Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1912
Page 6
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/ THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 9/1912. SEVELI WILL JAKE IT jpenses up. But the rewards for the arrest and conviction of murderers runs as low as $50. JAY E. HOUSE. GET lOUB MOSET BACK. rs THE (0\{ /.ISIO.V MR. HOUSE DH.VWS FHOH MANY SOUUCES. TKECOLWILLIKE NO FIGHT IF OKKil.'Kl). liftj Ihiliiiro Ki-«;inl (liTcrril forJlur- •hriT-, 'H:<)iiMiiiiU fur llmnv Scll <T>. Toil. I;:!. .li !Ti. t )!U' tliiliK l|j ri;- Ki ll'c< iii-litlcnl silii;itl()II Ulliy bu .s. I ilitwii :is (!i -ltiilti' ;ii:<l coi'taln. Col. jiiiiiM 'vclt vwU l;ik.' tin.' lu'liiiblifaii It II IS |.;istu 'tl on tillii. llu luji (JO iiitiT II. Ill- will iioL even i! .mil i;.al i .o i.s a ifoi-jnlvu i-uuai- isut lif will iriKc iiio nuiiilua- iU>4i ii II i:i i .'.iuuL 'J lu iiiiii ua a j)lui- Uf. lu- will iiu.Ke tio imbllc ul- Iriiince iiit'iiiiwii:i(.' wiiitli can be tou- ;;i-U 'd as a r »-lii .-^l lu answer tue call oi "Uiit.v." 'j lio wliter »alK«'d tai.s wit'k Willi a \\.:o liad fcui'ii Uoose- vi.c witliji: II:.- liavs. lie i.-; a i>,)lii :iia :i oi j niuiiiu-iite and has all', jv;; \ C:V . n it aijly wi'lh the i<)!i)i:> 1. lu- •.I'liui.J iiut, i>l course, al- iiiw iuiiiSfl! Ill c?> <iuol''il. Hut his i -.ivil io jiriui ai)i>roximaie- ;y wiiat I {i <o .<>.-viu .-aiJ to him was j;aia(.d. "1 }>v.l the (jiiestion lo him M.;;aifly," the p. p. ui'.d t!ie writer, •uiid ilii.--, i:i eiicci, was his reply: •1 ai:; uot a candidate,' .Mr. Roosevelt "1 will not be a candidate. But it the .\;:ic:icuu cail upon me lo jii -rlorui a 'iy dciiuilc or certain task 1 .--.iall not tliirk the r«<;-.onsibillty.' " Tl c Sviyisas i.-.iiiticians who now are ;-«ci'.ikinK in >.'i- inii^h waitiiiR lor the rill.hit to ]>'• ilia .-.-J out can take i tl- aiuhnrita'.i-.e ihut Uoosevelt will I.;!;.' it ii' lic . :n K^-I it wiiliosit a fight Suppler,!.Mary (•\iii('iice can be Iiruui.lit <•! .-i :pii(i:t 'ilie stmy of tlic 111.Ill wl-'i "i^aw Koiisfvi-il." The I- atii'inl.'-of il .i- Ki ^;!^aR City >':ir !>' a poi .•. iiluiis .-;ia>v imlicatilif; ti. • <!-r .-(!;ciL i::' the joliiical i;:de. \V li. Si'lf n oi tl;.' ^^tar was au;o:in ih- t-- I '-.e.-i -m at tl;e iii)iuj;s in wli'ich . Vi 't iiini.'ii -aft li in .\ew York a r(. i,!e (if we.ks St)v: lluo.-ie V 'lt a:!il .\'.-'s'3n hav.- a!v .;i>.-. Ii-.u >ni '•.y f!i.!:i!]y l-rii :s. 'I'iie .'-^•nr ha l -i 'ji •i!if i-f ;lu- <".'!. iiM-i 's I v .i I a'-ti. •:;';HI. i.-iK aifii .-^t.-'iKi f'lr him tliroiipli I- ! ri-.i 'wo ;s'i:!tlo-:<. .,j -:>-l'o! •,: >• •^v \':'\ li.. I' .• S'::r 'va;: lie! I - . ! \V-!-.-M. Ii \^,;\ li .f .ii I- l; • r ;'.;Mr .il-u y f.ii- ti'iiri' than y ','.':'•!•! till- p:i>it twn \vi .J ;s tl S ;ir pi ;it<ii -lily h: s dnipiii-d Wll.-oi »i il i-i fi'Miii iui.- i;.ni*c \.!i i -1 e-..ry !: -I'.-. ;•. I'. M:;.-:..'i;;:;ir; u!' •:i.' :i'"ii k:< .1. ill iii.ii ::'M) ;.I|I-II MH' IID ;•! .\'.-- ^'i M'-. .••Iacl..nnai . .• • ;i hail: wl'li l!,> •;Iiiiv Ilia' Ilixi.m '•• woiili! I .I- a cai'iii'l Koos< •.lit h;il li>!<l lijiu <(i Donl l!"-.-*. h a '-.i ;nli! Mr. .N 'l -i'.-n 'i-- v.. "(it \y :• <•;• • ,i;,i:,ir.. .Xud. (Id'ii.Tl. -^s 1;.- :il-- N.i.I .Mr. X'h'in s(.-> . .hilK i!'.-'M Mi" N'-'cr-i'-nai'. ilii! r .cil he.-v. i; i-; palpa 1:'.-- I' at .Ml .\'cls(in kiidv. .< -ii.i -thitiK . •-- I he Star \vv >"ld Tidt hav'- (IrnpT.r the \Vih(i:; bodiii. updii n';ich it liaii spent t:.-- h.