The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on November 4, 1961 · Page 6
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 6

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1961
Page 6
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OTTAWA HERALD Six Saturday, November 4, 1961 [-com Our Readers Be Alert To Bigotry Many of your readers feel that in his precious "freedom of dissent" which our forefathers bequeathed to us at such.a price I personally fear that, the people Mr. letter Mr. Staley resorts to the very tactics he condemns in ridiculing and smearing Mr. Averyt. The main point I would like to take up Staley is calling on to save us from the with Mr. Staley is his reference to The threat of communism are precisely the Daily Worker. If he is such an astute stu- people who could (through their use of dent of that publication, I would like to name-calling, witch-hunting, and nebu- be shown where Mr. Averyt's letter follows that "line", and 1 would have Mr. Staley cease using the pernicious tactic of "guilt by association" which has been lous organizations) bring us to a state of intolerable totalitarianism. condemned so conclusively in our nation since the McCarthy era. I am convinced that we cannot afford I stand without hesitation for the freedoms of speech, thought, and assembly; and I oppose just as strongly those who would turn our society back to the days of Salem and, by labeling I Saturday-Sunday to underestimate the problem of com- the opposition "pink or "red", appeal to munism in America, but we shouldn't mass hysteria. panic and suspect our neighbor simply Let us cherish these freedoms with because he doesn't agree with us. One of which we are blessed and remain alert the greatest dangers to our society to- to the bigotry which would destroy day is the possibility of our losing the them. — Bruce K. Pemberton. This And That by jph Time To Spare, Go By Air WOMEN OF SHAMROCK — Women largely run one-time oil boom town of Shamrock, Okla., while men go to neighboring towns to work. Mrs. Alva Gemmell, left, operates community's only service station, and Mrs. E. E. Ferren, right, wife of mayor, supervises biggest business, a funeral wreath manufacturing company owned by her husband. In its heyday, Shamrock had 10,000 residents. Now occupants of cemetery outnumber its 211 residents. (AP Wirephoto) Television Log JPH BANGKOK — We sat there, in the jet liner that almost took off from Delhi to Bangkok, wondering what next. We thought of that old saying among frequenters of the higher altitudes, "Take a chance on Air France." And of another one, "With time to spare, go by air." We dozed off. Our sleep was broken by an announcement. Would the passengers take their personal belongings and leave the plane? They would because they had no choice. Our only solace was, since the checked baggage, as usual in such circumstances, was left on the **•* plane, that we had iron, cloth- '.* ^ ing, and toilet rations in the canvas bag in our by now hot and grubby hand. Dawn was breaking as we piled back onto a bus. It was broken out all over when we got back to the hotel we had left with no regrets six hours before. There was comfort in the thought bed and breakfast would be on the airline, but not much. It was a long day that followed. It had been announced the night before there would be news at nine. At nine the news was that a report would be made at eleven. At eleven the word was that something definite was anticipated at two. By this time latrine rumors were circulating faster among the grounded fellow travelers than they do about a military post. RepaM ^biftd be finished at any minute. The plane was so hopelessly crippled, days would be required for an overhaul. No other lane was scheduled out until sometime next week. A repair part was being rushed from