Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 10, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 10, 1912
Page 1
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THE lOEA DAIET REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. GG. Succe»i .r to the tola Dally Regliter. th« tola Da .l> Record and the tola Daily Indsx lOLA, KS., JAN. 10, 1912—WEDNESDAY EVENING: •ally Register. Ettabllthed m7. Weskly Register, EsUblished 1867. SIX PAGES SM 6 IRK A! m THE WEATHER. ! Fo«'Ca>t for KanHa<«: rnseltled : nciithiT wlOi snow tonight or Thnrs- ' Jaj; colder Tburjidaf. Data recortied al the Local Office, 1 : \\>ath»r Bureau: j Temperature—Hlphest yesterday at, IV ra., 41; lowest today at S a. tu , T; | ficiency in temperature yesterday NEELEY WiNS T N THE MEN BEHJND THE FLAG. rOHMISSIOXERS WILL VI SU AK- KAXJKMENT.S FAST AS I'OSSnU.i;, lifgrte.; ;deflciency since January ist j IZs degrees. Yerttrday. Today. TO PBEPJieE THE ESilllES COXTRACTS WILL HL AWAKIlEn AS S00\ AS I'H V( TI( AL. When I'J.;n. Are Readj. : I'r-.;.t:„r. :nr 24 l.ours ending T i R,.,,„l,>-r.„,s Will Prohablr Attrlhutp Koi-k yirarrylnir Mill }«• foni- i .r m. •;, ,„•> in i.recipita-1 H.-^ilt lo Fart that H»A Westh- nieured— Wor)^ i.r idle, • 1 i' in . -.3? 1 a. 111 2'> o !•• in.. .--4.' •J a. m 17 i*- i;:. a a. ni .l.") 4 I'- ni,. --.ay 4 a. ni IS i'- Ill . —as ."> a. HI 12 i; i' Ill .. >'> «. ra 11 ' T P- III.- -.a;! 7 a. ni y >i ii. ni - -.::a S a. in 7 i>. III . 9 a. ni S I" 1> ni... 1" a. m S 11 i' ir. 11 a ni S 1" _. ' 12 noon 11 I'r >•• 'it;.;; • ir. Mr 24 liours endinji InK.nocRATs (; AI\ ANOTHER SEAT ; IN COXiKKSS FROM KANSAS. iH!S MJUORin IS ABOUT 1200 jNKELKY CAKRIED RENO roiNTY, HOME OF BOTH CANDIDATES. loaiis fund is • !;;e county ; tiv wi.rk as i •,!:v li;iu' when ' Aciii^n will I y as the Ia«' ! lien since .Iar.i\ai> 1-t. .< inch. Uelative l;iu;::iii y 7 a. i:;. today 7:' i.i r cent: laron.i r r.-ilncrcl lo <in It •.o'. r,ii!..'. i^iiiiri.-> t.">i'.av 7;a ni ; .-ii-.-r" "• 21 p. m. or I'revenled Fn!l Yoie. 10 NimiE POOR OVERSEER I "v;;r';;. t (t.-KMlNSIONKKS I:r.(II)E TO (ON- TIM E A ( or.NTV OFFK K. :. 'iMOti. Ciipiiri.-v: ,r..'rs i.i.' roiH'i ; f ;I" Allen county's p. ^H! not 10 remain i^'.- tr««sury. it is to l^.* .'oon a.s i(os>ibIe a :i'; ., it will do the mo?t be taken ju^-t a? Koverning the ca.-'- i:ia I JC 'olhv.vtHl. ' TUls was the driisiiin o;' Uian! o! •. county coniniission.r- a; ilit-ir met:-j Ing this aft( rn.ipn T .i> :"und raised ! for a pood ro.ids r!:,'> \, is f.'Ji'.niiO, j enough to h'.r.'.d ^>\":\i\ Mi'.rs of r<uk I road—just ii.>w niat;\ will ascertained >oi'i; '••}' tli«- ii'::riiy i D>;tn><T The coimuis^iontrs lii'!ii\o iliat t!ie use of tiils money at tMs si:iMin nf ; the yi-ar \\::rn uiai:> ii;.ii n-i'il vviuk j \\ will uiaki- ;!;•• fund I'.DM I I I V vain iliiiv I It will pnuiiie thi- roail :iiiil i ;L|il()v-' n^ent rlth: :.l the s.aMin juiis are scarce. "While »o are ar.\i( i;s "o iuif ti-'s money to w<irk for xiw k.iimivs j,-i;ini as soon as j ossib:'-." .-a i a ininnii^- !-:oner t:;:s .ifterni'i>n ' r;..' la-.v iirist be follow.d and tu- :ai ii:;ty of ou: I'Topress will dept-nij on !.ow fast wi- can legally move. 1 .«i;!>i>ose fir:-; ci aiL, the county tM.^,r.i.>r !;r.!~; -pn-- Vare plans and estiiiiat-s :or ihc .\\- [irovai of ;he boan!. .\;:-. r :his i- <> . tirminii!. bids niu-; h.- .;rk>d and ;:..- cnr.;rac;s I^t to tV.o low .. r rvsi .i:i~:b '.i- l:dder T.i-n the. work i :iu ^;;•.r• in »"3rn >=-st. ''Vi' rea'.i.t. tiiat roar! wevrk l':oper be •.indrrtakfn a; t::'..