Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1912
Page 2
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. WEDNESDAY EVENING^:rANUAR'g3i>> TIK' Music chilj had a ful r. - , dial and social iva yoiiTilay afN-r- j noon at till' Uoinv of ilic prisidMit, i Mrs. P. K. Waiipli. Tin' iiiusic "as , liapjiily rrc»>iv<'(l l)y th«» JIUIIICIKI' «if activp and assoiiau- nii 'mlnTS wlio i wore ijroKMit Mrs. I'. S., Milclii'!! i jilayed "Dansf <i<-s Dcnioisi-lU s" liy j J'rinii; Miss Joy UtTsliIiiTccr idny.-d ; a Romance by Scliutt and tin n- was ^ a brilliant piano si-N <ri<iii liy .Mrs j Prcd woods. ••.Miiiin-Ho Si li-r/.nso" by j 1-oibIing. Tlit> bc.^t thii;:; on tli<' jirr- I pram was a double niiinbrr bv Mr.^;. Waugli and hYcd.Tick Kri '\iT;. ihe first («o 7nnvonii'nts of Hi-etliovcn's C. Major concerto. After the music ilie siKsts went (o the dininji room to be servi-d vviili tea and wafers by Miss Floreiir.- Hobar; and Miss Alice Urndrieks. hosiesses- of the day. The club lias b. smi to uivo euti- sideration to idan.-; for their annual artisfs concer'. which will be ;:ivvi; in the Grand theatre in the near future. The club is considering the names of sev.-ral musicians and liopes to select oi." wl ;o would pbase lb- public and inusici.;ns as well, to (iilei (ain for tbcm. Mrs r. 1. Kvans. Mrs. Wa-.tjih Frederick Frevfrt ;:iui ;'().-;sib!v a le» others are .','oinc to K:insa.< City :-.ui! to hear r .iwviniie ami Kubelll<, AIC are to give concerts ili< re. • <• •:—All of our iijelty ila's -^'(iln;; a' half the niarke«l piice.—Hicliardsons Ten irirls v.ho b. iunc lo a ' .^fliool S't wbieh h:'!^ niori UTKI than any other l .'UiMh in MIVM. •H tertainid a fi'\> lni>.s la.-' i-i.-pt v.ii' a Leap Te ;r It v . s .!:;;.; iiiii but a formal aflair - no on- e\.n ir.. ' the time anil trouble to dmi pa:' clothes. The uirls mil a; 'lie !;<):•• of Miss Klva l{iis.-iil i itly in eveninc and then w .-ni in :b. Y .M t' A. bnildiiif: w|i.r.> ibe b.>>< wiio bai bei-n asked to t!i.' [.iri;. •<, r, J.< semble to meet nf i 1M1^^ . ; report, r is not sii|ipi>>-. d to k -'ow i!>:r the iiirls did tint ITM ih< be>: homes to gil ih'in. _ biii lo i?i\e il; ^'irls credit :<ir a i.ii I .i .'ii Year i':.)!- ic. Tli»> pa'iy was ui !.;.>< I..]: ; sleigh ride but w ;nl;.r man ui:- ohliiririely dai a'-;:y liie sr.i,v yesterday. The bunch v . ni te \\\ • t;r:,ii,I th. :- tre lirst and lo '.k ('. lii!'s };••• .•.ii >rri about !>!! o 'clock wl.ere ilvy liad ili- time of thiir lives while ho' choe .il ii- was lieinc r \ei'. Ti ,r iiirls laid ;h bill tiiid .til'II :.iok :)i< ;i rs to a chili parlor nlvv" mere .^u '..f ;;ii!!:::' refreshments w. r« «. IIJOV.M'.. Tli, P'-r was a pr'-L-;-'^^i^ e ( i -.i •.•vd last cotirs'^ uiii'!; >•,•.-; rv li Brownfield's con:;:siid of a v.;ri. 'y c sweets. . Tho party was f-n'oy ,! !•:.[;;,••!| FouEt. True Ferd, 11. ;1 rs "a ' •• lev llobfTt Stewart. l.rfvrTe • Ne'.-ot . Llo.vd Yotinir. John rru;'. Call Uit'l!, ey Hr .w ;,rd Lawyir. I.'on 'Djion; ' Marv Fnc'r. Ha7i"i Il ':\>ii. Watson, Ila.''.! F at ]-Tlin. K'.-a Rt::sell. Mary Reunu'tid. Carol IJvyr; '-jii Martha Jlarker, Iltrnic Marr and A:i iiu Fryer. *•* *•* *•* —The clean up prices on ail ront-;. Suits and Ski.