The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on November 6, 1961 · Page 5
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 5

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1961
Page 5
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Ann Landers Police May Be Interested Dear Ann Landers: Please don't think I'm a nut. I need lelp and I don't know where to .urn without' risking trouble. Two years ago my husband disappeared. He had left me before (other women) so I wasn't too disturbed. He always came back after a few weeks. About a month later the police came to my tome with a wallet they found on a man whose mangled body was picked up near the railroad :racks. The wallet belonged to my husband. I had a lovely funeral for him and I went through the horrible months of grieving and torturing myself for not having been a better ANN wife. The insurance company sent their check and I moved to a nicer place. Last night I was watching sport's event on television. The camera turned on the spectators. ! could swear I saw my husband ie was with a woman and they seemed to be laughing and talking. What shall I do? I am in a state of shock as I write this letter.— NO NAME VERSATILE PATTERN — Mrs. Fred Kissinger, RFD 2, holds part of a dress r which she fitted in a pattern alteration workshop, also a dress she made with the pattern, pattern was used for three dresses, one of which she wears. (Herald Photo by Lois Smith) pattern The Showers Given For Bride-To-Be Bridal showers given recently honored Patricia Williams, bride- elect of Dun Miller. Yesterday relatives of both Miss Williams and Mr. Miller gave them a "His and Hers" shower at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Mock. Assisting the Mocks were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Mock, Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Teter and Mr. and Mrs. Duane Hall. Announce e n.t Announcement has been made of the engagement of Mona Landwehr, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Landwehr, Greeley, to Larray Farrell, son of Mrs. Dan Farrell, Devon. A June wedding is being planned. Mr. Farrell, a graduate of Pittsburg State Teachers College, is coach in the Greeley High School. explanation. I'm sure I'll be running into him soon. Should I come right out and ask him why the sudden disappearing act? I'd hate to make "a fool of myself.— JILTED Dear Jilted: Why let him know you feel "dropped?" Be pleasant when you see him and let him wonder why you are so sweet. This, my dear, is what is known as "The strength of indifference." Dear Ann Landers: My brother and his family needed a place to live temporarily. We rented them our lovely two bedroom home at a very low figure. They seemed grateful and said they'd pay us back someday. Well — this is how they paid us back: Last week they moved out. After 10 months the house is a shambles. My brother's daughter pounded 33 holes in her bedroom wall hanging up pictures of Fabian. The bathroom tile is cracked because their son produced a small explosion with a chemistry set. The lawn furniture is wrecked as it was left outside. Door knobs are missing and two win dows are broken. We asked them to please put lie house back in shape. They aid, "This is the owners' re- oonsibility." Why are relatives such pigs? hall we sue?—VJ Socialettes A reunion of the Charles A. Brown family was at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sickler, Ft. A miniature bride and groom j Lupton, Colo., on Oct. 22. Their in a setting of pink wedding bells, j f our daughters, three sons, 19 and a pink umbrella decorated grandchildren and six great the gift table. grandchildren were present. There Mothers of the couple, Mrs. W. H. Williams and Mrs. Ernest Miller, were at the serving table. The 35 guests were from Lawrence, Rantoul and Garnelt, as well as from Ottawa. Miss Williams was given a bridal shower recently, at the home of her parents by residents of Cole community where the family formerly lived. A gyspy theme was carried out. A