-fK-r part df a yr.r. If This Medicine Does JTot SaUsfac toriiy Benefit Toir. Practising physicians mailing a spe ^, ; cialty of stomach troubles are really responsible for the formula from which Rcxall Dyspepsia Tablets are made. We have simply profited the experience of experts. Our experience with Rexall Dyspepsia Tablets leads us to believe them to be an excellent remedy for the relief of acute indigestion and chronic dys pcpsla. Their ingredients are sooth ing and healing to the Inflamed mem branos of the stomach. They are rich In pppsin, one of the greatest digestiv aids known to medicine. The relief tliey afford is almost Immediate. Their iisi- with periiatency and regularity for a-«hort lime helps to bring about II cessation at tbe pains caused by sionituh dlsordiirs. \ licvalt Dyspepsia TaVets aid to In sitr" hpiilthy ap/Tjtlte, aid .dlgesthm iind iiromote nutrition. As evidence of our Elncerc faith In Re.xnil Dys poiL -dn I'iiUlets, we ask you to try them at our risk. It they do not give you entire Katlsfaction, we will return yon the money jou paid us for them, without nnr^stlon or formality. They conic In throe sizes, prices 2,">c, ."iOc and $l.<><). Keinember, you ran obtain (hem only at our store—The Rexall Store. S. R. Curreil, West Side ol the Square. , I.OOKIXt; IP IX MEXICO. The People are TonBdent That ToUt leal Tronliles are Over. San Antonio, Tex., Jan. 9.—Reports from the Republic of Mexico Indicate a bright outlook in all parts of the country and especially is this true in the mining country. The people generally believe the political troubles are over and the confidence of the business men of the country and foreign investors in the stability of the new government is well established. An unprecedented era of min Ing development is expected soon to set in. and one of its features will be the placing of largo orders In the United States for mills and machln cry for various purposes. Mining ac tivity already is reported in many parts of the Republic, and plans are in progress for the enlargement of the smeUTs to increase the cajtacity and for the development of new mining Iiroperiies on an extensive scale. FA.MILY II.VIR^HIE.SSIXG I '.ililii iati.-; in Kaii.^:i.'< a.'-.d . i .-.whei nil auie" thai ;li.> Ki-i; '-!t ta'k h:-. Miivereil th- LaKfilli;!1 i-c:!!. It wa !|.i| i:!n(h (il a li(i.;.'i: Id In i;::i with Th<- ri.-:!:t; li.Ie of ildos talk ha sii'uu!! i'i;e(i i:. .\s!(i-- ;i(i :ii Senato l::--.;itdw not a polii i<;,:i;' nf iiio :iiiu ;.,i;.- in i't .ii ^a'^ ha- <.;• "iy allifd him 'f with t 'ae I.a!'dl !i -i:<- l:^oven'.°nt l;ri.-i.-w i .'d>, <u;t on I.iiVoret'.e llnri 'fi.y'iy and his cdpiiiit'iiieatidus weri c^:r <.1T. .N'dliody k ::'i"'.~i wjir -re th (i-iicr i-;>;"r(;eiit leaihTs stand on th( ir.-.-ifler.ti;;! (iiieslion. Allhonilh he is ;:.i -n!: :o ii'.n for Seiiatdr r.cxt year, (^dvcnuir Stulibs JKIS studiously avoid r-;l coniniitting hiiusrlf. None of the insiiri;ent Cori«;r'-ssii.-.-n has sure comc- ciit openly for an:one. State Chair- i .'.-in iViU .-y has neglected to ex.'ires h;? senMiiients toward the Taft ad :!'jjiislration. Hill White Is talking rtoosevelt in tl.e Kniporia Gazeffe and Henry.Ml(-n has switched the Wichita Ueaccii to ih.' sujiport of the Colonel r .'il asl'i'- from these Instances, the r:-eat pl..:!i jieoiile are completely in »i;e (iaik a.s to t !ie presidential prefer ei;i-','S of Th'lr si -lf -ackliowledged lead (•r.'-.. l! looks like a plan to hoodwink i!<' p'.iia i.'-dp!e. Can It he posslhh Tiiat t!;.' s.-if-appointi-d leaders of the \,-!?!rai rv are trying lo pull off soiiie- tiiini; iKi.icr <(<vt-r? The (!i.'