Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 16, 1962 · Page 2
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 2

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 16, 1962
Page 2
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markets LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs Extra Large A'l Eggs A's Large Eggs A's Medium Eggs B's Large Eggs C'l lit Grade Cream J-Day Cream Heavy Hens- Light Hens LOCAL WAGON PRICES .33 .31 .28 .25 .18 .40 .45 .13 .05 r Milo R ye Barley Wheat Milo R Ve Barley .82 unchg, $1-65 unchg. CO-OP PRICES $1.W unchg. $1-55 unehg. .80 unchg. $1-60 unchg. CLOSING INVESTMENTS NEW YORK (AP) — Closing •Investing Companies: Bid Asked Affiliated Fxl 7.04 7.61 Am Business Sh •.... 4.14 4.48 Am Mutual Fd ..... 7.88 8.61 Invest Grp Mut .... 10.06 10.88 Inv GYP Stock 15.71 16.98 Invst Grp Select — 10.24 10.95 Inv Grp Var Pay .... 5.64 6.20 Int Inv Cont 5.22 5.65 Mutual Trust 2.50 2.55 Unit Ace Fd - 12.32 13.46 Unit Cont Fd 5.85 6.391 Unit, Income Fd — 10.65 11.64, Unit Science Fd .... 5.65 6.17 | Unit Fd Can 15.93 17.32 ' KANSAS CITY'LIVESTOCK j KANSAS CITY (AF) — Cattle 4,000; calves 800; steers and heifers strong to 50 higher; cows strong to 25 higher; feeders steady; vealers steady; good to average choice steers 26.00-28.75; good to high choice heifers 23.5028.00; utility and commercial cows 14.50-16.50; good and choice vealers 26.00-25.00; good and choice feeders 25.00-27.00. Hogs 3,000; barrows and gilts and sows 25-50 hig v barrows and gilts 1-3 200-265 16.50-17.25; sows 1-3 270-400 Ib 15.00-16.00. Stock Mart Telepram Photo E NEW YORK (AP) — The stock market edged to the upside in moderate trading early this afternoon. The Associated Pr~s /erage of 60 stocks at noon was up .2 at Historic Big Spring Big Spring is one of the most historic places of all in irrigation system ever known in Kansas. Traces of their Scott County State Park. About 1650, a band of Taos canals can still be found today. Source of the water is Indians apparently fled Spanish oppression, building a bslieved to have been Big Spring, st.ll flows at pueblo in the beautiful valley. They lived there some 20 the rate of 400-500 gallons of water per minute from the years, until th«y returned to the Taos area. During their base of a nearby cliff, stay in what is now the park, they established the first Driver Training Funds Revealed Two Finney County schools will Eisenhower Throws Punch At Kennedy Foreign Policy BOSTON (AP)—Former Presi- angry when he told seme 5,000 receive $6,296.36 for driver train- d e nf Dwight D. Eisenhower sharp- Republican party faithful of re- ing programs. ly criticized President Kennedy - cent criticism of his foreign pol- Adel F. Throckmorton, slate Monday night for conducting what icy. superintendent of -public instruc-: he termed "a dreary foreign poli- lion, said 389 schools in Kansas' cy _•_ . too sad to talk about." will reeceive aid in the total •• Eisenhower resp0 ndej to Ken- amount of $655,897.20. The sum given each school,, lican torci H in th(f 1950 , s ^I^ed Wlls y< r, ar , at ,. the /*!?! with a slashing atlack of his own. "Persbnally I have been careful in all my speeches to keep current foreign policy out of partisan of $31.64 per pupil, is based on ; the number of high school stu-: dents completing credit in an approved course between July 1, 1961 and July 1, 1962. nedy's recent criticisms oi Repub- debate. But when a charge is made for purely political purposes—a charge that indeed To be eligible for ' the reim- ne i to his strongest atlack lo date bursement the school must be, °" th e Democratic admimst. ..accredited by the State Department of Public Instruction as a public secondary school and pro- lolal classroom instruclion and an average of a I lead six clock- 219.7 with industrir,"- ._. 