Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1912 · Page 4
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 4

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1912
Page 4
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THE iOLA DAILY'REGISTER, TUESDAY EVENING, JANUARY 9, 1912. ptA DAILY REGISTER TIM Mt Dally ftaeord and fha loia Dally afifi HiCIISTBB FUBLISHDiG CO. !er«l at the lola Postor/ice as Second- CUai Matter. Ratat Made Kno^Q on Application. *MBSCRIPTION RATES. . Har In lola. Qaa City. Lanyon- nfcrato, LaHarpe and Batsett: , Jlt 10 cents Out Month 44 cent* on* ttu J6.00 ^•j' . BV MAIL: Qna T «Br. Insld* county 13.00 u Xaar, oti " oat outside county »3.00 Bttmm» Office Ik ioawiy ./fepofter ^^ JOB tpa ,Bind«ry Dent 141 dMrlal Paper of City of lola. Official Paper City of Bawett. Official Paper of Allen County. U.o men cf lola not already Christians Just how much they are missing,— mlHsIng for themselves and their families and their town—that these meetings are being held every day and night this week. The speakers who address them are not professional evangellEts. They are not even ministers of the Go3pel. T^hey are business men and profosBionarl men who have laid aside their own affair.s (or a few days and havcVome to talk to us about the rnc thing wnich they regaid the most Important ~thing in the world. Tliey have a message for us. and every man In l^la ought to go and hear It. her lOLA'S EIGHT-DAV CA.MPAMi.V. The Xew Vear has Just begun and everybody expptts that a great many imiiortant things will come to lola and be don« in lola iofore it is ended. But there Is Eomclhing happening right now that IK of an importance not likely to bo t-qualled by anything else that can possibly come to this town,—and that is the series of meet- IDgg being held th the United Urethren chuich for the promotion of the -Men and Religion Forward .Movement. The meetings are held at the U. n. church instead of being di.siributed around amdng the other churches for the reason that it is rentrally located and is easily heated, to that it-can always be comfortable. The first meet- TIIE tJEKMAN ELEtTIOX. re is an election in Germany next Friday for members of the Reich stag which is attracting the attention of all who try to keep in touch with world polities. The (.eriiKUi constitution provides the term of llio Reichct.-ig shall be lit - yejirs instead of two ye ;ir», a.s iii ilii- f:i.s» of the rorrespiMuiing Loi 'y, tlie I;(;I:K (' ef Rep resent;il|-."= in Ihe Stati-s, hence it hiis Ijern llv • >i.;-.ii ..If .ee Ihe people cV (iei-IIIiiliy I'.i '.e li :il op- imrtuiilly lo lii'lii I'e ilnir views on lialloniil ciuestion.s, iitd ih- r'^ault will l>e awiiiied with real iiMxIety in many quarters of th<' Fath'rl:iiiil I'.IMI with keen interest in every ehaneellery cf the world. The Itetchstag just (llssohrd, wliieli was <'Iecf<'d in 1!M)7, was con.s'itnled as follows: HiKht tron.servatlves. Free Conservatives, Agrarian Associations) n:: lag wis held last night and the local'(',,,„pr (Catholics. I'oles) reiwrt of it which appears elsewhere in this pai>er will tell you what kind of a meeting it was. Meetiiiss,)\jll be held there at 10, 3 and, 7:30'o'clock every remaining day of this week. each of which will be addre.