.;dvery in Topeka this week that ilie Kiunty atlorney of !-'hawne( •County ind (-ncoiiraged vloliillons of the pr (i '(liil <i:-y law- hy buying liquor l!i whoh .-sMli- iiiiaiilllles and disposing "f it ti> n i .i'.Ii rs anxious t(> '.urn an honest pi-nny. h .-is called to mind other (Mirlous angles of the prohibition (rusriile. Iji ;;t Ociolier III Kllsworth CdiiMv ;i faipily of four jiersons was niiinicre't hy an unknown |iiH -son. Tin Stdte df Kansas, alter (iiie dellhera- lion. 'jfl'iTi -d .-I reward of |:',<>i) for the rrrest :'.nd cimvleiinn of the luurder- er. Only a weik or two a '.;o. In To;>i ):a two .M«-.xi';ans were killed and aijotl'.'r wotinded hy an unknown assassin, liut the great State of Kansas, to 'whieh the orators so freqvient- Iv refer, arose iironipf !y to the situation. . A rev.;:rd of $r.O quickly was offerfjd for the apprehension of the murderer. AVithin the past year the contingent funds of the Governor and the Altorney General, amounting as the writer ree ^ll .s the appropriation to SlfiOi'iO, have been dejileted in an effort to secure evidence leading to the eonvi(?lion of persons engaged in vio- lathif; the prohibitory law. The money his »ieen paid out. not for convictions, but in an attempt lo gather evidence. A small arm.v of able-bodied men have been kept regularly on the pajToll of the state at salaries raqglng from ?100 a month and es- Urneflts (lie Hiilr nf Sen, IVoroen and rh.'idnn. Get a bottle of delightful, refresh inir PARISIA.V S.-VGK madam, and have ev(ryhody In the house use re.;:u!arly. It's fine for children as v. I as grown ups and C. 11. Spencer •,'uai::n'ees PARISIAN SAGK to drlvi ;iv. ly dandruff, stop falling hair or "•r'ljn-.- si-alp. or money back. Large 'id 't 'i' (-1 nts. •1 think PARISIA.N SACK Is good a-i a hair grower." It is good to rid the hair of dandruff and stop the hai rrmii falling out. It Is a beautlfler as well as a scalp cleaner. 1 Intend to k '-i -p I; 'n the house. 1 know it helped my head "—Hannah llarUness, Mur sli .-iUtown Iowa. JAMAKY TEK .n OF COrHT. rodiiy Occniiled in Knadinir the Dock fl and .Setlinjr Cases. T!ie .January term of the distric court opened today. The day wa spent in reading the docket, settin.^ eases and disposing of minor matt-?rs, There are nine criminal cases on the docket but several of the8«».will not he tried. One appeal from the city court has hfen dismissed. This afternoon several persons who are on parole will report lo the court. 1VII.S0V TO .SPEAK I\ KAXSA.S. Democrat's Wa^ililnirlcn Pay Inviio- tlon Is .Vccepfcd. Lawrence. Kas., Jan. 8.—Woodrow IVilson will come to Kansas February 22 to speak at the Kansas Democratic club's Washington Day dinner In Topeka. Parf.v leaders here have been urging the Importance of a visit to the state by the presidential possibility. Hert E. 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It has a wesderftil rrrord in cssei of Indpieot lung trouble snd is splendid for croup, tsthma, bronrhitis, throat trouble, stc. Pinex ia a special and highly conces- trsted compound of Norway Whits Pins extract, rich ui guaiscol and other natural htsling iMoe elements. Simply mix with (agar syriip or strained honey, in s pint iMttle, and it is resdy for use. L'ssd in more homes in tbe U. S. and Canada than any other cough remedy., Pinex ba« often been imitated, bot never auercKJ 'fiilly. for nothing elae will product] the siime results. Tbe genuine is guaranteed 10 ;:ive absolute' sstisfactloB or money r.