gypsy dressed in jeweled gown came carrying a large red ball of good fortune for the bride-elect and her groom-to-be. As the ball was unwound, fortunes and locations of shower gifts about the house were revealed. Mabel Williams, Becky and Jill Lowrance assisted in opening the gifts. There also were singing and games. Thirty were present. Refreshments were served by the hostesses, Mrs. John R. Forrer, Mrs. Ray Detwiler, Mrs. Gregory Peine, Mrs. Claude Turner and Mrs. D. A. Rybolt. Many Attend Open House About 75 persons called at a 25th wedding anniversary open house for Mi-, and Mrs. E. Eugene Ward, of El Dorado, formerly of Ottawa, yesterday at the home of their daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Corwin Shields and Brenda, 828 Orchard Heights. The table was arranged with a white lace cloth centered with a bouquet of pink carnations and pink candles in crystal holders. Mrs. Ernest Watkins and Mrs. Russell Wary assisted with the serving. The couple received greetings from friends unable to be present. The family of another daughter Mr. and Mrs. John Milton, Har ry and Kaydene, Kandallville, 111. telephoned during the reception Try This Brown a quarter of a cup o butter and pour it over a couple of pounds of fresh asparagus tha have been cooked. Delectable! were four grandchildren unable to attend. The last reunion of the Brown family was at Christmas, 1947, at Ottawa. De Molay Mothers will elect new officers and initiate four candidates for membership at the meeting Tuesday at 8 p.m. in Masonic temple. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Conner have returned from a 3-week vacation trip. They visited Mr. and Mrs Earl D. Conner in Chicago; Mr and Mrs. A. L. Conner and fam ily, Rome, Ga., and Mr. and Mrs Dale K. Strider and family in Hartselle, Ala. Civil War Centen nial sites visited included Chicka mauga battlefield and a miniaturi animated diarama called thi Confederama, on Lookout Moun tain. Weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs Clarence Hegberg were Mr. and Mrs. Lewis D. Lichty, Mansfield Mo. Ottawa Branch, American As sedation of University Women will have the state president, Mrs •Randall Hill, Manhattan, a uest speaker Tuesday evening 'he meeting will be at Mrs. Har Id Crawford's home. Beta Gamma will meet Tues- lay evening with Mrs. Thelma Gage. Attend Convention Several members of Ottawa j V.F.W. Post and Auxiliary attended the district convention in Kanas City, Kas., Saturday and Sun- ay. Going were Mr. and Mrs. •arland E. Hinkle, M-Sgt. and klrs. Roy W. Lambert, Mr. and Jrs. J. E. Ralston, Mr. and Mrs. /ictor Sowers Mr. and Mrs. •Vancis C. Wise, Mr. and Mrs. 'ernon Honn, Mr. and Mrs. Jim lastings, and Mrs. Bob Robinon. Ori Saturday evening Mr. and Irs. Larry Walburn were guests. Mr. Hinkle is 2nd district senior dee-commander and Mr. Lambert s district chaplain. The Ottawa post took first place or having the most registered delegates present. Dear No Name: It is more than likely that the man you saw on television was a striking double and not your husband at all. You should notify the police at once, however. If it was not your husband who was buried, the police would be very much interested in finding out who he was. The insurance company should be notified also. They will be eager to help in the investigation. You have nothing to fear, regardless. The error (if there was one' was not yours. Dear Ann Landers: Our daugh- RNA Meets Royal Neighbors voted at the Friday evening meeting to sponsor a representative from the camp on the Brownie Troop No. 301 community committee and elected Mrs. T. R. Johnson to fill the post. The request was made by Mrs. Nelson Peed, troop leader. Mrs. Glenn Miller presided. Draping the charter for recently deceased members from Olathe, Mrs. Velma Krout and Oliver Brunk, were Mrs. Henry Lilly, Mrs. Herbert Feuerborn and Mrs. T. R. Johnson. Mrs. Howard Smith sang "My Cathedral". A gift was sent to a sick member. Refreshments were served to the 19 present by Mrs. How- ter's wedding a few