- time. But t-'-.e rcnk i;.n I J-^ .iiiarri-A: and muth (f thp i)r.-iini:nary wc.rk <;nr.e. will i;:\t' eii.;'!cyi!.(>n* r.' many Allen countians ttat need l; ' The con:ii;;ssioRers had no; det rn.- ined early tiiis af'ernoon jus; s-htr.^ the Smi>rL.v--i;;ent VCT'H wo;i'il be i;art etl. It has not been u.cidtd •nliere to fcuild the rot k roads. i; has ic'-a practicaily decided -t'r.n: <r:^'"h ••o;r.- missioner ?ha!l have his cniiia! s". r.r<= ; tu ih-- I'-'op','. .••<: v ..n of the fund appoitli-ned for the iiu- -.r-npr V 'r\!CH for tl.r- Ijroveraent of his districi. Since the tax has T ?I^.T and the fund raisfd there certiiizly v . ;'d s'^-em no objectior. to ;h«- n .niisr-i .^n- ers 'placing it ;n nnre. T;-.>- n;onpy placf-J in circilation ivill soon pet back—a lar^rt- irtion of it at least—to when .• it cau.e. the pe .p!e.~' pock'n Th>- I'llrr.r •-III stature em- i;i;are ti> ''.-^ (U''!>.-irof t':i> ployment. R.-'tk res'! dollars will pay y :.r. •iT' r; to tin! th*- butv:;--r. iir.k-^r. tho dc'.-'.r. 'he ; t i-.i.i;-"; clothier and d-p.l. rs in ev.ry lir.e. ;s::l| Allen roun'v is alvi-ady no!'-d tor its ' it vjilendid. brldL-.-s .".Rj! addini: to :aat !.. : Ter'Utaticn thi' i!fa*-:ir.t notrvriety df 'n •• .vrod roi'ds, ;r ^•''n In- L.TaM't! ii'i- far and n-ar .i> "n-' cf ih<' mns; pro- i pressive counties In tiiis ^t•t lion of t;.>- country. Hmt'hiiisan. Kas., Jan. li).—Ri -iurns .oday giv.» ihe majority of Gforj;'.' A. .\"t.'!.'y, I>•.^locral. ov^r Frank I., .".lar- publican, as l,2 ('t). carri>'d Barber, llarfon. Kt!wards Ford. KinRnian, Reno, Seward, StaJforil, Sl.n-oiis and Pawnee count !is. .Martin carried Finr.ey, Cray. Har- P<r, Kio-.i.i and Hice. UiiMff. ^>irc ilccehed. «ilh Fciv Fx. ; .Martin tarried Il.irii-r bv but one c.-i.ll..M^. jroni the Ortln-rs t „n. i p,,,j„,.ity ai.d Finnov bv tlch: His cerned In th< Aiipdhi incnl. I, , , , . , ,-, ' 'arj;i'si majority w.-.s s.. In Kiowa. N. il.y c.irried county, usually ,i,„ li,;. ... 1 ,.,1 1 ,„'s»ronc!y K<>i ublican and the hom.-> of i.lii.' •<:' |.,-..r t(>i:iii,issio;ivr <••• ..liii-fd la .\])vi] ioh;"%. 'I !;i>! , u.'^ v.: . ,ue|- i•o::!..s.-!.•!.. " >!ark ''• Caldds.'!! to a <!rsi'.<'i i.-k.'.! i.-.; al' •• IM I !. ai.i ••:i-..vl .11 f ; th- ti::.,'. I :ti <s-Morton. St.'i.ns. Hai«keil. tJran' 1 •• '•ivi- 1 M •• • • * ' •:'iid S-anron —but exc»^pt in an ex• " r-'' ''vV-' P ' I •• i'•"'•mely closo contosr t'l-y do no; i-r.t •-...V ; -". -'.r '"^'-.^'la cr'\-tr deal of liL -iirc ii 'lio r^si't •^r'-'" , •' 'I i:oth Martin and .\. .-l-y lit- i:i ''T V:'- 'IM'.hin?o;; and X-Ify -arri.d thr ' • • ' jci-v l>y !'s votes. Martin r»>cf-:v.-d •-ot.-il (if 1.012 and Sffh 'V recfivpd ! t.-^ral/of 1.110 : S-r-l'-y is an ariorn.^y who Iia.s Iv • n • pra'-ticlnc in Hutd'.'n.-^on for siv.-ral .vri ^rs. Ho is a bro 'h -'r-in-law of Gov- 1 li:OI' H''lhl'S. I and Hartoii county by .".20. TJiere an' ihirty-two counii.'S In S «'V -ntli district. Ii is th" larijt'St Coiiitrtssittiial district in tho state. iSomi' of tVii' western counti^'S are j Miinly populatt-d and five of them an- I far removiHl from railroaiis. It may . ... some tiiu" bffort' 'he conpl-to ro- '•^ turns ar" r.-o-iv-d from th<»si> coun- bo s.i'r.>»r I ..: i-Si:i ' (>:v- nr oil- inil:-a'ed ' • iwy ;-.ot ujsli :<' rolinr-rlsh tl-ir t I:;::.'. '.i ''f • 'ntiuf-; <:f :""rr t:\i- .'v i-i ilvlr - ••"tiec.iivt- fitv • d ".V "i;;' i v>i! l .p ja-T ;::.-d IfELLOEIIBON THE STREET p.hoa'i .tr).' t.'if a r'-.Tr.v in ' indli';.' II .'