-ts are making •ho:move briskly at Riebard>on's. Miss Mary SuHivan and P-i-r C-.r! of Fifit:a neighborl.ood w< ii- uniiel marriage with the lirauiifal niarria:. 'ceremony of ih" Caiholie eliv .re 'i ;hi- morning at nine o'clock at John'.church. Father McGuire onici;-ed. The couide left for ijoiius in Mi.-sju'i Ibis afternoon. •:- •> <' The society woniin of C.irrali: , Illinois wil' no Uumer be lerm'tfi ! to play cards for priz<--. Card jil.iy- iiif; for clears or lU 'ize i htcks ba-^ lii'cn prohibited Itt the coinni'n-ial di trirt and the polic- say that if car.l idayinji for jirlZ'-s l.< ratried on .. fasiiionable e.atberlnns prusCcui ii>i; will follow. — !!iir price rediietUm'; on Coat-. .Suit^ and Skirt.s--IMchardvon'.--. The Trip! ' Tie u. ti. fit Associi'i 'Mi wii? }iav«' .•! evcnins Tliur.-d;v.- in A. O. v. hall. Session of the Horehound Drops Ye Olde Fashioned Kind FOR YOUR COUGH BURREirS i^S^E Tlie Uexall Store West Side of the Square See Our Display of incubators and Poolify Supplies -At- Tlic A\hn Cftunty Poul- t ivy Show t 111 .Su)re Building\ Don't Neglect Your Eyes The prudent i>er.';')i! docs uot wait until bis or b. r v:sieii ! ••comes pere. itibly weakeue;! before attendicK to it. Yet some people will p> rsNi in h<'- lieving their eyes i.i the e;.- ceptioii to r::e in:e. ai:d t'e.".t they will never be otil i;i d to wear g'asse.-;. Iiun't take any chances with your eyes. (V>iiie to us and we will p!\o tlieiii a thorough exantiiiation and advise you as to their comiitiou. Our jjrices for t:lass<»s are u)od- erate—as low as ?I,'J'J- . Xo.Fa4w8)iB(«FeindSL}L&T. Inili..' Will include ihe installa'ioii ( OIVKI r.- ri cully elected. Fol'o«ill; llie Irvi^.' Wt'Vk .'I ball (|U 't V. ill b .-^-rv. d. —You .-hou!'i s'-e the j-retty lin-'' o .Vew I>re.-.-- and .^i;ks at IJic'iardson's Thf Si\-i:aiideil laichre cbib had d'-lit::riiil iMun. r and card party las niclif a.r tiie hi itte of Mr. .iiid .Mr^ Mil!.iril Ti .T-;. Kt!'• r::;;nin.a wit'a M' .ind Mr--. T -vts w. r. Mr. and Mrs. \. S. C-odin. Hiniier was si r\i at ti'.re pret'iiy apiioinied t.ibles. Aft'>r di; lUT lb" cnnip.iiiy yla.y .i! errr'--. eanc' •'.".(! o;!'.( r.vis" i'>" :I t '.ie ho.-^liitali' n: t '-ir hi>-'s :'id .-se.s. Xf.f h( .-=>!:•• of !b.' chib itv.-iui"'s Mr. a;' Mr^: • • '.-er T .;ts. Mr. and Mr.-, i i;i.l,li:';rm. ^;r. atid Mr.- Fran Wood. I':-, aid :.\v>. 1>. W. Rejd. .Mind Mrs. V.. H. Mr. and Mr^ y ,i\ Fvonk, YT. .-!d :>'rs Harme- Hobar:. Mr. a-d Mrs. K C. .McClaii Vr. an'! Mrs. Coi ;!;n and Mr. and .Vr- Millard Teats. V •:- K:irl Ueyno'iis. wi'.o Iia .i hvn v-U iiis fai'iir in Hudson. .N '"'W York, fi six months has r-turii.d home. '> *'.' •> Mrs. \V. K. Stp.rks is ent-rt.-'tiii' .Mrs. James .Stewart, of AlRonia. Iwa. .\ fev,- intimate friends of il: faniily were enleriaineil at a dinn' Mrs. .^tnrks gavi' last ni^hi favorin her visitor. The W. C. T. V. will have a tirr pram on hypiene Fridav afternoon ." (1,,, r,.sf rooms. The follo'.vinir nu' jecis will be talked about: Tbalt' and heredity: early home iiiviroi . ment: the relation of id\v.sieal ;in health: the re!:ition of ed'ie; •loti to morals: hyub ne In t 'le bnnr school and community, Mr'j .