1.0, rails unchanged, and ulilities off .3. The gain w: irregular, with number of the popular volume leaders among "growlh" slocks falling, by the wayside. A string of minor plus signs among chemicals, rubbers, oils, electrical equipment, and motors \Viii' receTve^SS^ 64" provided much of the fuel for the ' ' ' advance. Building materials, tililities, aerospace issues, and sleels lend- ed lo the downside. Tennessee Gas Transmission continued to trade at a fractional loss. Howe Sound rose a fraclion. Corning Glass gained point. The usual market leaders were down— Polaroid and Xerox off a couple of p ints \r : • , and IBM down 6 Korvette dropped a frac- lion. Small fractional gains were : multiple fractures and lacerations. The former Republican presi- i should be stated in reverse—I dent treated a partisan throng j must seriously question the ad- gathered at Commonwealth Ar- visability of continued silence." mory for a $100-a-plate GOP din- He quoted Kennedy as saying: "During eight years of Republican aclministralion our foreign policy drifled aimlessly about" Eisenhower called it "a strange departure from fact" when his Democratic successor said "that lion's foreign policy. Eisenhower is scheduled lo con- linue his New England c uipaign vide, under an approved instruc- [ swing in support of local GOP tor, at least 30 dock hours of: candidates loday. The former president displayed during the past 21 months, a new his famous grin and his equally and firm and forward looking for- hours of behind-the-wheel driv-; famous temper Monday night in • ei Sn policy has been developed." crowd roared its approval ing instruction for each student. Garden City, with 173 pupils in the program will receive $5,473.72. Holcomb, with 26 pupils, Car, Truck Collide, Two Men Are Killed j GREAT BEND, Kan. (AP) — i Two men were killed Monday j night in a car that skidded into Boston. Eisenhower appeared visibly ' when he added: "This was news, Dole Urges Firm Stand With Cuba today... Hospitals ADMISSIONS At St. Catherine Mrs. Robert Snyder, Flagstaff, Ariz. Mrs. William R. Ackley, 1103 Pine. Mrs. Jerry Gigot, S. Star Rt. Mrs. Albert Bruggeman, Gar- lendale. Mrs, Martin Quint, Holcomb. Mrs. Gilbert Elliotl, 418 Davis. Mrs. Harlcy Rector, Deerficld, Mrs. George Pickens, Satanta. Mrs. Clarence Wheeler, 520 Taylor. Herman K. Golay, Holcomb. Mrs. John F. Walters, 11 Crest Road. Mrs. Glenn Thomas, 621 Garden City Ave. Lori Sue DeGarmo, 1102 Safford. Mrs. Joe Matza, 1712 St. John. D'SMISSALS At St. Catherine Emil H. Gawer, Satanta. Robert F. Gray, 516 Eugene. Mrs. Charles Long, 314 Edwards. Mrr. Clyde Smth, 2103 N. 7th. BIRTHS At St. Catherine A daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snyder, Fkgslaff, Ariz., Oct. 15 at 7:46 a.m., 7 pounds, 8 ounces. A. daughter to Mr. and Mrs. William Ackley, 1103 E. Pine, Oct. 15 at 8:55 a.m., 5 pounds, 2 ounces. Legals indeed, to all of us who have been following the news." The cheers continut-u as Eisenhower heatedly defended his administration's record. "In those eight years we lost no inch of ground to tyranny, we witnessed no abdication of resposi- bility. We accepted no compromise of pledged word or withdrawal of principle. No walls were buill. No Ihreatening foreign bases were established. One war was ended and incipient wars were blocked. "I doubt that anyone can persuade yon," he told his audience, "that in the past 21 months there has been anylhing conslrucliv_ tn foreign relations to equal any part of lhat eight-year record. For the moment, at least, I shall have no more to say on that subject." The affair was billed as a birthday dinner for Eisenhower, who was 72 Sunday. The champion Republic;... vote Warranty Deeds — 0. C. Bergkamp, et ux, to Donald J. Cejda, et al, the SE'/4 of 8-22-32. Eldon E. Newberry, et al, to Eldon E. Newberry, et ux, lot 1 and tine north 21 feet of lot in block 10 of Inge and Vinzant's Addition. Eldon E. Newberry, et al, to DeLbcrt C. Stiraemetz, the south 29 feet of lot 2 and 30 feet of lot 3 in block 10 of Inge and Vinzant's Addition. Eldon E. Newberry, et ux, to Delbert C. Stinemetz, an undivi ded ¥2 interest in the west 3-i feet of lot 1, and the west feet of the north 15 feet of lot 2 in block 10 of Inge