Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1912 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1912
Page 2
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2 1 THEIOLA DAILY REGISTER,-TUESDAY EVEyiNq JANUARY 9,-1912. Cure Your Cold with COLD TABCET* Guaranteed by Us. 2ac a Box^ BURRElt'Si?^ Tbc Rexall Store West Side of the Square A Missouri club woman says of "success:" "From ciiiidhood to old «ge there Je a goal toward which we forever press. That goal is success. The observer may sfc that a revolution in the motive for living and working is in progress; that a new standard of success which does not ring with .dQliarB is being: established. This new standard is social service, in which one's sucross is mc'asured by the giving of self to* others." • —All of pur pretty Hats going at half the marltcd price—Rlchard.sftn's. • • •:• One hears very Utile about charity work these da .vs l>ui the people who did moftt boost the real Christmas lola had this year are still supplying comforts and ne <TPsi (ies to proteges. A member of the Mother's club said yesterday that not a day passes wltli- . out requests from Indigent famlli -'S for food and clothing and the club responds rheprfiilly. The stock of clothing and'supplles given the Koard of Charities for distribution Is not yct oxhnusted and a jneeting is to be held soon to invoice the collection and plan for systemntlc giving in tin futufe. •:• •:• <' The Tnity club had the liti'rary lesson from Ihsen yesterday aftenuion at the home of Mrs. S. R. Bun«J. Chapters of "Peer Gynt" which wore' studied were interestingly analyzed by Mrs. O. T. 1-aGrange and several who had been asked to assist. TliV- music which was to have been playrk' was omitted and will be included in some program of the future. One act of the play remains to be studied af- tei which 'he club will proceed te study "Winter's Tale." \ —The clean up prices on all Cnats. Suits and Skirts are making them move briskly at Richardson's. • + * Several couples attended the Shield's orchestra dance in Masonic hall last night and enjoyed the usual good time. Many of the girls who are usually asked were at the meeting calle dto arrange for a Leap Y^ar dance. The orchestra will continue to give dances throughout the remainder of the winter tind spring, the entertainments have gained a popiu tar place on the social calendar. • • -5—Big price reductions on Coat.':, Suits and Skirts.—Richardson's. J. 4. .> - George 1>. W'aite will give a pupil's recital Thursday tvpnJng in ilie Christian church and his music class will be represented by four advanced atudents. Miss Kthel Shults. Miss Alta Moore, Miss Anna Sievers and Mir.s Genevieve Bowman, all of whom will render piano numbers; The .^nt'-r- taihment will be varied by mal" qu-\r- tette music and several vocal solos No admission will be asked and tlie | public is invited. • * * Mrs. George J. ilarker, of I^wrence who visits Mrs. C. H. Spencer of rola and whose official title of presIdenMif the second district federation of Kan-| •"' >"r-:-en or two make the place at sas women's clubs is w.>ll known lo ' Iraetive for gatherings of the club local club women, talked before a i '""l ""ore homelike fur dan» council of clubs in Kansas Oily ys-i ">:'" ll'"-*" rows of siiff looking terday. Her subject was "The Sov-' <'Iii"irs wliltli have been there for ereign Rights of Woman." Many years, prominent women of MlKuuuri and! Kansas were in the audlenee and rli''j .Mrs. .1. A. Wliecler will have a cnrd program included addresses by the nariy Thursday afierno<in for th< most active in club work. •> V •> —Yoti should see the pretty line nf New Dress and Silks at Richardson's. expe<l to have an awfully good time and to i-nterlaiu their guests very charmingly. .\sked about decorations, stipper and several other things, one of the hostesses said (his morning that sonu had suggested decorating the hall in "red and yellow; (catch a fellow) but plans were too vague just now for her to be able to say whether the Idea would materialize or not. The Montezuma boys have known about the dance for a week or more and judging from the extremely delight(>d and school-boyish way in which one of them told the S. R. about It. the girls' invitations will be jay- fully accepted. All those boys are crazy about dancing and a party with a Lc-ay Year setting will stand a very small chance of being Ignored by any of them. • * Louis Northrup left yeste^d.