(. 1 \'arii,r- Mni"-iiat:i1 .•oTirliiicij.-'. Mi" c. W tilvaant: Miss Ueai.. Mrs. 11. / T .Trlll. Mrs F. Hre. u.' and Mrs. lit;' tie Iti-ilniond will liav'- tao' r.-' on kit dred -jubiects. Mrs. C I'. I >::y a' Mrs H. H. Si-'v.'nson will talk aboe lb" r'':'M(Ui of Mil' Ibiuor trafHe t the welfare of families and childret T'u T.oyal AVometi'^ i'.ibN i-I.-i^s wi' bold a pr-'vcr .tie> tin-,.' iti t!:" ciMircl fonipht. This will be for the woux • and uirls only. The mi-n and boy '.•ill a'tend the sjv<ial tneetinI:^•. b< in-.; held in the fnited Hrethrc church, every day and night of thit We« k. A .> ^ It mak< s one s^Ijiv r to (Ii'nk of i' but the store.E .'ire alr<-adv displayini' iriiii'lnms embreiib-ries atui su:r .Tnev ^'abrie.^ whii 'i mak" one ]i,n-z to pit' •si le "^ii-avv mat'racfive cJothec an'' don the d lintv tliinsis of sutuiner \V!it;.. eir .l.roiei ri.-• for dri-sses ar' more '•••au'iful atid ilr! orate iban __pv- er 1)1 TT:". ^OIV " nf t !ie flourcln!:^ have fiirured borders on either side of wovf-n-in insertion and white dress's of the atmroacbini s'immer promise to be prr'ttier than for years. •:• •> <=• Tb <Te will ')!> a mei -Minr of the lioard of \direciors of'the V. AV. C A. i,,>T>(jrrow aflTnoon in the association parlor. The hiph si hoid rlub will :.j:i :^i"l>li> at four o'clock aft- r th<board has adjourned • •> • ^v H. M"r)owel1 was ho.stess ef *he ^fissionary S '>eiety of the Chris fian church yesterday .-if 'eriicei the mnetinR bein? the January stie'v ;-ov^ and tea. Tlio follow)'-" lad'^s helin-d with the program: Jlrs. O. C. Moo- One lot of Ladies' Skirts in Panama, Voile and Serges — light and dai'k color.^'—srood style, worth up to $5.00; clean up price— $2.50 (RAMSAYS SEHIED THE SUIT FOR $300 Flaw In IliP Liiw rauscs Lotss to the Fair .l.xsoclatiou. maw, Mrs. (JeorRe Vosse, .Mrs. .\r :hi;i Cox .Mrs. Williamson. .Mis. (ieorpr Johnson. An intevstiug letter froii a missionary to Africa was heard Music of the afternoon was suni; b> .Miss .Madge Hurlock. Tea was server by .Miss I.ucinda .McUowell, .Mi .ss Nellie Kinp. Miss Linnie Kiny; and .Mis: Evalyn .Mooinaw. •;• The n .-intist Aid society will be en lerlainiHl tomorrow afternoon by Mr; 3. \V. ahepard at the parsonage. , <• <• 'I- On .January twenty-sixth the Wood tnen lodge, members will hear a l-.>c- 'ure by Uever(>nd (Joodricli of i.a Hnrpe. The subject will be ;in inter- ostin.:; one and the lecture will con ern some of the principles of lb- odjie. %• "I" * Th" II. T, M. dub will no! :i'eet thi week because of the death of .Mrs. W A. Donnell. mother of .Miss (iarnett; 'Jotiuell, a mi -mber of the cltib. Wed nesday afternoon January sevr eenth Miss Mae Chat tit Id will enter ain. * * + Mrs. A. H. Hecox will iiiti rlaiti th nember.i of ber thimble <lub, the .v r. T. tomorrow afiertioou. •!• <• ^ The dotnestic science class of th ii >;li school has been ha\in;r practi •al tests ill cookiiiK and s.Tvini; tlii veek in aiuicljiaiion of the semi-ar lual dassilii at itm of students. 