•••r in ••(- tl;a; will •: .1 I . • .•.•i;..:ra! ;',i ':v-;pavirs T!:.' ' : . (.1 il.c :-on!;: ;'•» lint'nt nt <>f .i c •):; 'r-sli.ri'••. i a: .-i i; '••:;! iiri.d .-;t.;y •I.'"." iI.;.-- ;irror>''. ^iich a'.-.ion v.iil i<.s' less. I ;'-';!f'>'. bn j.:s' a? ';~r-"'-;rir> .'.<: w.-li fiirti'sl. •.-iy.- i Tr:e ;«>r :.i o:" .\!. .^'.-.ra-'-..- ; 1 — '.^ssioti,-:-. .'x;dr<^s toOay Ir.i r; When Miss Ida Kininan. tel-.phor.t :; . .-.f. his ollicp is alio'isbed bncar.^- j ;;p-!attir al the Gas L'ity o.Mchanj;'' • fact t! a' tl- • ci.iif.y 'a.^ les.-i :i,:.swered a tail at noon todjy. it h.-p- that: 2> ""I' t t-.;itila;:..:i. The con -'y ;.. n d that she gh-.nced o;il at tl.i rii-.'i) issii'-.i^s v.cre s.i::-f-.-! T;t!i \'- .^Tt,^:. .\ -I'an v.ho-ii she noticod ap- '•aias" sor\i'.> s: satisfied ilia; 'h>- r s-j , ri):u i.iri:, r .->;i J I'.'id f^"!!- -^liss Kin- -i-r s? o.-y ,ii;d A--\ ' •EVELI DID OR HE DID NOT lUS EITHER SAID HE TVOriD OR WOILDNT BE A C.lNfllDATE. N. Y. OOESN'T KNOW WHICH AND THE rRUEL COLONEL WILL NOT ENLIGHTEN ANYBODY. STEEL COM. DUIZZING ANDT -MOKK DYNA.MITE (.I {A »MIM»K.><. I Suli|i(ienn>i ft>r .Score?* of ^VUnosci In I iMatli»u to the <°on>i>Iriicy. fAKNEGIF REVIEWS BLMNESSJ ( VUKEit FIlOU !{E<;iNM\(;. iliTlareii Our liiinVfni; Svsfem Is DNL'rare to Ciilllzatron, the Wortt El or. '>Vas!,in::ton .I.".n. Illy 111- .\I IT.—•• Indianapolis, Jan. 10.—Hiibpo'nris , for scores of por-sons bolic-ved to ' know about r xjilosicns in .N>-w York •city, rennsylvania, Illinois, Iowa and .j other points, wore issued today by tli" I >;ovornmeni ofTicinls conductins; ih« j grand jury investipatinn into the dy- i namitf consiiiracy. .Mi-ny of tho v,it- I nesses are said to bo called today bo- ' cause of n<"w disclosures by Ortio SUN WILL IHilRCH ON PEKING M.V, I'RESIDE\T OF ( IIINA 'VILI ATTAJ K TilE ( AITI AL. "ot-fr u, nn ,n, .... 1 .1 I McMani.?al. McM.-.niga! continued lo•'.v ^^; 'f,^"-'""f>'/'^''''^'' ^"-j'l^V to go over bis confession in de- -a.x l,.., House steel comm ttee. pj„„r.HaI accour ,..,__„„. , 1J , , , ... 1 accounts taken bv th.. arneg.^ t.^ d o bis career in busi-; Government from Mc.Vamara's office t.. from tne outlet. j are alie-.ed to have aitl-d th- witness .;,rV; ;-„v'""J" "M"' .'.r!""^* '• ..'"'^iio throw much fresh light on the in- e-arl} iia\=, he said: "Give me t:mein„i„. ••inrt I -.vili give you all the figures, i f''"""*'' Ihe End Came suddenly to fharlc- liate<. at (iiiN ( itv. the V, ;uk and soagbt ti ill d (RI.MINAL DOl KEi KEAHV. Tafps ArranL'cd n.^ Tlur Will Heard by Ji;di> F KH- I. The criminal d<^ok-: ii ^s bo<-n mat'..' roady for trial in t;;e di.-lrirt co-rt The cases hav,^ K-.-n set In the ordir that Ihey v.i:: be 'akf-n up w;:;ch is as follows: Monday. Jan 1"—.<::';e vs Orv!;t.Hunt: State \s Frank <;-,h::ii>;t: Stat, vs. EHia Johnson. Tuesdaj—v? %v A Pos-.n; State rs. \V. K Ma'':•: Ht.-.'o vs Ciifs- ler Maley. Wednesday—^;a;e vs V. V. F-t:l: City of lola vs. Sarah rtailov- At ihe cot.^'.usion f.f t;!e tr-ai (.f these cases the civil docko; «;:; !..• taken up. MAY l>!; OIL IN (HlHt IL • y,:,:-". • . l;i! II.n:- [ r,:--.-s . i"->rt uliiitu tl:.' \t.."l- P:" : ••»I I KM'!; > >;i»<:vr ib'Viii'.fS w!..'i. :- !i) y\u !. .i!!'! '•>••. \> • ;•• a-';."' h'-ir rights and .TS.~. :;! to tho •nt of a ^ "I'l I .laii'.is.-ioR.-r .-'•• 1' i.r w ii;i''vi-r li was .lo- I- i' t .'i" -T :i) s;iC' 'cd ',\' .-iji •...'•••• r-1''s.d h\ two 'f i,:.-' ' ;I t'" f;':!'! .•>Mr.i'r-' !•!•!.