^y for Kansas I'niversity after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Northrup. <• •> •> Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Drake, 827 Non! street, will give a party tomorrow night for the North Side Card club. * * 4. Mrs. Bert Miller, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Miller has gone to Hartford where she will spend a few days and then, go to Ku- reka where Mr. Miller is now located • -:- • I.,hcvinne will be in Kansas City on the twentieth of January and some of the musically inclined folk are talking about going up to hear the noted plan' Isi and to shop. * + The January meeting of the Jlelho- dist Standard Bearers will be post- l>oned from this week until later ii: the + + * . SInre i:ic riiiikir Club moved lo Ih. Masonic bui'ding. a great deal of their furniture has been |)lac.Ml in th« east room, which is the dancing room The floor is handnoracly carpeted until the last niinulo before a danc and comfor'able rockers, chairs and The I^iesp Year Is only nine days old but in that short time the young people about (own have recognized the opportunity for unusual eutertain- roent and several parties h;r\e included some slight observance of the . custom of the time. But the very first Leap Year event will be a dance in Masonic Hall on the evening of Wednesday. January seventeenth. The hostesses will ijp a group of twenty-five or thirty girls who have been freiqnent guests of the Montezuma' club. Tb-e guests will be members of the Montezuma club ouly. The girls met at the home of Miss Velma Sleei>er last night and talked about every detail of the entertainment, from invitations to .th" manner of asking for dances to fill their pro- grainfc. The hostesses expect to find sprety and courace in numbers, for Vld|e many of them wish by some chance the boys might be compelled to make the engagements, everyone of them will J>e brave enough lo make her own "date" because slie knows all the other girls have to do the same thing. The girls will furnish ear- .riages, music and flowers, fill the programs and imitate the gallant demeanor of masculinity on dress |>a- rade. All the gij-ls who are going GRADUATE OPTICIAN! Eyes tested; glasses fitted as low as 11 .00. Thursd^iy Whist club. •> • V The Wednesday Euchn- club, whicli lo carry out the fortnightly sch'-duh' should have a party tomorrow night •las iKjsiponed its meeting •> * * Some practical ideas iu kitchen furnishings have been revealed in the Kansas City Star's ideal home con- tost. A dumb waiter betwwn the kitchen and cellar is suggested, also a china closet in the dining room just onposlfe the kitchen cabinet In the kitchen. What looks to be a mirroi- of generous dimensions slides back to admit of passing dishes from one cup board to the other. One kitchen has an ironing alcove where there are built in chi'sts for unironed clothes and a stationary board. All the sug-. gestions .i(!Companying plans emphasize the home beautiful idea and the fact that the dingy uninviting kitchen is a thing of the past. * Special Reduction on Boys'and Girls' TOP ms USTOF ^00 WORST BOOKS Suggntlon U Offered That Some Wlee, Broadminded Men Make . Up the Llat. There are some who hare a passion for making lists of the "greate^ta' the "best" men. bookia. paintings, mnsical compositions. There is a fa^ moos list of the 100 best books, and any one reading them night and day to the exclusion of others would be a tiresome prig. A list of the 100 worst books drawn -ap by a man of tme critical acumen and cathoUo tastA, a human being, would be much the purpose, although it would Inclnde some volume's now ranked as classic and in- valnable. Charles Lamb'a essay on PUIRCP EitiC) UntU GliyiRi lUfi ! t^^^ tor quotation UllAnOL rlVL nun OAiRDLrilO M . Anatole France alluded to Gabriel Polfco IiiTrstlgaied a Kerr I'arty last Mgbt. Five convivial spirits gathered In a room on Madison avenue in the down town district last night lo celebrate the decision of the supreme court to the effect that keg parties are not illegal in Kansas, lusload of a keg it was a case this time and it had been ordered and received in the manner proscribed by the court In its decision and was therefore, no offense, in itself. But an observer saw the case of beer boln^ unloaded and right on the main street in the business district, too—a most unprecedented e.