Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 19, 1954 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1954
Page 3
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T Friday, March 19, 1954 MOM STAR, MOPI, ARRANIAI ' ?"iW¥ »' »r4tf* ^M* *?.^ GIETY Pbon. 7-3431 Between • A. M. ahd 4 P. M. Calendar < Friday March 19 ;GM;ScoUt Troop Two, under the leadership of Miss Kay Gamp and Mrs. H. H. Tippitt, will meet at the fcittio House, Friday March 19. . The r Bercan Sunday School Class .df the Unity Baptist Church will rtleel at the experiment station on Friday, night, March 19, at 7:30 for pot luck Supper. 'j ThS; Wisteria Garden Club mom- 15ers f '.'wJli entertain their husbands With a!pot luclc supper on Friday night; March 19, at seven o'clock the V. F. W. Hut. Monday March 22 , W.":S. C. S. Circle Five of the Fivst Methodist Church will meet Monday, March 22, at 7:30 p. m. in the.; home of Mrs. Fred Glantoh with Mrs. Dexter Bailey and Mrs. Fred -.Johnson as co-hostesses. The tfiird> ; and final session of "Jeremiah the Prophet." will be led by Mrs. Lloyd Guerin assisted by Mest mes C. Dana Gibson, Jr., Wilm>'.Routon, Wayne Russell, and iSarn ..Strong. The Jeremiah cross- worrf'-puzzle will also be completed SP inejjjbers bring your Bibles. The devpiipnal will be given, by Mrs. ;Tho'mas Cannon. This is an impor- itant.Wilting so a full attendance is Urggdiaind don't forget to do some- thingf-^nice for your "Secret Pal" between now and then. The American Legion Auxiliary •$111> meet Monday night, March 22 in the home o£ Mrs. Clyde Coffee. Mrs. Dale Wilson and Mrs. W, H. Gunter will be co-hostesses Mrs. Victor Cobb will have charge of the , .program for the evening. , Thc-De Molays will meet at 7:30 on Monday night, March 22. This :wlll be election night so all De Molay members and Masons are ask• cd to attend. Beginner Sunbeams' of the First Baptist Church, Mrs. George Young, leader, will meet- at four o'clock on Monday evening, March 22. The Primary Sunbeams of the First Baptist Church will meet at four o'clock on Monday, March 22. Mrs,.Henry Haynes is the leader. On Monday afternoon at four o'clock, the J. D. Wagnon chapter of- the Royal Ambassadors, Mrs. Roy Taylor, Counselor, will have their meeting. On Monday afternoon at four o'clock the following organizations of the First Baptist Church will have meetings: The Lou Demie Jr., G. A.'s, Mrs. Charles F. Reynerson, Counselor; the Jeanette Hunker Jr. G. A.'s, Mrs. A.ndy Andrews, Coun selor. Mrs. E. ID. Galloway To Be Guest Speaker At Woman's Day Prtgfslrrl Mrs. E. D. Galloway, wife of the District Superintendent of the Methodist Church, will be guest speaker at the Woman's Day Program to be held at the First Christian Church on Sunday, March 21, at 7:30. The theme of the prpgram will be "Every Church a Mission,Every Christian a Missionary." Luther Holloman will be the organist. The Reverend Edmund Pendletori Will be the pianist. A vocal solo, "Blessed Assurance" will be rendered by Mrs. A. A. Haynes. The Y. W. A. of the First Baptist Church will have a meeting at 7 o'clock on Monday night. Mrs. Danny Hamilton is the counselor. Tuesday March 23 Game night will be held at the Hope Country Club on Tuesday night, March. 23. Tuesday March 23 The Garland P. T. A. will meet on Tuesday, March 23. at 7:30 p. m. in the school cafeteria. Fathers and mothers of the children are urged to attend this important business .meeting on supervised play for children. On. Tuesday night, March 23, at 7:45 the members of the Cosmopolitan Club will meet in the home of Mrs.Hamilton L. Hanegan. Associate hostesses will be Mrs. R. E. Jackson, Mrs. Lamar Cox and Mrs. Lawrence Martin. Mrs. Cecil O'Steen will be hostess to the Kathleen Mallory Circle of the First Baptist Church, on Tuesday night, March 23, at 7:30 in her home at 210 East 13th street. Today ,& Saturday • One of Our Best Double Features! • CRUEL! SAVAGE! HITS THE BULLSEYE FOR REAL /ADVENTURE! JOEL' .Evelyn KEYES 'Robert STACK CHAP. 6 "THE LOST PLANET" Serial & "CAT'S A-WEIGH" Color Cartoon SUN.-MON.