Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 15, 1962 · Page 7
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 7

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 15, 1962
Page 7
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CommonMorket Inspired Central America Forms Bloc By SAM DAWSON . AP Business News Analyst 1 NEW YORK (AP) -The Com- i mfln Market in Europe is be.nm-' ing a major concern of many U.S. policy makers. It also is inspiring a number of other trading blocs around the world. One that is proving to be a quite healthy infant is right on Uncle Sam's doorstep—and fllsj on Fidel Castro's. This is the Central American Common Market. It now numbers five members—Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. President Kennedy 1 just been given unprecedented powers to bargain on tariffs and trade with other nations and blocs. The President and Congress largely had in mind the potential threat to U.S. commerce from the European Common Market, if Americans didn't come to terms with it/,. But the President doubtless will bargain also with the small bloc to" the south. And, if it grows stronger as it seems likely to, the Central American Common Market could'help deter any expansionary plans Castro and his Soviet technicians may harbor as well as become a powerful ally oF anti-Communist forces in the Western Hemisphere. Since the General Treaty on Central American Economic Integration was signed in D'ecei ber 1860, barriers have been eliminated on about half the trade of member countries, with more to fall by 1965. The five have standardized external tariffs on 80 per cent of all commodities, formed a regional development -bank and set up machinery to resolve disputes airrng members. Its problems are quite different from those still besetting the big trading bloc in Europe. Complete economic unity of France, West Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg is still stumbling over what to do about their competing farm products. This also Is a main stumibling block to England's joining the cluib. It wants special treatment for the agricultural and other commodities of its world-wide Commonwealth. ' The European final goal is political unity. How to achieve this with strong wills like those of President Charles de Gaulle of France and Chancellor Konrad Adenauer of Germany in command is hard to figure. Page Gordon « Iiv Monday, October 15, 1962 In Central America the problems and goals are quite different, economists of Chase Manhattan Bank of New York point out. These nations have agricultural economies and are industrially underdeveloped. The primary goal of their trading bloc is economic unity, not political. The bottlenecks are transportation, power development and education. Alone, the bank economists say, rapid industrialization would be next to impossible. United in a common market they/.vill have a broader base. The five are trying through their common market treaties to insecticides for Nicaragua, spur investment in industries to I The bank economists say that be concentrated in each country, i if the five nations continue to co- such as tires for Guatemala, cop- ' operate as closely as they now do, per extrusions for El Salvador, their common market is likely ^ sulfuric acid for Honduras, and grow in importance. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain Nr», N. T. <*».«*•»-For the ftrtt time scleno* hit found a new totaling subitane* with the atton- toklng ability to shrittk hemor- thoids, itop itching, and relieve pain — without • urgory, IB tmtt after ease, Hrhlle gently MtUting pain, actual redaction (•krlnkage) took place. Mod amtticg oi §01-* Mttltf were to thorough that sufferer! matta astonishing statements like "Pile* have ceased to be * problem!" The secret ii a new healing substance (Bi»-Dyhe«)—discovery •< a world-famous research institute. This substance U now available In tuppow'tory or ointment form under the name Preparation Ji+. At all drug