^ainple of nerve. He hastily culled the police department over the teIepho(t< and asked the ofllcers lo Investigate. Chief of Police Comeld and Policeman Christy responded. Th'>y climbed he flight of stairs to the scene or th< revelry and listeued. Prom within the room they heard sounds that seemed familiar. When the door was open, live youn. m«>n surrounded a blanket which wa* preail carefully upon the floor. The beer case was open and moat of lh< bottles were empty. This Is jus! a beer party and we're disturbing no one," one said. "Wc rented this room and we are attending strictly to our own business. The courts have said that It Is not il- o order heer and drink it in an orderly manner. What right have you to interfere?" "I guess it's on me as far as th» l-eer drinking is concerned," Chief Coflield replied, "but the sounds w< ave heard,in this room indicates thai something else has been going on. Wasn't there some dice rattling in ere and why. please, that chicken feed on I ho blanket if not a friendly game?" No game at all." (he party spokes- nan replinc]. "We are just getting ready to order another case of beer nd the money on the blanket is I hi mount each man is putting in for his sh.nre of the beer." "Maybe so."/said the Chief, "but 1 iiave evi<lence that satisfies mo that ou were gambling. To the station house with us." A few moments later the fi\e young men were arraigned before Judge Smeltzer on charges of gambling and their cases will be heard in the city ourt tomorrow afternoon. Kach member of the party asserts innocence of any fracture of the law and lairos that he will easily establish Ills innocence at the court trial. C'hi.l Cr.nield and Officer Christy ook Ih" berr case and the nccom- pnnying empties lo the station locker in the sam^ good old way where they wii; be held junill the cases are de- cld"d. Pieqnot of Dijon as a man who, writing Tolume after volume Kbout books, yet wrote no book. Oscar Wilde divided books into three classes—books to read, books to reread and books not to read at all—and among the last be included Thomson's "Seasons,' all John Stuart Mill except the essay on lit>erty, Hume's England, "ail argumentative books, and all books that try to prove anything." To tell people what to read is,, as a rule, either useless or harmful; for the appreciation of literature is a question of temperament not of teaching; to Parnassus there is no primer, and nothing that one can learn is ever worth learning.—Philip Hale, In Boijton Herald. IIOHHIHLK l)K.»TII l.> KKAX'K. uii .Hunid BurslK and Molten Metal KnTolniiPM the Men. Rui'lle-Sur-Tout"e, France, Jan. -Kiglit steel moulders met a horrl- e death, and eleveii others weri- riously injured today by the bursting of a gun mould at th*- government av:il arsenal near Aiigoulenie. Oas- citiLsefl the explosion. The men ere enveloped in a mass of hot inet- 1. SHOES MADE OF SNAKESKIN Fashionable Women of London Being Tempted to Conquer Their Aversion to Reptiles. Prom all reptiles the ordinary woman shrinks in disgust. Yet fashionable women are now being tempted to couQuer their aversion to the extent of wearing snakeskin shoes. One of the smartest l>oot shops in the west end of London is "featuring these shoes; but up to the present it seems to be uncertain if the °'>3Shlon will really establish itself on Tvide- spread lines. Choice of quI,to a variety of skins Is offered. There is the dark and heavily-marked skin of. the deadly cobra, or the lighter skin, with its more delicate pigment markings, of the rapacious python. The skins of the viper and the boa-constrictor have also been made up. Snake skin Is very soft, pliable, and durable; The shoes are expensive of course, for tiie skins are not too plentiful, but this lacior should rath^ commend Itself to smart people, as u renders it much more difficult to copy the fashion on cheap lines. Broken-Hearted Do0. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in Montlcello, N. Y., will exercise its authority by putting an end of the sufferings of a little cocker spaniel named Buttons, '^hich has apparently lost its mind, following the death of his master. The little dog for years has been the steady companion of Louis McOraln of New York, who succumbed to tuberculosis here last summer. Buttons since the death of his master has been grief stricken, and has refused to be petted or to take food from friends of Mr. McQrain. After she had roamed the streets for several months the animal's half starved condition was brought to the attention of the society. It has been decided that the only way to solve Button's problem is by taking ita life. ^ -At Redueefl Prices in Our: 20% off on all WOOL BIANKETS, from $3.98 to $10.00 10% off on all COTTON BIAIVKETS, from $1.25 to $4.50 15% off on aU ..... . . . COMFORTS 159 ^0 off on all WOOL UNDERWEAR, from $l.501o $5.00 19 fo off on aU WINTER UNDERWEAR, fromlLOO to $1.50 Coals, Suits and Furs at 1-2 and i-3 off ESSB EM> STOMACH TROUBLE M)\\. ludtge.Ntion, Uus, and Dys- IK'Usfii Kelleved In Five .Mliiufrs. .As iheie is often some one In your family who Kuffers an attack of Indigestion or some form of stomach trouble, why ilon'l you keep some Olnpep- -•.'n in the house handy? This harmless blessing will digest anything you can eat without the slightest discomfort and overcome a sour, gassy stomach five minutes after. Tell your pharmacist lo let you read the formula, plainly printed on these ">0-rent cases of Pape's Dlapejj.sin, then you will readily see why it makes indigestion, .sour stomach, heartburn and other distress go in five minutes, .and relieve at once such miseries a.« belching of gas, eructations of sour undigested food, nausea, headaches,, constipation and other stomach dii^orders. So-.r.e folks have tried so long to find relief from indigestion and dys- pep.;ia or an out-of-order stomach with the common, every-day cures advertised that they have about made up their minds that they have something else wrong or believe theirs is a case ] of nervousness, gastritis, catarrh of he stomach or cancer. This no doubt is a -serious mistake. Your real trouble • is, what you eat does not digest; instead, it ferments ind sours turns to acid, p:as and tomarh poison, which putrefy in the digestive tract and intestines, and be- ides poison the breath with nauseous odors. A hearty appetite with thorough dl gestion. and without the slightest dis comfort or misery of the stomach, is waiting for you, as soon as you decide to try Pape's Diapepsin. Annual Housekeeping Sale As Announced in Saturday's Paiier. Wt'I)>FSI >.Vy, » I*. .M.— Ladie.s- Kndtrwear. .. 35. THrilSI >.\V—.\LL ir-.\V—Sham.-; and .Sri;ri..> FHin.lY—.\M, 1>.\V—Recnrd-Mn'akiii;;— I'oilie:-; and .\iirons ,__-10^ FKIlr-AV—Kwers and Ha.sins—M<iltl''ii i :lu.- 35^ .SATI'KDAV. 3 V. .M.-Gigantic KnaniehvjMe .>-':.I.—.Marl.leizod and fVc ^J • Knglish Urey—great big laotes ICC'. ISt*, 25ci •WATCH KRESS* WiNOOl^^" MKS. ISAAC WELCH BEAD. Kornier lolan Hill Be Brought llirr from Denier for BurlaL AiHat' I "DON'T HURT A BIT"—Tliat is what our patrons say. We do the best dental work at the most reasonable prices. Before having your dental work done by others call upon us. We are In our UHarpe oflic-s KVF: RY THURSDAY. GOice hours: S to >: .Sundays 10 to 12 Kvenlnga 7. to 8 More Appropriate. Representative Henry, condemning the International marriage, said at a dinner in Waco: Kill Delayed 1 '"^^^ *™ Waslilngton. .fan ..llcSeration "nJ-f^ that they can frank- f the McCumber pension bill, which ill be ollered in the Senate as a sub- tit ute for ihe Sherwood bill, passed th"-liousc, has been del;iycd awalt- ng statistics from the pension bu- e ;'M. The senate pension committee el today, but considered no priv.ile bills. The annual meeting of the Y. .M. I'. members and directors, which liad ecn set lor tonight at the Association building, has been posti)oned until a ter date tin account of the absence from the city of Ii. H. Muehlke, president of the board. Si.