«sed by able, earnest and eloquent speakers. and it is lio|)ed"and_e5y)ected that they will grow in interest and enthusiasm as the time goes on. While the Register has devoted a great deal of space to a local r^ort of the Men and Religion movement and to these particular meetings, it desires to emphasize as much as possible in an editorial way its cordial at>i>roval and endorsement of the raoxiement. It is iniiwssible for this paper to conceive of any one thins which would be of such immeasurable atlvantage to lola as the detormina- .tlon o( every man in it to liecome a Chrlatlan, and to lead a consistent Christian life. It would be of advantage of the town in every way,—material, moral, intellectual. In a purely business way it would be worth more to lola than a do^en new factories,—and that could be absolutely demonstrated if one cnrrd/to take the time to make the argument. Hid you ever stop to thing wliat it would mean to a town for every man in it to be a Christian ? One way to help you to realize it is to try to imagiac what sort ot/i town we would have if no man in it were a Christian. Suppose it were announced to the world to-morrow morning that ever? man In lola h'ad renounced the (Christian religion, that the churches would be closed, the ministers discharged, the Associated Charities, the V. M. and Y. W. C. A., the Children's Home and all the othec Institutions and organizations which had their inspiration in religion and ott«ed their foundation and maintenance to the churches, would be abandoned. Can't you imagine how people from all over tjje_ land would Just naturally NOT flock here to go Into business, to start some new enterprise, to bring up their families In wholesome and TipUfting surroundings? And yet to the extent of their numbers and to the limit of their influence, the men who iive here and who have not identified themselves with the Christian life of the community are consenting to Just that kind of a town, if not actively working to secure it. They are saying "so far as w« are concerned, there shall be no churches or Christian Associations or qdier religious societies in lola." They may- nerer have thought of it in that light, but now that it has been suggested to them, can tliey not see that it.lB so? It is for the purj>o.''es of showing ... 12:' I.eft (National l.iiterals R.uli- cals .Sll lOi; Social Democrats (Socialisisi .. 43 Scattering (partic\ilaristic parties) C While fjr purposes of eonvenienee the nbove grouping is :i(liiiLssil )Ie, thi' truth is that there are not less than forty political "parties' in Germany and at least thirteen of them have ri-presontalives in the Reichstag. The strongest of these is the Center or Catholic i>ariy, which has maintained its organization for more than thirty years and has always commanded strength enough to be reckoned with. It has been a government party for •l .e past ten or twelve years, and in conjunction with the Right, made up of two or tlireo conservative groups, lias been the mainst.iy of the administration. The Left is made up of various more or less radical groups, which find their common ground in opposition to a high protective tarilT and in a demand for equal civil and r<'lipiouB rights for all citizens and tor the peaceful arbitration of all international disagreements. The So- clallsta, of course, are the e.viremlsts. wliose ultimate aim la to aboli.sli th rnonnrcliy and establish a pure d< ivocrncy. Tliere seems to be much uncertain ty, even in Germany, as to the out ennie of the election. Tliere hag bee a great deal of dissatisfaction among :i!l parties with the Government's h .ndling of the Moroccan affair, the very general feeling being that France pi)t altogether the host of tlie bargain i!!id that German prestige and dignify tl 'erefore wore sacrificed to the en hancement of her ancient enemy. The high cost of living has entered into the campaign also and many oth er questions which the people have never before to pass upon. The result, therefore, is in