Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1912
Page 5
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Tell Your Wants to 20,000 Peoiile Cheaply afld^^^W^^^^ FELIX AND FINK—"Even Hercules wouldn't stand a chance to collect that bill," s^s FeKx to Fink. • I WANT A PRIZE FIGHTER TO COUUECT A BILL FOR ME AND «\L COLLECT IT IF \ HAVE TO TAKE IT OUT OF HIS NIOE. WANTS—ALL KINDS. : WAXTHD-WOOD TO SAW WITH i buzz saw. Phone 4G1.I WANTEn FOR CUSTOM KU—A Iirivale loan of fSUO on a new- eight room house on paved street, close In, «ast front. Want Jl for three years and' am willing to pay good Interest. The Peterson l^nd Co. ( WANTKD-IMIIVATK NK.'IIT A.Xn <!.iy .'^luiirni.s. I1ri'^':r SlKirthand, Touch T.viicwrllnK. Mabel Urcwir. lola, Kas. I'hnnc '.t.".s. \VANT TO HENT—IIY VKH. 1ST r. or C r<tnm J IOHKP , rnodorn, ctotm In. nox 16K. tola. Ki\» WANTED—GOOD LAND, WKM- Improved lying near lola. Will buy half section or more If worth tiip money asked. (Jlvo price and full imrtlciilnrs for reply. Ownor.-; only. MeBhnw &. Comjian.v, Tiilsa, Okla. WAXTKH—TO KlvXT HOOM modern house. Addrt-ss Hox '.W2. WA.NTKI)-rLK.\.\ WHITE KVIJS. I Will pay :t fi'iits a |ioiiiiiL I<«>KMIT oi'i'ici-. R .\I((;.\I\ .\T ^mofl. Ilnn!:i' 42.") X. I'dttonwood; Will take sioik (ir tiiiii; (iti part. Mnst seU. Willi! r .loni'.-i. Carlyle Route No. 1. Phone '.I.S1.21. W.AXTKIl -TO V.V\- r A 1- V K S. I'liono '.ti-::':. ' Kou SM.i; A fioni) .Mii-cii row at a J);ii>:aln Call al'llin.", X. Hiuki.'yi". \\ANI'i;i)-SK\VIX(; TO IK); 121 X. Oal:. WANTED—OOOn SECOXO HAND gas kitchen raiiKP. Phone 2'>6. WANTEn—Xl-RSE OIRT. TO OAUK for baby only. Afrs. A. K. Hallica, North Cottonwood. FOR SAl.E —SCOTCII COLLIK pup six iiionihs old: ijis X. Elm. FOR SAI.Ii—FIVE WlilTB OR- pington pullets and one cockcrll. Dr. Neusome. Phone S24. FOR SAI>^-:{» ACRES OF NO. 1 bottom land within 1 mile of loin at a bartrain price; |r>00 down, balance iin term In suit purchaser. Allen ("nuniy Uciilly Co., Kvan.s BJdg, loin. or business property, lola. Price $71100. MortgaRO JliJOO 3 years GVi'.'r. Write owner. Lock Box 255, Chetopa. Kans. FOR SALE—A liOOU SIX YKAR old horse; sound and gcntio. Phone 104. Residence 704 E. Lincoln. J. W. Primmer. FOR SAlJv-OXE FINK STANO- aiil brrd driving marc; registered. Two good buggies. Phone COS. FOR SAI.E-SOUTll SIDE RES- taurant, or will i-xchangi' It and my 7 roojiicii liotisc for a small trart of Im- piovcd land . Call un ar address A. .1. .lu^itico, Piqua, Kans. TO TRADE. IfiO acres north central Oklahoma; ciiliivatpd, mnadow, pai>lure; all fenced; IPO bearing trees; 3 railroads withinH-j miles; station 50 foet from lorner farm; R. F. n. ;niral telephone Will trade for good Inside residence FOR RENT—FOR RENT FOR RENT—A FIVE ROOM BRICK liuusc. Plume 778. FOR RENT—MY ROCK CREEK farm. Imiulre of Dr. W. S. Hendricks. LOST Ai^D FOUND. LOST—STERLING SILVER BELT pin. Dr. Lucy Hull. Phoae 120. TO CUBE A COLD IX ONE DAT —Take Laxatlvo Bromo Quinine Tablets. Druggists refund monejr It it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on each box. 26c. The Allen County Realty Co. Make a Bpeclalty of selling Allen County Farms. We also write Insurance ot all kinds, collect rents, pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate business. We represent three of the best loan compsBles doing busl- nesa in Kansas, and solicit a share ot the loan huslness, and guaranten as cheap rates and quick service as can bo had anywhere. The Allen County Realty Co. B. L. Tiioinpioii, Mgr. OFFICES EVANS BLD&. lOLA MONEY TO M)AN—WE HAVE A client who has $1800 private money to loan on Allen county )and. If you want this, come quick. The Peterson Abstract Co. THE DAY'S NEWS AT UHARPE .MB. wt.' .N unr.s T» I;(»OD rosi. • Tm\ AT .iir.x IK. IVI). The Fuel Situation Here Wa* Much Krlii'icd by Stninirrr i.'as PresMirr. LA IIARPE. .Ian. ti.