-fuiid<sl. Certificate of cusr- antco is wrapiM -d in each package. Your firuggist has rinex or will gladly get it for rou. If not, bend to The Pinex Co, Ft Wsyns, Ind. FOLITICS COMPLICATED. ERESIDENT TAFT. New York City. Jan. 9.—The presidential fight starts off this year in a way which forecasts one of ih" m< bitterly contested elections since the Civil War. Numerous dark horses in both parties arc being groomed for l..^ nomination. President Taft has now come out with the flat-footed statement that he is In the race unless prevented by death from running. Senator l-aFoUette reiterated his determination to Slav to the end while nuletlv at Oyster Bay the sjihlnz, winking, and,with his right hand raised in a "never again" a'ttitude, hut with his fingotb crossed, sits quietly watching the fight—quietly at least to all outside appearance. Underneath the surface there Is undoubtedly a movement which will In June try to "force" the nomination'upon Col. Roosevelt WHHT MARKET STILL BRISK! RAILROAD STRIKE I.V AKGE>TL\E LATEST BILL >EWS IX JPIT. EGGS—Extras 34c; firsts 32; onds IT. sec- Cnttlr Go Off Ten or Fifteen Cents and Hugs Are Weak and Lower. (By the Assoelafed Pre."<s) Chicago, Jan. 9.—With the railway strike spreading In Argentine wheat rose'today. The opening was »4 to Vj up. May started flM% to '/i; %@>/2 uj), sank to Jl.Ol. Close—May Jl.OO® July 'Ji'k; Sept. 93^ii. COR.\—Jan. tioTi; May 64%; July 64»4<&';«: Sept. 6418. O.A.TS—Jan. 4S; .May 49; July 45; Sept. 401^. PORK—,Ian. $1.-..S.-.; May JlC.21Vi; July $li;.2.=-.©l3.27>i. U\RD—Jan. |9.32>i; May ?9.32V-i; July $y.02>i(&y-ti^. Lead and Si>elter. St. Louis. Jan. 9.—Leadi steady, $4,35; spelter, stronger. $6.30(g6.40. EXIIiniTS ARE CO.¥IXG IX. Chlrafto Livestock, f'hicago, Jan. 9.—CATTLE, receipts l.'iOOu; dull to weak. Reeves |4.75(S S.r.O; stockers and feeders $3.30fe j.'JU; cows and heifers |2.l»i)fi 6.gO. HOGS—Rcceliits 3S,0U(>; slow to ten cents lower; lights $ti.hg'it (i.4.'i; mixed $t'..l(ifr«.."..-.; heavy tti.l.'if/CCD; rough $6.1511 6.3UUi; ulgs »4.yO(S5.75. St. Louis Gniln. St. Ixmis Jair. 9.— WHEAT, close. May gu-yilJ"'*; July 93%. rOR .V—-May 65%r«%; July 65%. OATS— May aOfi'A; July 44%. St. re­ st. Lonls Livestock. I»uls, Jan. 9.—CATTLE, c.elpts 4500^ steady. Native steers J4.- aOifjS.aO; cows and heifers J3.75@ 7.CO;; stockers and feeders J3.25@ M. HOGS—Recelpts 1800; five cents lower. Pigs and lights $.5.00156.25; butchers $6.25©6.45; heavy $6.35® 6.50. City Grain. Kansas City, Jan. 9.—WHEAT, receipts, 10 cars. Cash wheat stea<iy. So. 2 hard, $1.03igl.08; .No. 3. $1.01(3! 1.07; .\o. 2 red, $1.02; No. 3, 99@10i. Close—May $1.01>/4: July 92%. CORN—Unchanged. Dull. .\o. 2 mixed 66; So. 3, 64%; No. 2 white, 66 -5 67; .No. 3, 64@65%. Close—May 65%; July 65^4- OATS—Unchanged. .No. 2 white. 50 (S >4; No. 2 mixed, 48ii@49. RYE—95c per bushel. H.\Y—Firm. Choice timothy $21® 22; choice prairie $1.5..50® 16.00. UROOM CORN—$700140 per tou. HunsHH City LiTPRlork. Kansas City Jan. 9.—CATTLE, receipts 13,000; steady to fifteen cents lower. Native steers $5.50 to $8.50; cows and luelfers $3.00fi7.00; stockers and feeders $4.00®6.00; bulls $3.75® 5.25; calves $4.5008.00. HOGS—Recelpts 15,000; ten cents lower. Heavy $6.30® 6.37'/j; packers and butchers $0.10® 0.35; lights $5.90 & 0.20. KuhKRH City Prodiire. Kansas City Jan. 9.