and. Vin zant's Addition. Howard B. SmifJh, et ux, to John W. Keller, et ux, lot 22 block 20 of Jones Addition. Corporation Deed — Perciva! Insurance Agency, Inc., to Ben nie Ruth Collins, the north 36 feet of lot 3, the south 36 fee of lot 4 in block 5 of Crown Heights Addition. Deed — Sunset Memorial Gar dens, Inc., to Godfrey R. Geier et ux, section C,' lot 132, spaces 1, 2, 3 and 4. In Garden City Fined — Robert Edwar' Wise, Liberty Motel, running flashing red light, $10. John Reyes Carrillo of Ulysses, driving while intoxicated, no driver's license, and improper registration, trial of $110. Michael Roy Smith, 707 Garden City Ave., improper driving, $5. Frank Isrod Hughes of Pampa, Tex., vagrancy, $25. Committed. Bonds Forfeited — Henry Calvert Hargraves, Joe Raymond Ortiz, Marion Wayne Brecheisen, Jackie Dale Imroth, Jessie Eugene Knight, John L. Nogo, Robert Duane Brokofsky, Jesus Val- Jez Rendon, William P. Guillen, Mrs. Gilbert Zimmerman, John (Villiam Belts. COUNTY Allowed to Abate — Earl Ellison, address unknown, instiffi- ienl fund check in lhe amount if $229.35. Fined — John Vernon Williams, Dighton, drunk and disturbing the peace and driving on a s<us>ended drivers license, $45 and i 30 days. Committed. ' Robert M. Sulton, Tribune, speeding, $10. George L. Walker, overload, $10. Wilbur Mkirray, overload, $10. Robert M. Smith, speeding, $10. Elden Gestenslag- er, 507 Stocekly, speeding and no drivers license, $10. Carl E. Turley, two counts overload, $20. Otfe W. Mason, Jr., overlen<?th vehicle, $10. Herman K. Golay, overload, $10. Billy J. Galloway, overwidth, $10. Drivers License Suspensions — Leslie A. Manos, 511 N. 5th, from July 18, for one year for driving while intoxicated. Margaret A. Sperry, 601 Moore, from Sept. 12 for one year, driving while intoxicated. DISTRICT Divorce Filed — Diane D. Leiker vs. James A. Leiker. Page 2 Garden City Tol<»grnm Tuesday, October 16, 1962 Sandra class officer Sandra Barnef f Class Officer Sandra Barnett, Garden City sophomore at Fort Hays State College, was elected secretary- treasurer of her class in recent all-school elections. She was chosen campus beauty queen last year and is a cheerleader, a member of a dancing group, Orchcsis, and a precision twirling group, as well as corresponding secretary of her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. Sandra is majoring in elementary education. She is lh e daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Barnett, 1219 Old Manor. Traffic Accidents — Monday at 1:05 p.m. at 4th and Laurel. Cars driven by Mrs. Jack LaRtie McAtee, 308% Hudson, and Mrs. Jack 0. Gomez, 706 N. 4th. Extensive damage to both vehicles. Monday al 4:30 p.m. at 5th and Kansas. Pickup Iruck driven by Charles Eugene Sperry, Rl. 1 (exlensive damage), and car / see... by The Telegram Garden City eighth and ninth graders will be guests for a short dance tomorrow night at the Civic Center following a junior high game with Dodge City here. City Recreation Director I Herman Beringer is asking parents to pick up the students at 19:15 p.m., following the dance. driven by Wayne Ray Dudley, -Whether buying 01 selling, use 902 E. Maple (moderate damage). Telegram Want*Ads! POLICE Bonds Posted — Jce Raymond Ortiz, 711 W. Fulton, running a blinking red light, $10. Jesus Valdez Rendon, 908"N. 10th, no driver's license, $5. Marion Wayne Brecheisen, 209 St. John, HUTCHINSON (AP)—Rep. Bob j He said he voted to re-commit another I ~ th e" P»th of a"pickup trucTdriven Dole . R-Kan. chided his Demo-; the foreign aid bill to committee , g . . , . ' by a 14-year-old farm boy cratic opponent Monday m a tele- with instructions to deduct $100 I * 10 ' 500 m casn was liuer recov The dead were Terry G/Gard- vision speech officially openin: his re-election campaign and call getter of all lime, he packed lhe running a stop sign, $10. Wilbam armory. On e party official esti- I P. Guillen, 606 W. Fulton no mated the gross receipts at nearly driver's license, $5. Jackie Dale $500 000 | Imrotn > I 219 Parkwood, improper Shortly before Eisenhower's | muffler, $5. Wayne Ray Dudley, speech, police revealed that $70,- »°2. E. Maple, failure to yield ' the right-of-way, $5. William Milton Stephens, 1114 N. 5th, parking left side to the curb, $1. 