1: he near future the class e.vpects ti nil rtaii! the .school botird at dinni: •!• V •> The C.uild of the F-jiiscopal churc' •Id a business ineetinK this afiei looii at 111.- home of Heverend titi Mrs. Carl Nan. .;. The \ssisiant i -Iiib was enteri::i ;ie( •ill) a thimble party today at th loir.e of Mrs. Charles Moore, :'.e^ -lOUth Sei-ond street. The annual ebclion of oflicers c he Workiim society of the rresb.< '•riali chtireli wiM be postponed fioti he apiuoachiiiK Friday until spi-ci;. ineiin):.s ill (.•onnei-iion with the .M.,' iiid Ueli.uion Forward Movi lueiit ar liscoiitiiiu'd. The test suit of the Allen County Fair Association vs. the Hoard of County Coinin|.s8ioners ha,s been settled and dlsnils.sed from the court docket. The us.soclatlon receives $3t>0 from the county and paya the coat of .:ie acliou Iniitituted auiountinR tu less than $10. It will be recalled that, assuming iliiil under tie- law the asHodatiOti Would receive from the county one- luilf of the aiiiouiil niveii by It as premiums at the fair, the fair directors :ippro|iriated about iZMW to (he I various dep .trlnient:; last Se)>leiiiber I The prizes were iiaid as offered and Jie .-\ssocI itiou lileil a statement ol .ts picmfuiii lists with the county com•">i>i:erH and jisked that it lie ttward- d one-half the ainoiiiit. about ?l.""f' .'he (commissioners'iledini'd to appro )rlate this anioiint Inn s .-iid they would ender $3lit'. Th- .\>.-ociation reCuset' o accejit this, iiolntinK out that tin aw it obli^ato.y upon tiie com- uissioners to Kive one-half of tbi •j.'ionnt awarded in premiums. Th; omuiissloners would not take the lew of th" nuitter sayitifc that th iw tiiade it discretionary with theiv s to how iMuch should be approprlat d for the ftiir. (t w :!s Ibeii decide* r> brinR a test suit. T!ie action wa> iled. but after a thorough perusftl o be law. the counsel for the asso;'ia ion discovei-e<l what is apparently : erfouH flaw in the stafitte. The lith o the cnacliiient says the commis loners shall make approprlation.s ti he amount of one-half cu' the prfin •till awards by any county fair in th late, bat in the body of th:- statuti Is deidared thiit the comi'iissioner '.ay make said cet-ain jMjpropi 'opria ions, thus I'jiilinK to make it obii!;a ory. FiiidinK tl'euii -elves up against tin" indition of aft";:irs. the directo:-;-. r 'i'> association d.ecded to wit!;dra\ '\e suit and accept the %'.W0 proffere •y the county coi>imiss;<iner.>^. .S.VI.L.>I. .'a:;. '> --.\ r"al surprise w.,s iiad h •• bull 111' li. Head,•! son on ./at ary .'••h. it uas p1a:!n "d by his wit . ):d v.a.•^yl most coieplete success. 'I 'a'.:e it moie comiiiete Mr. llend"rso vas enticed down to th" woods to I 'M)\ .') son," ii;:)l)er. When he K'l •lek. th" yard wa.- fall of t ^ams at: e >.'ls,.' >ir .i of nue.its. lb" ;!ire- Lis Elands a; i! surreadi r .-d. Tbej .eie foity fr.:ir sea '.ed ai the diaiie ibie. When i ):ie 'in.ked at th" biade able all I coiapaii'd it .'!« or ; '•ar-^ a.«;ii li:e co-iir.-^T was .--.ui' ' r-..\ ino.'-t enj.iy-ible tic.ic w^ •ad. Charlie Parker is ::onic ftoin Hi ids lor tlie winie)-. Mis -i li.)t f'a .rher was osit skatin 'Ceiit 'y and '-•iiji.ieii on the i<e. .sprai 'i; b' V I-u.