—Mr. John Wasson, aftrr a nunilier of year.-^ a rer^i- dent of I-a Hari.n, left last niplit for .Aluncie. Indiana, in acceiit a good po- slllon with Uir- Hall Uroflii-r.s Fruit .lar Company. Mr. Wasson was super intendent of the Kniiln^ .Mill and later Rod Mill of town for a number of years. When the plan*. Iierc was purchased by the 15all Ilrollier.---, yu: Wa.-^son .signed a eonfran in KO vwfi al their request. l!i.= new i\ii\U:-i will Ix* similar to his old ones. Mrs. Wasson will pay her farewell vi.-it. to her many friends in the three citie.s anil join Mr. Wai..son shortly. Huring their Jonff rMidence in this vicinity, ihe family haw accumulated a PU/II I KT of friends who diMlike to ^ee iiiem havr. but Wlhh tliera unbounded .success Mr White, (if Mnncie, has aicepted .Mi WasKon's p'ksitlon here A number from here ,vre Inlerfsled each day to learn of the i ondlilou .of • .Mr. Thomas DonaM. who wa.-i struck by a KlreeJcar Saturday uuirnitit: .Mr Donald at one time ^orkeil al the La Marpe. .^iiiielters and I- a uieiule r of the \ja. Harpo 1. O. O. F. ioriiie. .1. 11. Ranks of St. I.oiifs deluereij all interi'sting talk to the lU'-n and teiy.-; last night in the .Methodist ctiurch. il. B. McAfee of Kansas ("ily. will leiture this evening under liie ai/.~pi<e.< i,f i/,e Men and Religion. Forward .Muy.- ment. C. E. Pennington shipjied a (-ar of stock to the Kansas City markci.*. today. Charlie Gilbert of Fredonia. is vi.-- iling his brothers here this week Miss Dot .tones r^•t^^r^er^ tr> Chanute yesterday, after .'•pending .Saturday and Sunday with her pa-ent.s '..ere. Miss Jone^ teaches in ilie public bfbools there. A telegram bearing; the sad new .R <.f the death of Mrs. W. O: Hai^-ler. of Colorado Springs, was received here yesterday morning. The word was very brief, merely stating her death and that Uie funeral would be held there yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock The Haigler family up to about one year ago made La Harpe-their home for years. Mr. Jlalpler was in the real estate business lieie. Mies Grace Wright will entertain a number of friends this evening with a "Taffy Pulling." BeRsie and Alliert Nadlvr have returned home, after er.Joying a visit in Redfield. —Try a bottle of our Wliite Pine Compound Cough P-yrup. It will stop your cough. Waters & Danforth, Drugs and .lewelry. J. H. .Parkhurst ir Invoicing bis slock of goods this week. Albert White has traded his I-ji Hsrpe property for a farm in Lincoln county, Oklahoma. He will move bis family there M>on. Fred Wood' Is reported rjuKe ill unable to attend bis duties at the National Bank. The gai situation (n LJL Harpe Is beginning to look much better. The coi) buckets and Undlivg wood iiave IRA B. FRANTZ iiEiaST 'r:Ri :n (»PTOMETi;iiT Humboldt. Kaa. .Moraii. .".fternoon of .Ian. If. and all day the ITth. Ijillarpe, Jan. IStb and lOlh. BUS IS STILL TR00BLIN6 GAS been dt.-<-ardeil for tiic good ,-]:\ "natural." Tile Kas lii-;ran coniiiu A MIH- day ni'uning and now liiere ;r .