Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1912 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1912
Page 3
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_THE rOI.A DAILY REGISTER, WEDNESDAY EVENING. JANUARY 10, 1912. ii3 1^ ma ^M u itforli-W.flB Sccar ^o IV[:!G?I Sv.cciz over tiic La-d Wcariy ticry Year.—Gnp ts Epfticrnsc Cstarrfi. f e ..4 -V Read What Viclinis of the Crip Say: Mrs. Ceutry C.-Uc.-i. K:i;.( writes: ••|,lia<l a ba<l < m l.m I tried several Icinil.s uf iin cl > ::i could Bel no rclii-f. •'I tried Pt -nma :;n(I ii (ur >il ; can .safely say ihai ii is a Mm. cine. I have iiscil it in <r,.: lami y often and find it to be iiocul." Sjsteinir Catarrh Follow- (iriii. ,^ Mrs. Jennie \V. ('(•( il. Hi;; \klahoina' lonnerly li(ii; . i.i-r I IT Indiana llcfo:!!! .'^liioul lor I;.-.writes: "Six years apo I liau lasripi''. ^\:'!< ii •was followed l>y systcmlii- |.;ii;i:r i The only tliinR I iis.-.I \va.< I' .u .1 Manalin. and I liav.' b—n in 1 • :• health llie last tiiree y.:;i!.-. ;li;ui IM.- years before. ; "I ;;iv.' !'..iuna all Ihi; irr <lii fur ni.v i :-.i'<.,.| liialili." \i"iir rfiVcIs III (irip. .\ir. K l-;>.M.i«l. roiiijiany P..' 2',^' I .Mil Iiiijan V. 1.. HiTinitagt' tfi. ' t'.raiiil H;iiii!l>. .Miili.. write.<. • I fi 'l; Willi advant.inK years tii; i V :>;i)C failiMJ ire aud 1 -ar of iio; .• .''il:'.; niy .--ti:!! w;ih iioxiiiiis nii'.K- < iiics iircvi .rit..<l II. y lakiii;^ ;uiyib (11 il u'.ilil lii.iii'.i: the i'er:r a •i.i(! nn s. \ .Tal 111 iiiv coniraili '.s I !:.:.(!• 'ip n:y mind it v'<.iili! bt- .i ;(>(Mi lur iiic "I siifieri'd ftir y'^urs fron' eft« ci.- >.i till- bi^irijijie. si rn:eil to si til-' ii; i:iy sKMnach aad U'.ilr.iy.--. "FJM' l.Dtllis ,)( I 'l-runa ii.aib- a Ill•>^ I!'.;:'! Ml n .iv 1 wisli tli:it i l.ail liMn-.'.; 111' ma ;>.:ii.< ;.f;ii. and ;h.-n .i wciili! li.-ive .-iavi..! nie ;,ii ;<-!i s!i!'iiT;im ' Ask Your Druggist for a I'roe Peruna Almanac for 1912 PERSON/I —6% Moucy. K, 31. tnnnlughatn. V Attorney d. K ri '.ihil ';i ;i nijjht from a Im^iin-. ~ •. i.ii m K i.,\ sas City. —Dr. Wirt, OMiojiaili, lil 487, SSS. Dan Korviy li-:; ;::!- in. ..n . Sabetha to biil on a <• .:i i. ji.ii i sewer |.iinsirui.;ii'n cii :.• —Dr. McMIIIcn. I'lioiics t. mid -ix-l. W. N. Slev..;:.-. m ' ;! i:..-; .i.i ... Avenue is r(.|M.r;.u in t.. ii.,ii...|. . /y ill. —DB. 0. L. COX. On Friday of i! is ^.-i.K tin nn. Btratiini of siuiw itnw, ou ih.- -n. .ii will be Iwo ; iiiii. 111! I II.;/ . I)retfy old snow iu Siiiiihi-. n .i MinB I.iilii Kiniii-y. u, .^IllIlI lil;. has been in the city vi.-in.i;; ni i for the past sexiral day.- I.'M t..!:.. for Pillsburg for a visit •.\i:b fri.n'J- —Fred BoTrden, Tcrlod Decoratcir. Phone 786. Miss Opal Ishaiii. oi Ciiaiiut... • L in yesterday aftenumn inr a -li.-ii ui B Miss Jessie Pegg. ^1 —Dr. Lncy M. IIolI, Osteojiatli, '«Iephone ISO and GCl. Dr. R. O.^Christian is anoili':• tim of the cold snap. Samnlay iM ^h he froze one of bis to.s. ai:ii :.