count***, Seek Identification Of Slain Man JOPLIN, Mo. (AP) — Officers are s.eeking the identity of'a man Whose body was found in a roadside ditch near Joplin Sunday. He had been shot twice in the back with a -32 caliber weapon. ; Dr. Wendell Fuihr, coroner, said the man died late Saturday night. The man was described as about 28 years old, 5-feet-ninc, about 160 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. His pockets contained only a comb. PEANUTS OF £ABIN ORAL POLIO VACCINE? OH.'ttS.TH&'PUTTHEDROfS ON A 5U6A£ COS? AND I CHEWED .,, OJASAFTERI 60TINT&THE ARGUMENT WITH THE NfRSE . WELL, IT UASNT EXACTLY AN ARSOM6NT...IT 0)AS MORE OF A DISCUSSION.... £ IM DENTIST IS ASAtNST } ATINS SUGAR CUBES; STEVE CANYON I will sell at public auction my furniture oh Thursday, October 18th at my home, 1025 North 4th St., Garden City, Kansas, starting at 1:30 P.M. One good Maytag washer New 17" Motorola T.V. Antique oak bed & dnasser Antique dining table & chairs Living room suit 8 Writing desk Platform rocker Occasional chair Electrolux sweeper Hoover sweeper 3 apartment size gas ranges 3 electric refrigerator!—all good Center stand 2 end tables 2 drop leaf dining tables Step stool 2 kitchen chairs Singer sawing machine, treadle type 2 oak rockers 3 beds, mattresses & springs Small desk Dresser 2 chest of drawers 2 piece sectional divan White dresser 3 gas heaters, I— SO.OOO^B.T.U. Drapes & Curtains Pots & pans Lawn mower Step ladder Shov«l$, garden tools, and miscellaneous items not listed TERMS: CASH Mrs. Ellen W. Snyder, Ower EARL BARTON, Auctioneer WHEN; THURSDAY, OCT. 18TH TIM?: STARTING AT 1:30 P.M. WHERE: 1025 N. 4TH ST., GARDEN CITY, KS! DALE DICKENSON, Clerk TO SIMMON THE.WB HAVE CB6W OF ^ SPECIAL SKILLS SHIP 70 SCOUK , WHICH ARE THE ISLAM P—vtar USEFUL ON, ' ..THey Musr NOT Live TO TELL ANV- ONB 'WHAT THE fllftL KNOWS.' WHERE APE YOU (WINS ../WP CONSUELO IS NOT IN HEP I BNOUfltf POOM/ i—f THAT THEY FAIL TO - ^AP 6 ... THIS ISUANfl THAT IS TH6 SENORITA PILAR, POES WUR. NIECE PUY EVENING NECK AT U.S.A.f. BA$E EXCHANCES ? CISCO KID PBHOLB SENORIW, X3U HAVE PROPPED HIM! MICKEY MOUSE MOBTVCANT VOU PUT VOUR BASKETBALL HOOF 7 SOME „ OTHER PLACE? BLONDIE °NE IS ONLY A HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN i AND THIRTY r ' DOLLARS BEETLE BAILEY Eemonsttating new'S3 Ehemlet truck When we came to a river we got wet. This river bed was paved with rocks the size of melons. What a test for new light- and heavy-duty suspension systems this was! Conventional light-duty units have coil- spring independent front suspension —easier on truck, load and driver. Users of new conventional if.edium- and heavyiduty units who have to operate in close quarters are going to like the narrower front ends (up to 7 inches). Hew engines, suspensions, frames and narrower front ends show their stuff on Mexico's tough Baja Run! With months of proving-ground tests under their belts, why did new Chevrolet trucks take on the rugged Baja (bah'hah) Peninsula? This is the toughest line of trucks Chevrolet has ever built. Sending them over the most punishing terrain in North America (a road totally unlike the fine highways on the Mexican mainland) was double proof of this fact. Frames, engines, suspension systems were subjected to stresses far greater than trucks normally encounter. You can be sure that trucks that can handle this kind of beating can handle any kind of work. TH[ NEW HfUABUS'faOM Quality trucks always cost less ( v/MAppyA MEAM ^HEKE"?.' ANSWER ROLL CALL RIGHT/ 51 ( PLATO.,. BEETLE-.- \( Wll KILLEK—ZERO... COSMO,.OZONE... ROCKY:., SNUFFY SMITH \/f J. DONE , PATCHED UP SIMMER DOWN, MAW-- GIT OUT TH' POTS AN 1 PANS!! IT'S FIX!N'TO POUR DOWN RAIN POGO MMANOMOfttt W6COULP /BUTTHAT* RIHT xw A 0UTNO CAT'" THE RYATTS See the "New Reliables" now at your Chevrolet dealer's! THE NOLAN MOTOR COMPANY ill N. MAIN GARDEN CITY BR 6-4361 KMOW WHERE YOiJR SISTER PAM ' WHERE -5HE ALWAyS 15/J

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