• i ;o '!i.yw;.f. 1' :'k"!y I'l.i ;•> ;Hi(ir rr,::.n.!ssl<inrr • I I- p::::.-=d a' t':" -.'ssii'n :•..;•! th's aft.-rnoon.' T;;or..- ar.^ t-.v. •r ;:-i>'' ain>licant.s frr the ai'iolii*- ('ti::'::,!sslorer .\hraiiis v.atus tr "i Ipii's.-U ar.H ''<^i:n hmis* v:-i- Hethodlst Trilers ron>ider!ns the Fuel Qne>lion. The trust: -s of the .Methodis; church aro .•.•.nsidorini 'ho advisah'il- Jty of installing an oil b'-rnf r of son:.' kind In the :i ;;in rar. t. ;-i-' tiii:i. •• Ar.' ;.•(..; .-irk'.'" .>-'l:e asked. T!.o i.!an, .vidi-ntly iiiiisteriiir; cM-rj '•)!'. nf sir.Tigtii that he possessed • :.u'k l':s j'Iglitly in i-sbont. Tlia; •ta'- ;:.i' I.IS; iiK.jIl'.gible i-igi) that culii. tro!:! I:ii:i. .Miss Kintnan toi' i.:ioi!.d to a phy -ii-iaii and a cr.wj tliai iiad gati;oi I tci k ;lio I o.!y to the grocery slor' II ''^rl t: iiiititer. H.foro the dti.toi arrit.d tl • in'oni.iit. r.! gasps .i th. I 'ritkt-:'. ::.aii h;'.d coas d and h.- W.T l .i.'ad 'fi'^l T! o ;iin\;nd !i;'in itiii:i-.i'.iaf"!.\ i.Ion- •i! tho 1 "dy .'..T that of Cliarlo n:'.;^-<. rgod I'.l. wlio Mv^s on North Man ;tr.-.»t. .Mr. Hates iiiid just par- .T <..' his i;,iial hoarfy moal ..Tnt' -. :r;cd down tnwn whon death stnicV. h:M dow:;. Cur'-ner Christian who waf :.".';'.'!. decide.! an inq:iest unneces ary. Mr. I'at's iLis been a resident o ''•as <"i;y for sovorp.! years. Durlni ' the past few months, his heallii ha )ron poor and ho lias been nnabl. to v.nrk. I^ist .\pr:I ^n illness sroni- •-d to parti-'-.i'arly ailo.-; his heart an CHESTER PIALOCK DROWNED IN I ho ha> been tro-.ibl.-d with it since. CANADA IN ArtJl'.-iT. I -Mr tlaros is survived by hi? wif. •.•:hiy is the Gas City agent for rh« I'liion Pacifio Toa coiLpany. He al.=<" i I'.-is two sons and .i diiiighter sonic- •\horp in »he wnr'ti. but Mrs. Hate- •'-f-: rnt know their addr.^ss. No fi.roril arrangjir.ijnts have vi • hr -cn niade. • aro R'loss^ng that low ill win i.' th" .-"p; is r.udo. Th.> ^a'lrv of the poor co:v.r.;is- sior.i.T Is I'jt'ii per anniir:. DEAO YOUTH BOUGHT TIE HERE '•ave had so much to think about forj forty years, and In '.'he last eleven; -oars 1 havo not engaged in tte steeli business and so much ha.s faded f.'oui my memory." Carnegie denounced the banking -ystem of the I'nited Staes as a 'dis- -'ra -T' to civilization." "When panics come to this country," he said, "they are due to the RlLINt; FAVORS PAf'KER'*. He Will Lead a Hnndred Tliou>aud -Men Against the Last StronL'hold of the Dynasty. the Jadce Orders In(])iirtunt Letters Stricken From the Heeord. 'Tty tho . ; ,r. ,1 rY.'--i Chicago, Jan. 10.—Cnited States District Judge Carpenter today struck frtjm the record in tho pa:ker.s 'trial certain paiiers and lotters bearing no- rac that we have the worst banking | tations imrpcrting to i.-e in tho hand- system m f:e word- Panics spread I .vrimg of J. Ogden Armour. The rul- ru.n. and if the hill now before Coa-i jag w:.s onmotion of th« dor '.^nse, who VrOSS l.< TinCCflft Vrt.i .1-111 hoi.r. ..... vress i.-s passed you will have som.- -h .ing to prevent such panics." AVALANCHE IN THE ROCKIE.S. Sneops Snow Down Mniintnin Side and lliirles Two .Men. lUv tho .\««.«-' Kalisp.'II, Montana. Jan. 10—.Vn :ivalancho of snow near Java carriid •1 rotary snow plow on the Northern down the mountain siilo two hundred f(>ot today. Two mon wer-^ T.scuetl and two buri<'d under a m:iss -f snow and debris. Tho Great .North orn Is entirely blocked by the avalanche. FLEEING FROM TEXAS EI'IDE.MIC "•cores of I'mp]^ Lenvinir Homes' |i. Escape Xenlnscltis. cciHoiid.d tlin; t'lo p r-onratifin of I 'Videnro- to t);- j;ir.v \t:,!;out definite lannectlng links would be prejudicial :o iiie defendants. Uy.]