Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1974 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 26, 1974
Page 3
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Saturday, October 26, 1974 HOPE (ARK.) STAR Mrs. Annette Rogers Phone 777*3431 Calendar of events Saturday, October 28 Hope District of Little Rock Conference of United Methodist Women will meet October 26 at 9:30 a.m. at the First United Methodist Church of Hope. Hope Star 6) 1974 Star of Hope 1899; Press 1927 Consolidated January 18, 19» Published every week - day evening at The Star Building, 212-214 S. Walnut St., Hope, Ark. 71801. P.O. Box 648. Telephone: Area 501; Hope 7773431. Second-class postage paid at Hope Ark. By STAR PUBLISHING CO. Alex H. Washbarn, President and Editor (In memoriam: Paul H. Jones, Manoging Editor 19291972). tutorial — Dorothy Winchel City Editor Mrs. Annette Rogers Women's News Editor Food, Fashions, Society Roger Head Photo-Features Editor Mrs, Esther Hicks, Negro Community Advertising — Mrs. Sibyl Parsons Advertising Lnrector Virginia Hiscott Associate Mrs. Judy Foley Classified Manager Circulation— C.M. Rogers, Jr. Circulation Director Mrs. Alice Kate Baker, Bookkeeper General Bookkeeper — Mrs. Phala Roberts Mrs". Teddy Thurman Associate Mechanical Department — D.E. Allen, Mechanical Superintendent and Head Pressman Danny Lewallen, Pressman George Smith, Jr., Pressman Composing Room — Judy Gray Foreman Janice Miller, Mrs. Millie Shotts, Mrs. Dortha Faye Huckabee, Mrs. JoAnn Cooper. Member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations Member of the Associated Press. The Associated Press is entitled exclusively to the use for republication of all the local news printed in this newspaper. as well as all AF news dispatches. Member of tne Southern Newspaper Publishers Ass'n. and the Arkansas Press Ass'n. National advertising representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., 3387 Poplar Ave., Memphis, Term. 38111; 960 Hartford Bldg., Dallas, Texas 75201; 400 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, ID. 60601; 60 E. 42nd St., New York, N.Y. 10017; 1276 Penobscot Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 48226; Classen Terrace Bldg., 1411 Classen Blvd., Oklahoma City, Okla. 73106. Single Copy 10c Subscription Rates (Payable in advance) By Carrier in Hope and neighboring towns— Per Week 45c Per Calendar Month $1.95 Per Year .Of fice only $23.40 By mail in Hempstead, Nevada, Lafayette, Howard, Pike and Clark Counties- One Month $1.30 Three Months $3.15 Six Months $5.75 One Year $11.00 All other Mail in Arkansas One Month $1.7C Thgee Months $3.90 Six Months $7.10 One Year $13.00 All Other Mail Outside Arkansas One Month $1.80 Three Monthi $4.75 Six Months $8.40 One Year $16.60 College Student Bargain Offer Nine Montns $ 7 - 7 *> Women of the Little Rock conference will be in charge of the program. Lunch will be served at 12 noon for $1.50 per person. Cub Scout Pack 62 and their families will be going to .the special Halloween spook house and grave in Centerville. The group will meet at 6:45 p.m. at Garland school and go from there together. Bring a picnic lunch if you'd like. Monday, October 28 Plans for the new year will be made when the Third District Arts and Crafts Club meets Monday, October 28, in the Jack Lowe home in Oakhaven. All members are encouraged to be there. Tuesday, October 29 The Jett B. Graves Sunday School Class of the First United Methodist Church will have a potluck in the recreation room of the church Tuesday, October 29 at 7 p.m. Hostesses will be Mrs. David Griffin, Mrs. Herbert Bristow, Miss Elsie Snyker, Mrs. Maggie Cowling