• but few faniijies who arc not suliiiuntly suPii'iiil. F. K. Street has returned from an exieti^l'-r! in Waiioo, .S'ebraska. .Mis.< Jlaitie Ji>!)n.-on, of Kl.-^inore, and .Mrs. Youngbur;; of Kansas City, are tl;e puesis of .Mr. and .Mr.>-:. Lewis |iu:;KaH i)ii.-i week. —r .1 nalm. M. !>.. Oculist Sam alici .^;-e 'riir-ohald were in St:a»n. Kas. ye.-terdaj on l(ii.',iiie.<;>-,. Mojij'r lJ:i;;:.'an. wlio has been work ing in a barlier ^llOIl in Oklaliuiua (,'ity for so.'iie (jn;e iias re'iirned ro tii.< home >-(iiiih ot town. .M IS .M. li .l.ieU-f.M letur'ieil t^aliir- ci.iv II'.Ill Hiniin;:toii. ;iiier a plea.-^anl visil .Sl.i- Il li. iif an 11' j-p'iutiil iKiy iTihin^- at il:i- lioiiie o| ,\lr. and Mrs .•\ll)ert lledliind of that plai-e, |»r;ceiu- I MT :;;'th. Owin^ to till- inili'iiieni W'.i'trer and ilir- . Ii'irlay of ;;a>:. tl.r. reilval lueel- llie Cliii.-lian clmriii liav(! been (lls< onliuueii, ind'flliltely .Mis l-.'riH .-t .Mi'vets n!' I!a 11 le.v V jl|e, is : I" tilling ,llie wi I k with relatives heriv .'.Ir^ L. .\. Mir.v, aft'-r a six weelcs' vi>it in Stillwater and llartlesville, rriinri'/] hmiw ye.-^ierday. .Mr. ami .Mr?. Leitny Slriiilple, formerly of l.a Harpe but now of Yates Ceni-r are u\f jiroud jiarents of a son. bora- Sunday. — S< (oniihand foal Stoves at big liar-^'ains at nines' Hardware. -Mrs. C. I'. Ciller ha.s returned tn Clearv^ater Kansas, aft<r an extended visit v.itii her son //. fhler. Tlie La llarpc and lola KncaiiiiH Ilienf-of (he I. O. O. F. l'jdg(' have received invitations to attend a big ban quel gi\en in Chanute Friday niglit bv the llnraiiiiniient there. The I. O. O. F. lodge met la.-^t night and attended to llieir regular busi- ne.>=.=. The eni-am))tnen1 will meet this evening and install officers. Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Hutchinson, of .•^outh of town, are the gne.sts of Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Malcom Sunday. T. T. Eubanks has reiurned from .Milo Mo. OIKNTIIJ-V NOW I.S WHO OW.V.S OLD tO.MPAM .METERS. T H « iir Three Men Snffrrinf; From rainfnl But >ut Spriinis Airi- deiii. The board of education met last evening in the high school building in regular session. The usual bills were allowed. This was an adjourned meeting from New Y'ear's night. DEATH OF .«BS W. G. HAIGLER Foley's Honey and Tar ronipnund. —is" a relfabie family medicine. Give it to yoiir children, and Like It your.^elf when you feel a cold coming on. It checks and cures coughs and colds and croup and prei'ents bronchitis and j)neumonia. J. D. Mundla Co. Farm and GHy I LOBUB KAKSAS AKD OKLAHOXA Low Bntet Annoal or Seal-Annnal Interest—Privilege (o Par in Fall Bcduccd Batea oo Fire IniDrueel R.M.Cunningham Oil C«irt H«IHBMii. „ WhTf9»* f.'A.S CITY, Jan. 9.—Since ihe sale of the Taylor Power, Light and Fuel ("ompany, the Dcming Investment Coinpany has changcil the name to the .Vatiiral Ga.s Company. This copijiany yesterday brought suit^in Judge Potter's court to gain possession of a meter held by G. A. Tarr of this place. .Mr. Tarr deposited $.") with the Taylor company when he received the meter and .since he has decided not to use L -as lie Intended to return the meter and get his $.'