. { V.xSE AGAIN IN POWER. The French .SfalcMMnn (imies Hack til Ills Old Portfolio. Had Tie From Famon*. !ola. And Sis ler Wrifts Here for Information About Him. SIL(()X; IN ELOIJI'ENT APPEAL. ••.\':vor.o who ovor kn-w Chosfr C. Blayln-Ji piraso .••dvis.' Ills s:s*-r Kth- hurc-; to h^at it. The oi V.i.-.ylock, Box I'-J Fort Scot', Kan-i Wldinc is la-i:.' and no: oasilv heat- s;--^ " | f-*.ircefu! Strman at the V. B. Chnrcl *d and in thcsp d^vs of !cw gas pr--- ; Th- for.:going inquiry was received; Yesterday Afternoon, sure much d"""icv;";v has b-on found :n •! - '-^-i! by the R gis.r this morn ; Ono of the stronge -st fe.-'tures o" Oil burners are being usc-d mere ;,nd ing and :.n advortisomen' to the samt.- iror«> for ho- tr-- ',-rr^^r h^iiid.inzs • ff-ct appears olso -Ahrro in this is- la town and the trustees are consider- su.. Any lo!:-n who had anyknow- ing the cla!n:s o: ti-e various makes !"dgo of tho youth rof. rr^d to should and getti&g fs:=3ia-.os rf the o;>ora;ic2 <ost with a v '.-w to .-esorting to oil. BEACH HEARING THIS P. M. • im':;'! i't'.y upon -his in'juiry. Young ir .avl-tk. :; STH:;. lost his 'if- by drownina in .Nelson nritish f'n''ji:;bi:!, las; .August. Arsons: his j the special eight day campaisn of th \!.>n :';:•! Religion Forward Mov.-nien' in lola w^.s the .=er:non In tho Cnii rd Hr.ihr.n Church yesterday after- •^oon by Rev. J. P. Silrox. pa.'tor o '.Vostniinister Congregational Church Kansas City. .Mo. r )r. Silcox emphasized c point toe eff.-cts -^.as fo^nd a n^ckt'o which ;-jfien pas-.-d by. He to'il of tho valuf was iiurchasotl a' the Famous in lola. j ,r tjip chinch' to tho corr.inunity. W. This fact loads to tho b.-iiof that Rlr.y | -.alue our factory our stor.-*. our bus Charirc;' With Insanity AVllI Be P -' M'^'O 'vdT'^n ••"e pas' Icck o-ihrr lived h.^re b'foro ho went i iprss enterprises of a'! kinds, yet wi ' V R 'n"- • w'll »-rve a north or that af'or coins to Canada i .p, ,,ot appreci.-tte th • c '.urch as ar 'iariL'e.or i'-ani-.v";!! t^'F h.' c-rn-pondi d with soineono h^ro ; ;!ut:on. - '• - twi. ir ."T :;i: hearin .v on tirob.'io r-.-t Tho spoakor to!J of th. T'le I'caring will he wiio seai him the tie. The family.! ^t.n and Religion Forward Movemen' •noimal ex-- i overcome by a si vorc nervous affliction Ht cannot cuntm! hiinsolf diir- , ing th-Tr n;;:.-ks i: is •:.e boli.f of Mts January .nceting at the . V \^a'!.'>r Tio Horticultural Society wHI bold ihe offlt^er'"-'M «:; , "careful troa'- ; Mureau buUdint, at tl.e Inyfratlon of TueV the Pntlent may recovr his Mr. Holcomb on Friday 12 h. The Tueui, uic 1. ; .,!,);;rain wl'! be a general dl«cu'f,ion ue ^*..i .... ' 'MIe Biislnes' 'n Commission's Bnd< Krt Tedlerdaf. There were no niittors of unticun Importance in the hi'.i?-» of hiislnes vone over by the citv coiiinilsslon yes- ordHv .-.f.-rnoon. There was the rcgii ,i' f.-.iji :r orosts. and a report of the ThP inf -rt son of M- and Mrs J. d, -^ate to the state meeting at To- i !ar erray of routine matters, such a P I ^ake C!i- t..n PI-i.o w'-ioh i-k'. 'nl mber. Kveryboly invited I ,.,dltlng bills for curront exp-nsp- born Moi^dav d; d todsv. Durial will j A i I'-t:'.- d:.:n.;r and business meeting jat I:3C o'clock. occur tomorrow aiorning. t I10 niiostlons that>ei|ulred discus ?!ou before decision. CBy the Associat«I Pro «..<l Austin. Texas, Jan. 10.