Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on September 29, 1949 · Page 24
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 24

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 29, 1949
Page 24
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2 Sept. 28. 1949 Mauon City Globe-Gaiette, Mmi«a Cily, U. Yugoslavs Oust 9 Hungarians Belgrade, (U.R)—Yugoslavia expelled 9 members of the Hungarian legation here Tuesday night and at the Hungary of same time accused violating the peace treaty with the allies. The expulsions were announced 24 hours after the Hungarian government had ordered 10 officials and employes of the Yugoslav legation in Budapest to leave the country. Carol Beery to Get Increase From Estate Los Angeles, (/P) — Carol Ann Beery has been granted an increase from $2,000 to $3,000 monthly from the estate of her late actor-father. > A superior court judge granted the increase Tuesday after Attorney Lyman A. Garber disclosed that Wallace Beery's estate came to $600,000 more than anticipated. It totaled $2,100,000. Lyman said Carol Ann, 19, an adopted daughter, leaves Oct. 5 for a year in a drama school in New York. Fetters Gets Acquittal in Slaying Case >Washington, (/P)—Oscar Fetters, 63, was acquitted Tuesday of a 25-year-old charge of slaying the father of the girl who rejected his attentions. A district court jury which deliberated Jess than 2 hours found Fetters innocent on the grounds that he was insane at the time he shot Hugh Dougall, Sr., on Sept. 9, 1914. Fetters never had been tried on the old charge previously because he was committed to the insane ward of the Anampsa state reformatory. Earlier this year, after he was released as "mentally restored," Fetters was jailed on the old indictment. Mrs. Sarah Dougall Sailor, who spurned Fetters attentions so long ago, returned from her home in Canada to testify against him. She did not glance in his direction as she testified the shooting occurred after she told him "it was all off" between them. She said she had kept company with Fetters occasionally and that he mistakenly got the impression they were engaged. A person married legally the 2nd time is a digamist. Smooth Away Discomfort of Chafed, Itchy Skin Yes, it's simple as that! Bathe with mild Resinol Soap, then spread on medicated Rcsinol. Wonderful how quickly and gently the soothing ingredients in this .famous ointment give blissful relief. LAST QUADRUPLET DIES Chicago, (U.R)—The last of the quadruplets born to Mrs. Bernice Ecker died late Tuesday. One was stillborn, one died Monday night shortly after the mother, and the other 2 died Tuesday. Labor Group Raps Brannan Plan Reference Des Moines, (fP) —President A. A. Couch of the Iowa Federation of Labor (AFL), asserted Tuesday that several speakers at the GOP national farm conference in Sioux City improperly described the Brannan farm programs as of labor origin. Couch, in a prepared statement, said he referred especially to speeches made by Senator Wherry (R-Nebr.) and Rep. Hope (R- Kans.). He continued: "To promote co-operation between economic groups in our society, any attempt to prejudice a program by saying that organized labor is for it or against it with the idea of promoting prejudice, is not beneficial to the national good. "The Brannan plan must rise or fall on its merits or demerits and by innuendos . . . "We feel that the farmers must, in a democratic way, work .out a suitable plan. We are confident that the agricultural section knows more how to work out a program for themselves than either management or labor could work out for them. "I feel that any policy that is promoted by the republican na- 66,800 of Bonus Claims Are Irregular DCS Moines, (U.R) — An official of the state bonus board said Wednesday that some workers