Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on October 15, 1962 · Page 3
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 3

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 15, 1962
Page 3
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Savor Freedom in West Berlin Eight Escape 'Death Strip BERLIN (AP) - Eight East German refugees savored their first full day of freedom in West Berlin today because two friends returned for them after making their own escape three weeks ago. One of the four women in the group collapsed with emotion when she reached the We^t Sunday and was reunited with her parents. The woman h:,d spent six months in jail for an earlier unsuccessful attempt to f'.ee. Names of the refugees were withheld to prevent reprisals against relatives and friends in East Germany. The refugees told this story: Two men, who escaped three weeks ago, decided after long discussions in a refugee center that they would try to return for their friends. They swam a stretch of water on the border Saturday, cut through barbed wire on the east bank and went to the home of a friend. r " -re they met three men friends, two girls and two married couples. All said they were willing to make the escape attempt. Under cover of darkness, the party made its way to the border, , intending to take the route to the ; hole in the wire previously cut j by the two men. • : One of the leaders vent ahead i 1 to spy out the terrain. j He found East German guards ] searching the area. They had dis: covered the hole in the wire and repaired it. The second guide, alarmed by the delay, moved forward and i hearing voices, thought his friend i had been captured. 1 But the first guide had not been ! caught. After the guard pairol ! moved away, he found another es- | cape route, located the others in j the party, and led them to the j spot. The group managed to escape being seen in the "death strip," a 30-yard-wide cleared area along the border where guards shoot at anything moving. Then they cut their way through three rows of barbed wire and swam to safety. By Jimmy Hatlo They'll Do It Every Time STEAKS COMIN' UP/ BRIN6 THE BARBECUE SAUCE/ OM.BOV.' DOES THIS SMELL 6000.'.' WHOS 60T THE BOTTLE OPENER WATERCRESS QM A STRICT DIET AND THE TORTURER NEXT DOOR STARTS A COOKORAMA-" T/ut«x AND 4 rip OF me HATLO HAT JO MRS.NELSON Nuclear AerialShot Is Delayed Muni Doesn't Like TV Field Dr. 6horles Forbes Taylor Lecturer, Author, Humorist, Minister. Educated in England and America. D.D. and LL. D. degrees SPIRITUAL LIFE CRUSADE at Hie First Baptist Church Corner of 11 th and Jones Streets Rev. Robert F. Rusk, Pastor BR 6-5266 or BR 6-4474 * * * SEE and HEAR "Cnarlie" Taylor 7:30 Each Night Messages This Week Monday—"Brand 'em to the Red" (Movie: "A Trip to Alaska") Tuesday—"What Can A Man Believe?" (Movie: "Australia, Koala Bears and ten foot lizards) Wednesday—"The Bigger They Are The Harder They Fall" (Movie: Bible Lands—"Early Hebrew Wanderings") Thursday—"The Cost of Salvation" (Movie: Bible Lands—"Growth of the Early Church") Friday—"The Story of Jesus" A Narrated Movie Sermon • AH are welcome. SPECIAL FEATURES Affiliated with the American Baptist Convention By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) — After 53 years as an actor, Paul Muni is trying a new field—filmed television. He doesn't like it. Tlie veteran actor left his Santa Barbara retirement home to play in a "Saints and Sinners" segment for producer Marc Daniels, with whom he once worked in a revival of "Counselor-at-Law." Muni, noted for outs>pokenness, commented: "It is madness. Do you.know how many setups (camera angles) we did in one day? Forty-two! Why, when I was doing 'The Good Earth,' the direc- tir, Sidney Franklin, often would get no more than one setup in one day. "Now television is trying to make an hour film in six days. That's not much less than a feature movie. When I made 'I Am a Fugitive' in the early days of sound, it took five weeks. 