000 in cash and checks collected for the dinner had been stolen from Rpublican stale headquarters over the weekend. All but ner, 34, of Topeka, and Gerald L. : Tully, 31, of Wichita. million from the appropriation. "We already have uior money iered. Speaking in President Kenne- ed on the adminislralion to deal ; n this endless pipeline than can i dy's home cily, Eisenhower saved The boy, Donald Gray, suffered ; m °re firmly with foreign prob-1 possibly be spenl in two full years | his , strongest endorsement for lems, particularly the Cuban; and the proposed reduction was j George C. Lodge, Republican posted for Big Three motors and ! Hospital attendants said his condi-' situation. American -Motors. Studebaker was about unchanged. U.S easy. Du Pont, up aboul a point, paced chemicals lo a string of small advances. The Dow Jones industrial average at noon was up 1.80 al 591.49. Corporate bonds were narr-wly mixed. U.S. government bonds were unchanged to a shade higher. Juco Officials To State Meet • tion was serious. Highway Patrolman Bill Moo Dole, present Gth District con- j gressman, is seeking election in sound economy," he said. "In chiding his opponent, Dole seven quor- of ; and slid sideways down the oppo ' site lane, where il was hit broadside by the truck. Huxtable Given Tesf Recognition Bend, swerved back Breeding present 5lh District congressman. "I voted for the Cuban and Berlin resolutions and authority to recall reserves in case of crisis," Dole said in the speech carried over seven television slalions. "And I hoop Kennedy ('exercises the leadership America should give the world, dealing more has firmly, more vigorously with for- per- j eign problems, particularly the Cuban situation." Dole said during the closing Ronnie Huxtable, a senior at Garden Cily high school, been honored for his high I formance on tihe National Merit i Scholarship qualifying test siven | last spring. Each student who is endorsed by his school receives a formal letter of commendation signed by las'i lour weeks alone." Kansas Car Production Up D E T R 0 I T (AP)—Eighteen states shared in the production nominee for the U.S. Senate, who is opposed by Democrat Edward M. Kennedy, the President's youngest brother. Lodge, son of former U.N. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, served in the Eisenhower admin- istralion as an assislanl secrelary of labor. Eisenhower said, "He has the energy and •enthusiasm and vigor of youth. More importantly, he is prepared for the job ne seeks." Dr. David I. Williams, Garden City Junior College dean, and Morton Phillips, dean of men, will be in Lawrence Friday to attend tlu j state meeting of registrars and deans. Saturday they will be in Wichita where thev will attend a hjCL'ting at Wi"hiia University on education. Williams is on the Kansas Advisory Council. " Some of the topics to be discussed at Saturday's meeting include proposed certification requirements for teachers of special education; procedures in seeking funds for research; quantitative aspects of teacher education and rejioru from various committees. Holcomb, Subletie Bands In Fort Hays Activities Tliree area high school bamis will participate in Homecoming activities at Fort Hays Stale College Saturday. Tlirty bands from Kan^a.