-TUES. JOHN WAYNE ...They called him Hondo" SILENT AS GUNSMOKE,,. Butaj Savage as the Surly Dog at His Side! GERALDINEPAGE WARD BONO-MICHAEL PATE IN 3 DIMENSION WARNERCOIOR Prices plws 10? far 3-0 Sandra Hobbs Hostess To Music Makers On Saturday, March 13, the Music Makers, a junior music.club, met in the home of Sandra Hobbs for their regular monthly meeting. Dawanna O'Steen opened the meeting by leading the group in repeating the club collect. Following a business session conducted by the president, and the reading of the minutes from the previous meeting, a program was presented. Carolyn Story and Sandra. Hobbs presented piano solos. The hostess served refreshments to thirteen members present. Coming and Going Mrs. Carter Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. William Duckett, Mrs. Dor- scy McRae, Sr. Mrs. K. G. McRae and Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Cornelius will motor to Bradley on Saturday to attend the wedding of Mrs K. G. McRae's granddaughter, Miss Carolyn Meeks, and John Colvin in the First Methodist Church of Bradley, . Mrs. C. C. Spragins' sister, Mrs. R. J. Kennedy from Whitesboro, Texas, is visiting in the Spragins home. Mr, and Mrs. Ross Gillespie are spending the week-end in Little Rock as the . guest of their son, Judge Ed F. McFadden, and his family. Dr. and Mrs. John.H. Barrow of Helena, were in Hope on Thursday. Mrs. C; C. Spragins had as visitors on Thursday Mr. and Mrs. John Holmond from Texarkana. Mr! and Mrs. Robert Wilson are visiting their daughter and son-in- Jaw, Mr. and Mrs. Russell Cornel in Midland, Texas. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. J. B. Harless Fulton Mrs. James E. Stanley, Patmos Mrs. Deward W. Collier Rt. 2 Hope. Discharged: Addison Elloit. Fulton, Mattie Mae Flenory and son Victor Wayne, Rt. 4, Hope. Mrs. IT. L. Smith. Rt. 4 Hope, Mr. Robert Lynch. Rt. 1, Hope Mrs. James T. Stackton and son, Niles Thomas, of Delight. Donations to Hempstead Red Cross Contributions to the American Red Cross: Hope Previously reported $2,788.78 R. L, Broach $5.00, Lamar Cox $200, Mrs. Roy Mouser $1.00, Mrs. J. T. Bowden $1.00, Mrs. Dorothy Irwin $1.00; Mrs. Paul Hooten $1.00. Jimmy Sinclair $.50, Fred E. Barr $1.00, Janite Barr $1.00 i , James Jones $1.00, Roosevelt Lindsey'$1,00, Henry Hotel $1.00, W. O. Beene $2.00, Sears Roebuck & Co. $10.00, Montgomery Ward $10.00, Lonnie Hargis $1.00, Inez Compton $1.00. • Saturday & Sunday * KIDS (Under 12) JUST...10C FIRST HOPE SHOWING IT'S A STEAL! Whqt Fun, Love and Laffs! 'V MICKEtf CDW (UINE ROQHEIf* BRACKEN 'STEWART — ALSO — VENGEANCE WAS HIS VOW! TIRR0R WAS HIS WEAPON! 1 "Son 1 -of Ml Star" Starts Sunday at the Saenger -, • f m *^ JOHN WAYNE meets GERALDINE PAGfi for the first time in t'hit scene from Warner Bros.' ".HONDO,"'filmed in WarncrColor. Saturday & Sunday at Riqltd EDDIE BRACKEN hears one of MICKEY RODNEYS tcrtilic schemes in this scene from MGM's "A SLIGHT CASE OF LARCENY.' DOROTHY DIX Home Too Small Dear Miss Dix: A married friend of mine has her mo'ther living with her. Mrs.-Brown, the mother, is about 53, an attractive, healthy, active woman. She has lots of friends, whom she enjoys entertaining. Almost every afternoon or evening she has. someone in for bridge or canasta. The difficulty is that m'y friend's home is not big enough to permit two sets of guests. Consequently, my- friend, Alice, and her husband have had to curtail their own. entertaining. Mrs; Brown is willing to leave — in fact, she would like to get on.her own — and Alice can pay quite a substantial sum regularly for her mother's upkeep. The problem is — where will Mrs. Brown go? Do you know of any boarding homes where she can continue her cnte'i:- taining? Interested Answer: Your suggestion of a boarding home falls far short '• of ideal for an active woman who likes to be on her own. Since the sum you mention • as Alice's contribution to her mother's support is indeed substantial; the perfect solution would be a small apartment for Mrs. B.rown. Here she fan cook for her friends have them.in when she likes and be completely independent. The fault that I find: with this whole setup is that a life of card .playing seems rather inadequate for an active woman of 55.,- • . • . . .'