba Capital tdmlta that IjiFolleito didn't aay anything lu bis recent "whirlwind" campaign that when washing colored goods. 1— Allow clothes to soak for at least an hour in cold water in which two tablcspoonfuis of Persll h-ave been dissolved, 2— Wring out and place :t\ a tub of >varm water, not hot, with two tablc- spwnfuls cf Pcrsil dissolved in it. 3— Rub the soiled parts s!ij*htly, rinse in wann wpi^r, wring, and hang-6ati V.-|!.-n wsnh;i.l ci.l.ircl Sf,',J« il )utj uie Pti'Sj yi.ii will Itltcr rciulu anij the c^iviri, r.Ul uuC luu. 10 Gents At Your Grocer's .\VOM> ll.MtSII IMtn.S, 'hill.; (alhurie.-^ Tcid to Cause lii.iurj to the Huwcis. If you ai-e sei']ei-t io (III!'lijia'iii'i on (IllM avo.M .strong dr .ig.; and . ifmi-'ies. Tiiev o.'ily '^:v' tenipmary -lief arid ihii;- ie ;;<-ii-.)!-. is haru'.fu! mil soiiieii;:.,'-; tioro un :.(.yii ;g li' ii iMi .-tipatlo;'.. Tiny in no '.vi:y i ffccr :i -iri- and their temlency is ;o •:e alrci'iy ve -ik orgR .^s uifii uliie!; iiey ecu;:'- in contact. y We !i<)iie --tly !),Iieve th;'.t we havi best ermstijiation tieatiiient eve; ievi.--i. f.vUii in it i.= so stron;.- ! We Sell it (Jn the po.-itive guaT- :!it .'e lluit it shall noi cost (i'e li-ei : cent if it dors not give entire sa 'i--- :!(-ti(in anil conipletety reiii.-.'y «oii- tipalion. This p; 'ji;!! :it;'n i- e :i!lei :exa )l Orderlies, 'f!; -se are iiroi:ip!. iiot'ning. and k.ii .-t e'.li- f'-.e iw .-ii .tf-.r iiu'V ail' I. "<1 - (it .-1 ve, -Tit c ;;.'.M e; •se.r e-y. Tt" ir ]!'-:iu-ipal liig .-eiiieni - 11 fe;-i';,s;e!es-^ and (rjjorl-. iin !i Kh'.\ (ii .'.-e;- wen-i;nt)v.-.'i iii- .redient.--. li-,!:g t st:it>!isiietl for i- -efnliiess in. the treatment of coii- :il':-.'ii )!i it forms a tablet whic 'i j. •.••.•••A \\v-^\ !;l :e entviy. ' Tiiey may b' :'.kei> at any .>. eiti"-- n:>y n- ,iii;lil. v'ibo::- i'.-- - r.i ih,iv <•: iiy i 'i .-"nve .":ie-:< e -. ' ; .,-\ .T, TI;'y <1 >;)t gripe, purge, f.ii:- (vse nniise- rii'-y .-K t witUo'.-t i -i ;i 's -.ic .ny imi'i or vie ;:;-ive I irn.-f IK-s ^ <if bov.el: '."tit y :'.;e deal for (iiii'lren. weak. 'e 'iratt pe-.-s.,ns. and :,--e(| people, a.•.\ell as f'lr the u.o-t lii.Mly person. T'.cy <•(>,-:!" in tui -ei' si;;" package '2 taj)!.-!.-;. 1" Ceii; T'', tablets. L'.' .ents; so table';: T'l cents. Keireni- her. you can nb'.ain them only at out tii'.e—The Pev.nll Store. K. R. Iliir- rell. West Side Sqii lie. vnwy .JisT WON'T IMN. nccliircx He C,ui Keep UU \anic Ot'i the Hallot if T. U. Cau'f. W;!shi :i ':'<i!i. .I;iii. S "Well. ;i n -.iin ^••ho has :\<-''i.'illy been presid' lU h;i:.- ti't ihe sriiiie nower .-1.1 the man v.h- hna not. Cidiuiel Rense\ i it niay net be .-tlije lo fu-eveiif Ms na ;,ii- izoUxf n-. the ballot but 1 can and will prevent uiliie from going on." This w ;;s William .li-nuiiigs l!ry;tn 's eonirunt wlw-n told ili.-:i F.->!-ii!'r I'r- s i'lenl Roosevelt hail bei ii onoted saying he was jiowerlesr. to keep bi.-= Kaiiie off the ballot In" the next Pr.s- idenlial eIe(-tion. Mr. P.rytm. here to attend the national de'noer;'tie <oi '.i- mltli'e i ;e -eting toilay, said li<' WOU'K! no' be a (-andida'e for the jire.^idency under an .v circum.<-tances. S.-'leni, Ori'.. Jan. S.—A itelitiou to plat-e lb,, name of Th.odore Roosevelt on the primary ballot for jiresi- deut was received today by th.- s-c- retary of staiiv Thf pelitiou was lilt by Oliver H. Mickey of I'oriland. II* iiif< :i !:f d t'te F- crrt.-iry il!.-ii 1 Onn sig- naliir.-s cei;ld be obtained "at a ino- iinni's r .'j-:!e" and that more would l.c- soliciti :1 as soon i's the form of \ieiillun was i.pproved by th • sv*-;--- tary. ANOTIIFR D ^.W.MITK CONKKSSION raliioruluu .\dmlN lie and Three Olhers Tlared Kxplosivps. I OS .-Vngeles. .J:in. '.'.—,1. P. Ili.slio; . who said he was a union man, pl;ict i on the stand this afr-rnoon In tl'- iri:'l of Pert II. C'lUn- rs. charg -d v.i'ii lia\iii? t-oiispired lo dym-.inite county hall of n-cords, Se>.tenil, r Itilii, dielared that be and (•ount)r. .