and Mrs. Wade Gilbert. Thursday, October 31 ' 'Emmet'PTA is sponsoring a chili supper at the annual Halloween Carnival at the school, Thursday, October 31. Serving will begin at 6:30 p.m. and tickets will be $1 adults and 65c for children. Proceeds will be used for drapes for the new school building. The parents of Head Start children at -Guernsey School will sponsor a Halloween Carnival on Thursday, October 31 from 6:30-8:30 p.m. at the School. For 25c there will be lots of games and prizes for everypne. •• , Bobcaw PTA, Bodcaw, Ark. will have an old time Halloween carnival, Thursday, October 31 in the school gym at 7 p.m. Friday, November 1 Extension Homemakers Christmas Fair 2-6 p.m., November 1 in the Fair Park Coliseum. Christmas Decoration, Ornament and food ideas available free of charge. Nov. 5,12,19, 26, Dec. 3 NOTICE: An adult education class for welding beginners will be held on 5 consecutive Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m. at the Hope High School Agri building. Lessons, which will be taught by Larry Meeks, will be on November 5, 12, 19, 26 and December 3. A fee of $3 will be charged. All equipment will be furnished. Interested persons please call 7-3451, Larry Meeks or Troy Buck. A fine prayer for the elderly By Abigail Van Buren c 19M by The Chicago Tribune DEAR ABBY: Several years ago, when my dear grandfather passed way, my son, his first great-grandchild, was given his grandfather's Bible. A few weeks ago, I was looking for a particular verse and discovered an old yellow clipping which I would like to share with the many younger people, like myself, who find annoying fault with their elders. •"Lord, thou knowest that I am growing older. Keep me from getting talkative. Release me from trying to straighten out everybody's Affairs. Keep me from reciting endless Details. Give me wings to get to the point." "Give me grace to listen to the tales of others' Pains, but help me to endure them with patience. But seal my lips as to my own aches and pains. Teach me the glorious lesson that occasionally It is possible that I may be mistaken. Keep me Reasonably sweet, make me helpful but not bossy. 1 want a few friends at the end." After finding this clipping, I feel sad and ashamed that I did not show more love and patience to this lonely old man. LINDA M. DEAR LINDA: Thanks for sharing. Who wrote it? DEAR ABBY: Why do total strangers feel that they can take the liberty of touching and handling a young baby they've never seen before? I frequently take my six-month-old son with me when I go shopping, and am constantly appalled at the number of people who feel free to grab his hands or feet, or try to tickle him, even when he's in my arms. I appreciate remarks on what a lovely baby I have, but I consider touching rude and offensive. Babies are constantly putting their hands (and feet) in their mouths, so how easy it would be to have a cold (or worse) transmitted from a stranger who touched them. I apologize for using your column to "sound off," Abby, but maybe my message will reach some of the offenders. What are your thoughts on this? CONCERNED MOTHER DEAR CONCERNED: The fear that your baby might be contaminated by a stranger probably is more damaging to you than the actual touching is to the baby. Simmer down, and calmly discourage strangers from touching with a pleasant: "Please, don't touch?" A harsh reprimand will give your child the idea that all strangers are "Typhoid Marys." DEAR ABBY: I am a 22-year-old girl who was born with a large strawberry mark on my right cheek. It's reddish brown and quite conspicuous without makeup. I've been to several outstanding dermatologists