.'..' V ''•.-'. Work Would Be Good for Her The lady would be much happier with some work to do, either salaried or voluntary. Since; even wilh Alice's-help/ I'm sure the mother could use extra money, she really should: try to get a job. Mature baby-sitters are much in demand, and the part-time work would at least provide some variety in her life. Of course, that is only Mrs. Brown's business and certainly not within your province to make any suggestions. However, since you have been asked about the living arrangements, do recommend the apartment idea, which I'm sure, will be satisfactory to all concerned. Dear Miss Dix: I'm a 57-year- old widow living on a farm in western Canada. My only son works away from home most of the time, and I get pretty lonely. I'd like very much to find a widow my own age who would live with me, help with the chores, and be a companion, How can I go about finding someone like that? Mrs. B. Answer: The best thing you can do is take the problem to your clergyman who probably knows someone in the vicinity to share your home. Be sure that anyone you take has the very best references; it's a risky business bringing strarigers into your home. It's unfortunate that the will to do a kind deed must be so tempered with caution, but just a few people who have violated a trust mke vis weary of all. Dear Miss Dix: I've been friendly with a girl for the past two years, and while she's very nice, and. I like her tremendously, I'm a bit tired of being tied down and want to break off with her. When I mention it, she goes into hysterics. She seems intent on marrying me. I know it would break her Lewis-McLarty, Inc. $25,00, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Lewis*$5,00, Opal Daniel $5.00, Buddy Porter $1.00, James Morrow ?3.00, Mrs.'Cue Me* Adams $1.00, Fauncelle Atkins $1 09 ^iyest $1.00, Mrs. Ira Yoeum $4,Q0; j Mys. Paul Ralejfc$l. pp, Mrs. Fyed, Lae SJtflOj^R, p, ' Jr. $J.OQ, a Ca,stpn $?,QO, §jm,s $10,0,0, < Gladys. heart if I just quit going with-.her, but that's what I want to do. Answer: Hysterics call for hardhearted treament. When a girl is fully aware of the power of hysteria a poor male has little chance. Steel yourself against the next attack, and insist on ending this little romance; The alternative is a miserable life if you let yourself get tied down to a girl who holds you only through tears. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) Sunday School Lesson By William E. Gilroy, D. D. Some of the world's teachers have been content to teach by pro- cept rath er than by example Their personal , lives have often been at variance with the things they have taught. They have said m effect: "Do as I say, but not as I do." Put the greatest teachers, and the greatest Teacher of all, have taught by example as well as by precept. What they have taught they also manifested and put into practice in their own lives. ' Jesus gave to the world , the greatest and most ' demanding teaching of all. He summed it up in the. New Commandment of love Uahn 13:34). and that teaching is the greatest and most demanding of all because there is no limit to love. Jesus said; "A new command- merxt ^ give unto you. That ye.^love one ahother, as I have loved *you." In His own love for men He set the /standard by which men should love one another. In Jesus is the profound and supreme manifestation of teaching by example. He dared, to Say, "Do as I do." He rebuked those professed al cgiance to Him, but did not practice, what He said: "Why call ye Me, Lord Lord, and do not the things, that I say?" (Luke 6:46). He enforced that rebuke with the Paiable ot the two men, the one who built his house on the sure, foundatipn of rock, and the other who built upon sand. What strikes one as tragic is the vast discrepancy between the plain teaching of Jesus concerning love and what has happened in 20 so- called "Christian centuries." Not only has so-called "Christen' dom." bein blackened by interna- tion,al jealousies, hatreds, wars and interracial prejudices, but even in churches; and sects anything but love has prevailed. Well might the Christ say; "Yp call Me, Lord Lord, and do not the things that I say." We may rejoice that so many truly love the Lord and seek to folow His example and His teachings. But beyond them is that vast multitude whose profession of the Christian name is a mockery and a tradegy when one considers, the loveless nature of their lives and attitudes. How is it Jesus and His parables ftave so little meaning fpr them? What can be done to bring these lives iiitp haimony with the realities of the religion they prfj- less? Is a widespread reading of the New Testament the answer? ft might be, buf while the EUWe is still the best seller amorjg hpoks, one worjde>s whether- it is, the read,?, There is ft grea.t $JJ« Boyle Continued from Pag* On* for in' old-type such its she had played as a girl in the home of her Irandrttothen "We didn't have any money," Mihshall recalled. "So t decided to take a crack a building one for her. "I knew nothing about It, and made more than a dozen false starts over the years, Using scnt- of-the-pants engineering. H be cfime my hobby*" Ten years after he started out on the project Minshall finally pr scnted his wife with a successful home-made electronic .organ, constructed largely out of old radio part s that cost him $40.. "Some of our neighbors heard my wife playing the organ and suggested t ought to make another cnc and sell it," Minshall said. "So in 1940 I made a second organ. I tried to sell it to $ 10 13 funeral directors. Twelve, said there was no market for an electronic organ —but the 13th bought it." He built a third organ. He and his wife put it in a truck he borrowed from a friend and-toured all the funeral homes and churches In a ep-mlle raius , Madallnc played the organ. Minshall pitched the sales talk, Within a year the couple haJ built and sold 40 organs and brought in $30,000. They were In business, and the business began doubling every year. "My wife worked as hard as I did," Minshall said. ' Today the'y have 200 employes, two plants — in Loriddn, Ontario, and Brattleboro, Vt. i— arid In 1953 had a $5,000,000 volume. Their market had spread fr6m the United States and Canada to' 19 foreign countries. J ' , ' "In 1848 less than five percent o f our' organs went to private homes," said Mlnshatt. "N6w pfefure is revised. Atwa* Btf bent are bought tffi* Btei* ( pi lire. People 'tit interesled 1ft "? a simple musical Bi$tfHffl*M - * %it» a variety of tofte colors thai Is easy to play, Some 40 per cent of dur customers ftfever played a musical instrument before. ' with, f bis own T ' your lips become a work df a|t with ** LIPSTICK by tfaahlort'ii sharp, ,'Jerfect ,% shap'e that \'^ , stays pfi awd ok—with cmimy smooth,: i Lipstick/ LfctotuV;' 11 '/, Dorothy Perkln* Beauty' CdnBtdta^t ^ recommend the most flattering'; V>" shade for you, • J T 1 ; *.' y y,: &&VJ '•; t^^^miifm L *i — -i! I fL rniM i ;•. • • * •^^'' M; ''T^f'T'wRtii^fe Men herc/s'styling that marks these ^sUits,^^!^-^^^^ as'the top favorites for Sprih'g .':,.' at,pjrlces;^M-; i that make them real values! i Choose, f rpm~ M^V, ( \>,'\ i^jjjjjljiffr the smartest new-season fabrics; , ' t <v •> ! f ' iJ ( ( ' T 1 V BOTANY W 500": '55.00 to '65.00 • CAMPUS, TOGS; ;• *47.50 *'59.50 * A> ' ^\/^ l i\ * '^JM •nSf • STYLE MART $ 39.50 t. s9 49. , »«J 44 • PALM BEACH TWO $ Pants .... SPORT COATS Springs Smartest , , '19.50 „ '32.50 •/.V.IP^ • NEW SPRING SLACKS See these smart new.slacks for sprjna/jiv 1 woolens, Qacrons, and Nylons. We hayeV a complete range of sizes, / , '• Mayfqir Haggar v < ' 10,95 to 18,50 6.95 tp 12.9J5K Men They Have Just Arrived? • SPRING SPORT SHIRTS See these new arrivals in the, newest styles and fabrics. Sryled by ARROW, MCGREGOR, and AIRMAN. '2.95 ,o 7.95 Spring Hflts Come In and ?elcgt yours Smartest style?, and, shades for Spring. A}1 styles. Beplar an4 lon^ pval? $7,50 tq $15.

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