Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on April 15, 1976 · Page 5
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 5

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 15, 1976
Page 5
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1 FUNNY BUSINESS 61UEAHOOT MOW "COLORFUL^ Ames Dentist, 55, Runs to Work, Logs Long Distances By Mark Thomas (Drake University Journalism Student) DES MOINES — Karl Larsen is a 55-year-old Ames dentist with a very economical method of getting to work. He runs. Twelve months a year, in any weather, he runs two miles to his office every weekday morning. There he takes a sponge bath, changes clothes and is ready to see his first patient. After work he takes a longer run home, sometimes stretching the distance as far as 15 miles. On weekends he relaxes — by going on "longer runs." Although he seldom goes more than 35 miles during a workout anymore, he has run as far as S3 miles in a "practice run." Larsen is considered by fellow runners to be one of the best "masters" — over 40-y.ears-old — distance runners in the Midwest. He has run in 15 marathons, with a best time of two hours, 54 minutes. Two years ago he won the senior division of the Omaha Jaycees Marathon. He also has finished three 50-mile races, a run he says is easier than the 26-mile marathon because a runner doesn't worry about time. "You just concentrate on finishing on your feet," Larsen said. Times Herald, Carroll, la. Thursday, April 15, 1976 Irving Berlins Note 50th Anniversary 4-H News WILLEY — The regular meeting of the Willey Merry Maids 4-H club was held in the parish hall. The meeting was called to order at7:30p.m., by the president. Mary Ann Halbur. Pam and Charlene Irlmeier led the Pledge of Allegiance. The 4-H pledge was led by Peggy and Cathy Irlmeier. Roll call, which was "to tell the color scheme of your room," was answered by 22 members. Plans for the Mother's Day Tea pot luck supper were made. The date was set for April 25 at 6:30 p.m. The Better Groomed Girl contest, which would be held the night of the supper was also discussed. , The Health Clinic to be held April 27. and 4-H Camp were discussed. Linda Sterner and Kathy Tigges adjourned the meeting. Before the meeting, the girls worked on their Mother's Day gifts. The younger girls also worked on their lapboards. Following the meeting, demonstrations were given by Paula Heithoff. on "Putting Felt and Hangers on the Back of a Decoupage Picture": Kathy Tigges. on "How to Organize a Dresser Drawer": Mary Ann Halbur, on ""Making Beds Using Mitered Corners"; and Lois Knobbe. on "How to Preserve Live Flowers." Lunch was served by the hostesses, Linda and Terri Weitl and Monica Wehn. assisted by their mothers. Recreation and clean-up committees were headed by Mary Ann Halbur and Lois Knobbe. Six visitors were present. The Welcome is Always Out In the Alley on Fifth By Ira Berkow (NBA Writer) Irving Berlin, who wrote such songs for our special days as "Easter Parade,'.' "White Christmas," and "Count Your Blessings Instead of Sheep" (for Thanksgiving), had a special day of his own recently. He and his wife. Ellin, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and went about it pianissimo, just as when they were wed. They'd rather play a simple melody, as Berlin has said in his fashion, than be puttin' on the ritz. There were married in City Hall in- New York. This information was happened upon by your faithful correspondent only when he bought a collection of writings from the old New York World newspaper in a second-hand bookstore. In the book is an article entitled, "Irving Berlin Takes a Bride." dated the day after the wedding. Jan. 5,1926. Some excerpts: "The shy genius of jazz and sentimental music, who first faced New York through the dirty windows of 'Nigger Mike' Sailer's Chinatown saloon and restaurant as Izzy Baline, 'the singing waiter.' is now the husband of the daughter of Clarence H. Mackay, President of. the Postal Te.legraph Company and a custodian of the great wealth which his father dug out of the Bonanza mine in the middle of the last century. "Berlin is 37 and his bride is ~ x -' (, ^" "'"- *h«5 fee your exj«sns<vc torn £>"•*<, .- Your tre«* *n<i fbwbs a» growing, causing shadows, Your flwsRtwy fr Browing,, and you're storing some outdoors Yet for all his records, Larsen is a modest newcomer to distance running. "I began running in 1968, during the jogging craze, at age 47," he said, "after watching a number of my friends experience fatal or near fatal coronaries." Larsen said he had never run before or been involved in anything athletic, but decided he wanted to get into shape. "Now," said Larsen, "I've transcended the getting-in-shape stage and I 22. "Their marriage was over the objection of Mr.. Mackay, who for two years has tried by every means at his command to discourage the love affair. The ceremony was in the small office of (the deputy city clerk) and required little more than one minute ... "The ceremony was to the accompaniment of that full medley of New York which Irving Berlin learned early in life and put into songs, and which Ellin Mackay is just beginning to understand." The only witnesses were three people from Berlin's publishing firm. Mr. Mackay. stunned, reluctantly issued from his office a statement to the press: "The marriage came as a complete surprise to me and was done without my knowledge or approval. Beyond this I have nothing to say. Thank you. That's all." "His opposition flowed from two sources," reported the World, "social and religious differences. The barrier of religion, which he had thought would restrain the two younger people from following their love to its inevitable conclusion, was hurdled by them in a single telephone call (yesterday morning, by Berlin). Ellin Mackay and her father are Catholics. Irving Berlin is a Jew... "(Later that day Berlin, whose renown is world-wide, shrank from questions by telephone from reporters). 