- ;i consequence his gait ever siiu'- li;. • been rather shaky. —Fresh Lake Trout Halibut an>! Catfish at Cowan's. —C. J. Peterson: Farm Loans, Insurance. Abstracts. One of the most siieilacular ri-'iJts of the zero weather iiere lias been l.';. forcing of J. V. Mercliani to Im .'swi -.i- his purpose to go bareheaded alj winter. He now wears a l;at out ul di-'iis like other mortals. Mrs. Mrs. J. I!, (iillliani. fnrii:.!';. of this city but who !ias bi-i-ii i .i a. ' - ing elocution in a souilieii i lii •• for several inoutbs. will arti \i. liiis Afternoon to attwid lu -r daii ;;);;i.r. "Ji s Carl Koberts, wlio .is very :l! at John's hosjiltal. —Those nig 20c Meals. Montvs -Cafe. Keverend S .M .-^lik-.). ;.i I i -r wil! conduct a serb-s ut ri -vival si rvii • r- ai the Apostolic Molliii >s cbiiirb nt U... • boldt, comuiencirig Sunday. Ja'i ri.-' Reverend StikeleailuT was Iniiii' r !y pastor of Mat < bun li and -is known toyuany residents of lola and \iiiriity T/,e public is invited to tin. mi-etinvs Mr. Snodgrass. tuner and repairii of jiianos and organs. e\|)..i is lo ri turn to lola the (irsi of ni -xt wi ck. Orders for this work can be sent to f Mr. J. Uonner, iTi South Si. Te!el l)hone 2l6. _ f - A marriai -'i^ lii i.nsi- wa..; j;raiiii .1 : .'.li >s .\lavy .-.'iMin .111 anil I 'l-li -i- l -'i-.-'i .ii.k K-.rJ]. i.wth (if lola. I ;..te i . <Iay aliirnoon. —C. .). r. trs.m: Farni L<ians It:^Ai ;;i :u . , .^iJ^ i : a.-ls. CcHMi .s an- u; i'.iiiyi ;i.^ Hie li::i. i'l i!i'. ili-iviii (.11:.! ilii.; we .k. 'II' jury will report m xt .Mnmlay iiinr.' iiig at wiiiili liiiii.' Ibe eriniinal dorli' V. HI I M - I,,Ken tor trial. .\. il. >;(.:ilan;;'.r of Pittsburi;. am: Louis Sr)i!aii.-:i .r of Wicliita, were I M-I' .Msiiiii .i;. aiiii la -t ni:4lil iiu bu-ini- .. luii • 'i d »i!'l lili' (ili'lie anil llle 11 .•i,.i;:!ii 1'. li.'i. .Si..irks. 1; 1'. iini ;i .'•o ,; ;i liir of i!;i' Uli.ln ...1, vi;,;. \M! I iileasiit «il !i liie mail; 1.: Sparks ami hopi il • !;^ ua li.. liMii i I '111 i .is p'li |ii.. •• 111 pill ini;; Wialtii in (Hi laiioiiia nal i .-..i ;i • li .i! . oiinil 1 rip rale wli • iia! . liiilli ami all siili; Hips Inelip'.- il. i-'oim: am! i ii iiriillii; \\n K. ('. I' ::• l.owir Kill (Irnnil N'aliiy. Si |. ai ..x i ;i .:i.. .\ la.'.n u,.|-' I .i -i-.. ;. 1 iinlriy fiou. I .i,ii :iia witli a lunii .li of b-as '.s o; -a - land lor sale. 'I'liese leasi.'s wei' o :i lands in tlie Kaw Keservallnn. •.v!.;; :i li .s Wist of tiie ()saj ;e eiian;ry. ,..!:. I.- lati,. ilevelo)inients liave siioun I hat both ^a.- and nil abound. Senator Ciirli- ijf Kansas, wlio is a Kaw, owns .1 iari ^e r.ri-a of ricli land in t 'lai vi- ••niiy anil may in -i -onie wealtliy if it p.iAi-- ;,.is and oil bearing. —Cood liiiiitinf; and fishing in tie l .ii .V 'r Kid Grande Valley o; Texri- day, returning on any train -I" Star Land Co. Ad. t"!;;re Grabain. younger brotlur o- X. .v: Craliani. son;etinie newspaper worker liere, was here today.- He i selling cigars on the road and Iia^ won a fine )iu .siti<)n by virtue of t!ia: -ai !:i^ nervdu- ener ..::y and bustle tliat made Xiwi the admiration of every spectatoi^ —It will be to your interest to buy your Flour and Feed of H. Klaumann. •20S S. Jefferson. Phone 259. The death of the father of Mrs. T 1! \ ::ni:u.-kirk resulted in t !ie ab- seiiee of ••Van"' frfiin tbe job dcjiart- nt for tiie la.=t half of tiie present wei k. aad this morning' .loe Ileyliniin. m-us s(.