Paris. So it went through the balance of the day. Our gay band of voyagers sat around the hotel lobby looking at one another with increasing distaste. The air line representative gave up trying to explain he wasn't personally responsible To Your Good Health and fled his desk. At early evening we had dinner that didn't taste very good, even if it was free, and went to bed. No sooner were we sleeping soundly than the telephone rang. It brought the information that transportation would be waiting as soon as we got to the lobby, and a take-off was anticipated by midnight. The missing part, it seems, had not had to come from Paris after all. Only Karachi. But transportation did not appear for quite some while. When it did, it comprised two vintage buses with signs painted on them reading Delhi Public Schools. They held the 75 of us, however, with only a few of the women passengers having to stand. And they made it back to the airport with only an occasional rattling cough. There an even more obnoxious brigade of customs officials greeted us. They had had the luggage brought back off the plane for re-examination. They brought out the various forms that had been prepared the night before, and checked through them item by item again. With obvious displeasure they found all manner of mistakes that had been made by their brother officials and made the forms technically correct. Finally they let every last one of us through again. That still left us quite a while for continuing our study of Indian bug life. The plane still wasn't ready for boarding. Mechanics were poking around beneath it as though they were wondering whether at this last minute it would be necessary to change a tire. Before they were through, we had become so familiar with the four-inch roaches we are sure we shall see them in our dreams. Finally we were let up the steps. This time the hostess did not give us a bon soir but only a pained "So it's you again?" look. This time the motors went on up from a whine to an ear-splitting whistle. This time the jet lumbered to the end of the runway and took off exactly 23 hours and 55 minutes late. And this time we made it. Channel 4, NBC Saturday 1:00 4—High School Ball 5—Studio Five, 9—Cimarron City 13—Movie. 1:1R 9-13_Football 1:30 4—High School Ball 5—Studio Five 9—Cimarron City 13—Movie. 2:011 4—High School Football 5—Studio Five 9—Dan Devine 2:30 4—High School Football 5—Studio Five 9—Football 13—Football 3:00 4_TV Teen Hop 5—Championship Bowling 13—Football 3:3U 4—Insight 5—Bowling 4:UO 4—Wrestling 5_Twentieth Century 9-13—College Football «:30 4—Mr. Magoo 5—Game of the Week 9—Football 13—Game of the Week 6:00 4—Bullwinkle 5—Game of the Week 9—Cimarron City 13—Football 5:30 4—lelfs Collie 5—Mister Ed. 13—Football 5:4,i 13—News-Weather 6:W 4—News 5— NewsSi Weather 9—Matty's Funday Funnies 13—Sportsman's Friend 6:15 5—Sports with Huroid Mack 9-13—Football Scoreboard 6:30 4—Wells Fargo 5-13—Perry Mason 9—Roaring 20's 1:00 4—Wells Fargo 5-13 -Perry Mason 9—Roaring 20's 7:30 4—Shannon 5-13—Defenders 9—Leave It To Beaver Milk Flow Is A Reflex By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER "Dear Dr. Molner: I am 33 and in a few weeks expect my seventh child. My problem is that I can nurse my babies only three or four weeks, I have tried all the common solutions — more rest, liquids, let the work go, etc., without success. "Some time ago I read about, a hormone that permitted a mother to nurse even through times of stress because it encouraged lactation despite her own mental outlook. "Is there a hormone like that available? And what is your opinion? I've read that wanting to nurse is the most important thing, but it doesn't seem to be for me.