'Zola 1 toik six weeks. And 'Good Earth' —it took months! "This pace in filmed television is ridiculous, and I let them know about it. Only Marc would put up with me. Any other producer would say, 'How much can we pay to get rid of him?' " You get the impression, however, that Muni's bark is worse than his bite. He has the reputation as an interview-hater; yet as he talked in his Beverly-Wilshire Hotel suite he was completely charming. H e claims to be in the twilight of his career and "99.9 per cent In 1745 when Bonnie Prince Charlie failed in an uprising against the English throne, Scottish clans were disbanded and the tartan outlawed. - 'etired," and his steel-gray hair, mustache and beard give him the real-life .aspect o£ his Louis Pas- ;eur makeup. Yet he has the step an 1 outlook of a young man. Muni and his wife settled last off the number of homes they have occupied in their 42 years of marriage — "Each one v. e thought would be permanent. This one is it, or so he says. You can't tell what will hap- HONOLULU (AP) — Unfavorable weather at Johnston Island breed a 24-hour postponement of .he United Slates' high-altitude uiclear test Sunday night. The delay was announced by Toint Task'Force — three hours >eforc the test shot was to be [donated. It was the first delay in this nation's efforts to resume 'osting since a suspension last July. The U.S. Weather Bureau in Honolulu said heavy cloud layers carried rain squalls over the tiny atoll, 750 miles southwest of Hawaii. The nuclear shot, equivalent in power to less than one million Ions of TNT, was rescheduled tonight for between 9:30 p.m. HST (2:30 a.m. EST Tuesday) and 2:30 a.m. Tuesday (7:30 a.m. EST). The device, fired to an altitude between 30 and 40 miles, wil be carried aloft by a Thor missile. The only successful attempt, on July 8, ligilited much of the Pacific and painted the sky with a rainbow of color. Page 3 Gnrdcn City Telegram Monday, October IS, 1962 Killed in Crash EMPORIA, Kan, (AP)—Robert E. Mattix, 48, Garnett, Kan., died Saturday night when his car struck a bridge on Kansas 99 near Emporia. Mattix was thrown from the car. Brazil's name comes from a reddish wood greatly prized by early colonists for dye. June in a seaside house which he 'pen," he admitted. "I would like lopes will be his last. He reeled I never to work again." • CRYSTAL CLEAR • CUT, TACK, SEW or SEAL • HUNDREDS OF USES INDOOR:! A OUTDOORS MCALLISTER- FITZGERALD LUMBER COMPANY Winterize Your Home Now! TIME Winter- TIME to on Your Fuel FLEX-O-GLASS Is the only •window material that carries a 2 YEAR GUARANTEE. Look for the nam« FLEX-O-GLASS on the edge. Get Genuine FLEX-O-GLASS At Your Local Hdwr. or Lmbr. Detlel 2 VOLKSWAGEN OF AMERICA, IhC. 2 shapes known the world over. Nobody really notices Coke bottles or Volkswagens any more. They're so well known, they blend in with the scenery. It doesn't matter what the scenery is, either. You can walk in and buy a VW in any one of 136 countries. And that takes in lots of scenery. Deserts. Mountains. Hot places. Cold places. Volkswagens thrive. Hot and cold don't matter; the VW engine is air-cooled. It doesn't use water, so it can't freeze up or boil over. And having the engine in the back makes all the difference when it comes to mud and sand and snow. The weight is over the power wheels and so the traction is terrific. VWs also get along so well wherever they are-because the service is as good in Tas- mania'as it is in Toledo. (The only reason you can't buy a VW at the North Pole is that the Volkswagen people won't sell you one. There's no VW service around the corner.) We hear that it's possible to buy yourself a Ccke at the North Pole, though. Which makes us suspect there's only one thing that can get through ahead of a Volkswagen. A Coke truck. ROWLEY MOTORS, INC. 800 W. Wyott Earp Dodge City, Kansas HUnter 3-7131 TEAK Cut From Lean Tender Boston Butt Portion of the Shoulder. Try'Em Per Pound Young Rooster' Pork Roast Large Bologna Fish Steaks to 8 Ib. Average Boston Butt or Fresh Picnic Shoulder Portion Sterling's Finest Sliced or In The Piece Lb. Lb. Captain's Choice Cod or Catfish 2 *. 29c 39< 39< 89< 12 oz. Pkgs. Prices Good Thru Wed. Oct.17 At Safeway! Sales Rights Reserved! BAKERY & DAIRY VALUES ! Mrs Danish Filled 9 oz. Pkg. Crunch Donuts Caramel Rolls 29< . 00 COK«|UJIA!I n*AM«l Western Farms oanawicn oread 20 „/,. i> 0 i y ^ g Mod. Size Grade A /[Q( Breakfast uems Dz. Fresh Eggs Don't Forget These Half & Half Luccrne - In New 1 Q nail tt nail PI H slirI>intCln. Ea. 1 3 | Lucerne. In New Plastic Pint Ctn. Ea. Sundown O 2 l /i Freestones* Cans Yellow Peaches IIIIAAB Dole's Fresh Frozen C 6 oz.< JUIvt/S Juice Blends-Try'Em V Cans* 39< -Mix or Match- Kelloggs Corn Flakes Wheaties Post Toasties 12 oz. 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