(nit. was eonfim-d to his lioiiii witii a cold. Wliieli resultant slior; lor .e iriiiip^ t!ie Ke»;!s ;i.r 's r-ffiiieniv ti niporariiy but is one of tiie ti-oii- li !i s wliieli eoiiie iierlod!(.ally and ari ii !iavoi(!;ible Just to make full im a^ lire, a iielpir tiniporarily o urbe jol' '• f' lown. i .risiiinaldy in the hope iba' liiis ).-• the aceepted time to be valiP d -—Kverytliing going up except Mon-j ty's Meals- 20c. Walii r Wiiiidi 'r and Dan Servi y ri i •.n-tii'd home .liii?^ iniirning from I'ort Scott where they bid on a sewer loii: Hai -t Tliere were a dozen biilders and tl;e average estimate was aboiii fnn.iiiMi a? roik is found nt the >;ra.-^ •oo !s tlirre but the Inevitable one bidder was present with an $st;,0(" bid. He got it and then sought to 1 si ape but (lie council held hini to it anil unli ss the others were mistaken 111. will eonie a cropper. —The \V. C. Teats Realty Co , Kres.* Uldg. Office rooms 22 to 24. Speaking of the "silver lining," Carl Newton should bear up under the reversion to the use of coal if anyone can. It makes the laundry bill grow. "He's grouchy enough to b" a lawyer, himself," was the remark Roll tiard overheard one of a group of Tour men say about some unknown person as Roll passed iho quartette. Secretary Frank Smith had a bunch of letters today from men who want concessions at the AJbn county fair next sumnior. On- wanted a lunch stand and tb.e grand stand privilege, which seems funny when one thinks how raw ihe wind is which is whistling through the empty frame of the ampitheatre. Have you seen the sample line of calend;irs the Register is handling ihes" days'.' Annually lolans have sent hundreds of dollars away for calendars and the Register dieided see if an appeal to keep some of ih« inoiii-y at home would no*.win. .\ line Mill of sainiilrs has «n beau'i's at vaiiinis priees. I.i i ll. I !i t'lsii-r man call and slmw He .:i Thai cdsls i;olhiir.i. !;i \i s you a pleas' ani lioiir vliwing ihem and may n suit In ke. ping sonn' of those ftigiliv dollars at home. A litt'.r riailiiil lola I'ulax fmiii i'li.\ cieik Zli-uli r .wlio Is now on a visit wliii I''!o!ldii to \b.\\ land in H!I!|.'I lie Is Inlelesled. He leporl I '.i i :.a;'e anUal and -.iv,; Iliat lu' foiitii iiiiii' mioil land and some bad Iiind: liked till' land ll;e lolans :ire inlere-'- I in .'iiiil pniliileil Ihal llial sietloii «:ll biionie in time tb" l!eau;y S| oi ll... eouniiy. In a inisi-sei iiit In iskiil liow l>r. (ilyn.i's ^as pres-ui'' is Printed by Keipii.t: "ilirls. tlier. remain now only ;;.".'i days of Leap Year. Obey that impu!;-e; do it now. — The liaclielors." Tile coiiuly j.iil is now In ing beat- d wiiii (oal and wood as fuil. 'I 'll' I'as well in tin- jail yard has lii-"! foiiiiil iiiadeiiuate ID lb' di'miiid liii: |.(i !d weather and jailor Morrison, on aiitiiorily ol the I'onimissiiup rs. I.a- 'aid in a su'.iily of fu 'i I bat may b ilrpenii.,.d ai..)ll. Tiie Wiatl'.er Kio .-k is a ,i ;;-y ineilianii-al de; iie ;l;e-e days Mvirit: as ,:;.iiy ;i;.- ar. 1 do -.vus :is : I. erJiL-'. !iiii ;;.;?i. '1'! "iiiovi!!'.;: iKui .i ....iii\!i v.rii .'s an..! im.' i s on." as tenar Kyyam --.r -. iiiord.-: liiat Il.i- ii.- pira.i'ir" was l;i 'I 'lp ..