and plastic surgeons, and they've all told me the same thing: "It can't be removed, so cover it with makeup and learn to live with it." The makeup I use does an excellent job of covering the blemish, but it gives me the appearance of being rather heavily made up. (However, it's still preferable to wearing a lighter makeup which wouldn't cover the blemish as well.) My problem is what to say to well-meaning people who hardly know me, but take me aside and tell me (for my own trood) that I'd be much prettier if I didn't use so much makeup. STUMPED DEAR STUMPED: I can think of no better answer than the truth. Try it —you'll be amazed at its effectiveness. Everyone has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A.. Calif. 90069- Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, please. Hate to write letters? Send SI to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Calif. 90212, for Abby's booklet, "How to Write Letters for All Occasions." Afternoon 12:00 Sesame Street 2 Movie 4 "Batman" SMU Special Presenta- tfdn' 5 Ambassador College 6 Children's Film Festival 11 Darrell Royal: Football 12:15 Football Preview 7 12:30 College Football Preview 74 3-7-10 Voters Digest 8 Concern '74 6 12:45 Football 3-7-10 1:00 Electric Company 2 byBanfceBccx:Q>cl For Monday, Oct. 28,1974 ARIES (March 21-April 19) Be philosophical rather than angry when you are denied cooperation expected from another. This oarty will eventually come around. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) If a task gets too tough for you early in the day, walk away from it for awhile. Come back to it later. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Don't reply in kind to one who treats you rudely in front of friends. They'll realize her remarks were uncalled for to begin with. CANCER (June 21-July 22) You'll gain the admiration you're looking for by thinking of others before yourself. Be willing to help where you can. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Before you give someone who's been bugging you a piece of your mind, try the soft approach one more time. The results will please you. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) If something you feel you're entitled to is late in coming from another, this would be a good time to bring the matter to a head. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) In your one-to-one dealings today you're likely to think it's just the other guy who's being unreasonable. It is possible you're at fault, too. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Rather than wait on one who is not dependable to help you with a chore, see if you can't do it yourself. The results will be more rewarding for you. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23- Dec. 21) Follow your hunches today regarding people or situations you should avoid. Youiwbn't'get in trouble if ybu heed your intuition. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Should domestic responsibilities get a little too trying today, do something outside the home to break the routine and freshen your outlook. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) You're going to hear something unflattering about a friend of yours. You'll know it to be untrue, so stop it at the source. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 2O) An issue will arise whereby you'll have to make a choice between your material and idealistic goals. Do that which brings you honor. byBermceBeceQoi For Sunday, Oct. 27,1974 ARIES (March 21-April 19) An opportunity will be lost today because you won't attach enough importance to it due to the source it comes from. TAURUS (April 2O-May 20) Your charitable instincts will be aroused by one who may not be worthy of what she will ask of you. Think before you make a commitment. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) Avoid passing on information today unless you're absolutely sure of the facts. If you'ro careless, you'll be embarrassed later. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Don't promise someone you'll do something for them, then look for ways to put off what you've assured them you'd do. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Try not to involve yourself in the petty intrigues of a close friend or you'll find yourself in a complicated mess. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You're apt to be a bit too wishy-washy and indecisive today. If you change your mind too often it will annoy your companions. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) Activities of a physical nature won't appeal to you. Don't get yourself involved. Make this a day of complete relaxation and rest. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) If entertaining today, limit the number of guests. You can handle a small group more effectively than a large one. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23- Dee. 21) You're a bit too optimistic about the way you feel a certain situation will work out. Deal more in cold, realistic facts. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You expect more from others than you would do yourself should the circumstances be reversed. Be more objective. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) If indifference or wastefulness gain the upper hand, something advantageous will slip through your fingers PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) You could wind up with egg on your face if you boast about something that you haven't yet accomplished. Wait till it's achieved Los Tiempos 5 Soul Train 6 Cowtowtl Rodeo 8 CBS Sports Spectacular 11-12 1:15 Time Out With Scott 5 1:30 Vibrations Encore 2 News 5 2:00 Fashion Focus 2 Movie 4 "The Challenge" Darrell Felts 5 Movie 6 "The Lusty Men" Sugarfoot 8 Movie 11 "Tarzan and the Huntress" My Favorite Martians 12 2:30 America Be Fit 2 Fiesta Mexicana 5 To Be Announced 12 2:45 Living Better 2 3:00 Cinema Showcase 2 Religion Report 5 Bonanza 8 Children's Film Festival 12 3:30 Book Beat 2 Bobby Goldsboro 4 Jim Newton 5 Movie 11 "Tarzan and His Mate" 4:00 Dance to the Music 2 Wide World of Sports3-7- 10 Porter Wagoner 4 Jim Newton 5 That Good Ole Nashville Music 6 Fishing 12 4:30 Zee Cooking School 2 Wilburn Brothers 44 Treasure Hunt 12 5:00 Arkansas: Continuum 4 Lawrence Welk 5 Porter Wagoner 6 i Star Trek 8 Hank Thompson 11 Buck Ownns. 12 5:30 Washington Week in Review 2 Mayberry R.F.D. 3 NBC News 4 Movie e "Vera Cruz" News 7 Reasoner Report 10 CBS News 11-12 Night 10 10 10 11 :00 Accion Chicano 2 '< Lawrence Welk < 3-7 News 4-11 The Untouchables 5 Hog an'a Heroes 8 Bold Ones 10 Hee Haw 12 :15 Scoreboard 4 :30 Mele Hawaii 2 Faceoff 4 Saturday Movie 8 Good limes 11 r :00 Evening at Symphony 2 Movie 3-7-10 "Hang 'Em High" Mysteries of the Deep44 Wilburn Brothers 5 :20 Movie 4-6 "The Parent Trap" :30 Good 01' Nashville Music 5 Friends and Lovers 11-12 1:00 History of Motion Pictures 2 Buck Owens 5 Mary Tyler Moore 11-12 :30 Movie 2 "The Eagle" Porter Wagoner 5 The Lesson 8 Bob Newhart 11-12 :00 Nakia 3-7-10 Wild Wild West 5 Right On 8 Carol Burnett 11-12 :00 News 3-4-6-7-11-12 Championship Wrestling 5-10 River of Life 8 :15 ABC News 3 Movie 6 "Kings Go Forth" :30 Movie 3-11 "Point Black" Movie 4 "How to Steal a Million" 4 Movie 7 "The War Wagon" Dawson McAllister 8 Movie 12 "Changeof Habit" 00 Theatro Espanal 8 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 10 00 Soul Train 7 15 Championship Wrestling 3 30 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 5 Name of the Game 11 45 Championship Wrestling * 00 Meditations o Sunday Morning :00 Insight 6 :30 Old Time Gospel Hourti- 7 Lewis Family 10 :55 Look-Up 8 :00 Agricultural Film 3 Washington Debates 8 Church Service 11 Mormon Choir IS 7:30 World of Gospel Music 3 Bourbon Street Chaplain 4 Sanctuary Hour 6 Assembly of God 7 Herald of Truth 10 God's Treasure Cnest 11 Farm and Home 12 8:00 Day of Discovery 3 Gospel Singing Jubilee 4 Herald of Truth 6 Good News 7 Just Passing Through 8 Billy James Hargis 10 My Favorite Martians 11 James Roblson 12 8:30 Voice of Victory 3 Oral Roberts 8 Get Together 7 Deeper Life Temple 8 James Robison 10 Bailey's Comets H Chaplain of Bourbon Street 12 9:00 Directions 3 Rex Humbard 44 Religious Town Hall 5 Church of Christ 7 Old Time Gospel Hour 8 Day of Discovery 10 Challenge of Truth 11 Hallelujah Train 12 9:30 Lassie's Rescue Rangers 3-10 I Believe In Miracles 5 Meet A Friend 7 A Conversation With 11 '' Consultation 12 10:00 Goober 3-10 Oral Roberts 4 Day of Discovery 5-7 Good News 6 Hour of Power 8 Camera Three 11-12 10:30 Make A Wish 3 Herald of Truth 6 Divine Plan 5 Jacyee Forum 6 Jimmy Swaggart 7 Face the Nation 11-12 Big Blue Marble 10 10:45 Church Service 6 11:00 Church Service 3-4-710-11-12 First Baptist Church of Dallas 5 The Bible Lesson 8 11:30 Panorama 8 NFL Pre-Game Show 11 11:45 Rap Around 6 Afternoon 12:00 Jabberwocky 3 NFL Football 4 , , ,. .Broncos vs.. Browns v Toint of View ' 5 NFL Football 6 Oilers vs. Bengals Directions 7-10 Real Estate Today 8 NFL Football 11-12 Cowboys vs. Giants 12:30 Issues and Answers 3-710 Night Gallery 5 Peace Lutheran 8 1:00 John's Place 3 What About People 5 College Football '74 710 Ernest Angley Hour 8 1:30 Movie 3 "Little Women" The Detectives 5 2:00 Police Surgeon 5 World of Survival 7 Voice of Victory 8 Parties and the Issues '74 . . , 10 z:3u Kamily Theatres 5 "The Indestructible Man" Movie 7 "The Country Girl" Billy James Hargis 8 3:00 NFL Football 4 Chiefs vs. Chargers NFL Football 6 Raiders vs. 49ers Crossroads 8 Gilligan's Island 10 Sensational '60s 11 Louisiana Tech Rome Travels 12 3:30 National Town Meeting 2 Championship Wrestling 3 Happy Hunters 8 Audubon Wildlife Theatre 10 NBA Basketball 11 "Supersonics vs. Blzers Europpe By Bus 12 4:00 Land of the Giants 5 Tony & Susam Alamo 8 Thrillseekers 10 Festival of Family Classics 12 4:30 Movie 2 "The Eagle" Tarzan 3 Frank Broyles: Football 7-10 RAP 8 Ask the Editor 12 5:00 Tarzan 5 Community Church 8 Phyllis Diller Is A Circus 12 5:15 Happy Healing Hour 8 5:30 Rookies 3 News 7 Songs of Inspiration 8 Garner Ted Armstrong .,TCU Football 5 Wild Kingdom 8-11 Movie • 1 "Cougar Country" Boyce Evans 8 Phyllis Diller Is A Circus 10 6:30 Carnival of Animals 2 Happy Days 3 World of Disney 44 Texas A&M Football 5 The Chris Panos Show 8 Apple's Way 11-12 7:00 Sonny Comedy Revue 310 Texas Football 5 Human Dimensions 8 7:30 Masterpiece Theatre 2 Columbo 44 Dawson McAllister 8 Kojak 11-12 8:00 Movie 3-7-10 "The Poseidon Adventure" Oklahoma Football 5 700 Club 8 8:30 Firing Line 2 Mannlx 11-12 9:00 Movie 5 "Company of Killers" 9:30 Book Beat 2 Pop! Goes the Country 4 To Be Announced 6 Challenge of Truth 8 New Candid Camera 11 Police Surgeon 12 10:00 News 4-54-11-12 Deaf Hear 8 10:15 Movie Continued 5 Frank Broyles: Football 6 CBS News 11-12 10:30 News 3-7 George Segal 4 Jimmy Swaggart 8 Fishing 10 Movie 11 "The Cheyenne Social Club" Movie 12 "A Man Called Gannon" 10:45 ABC News 3 11:00 Movie 3 "A