.. When he notified tlie ccunpany of his intentions they refused to refund the money, stating tlii:y had received no meter fund and u-ere not liable. Mr .Tarr refusedto give up the meter. It will be decided the itiih of this month before Jiid.tjc Potter, who Is the rightful holder. The gas tumult is based principnily on tills subject and the decision of llie court will go H long wnya in determining what slep .4 to take. Cbiirlle Ctllbert of Freilonia, is visiting friends here tliia week. (Jeorge Abbott suffered a painful In Jury yesii-riiay when a largo board tiinicli him just over the left eye cutting ft long and very dec]) gatih. .Mr. Abbott was under the floor covering Ills meter wlien the accident occurred. He will be oft from work for a few day.". A dellveryraan for the McKinncy Feed Store in lola was arrested here Saturday and fined $5 and costs for driving on the sidewalk. The trial was heard before Judge Weaver. C. V. Scruggs Is off from work as a result of an Injury received at tbc .smolter.s Sunday morning. Mr. Scruggs was performing bis duties nn the furnace when a hot condenser fell from the fifth row, striking Mr. Scruggs on the right arm. leaving a bad bruise and a small burn. Roy Henilrlcks, who was taken ill last week and compelled to return to Parsons, was able to attend his duties in the high school room yesterday. Tom Donald, who was badly Injured Saturday morning as a result of being hit by a car Is reported some better today. • Mr. Donald was formerly employed at the smelters here and is well known among all the smeltermen. ^ Mr. and .Mrs. .7. L. Wolfe, who recently came hero from Wichita have moved Into the Hash property on South McRea street. MisR Izoria Richards entertained a number of friends last Saturday In honor of her seventh birthday. Mrs. M. N. Dale has returned to Walnijt after a pleasant week with her sister. Mrs. J. M. Dale. The gas situation is looking much better in Gas this week. There are but few- families who are not amply aup- piled with fuel. The water pipes bursted in the base nient of the school house yesterday and before it could be shut off a small flood had resulted. They were Immediately repaired ,«o the children dldat have to go tujrtty long. Farmer I.n Harpe Woman Was III Only a Month In Colorado. Ottawa Herald: .Mrs. W. G. Haigler, agefl .".6 years, died at 11 o'clock Saturday night at Colorado Springs, Colo., after an Illness of about a numth. .Mrs. Hafgler moved to Colo; rado recently with her husband. The : funeral was held this afternoon at 2 ; o'clock from the residence in Colorado Springs. Fred H. Haigler, a son, who lives here, has been at his mother's bedside for the past week and was present at the funeraL . Mrs. Haigler lived in La Harpe for I many years and was well known In j Tola. ( —The Missouri Pacific will have on sale January 13th, 14tb and 15th round trip tickets to Denver, Colo., for .Vntlonal Western Stock show at 123.25, with usual stop over privileges, limit on return to January 3lst Phone 160. E. E. .Munger, Agent. nartlcMviltn Enterprise: Mrs. E. Hitlns and baby went to lola, Kan.saa, this morning for a V I H II with fricnda and relative's. —persons troubled with partial paralysis are oftetj very much benefited by massaging the affected parts thoroughly when applying Chamber- Iain's Liniment. This liniment also relieves rheumatic pains. For sale by all dealers. Try the JlejrfBter Want «d way. DKIITIIE A Little Sage and Sulphur Makes Gray Hair Vanish—A Remedy for All HairTroubles Who dfios not know the vabie of sage and sulphur for keeping the hair dark, soft, Klossy ami in gwd condition? As n matter of fact, sulphur i-s n natural ele- lutnt of hair, ami u deficiency of it in the hair i.s hold by many ucalp speciiil- i .