very grsat doubt, although it seems inevi mbie that the groups which are "agin the government" should gain strength sugar Instead of one. add tell them huUsale fellers I'll discount their bill." And then Scrimp Short, the banker, he Jest hops across tii^e street and says to Jed: "How's crops?" And Jed says to him: "Scrimp, she's goin' to be a bumper crop I tell you." And Scrimp he rubs his hands and feels his oats and tells his customers he'll take them notes at nine per cent; and finds he's got about • mother fifty thousand to let ou<; and thinks the notes can be renewed again for may- bo oi^ht per cent instead of ten. And Old Doc Blako he sees Jed Hicks and slops right throLgh the mud and says to Jod: "How's crops?" And Jed says: "Doc I never sec the beat of this year for corn:and wheat." And Doc he smiles, bccauSe he's got about five thousand on his books standin' out and so he goes to the garage and says: "Green, you better onder me hat new machine we^ talked about the other day." And so it goes. Jed Hicks ain't much lo look at, but his say is pretty powerful in a business way and when he says the crops is hard to beat, you Bee folks perk up ail along thi' street. Si Gregg he gives big orders for his store, and Scrimp Short finds he 's got a-plenty more good money to Irnd out, and everywhere you feel that easy-monoy-comin' air. And all because Jed Iticks he says, sajui he: "The crops is hard to be;it." Of course (loets have license to make things as they ouglit to b< whether it l.s as they are or not. Hut 1 here's a deal of good, soiind phyelio- lopical philosophy in this little sityry about Jed llicks. Confidence and corrage and liopefulness are all con- lagiou".- as contagious as ilii^eourag'- ment and fear and despair. One of he Viesv ways in the world to make busini -Ks good, is to insist that it is ,TOO(l and that it. is bound to p«'t bef- nr. Let \i» all make up our niiiid." hi't "them crops, they can't b- biai." Let Its take Jed Hicks for our model, and not Sam Grouch. to be some assurance, in advance as to the terms and t)ie time? It might be somewhat embarrassing for the candidates for delegates to be called upon to put up $3,000 each to defray the expenses of the primary and have their campaign limited to ten days. H(MV JED HH'KS STARTS THI>GS In spite oT the fact that he writes poetry J. W. Foley has a lot of sense Did you se? that poem ot his called "How's Croj's?" in a recent Saturday Elvcning Post? It is a little local siory about Jed Hicks, who drives up Main street and runp against Si Gregg and Si Gregg says: "Ho\y's crops?" And Jed says, "Si, I never see a crop like this one promises to be," And tlicn Jed goes ahead and orders big, all kinds of farm supplies rill Si gets real sunshine in his eyes :!nd says to Emmet Pew, the drnmmer: "Pew make that two tons of The Fountain Head of Life Is The Stomach a weak and impaircJ i .l'jr3ach and who tioc'j not properly difM bit food wilt aeon 6nd tnst hit hinod hns become weak and impoveriibed, and ibct hit \<ikv'.: hsdy i> iniprupcrly and ^ inauftcientlr oourieiied. Vr. PtEMtCCS GOLDEN ttEDiaTlL DISCOVERT mmkM the mttamch mtroai, promoM tJio flow or tUgooUrm Imleca, t*stoi*m thm lost appetite, tumkca mnatmUattom perfect, iarlioratxs the Ilrer mad parUlem mna earteMem tHo blood. It li the sircat blood'innkcr, itemb'bmMer and restoratlvo rcn-o far/?, it makes ana mtrttai la body, active la mtad cad c«o7 ij lud«csieBt, that "Diseo^-ery" is a pure, glyceric extract of Ataerican nicdical roots, abaolvtely free from aljnhol and M\ iiijurioun, habit-fomint drugs. \\\ its iatredienu a.