—Mrs. A.B." Dr. Mrolnei I am sure that not wanting to nurse is the reason why a great many babies are not breast-fed these days. If a mother doesn't want to, she soon enough discovers some excuse. On the other hand, if a mother just can't provide enough milk for 1he baby, I don't think any amount of wanting will help. There has been experimentation with a hormone, oxytocin, in hope that it would stimulate milk secretion. To my best knowledge, this has been primarily an experimental project. Discussion svith obstetricians leads me to believe there is still no practical way to stimulate lactation. We know that the flow of milk is a reflex. If the reflex is weak or non-existent, the flow will be deficient. In Mrs. A. B.'s case, I should say that there is cimple evidence that her reflex mechanism is inadequate, and this is scant reason to think she will succeed in nursing the new baby. Maybe, of course, she is "trying too hard," but it's easier to say "relax! than it is to do it. Millions of babies, however, have been brought up on supplemental feedings. A baby may nurse but still need extra milk by bottle. Sometimes when this is done the mother, relieved of the nervous pressure of feeling that she has to do it all, relaxes and finds that she can do more than she thought she could. In any event, there is nothing wroii!», and muc-h good, in nursing to whatever extent is possible and then switching to the bottle either in part or entirely. By whatever method, the most important aim is to be sure the baby gets enough to eat and gets enough loving. "Dear Dr. Molner: What are the main signs that a woman is pregnant, besides missing menstrual periods?—Mrs. K. B." One is nausea, vomiting, or "morning sickness," Which happens in about 50 per cent of all pregnancies, usually starting around the 5th or 6th week. After two months the breasts usually start to enlarge and the nipples tend to become darker. There is a gradual gain in weight. Most pregnant women report a general increased sense of well-being. And some have an unexplained craving for some unusual article of diet. If there's a doubt, a laboratory test can give a definite answer in a very few days. "Dear Dr. Molner: Is it true that if a person drinks any liquid within 10 minutes before or three hours after a meal, the food loses its food value?—Mrs. E.M." No. If it were true, what a way to reduce! The calories, the vitamins, the minerals and the basic food .substances are .still there and will be absorbed. MRS. L.P.: No, the "drop of linseed oil" could not possibley cure cataracts. There is no effective treatment short of surgery. Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but re- 8:00 4— Movie, "Soldier of Fortune." 5-13— Defenders 9— Lawrence Welk 8:30 4— Movie 5-13— Have Gun Will Travel !)— Lawrence Weik 9:00 4 — Movie Spectacular 5-13— Gunsmoke 9 — Boxing 9::H 4— Movie Spectacular B-13 — Gunsmoke 9 — Boxing 9:15 9 — Make that Spar p 10:00 4_News and Weather 5-13— News • Weather 9— Straightaway 10:15 4 — Movie, "Dial M for Murder" 5— Movie, "All The King's Men" 10:;il> 4— Movie 5— Movie, 9— Movie, "Huk 1 " Band" 13 — Bonanza 11:00 4— Movla 5 — Movie 9 — Movie 13 — Bonanza 11:30 4— Movie B— Million Dollar Movie 9— Movie 13 — Movie, "Wintertime" 12:00 -Wrestling 5— Million Dollar Movlt 9— Big Show, VJ:40 5 — Late Show, "The Missing Juror" Sunday 8:00 5— Light Time 13 — Oral Roberta 8:15 5 — Davey & Goliath 8:30 4 — Scared Heart 5 — Christophers 13 — Industry on Parade 8:45 4 — Christopers 13 — Christian Science 9:00 I Industry on Parade 5-13— Lamp Unto My Feel Channel 5-13, CBS • :U i 4 — American* at Work 9:30 4— ThU It the Answer 5-13— Look Up And Live 9— Dlre'.t.'ons 3 10:00 4— Catholic Hour 5-13— Camera Three 9 — Womens League Bowling 10:25 5-13— News 10:30 4— Fnlth tor Today 5— Mountains of Coffee 9— Wonderama 13— This is the Lifi 10:55 5 — Three Stoogei 13— News 11:00 4— This Is The Life 5— Profile 9_ Wonderama 13— First Methodist Church