—RUTTER— Prospects nre that Ponllrr Exhibits Win Crowd Bulldiufr. r >ast night the Allen County Poultry Association held a meeting In the office of Carl Peterson and completed teh final details for the second annual show which liegins tomorrow in the Iowa store building at the south east corner of the square. Frank Melton of this city will act as superln tendont of the show and will have full charge of exhibits. C. E. Acreraan, the well known poultry judge of Kansas City, who will do the judging arrived here this morning. From present prosiiects the big show room will be crowded with exhibits. The Improvement In the weather has resulted In a rush for entries" today and word ha.i hern received from many neighboring towns and tilt' country that exhibit^ will 1><sent ut once. LaHurpe, tins, Moran. Humboldt, Chaiiute. Garnett and Colony will he represented besides many others. The coops a large number ot which are already In ar(> being placed along the cast and west walls and In rows down the center of tho building. A. number of merchants have placed on display in the siiow room a large variety of accessories for the raising of poultry, incdudln.g incubators, poul try foods, etc. The indications ar<that there will be a very wide variety of poultry on display this year, as the exhibits already • placed show a big variety and high standard of quality. One coop of Chinese silkies is at- tracfing considerablo attention. The birds have much the same appearanc< as that of an ordinary chicken, except that they appear to be coated with white hair instead of feathers. FORWHRDMOVEM'TLUNGIiEOII A Good Attenduucc oi Workers at Ui« i. il. C. A. —Here Is a remedy that will cure your cold. Why waste time and money experimenting when you can get a preparation that has won a worldwide reputation by it*^ cures of this dhsease and can always be depended upon? It Is known everywhere as Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, and Is a medicine of real merit. For sale by all dealers. Xolire to .Men and Koy.s. Men and Roys of the Churches and Community. Attention Please! We. the Pastor<TSf the churches cooperating in the Men and Religio'i Forward Movement in our city, do heartily u|)preclate and approve the splendid service being rendered by the gentlemen from Kansas City for us. Also we do most kindly and urgently request the men and boys of our churches and eoniiuunlty to'at­ tend the services being held at th.' United llrelhren church, forenoon afternoon and evening, and also the luncheons noon and evenings at the Y. M. C. A. Signed, Carl W. Naii. C. F. John.-ion, G. W. Shepherd. W. H. Sliults, O. C. S. H. llllscher, I. R. Prather. J. II. Price. There was a large attendance 01 workers in the Jicn and Religion For ward Movements special Eight Da;. Campaign luncheon at the Y. .\1. C. A. yesterday evening. Several out ol lown expert workers were present ana each was introduced, making a brici address. It was evident at once thai tiiey are men of spiritual power yno great enthusiasm. They carried con vk-tion to the minds of tl.oie assein- blcd by their earnestness and spirit. At tlie United Drethien church- where all the meetings are to be heU. iiniil further notice—addresses weri niaij<! hy .Mr. Wolf on ".Missions" am "Hoys,"' and the groat and need: v.orK among lines was touchei. upon sulfici.