-c printer! on its wrapper;. It his r.o relationsh:;? wit .S f«cret iaoctntnu. Its every in^rciiietit ts eadurscJ by the leadens ir. all ijpc .•schools cf Medicine. Dun't aocept a secret no>truni c% a substitute for tliis t'nc-provc;! ftemedy OF KNOWN couinismoN. A ^r. ID: K Nvtrinriius. Tliry n:u«t Iciiutv of naay core* made bv it during past •?:» ye^rs, n'iJbt in your owa neiUhborbood. Worid 'a Diapeosary Medical Associalioo, Ur. R. V. Pierce, Pre^., Uuflalo, N. Y. IIFSCLTS OF Si:.\I>AY .irEETIXf.'S. After referring to the case ot a young society woman in Wichita who. since her conversion at the Uilly Sunday meetings had decided to devote herself ito evangelistic work, '.he Kagle adds: This is only one among a number hi yoi '.nir nun and young woni »m who are now planning to take up special work of this sort as a din'ct result of tjiose me <'linKS. Many of these are f^m tlie uiost exclusive society circles- of llie city, people wliose plans for life Iiad be-n entirely diffetent he- fore this linio. At the other extreme tliere are hundreds of incidents wlii<'li niiglit b" enumerated of those who have bi>en r -iisi -d out of a state of sordid degre- Ldaiion iiy their conversions. Tliere Is proiiably no one In the whole c 'ly 'vho does not know men who have been absolutely different since they took the hand of the evangelist and lirofessed a desire to "quit their mean neas." Another marked change In the life of tl)^ city has come In the social woriil. Card clubs and dancing parties have been absolutely broken up in many cases, and other <-iuba have lost a large per centage of membership. Women who had previously devoted practically all their time to society functions, parties and clubs have taken up social and benevolent work, leaderships in Bible etc. Hundreds of men who had previously scarcely ever entered a church door have commenced active work in connection with the churches of the city. That Is a fine idea of Governor Car- roil of Iowa, to reduce the width of the public highways of that state from 66 to 40 feet. He figures that It will give back to llie farmers 300,000 acres of valuable agricultural land, in addition to burdening them with less road to koep in repair. .•Vnd it is a reform that KanSTis might well emu late. There is no conceivable rtvison why a country road should be more than forty wide. That width would allow five feet for a ditch on ea<'h side and still leave a thirty-foot roadway, wiiicli Is really ten feet Avid- cr tlian it needs to be. Cheapside, the busiest street In London, is less than forty feet wide rrom curb to curb, and more tralllc! passes over it In an hour llian traverses the busiest eoiiniry read in Kahsiis In .-i month. Cut down lln< ruadd, take the surplus laml back, into the farins, and then keeji (he road that is left in good condition. i.:ir.)lli He declares that Wall Street is respiiiisihie for every panic, and llial every one <'(iuid have Ijeen slopped if tlie t;overnment hail threat-' « :!(:| to throw all the .Vew Vork b.itiks into flic h.-inds of reerivers un- les.s they _^lnstanlly did ili:it tiling. Th" Senator's ptomaines must liave gone to his iie.'id when that statement was made. Any sane man knows iliat a panic liurts Wall Street more tlKin it liurts anytiiing or any- lioily or liny place else. Ami any man with a inodicum^of roniinon sense knows that if a panic w.