Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 7, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 7, 1943
Page 2
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Hope Star W , Stdf Publishing . . ' (C t Palmer ond A.tex, H. Woshbum) l4t ti* Star buildinc. 214-21 14 South Walnut 'i street. Hop* Ark. Hollywood By ROQBIN COONS • Entered m second class matter at the ixsstotfiw ot Hope, Arkonsa*. und.f th. ,;Aet of March 3, 1897. By Galbraith * ( AP}— Means Associated Press |. CNEA)—Meo>V5 NewipOp* Enterprise , Lafayette counties, "*hera $6.50. {««« y*°r, - M«mb« «l Th. AMoetat** •"JV.-Y- Assoeioted Press u exclusively entitled to irtMsu'e for republication of all news d s- Srtche* credited to n or not otherwise gedited m this paper and also th. local news published herein. National Aikoasos D»m«, l«e.: MempWs. Terov, cogo, 40O Nonn Oklahoma City. 414 Tef Orleans. 722 Union St.. New Charg« on Tributes, Etc.: Chorges will be made for all tributes, cards of thanks, reso- for .he lafeleeping or return of any unsolicited manscripts. _ ___ _ Classified Ads must be In office day before publication. , All Want Ads cosh in advent*. Not taken over the Phone. . On* Mm«— 2e- word.' intajimii" «« Six times— 5e word, minimum TSe Three times— 3i/,c word, minimum 30s ,H, One month— 1 8c word, mmmium $2.70 Rates ore for continuous Insertions only , -THE MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER YOU SELL." , For Sale MOTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXE Hollywood — Just for a change, I'm turning today to a fellow who isn't the type. His name is Dennis Day, and — he can correct me if I'm wrong — I think he's an actor "by mistake. "That's all right, anyway, because he's a singer first and an actor only because — well, because he's a singer. You've been hearing him on the air with Jack Benny for four years now. and seeing and hearing him in an occasional movie, like "Powers. Gril" or the one he's doing now, "Sleepy Lagoon" with Judy Canova. He says he has a lot of ham in his make-up, but it doesn't show. He says that's why. back in New York when his dad and mother didn't want him to take up such a fliehty business as singing, he decided he'd be a lawyer. He even went to law school. and might have finished if an appendectomy hadn't broken up his course and turned him back to yodeling. He says he has the ham. It does ot show because he looks, talks nd acts so much like a good, lean, family youngster who some- I low got mixed up with the show vorld and, much to his amazement, is part of it. Dennis Day turned 2G the other day. The reason you keep on hear- ug him sing, instead of hopping to a bugle call, is his family. He's one o£ six children, is sending two of hem (already enlisted in naval reserve) through college, and is taking care of his aged and ailing parents. He doesn't know how much longer his deferment will last — but he does know that, traveling some 25,000 miles about the country with the Benny show, appearing at three or four camp shows a week, and broadcasting from military bases, he has never had any wisecracks tossed at him by service men. Dennis (real name Dennis McNulty) was introduced on the SIDE GLANCES / W/% % \ .fh MOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS Monday, June 1, 1943 W«sK Tubbt UMOEft- the Volunteer^ \TMAY WEAN MUCH. XSJBUTMONE OAH6EROUS By Roy Cront JM6KT 86 FOR SA00TA6J WORK, SUM, THAT THE F.6.I. STATBS.YOU'LL L6t ME 6O LEUTEVIK. PERHAPS I CAM SPIKE f«6 HEAVY ARTIUERV! <£u.