-^ts to be foune<-led with los* of color and vitality of the h.iir. rnquostion- alily, there is no better remc -dy for hair and scalp truiiMes, especially pt"'- niature graynesR, than sage and sul- phwr, it properly prepared. The Wyeth Chemical Compaay i>f New York iiut up an reme<Iy ot tbi.t kind, rntled Wyeth's Sage and Bulphur Hsir Rem- eily, and aniborize druggista to iiell it under giinrantec that tbc money,wilt be refunded if it falls to do exactly an rcp- ro^eiited. If you have dandruff, or if .vour hair if thin or turning gray, ger a bottle of this remedy from your druggist to -day, and Rco what it will do for you. This preparation ii orrrrLhl to The public at tiftr eeatit a tx^ttle. and l* recommended and sold by.all drugglsu. BpceUl Ac «nt-& R. BurrtU A THOBOUGH TEST. One That Will Convince tbe 2Iost KkepUcal lola Reader. Cures that last are cures that count. Doan's Kidney Pills make thorough curc.s. The following case is typicaL. lola residents should be convinced. The testimony is confirmed — the cure lasted. Proof like this cannot be Ignored. W. B. Kelley. 127 S. Washington St., lola, Kans.. says: "I suffered off and on for fifteen years from kidney trouble and I believe it was brought on by hard work. If 1 did any-stooping or lifting. It was sure to cause a dull pain across my loins. ' Hearing Doan's Kidney Pills highly spoken of, 1 got a box at C. B. Spencer & Co. s Drug Store, and I had not used them long before I was free from pain. I continued taking this, remedy and in a few weeks my trouble was corrected. I shall always have a good Word for Doan'.s Kidney Pills in view of wliat they did for me." (Statement given June 6. 1905). TLMB IS THE TKST. .Mr. Kelley was Interviewed on April 27. lOin. and he said: "I willingly verify the public statement 1 g.ive some yeara ago, rficomiiiendlng Doan's KIdntty Pills. The euro they effcctod in my case has been permanent. I now have no need of a kidnoy nirdi- '< cine whaJcver." For anle by all dcalera. Price r-nc. | Fostcr-Mllhurn Co.. Biiffaln. N. Y., sole agents for the United .States. Remember the name—Doan's—and take no other. LAND FOR 8AL£{ I have for sale the cheapest 160 acres of grass land In Alien County. For a pasture It can't be beat—over- lasting water—or it all can be mown. Close to R. R. station. Part time. I also have 60 acres improved land close to lola that I can sell at a bargain. Terms reasonable. C. 0. BOLLiarGEB KOTICE. Wo have an (excursion on the 16th of this month to our Florida lands. Also an excursion on the 15th to our Sacramento Valley. California, lands. Call and make arrangements to go. CUABLES * POTTEB loin, Kansas. FOB SALE, ALFALFA FARM Kingman County, Kans. 160 acres 4 miles from railroad station; fair Improvements: 100 acres alfalfa land; oiUy about 12 feet to water . It's a bargain at $50 per acre Mortgage 12000 6%. due in 4 years. Can exchange equity for good lola property at its cash value. lOLA LAND COMPANY. F6B SALE! 3 room house and acre of ground on car Une; f60O mortgage; |230. * room house and IVi, acres, same location; $700 mortgage; $330. 