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Just call your IPS office for details. wouldn't think of not running. As long as I am physically able to run, I will. It puts me into contact with reality." "I honestly believe that a runner looks at life differently than people who don't run and I believe that it is a more correct way of viewing life," he said. Dr. Merle Dimcnt is another of Iowa's more talented masters runners. A 43-year-old Des Moines physician who began running eight years ago with his family, Diment's interest has extended into research into the effects of running on the body. Diment said running has benefits besides conditioning which are "hard to nail down." "It fits in well with my life," said Diment, "I feel better, calmer and have more physical reserve to take care of any work." "If you start young enough, running can help maintain good health over a long time. But it has to be started while you are relatively young," Diment said. Diment said that after a person reaches age 50, he probably is not in the "relatively young" group. "If you wait too long I don't think A very private couple, Ellin and Irving Berlin celebrated their 50th anniversary recently, just as they celebrated their wedding—without fanfare or publicity. "Please," said Berlin. "Just say we were married and we're very happy. We're both frightened to death, you know." Miss Mackay said, "We wish to say nothing." And then: "We must go." How did Berlin, in fact, break through the imperial paternal barrier? The chronology of the Berlin song hits which came while Ellin Mackay was sent abroad to 'forget' (is revealing). Such as 'All Alone' and. not long afterwards. 'Don't Wait Too Long.' And lastly the sentimental, passionate song •Remember.' " The New York World for some inexplicable reason forgot to remember perhaps the greatest hit he wrote for Ellin Mackay. That is, "Always." He said how he'd be loving her always, with a love, he said, that was true — always, He concluded that he wouldn't be loving her just for an hour, nor for just a day. nor for just a year, but. he said, always. The Irving Berlins today have three children, all daughters, all married, and nine grandchildren. The Berlins remain as private today as they were half century ago. Irving Berlin gives no interviews. He rarely goes to his office at the Irving Berlin Music Corporation, which still is a thriving business, and'sells and promotes the 600 or so songs that he has written. The biggest hit of all was "White Christmas." which by Dec. 31. 1975 had sold 105,528.526 records (and that includes only the United States and Canada) since its release in 1942. The song he says is closest to his heart, however, is not "Alexander's Rag-Time B'ank" or "Blue Skies" or "This is the Army" or "There's No Business Like Show Business" or "What'll I Do" nor. even. "Yiddle on Your Fiddle Play Some Ragtime" — no. the song he says is closest to his heart is "God Bless America." "Understandably," says a friend who wishes to remain nameless. "Irv was born in a small town in Russia, called Temun, near Siberia, I believe. He came here when he was four years old. And he was a millionaire by — well, by the time he married Ellin, easily." The Berlins live in a five-story brick building on New York's Upper East Side. Only miles away but worlds removed from where Irving Berlin grew up on the crowded and impoverished Lower East Side. He still tinkles at one of his several pianos but hasn't published a song since 1966, when he wrote "An Old Fashioned Wedding" for the Broadway revival of "Annie Get Your Gun." "There's no market for Irv's songs anymore," said a friend. "It's all rock-and-roll or whatever you call that stuff today." I asked the friend about old Mr. Mackay. Did he ever accept his son-in-law? The friend said, "It wasn't one of those 'enemies- until-death' kind of things. I think he broke down when his first grandchild, Mary Ellin, was born." It was interesting. I said, the songs which Ellin inspired before they were married. "Do you know the first songs he published after they were married?" asked the friend. No. " 'At Peace With The World.' and 'Because I Love You.' " it works — once you get old or have a sick heart it doesn't work out as well," he said. While the majority of masters runners seem to be long distance enthusiasts, there are sprinters also. Jim Duncan, Drake University professor of radio and television (the "voice of the Drake Relays"), ran the 440-yard dash in college. He started running again in 1971 at age 60 after a 40-year layoff. Duncan is now looking forward to the masters national meet at Gresham, Ore., the first week of July. He was fifth in both the 440-yard dash and the 220-yard dash in that meet in 1971. 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