-o <iiiil.' badly. At last r< orts si.e w.^s able to be arour .d sonn Ualph Pettit. son of Frank Petti- as been down from Junction Cit isitinc his uncie, Willis Pettit an •is prandfather. L, li. Pearson. H etiirnid the sih. WiH Pattie hauled -120 bii-ihcls o' aftir corn to Dickenson Hios. a^ Itimlioldt last week. Many a Mother has seen her delicate child fi-row strong and sturdy on Grape - Nuts FOOD It is rich in the natural food elements of wheat and barley, in- -1 eluding Phosphate of Potash—the vital tissue salt of brain and nerve m a 11 e rV- frequently lacking in'the ordinarv diet A regular morning dish of Grai)e-Nuts with cream is an ideal breakfast for putting rosy color and strength into little folks. Children like the natural, sweet taste o f Grape-Nuts food and thrive upon it. ''There's a Reason" Postura Cereal Company, Limited Battle Creek. Mich.. U. S. A. I iMiiVKS ('(»i,i> III011 sYsn:M. ''reaks llie Miirst Cold ..nil Fud'^ \' (•ri[i |ie ^n«iiT> ill Ici' 't'l:!!-;. The llal^-t etTe.-li -.i- : tid ir.iiiibv .•y to ear" lie i;r!|'iie .r l.;'-.l-; eveVe i -o !il. idli '.ir the ebes •ai k : f (e ;;-ic!i or Ji/i h.r \.< a i.•:.-(• c 'ajie'.- CiiM Coa.piei'i i. f'.eiy tw oiir> ui:lil t ree < i .iii-ei ,.tive dos< re take::. ; \i)n will il'-tii '.i -j 1\ I'lvl the co' veakitii; .ill ;ti-'',;!f'' ^ y .niit .i.iai H' >i: at eP 'i:: v .-ry I'V;-' ilose, li Vi-i rie;;ii''y I.'." .-i".; laisiM'tild ••jidai .< • di ;'!;;e ^:.i li":!d .'"id nos 'ii.l'i'd 1' 1 ••Mi .lii'"..-: >:ii . :-iii!r. S'PV '\roai Ml. iiiiu. o'.' :i.e nose. s<tre;ies; r'l !r.t! lifliii . 1 . T, ke r il-.. t< ''.Cl''' '"s 1 .•here 1 Tn- >..,:r • . : ' vr.- s ie.on.i i !y aei!" or il,-. i '-;''^at i a' K.ii'" < ' OlD'.d v.i::;-h ;;r .OPM <-.III ^!l|.j•ly.. .\ri"r t'' ye.T.;' :-"-.'arch v .e V. \\ onchi-JMly i!-iiiiiast rated tiiat iiuit •le is I'll' .'i-i-ti'. •• i;; tbe treaiaat • f Cfdds or f;:i|:ee .!.ie aebiii;.'. ! -r : Ciiir.poutld ii ,e l:ao 'A -led};" t'li- •eilii-ine made .'ui;. world, v.hieh wl en.; C.iippe II.i ler \> it bout a.nv oi'••.e afier-.-ff-'i ts a- I'at'-'s Cold Coil' y ilrii.!;i;ist in ili MK>*S .MKKT!\(;S INfEIlKSTlM;. he Furl'f-Pay < aMimiu'U illraclin .More and .More Alleallou. Ti;e Ml a and Keiigioii C'.'i'ipais'') i lis diy i';.is v.eek is makii'K ) tile crd.l we.-ithor ihf mee;ii; ;st iiiebt -.vas well attendi'd. Tb ix subject 1 presented by tb" sp- al" ;s of the evemnK were so dearly .•>:) o i:inc;.--i iy sei foiiii as to li.ake tiiei sieu: like new subjects. 'Ibi .ornir.fis session of tho conventio ..IS ;t splendid bej,-iiinii;g for t;ie da .(iliijgs. The addresses were eiitiii iastically receiveil. The hinc.'a'O esierday evening was addressed b Ir. .McAfee and .Mr. Woife. The bit hton today nooii was addre-ised b. •ir. Taubu;an, and by two or three i :ie visitors from nearby towns. The caniiiaign means niuch indee. o the men who are attendiuK tb ncetinps, and lueans indeed )nucii lo.- 0 liie men who are iiiis:-inp tlie '.i. Tomorrow ibo pi-o;;rani will l;e a follows: ;»::'.0 a. m. SOUR and prtiyer servici :t:-l."i a. 111. "Cost of Christian l..e;a' •rshli>," by .Mr. Jo!;n E. .Manley, Ti, leka. Kalis. Ie:2.'