—Fifty fam- lies. mostly women and children cooking a haven from the meningitis epidemic arrived lioro jtoday froia .'orth Texas. .Many families hav-: lassed through hero enrouto to San Vntonio. where the disease has not yet ippearod. Over throe hundre.! cas-?s Aith high death rate, have been r^- •ortod. ^lato P.oard of Ht'-ilth Inrpstisrathi!:. Dallas, Texas, Jan. 10.—Investiga- -ion of the meningitis epidemic in lorth and east Texas, which thr.a'- •ns to continue spreading, is und.r way here today by the State Board of foalrii The Health Board is advised hy Dr. Aliraham Sophi;:n. th: .New York export in the administration of meningitis serum. He has iieen in Dal!:ij several days. •V:- th. -i-i...! I'r,.«--. • Par:-. .Ian. I'l—-Th. n;',!;'^ do! Cass \ imt'l now minister of marine in tlif I'';eno!i tabin.'t has . n off'red ari'l lias acci'ji'ed the portfolio of .Minister fo.- Foreign .\ffairs In succession to .Itistln Do Selves, who rer-igned yesterday. Del Cafsp lield the same r.ffice from l.SHS to. P.'".'.. when he roslgned foP.ow-'int liim by the German . mperor. ST. LOUS HAS WATER FA.HINE. Eien the Schouls Drinkinir Fonntain: \re .Shut off Today. .Many New Ca«.es in D.illa>. Dallas, Texas. Jan. 10.—Twclv.^ new cases of meningitis and five death; Aere reijoited hore today. The h -aith -oard's tirst step was to appeal for •onlne::U sertini from Ne-v York. Thi county attorneys were urged to prosecute attempted healing of in.ningitif y iinaiithDrized persons and to prose- iite dela.v.<! in reporting or diaguosin? ases. Tie dis"-ase Is ssol to br preading most rapidly aiaong the legroes now. LouMiina Not Afraid. Shreveporf. I JJ , Jan. 10.—Despii' he protOKts of .Mayor ^:a8lhaIn, the ocal boHrd of health h is nbollshod »h' quarantine that the mayor eatnbll.ihed 'aj>t Sunday against Dalian, Wnco and Ther points In North and Ka»t Toxa" where there ar/ many cases of cerc- >ro-splnal meningitis. The board n'.si ?xas. iPv tho .\-••-•.-•!at-'.l Pr--t S'. Louis, Jan. If>.-^An to school principals to shut off all drink ing fountains at cit.v schools except for omorgenoy use. was issut-d today by Superintendent Ben nicnoft. Thi" action followed a warning of th' hi.alfh commissioner against the drinking of water which is now unti: without boiling. Hecau-so of iho danger of a water famine the city ha? ce-isod ti'toring. STREET RIOTS IN PARES. Trouble ^rew out of a Suit Against Labor Colonists (nr StMitlon. iHv the I 'r-—., Paris, Franco. Jan. Ivi.—A serl-'s of violent riots occurr-d in ;he vicinity of the I'a'.ice of Justice th's afternoon and ros;ilt.>d in m.^.n;.- rioter? and sev- i-ra! policemen b'-ing injur.'d. The demonstration was brought.-about by the trial of several trade unionist.; in the Correctional Court of the Seine on a chargi' of disiributing cir- .•ulars of a revoluiitmary character 'o soldiers serving wiih th.dr rcgi- :nents. MILS. WELCH'S Fl NEHVI.. Fnlermenf and .S4 'r»lce at t )ld Cenie. lery ThiirsdiM .Morning. Tho body of Mrs Isaac Wo'ch. whf •lied .Monday In Denver :irritod Ililt •ifternoon in lola acc'ii.'P'Uiied bt M|.<s Clara Webb iind .Mrs. Fro.l '.Volcb. ..y fi ;ni "-«l s.Tvloe was held r' 'he faii'Uv b.u:'e in lieiivor and onl.\ > brief s.rvli-e H III he held here at tie (i .'d (•.•I'loiei-j- at 11? o'.lock tonior- otv ••'cri,-;?^ The famry is weP '•-<)V,;: t." ii ; |ii illv nil the old resl- '.'•is .f ar.l vl,-nitv and the he- •fiifed to request the 8:afo HoRrd U •tablish a State-wide embargo against Lxonved .ines will havo the sympathy •f many frlenda. I F^y the Ass';oinr.