Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa on April 24, 1975 · Page 6
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Titonka Topic from Titonka, Iowa · Page 6

Titonka, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1975
Page 6
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Students Perform In State Musk Contest Approximately 60 Titonka High School students performed at State Solo and Small Group Music Contest held at Bancroft High School Friday and Saturday, April 18 and 19. Ratings are given in three categories: I- superior performance in the event or classification; II above average performance; and III- average performance. A total of 11 I' s , 1511's and 6 Hi's were received ]' ratings were received by' Vocal Solo, Bonna Tapper Deb Janssen, Rachel Eden,' Wayne Bruns, Paul Janssen and Mark Van Weelden; Duet fcigas). Deb and Paul jSn; iV**)* Bonna Tapper and Deb Janssen; Joel Hjelmaas and Paul Janssen; Girls_Trio, Jean fcagelbarts, Jacque Seebeck and Alberta Sleper; Mixed Quartet. Rachel Eden, Sue Schmidt, Paul Janssen and Terry Meyer. The following received II ratings: Solo. Linda Hopkes, Jacque Seebeck, Renee Womble, Carol Peterson, Galen Heifner, Kay Giesking, Don Michaelson, Terry Meyer and Joel Hjelmaas; Duet, (unlike). Renee Womble and Mark Van Weelden; (like). Rachel Eden and Mary Christensen; Diane Spear and JoAnn Post; Girls Trio, Leanne Thacker, Janine Boy ken and Bonna Tapper; Boys Quartet. Paul Janssen, Gail Stoddard, Gary Brandt, and Don Michaelson; Girls Sextet. JoAnn Post, Renee Womble, Jacque Seebeck, Laura Boekelman, Jeannette Madsen and Alberta Sleper. Other students appearing were Cheryl Hansen, Cheryl Hanson, Cindi Baade, Barb Bowers, Conna Hoover, Deb Van Hove, Diane Van Hove, Doug Fox, Steve Dietrich, Paul Heyer, Paul Rode, Ryan Baade, Kevin Wilbeck, Dean Mechler, Greg Brandt and Marlin Brandt. Accompanists were Deb Janssen, Rachel Eden, Jean Engelbarts, Emogene Franzen, Diane Spear, Alberta Sleper, and Miss Clausen. The instrumental music department received 6 I's, 15 II's, and 2 Ill's. The following received a I rating: Flute Solo, Deb Janssen; Cornet Solo, Mark Van Weelden; Flute Duet. Rachel Eden and Emogene Franzen; Flute Trio, Deb Janssen, Mary Post and Jean Engelbarts; Sax Quartet, JoAnn Post, Lorie Schuster, Diane Spear and Roy Budlong; Sax Sextet, JoAnn Post, Lorie Schuster, Diane Spear, Jacque Seebeck, Rachel Eden and Roy Budlong. II ratings were received by: Flute solo. Rachel Eden and j^^V^^>*^gS$i Sni3BH'£-J^i'HSiirfiI? :w ''''' lui '" ' "*<|" t ; ! ' ' ' **"•• '•- i.' !•••-' 'S ••-jK '" ' '^v*^ .jSshvt'P *'*?• .'fc. ••''. - •, c- : '.''* ^.INSURANCE Bs»?8SSl&!SS!." test and fair adjustmen as S»«£ • « <* ote * n """^ to your exact individual needs. CONTACT YOUR DAWSON MAN FOR PROTECTION BOYKEN INSURANCE AGENCY Titonka, Iowa Where you save does make a difference. Home Federal is a proven, federally-insured savings institution that can offer you the highest interest rates allowable by law. Accounts are insured up to $40,000 while your investments are automatically reinvested to give you maximum earning power. 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JoAnn Post; Trombone Solo, Neal Struthers; Tuba Solo. Gary Brandt; Flute Duet. Mary Post and Jean Engelbarts; Clarinet Duet. Judy Brandt and Deb Van Hove; Trombone Duet, Neal Struthers and Joel Hjelmaas; Flute Quartet, Alberta Sleper, Jacque Seebeck, Renee Womble, and Sue Schmidt; Trumpet Quartet. Wayne Bruns, Don Michaelson, Jeff Heyer, and Terry Meyer; Brass Quartet. Mark Van Weelden, Kevin Wilbeck, Paul Janssen and Ken Post; Brass Choir. Mark Van Weelden, Kevin Wilbeck, Paul Janssen, Bonna Tapper, Neal Struthers, Diane Van Hove, Joel Hjelmaas, Ken Post and Gary Brandt; Drum Ensemble. Paul Heyer, Marlin Brandt, Renee Womble, and Denise Heyer. Others appearing were Sue Rike and Janet Post. In Honor Society Northfield, Minn.: St. Olaf College s eniors were elected to membership this spring in the college's chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, national scholastic honor society. The new members were