*.MOMEyiN\ fZECAU, WAS WELL ..... x MAOB IN NORWAY— ARTILLERY ', 6ERMAN ARfAV \ SUPPUEP WITH l WHAT VO you THINK IT Popcyc [iiMCE'T VA IMSISKS W6R4 UjaLL, IF THAT'S OM FJMOlW A fC HOLO WOL) FEEL. HLrSBiM^ <VAP/ (frSOLlT IT I BETTER TAKE>->, ^~~^ UJILL o= s }_ X^^TAKE _ ci & *• OF ARE ; K *k rc COPR 1943 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. Htu- u. 0- „__* v ' ' f ' , "This summer school course for seniors may be a good idea, but I hope I don't get a nervous breakdown belore it's time for me to be drafted! "Love Isn't Blind!^ Ok!AV, WC KI<S<3 Ml Thimble Theoter MEN CAN'T BE THAT Donald Duck FUNNY BUSINESS I 5: ss s- W^-^- v//t'' as, Y'WOULDNt , , .„,., .,.-... , EAT THIS MEW / } OUT AND BREAKFAST TS ( £>* J^5, , FOOD; NOU(?SELF.y > A BOWL , f^w / , ^ SHQW if TASTES ) V.VUH!^ 4- That Broke the CamelTs Back! .>> ," you, A.K-E! By Walt Disney •lor the children, delivered com-| kid the plete with clean washed sand. "Hempstead County Lbr. Co.. 'Phone 89. 3tf i^ U1LJ> / TutifcJ ...„-— — Benny show as a naive, breathless butt of many jokes. He .-,,,1 nlays that character today, though he is in face neither breathless nor naive. You might call it that he was, at one time, ;=^» A IED CHOW AND C O C K is Ki •»•-;^"-^-30 per ce nt of his earn ^Spaniel puppies. Dogs boarded »• t(j three different agents, but i.« Antr \\too\r ni* Tnontil* P3QE"lS 1 ... .. . i :_,«„« n<r\ by day, week or month. -Kennels. For Rent DOWNSTAIRS APARTMENT. Furnished. Mrs, Mary Middlfibrooks. Phone 364. 5-3tnh. THREE - ROOM UNFURNISHED apartment. Close in. See Leo Robins. J5-3tpd. Wonted to Rent THREE OR FOUR ROOM UN- furnished apartment. Conveniently located. Duplex preferred. Phone 768 before 1 p. m. Saturday. 12 - 3tdh Wanted BOY WITH BICYCLE TO CARRY newspaper route. Must be at least 12 years old. Apply Hope Star, Lost BOYS' BROWN LEATHER pocketb'ook. Lost Saturday, May 2O, near Saenger theater. Con-| tains four dollars and identification papers. If found please return to Hope Star. 1-tf ONE BLACK HOG. NOTIFY JESS Morris or George Cornelius for $5 reward. 4-3tpd. Legal Notice NOTICE OF FILING OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on the premises described as 120 East Third street, Hope, Arkansas. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the first day of July, 1943, and to expire on the 30th day of June, 1944 as prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7, 1938 and Supplemental Regulation No. 19 effective July 10, 1937. _ u , a . a show business, and slicker, older guys than Dennis have found themselves similarly peddled wholesale. • Dennis started singing when he was a boy, the only one in his fnm- who had the gift. He sang in u. t glee club at Manhattan College, but it wasn't until after appendicitis ended his law studies that he tried seriously to make n living with his songs. When Kenny Baker left Benny, Dennis tried for the spot — and nearly passed out cold when Benny, in person, came to hear him. Benny gave him a roundtrip ticket to California for iurther auditions, and that was iour years ago. He still calls Jack 'Mr. Benny." If Dennis Day were "the type, he'd be paradnig hs . talents in front de boss constantly. As it is only recently -Benny heard him tell a dialect "joke — dialect having been a quiet specialty of his for years — and that's why he's doing it on the air now. None of the small islands which make up Palmyra in the South Pacific has an altitude of more than six feet above sea level. lT" 6-7 BOYS, YOU \VEt?E K\GHT.' Blondie The Rising Generation! By Chic Young &** » t/v-^-AM 'favdr- t-f\ V&fZ \ Y / .