. a. m. "Social Service," by 1 t. .McAI. e of Kansas City, Mo. 11:111 a. 1.1. "Mi.ssions" by J. 1!. Sll ox of Kini.'is City. .Mo. •JM') p. la. "The Hilde in Action, ly (!eo. P. Taiiiiiiiaii. of Kiiusas City. :!:'io (,. ni. "Th.- lioy and lb 'hurcb.' bv W. K. Uaffety of Kansa •lly. Mo 7;.'irt |i III. "The ("hurcli and Hocii "ervlce." by II. H. McAfee, of Kansa •Ity. Mo. This afternoon's meetings showeil a- nereaseil alti-ndance and devolopi -i 1 splemlid awakenWiK In the vital In "rest'< of men in their relation to th' •Iiurcli. to society, and to their .Makei 'rhe ramiaipii Is without doubt one r he great things for tho future rellg oe^ and moral welfare of the city. Att 'Uo meetinps tomorrow will b- held in the Fnited lirethreti church. A! niTIOXAL JIHOHS DKAW.V. \ Veaire of Tuelie Summoned to \\: luar Jaiinary loth. SlieritT Hoovi-r Kerr and Justice Potter and Duncan drew a venire o twelve additional jurors to seive a the January term of court, late yes terday afternoon. The jurors ui'l re I'ort ne.\t .Monday morning. The lis of names drawn follows: C. C. Mc Catty. S. .M. Hii,'u«. W. A. l>onp. lola ii. F. I'.'.:rc!iett Daiid Morrl.wn 1.^ Hai)).^: W. K. Ropers, Claude Jury (las City: J. M. Ruby. Carlyle: J. M Penny, Geneva; C. .V. Wilson. KIs inore: 1,. R. .Mann, Osase; and I.ouls UrupiiRi'^r. Saleni. L'ndersherlff Kd J. Otinfee be.ean serving summons on these juror.s this iiiorninR. He is making a trip througb tbe Mildred country in a motor car this afternoon. —C. .1. Peterson: Farm I^ans Insurance. Abstracts. First Display an •OF- 4S-INCH IRISH Embroidery For Dresses, Waists and Frocks In order to introduce these high grade embroideries we shall place thern on sale for ONE day only, SATURDAY, at . SEE NORTH WINDOW r ~ GRAND! Friday, Janaary IZth (J.-iNkill .V .MarVitly (Inc.) offer llie rij -ealcst Modern Play! Ilciifj MillcrN ,Suv»} Tliualre New Vork Success "THE SERVANT in the HOUSE" ll3 Charles Haiin Kennedy with HUGO B. KOCH g .Villi (lie (.'realest Casl Kwr 9 .Seen In llie .Middlene.'<t 1 year in New York City; 1 yeir in London; 3 iiiont'i.; in Chicago; now jdayln.:; in !:e'':'ii Prices $1, 75c, 50c, 25c ' THE NEWTON •M |iUwi*uaA.T.n ; •casflSiBKcwijra 'aiKu::- Auditorium SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings at 7 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. .tD .m.s.sio .v Kvenin? 10c Skates l.",e ,*f!eri!00!ts .Ir Skates M;- Hcst I/anip C DU!—ueliv- C'ivfl anvv.'liery in cliv. U. S. Patent and Fidelity Flour, to dealers only. Feod, ]!ran, Shorts, (jil Meal and Alfalfa Feeds. 100 pouiuls per sack—g'uaranteed Aveighls. Ue 'wlQTi M^Mng 8t Elevator Co. AVillis Pereau, Agent PHONE 157 H Arbuckle Ariosa Coffee Demonstration AT- Io!a FurKilHrc Store "jrff3H«r::z3r^£5rT;^rr.:'.T.c.-.:^^ •.W IIO.MM;;: !') {.VMHVM II y.M \'t:: lit U.'ir HIiii I! lie lMi;-i!.. !i) Vii;i iti -.'fM. ; . le ,. i ..ill-'- .-I eii- iiened I ••'..< ;i- '.. II- ; ; in eoiii- .i;ii>d I i' .if-.:' I .ii(>il};;ily hat no tie |( il M to tile patron to mo-i< hli-.; imiy .n; be will bo moved. 'ri 'e;e a:-'- f-o..