initiated at a ceremony April 15. They join 14 other St. Olaf students who were elected to Phi Beta Kapps last fall on the basis of their first three years' academic work. Broad cultural interests, scholarly achievement and departmental recommendation are requirements for membership into Phi Beta Kappa. Only- ten per cent of the class can be elected to membership in the prestigious society. Included in the initiates was Gail J. Hanson of Titonka. Junior Girl Scouts On Monday, April 21, the Junior Girl Scouts had their meeting. We talked about what camps we are going to this summer. We went on a hike. We got into groups and picked a leader from each group. The leaders got a penny and at each corner they would flip it. If it was heads, we'd go right, and if it was tails, we would go left. Tammy Harms, Maria Baade and Angela Boeckholt served lunch. —Lori Huesman, reporter. Don U.M.W. Meet With Mrs. Tom Ellefson The Doan United Methodist Women met Thursday, April 17 in the home of Mrs. Tom Ellefson. Mary Young had worship and assisted Barbara Carlson with the lesson, a reading, "Spring Awakening", and from the magazine, Signs of the Tjmes, "Hell and High Water. " President Elsa Cunnigham opened the meeting by reading "Placing the Blame". Roll call was answered by 19 members. Minutes were read and approved, and the treasurer's report was given. Last call for tickets for the movie, "A Time to Run" was given. The movie will be shown April 2730 at the Algona Theater. The finished quilt was displayed, and 12 tote bags were turned in for Goodwill Summer Camp. It was reported that Howard Andrews is in a Mason City Hospital. The meeting was adjourned by singing "Wesley Grace". Lunch was served by the hostesses., Special Music Program it Algona High School "A Ja.?.7 Spectacular" featuring Maynard Ferguson and his world famous orchestra plus the Drake Jazz Lab Band will be presented at the Algona High School Tuesday evening, May 6. The event will be sponsored by the Vocal and Instrumental Promoters of the Algona High School. This is the third annual concert sponsored by the VTP's . Previous groups were Stan Kenton and "Up With People" in 1973 and 1974. The Drake Jazz Band will perform from 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. and the Ferguson concert will start at S:00 p. in. Adult tickets are $4.50 each and student tickets are $3.00. Adult tickets will be $5. 50 at the door the night of the perform ance. Advance tickets may be purchased by writing to Ted Herbst, P.O. Box 9, Algona, Iowa 50511, The Maynard Ferguson Orchestra is currently the most popular and enthusiastic jazz group in America. To the End of Tim* the Spirit Lives Though life ends, on lives the spirit. It is this thought that oar services express. WINTER FUNERAL HOME Phone Collect: 582-2858 or 582-2731 If no answer caD 562-2309 Buffalo Center, low» Get top swine profits Maximum profits are what the CO-OP Swine Meat Market Program offers. Here Is a program that will fulfill your feeding needs, utilize your feedstuff s and facilities, and at the same time make you more money. The CO-OP Meat Market Feeding Program available at Farmers Co-op Elevator Is designed to meet the needs of your total hog feeding operation. By starting baby pigs on CO-OP Litter Fritters, you are feeding a precision formulated feed with all the ingredients needed to get your pigs eating and growing in a hurry. When they reach ten pounds, switch them to CO-OP Pig Starter, the starter feed that takes up where Litter Fritters leave oft. Then utilize your own grain and CO-OP 40% Hog Concentrate, for a finishing ration that's economical, but more Important, power-packed to give you the gains you're looking for. This Is just one of the options in CO-OP's Swine Program. Stop by Farmers Co-op Elevator soon and get the complete story. "NAIL DOWN EXTRA PROFITS" with (COOP) FEED Farmers Co-op Elevator Book F«r Plained At Forest City The 4th annual "Book Fair" sponsored by the Forest City chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), has been set for May 1,2, and 3 at the Forest City Legion