-re brewing llie most certain way in tlie world to a.ssurc it and enii)liasize it, would be the threat to tlirow all the banks of New York City into tlu hands of ree:'ivers. The December bulletin ftom the International Institute of Agriculture reports that the world's Vheat crop Is 98.6 per cent of that of the year 1910. All other cereals are considerably below the 1910 yield except barley which is practically the same, and rice which is considerably above the 1910 figures. The bulletin places the European production of sugar at only 7.5 per cent of the 1910 crop which would go to sustain the contention that the high price of (hat product is warranted by llic scant supply. i Your Interest is Ready All depositors having accounts in our Savings Department will please present their Pass Books at' the bank, to have the semi-aijnual INTEREST for the last half of the year 1911 credited thereon. You caii either draw this interest in CASH, or have it, credited to vour account which will draw 3';c' inter- I est, thus making COMPOUND INTEREST:' YOUR INTEREST IS READY! The tuberculosis death rate has declined fifty per cent in thirty years. But lest that statement should make us feel happy the insurance actuaries who make it declare that the cancer de:ith rate in. the same time has increased 130 per cent, . Still when We consider the extent to which ty- plioid and smiill pox and Asiatic cholera and diphtlieria have been conquered, the balance is certainly ttj the credit of scientific invi-.v-tigatlon and siinitatlon." State Savings Banlc Capital .$25,000.00 Surplus $2,500.0p 3v; Interest Paid on Time or Savings Deposits! •( Although the last CdugresK pu». hides on the free list the jirlc • of | shoes Is !.f|vanclng. One of th.' cheerful announcements from Itroeton. .\ia.=«., is that i-arly In the yt'ar^a general increase of .'>0 eeiiis per jtair is likely to IR ' made.—Ottawa Republic. Ileing a Democratic paper and having always maintained ilmt reduction of tlie tariff would iiust the trusts und Itritig prices down, how ilocs the Itepublic account for it ? THE NORTHRUP NATIONAl BANK I<H..V, KA.VS.IS OVER FORTY YEARS OK (ONSEiiV ATI YE UANKINO IJf itOL.l IJepo^iiory for Ihe Inited .Slates, Stale iif Jiansa.s, und Alien Count/ Oil-IC; J?S: l„ !.. .VOHTIIiill'. Prisidetii I) I>, NOUTHi;iTP. 2nd V-Prcs. 1*. A. .MiCTIlUri'. Vi(.-I'ie.-|(I, :!t .MKIA'IX FRO.NK, Cashier. R, J. C()l"l-KY, .\ KS siuiit Cashier CAPITAL .$50,000.00 SURPLUS $20,000,00 Interest Paid on Time Di-poviis Safety I>e|>o>tit Boxes for Rent YOrit IMSINESS SOLICITEI). This pajier beiievoB .-Tn the enforcement of the jirohibitory law. liut it would not bank very hard on the real Christianity of the "Rev." .N'orrls who In hlif capacity as "spotter" for th< Governor or the Attorney General, admits that he has rejieatediy gone in to joints and "set 'em up" to the bar room loafers who happened to be in the place. When wo pray, "Lead us not into temptation " there is at.-least .in iiiiplieii i.ronilse thai we will not bad others into teiiiMtation : and inducing other men to drink, even thougli dom- In onlcr lli;it In the end there may lie no place fo^nieh lo drink. Is certainly a iirctty juior busi- ne.^s. Everybody calls them "Irish potatoes," but Ireland never heard of them until the Spanish explorers brought them back from South America where they were under cultivation at the time of the discovery and where, so far as is known, thsy wore indigen- 0"s . Nearly every country grows them now, though, the world's crop for 1911 being approximately sir billion bushels, of which- the United States contributed 377 million bushels New York is the largest potato producing state in the United States her product in 1910 being 44'^ million bushels, against 35 million in Michigan, 2S million in .Maine, 28 million in Pennsylvania, 25 million in Wisconsin, 15 million in Ohio, 12 2-3 million in Illinois, 12V« million in Iowa, and alwut 10 million bushels each in Minnesota and New Jersey, while practically all the remaining states arc? representodi with totals ranging from one million to 8 million bushels'^ each. . , .