will be shifted to the irregular claims section next week tc speed up correspondence to veterans with imperfect claims. Ed Kallemyn, executive secretary of the board, said all claims revived up to the present wil ha;/e been acknowledged by the end of this week and that 8 typists from the receiving section will be shifted to the irregular claims section. He said claims are coming in slowly now and will be acknowledged as they come in. Kallemyn said 66,800 of the total of 228,12? claims screened were found to be irregular. However, he estimated that about 75 per cent of the claims can be cleared up by one letter to the House Approval of 2 Pay Bill Pushes Adjournment .Senate Group to [Question Minton Washington, (#»)—The senate ju- Washington, (AP)-House approval of 2 big pay-raise yskd Sherman bills carried forward Wednesday a drive in congress for ad- 1 Minton to come before the group TO INACTIVE LIST Iowa City—Gary Hyberger, 7, Elma- Virgil Crawford, 34, Hampton, and Sharon Elphic, 4, Hampton, have been transferred to the inactive polio case list at University hospitals. journment by mid-October. for private questioning on his The pay raise bills would benefit those in the armed serv- nomination to *h«'supreme court, ices and in the postoffice department. Besides getting these | wA ^") g Sid ^ters that Sen- bills OUt of the way Tuesday,* Utor Ferguson (R.-Mich,), moved the house sought action vices will actually rise consider- to request the appearance of Min- Wnrlnpqrlflv rm 2 moi'p ably between now and the end ton. The motion was seconded QHtBrtiS y -n?n1h? white house Uf the fiscal year next June 30. by another republican, Senator aiaiea 10 go 10 me winus L as t year for example, the num- Donnell of Missouri, late Wednesday is ^ ^i 1 ^ 1 ^ ber of places with t ? ax stamps for' 1000 \KTQC '7Q7 rm TMnv i Republic for Republicans Republic, Wash.. (U.R)—Mayoe it 000 overseas arms program which «££^devices was 792on passed the senate and the house in I sampling devices was i»* o.i different form. Agree on Aid By June 30, the number had | risen to 1,382. The Des Moines area had the i.n.v,^. -.. ine ues monies cuea imu me i —. . . -j „„„ u.,1. T \\J Conferees have agreed to rec- largest numb er of places this year was just cmncidencc, but J, W ommend final enactment of the buying sta mp taxes for gambling Dawley, state republican chair- senate version, which carries devices—202. This was consider- man. started a 4-day speaxing veteran from the board. That means about 50,000 irregular Bancroft—L. A. Barslcu, 82, was taken to the Holy Family hospital by the Thomas Gar$y ambulance. He has been suffering from pneumonia. "It's DILLONS *or Quality! END OF THE MONTH Round Up of Men's and Boys' CLOTHING VALUES f" tional committee that tries .to make the members of organized labor the 'scape goat' will . . . weaken co-operation between groups which is so essential in times that we find ahead where the communists are most anxious to have conflict between groups." Former Orchard Man Dies at Charles City Orchard—Funeral services for James W. Clark, 69, were held Wednesday at 2:30 p. m. at Grossmann's funeral home, the Rev. Harold Putney, pastor of the First Congregational church, officiating. Burial in Riverside cemetery, Charles City. Mr. Clark died Sunday at the Cedar Valley hospital at Charles City following a heart ailment. Mr. Clark was born at Orchard, son of Robert and -Mary (Locke) Clark. He was married to Cora Haisington, Feb. 3, 1904, the couple farmed near Orchard for 27 years later moving to Charles City where Mr. Clark was employed by the George P. Smith company as maintenance foreman. He was a member of the Knights of Pythias. claims can be cleared up in a short time. The 8 girls to be transferred from the receiving section