Hall. The success of the fair depends on donations of books, puzzles, records and dress patterns by local citizens. As in past years, the used books will be offered for sale at extremely low prices, most ranging from 5 to 25 cents. Profits are for charity. Also featured are a set of Ian Fleming books, and a deluxe illustrated dictionary; both to be sold by sealed bid. Persons wishing to donate items, or seeking information, should contact Mrs. Kenneth Schlegel, AAUW member, at 582-4056. Phone 928-2515 Titonka Ley Urges, Beware Of Bargain Herbicides During the past month two Kossuth County farmers have called me about being offered by telephone "bargain buys" in herbicides. Reports that many farmers in Iowa are being offered what the telephone salesman claims to be bargain price on various chemicals which may or may not have herbicidal value. In most situations, the products offered are inferior in quality and quantity of active ingredient, and the telephone salesman misleads the purchaser regarding how the chemical may be used, and the cost is abnormally high for the amount of product obtained. The typical approach is for an out-of-state salesman to call late in the evening or early in the morning and offer to sell THE TITONKA TOPIC April 24, 1975 Page 7 his products. Most often the product offered under a hard-sell approach is a total vegetation control herbicide at $14. 95 per gallon in 20 or 50-gallon containers. Some have EPA registration; others do not. Although the active ingredients are usually for non-cropland area use, the salesman may claim the herbicide may be used not only around buildings, but in fence rows, on roadsides and in fallow ground. In one instance, a product was promoted to control weeds for two years in corn. The purchaser is seldom told the active ingredient or rate to use. One product's label states it contains about 1962,4-D,l% pentachlorophenol and other phenols -ind less than 1% brom- acil; the remainder is petroleum solvents and inert ingredients. It is to be used at one to two gallons undiluted per 1,000 square feet. It would take a minimum of ten gallons to treat one mile of fence row, and, at £15 per gallon, the total cost would be $150. On a pcr-scrc basis, 44 to SS gallons would be needed and would cost $660 to $1, 320 per acre! There are many excellent herbicides and soil sterilants available which are legal and much less costly to use. Most purchasers would be wise to select what they need from a reliable dealer who will stand behind his products and service problems that might arise rather than from a fly-by-night operator. The Anyday Card club met in the home of Fern Kitzinger last: week. Honorees were Mick Jandl, Fern Kitzinger and Karen Folkerts. The next meeting is in the home of Velma Nelson on May 1. LAWN-BOY SUPERSTARTERS are easy to maneuver. Here's why: First exclusive Lawn-Boy engine is pounds lighter than comparable horsepower 4- cycle engines Second the strong Magnalite deck is 1/3 lighter than aluminum The easiest-topush mower made today" Solid State 19' Model 5273 Solid State Ignition with a hotter spark for Quick starts ... new simplified carburetor with 1 /3 fewer parts for Sure starts. Solid State means no condenser or points to replace. Snap-on grass bag with pivoting support rod. Patented safety features. Extra quiet under-the-deck muffler. 6 cutting heights. Up/front discharge gets clippings other mowers miss. 1 -year s warranty. 11 Farmers Co-op Oil Co. I Phone 928-2614 Titonka, Iowa We need many more production workers! Most openings start at '3 50 an hour! We are adding 2nd and 3rd Shifts in many departments and are now accepting applications for them! We offer excellent starting wages for all jobs and have a broad fringe benefit program. Apply at employment office in the shipout building, located on the south side of the Crystal ; Lake blacktop road in south Forest City. EMPLOYMENT OFFICE OPEN 9 A.M. - 4 P.M. (Except Mondays 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. only) INDUBTRi S r,ITY\Mt»»<lUm mB, I NO* ft \t

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