2 room house and I'A acres, same location; $330 mortgage; |75. These properties are all on car line, water line and gas line. Fine garden and chicken propositions. Monthly payments wilj be allowed, but no trade considered. Fruit trees, and small fruit in above places. FOB REM. "•room modern house close In; $18. S room modern house close In, $20. 5 room bouse, close in not modern, $6 Wbitikcr & Donncll. —If your children are subject to attacks of croup, watch for the first -vmptom, hoarseness . Give Chamber-| lalti's Cough Remedy as soon as the child becomes hoarse and the atUck may bo warded off . For sale by all dealers. Men the Biggest Beggara. Hrs. E. H. Harrimas. at a dinner in New York, said of the begging Utter nnisance: "I am orerwhelmed with begglny letters. I received Are thonaand begging letters before I started on my recent 'western trip. It Isn't unusual for me to receive one hnndrvd begging letters a day. "And most of them are from men- 'Women have a finer, bolder spirit than they used to have. The clinging, babyish type of woman ia disappearing— the type of womaa. I mean, who writes begging letters and who. If married, has for her motto: , *Xau^ and the world laugha with ytra. Weep and you get what you want" Good In Low-Voleed Reply. Wc have discovered iii our home that If the table talk gets too noisy one of the family may bring tbe rest to order by speaking In a sudden wbls- rer. Fsronts often sacrifice much to give their children dancing and music lesions, but the most lovely accom- pllshmmt of all, a soft and pleasant- 8pe.iklng voiro, is something they may theiniseives develop in tbe children. I find that a child reflects almost In- •staptly the tone of voice of one who speaks to him. A very gentle and low-vc.iccd reply to an excited or an- ;.ry c.'if.'d reduces his next remark to half in volume. To answer the vexation of a little child in a whisper catches attention, often brings » Uugh and Is far better than to sUmp the fretful tone deeper by mimicking it, as parents sometimes do. Example Is better than precept. Parents who have themselves learned eelf-coatrbl, and that it ia never necessary to raise one's voice in order to speak witl^ dignity and authority, are teaching tbelr children priceless lessons. That! a soft answer tumeth away wrath Is a cardinal maxim for the household.— Good Housekeeping. Post-Bellum. First lUllau—What was be decorated tor? Second Ditto—Bravery In the serla*- •ervlce in Tripoli. Hla machine fell from- a height of two hundred feet and crushed twenty Turks aingle- handed.—Puck. Promoting Pleasant Impressions. "What is leave to p'riatr* Inquired tbe lady who has the art of seeming Intereated. "Leave to print," replied Senator Sorghum, "is something that enabiee a mi|n to pretend that be haa delivered a ipeech, and which ahra eaabiaa hla friends to pretend that they tare made themselves familiar wltli Its eontenti." Locking Up the Stable. The chancellor of ihe exchequer was putting up the iron shatters while the first Lord of the Admiralty stowed away the show case. "There's no use takin' chances." •aya. the chancellor. "Britaania'a shop mnat be protected at all 'asards." ."Hlgfat y^n are." remarked the admiralty chap. "W^. them' atone- tltrowln' lydles busted enough -wlndov glass on their laat snSrin' rampyge ti> build a battleship an' grf a-doeea eoJ- Uera."—Clevelsbd^ Flgia BMder.