^ilay noi-n: li aiiiue ;i; (1 moruin.u; i; ' at r.oir. !;;y and '!.';i 'leaibd i!ownwa;d. 1"'ii. iiiao wliieli :'iov.s wiiere ti'.e s!iire iiaroii:';er i r;'-ai'.; rii:s lohi on tin ai /i'\.. line v.iii-ii lia 1 Kanibi.ii'-.'oba nt :is nor;t!w«it end and M. n 'vi:i; on its n ^r-ina-; end. v. hii Ii i -i'd .-ee:i: to l-' ii,i?;:ity lj:id eom- j.r.ny. i:.i; 1,- C ',;i ,.;.i- !i t a W..11 ktli .wr ill.- r.. 111. iviii n. w.: Ii .;!:.y i,: : •• ilia::! of a '.;ranii-on in Wi'-lii.a ml ariail::.'! :o ': HM- \U>- body .-I 'il.- d ;.i r.. for bini.i!. CHICKEN SHOWJPENS TODAY FIFTY fOOrS OK FINE lURDS ARE WELL >VORIH .SEE1\<;. I'liblie Iiivllcd 1« See (he Fonls and a Plcasiuit Snrpri >ie is iu Store for the Visitors. KKK k I'LWl PLV.'.S .S(»0\. Vaiiai:er M( Jiul^oli Will Kiiiiv\ I'ridri.i as til the I'lit^ire. '!"!..' v- .•; ini ri -siii..' ipestion a- ; ;..ei|.i r , ; II'.' •! :i'. ill r.: II k ! '.i • ;.;:;>•.- o'. .i.,l oi in , ii. w..'.. u:i ar^..,'!;. distrovd by Iro ili" i.;!-..: .it-,.!. V. ill III- ri .'Mii!t. 'v 'il 111' ill li'l. ' -ooa. .\!r. I 'larii. .Vii-iiol: iH: i i .i.ia'- i if tl :i. 1,1 I..I |,.a\..s lor l -.aii . lit. I .11 -'.A h. 'll! aii't ll.. '. d 11 ; 1 '.. I,..|,...i to 1 .1. a II. •lii .il 1- .iiisv. I r !o 111'. ipi. •' ',\ ' .| !i M:.'H' pr '.i .ii' ai'. :i-kii;r. uli'-e li" ii- mils, 'I'll, ^ii-.-i 111 '. .iil.'ii-'ii s i- id •. ij l;'.ij. III aiiprai-.Ii.; ll;-. bi- lo­ ir, a 'ld Hiiiiiil 1 .0 jroiii-l lor di iliii •iir to ma'.' a . •.'t !• tiieiil. Th.. aa .o'i.r f it". Ill -III. .. '.,i'.| u III be ri'IM. ll t l.ei'ii 'n-i.dili;.. lo report. !l i' . . aiirv biulil' desirable ;l .al "Iii • ii,pi .ti'. sbould 1"' pi.| p..; u.-'Iid ai'il 'II. I V bi'Sld..^" the men d' pi'Ilili 'it: f'!.' la or on the plant will lioj:' Hial Ili i..' r '.biiili. MI'.ST INSPEtT TIIE HOTELS. "^I 'crefary Crninliine Issiips Staloniont Cowrintr Kiiiisas Hoslelries. Topeka. Jan. TX—Kvery hotel in ;!i" tale mi'.st be ;ns;ieet.'d by the county e:iiih olTi(.ers before the first cf .\Iareli and every lioiel must hav- a ertifie:iTo issued by th" Hoard of Health or eease to operate. P'-eretary J. Crunildne of the State Iloaril o;' Health, sen? tliis sort of information ut 'o t'ae (ounty health otfici'is yesterday. Spi-eial on!, rs are given by the dc- nartm.'nt u, an^' that the oriii rs of th" board abo 'ii .=liing the coninion urinkim- lip and the roll.-r towi-l are eonit'li'il ..villi. .Xttention is also invited to •!ie requirements tiiat rojie fire ec. •ape- and notices telling how tliey -liall be used, be plased in each sli ep- 'ic room in all hotels, above tbi irround floor. In cities wii'.>re ti -.eri ire fire marshals that official and tin" icaltii official are required lO niak' •lie insi.eeti.n jointly. The zero weather put a slight crimp in the fond expis'tations of the men pronioiing the Second Annual Poultry Show, now in full swing in the .Miim- nia building at the Southe .isi corner of the s' luii aside from th.r ibe hiiow is a hummer. The entrii's clos'il at noon today and that hour lln re were ovi r lifty coops of fowls, which is a third laruir dis|»<ay Hiaii was given la .s-t year. Tip' |)« lis are ;irran'.