>.i Fr.-.«s') .San Francisco, Jan. 10.—Dr. Sun Vat Sen iiresident of the Chinese re- .'lUblie, personally wili lead an army of a hundred thousand men agains; the -Manchus in Peking according to a •able today to the Chinese Frf.e Press. The troops already mobilized at Nan­ king will be pa.~t of the aitacking :iruiy. . .•iteenlh C. .S. Infantry Ready to Sail Bryan Has Not Yet 3Inde Vp His .Mind Whom He Will SnpiMrt, So He Says. iriy the .-V.o.soci.tted Press) New York Jan. 10.—Just what did Roosevelt say as to his possible candidacy for presidency in his speech at the Aldine Club last night? This is the (luestion which is vexing a great many New Yorkers today. Ue l>o: ters were barred. The first man to leave the Club quoted Roosc.elt as saying: "I am not a candidate for the presidency, but If nominated I will run." t.l f*\t~' The next man declared Roosevelt said: "I nm not a candidate. I will not be a candidate. I do not want to be a candidate." Bryan Has No Candldati»—Yet Phllatlelphla Pa., Jan. 10.—W. J. Bryan Is quoted here today as saylnjf regarding the Democratic presidential situation: "I have not yet decided on uiy candidate- I want a strong, active progressive. Of the candidates at j.resent In the field. Governor Woodrow Wilron i-eeins most progressive. I a;n not'in favor of any third party movement." DESTROYERS ARE ALL SAFE. I he Little War Veisels Weather Fnr- ions Two Day's Storm. .Norfolk. Va. Jan. 9.—Battered and crippled as the result of her severe exirtfrience at sea, the torpedo boat destroyer, Terry limped into port today with one engine working. The other eight destroyers In the storm have been accounted for. The I'nited Statc-« torpedo boat destroyer Mayrnnt, which . with the destroyer McCall has been reported missing since the storm several days aco off Cape Hatteras, reached Guan- {tanamo bay this afternoon. A, thrilling stcry of her battle .with -Manila." Jan.'lO.-The Firrt ba;:al- T^'" her crew, .n oi the Fifteenth Infantry totlay ! r,^'^':>' which marveled that • repai-ed to leave-for China. With :he five hundred men there wiil be sent a deiachn;tn: of ihe hospi;aI ^ jorp.s and a u.athine gun platoon Le- 1 fUh 'i a field service wagon train. SPLIT IN i\sij{i.E.>r v.\m: iaii^as ('fir .'.LiL-ent Split Oter Roo..t- U 'ii ::iid LnFoIlette. Top' l^a. K:is.. Jan. ID.—William Al- o'l v.iii.e i.;is<ilec:areil tor l.aKollfiti: ior presid.'iit. In his newspaper lu- :.!}.-< that I.iiFoIlett<' will represent iiogre.-..sive iiloa.s buitt-r in the presi- leiut tlian Cid. Hoost;vell. til! y were alive to tell the tale. The Terry had been assigned to scout at a distance of about 300 miles to the northeast of -New York In the war game maneuvers, and was aome- ! where off Cape Sable on the Novla ;Sio'ia coasr whin the storm struck ' her late Saturday. For forty-eight hours the little craft was almost at the mercy of thn S'as. The wind blew a hurricane, washing dean the decks of the de- stioy.r and tarrying away not only .•very lifeboat, but heavy boxes containing tools etc..^hlch were fast to the d-cks. For two days there was nothing; I cooked on boaril the vessel, the eighty. V.late and I'.n.siow a:e joined In liiel-wo nienibers of tho crew .having to sl'.t rg for i !;o \» i..:co;;. i.i sen.itor. HVO on canned goods while working iiv.r:;or SthObs, in Sunday mornings inc-.'Ssantly ;it the pumps. All bed- •w .^I'apers, annjunci.-d biiiiseif for .oo.-i'\.'