-, schools will be in Uio lit:-15 a.m. parade. Area schools and their band directors are Greeley County, Haiian Boye; Sublette, David scone literature law, a self - em- pi ye'l retirement act, th postal his principal and the president of rate bill, agricultural appropria- the National Merit Scholarship tions bill and the trade expansion Corporation. ac Castro Calls for Welcome Algerian Leader to Visit Cuba HAVANA (AP;- nt Castro regime called out thousands of Cubans to give a massive welcome today lo Premier Ahmed Ben Bella of Algeria. yiie l5-year-oli| Algerian leader flies here from Washington, where he reviewed world poblems, including Cuba, with President Kennedy. A spokesman for Ben riel u denied reports that the Algerian leader will try to mediate between tlie United .Stales and Cuba during his Havana visit. Cuban students, workers ami others svere told to line the route between Hu\aria's airport urd the capital. The CoinrnuniM newspaper Hoy published detailed instructions lo citizens of various quarters ol greater Havana on Gish; and iiokoiab, Byron Mil- i where to take positions along the j highway. weeks he voted for a stronger food and drug act, stronger ob- of 1962 model cars with Michigan loading th e way as usual. A survey by Ward's Automotive Reports showed the output ranged from 2,113,377 cars in Michigan— 31.7 per cent of the lotal—lo 57,400 cars in Virginia, or nol quite 0.9 per cent. All of the states showed increases in volume ,,s the industry itself posted a 23.5 per cent gain over the previous year. 1 Missouri dropped from second 11 fourth ulare, mainly becarsu rf production cutbacks at the Cli'-'.slt-r plant near St. Louis. 1 The only oilier change in the Billboards greeting Ben Bella in ' stut e standings came when Kan- Spanish and Arabic wer e erected sas moved from 13th to 11 th, along the four-lane highway. They ahead of Texas and Illinois, carried large likenesses of Ben Bella and Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro, plus the flags i f the two nations. B'.n Beila is expei'le.l to spend at least 48 hours on the island nation and to confer with Castro. President Kenivdv toasted Ben Belly at a White House luncheon Monday as a man "who has borne heavy burdens and bears them n p nv with distinction." In reolv, Ben Bella paid tribute to ''political courage which has more meaning than physical courage, because it is easier sometimes to display physical courage than the political kind." This was a reference to Kennedy's support, while a U.S. senator, of Algerian iudepeudece. Citation to Legion Post Harry H. Renick Post No. 9 of the American Legion has been cited by the American Legion Nrtional headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind., for outstanding service to children and youth. Kent Erickson, post commander, said this is the first time this post has won the citation. The Commander gave much of the credit for winning the award to Dan Banman who is Child Welfare Chairman of the Post. The citation was presented to the Posl at the last regular meeting. ersonalized attention to detail We believe it our personal responsibility to make certain that every detail of the service is conducted in a manner that pays the ultimate in tribute. Frank Whit* l ^rr 620 N. Main Ambulance Service Ph. BR 6-4364 WONDERFUL WAY TO ARRIVE IN STYLE yet: it's Oldsmobile's lowest-priced, full-size series! Driver Covered by Tar Following Accident BLLiJAY, Ga. (AP) — Truck driver Clarence Hurdin, 34, of nearby Chattanooga, Tenn., was covered from head t foot with a thin layer of tar alter his traclor- ; trailer, loaded with tar, ran off I a highway about 12 miles west of ; here Monday. He was rushed to i u hospital. • The quick-thinking ambulance crew than purchased five gallons of diesel fuel and sped it to the hospital where it was used as a solvent to remove the tar. Ilardiu also suffered a fractured liip. Meet the style-leader— Oldsmobile's Dynamic 88 for 1963! Its crisp lines and sculptured silhouette will win your heart from the moment you see it. And with all this beauty goes a price tag that makes the Dynamic 88 the outstanding buy in its field. If you're ready to move up to a full-size, no-compromise car, see the Dynamic 88 ... and check the price. You'll be delighted with both. style co delight you! Rocket action to excite ypul OLDSMOBILE Thflra'a 'S_arnarh^ng Extra' about owning an OLDSMOBILE I YOUR LOCAL AUTHORIZED OlDSMOBUE QUALITY DEALER. THE NOLAN MOTOR COMPANY, 515 N. Main

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