-ntly to arouse the mos. iiKiin'erciit. it was a iilaln, poiutou earnest and eloquent pica to men ti work along these lines which were si. i'liporiant and so-opportune. .Mr. Par- •luis spoke on "Kvtiugelisiu." and In slirn-d e\ery heart wi'.li the grea; ii ;issililli !les within the reach of tin hiily a-! well an t!ie ministry for (ler sonal work for the iialvation of n.ei and hoy .s ^.in thcKe limes. In an eai m-st. straightforward manner he pre I 'iiTid the opporitinity aiid rcsponsi iiitily of iiieii for others. Mr. .McAfei- dwelt, briefly on "llihh ?t idy" and "t-"oclal Service." Here sqld he, arc Melds of the greatest Interest and Iiiiportance. It is Indeeo wonderful how pleasingly, powcrfullj ind eloquently these men entered intr heir subjects. Such addresses an ^ning to set men on fire with zea' and interest in the Lord 's work as touching men. This is a great ojipor tunity for men and boys who wish tr icquaint theniselves with the prob- eiiis of the times which are so closi o the heart of every one interestec 'n the social, moral and spiritual welfare of men. Tonight will he another great meeting if all indications work out as expected. Mr. Taubiuan, of Kansas City, is to be the speaker on "Mer and tho liihle." Let every man ant' boy come out and hear him. "This is a rare opportunity for th( Christian men and boys of all out churches to acquire a knowledge ol the conditions that exist, and, how tc remedy thc'm. M-n and boys, you can not afford to miss these meetings— they will Interest you and enthuse you and stir ^ou to activlt.v. ABLE TO FILL ITS ORDER! 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K 80, for $4.85 Children's Crib Blankets—blues. and pinks — size 36x50, extra lieavy quality, each 85c Regular $1.25 Comforts, wool filled, each...,.. .85c Regular $2.50 Comforts,.cotton filled, each... .$1.75 Regular $3.50 Comforts, cotton filled, each... .$2.70 SPECIAL PRICES ON ALL STEEL RANGES! mmmm SILVEB m 60L0 IN I3!1 Jilicial Hcports SIMHV .Snjaller Oulaiil, Tliaii in I'.Hi.'. \Va^llin.glt :i, .laii. 0. —The gold-iui;:- .ng imiiisiiy-wa.^ generally active in' :!lll, but eaily hgiires indicate a toi^il .irodiiction for the United States and Vi.iska slightly I .ehMV the ouliiiit ol ,i| ;iM. Tlie ii :o..t liotai)!e features of ^ he Industry in I'.ill, aci-ording to 11. /, ). .McCaskey, i)f the I'uited States He- », dogical Survey, v.ere the rcsiiiniitiori if iioraial- labor conditions in ii:.' Hack lli'Is of .South Dakota, ih.- Ini-en ;:ed dredge- oiiliiiit In Califorai.-i. Icvelopineiit of irrodiiction in tin- iii--,. niiokO 'lflltarod placir rcnlcm of .May<:i and the Ki-imblic districi of Wash- ligton. • continued devclopiue'it ai;d irosperity of the grea' (;old;!i-ld (N'-i^ adal and Tr-adwell i Alaska i mines.' :ori.tal (oiwMilons tilso on thi- .Mother' .ode In ('.iMfornla. lri|iroveuielil in 1 Metallurgical methods ami g >-iii -rai in-; rease in ac-tivlty al many t -i.iall ih -e ;ij ind placer mines. Itene '.ved interest For that Cough or Cold Try KANOLA TOLU, TAR AND WILD CHERRY 25c and 50c Twenty years have proved it to be equal to any, at about half the price. It Is Safe! Old Time Druggists ••('iirrs in Kvery Case." --Mr. .las. .McC'afft-ry. M.i;r. of the ScMiiz Hotel, Omaha, .\eb., recom- ..mail decrease in j ;V^^« •'=''"'-<= '."'«'its great cura- the Ei-cnt CriiipK- M'^" ''""'^'^ 'diseases of the throat me glial v rippi | Fnr all- enii ^rhs and rolrts and lung:r." For all- coughs and colds il is speedily effective. J. D. Mundls it is speedily effective. J. D. Mundls Co. h 1' 4 -l' ^ -i- i' f.' i' ^ i' h f ^ Hi' i'i- DONT HIDE YOUR LIGHT—OR FUEL! 4- 4. During the cold spellSj^hundreds of lolans have resorted to wood and roal to eke out the gas supply and the same condition will exist several times again before spring. If you have wood to sell a little Ad. in the Register will insure your being kept busy sawing wood. Register Ads keep your saw busy whether you have wood for sale or merchandise—and it is the part of good business to utilize this publicity as part of your organization—just as much as providing a store room and a clerk to wait on trade. The time to sell fuel is now, and not in July. Let the Register tell the hundreds who want wood that you have it for sale. Many do not know where to buy.. i .1. 