months ago was a very happy occasion. It was a beautiful church ceremony and she wore the traditiona white gown. Yesterday I received a letter written by an anonymous per son. It said, "Your daughter had no right to wear white and I have proof of this. She was intimate not only with the fellow she mar ried, but with a few others.' Then the letter went on to say "I have heard her make som sneering remarks about girls wh had to get married. I wish you'i tell her to keep her mouth shut After all, she was no better — just lucky." I am heartsick over this an don't know whether to show th etter to my husband or talk t my daughter about it. Please ad vise me. I am - BROKEN HEARTED Dear Broken-Hearted: Make confetti out of the letter and then forget it. There's nothing lower than characters who write anonymous notes designed to hurt people or start trouble. A letter without a signature is not worth much less worrying ard Smith Boyke. and Mrs. Paul THE OTTAWA HERALD C Monday, November 6, 1961 ** Birthday Dinner Party Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Bennatt en- ertained a few friends at dinner last evening on the occasion of VIr. Bennett's birthday. Present from out of town were ;heir houseguests. Mrs. Sidney F. Harris of Hutchinson, and Mr. and Mrs. Hale Jackson, Osceola, Ark.; also Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Jensen and Mr. and Mrs. W. L, White. Emporia; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spencer and Mr. and Mrs. Morton Barter, Kansas City, and Mr. Bond Wheelwright, Freeport, Me. MR. AND MRS. FRANK WISCOMBE Open House For Golden Wedding iTl \vitK ilwci'S.. >^ u Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wiscombe, Williamsburg, are invited to attend an open house on Nov. 12 to celebrate the couple's Golden Wedding adversary. The reception will be from 2 to 5 p.m. in the American hall in Williamsburg. CJ years ago by Mrs. 0. P. Fritts, Williamsburg who is now 87. He says he can get his directions by sound and can tell if a car is coming and from which direction. He has learned to recog- Legion nize people's voices. Friends report that Mr. Wis- Dear VJ: Strangers can be ave like pigs, too. It's just worse ivhen relatives do. You should have had their prom- je in writing that they would eave the house in first class con- ition. Don't sue. It would be messy, expensive, and probably unavailing. Honor Former Ottawans Open house was held at the home of Mrs. Robert Sickler, Oct. 22, at Ft. Lupton, Colo., in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Brown, of Ottawa, formerly ol Ft. Lupton. Family members present were Roy E. Brown and family, Thorn ton, Colo.; Roy Tyler and fam ily and Bessie Haas and fami ly, Englewood, Colo.; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sickler, Charlei Richmond and family, Denver Mrs. Claud Richmond and son Gene Muse, and family, Rober Sickler and Mrs. Bob Sickler and family, Ft. Lupton; Mr. and Mrs Harold Brown, Lansing; and Pfc Charles W. Brown, stationed a Pleasant Hill, Mo. reading, about. Dear Ann: A boy I will call Brad dated me all through June July and August. It was wonderful. If we didn't see each other every day we talked on the phone. Then Brad went away for two weeks with his folks. He promised to write to me. Well I didn't get even a postcard. When he came home he didn't call. I heard yesterday that he is dating a friend of mine. I'd give anything to know why he dropped me without a word of The Baby Has Been Named The son born Nov. 5, to Mr. and Mrs. David Spitler, 2120 N. Ruby St., Mclrose Park, 111., has been named Jeffery David. He weighed 6 lb., 2 oz. Mrs. Spitler is the former Meredith Anderson, of Ottawa. Club Forecast Tnetdiy OTTAWA HORTICULTURE STUDY Club Mrs. Harold Johnson DE MOLAY MOTHERS HIGHLAND AVENUE, Mrs. William Boucek NARCE, Youth Center, 2 p.m. CHAPTER OL. P.E.O., Mrs. Glenn "Btgelow N.M.C. CLUB, Mrs. C. O. Riddle JAYCEE JAYNES, Mrs. Bill Seymour LEND-A-HAND Class NAZARENE Mission Society PROMENADERS Square Dance Club LOVE and LOYALTY