-. .. lOLA R. R.TIME TABLES A. T. A 8. F. BAILWAY •euth Bound. So. iOl —^Dallr Fassena^r 1:05 p. No. 203—Daily Faaaenger N'lx 207—Daily (axcepc Sunday.) P OMBZ- ger ..i 8150p. nt No. S:5—Dally (except S-jnday) %Vay Freight. Arrive 12:01 p. m. Deport 1:05 p. a. North Bound. So. 202—Daily Fassene^r 2:21 p. m, .Vo. 304—Dally PasMnrer 2:?0 a. m.. No. 208—Dally (except Sunday) Paasen- ger 6:30 a. No. 1:16—Dally (except Sunday) Way Freight. Arrive 11:15 a. m. De part w.: 12:01 p: m- JnSSOUBl"FACIFIt! BAILWAY Freight*—Wert' Bound. •191—Local (daily er. Sun) lv.....l:4S p. m. ^5^—Colo. Red Ball (dally) lv...S:31i p. m. Fralghta—Eart Bound. Red Ball (daUr) ar. 1:10 a. m. 192—Lo(»l (dally ex. Sun) ar.....8:00 a. m- Pasiengera—vyest Bound. 407—Kansas Clty-Yatea Center Hail and . Express (dally) Iv. 4:47 p. m. 409—St. LoulB-WichlU Man and Express (dally) Iv 8:»3 a. m. Passengers—Eart Bound. 410—St. Loula-Kansas City Mali and Bx- press (dallv) ar. .-...7:17 p. m. 408—St. Louis-Kansas City Uail and Kx- presa (dally) ar. 8:SS a. m- M. K.'& T. BAIL WAT South Bound. •No. 871—Way Freight, (dally meepC Sunday) 4:80 B . ra- No. 75—Mbted (dany) 4:« p. m. No. 73—Ptissenser (dally) 12:1> P- m. No. 26—Flyer (dally) ....6:80 a. m. . North Bound. No. 24—Passenger (dally) l:2Sp. m. .Vo. 7»-Mlxed (dally) ....2:80 p.m •No. B72—Way Frelaht, (dafly except Sunday) 12:19p. m •571 and 578 will carry passenxera. miBCHAirTABLX ABSTBACTS. Bverr Abstract made in oar office ta guaranteed to be a merchantable abrtmet or moner refnaded ZOLA ABSTRACT COMFANT Frank Wood. Ilanager * MOKET lOliOASli f > WUl lend on hod^hoid seeds 4 ftaMB. oisaaa. «lirla« •» * * tUasB. diamonds and Jewelrr • * hlL COfflT • * Ut ITwtk Street * % Boyal Typewifter Agency a ^ Controls Exclusive Sale of the 9 £ Boyal Standard Typewriter. 3 « In Allen County • •9 E, H. Bussing, Agent • i No'thrup Building lola', Kane. 9 -£ Typewriter Bepalra and SnppUes 9 •9 Dr. a X. But • « BEKTIST • 9 Eoom mo. 1, Vortbrop BIdg. • -3 Extraction without pain by the * S use of^ltrons Oxide Oas * « Phone—oWce B53; Kes. 859 • « WHY HOT! • 9 Rave Tour Piano Tuned by o > 9 Experienced Tnns»— One Uv- • 9 Ing in your home town. 9 T.0.CAVAT8EY « 9 Ffane Tmer tad Bapakn 9 4 Roberts Mnslo Co.. Phone ttl • a «a«aa«aaaea««a«««« * • • « F. L. B. LEATXLL, H. B. • •Hi flpecIalUes— #. Olasaaea of the CiiMl. B -S DUffwiM ot CUldrl«. « « Phones— OfOfes I47| Bcs. W, 9 a lOLA STATE BANK BLDQ « * 9 ,«aaaaaaaa «a»aaaaaa * 9 * Beat Estete and UvwtMk • * ADCXIOKBEB 9 4> Batlsfsctlon suaraateed.Wlra ot 9 * phone at my expense for dates. 9, f X. B. CLABJK, * 4> lat^ Ceator Over Com. Bvrit 9 1^************9 ,.|,,f .Hi .|4.»4.|:Ht.| FHILLIF WEKSLM ivm South St ^ XIBSXSS AAD SAODELBT . . Cleaenl Bepalring^ All flais • *********** ****i^* * * * TO LOAir 9 ^ on all klada of houaebold goods * * or Jewelry—anything of value. * BIgus Fawn ghop. Bast Side >• * Squarei Office In Fruit Store. 9 * All trassactlons strictly conA>l 9 * dentfaL 9 * * ***************** MISSOURI VALLEY SANITARIUM, ATCHISON, KAKSAS ' A DEFSSBABLE iJBSISiCT Is one which V eoatalaa Bcenrata laformatlbn of all records relating to the property described therein. A complete and goonrste Abstract U 'the. bssig ol a good deed. • Thecg ars, no better Ab- •trscta titan ti^»» prepared by tn PBTERflOir- iB^VBAOT tO, VkfM fl OM C««rH««M Bl4Ci •tr £%ae$aas£a$aaa$a % Office Beg. 9 Phone ISS. Phone 18S-Y. a » DB. J. 6. WAIfKEB. « $ Kress Bidg. . a * Successor to-Br. S. A. Cotfman a a Special attention, to Qbatetrlcs a a and Disease of'Children. a |

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