will concentrate on writing letters on irregular claims. As the regular claims are cleaned up, more workers will be transferred to the irregular claims section, Kallemyn said. That will free more typists to write letters on irregular claims. Only about 30,000 of the claims received by the board have not reached the hands of the examiners. Kallemyn said 149,222 claims have been completely examined and 103,439 have been prepared for the state comptroller for check writing. Those checks, which represent less than one-half of the claims on hand, total $39,151,045. The board has mailed out 97,650 checks to veterans of World war II. $1,000,000,000 in arms-aid author- ably above last year's total of 136. trip from here. ization for North Atlantic Pact Keokuk is 2nd with 56, and Dav- nation; §211,370,000 for Greece enport next with 47. Clinton, listed and Turkey; $27,640,000 for Iran, as having 21 places with gamb- Korea and the Philippines, and ling device tax stamps a year ago, $75,000,000 for the China area if has none listed so far this fiscal the president wants to spend it. year. The house originally voted only The only place listed m Mason $869,415,000. It sharply cut the City is B. P. O. E. Elks Lodge 375. dt DILLONS L THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY 48 MEN'S FALL HATS Genuine fur felts. Many of them are LEE and THE CHAMP makes. Regular prices drastically reduced for 3 days. Convicted of Driving Motorboat Recklessly Sioux City, (£>)—Clarence Sanford was convicted of operating a motorboat in such a way as to endanger life and property by a district court jury Tuesday. Sanford was charged with piloting his boat through the course of a speedboat demonstration at Brown's lake, Aug. 29. Rains Help Fire Fighters in West Portland, Ore., (U.R) — Rains sweeping inland from the Pacific ocean gave foresters a fighting chance Wednesday to bring under control the timberland fires that raged in western Oregon for 2 days. Regional U. S. fire dispatcher Guy Johnson said the overnight shift to normal fall weather here riad dampened the flames. Estimates of the acreage already scorched varied, but lumbermen and state and federal agencies set the figure close to 25,000 acres. One logger lost his life, crushed under a rolling tractor. About a dozen homes and barns were destroyed. European fund and provided nothing for the Far East. Action on the compromise comes first in the house, with only token opposition in sight in view of the Russian A-bomb news. Following that, the house ordered up a bill reclassifying the status of certain civil service workers and giving them pay raises. The armed services measure, pased by voice vote Tuesday, is estimated to cost $300,000,000 a year. It went to President Truman for signature. It raises the pay of nearly all uniformed personnel, from privates to generals. Goes to Senate The postal pay raise measure, passed by a vote of 332 to 2, went to the senate, with early action likely. Its estimated cost is $180,000,000 a year. The administration opposed it ineffectively. In addition to getting a flat boost of $150 a year, many em- ployes would be benefited by automatic increases in their job ratings, while all would be give> 20 days annual leave instead of the 15 they now receive. The bill also would raise from $2,550 to $2,900 ,the annual starting salary of regular field workers in the postal service, and give uniform-wearing workers a $100 Daily Schedule For KGLO + KGLO-FM Mr. Chameleon ... (7 p.m ) The man oJ many face's discovers that things may not have been as they seemed in "The Friendly Divorce Murder Case." Dr. Christian . . . (7:30 p.m.) The kindly doctor aids in thwarting an autocratic will in "Rendevous in Paris." Nationalists Lack Spirit —Wedemeyer 'Des Moines, OPJ^-Lt. Gen. Al-1 