-i d around the larre double room where the birds '•an SI e and be s.. n, and the Uegister wnnrs to iirr;e i'\ Tvliody lo \is :i Ibe 'Nhibit liec .vi .iii now and Saturday night, for it is well worth the los.. I '.n (•( tns. The :iiiniial •xbibt; <.ne<iiir a ".;i .s ibe raising of :;ood poitllry 1: .r>. ;ind for thai r';isi)ii nerils I 'liblie pal- roiia'4'', aii'l in aildition to iliat, Ih'. prolil.^. if 111'. re are anv. will be do- miii ll to lobi's ibitriiabb- ins'liin Ions, wlilili Ix aiiolber uoiul reison l(> si e ' there Is a ri.'l profit. Tlio Ki .;:isiir's reporiir doi sn't •iri'ii nil to know ibe various kinds of fowls on e \liiblt. There are over lif- 'y eimps. in most of wliiili ar" from Ibr." to live liiids. To Ihi^ r.'porler tiny are red. while blaek and speek- 1.(1 fowl.,-. Illll 1(1 111". U'iS" 0 ;l''i I'u.l :;r" many sorts of birds. The jiii|;;ii." of t 'le '.vliibiis will lak'' pU -ei. af- I'-riioo'v an.I tomorrow tiie awards will be annottneed and tiie Re'.;lsi«.r given a coinpbte list of the .ntriis •Hid iiri./.es. The chick, ns are amazingly lar-". well ;;r('onii.(.' aii 'l fiil' oi "p< )(." T'lr 'e times a day 'he roos- !i r:: . :iv;:iL'e in a fne -t 'or-all crowiii;. lonlest. evi'bntly umbr lli" imiin sioii that some \aluable jirizi is i" '::<• av.tinbd on ib;il Tin- 'dd- dii s are more iii '-k. di'r.iin'.; ir lime ill sii'iozins or scr.itcbliig lit- v,-!i. at sir.'lw in the eooiis atel niaWir-' iibris for raising .• family next spring;. The most uniiiile cunii eoiil: ias sonm riiinese chiekins that war fur ias'i'iid of f'tilbirs. They ar r'ui] downy and ouiilit to mai, bit in •. cniiritrv (i-'VoNil lo oa-ler li'ds. 'flirro ar.' dueks and lii .-s.' •.••y.-' d.')'."s also a;<ioi;g ibe displays, .'.m;. .-!ia!>ie o!i Il'"m. ill" eeoii . i' iiim ilii. seems to find their ebii f pbiis'ir. iii i.< e'liinii. at the one runty tiiemli..r <d' •'n.' lloek. Woub! :i dovo by alty oiler nitfie ll'. just .'IS mii'k'' Sii' the 1 Nhibit. i -jleouraue lii'. . x- 'liliiiors. Sliow i!|i)ir. eiai ion of 'le 111'ruy iliiif giv s :i show in s'ti i' ...i-itb'.r. and tinik' ii po .•^sillle for tin .\ssoeiaiioTi to ni.ike the show II'. I'l airl belter aai .'ially ;iiul '•y iin' thi fr laiitl.ib!" wisii tii proi I I'd ; (o eliarity. 'i 'li" sli<r.v is'h aiiyoii •' never forgit II KH! wa:!-' a biv peraia- li> I ir- ai\,- !l! s liir.i' ; FGRLEe IS BIT ON PiOLF THERE IS absolutely no word to express the efficacy of Scott's Emulsion in the treatment ^-of COUGHS, COLDS BRONCHITIS CATARRH, GRIPPE AND RHEUMATISM ALL onubaisTS 11-5: 'loiiiiu littaii t't III- (•iteii I inince in .Make (ioiMl. .\ li.. I • 11 :. • r. t i-. Ii la .»on, b v. Im •v.-:- . . 1. 1 111 .i;.. 1. !..i'.rv ab ml . v»'. ;. .1. .1 I ; '.• ;. 1 I.. :! at iii '-t ill i ^i'' . i .i.- i .i': o' i .i 1 I' ;"i.l. e an. I ; . .I' ;ri. 1 1. :. •. .1. la- ill . a l. :..a i d 1 ii l.i i a • • 11 ,1;, 111 : . •,,.ii. oiti, I r-- at I'u:. ..•n- -iin. 11 11 III; II. d a; olir, lola an ! ,\,i ta!,..ii lo i 't .-..1,1 i .mrii 11'. Iiy ;;,.ii .11 K' rr n e lir \. ill I". : ui - '1; :. I I ; I - ! ll; '- ll.. II :o 1 .H- !• I I. r . '•: '•',>' • >:> »••••: is .' ' r.l- .! ;i 11,';.. loiaia.Mv eai ;'i »'d o .i' to Mfi I 1 ti :i. lei' ioe ol 11 Ul- r's bolids- 1.1 ': la iii 'tirj; ; .• p' i: '. '• in 1 ti'. :• ' wli'. 1: ;i 'in wa^ 1, ;• ...It. . ..oua.; ai:. i. '! • I • .11 ili^i .iiss. li by .111 : . .... o is ;inil...r.