\'o one who lias the Irnst acquaintance with Presldeiii Taft was sur- prls^'ii le the slritinii'iit given o(H from tile WliifT' House the other d;iy that he would not countenance attacks upon Itoosevell in his alleged interest. Tliis attitude on the jmrt of the President is prompted, not only by his fine sense of propriety,, but by his loyalty to the sentiment of friendship which so long existed between the two men, and by his genuine affection for Uoosevelt and his sincere appreciation of his great qualities. There will be no quarrel between President Taft and the ox-President. This is election d ;iy out in tlie liig j Seventii.—with the snow two feet deep and tlie mercury shivering at. tile bottom of the tube! If enough voters outside of the towns get out to man the polls they will be doing well. And the man wlio gets beat will have the most conclusive reatoii in the world for the result. Highest IViarket Prices For Hides arid Furs. Also Fine Lump Coal for sale at it Is creditable to Governor Stulili.'^ tiiat he prefers Uoosevelt to I.aKol- lette. but it is railier surprl.-intj tiia' he does- so,—Kaii.-^as City .lour:ial. Why the surprise? Is it not appar- | ent to Jinybody that Roosevelt L< vastly more popular in Kansas than l.:> Kollelte is? L. KRUPP'S JUNK YARD Phone S14 One of the reasons life insuranc •omiianies thrive is that tlieir policy iiolilers make tiieni a donation ev(>ry year in tlie way of lapsed polici": vhicli aggp'sate $25,0mi,nii(l. t SPECIALS FOR IIOUSEWARMUVG inch nnUy «>ak Ileiiferv M inch nilily ();;K Healer^ It- inch nilit> Oak lle^t r.* SIO.OO This is the time of year wlieti mighty few p"ople envy riir.r ii;;ill- c;irrler hi.'>^()l», or kick l>i'c; l;i,s in so Iiigh. Tlie^c. StnVfS m:ik> taclx'd fui' liiu))iii« 'A:.- liii'' c'liii iiiii .\() e\n : < .1 <rs ;tiid haie ^a.s rings at- i ;ge for .sell111 glliem up. mUmm mmmmi COMPANY The only w:iy some jieoplc can li.-ivt I'oulile is by borrowing it. Why not a presidential primary in the .second district? The people spoke In most emphatic language last fall against tinkering with the primary. If a Congressional primary Is good why not have one for President? The state committee only lays down he rule for the four delegates at large. The Second district has an opportunity to lead in a v.ny that will b? received with satisfaction. l>^t us ave a primary to elect our two delegates to the Chicago convention.— I-awrence Journal. If we remember rightly the Joural was not altogether satisfi ?d with he last primary that was held in this District. Remembering that the same committee would have to call a presidential primary. If one^ were held, doesn't the^oumal think there ought LESONPACE CAU8E0 GREAT DISnfieEBT For I hree Long Years. SafTefed Great Deal. Cijt:curaScapr.nd Ointment Brought Marvelous Results. In Few Weeks Cured Con -iDietoly, ItKKl.ECTIONS OF A l(AClfEf.UK. From the .'s"''w ^Vi;k I' One higher iM '.ucii '.ion is',; ii raisethe money to piive ii to the c! i;-: ren. It's just .T woman's luck to Iiave ; I'ig thaw come when she g-ts her new furs. T !ip trouble Willi learning it is tli .-i! ii tea/'lie.s yoi! how ninr:; riore ther is to ierrn. The faster a mnn er ;n go up in hi; own opinion the faster ho can com' down in somebody else's, . .\ nv.-.u can whisper a thing a sir' wants to hear and sl<e will it • init" awnv, tin' he can shout if if sh' doesn't wan! to, -ind she can 't liear i in the same room with him. THE COGin^L COMMISSION CO., loLA'.s I'juuM ( ,«AKKI;T l!i:y,iig .