U:30 4 — Builders Showcase 5— Kansas State Glee Club 9— Metropolitan Movie, "Devil Dogs of the Air" 13:00 4— Bowling 5 — United Fund Campaign 9 — Movie 13— Washington Conversation 12:15 5— Operation Sawdust 12:31' 13 — Cartoons 12:45 5— NFL Highlights 13— Learn to Draw 1:00 4— Pro Football 9— Movie, "Wallflower" 13 — Am. Newsreel Album 1:15 5-13 — Football Kickoff 1:30 5-13— Pro Ball 2:0(1 9— Adlal Stevenson 2:311 5 — NFL Scoreboard 9 — Issues and Answers 2:45 9— Pro Scoreboard 3:00 4— Football 9 — Manhunt 13— Football 3:30 4— Football 5— Football 9— Pro Football 13— Football 3:30 4 — Community Bulletin Board 4:00 4— Lets Get Outdoors 5— Pro Ball 9— Pro Football 13— Pro Ball 4:30 4— Chet Huntley 5— Mllion Dollar Movie, "3:10 to Yuma" 13— G.E. College Bowl 5:00 4— Meet The Fresi 5— Movie 9— Football 13 — Twentieth Century 5:30 4 — Best of the Post 9— Football 5 — Movie 13— Mister Ed •:0» 4— News 5-13 Movie 9— Football 9— Pro Scoreboard i:30 4— Walt Disney's World 5-13 — Dennis the Menace 9 — Follow The Sun 7:M 4— Walt Disney S-13— Ed Sullivan 9 — Follow The Sun 7:30 4— Car M 5-13— Ed Sullivan 9 — The Lawmu, COO 4 — Bonanza B.13— G.E. Theater ft— Bus Stop 8:30 4 — Bonanza 5-13— Jack Benny 9— Bus Stop 9:0* 4 — DuPont Show 5-13 — Candid Camera 9 — Adventurea In Paradise 9:30 4 — DuPont Show 5-13— What's My Line? 9 — Adventures In Paradise 10:00 4 — Newi, weather 5 — News, Weather 9— Way of Thinking !3— News 10;15 4 — Movie Spectacular, "A Star Is Born" 8— Twilight Zone 13— Newi 10:25 13— Weather 10:30 4— Movie Spectacular 5 — News Channel 9, ABC Saturday Evening Channel 9 — "Matty's Funday Funnies." One of the likcly-sound- ng titles is "Line of Scream- age." 6:30 Channels 5-13 - "Perry Mason." Things get a bit embarrassing aborad a boat on which Mason is relaxing, or rounds or loss. Tlicy arc heavyweights. Late movies include: "Dial M for Murder," 19,14, Hay Milland, Channel 4, 10:15. Sunday Evening G:00 i Channels 2-13 — "Lassie." A Dalamalian is killed. Lassie substitutes for the Dalmatian at the fire department. Channel 4 — "Wells FarRO." . (j : ;jo Couple of bad guys steal some i Channel 4 — "Disney's World." Wells Fargo money and hide it j p ro f. Ludwig Von Drake becomes in a strange place, or j a psychiatrist and attempts to get „. , . ,,,, . „„ ,, i Walt Disnev on his eouch. Fail- Channel S — Roaring 20s. . • . . n ., m, >• . ,1 • i. i i • mg he has a whirl at Donald There.s bootlegging, fcruck hi- M jacking and some other rough! uc ' stuff 7:30 Channels 5-13 - "Defenders." A woman, driving home from a Channel 0 - "Fullow the Sun." Title of this one is "The Longest Crap Gatrin in History," or Channels 5-13 — "Dennis the 9—Open End 13—Father Knows Best 10:40 5—Five Star Theater, "David Coppertield" U:00 4—Movie Spectacular 5—Five Slat Theater 9—Open End 13—Movietime U.S.A., "Northwest Stampede" 11:30 4—Movie Spectacular 5— Five-Star Theatr* 9—Open End 'e—Dally Word Monday 6:00 4—Continental Classroom 5—Light Time 13—College of the Air 6:10 5—Davey and Goliath 6:S» 5 —Farm Facts 7:00 4—Today 5—College of the Air 13—Rush Hour 7:15 9—Good Morning World 7:30 4—Today 5—Moment of Meditation 9—Search for America 13—Rush Hour 5—Cartoonland 8:00 4—Today S-13—Captain Kangeroo 8—Cartoons 8:30 4—Today 5-13—Captain Kangaroo 0—Whizzo's Wonderland 9:00 •>—Say When 5—Jack La Lanne 8—Romper Room 13—Calendar 0:30 4—Play Your Huncn 5-13—I Love Lucy 9—Movie, "San Quentin" 0:00 •I— The Price Is P.lght S-13—Video Village fl— Movie 0:30 4—Concentration 5-13—Surprise packaj* 9—Movie 0:5* 9—Newi 11:00 4—Truth or Conseuqences 5-13—Love of Life 8—Texan 11:30 4—It Could Be You 5-13—Search for Tomorrow 9—Lova That Bob 11:45 5-13—Guiding Llghl 1:55 4—News 12:00 Noon 4—High Noon Curtooni S-13—News 9—Camoulfai* 12:05 5—News, Weather 13—News 12:10 13—Markets & Weather 12:30 4—Newi * Markets 12:30 