^.oi d but ; ii.- in--... . .. n .. •' io hrtie no misiLrler- ...l:i .ii.uii ill,- maiirr and .vil! lo... ... ii !i I... i;iw in' t!.'- Iv;. Miaiu in i jn.i. I'liin the inlr.ui- ..'.s api.ea; iini-e, i|,|. ciiar.i-'e will b- oipiiily iliiiai.-. id and lie will be ai liberty on partde. Ktkler wlli iirobably r.-turn from t. ott with Siiirrifi_Kerr this noon. 111 v> riling to lobi ot'tleers cor-crrn- .^K Kvk!e:'s parole. Sup-i intendeni \mrine. of tlie n forniatory. says that the young man lias siiowh coiinuend- ibl' spirit while In ustraint and iiani:'! .-:ted every iml.i.irion of having determined ^o i. .i'. :i life a! jve •eproaeb in the fuliae. The lola officers are glad to learn of Kckbr's t'ood conduct while at lliKciiinson and will do everything possible to aid liini in keeping-up the good record. CASE TO DISTKK T t Ol'KT. Itoolli Hoys Held Kir Triiil on Houd« of * 1 .0(10. Tl;e iireliniinary hearing for tin- HooUi brotlitrs. of ISronsen, cliargijd Willi a f'lonious assault on Itobert Ilaiinn ,was <ompleti d before .lus- ti.e .1. P. iMincan late this afternoon, .iudgi- iJiitiean bound Itiie defendants over for uial in the ilistriit court in tile .-Hill el <lii''i eacil wbiell tiiey ri»:idi'y g.ue jind wer-; nlia.-ed pending trial. I 11 Ibatly. a larm.-r nsiding imrtli ' town, vi:,,led Ibe lte.i;i-i«r lod.iy. .Mr. I '.e .itty dhnlav.'d a s'.iall ei /lb e- tioii of liire eoii.s lliai may bring biiii a large sum. Among the eoins \:a liri pi. ce made in IT^'T. It 1" ars tb.- stamp of "Heorgiiis III, H. (i. i:e\ • .\lr. It.'iilty s.-iys that he has hiiird tli:il I'lere ar.- but very f "'V i -oini of ^lli^: kind in e\i iieiue ami that dealer^, are offering each for tlieiii. He has started lorrespond- "iiee with leading (olb-etor-- with a view of selling the coin He found llie coin a quarter of a eentiiry ;igo. China has the greatest deposits of Iron ore in lite world and is be- 1 ginning to esitort pig iron. j \ (JKF.iT L.IW VER .S.\ID "If I had my way," a famous-'law- yr once s.tid. "I would make good i..;a't.!i i 's contagious as measlci:.' think of it— you could I ^, c'tch ;;t>od healtii as easily ar. you' eat'li cold — this would.*be a poor world for doctors and druggists. .Mrs. .T. .\. Ti-ajip who hves In .\r- liiigton, N-. .1., has found the n. xt best thine lo catciiing good h.^alth. She say.s ".A few weeks ago I con- trailed a cough .whir:', annoye I n;e Uni n I DP UrrT lICDC'Ji''*^'"*^^, which are rivals of Jola for nULU A Db mCLi ntnt J 1 th • «tate championship. Professor BarnhiU states that the preliminaries for t!^e northern half of the district will be held at Paola. He requests a prompt reply to his letter, and il is probable it will be given in the shape of an acceptance, as lola's winning team has aroused unprece- Principal J. H. bawteil, of the lolu dented interest in basket ball here, high scnool, received a letter yes- .„ni j^e Y. M. f. A. and Auditorium terday from Proiessor John S. liarn- courts are above the average, hill, of Paola. district director of the Ciiiinipionsliip I'relimiiiuries Suspected for loLi. a gnat 'I'-al as I wa.'; b:;dlv run 'lown^'*''"'"' Coi'gr.-ssional district for the at the til,)". It kept ni<> awal:.