CLUB, Mrs. Julia Jones, tacky party, BETA GAMMA, Mrs. Thelmt Cage A.A.U.W., Mrs. Harold Crawford i Lipsticks • Colognes ' Enamels • Powders • Compacts .... and numerous other make-up items. - Also -Some Dana, DuBarry and Park & Tilford Products Stock up andi Save .. . Ideal gift items. MANN-BELL DRUGS Use Relish Ever top halved tomatoes wit pickle relish before broiling 3ood to serve with hamburgers Pearl Shaffer and Mr. Wiscomb were married Nov. 13, 1911, at Lamed. Mrs. Wisbome was born and reared east of Williamsburg, nd her husband grew up at Pomona. The couple has lived in Villiamsburg for 35 years. Mr. Viscombe did farm and dairy r ork. Mr. and Mrs. Wiscombe have ne son, Emery Wiscombe, Mesa, lolo.; three daughters, Mrs. W. . Carpenter, Los Angeles, Calif.; Mrs. Arthur Williamson, Burl- ngame, and Mrs. Dick Thorn- jrugh, Williamsburg; 15 grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren. All the children will be present except Mrs. Carpenter, who visited her parents last summer. Daughters will be hostesses, assisted by friends. Mr. Wicombe has been blind for the past 25 years but does all ,he family shopping in town. He walks with a cane given him 10 combe takes care of ordering of community flowers, getting people's names when he goes to town and remembering them all, as many as 25 or 30 names at a time. 15% DISCOUNT on Dry Cleaning CASH and CARRY Gorsage Cleaners 118 W. 3rd *' ''.Mi Let Flowers Say The Words It Is Impossible To Find. Your Fashion Store Frying Tip When you are pan frying, add vegetable shortening to the cold skillet and heat until the fat is completely melted before adding the food to be fried. Use medium heat. "Satisfaction Guaranteed" Furniture Upholstering Truck Seats Recovered Tarps & Combine Canvas Repaired. Canvas Awnings ROBERT BARNES 826 Ash CH 2-3243 501 N. Main CH 2-3924 Public Auction As we have sold our farm — Will sell at Public Auction the following farm machinery and miscellaneous at our place located 4% mites east of Ottawa, Kansas on highway 68. Friday, Nov. 10, 1961 (Starting at 11:00 A.M.) MACHINERY: John Deere 52-A; John Deere 45- B; Model G Allis Chalmers tractor with 5 ft. mower- Two 14-in. John Deere plows; 8y 2 ft. John Deere disk; No. 5 John Deere mowing machine; mC milker, vacuum pump and milker line, y 2 horse motor; John Deere No. 25 loader; Viking 26-in. elevator with grain hopper and grain slide; All metal John Deere manure spreader; 1955 No. 50 Clipper combine; John Deere cultivator; 2-row mounted John Deere lister; 4-wheel rubber tired box wagon; John Deere planter; M-M 13-7 gram drill, metal box, fertilizer and grass seed attachment. MISCELLANEOUS: Tractor umbrella; tractor comfort; tractor buzz saw; Warm Morning heating stove, large size; force pump cylinder—80 It. of pump rod; 4 joints of I 1 /-.-in. galvimzed pipe; iron and springs for large overhead door; car hood, boat and oars; small water tank; 500-chick electric brooder; 260-gal. water tank, for mckup truck, perfect for Ottawa's water meter; 300-gal. gasoline barrel, stand and hose, heavy iron base to set it on; 4 strips of 12-ft. sheet iron; roll of new barbed wire, hedge posts; 500-gal. propane tank, like new; a lot of junk and scrap iron; railroad ties; other miscellaneous items too numerous to mention. LIVESTOCK: 2 Holstein 3-year-old heifers, milk- Ing; 1 Holstein cow, 3 years old, fresh. Terms- Cash Not responsible in case of accidents CHET LOUDERBACK, OWNER Auctioneers: Harold Stewart and Charles Beatty Ph. CH 2-4836 Lyndon, Kans. Clerk: Kansas State Bank Lunch Served — Emery Green Com. Club Jack Roberts takes ita simplest of th« pur* tin* sheath...distinguishes H with diamond shape stitching, cuts a single notch at the shallow scoop neck..,and brings it to you in a beautiful all season blend of ornel and rayon. In blue, gray, aqua or mauve. Sizes 141/ls to 20 ^ $24.95 This Week's Special! FREE HAT . . . with the purchase of any Winter Coat in our stock. Ten-ill's in Ottawa Ten-ill's in Ottawa

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