-•-,-,-,,- >\'^ f f^' t^yr^- I >s4_ ' M* _, ^j^./%^ £i ^^ cof> ^.ftfrMr *a.,.^ ^~- fe S?Kth? W ork or a new taxidermist member ot the camouflage corps!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD «Y WiUiom Ferguson U I Cop n» K,n, (•»< G r lilVB ME n The Ordnance Department procures all motorized equipment for the Army. Tennessee is also known as the Texas. Hold Everything GETS ARMY - NAVY " Washington, June 7 -HffV- Five Army-Navy production awards lor excellence in performance of war work were announced today. The firms included: Ozark Ordnance Works Construction project, El Dorado, Ark. OUT OUR WAY r?i_f% ?COA<=T_TO Ccf BUS Boots and Her Buddies Fast Work By Edgar Martin r d£§§ ACCIDENTS 3?>' V ^) SINCE r A) PEARL. HARBOR, HAVE TAKEN AS MANY LIVES IN THE UNITED STATES _., AS HAVE V|( BEEN LOST ^ - N ^ IN THE U.S. WM££>fO#C£S' R&HTING AROUND THE /, a WORLD. OWE. VOO. VOO'RE VOO'^t ^-T^ .&R <H'.? N.. .. CPftAt voo HOW v VOO VOOW OSi 00^ ,O\ !>' M $* ^ , f <f~ i'u. b P«T. Off- Red Rider Man Overboard By Fred Harmon *! <i ,*" COPR. 1M3 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. CUT FLOWERS WILT MORE QUICKLY IF PLACED NEAR A£>P££*S, DUE TO A feAS GIVEN OFF BY THE FRUIT. '"Twenty-minute 'lunch folks!" stop, &-J o "A PERSON WHO IS NOTHIN6 TO SPEAK OP IS 'OFTEN TALKED ABOUT," Says MORTON FRANKLIN, /" ' ^-, (ACTS so \ t/QUIET! J "^'^•Ua —* V ^EDBE TH' T\N)O fAES> ( \s5WHNi' AHEAD AREN'T 5=^\ Jl O'JTL.WS, BUT IF THEY <~^^^\ ARE, TH=-r-R= J^OI P- '\.--^-^^.A kG OUR. n SILVER-' _r -1-0-Oi BUT DD£.! A HIGH- POWER.ED RIFLE CRACKS AND RED FLIES FROtA THE SADDLE..' /*»• A", '^•::m^ Alley Oop He's Not Saying a Work ByJ, R, Williams NEXT: Buried mines and snakes. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Mojor Hoople ^^ ^•1 *w ? ANP MOM JUST TOLD , h/E. THE RU8BIS.H COLLECTOR ^'" HADKl'T BEEN AROUND THIS NEIGHBORHOOD irri FREE AS BIRDS OF ., JKEPT vMnt.-. x* US DOT OF 1300&6 pTME CA&E:. REMCVAS'S LOST RATION BOOK, T „ , -T^.'pin THE REVO^RD *\?( TICK.LE.D i DUE. A \ L. \ TOO»< OFP MV THW'S ONE) WE OLD MOR6 iCBOV SCORES STfcKlOlMS UPOM/^ 'HE B&/XT ,ACROSS , THE 'TRESTLE vCOSBSACK ©NCE AGAK HK6 E.V.H\BITEO IT6 REMARKABLE POWEP...KND WE. NOW FIND OUR HERO KND HVS rWORJTE ENEMY. OSCWB BOOM(£6CAP£D CONVICT) ADVENTURING 4 ANCetMT 6ICILV. »ME ABOOT 215 B.C ^ ^. VEH-.-BUTI 6TILL i^\ ^9£!8^ ^-' » TROUBLt.' - — X/ AN' THEiCE'6 TH' F\ES D06E OF rr BIGHT UP AHENXA /^.. .., c ., , \ QJ \Mru OF / HMt^«"...WELL \ ^U6T COVE R/ UP RIDE. VJIGHT THKU THEM.' ^ By V. T. Homlin " NOVN, Wtrlt.l'iciir.ic INWVV, ™^ i FUNNV BU61HE6& A,N i-K i nc. u \«T "nOD rn'L"BEJL>6T ._ 8/ND FOR-VOL).' TOO V v/A i'.Fil- ^r^t. fS&H ^i 8TA^ r I ! Lii.' ir **^!^ 1^ .X. p'f"' *y»" Freckles and His Friends That'll Slow Him Down By Merrill Blosser CW6F,THERE'S WHERE THE MURDER. WA? / L,. F^al V 1 , 'ffil THE EARLY BWRO ^,»S. u ,&/&^ 67 J-ffWlU-lA"^ WHAT ARE YOU DOW& HERB We PRINTED THE FACTS B6-- FORE WE EVEN PROVEV' THE RUMORS. AMD—- WHAT'S HE A PIECE I BRIM& HI BUT HOWTlJusTVeu- HE'SGorA. 1 * - "- Ir-ri »-\ OTAOT / , HEAD-START •'/ A -^HAl WIThl ON rr?" .cs

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