- .t oipea in ol'e .-^ li .'N-. 1 I i •• . ; .; ' i ^e- pllltii'i- r ba-i be -!:< i .i: .-e.'l.. "i .iir. he an't lei' ' !•- • 11. I : . . ;l.e end bis re ;i:;' • -.i •, k ', ( . ••.; • .;iiy, il' oil \\;iii' ' I. e;.! [il- . li '-i to do '•:!.- , -r ; •' . ' • ' le. Tin dilli.l er'.-- -. . .\ p.treri . iin;:' 'eiig e.'i- abii^lr,. 1 i'.:. live; I'.i- tel' I 'lio.'ie ve.-^- -rd.-iy •vei'in.:;. •' .'>.y iiijn fro/, :i.'' iie .-ai I. "Tiie free.,,- i> so'ee- .lu-re iiitMi' '.be (!Oi ;s'- l -ir ti e \\-;>.ter va.s i-ut oft. When <a:i yr,i!. i-otn.- to iiy re.seue'.'" ' ••Iteally now, we enn't tell." tbe d'.iniber rejdied. ' t-'or o;;r i>art. we've •ookcd so many ordor,-i that we have lerided not to book any itiore iinti! ve get t^oiiie Ol" the jobs conildeteil." The reply wa.s virtually the "roiii the rei.-.aining shoj).--. Fryer Bros. Grocery Saturday, January 13 T Pound Free with every pound bought (O-MMISMONtKS IN Si;.sSIO,V. OjiiMoed to Hook's .V|i]iointinent Okla'ioiiiu City. .bin. lb.—Aeeording to letter.^ reeeived by the state eor- poration eonin.ission today, the railroad coniniis.sions of two more .'-•taie.'-^. .Montana and Kentucky, have joined in sending iiroteMs to President Talt .•!i;:iiii-^t the a|ipointiui nt of Circuit .liiili;.- Hook to a idaee on the United Stat'-:; stiiprc-iiii- emirt lieiieh. The eom- !iii>-s!on rei-eivi'd letters inclosing cpp- ;.'.s of tlie t'legrani.'^ of protest sent to President Taft. ?oiiiilj IJnnrd Iffre Today to Take l'i>| ruliiilslieil Ruslness. The bo.ird of county commissioners s holding an adjourned session today. | rii ^re are a ninnber. of items of tin- inisU-d business which the coniiiiis- Uoucrs wish to lonipleto before ad- foiirnment tlfi.-: afternoon. The most important action to be taken concerns tbe disposition of the Tiieslion of how (o jirovide for the noor K 'nc efiie odlce of i>oor eoniiiiis- 'iior.ei has been abolisb.ed by law. FOR • RHEUMATISM Rheiimatisni is caused hy an excess of uric acid in the blood, -wliitdi prtndually jjets into tlie circulation because of iudigistion, constipation, weak kidney action, and other irregtilarities of the system %vhirh are souietimes considercil of no itnyiortance. This uric acid causes an inflamed and irritated condition of the blood, and the circulation instt-ad of nourishiujj the different . Register Want Ads Get tbe Bis. . only be cured by itist what S. S. S. does. It pocs down into tlie circulation, and by neutralizing the uric acid and driving it from the blood, etTectually and surely removes the cause. S. S, S. strengthens and invigorates the blo6d so that instead of a weak, sour stream, causing pain and agony thoughout the system, it becomes an invigorating, nourishing fluid, furnishing health and vigor to every part of the bodj' and relieving the suiTering caused by this disc:ise.. S. S. S. being a purely vegetable blood purifier, is the surest and safest cure for in any of its forms. Book on Rheumatism and au3' medical advice desired sent free to all who write. THE SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., ATLANTA. GA,

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