-very d;iy_ahvays i>->ii T lest prici .-; fur I'OI'LTRY, i'.l"!'ri;i(. l''.i;<;.S and IIIIIK.S . Ci I n- iiji. . I '/Kiiie We iire always ghid to tiiik Id yo.i. Tlial's v. h;u w • are lii're for. Phone 37 (i (Surces''(»r.s to lola Produce Co.) West «f S:ii;!ii I e Tracks " Inlii, Kansas •> •;• •:• -:• -y * -> -j- -> •> %- • • AS O'llIERS SEE THINGS. •> • •:• • <• •:• •:• <• •> POINTED PARACnAPHS. From tiie Chicago News, Kvery mp.n knows better than does. If i.-norartce is bliss, why so many di'domn faciories? Poverty would seem easier if !• wasn't so long drawn out. Many .i man is cre,dit<-! witli thint:;; thpt are not to his credit. I . Some men commune with tlie spir- J /l's and use a bartender as the nied- ium. And every mother's son of us ex- i:Pcts to strike it rich some •'.••y. Any fool can please a woman but :• taltos a wise man to ke< p her ple-ased.'.illeltr's Follies. From th.' I'liiladi Ipli::! I'ubiie .\ddre.s,sijig a synipa-li^-ric .Micliiciit' :n]dience S'niitor I.rii'ollftte d" ••i' hat th^ eiilire inlerc-r.s 'lie country are controlled by ;i Iiunrtr.-d lein who ; Y\:-i lo iiolh buyers and f. :ired that ttiey do not since the ' < ,io |;ro:-'re.';.sives failed to endorse •:• Ii ' S.niitoi-,., although giving him a ••*,(• r,ij(!iijieiit;!ry vote, and tlie empty V ( iinfort of a declaration that lie i.-^ ; •<'•>• living enihodiiiient of their ideiis. j '• 1! i' be thai tlie S-nator has a de< [> ' '"rk d'-'sizn to strengtlien Taft by r'- ; rindinc pecjile of the safe, sane candidate every time he advances l;i--^ 0"n cnndidacv. because he is so dil- . r ri^nt from .Mr, Taft? it is sure that, lio di.-vti' ' e; ch time liio Syn;itor speaks tli',' gr-ii-rs \Vt' i ' :<sid<nt siirii,=; rfJifer und saner, and Oi "I wa.<i tro;iliIiI v,i!h trne for thre-> long 7rt:;,. y_v Jiv; ua.; tl.e purl atli-ct.-'l, but it iau.«.-J (jreat d>lii;urf::n:.t, also BUfforintf aad-lo.-'i of .-ili-'P. At l:r.;t triTC a,ipi.i.'<M n-l, hint pirapie:' v.inch IOILT < '.'itiiii-.J i.l.itc.iiialt.-.-. I MilIiT^il a ire .:l .li-al raii.«c<l by thu itcliiiii;. I in a Ktatc (if piTplis'Uy whi-n A alkbs the .sirivi .H or anywhere Ixfofc'lhe pt.hlK-. "1 u.iwl iilIU and oth^T reinwlirs biUJln-v tiil ..i| rmn- irly. I l)ioi.';:l:t of pi vine up v.h^n Pol !:iii^ m :I I ln-I:>. !>iil » >rii.|:iliii; tilil me to lo' J'l" ' iiinira l<<iap uiiM • litit- jncnl. 1 .«>-;l fi.r a . ra lUjokle; v,\>»'.\ I lead cjr> fi.ily. TtuT. 1 '.r jc ^Iit .wMim CMticiin s^>al> •"•nfnviit aii'l ay UMnv-MZ l'..''- :;.rr ,-|i :ini I wa.; r. i!v.l J;i i-x di;'- - liiud f4ii:iira ,-')Ut> ni,v fa—, ant i'i;>li "i' t,'i.. < -1,-0 1 •ii;i::i-ijt .••i.jriiiijT ail.I •v.-riirg. 'ilr* ',ri-j::!r,it :,; ; t r,j.-- \ '.o'Xi r.'.i . . I r<:\. . .•• I :'. f .r a fi-.v uif 'n- ;•.;:! • 11 <r- .! r I r;ii ;r.:t!;iu!;y . : •; i- I'..' •.-± \: \ t are UOl ai:. i::'. :i:i 'r<- t u:, i to Vf." l.>i3Viv.ll '•. I '.aa;:: 'i. i'! "> L'OtU Place, f";iiwi. 1:1., --. '-.^ll. For lenrc tlr a ivi;. -. lii. i Cm. .m i;,ni- *»t|i-Ti ti.tVC :.!» •.! 1 I •» -t ••'••flv»:;U*. ..1 treatli.t rn !"'»r r:i*-^i :i »r;:'.f t--- 1 in ui •! •» ai*>. \ r ;»kL" of I 'ljiji jra r^uaji ^ l,.;.; 1.1 Clili' iiri ili:ii!n.'iit iXe.) arr .,11. n -lii::. i r.t. .•,f.;i',ii;:h «oM tMroiurhoiu' tiif rnr, I, ,• M-.f.! sample nf earti, with .T>p. tawik < :i I'.u- >k.l.i. . niil he isrnt ,(r<«, on »|i|ilt>«ii to I'uttft Srus t Cbeta. Corp., ]Xi/\. I^Mtoa. liave heard of men wlio liiiv<' j;oii' ' y'' .mthorized w dfny th;if •roke attitnpting to cr.ntrol one grt i'ei'^ ^S'ii'i'or'.