- :,t i l-a.-l^'-t LaU Association, making nictht aii'l distressed me greail.i. .\f- i-f two w.-.-ks of 'bis I began to take Viiiol ami one bottle not only c iiised my (Oil;.-!! to (lisapjiiar but I fe. I mneli better in every way and can sleep W'l! ;...,';.in.' If voa ep:ii literallv "cr:tcl!" gooil l -i -i'lrii. .^; at l-.iist i-..(.o',.[• it If th^ preliminaries come here, it will in^an t!:at an intense interest , and e.vcitemi'nt never hi fore known in inquiiy concerning basket ball courts ,5,^ pj,,.^! j-j,.ij yj- cuoris will be arous- in this illy, and the interest in has- 1,,.^,. -n,f. entire djvs of Fridav, ket ball here, with a view to making I f-p],[.,|.,rv 2:{rd, and Satnniav. Febru- lola. if possibb.. the place for the, jm^^ .^^.,„ ,,,, o,.,.,,,,j ,.,i ^-m^ the ami build \o:rs..lf up by lakim: o M-' "'"'."i" '•••' ^l:"^;- deli(ioi|s |...d iivei- aiid iron r.'m dv. 1'•'••">'i'''>-''--''i'l'. wliicli is giime.^, and as tlie better teams will be s.eb'cted by a iiri.'*i ss of elimination, it is certain that the last few games- will be very tlercly contest- i ed. When a team lose; a game, it I will be eiijiiinated from tlie (;ontest. pr liii.iiitiry games of the high school basket I'iil; t.jaii.s ot the southern half of ill;- s..(.ond district which asjiire III '.riier the annual basket ball toiir- or I!;.' slate, high schotd to be belli VliK.l It make.-- weak folks .-^^ , I l.a wrelui in A ]iril. This means, it j ; every team mast play until it :ind v.e u'larai 'ie.. it To gi.e p 11., • i t b.. loki liigli s'iiool agrees to have | j,,,,., j, ,„ nnderstand that s .iiNraii 'on Yor mo ?,.v baiU it,""- pr "limli;: rbs b.-re that every, ,,,.j„,^ ^ill be eorlesling on both the do... noi .Si. 1;. iiiirr-Il |)n;;....i. (, | b .lttli school te;tiii of any repulntion in y. .M. ('. A. and Andiioriuni courts v.'.-: Sid.- - 'till- .o'ltb.rii half of th.' Second dis-I ..^.p^v jionr of both days, in case the M.i.t. V ill II.,el in lo'a on February | ,,rflimtnarv comes here. Utwrence I »ir ..cli .rs of iloosters Clnl. 1- "''i'l'l-'t'- vvilli eicli , ..j^/),, t -anies last year to win Tlie l ;i .;-,ist.r is a.-ked to uive r .i .tb-p ''" '-^"""l"'" ''!':' ,.„., , ,. ., ; r> lu-e .ior 111'- loiiriiiim.lil. As liear| . as can 111- est illliiteil at |M-e;<elll Ibere] ; 11 aboill I v^iiity • I wo towns i 'l lie oaibe: II |...,ll of Ibe Seio .-. I'll lilitli sebool l.'iili.:. thai woiibl lobably I'lii' r Ibe pi -el!i .iluiirb-s probably liiclmllng liablvviii lunl l.iw- '"•li f.-.r.. wi!i 1... ;i miTting ni . Idlerlios of t!ie l!.io-li.;s rliTi at. I I'r; Ilk Viiiiil's offii i. lomoiTiivi- (Tl.-r - • •!.iv I inoriiiiii,' at :t;:;e. I ; iporlaii. bii-i iii.-s b !r be tliirMnlid and il'• iii-j t .nibim e of every member of ii;.< '' lioanl Is earii 'slly requested. I l !ev, .1. It Slbox. of Jxansas City, "'T Ii' 1'l"i i ''•'•'^ Ill-en 111 lola several diivs, .r ..'