bert C. Wedemeyer says the nationalists might have turned back the communist invasion in China if they had had any spirit. "They could almost have defended the Yangtze river line with 110-06 News, "Vance Music Co Wednesday P.M. 5:00 Accents on Music 8:15 Clear Lake on the Air. Clear Lake Merchants 5:30 Curt Massey and Martha Tlllon, Miles Laboratories, CBS 5:43 Time Was 0:00 News, P. G, and E. (Mlnshal) 0:15 Sports Camera (Suter) H:30 Club 13, Campbell Soups, CBS 0:45 News, Edward R. Murrow, Camphell Soups, CBS 30 Mr. Chameleon, Bayer Aspirin, CBS CBS 1:30 Dr. Christian, Vaseline, CBS 8:00 Escape. CBS 8:30 Bing Crosby, Lljfett & Myers, CBS 9:00 Burns & Allen, Cecil ti Prysby Inc., CBS 9:30 Proudly We Hatl Ham Omelette . . . (8:30 p.m.) That's Bing Crosby and Abe Burrow's spelling of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" of which they will do an operetta version on the Bing Crosby show. Burns and Allen ... (9 p.m.) Grade decides that marriage licenses, like dog licenses, should be renewed yearly. Bill Goodwin and Uncle John help enforce the plan. if thev had had u iney naa naa rea spirit,' the general said m an in- n . 00 News CBS 10:15 Something Old—Something New 10:30 Great Moments in Music terview Tuesday. "But the people Of South China "=30 Larry Fotme's Orchestr 11-05 Noro Morales. Orchestra, CBS - - CBS The average weight of the human brain is 48 ounces. ANNA IN HOSPITAL, Santa Monica, Ca!., (/P)—Anna Roosevelt Boettiger, daughter of the late president, is reported improved Wednesday in St. John's hospital. Mrs. Boettiger has been under treatment for 2 we'eks for a virus infection. Values to $10.00 at. MEN'S UNION SUITS Cotton ribbed suits for fall and winter wear. Long sleeves, ankle length. Thrifty priced. See them at DILLONS. $-.89 LIQUID UELUET Is My Choice Because It's SO WASHABLE $2.49 Values Cut to. 64 MEN'S SWEATERS Fine all wool sweaters. Ideal for cold weather ahead. On Sale Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Round Up value. To $9.95 Sweaters, Now, TOPCOATS-OVERCOATS 16 men's topcoats and overcoats in the group. Pure wool materials. J. Capps and Don Richards makc>. Hurry in! ,...,..., , $ 2i 50 Values to $57.50 at 48 BOYS' SWEATERS AH wool sweaters that boys like. Coat style and pull-overs. Ideal for school and play this fall and winter. To $6.45 Sweaters, Only. BOYS' HELMETS-CAPS Wool helmets, leather helmets, and winter caps to keep your boy warm when Winter comes. Save at DILLONS. .....MC O'Brien's Liquid Velvet rates finest among fine wall paints — a beautiful dull finish, so waterproof it can be washed many times between paintings. SUPER QUALITY at the prick of ordinary paint. Made in many sparkling tints and colors. SHEPHERD'S JPAIBT & WAUPAPER 27-29 First St. S. E. » Phone 1362 $2.58 3 Gal. O'BRIEN PAINTS annual uniform allowance. Stamp Taxes Show Iowa Slot Machine Rise Des Moines, (/R — Nearly 900 places in Iowa haye paid federal stamp taxes during this fiscal year for coin-operated gambling devices which are illegal in this state. The figure is considerably above last year's total. Also more federal retail liquor dealer stamps were sold in Iowa this fiscal year compared to the last one. Sale of liquor by the London, drink in I6wa is prohibited. handsome Internal revenue office records in Des Moines showed that 893 places had paid the stamp tax on 3,501 devices so far this year. This compares with only 792 persons or organizations paying the tax on 3,110 machines as of Nov. 15 last year. Attorney General Robert L. Larsoh. says he has acquired a list of those paying the gaming devices tax. He said the lists this year include other devices .than the slot machine such as the single ball pinball machine. The slot machine with its automatic payoff is prohibited