-; plan, Thatmigh', !' prici's. but we i>,<-vcr heard of any i * •' ."ii'^i>'eted of our solo patriot, butj combination of men wjio could lon.L-i Hi iiaior, ife is for hitii-j •••j'.itrol priees coiiirjiry to ihe n-ai fi^-". always, and it i^ 1. 1 '> hy liii '-rror of judgment that h*- ••::!;s so foolishly and so Often. [sriito of t!ie ni.irket. It i,a sure tlia: !:e Steel Tru .-it. the world's larg si has made a failurr> at !% of which rli- nd is not y,.t. It is sure that wit hi: j -.Ci:a:!e:- Durham. Lovington III., i week the component parts 01 ilv ] ) u-^ siucii eiied in finding a positive Vormer oil tru.-^t have had to i>ay in„\; \ (!;e for Imd wetting. "My little b'ov rhan they liked for tlie raw tiiiif-rla':; • v. t the bed every night clear thri>' which they wanted. We uniS-rr^ii:- 'o ! i;n the floor. I'tried several kinds of >-ay that none of .the Sen;i'i>i<iiii j luMidred could fix the rau> of cii.siO'iiii ' an;, j ri-pufable bank, or co::!d v •• his nA-. l .'iter:il acc.-pied at an iiiitair v ::lu ;i- ' •ion in any d-ceni ninin y sl 'oji. \ it is unnec'-ssary m V.S'A why th-' i |'^efi;itr )r t:?lks >«< h ri;f.l)i.-^li. if .\ man doesn't app.-eeljii,. common his own promissorv not.- in ;:'-nse in a .voair.n un!-is he- ;s married to her. He !,< truly a devoted husband who do"sn't wl!!c." wlien his wife calls him pet mimes in public. There -m.-iy be nothing new under the sun. but almost any mo l-rn dnu- r-'i^t < an give you "sometlJi)); just as good," It's e.i.slcr for a young man to writ" a s:itisr;ictory love letter during iii-t coiirishlp than it is 10 write .1 «iii- Iffact'iry check after tl:<dr marrlag- k' in- y medicine and I was in the drug .-'ore lo(iking for something different •'• iielp him when I hoard of Foley K'dney Pills, Ater he had taken them t II days we rnnUl see a change and V. iin iie h:id taken two thirds of a •• 'lie he wa- cured. That is about week?! ago and he has not wet in :'!0r<; liiter-st'iii; to .-isk wh-ller his j li. il .^inee " .1. I), Mundis Co. auiiiencfs slill fell ttii-'!' h;iir li-i.' ill; Ihe o\d i!v.iini"r wh.-n ii.^ rihoot-; III! I "f .1 I'l-ti r.son: Farm Loans his e!i,ir:if. ri,<iic llirili»-rs. It J^; 10 ':ianei\ .\li.<t racti^. Iii- The lola high si-^nol bask"! ball A teiini, nftcr it< eleven victories, like 1 l <Mi -.ilc-i .tifter the performance of !•!>; 5^ t've've (a,';ks, is now entitled to a re'^t — at' ai.v tale, it is to cei n \r<\. who;'.IT it Is epfltled to it or no;, for ji ,n povt line in whl<-h the (eani will r )ki> -.i.-irt will l.e that with Hnidwin a week frosn next .Friday night iri/th^s city. Duriug the Interim, of eOnr.-e. r!e toys wUI keep in good |(rarti'-e. and when the time arrives will lie in the idnk of condlt'-on to meet opponents. The ilahiwin te.-^n: is p Strong one. having lost to >he 'itiong Cir.y ('en'er team reeent!v 1-y :• nnr- Kln of but three points. P,ut the lola five i^ confident, as Indeed are nil I who have seen theif wonderful play. \ rri-^nd. Tlif^ evenv, ,trcn;;t !i;:.;! i '•:it--i.;-, ;-vv- . ; :'.'o-hcr':- TV v.-'. '. • : •• • l.hy in-,.-, r I tr.;icl- •••:•••-:[ ci -r ••• • iWo'Vor i •) ::'•': -'. :.. ' '• iitoihcrr. Every vrcm.-.n'a heart thrills at the cooing a;i.-l prafling of » baby, and mo'.hcrhood I3 Ucr highest and joy. Yet lin sailcrlng Incident to thi! ;;rcrit coi:smamatlon of her UfCt I '.r.iire, •.-,••;);! t.ho'antlcipation of soma '. r i's :;v.f-ta :33. Most of this catt • ' .'v i."-'. by llr.o use of Mother's - ^t : '.'j-r'z system fcr the con ••.TL^;- ;:]1 the term. Mother' ; -: ''J. t — r-:-, mviclca aad tendons, it ' • ill g-,.oii coiiditiot:, and bring,? the , - '.-.tlitio:!. ?'.'.-5 regular nse oi

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