!.i.ii'-oiidiii-lln); a si ries of meellnus In bi- :.iilf of the .Men ali 'l lte |l >:ii )ii Kinwaril Movement r>.turned .to his lioiiie thl:< Infiernooii. A Hold-Up . An Oppressive Tnist. Before the Ckiffee Roastars' Aasociatioii, in aM> •ion at .Chicago on Thursdny, Thomas J. Webb^ 9t Chicago, charged that there ia in exiatenee « coffee combine which ia "the most monstroos tm- position in the hiatoiy of homan commerce." There ia very slight exaggeration abotit tills statement. It comes very close to being literally true. There is a coffee combine in Brazil, from which country comes the bulk of the coffee used in the United SUtci, which is backed by the government of Brazil and financed by it, which com-, pels American consumers, as Mr. Webb said, '•to pay famine prices for coffee when no &min« exists." The worst thing about this in that the eonsam» era of the United States have been compelled to put up the money through which this combine, to further cinch them, has been made effective. There were formerly revenue d-.:ties imposed opott all coffee entering the United States. Iliose taxes were denounced as an imposition upon the people; as taxing the poor man's breakfast taUe, and tb* like. The taxes were removed. ImmecKately theraafter Brazil imposed aa e^tpgrt duty v . coff2e up<to the full amoimt of toe former customa taxes in this country. Tlie revenue whidi ta> merly went into the treasury of the United States was diverted to the treasury of Brazil The poor man's breakfast coffee contini:cd to cost Hm the same old pries. But tills was only the coTtimeneement. TIM "valorization'' plan was eiolvod in BraziL Through this plan the government, using tha rev- en'jca derived from the export duties for the pur- po^^-es, t .ikes all of the surplus crop in a soeson of largo yiolJs and hokls it oi? the market, thus keeping the supply down to tho demands of the market and permitting the platiters to receive a much higher price than they would otherwise htive done. The United States crnsumc-a more Braziliah coffee thaii (k>c3 tho rost of the vorld. Wo are the best customers of Brazil, nr.d Braz^ buys little from va. Now Brazil ia promt ting, financing and Kiaintaining a trust desired, and working effeet- l>-*'.y for the purpoie, to coir.nel American con-^ citT^orc to pay an exbrbfttnt ^rico for the coffee l'.-/- use. What is the xaa'id-jl—SeatiU Fott-Im- StandsMl statistias oTifas wABtiMf two vwTa imr ^hmSnkumm undi. Authentfaatod miorta fcwu tf» stum teotoxiss ia tUa Atom « tramendovs <a««saiB'tfa»aBb of MM inalikapMMStiiAa While l&a nlea dN show marksd intwi j , extraordinarr demaad tor thu . known bteaHM bmMMdobv mil veryKla^daeto«|ii^« - . r the oppnoiaBof 4aaaBn4 Euofiaaan. <he multitude effects of ooffee drinking-te be MOHf 'M* oeptive to kzu>«)edK» cl ham lAMi m often cornea aa a the , SvtUng UM i.s a pure food-drink made of the field s'fain.s. with a i)lcasing flavor not unlike high grade Java. A Big' Package About H lbs. Costs 25 cts. At Grocers Economy to oneV pai-sc is not the main reason for using Postum. It is absolutely f ; ee from any harmful .sub.stance, such as "caffeine" (the drug in coffee), to whith so much of the nei'vousness, biliousness and indigestion of today iiiejlre. Thousands of former coffee drinkers now use Postum because they know from ex])ei-ience t!ie harm ihat coffee drinking causes. i>oil it according lo directi<»ns (that's easy) and it will become clear to you why There's a Reason" Postuin Cereal Company, Limited, Battle Creek, Mich.

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