4' 4- Union Ilrlck rompany Win .Vnnn^e to Fill Orders, Ilesplfc Fire. Despite the fire which de.'^trnyed the power and machine de |i,;: -nents of the irnlon Brick plant Sunday morning, the officials of the comimny say that they have made arrangements ti fill all the orders on hand at the timi of the disaster. The drying rooms and kilns of the company were undamaged, and they had a reserve stock of about a million brick, which will be used In filling the orders. The Insurance adjusters arc expected to he here within the next da yor two and the result of their visits will deiermlm whetheV or not the plant will bu rebuilt. In the account of the fire In the Register last night, If was erroneously stated that F. C. .Nicholson, of this city Is president of the company, while In fact this office Is held by Ceojge C. Xlchohon. of Kansas City. V. C ..Mchol.'on is manager of the company. M. A. Wolfe, secretary of the railroad V. .M. C. A., at Kansas City, who is one of the out-of-town specialists secured by the local Men and Religion Forward Movement to woi-k here during the eight day campaign, delivered a very Interesting address to the students of the high school this morning on "Character Building." Mr. Wolfe has had much experience In work among young people, and his words arpiised much Interest among the high school students. Mrs. T. B, VanBuskirk received a telegram this afternoon stating that her father. Samuel Miller of Rich nd to continued )roduction from 'reek camp. Preliminary figures of the Director )f the Jlint indicate a total doi:ie.«tic ;old output of $o6.-:3S r,-i8 in liill. igainst S9G.269 100 in IPIO. According to estimates made hy the ?ureau of .Statistics the imports ITI OU reached $.'iij.2.'>ii fiuO. Tlie geld sported in 1911 was valued at SH'.00 .001). The excess of iniport.s over exports was about Jl .'«..'.0i).0OO. indicat- ng a marked change from the condl- ions in 1910, when the excess of ini- lorts' over exjiorts was $-UT.69C. and ilso from those in 19o9. when the ex- ess of exports was SS.s.79li.S.'>.->. The silver-mining industry as such of relatively small iniportance in -he United States, according to H. L). .McCaskey, of the Inited States Geo- ogical Survey, but the domestic silver aroduction, depending largely on f!;e TE.XAS SIIEKP ME> PJIOTE.ST. ead ores, is equal in value to that of lead or zinc. Owing largely to the .irosperity of the gold, copper, and i.ead mining industries there was an outiMit of silver In 1911 estiniat.d a! '•7.796.117 tine ounces, which is about 2.182 997 ounces more than the aver- ige annual output of ."i."> t;i;; !2u ounce:; )f the preceding decade and •••.••>S.217 )Unce9\iiiore than the output of 1910. Acciu-diiig to '^tntlstlcs mad.' hy tlir 'luree.ij of Statl.'-llcs the iiii|iorts of liver "in 1911 were valued at $4S,- aMi,mio. The e.\i)orts of s-lver during he same year were valued at I.'.O.OOO, or ?:'0>-|i,iiiMi in excess of th" value nf the imports. In 1910 the value of Ilic exces" ol xports over Ininorts of silver v,: in v.m it was $ii jmn'i:: >nd ln\190S It was J!:u;i:!..-,tl. I'n-vl •>us lo inos It hnd no» hei-n delow 51 ."i , for several yean;. Tlicy Declare Reduction in Wool Da- fy Would Rnin Them. San Antonio, Tex.. Jan. 9.