by state law. To have possession of such a machine is a violation. However, the single "ball machines have no automatic payoff. Winners often receive their rewards over the counter from the cashier. "That machine may cause us some trouble," Larson said. "If it doesn't have an automatic payoff, it isn't a gambling device per se (of itself). You have to catch them at it to prove they are gambling devices." The internal revenue records were a disillusioned people. There was too much confusion among 1 them. They didn't know what they | were fighting for. "The communists from the north had the spirit. And they sent their representatives across the river to! spread their ideology among the people there." General Wedemeyer and his wife stopped in Des Moines over night to visit with Mr. and Mrs.! George Olmsted. Olmsted was a member of Wedemeyer's staff af- | ter Wedemeyer succeeded the late Lt. Gen. Joseph W. Stilwell as commander of the U. S.-China theater during World war II. In 1947, Wedemeyer made a report on the Chinese situation as a special envoy of the president. The 52 year old general said he believed that Chiang Kai-shek was still the logical man to free China of communism. He expressed belief that some day non-communist forces would regain control of China. KICM Marquess of Milford Will Wed American (U.R)—The Marquess Haven disqualified young and of Milford himself as showed that 2,910 places in Iowa have paid the tax of a retail liquor dealer. The number of stamps in effect on Nov. 15 last year was 2,793. The federal tax for the gambling devices is $100. It is $27.50 for the liquor stamp. The number of tax stamps sold for both liquor and gambling de- Lon don's most eligible royal bachelor Wednesday by announcing his engagement to a "2nd Mrs. Simpson"—an American , divorcee 4 years his junior. The marquess, David Michael Mountbatten, 30, announced in a 3-page public relations handout that he was engaged to be married to Mrs. Romaine Dahlgren Pierce Simpson, 26, beautiful society woman of Washington, D. C., and New York. The announcement said that the marquess' marriage to Mrs. Simpson, mother of an 18-month- old girl, probably would take place in Washington in November. Milford Haven is a great-great- grandson of Queen Victoria and a distant cousin of King George VI. His announcement immediately reminded the British press of another Mrs. Simpson who married the former King Edward VIII in 1936. Court circles were scandalized by the manner of the announcement and by Milford Haven's failure to obtain royal permission for his marriage. Thursday A.M. 5:30 Sign On 5:32 Morning Rouser 6:00 News 6:05 Morning Rouser 0:30 Farm Reporter, State Brana Creameries, Inc. (Randolph) 0:45 News, Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp. (Mlnshall) 7:00 Rhythm Rcunclup 7:1!> On the Farm. Allis-Chalmers Co. 7:30 News (Kew) 7 :S5 Fun at Breakfast, Sweetheart Bread 7:40 Sports Scoreboard 7:45 Top ot the Morning 8:00 Keep Time With Damons 8:15 Holsum Headlines, IloUum Bread (Hilton) 8:30 Yesterday'* Music, Cool Spring Canning Co. 8:45 Bins Sines, Mason City Globe-Gazette 0:00 Today In Osagc, Osaje Merchants !l:30 Bible Broadcast, Radio Chapel i):4r> Kitchen Club, Ferfex 10:00 News Digest. Jacob 'E. Decker ti Sons (Kew) 10:l.i "Tater" Quiz, Hiland Potato Chips 10:;fO Grand Slam. Wonder Bread, CBS 10:45 Bob Clausen Show 11:00 -Wendy Warren, General Foods. CBS 11:15 Betsy Ross Serenade, Ffaff Baking Company 11:30 Helen Trent, American Home Prod ucti, CBS 11:45 Our Gal Sunday, American Horn Products, CBS Thursday P.Mi 12:00 Today's Markets 12:05 The Man on the Street, Prltchard Motor Co. 12:15 The Old Timers, North Iowa Co- Ops. 12:30 News, International Harreitet Co. Dealers (Hilton) 12:45 Farm and Home Topic Time, St. Paul Livestock