= with A. n. .Maple and Ira F. Head;-, en on men jointly accu.spd "itjj Connors, placed the dynamite In the alley besiile the hall of records. Bishop admitted on cro.-is-evamluii- tion that htr wa« In -the employ of ili • county ilctecllve bureau, l.'e al.•^o |.s- tlfled ilfat he was a u: 'iiber of ill-Structural Iron Workers' iDioii .-.iid us such had become- ai-(jeainted wUh the defenOnnt and Maple and Uem'.fr •UUiiop al^ suid lUut hu Uud visUcU Relief from Try .^;( a '^.'s T.inijr.cut f' r your rhiu- nuti .snt —tioa 't rub — j-.i.-.t lay it on lightly. It coc.s strai;,'iu tti the so^c spot, quickens the bUxnl, limbers up the niusclcs and joints and stops the pain. Here's Proof ?»Ir.':. Jui.l.x TuoMA-; of J:-irU?on, CaL.viT-'tes: "I h.ivj u-ty,.ur l.iai- merit tor rlitimiatisni with mm h suc- M\n!v J. TCM:;, li;o I'V.h j\ve.. r.iurso:i. X. !., -..ri-os: — '-I v. cripple with iftenmatism for fxo yc.-ir.; r.r.d I c ncrt at all.- !;ad to be carriecT frcir. t'I :i::e to p!.-,fc. I ttied rtnic ^ii s : LI\CI co;;'d not get Ljt- tcr. until I fiitd ."^lian's i-in;n:ent. On? bottl-j • \.c! m • in good siiapo aad now I alwiyj h.ivc a botile in the housu for my wife and ciiildren.'' kills tny kind of pain. Good for Ne-^ralc'a. Toothache, Lumbago and Chest Pains. Sold by al! dealers. Price 25c., 50c. and SI.OO. .Sloan's Jx30k on H;»rt^s, Catt!c, ilC'iTS jr:d Foaltry sent free. Address DR. EAFvL S. SLOAN - - - . Boston. Mass. AH ticpo.sitoi's hiivin.!; ;fjoiinls in our Savings Depai'tnicnt will i)leusc ]):'(-:ont their Pass Books at tha bank, lo have the seir!i-:;nniial INTEREST for the last half of the year .1'>;1 crcditef] thereon. You can oilhor draw this intercut in CASFf, or have it cretliled In vour r.ccount wiiieh will draw 8 'r interest, Lhus making COMPOUXD INTEREST. YOUR INTEREST IS REAtJY! p Capita! .^^o.OOO.OO Surplus $2,500.00 ' —o'Muterost Paid on Time cr Savings Deposits! Forliides and Furs. AI^o ^ine Lump Coal for sale L. KRUPFS .11 NK YARD Phone :;i4 "Sfntassssszs^ SPECIALS FOR ISOUSEWARMING 1:: inch \ V\UU Oak V.'-.X'.'.-T^ II inch riilii\ 0::ri Ilea ir; IC inch nllit) Oak Heater- These Slov .-s Inehed for h:\\ Iii:e I .\.p S10 .f )0 S 1*^.00 and also l-.ave i;:is rliiKs at- ,ril l,e:;i.. •Ml I iai!;e for seltiii ^tle-iii up. BRIGHAM HARmVAME COMPANY ^.{a ^^BB5ulIiaiK!KiK3B ^wwl^ll^ w THE COG HILL C( ?J.>nSSION CO., lOL.i'.s vnuvvi . }] U;III:T I'.ny .ni; every day—ahvav.; ; - r.rTT!;i;. KC.CS ai-.ii IKDH-S. C-. . f.l-jd to laM: to >oii. 'ilitifs uli : (.Successors le I'-la I'mducc C<».) I'hime >Vest itl" S.:[1a !'e Tracks •St \y.'.- . -• lei- }'OfI-TRY. Ue are ahvay:? lola, Kansas oiilKU..; in the 'ounty j,.;! St i. • - r 0, l:'!!, while r •' v, ,s : i:l'.. and the di;' ii til I: ••j^tick aro 'ind. I »a:i' van . s i itness in m.v (ifs--. I yon i) Wear I Has dni.-.k on \h>- ifi..,'il i I , plenil.'i r S, I'Me." 1 C !>ei-,-y \;i!e KipiiUiir .-.n ; Word •r, r,--;'i\e'i l.y Ciierisva'e .'-"t-iie :il Miss A;-, rde I.e- ,:h,\ .U-:ry !1( :-t , • • 'V. •. v.- .- i'.air! •! i 'iiiait fcruierly was emidoycd in 'he .eii.~oii (life and her home wus in .Mr. :uiil .Mrs. Hobart will alic ilu'ir houie in Collinsville, Okla. : :i-y. A^T. II. ::. • ^^.nt;t I"- 1. 1.- a enw. .Mr-. I'lrrlef; IIM- absence of. City i';-r'.c i". F. Zi>i;!.-i. who is in Florida :'T;over the iio!d:;'.s.-; of the F!":'!!!"- !.iui(i ai-.d Coloiii/.ation Co.. in i'1» he i.^ inie;e; ted. Frank K. Sn-'h. •c>i:'!!:is>ioi:.-r ol Finance, is in i : ••'^'^ :t' tlie del iv s otiiee. 7ii3a*e is Only Oae Tssssi is y LmK^tlwe Bs^iwm^ Quinine ' USED THE WORLD OVER TO CURE A C0U3 IH OKE DAY. i Al-.vr.j-i remember the full nano. I.-- k loT lliii siiguaturo uu every bo^. 2ix.

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