Day at the Races" The World Tomorrow 5 Movie 7 "Secret Ceremony" Jesus Power & Light Company 8 American Angler 10 11:15 Town Topics 6 11:30 Tony Bennett Show 5 Marshall Dillon 10 12:00 News 5 12:15 Moments for Meditation 5 Monday •i Morning 6:25 Devotional 8 6:30 Texarkana College 6 News 8 Sunrise Semester 11 6:40 Moments For Meditation 6:45 News RFDb 6:50 Your Pastor 7:00 Today Slam Bang Theatre Cal Dring Bugs Bunny Ark-La-Miss CBS News 7:15 Colorful World 7:30 Mighty Mouse 7:45 New Zoo Revue 8:00 New Zoo Revue Bozo's Cartoon Carnival 7 Bozo 8 Gilligan's Island 10 Captain Kangaroo 11-12 8:15 Movie 3i "A Date With Judy" 8:30 Fury 5 Arkansas 7 Dennis The Menace 8 Not For Women Only 10 9:00 Name That Tune 44-10 5 5 6 12 44 5 7 8 10 12 3 8 3 5 Page fhrec Eye ort Arkansas 11 12:30 Let's Make A Deal 3-7' ; 10 • '"'HjH, . Cartoon darrilval 5 JepT>aro'yt' 6 As the World Turns 1112 1:00 Newlywed Came 3-7-10 Days of Our Lives 44 1:00 Movie 5 "fanning" rtuidin* Ltsnt 11-12 1:30 Girl in My Lue 3-7-10 Doctors 44 Manna 8 Edge of Night 11-12 2:00 General Hospital 3-7-10 Another World 44 It's A New Day 8 Price Is Right 11-12 2:30 One Life to Live 3-7-10 How to Survive A Marriage 44 Bugs Bunny 8 Match Game 11-12 3:00 $10,000 Pyramid 3-7-10 Merv Griffin * Popeye 5 Somerset 8 Little Rascals 8 Dinah! H Tattlestaies 12 3:30 Movie 3 "The Werewolf of Tendon" Speed Racer 5 I Dream of Jeannie 6 Bozo's Big Top 7 Hazel « I Love Lucy 10 Merv Griffin 12 3:45 Ripples 2 4:00 Mister Rogers 2 Bonanza 44 Flintstones Father Knows Best Star Trek 4:30 Sesame Street Gilligan's Island Andy Griffith Show Mod Squad 5:00 ABC News 3-7-10 Truth or Consequences 4 I Love Lucy 5 Rifleman 6 Star Trek News 5:30 Zoom News NBC News Dick Van Dyke Dragnet News 5 8 10 2 5-7 8 11 8 12 2 3-10 4-6 5 7 11-12 Night The Munsters 5 Movie 7 "At War with the Army" Hazel 8 Dinah! 10 Joker's Wild 11 Sesame Street 12 9:30 Winning Streak 44 Petticoat Junction 5 Father Knows Best 8 Gambit 11 10:00 Split Second 3 High Rollers 44 The Saint 5 The Courtship of Eddie's Now You See It 10:30 Brady Bunch Hollywood Squares The Lucy Show Love of Life 10:55 CBS News 11:00 Password 10 Night 6:00 Journey to Japan News 2 4-12 8 11-12 3-7-10 4-6 8 11-1? 11-12 3-7-10 4-P Perry Mason 5 Andy Griffith Show 8 Young and the Restless 11-12 11:30 News 3 Celebrity Sweepstakes 4-6 Split Second 7-10 Flipper 8 Search for Tomorrow 11-12 11:55 NBC News 4-6 Afternoon 12:00 All My Children 3-7-10 Little Rock Today 4 Noon News 5-6-12 700 Club Part I & II 8 6:00 Villa Alegre 2 Movie 3 "Kissin' Cousins" News 4-6-7-11-12 Truth Or Consequences 10 6:30 Dialogue 2 Beverly Hillbillies 4-6-10 FBI 5 Corner Pyle 8 Let's Make A Deal 11 Lucy Show 12 7:00 In Performance at Wolf Trap 2 Born Free 4-6 Rookies 7-10 700 Club 8 Peanuts 11-12 7:30 Phyllis Diller Is A Circus! 5 Dr. Seuss 11-12 8:00 Art in Public Places 2 NFL Football 3-7-10 Falcons vs. Steelers Movie 4 "Bandolero!" Movie 6 "Shamus" Rhoda 11-12 8:30 Caught in the Act 2 Beverly Hillbillies 5 Happy Goodmans 8 9:00 Medalion Show 2 Movie 5 "Tarzan's Three Challengers" Medical Center 11-12 9:30 Waters Family 8 10:00 ABC News 2 News 44-11-12 Big Valley 8 10:15 Movie Continued 5 10:30 Johnny Carson 44 Movie 11-12 "The Gypsy Moths" 11:00 News 3-7-10 Texas Tech Football 5 Bonanza 8 11:15 College Football '74 4 11:30 Notre Dame Football 5 Perry Mason 7 Insight 10 12:00 Untouchables 4 Tomorrow 6 12:30 News 5 12:45 Moments for Meditations 5 COMCBYJHt Dairy Anytime between no* and Halloween night and pick up your FltSE Halloween bag. Also OA Halloween night pick MP your fRlj HAUOMIHTREA1 DAtRYQUUN 9171.3rd '- —»

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