—Captain n. 1.. Crouch, one of the leaders in tho fight in behalf of Texas wool growers, wii; go to Washington to enter a protest in the name df Texas wool men against the figures and estimates embodied in the report of the tarifT hoard on the cost of wo»l produc- lio nin the I'nited States. It is claimed that the men sent into Texas to collect facts and figures in reference to the cost of production were inexperienced and failed to get at the real conditions. Captain Crouch will lutput of gold."silver-gold, copper, and Luresent dat^i to show that the tariff board has placed the' cost of production too low and will make an effort to convince Conuress of the actual situation, so far :is Texas is concerned. "ft is cle.-.rly apparent," said Capt. Crouch, ••thai nothing less than a 24- cent rate of import duly on tlio .scoured wi;i-I pound will afford sufllc- lent prot'i-rion to enable Texas wool growers lo mainialit their flocks, their duly lo Ihi-msi-lvts and to Texas. — MI.,- A. I'., Tahor of Cridor." Mo.. •i :!fl In iTi troubled With sick headnch* for al.fiu' rivi! years, when she began '.•il(!r^' riiaiiihcrlnln 's Tablets. Sli* l:a.-< iiikeii two bottles of them and Mii-y have cured her. Sick hcadacWa i.^ cav^s.-il by a lilsordered stomach fQr V.hli-h ihcAv tablets are especially In- •enr!i-'!. Try tlieni, get well and stay well. Sold hy all dealers. How t® be Certain of CiirlBig Cuiistipation Prejudice Is a hard thlnr te <;oT; e. I T .-.-ttLio recently received from Mr. •ut wliore health i.s at .st:-i.<: -imi lii. ITr-i:.'; .Vi'.-iin.s, U13 E. 9th St, Wichita, I.mion of thousands uf i.>i:i:.K- u,,; _ (..j^rje Nlchol, Ashlnnd, Kas., a-- '. a fi-v: of thousanila show- t'..e orte-.-ii In which Dr. Cald- iu -in.-j :?yrui. Pcp.sin Is held. It Is,mild, -•iriU:'. no.-i-^-:ipin-,-—r.ot violent,' like thfii !»>• ';-;,rit ti- Uili -•. hi...-:, ihe; - , IllU, Mo. .died about noon today. Mr. •ir'i'ir ir-t -r r r T *«* -r ftr =r =r •I* t T 'i'.^ni Mrs. VanSusklrk left this evening 1 SIcb Hill to attend tbe XuneraL liffers fi-om yoUf^, ;.rtjui:'<-f: •oines your meaac- un.l lay It a-skle. TliU; in :i.iU :r. ;st of people MiU'f-r;.". ' .-f. constiitatiun. and it is w:^^. attention. In the opinion of lpi,'ion.s of rt-'.'.r. •'••^ American Ihe rM.'-t ."•rLtniin: constipation iiiia.;i::,iiil» f . 1.: < :.- 1 by a brief i:se cf \>r. '.•.Hl-i .-.-(ir .-^..-"v: :; Pepsin. You msv iioi h.-ivn ii.:,.,i <, i' before, but do i.ot d .<i;-.t iis ni^r';-- ;: h,-;t account, or 1-er^;::-:.- It ).:ir. n-.; '-r-••. Klntantly>l. 11 IA-: utiUl i \ BUCcessfisUy on -word if Trio>.;;:i reci..::- mendation. Pareni-i a-u t-Iii-;.- it i.- their children today v. ho were ^.-l f oy their parents, and it has }<">•". tr-;:: fully said that more d.-u--:i3ts use . personally in their faaiUie:! t!:u.i; a:, other laxative. :;.-ts or cathartics. It cures sraduatly ia'.'i i>:^;..sanily so th;it in time natura . a-.-;ir:" c.jts its own work without outs'. .-.1 Ccinstipatod people owe it to :h.-i:.s ivei to usa this gi-and bowel Xt'.^r.r.--; wishing to make a trial of this r- riieily l.ct'i^rt- huyin^- it in tho reKUlar of a dui^^:rist at fifty cents or oco ; •.li: :i lari-e bottle (family sirp) can •> -aniplt; bot'le st-nt to the homo .'i-co ;•!• chiireo by simplv addrc-^sfn-^ Dr. i U'. T:. cu .'.well. 113 \Vashln!Tton St.. I >Ton (:c -eI!.->, ill. Your namcj and addrtrH.n li i--ji;tal *ard will Uo. I \

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