!i. It badly .si<iits tiio lineup • f tho leaders in the "admlnlstratioa' r.iiiip on president. J. .N. l;olley, chairman of the Re- i.iMican state central committee, ont f Stiihbs' clos.jst friends, and state ;a!:k commissioner, is known :;ondly to Taft. Dolley Is not dis- •Lissing his preferences now. He says hat he is chairman for the whoie lartv in Kansas. ding and clothing waR | soaked, and when on Sunday night the Terry's steering gear was washed away it looked as though the end had come. By heroic efforts this was repaired and the Terry's commander. Lieutenant John C. Freemant, himself continued to keep the little vessel's head to th? storm, and in this way kept her afloat. Commander Freemont, first intonried to go into New Y'ork, but , , , . , . r. • . • J . wireless • orders from the battleship It is (jhainied that Dnstow ,s deter-; g^^^h C.trollna directed that he prl u'^et^ that O^ansas shall in-.truct for, Hamnton Roads. .aFohftte. and.for some time seem-; „ f„,.," „-„i„„v _ : - ng.y has been trying to stem tho J /V.V TO, rv° met th" a^H^^^^ nake-; a three-cornered split in the .u^ o , _ i, - - i In .V,... i "5to the Roads. Commander Fremont THE BOOTH HEARING ON. ifoing ahead and they declare that they viil win. White, at the same time that he loclares for LaFoUette. insists that in n„/. „ „ . —... , a states having primaries that op-1 "''^«'"''=*"''"*u .^"".Sf .oitwnity should be given for an ex- _, '"^ ""''^rt Beaman. ress on on Roosevelt. White points f preliminary hearing for the ..,t that as long as Roosevelt does 1*°°'*' brothers of Bronson, who are :ot sav specifically that tie will not ^J'"'/^'],'^ ^ felonious assjiult on ccept" the Rouublican presidential i Beainan several weeks ago omination if It comes to him. so long! °" '? J"?"ce court of J. P. Dun ave the people a right to vote upon! can this afternoon, •is candidacv. charges that the Booths •Remember alwavs." sav.=; White in'^^aylaid him, look him from his bug- lis editorial, "we are de:{ling with a; p and gave him such a beating that frank outsi -o 'ien man. If he was go-.h^ was confined to his bed for some ng to decline the nomination, ne''!'"•'• He charges that they did it ma- vould decline it now." Iiciously and without provocation. On ; the other hand, the Booths assert that, „ , ft. • I t ' 'hov did not push the fight on Beaman Campaigns Cheap in Arizona. ,„at he brought it on himself and r.1 x.^ n I, „^„. ^ '^"^ o"'>' cne of the boys fought him. secretary at Phoenix. Contrib-jtions, " [ 'o tlie D '^nuK ratio c.impaign committee amounteil to $400; another $200 •.vent to holols and restaurants. The -. „„,I T-« IV..-.,I..I railroads received $1S0 for faros and^«" -^'n h! .li n.„ Jl^ lewspapcrs HM for subscriptions. i - INSANE NEGRO RINS .I.WCK. fRv the ^.^nelHtrd Pr<.«i«l PoclioRter ,\ Y., Jan. 10.— W'ra. Purl 1 Shorthiuid Strikers Los* Jobs. | man; an Insane negro at Scottsvllle. . tlil .s morning killed bis father and bar Wnshlngton, Jan. ft.— The striking, rlcnded himself fl» the house killed "extra" nion who assist the regular: Depiity Sheriff Bermlngham and -alarlod sti-noariiphcrs of th •> Mo:is" woundeil two deputies, and this after announced today that thev would noon is holding off a posse with a stay struck " ami their places have revr .lver. In response to a message been filled by outsiders. The trotib'e ' from Sheriff HamlU a posse of na- was over the reduction of their i,ay ; tlonal guardsmen and police left Ro- from 25 to 15 cents per folio. | Chester for ScottBTlUe in aatomobllea.

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