Market 1:00 The Second Mrs. Burton, General Foods, CBS 1:15 Home Town News (Palen) 1:30 This Is Nora Drake, The Tonl Co., CBS 1:45 Mystery Melody Game 2:00 Arthur Godfrey Time, Chesterfield Cigarets, CDS 2:30 Aunt Jenny, Lever Bros.. CCS 2:45 Hilltop House, Miles Laboratories, CBS 3:00 News, Ilolsum Bread 3:05 The Friendly Philosopher 3:15 The Bob Clausen Sriow 1:00 Arthur Godfrey Time, Glass W», CBS 4:15 Arthur Godfrey Time, Nabisco, CBS 4:30 Arthur Godfrey Time. Wlldroot, CBS 4:45 Rent Review 4:55 Baseball Scores ON YOUR UIAL Wednesday P.M. 4:00 Baseball Scores 4:05 News 4:10 Your Home Town 4:30 "V490" Club 5:00 B Bar B Ranch 5:30 Tom Mix C:00 Fulton Lewis fi:15 News 0:30 B and B Temperature Quiz 6:35 Gems of Melody 0:45 Sports Hi Llles 7:00 Reflections in Melody 7:30 Gabriel Heatter 7:45 Melody Time 7:S5 Bill Henry 8:00 Scattergood Baines 8:30 International Airport 9:00 News Commentator 9:15 Mutual Newsreel 9:30 Riverside Barn 10:00 News 10:15 "1490" Club 10:55 News 11:00 "1490" Club 11:30 "1490" Club 11:55 News ' 12:00 Sign Off ,, Thursday A.M. G:00 Farm Frolic Time 6:15 Jerry Smith Show i 6:30 Farm Frolic Time 0:40 News 6:45 Farm Frolic Time 7:00 News 7:15 Reveille Rhythms 7:45 Sports Scores 7:50 Reveille Rhythms 8:00 News 8:13 Tell Your Neighbor 8:30 Your Home Town ' 0:30 B and B Temperature Qul* 9:35 MJd-Mornlng Melodies 9:45 The Territories 10:00 Boyer's Billboard 10:15 Your Marriage 10:30 Against the Storm. 11:00 Kate Smith Speaks 11:15 Colonial Funeral Home 11:30 Waltz Time 11:45 Gabriel Heatter's Mailbag Thursday P.M, 12:00 News 12:15 Luncheon Lyrics 12:30 Radio Farm Journal 1:00 Queen For a Day 1:30 Listen Ladles 1:45 Kanawha Melodies 2:00 Kanawha Melodies 2:15 Grain Reporter 2:30 Major League Baseball Gam* •1-00 Baseball Scores . 4:05 News ffs f sa FREEMAN TIIC rOOTU'CAK Or SUCCESSFUL MSH. Stitched Stormwelt... »nd double leather soles make this Blucher-style Oxford a wonderful all-weather shoe * . . husky and handsome . . . with trim lines and a Scotch Grain glow to be groud of: Brown, $1.95 Values For Only. DILLONS OPEN FRIDAYS TILL 9 THE DILLON CO. 2nd Door East of 1st National Bank -OUR FIRST AIM IS TO PLEASE YOU" Snakes have as many as 300 pairs of ribs. On the Radio Beam WEDNESDAY NIGHT NETWORK HIGHLIGHTS ABC—0:30 Lon« Ranter; 7:00 Borl* Karloff; 7:30 Sherlock Holmci; 8:00 Mystery Q u i i: 10:00 Lawrence Welk; 10:30 On Trial. CBS—0:30 Club 15; 6:4S Edward R. Murrow; 7:00 Mr. Chameleon: 7:30 Dr Christian; 8:00 Escape; 8:30 Bin* Crosby; !):00 Burns and Allen;. 0:30 'Capitol Cloak Room. MBS—7:00 Can You Top This? 7:30 In ternatlonal Airport; C.:00 Scaltcr- (ood Baines; 8:30 Family Theater 1):00 Comedy Flayhonse; 0:30 Mu tual Newnreel; 0:-J3 Concert Hall NBC—7:00 Un^an's Daughter; 7:30 The Great Gildersleeve; 8:00 Henry Mot-Ran; 8:30 District Attorney !>:00 The Bij Story; 9:30 Curtain Time. Most Deserving ARM COUPLE To Be Awarded ALL-EXPENSE VACATION in A-C CONTEST KGLO Farm Director Chet Randolph to Do Chores 95 KSMN 1000 WATTS 1010 DIAL Your First Choice In Daytime Listening Pleasure From 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. 7:15 A. M., News Presented By B. F. GOODRICH CO. Randolph has volunteered to take over the farm while the winning couple are enjoying their vacation. VVTial's more, to prove that he can do more than talk about a farm, Chet says he guarantees to maintain top production. TO BE ELIGIBLE A farm couple need only be actively enraged in farming and be nominated by themaelves or an acquaintance. TO ENTER Simply write a letter stating wby you would like to take a 4-day vacation to Chicago, OR, tell why one of your friends is deserving of a vacation. The entry deadline is October 20. Send All Entries tc— KGLO -MASON CITY

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