4Accent 5—As The World Turns ft—Make A Fac* 1:00 4—Jan Murray 8-13—Password 9—Day In Court 1:5 ft—News 1:30 4—Loretta Young 5-13—Hous* Party 9—TOPPER 2:00 4Younp; Dr. Malon* 5-13—Millionaire 9—Number Pled* 2:30 4—Award Theater 6-13—Verdict la Youri 9—Seven Keys 2:55 5-13—Newi 8:00 4Make Room For Daddy 5-13—Brighter Day 9—Queen For A Day 3:15 5-13—Secret Storm 3:30 4—Here Hollywood 5-13—Edge of Night 9—Who Do You Trust 3:55 4—News 4:00 4—Kukla and Ollle 5—Early Show, "Girls School" 9—American Bandstand 13—News 4:05 4—Mr. Magoo Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Ottawa Country Club lake was being improved by workmen of A. L, Cook Construction Co., of Ottawa. The election returns showed that Franklin Dela- grets that due to the tremendous volume re- j no Roosevelt had been elected president, defeating Alf Landon of Kansas. Landon received 8 Laff-A-Day ceived daily; he is unable to answer individual letters. Readers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. Prayer For Today * His (Jesus) mother saith unto the servants, Whatsoever he saith unto you", do it. (John 2:5.) PRAYER: God, help us to study Thy Word more earnestly that we may know Thy will concerning us. We would be obedient children, heeding Thine admonitions and Thy guidance. When we fail, help us to rise again. May AVC- miss no joy that comes from perfect obedience to Thee. In Jesus' name. Amen. electoral votes — 5 from Main and 3 from Vermont. Landon announced he believed he'd go cluck hunting. A tar owned by 0. R. Elliott, 235 Maple, was stolen and later reported seen at Fort Scott. 50 YEARS AGO John Chenoweth, father of Will Chenoweth, was ill Gilbert Hill, Wellsville boy, who was struck in the stomach during a football game, was reported in serious condition. I. N. Staley of RFD 7, brought lo the Herald fur display a pumpkin that weighed 58 pounds. cocktail party, runs down little j Menace." Eddie Morton as he steps off a !-. nn curb. There's trouble over the in- ; '' , ., . i Channels o-13 — Ld Sullivan, cident, or ,,..., , , tut With his usual program full of Channel .9 — "Leave It To, talent. Beaver." Beaver decides to adopt: „ „„ , <:3fl a cat> or Channel 4 — "Shannon." This is about a "Jade Tortoise." 18:00 Channel 4 - "Movie." A 1955 Clark Gable film, "Soldier of Fortune," or Channel 4 - "Car 54." Lucille Toody decides that Muldoon should have a mate, and she knows about a gal named Bonnie. Bonnie is sort of man-crazy, or Channel 9 — "Lawman." A rancher disappears, and h i s mail-order bride disappears right Channel 9 — "Lawrence Welk." | a i ong w j(h him. The cast will present music, cos-! tumes and dances of the Roaring 20s era. 8:30 Channels 5-13 — "Have Gun- Will Travel." Paladin meets a gal named Sarah Gibbs. 9:00 "Bus Stop." Lloyd 8:00 Channel 9 Nolan is starred in this one, or Channels 5-13 — "The Great Albcrti." This stars Cornel Wilde and Stella Stevens, or Channel 4 — "Bonanxa." Channels 5-13 — "Gunsmoke." 8:30 There's a gal in this .show named Channels 5-1.1 — "Jack Benny." Sarah, too. It's a different Sarah, Raymond Burr, of "Perry Ma- however, or ' ; son" fame, is a guest. Jack _ ... (lr , . ,, .. . : dreams he is accused of murder. Channel 9 — Boxing. Alejan- jdro Lavorante and Billy Hunter 9:00 ' will go at each other for 10 Channels 5-13 — "Candid Cami era." There is fun with Al Kelly, double-talk artist, or Channel 9 — "Adventures In Paradise." Adam Troy hires a temporary deck hand for the Tiki, or Channel 4 — A big hour of music, titled, "Music of the 30s." 9:30 Channels 5-13 — "What's My Line?" Late movies include "David 3opperfield," 1934, Channel 5, 0:45. 4:10 4—Picture of the Day "A woman's Devotions" 13—Hews 4:1!) 13—Kracko's Komedy Klub 4:30 5—Early Show 4—Picture ol The Day 9—Torey, Popeye and Frivuds 13—Cartoons 4:45 9—Rocky and Friend* f:00 4—Picture of th* Day S—Early Show 9—Popeye 13—Yogi Bear 6:30 4—Highway Patr*i S—Three Stooges 9—Yogi Bear 13—Dr. Ichabod 6:45 13—Sports — Dey Nelson 6:55 6—Sports with Barold Mack 13—Weather — Gordon Jump i:00 4-5—News 9—Man from Cochls* 13—Newi — Don Harrison 1:10 4—Sports — Monte Moor* 5—Weather—Bill Yearout 4—Huntley-Brtnkiey Report S-13—Douglas Edwards and the News 4—Oroucho 5—To Tell th» Truth 9—Cheyenne 13—To Tell th* Truth 7:00 4—Montavanl f-13—Fete and Oladys 9—Cheyenn* 7:30 4—Price la Right 6-13—Window on Main St. 9—Rifleman 8:00 4—87th Precinct 6-13—Danny Kay* 9—Surtsid* Six 1:30 4—87th Precinct 6-13—Special 9—Surfslde Six 8:00 4—Thriller 5-13—Hennesey 9—Ben Casey »:30 S—Sportsman's friend 9—Ben Casey 13—I've Got A Secret 10:00 4-5-9-1J—News 9—News 10:10 4-5—Weather 9—Weather 10:15 4—Jack Paar B—I've Got A Secret 9—Peter Gunn 13—Weather 10:20 13—SportB 10:30 4—Jack Paar 5—I've Got A Scrct 9—Peter Gunn 13—Mrs. G. Goes To College 10:45 5—Five Star Theater, "Happy Go Lucky" 9—Big Show, "The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown 1 ' 5—Life of Riley 11:110 4—Jack Paar 5—Five Star Theater 9—Dig Show 13—New Breed 11:30 4—Jack Paar 5—Five Star Theater 3—Big Show 13—Movietime, 0.8. A. 13:00 4—Reporter's Scratch Pad !)—Daily Word 13:40 5—Late Movie, "Girls' School." "Where do I plug in. Uie can opener i Kansas Tax Collections Up TOPEKA (AP) - Kansas tax collections in October totaled $15.1 million, up nearly $800,000 or approximately 5 per cent from th« comparable month last year, Richard T. Fadely, revenue direc- or, reported today. The increases principally wer« sales tax, up nearly $400,000; inheritance tax, up nearly $325,000, and corporate income taxes, up $172,000. The biggest decline was n cereal malt beverage colleo- ions, down $106,000. October collections brought revenue for the first four months ol he fiscal year to $57.2 million. This is an increase of $2.3 million or 4.2 per cent over the comparable period a year ago. The major increase was a $1.3 million gain in sales tax. It is followed a $650,000 increase in inheritance taxes. Ottawa Herald 105-108 B. Main Published daily except Sunday and Holidays. Second class postage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B. Wellington Editor And Publisher Subscription rates to trade area—By mall, one month .85; three months, $2) six months, $3.75; one year, $7. Subscription rates outside trad* area —By mall, one month, 11.80; thre* months $-1.25; si* months, 18.00; on* year, $15.00. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press li entitled exclusively to the use for publication of all the local nows printed In the news. paper as wall an all AP newt dli- patch. LOOK 10 I.HE KOFO Schedule MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 6:59 Sign On 7:00 Top ci the Morning 7:30 News 7:40 Weather Forecasts 7:45 Agricultural Market'. 7:50 Top if t!i'5 .dornin" B:00 At .Home with Virginia 8:05 Top of t'ne Mornini; 8:30 News 8:40 Top of Hie Morning 9:00 Morni it' Devotions 9:15 KOFO Serenade 9:30 News and Weather 9:35 KOFO Serenade 10:00 Mary Elaine Time 10:15 KOFO Serenade 1U:3U News und Weulhrr 10:31) KOFO Sercniutf 11:11(1 Bulletin Hun ill 11:05 Around Town 11:30 News and Wrullier 11:36 KOFO Serenade 12:1)0 People's Exchange 13:10 Noon Tune 111:15 Furm Show 12:25 Noon Tune 1>':3(| Nuws 12:40 Noon Tunr 1LV-15 Nomtimc Wrathrrvnnt 111:50 Nmm Turn- 'I'linr l:0n Gi'i-ni'll. Hour •.<:!>' KOl-'o Kara'an ?:30 News and Weather 'J.J.i KOFO Karavan '.' -1,1 Homemaking Memoi 3 r.n KOFO Karavan :i:fifi V I.P. Show 3;(i5 KOFO Knravan .')/l;i Si-nice Program :i:3u News ami Weather :t :i:> KOFO Kuru vim 4-00 Uulli-lin Hui'.ril •i llli I.OKJ Kit n> trill •i .III Nl'U:- U'lU Vi'l-.llllrr •I :••• KOI G Kuiavuii b nil News, Sports, Weather 6.15 Sign Oil

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