\ new directors arc to be chosen at the lueeting ly admit marrying heiresses for their money? "I heard a story the other day, a story about an heiress who said to her titled fiance: ".'My dear. I'm rather a new woman, you know, so do you mind asking the bishop to omit the word 'obey* in our wedding ceremony?' "Lord Lupian stroked his mustache^ smiled synically, and answered: "No, I don't mind, my love, ril just tell the old boy to make it love^ honor and supply.'" Y. W. C. A. Notes. There will be no Bible class 8U|»- ucr and lecture tonight but the evening gymnasium class will meet at the usual hour. . All of the Juniors are requestod to attend the meeting tomorrow afternoon as new work will be taken up. , The bowling club will meet Thursday nighi. If enough members are' present the alleys will be used by' the club members only on that occasion. • •:• * The Assistant club will meet Wednesday afternoon with their needlework at the home of Mrs. Charles (Moore. SOK South Second street at .half past two o'clock. • * * Mrs Geneva R. McDonald, of the I Ramsay store, went (o Excelsior I Springs Mo., yesterday for a tnonth's vacation. + •!. * —You can have a delightful trip to! Mission and the Lower Bio Grande valley on Star Land Company's special train January 12. See ad. In this Issue; Harry Colt, the man who was yesterday n.orning struck by a Missouri icilic passenger train near the I'n- ed Iron Works, is able lo be up and around today, and. with Uie fc.\<:ep- ion of a few contussions, appears be none the worse for his terrible xperience. Ladies' and Children's Warm Lined RUBBER BOOTS OVERSHOES lEGGINSand GiUTERS At the Lowest Prices MMSAYS Pocketbooks In Walking Sticks. Tb« latest styles In society walking sticks are practical as well as ornamental. One of the new canes la fitted with a coin box and a match box these being contained in the head, which is provided with a skillfully concealed lid. The coin box is so arranged that a person can easily deposit or remove the coin by a slight pressure of the thumb. Men who have used these canes say they are practl- cat and convenient, for they do away with the annoyance of fishing for coins In the pocket when boarding a street car. In France there Is quite a variety of uses which the cane is made to serve. A clevei; Frenchman has made a cane with a. handle containing a complete outfit of the game known as "petiu chevaux." •N'ews was received here this morning of the death yesterday in Dener of .Mrs. Alma A. Welch, widow «; suae Welch, and that the body wil. tie brought here for burial beside tha. .if Mr. Welch m the Old Ceniefery Funeral .services will bo held ul tl.i home In l)en\. i- uvA tlnrre will [>•' ; .s!;oil s<TVlce hei L" lit tin- g!iivo. .Mi.-'i CMara We'cli. :i daiig.'iti r ami .Mrs Fred. Welch, a (laiight-T in-hiw. wih tcciiiiiiiiii>y I <• n-i. I'ln- a'.i'l ii i.s I-K ported thai, :li(.v iiill i/.n 'li )i< re an !h<' Kaly ai \ |>. in., ti 'icoi: JIIK: Inlerirelit will lie ;i( I'l -k 'iliiirs- iliiy morning. It h;::i l.e.'ii iiia:i> i:. . '.• . iiic the Welili r:!!r!ly Ms 'iicl |e-,., hnl nnl so 'cue ilr .H '''V t.-...- iiiiiu\ friends l:ere. .Mr. V.VIrli .-. .i^ in liii.<i ak'ss I'.er.! fo. Viiiirs. .. for : 'ong tin:e a I'.irlte: s :"eer:. v.ii .'i I,'" 11. ::i(:h- •irds. P.' IT ; Vi'-'I-' . !'rlii - ; son. :^ied sou e ve .'i:- iso. a;:-; :'r Welch •en .'»r .firr. "P. y:-'.- ;'-•'> ~i l ";!iiiily uioved froi:' !<)!a iii Cr)"-!..!'! • Muring." rollnwing <!:•• dc -111 'I' .".!,• ilA.S.VKTT lit E\Sr !<1I,A <Mi. I'i-Nunied Old Scliedu'e i • W-'l r. Oil IVcdnc-diiy. Thi- Regis!-: i- j'si-il .i!;.- (olri Klec'.ric Kailioni to •i- MI. • <• that, beg nnirg tmi (.rmw \V-lr-- City, ./nn- uary I0t>.. the <:• I M hed -i- n , f,rs in lola win lie riHiir i-il ri'giv.ds the Dnssett and h'as' ii;'". n;\i^e This Is n thirl;-:: 'niile ;• 'rvi-i- uiie <:ar being assigned \i> thi- ln-u si rvice and running between K;:.-<. I O'.T r.r.d Uis- sett. For soine lin-e this car !a:; operated onlv beiv.een the Square and Bassett ou a fifteen-minute sciie.lule. During the winter, especially, it has been decided to be advisable to return to the old schedule, thus giving liet- ter service to the east ]iart of town and yet caring for the Bassett service. —The elegant lln» of Pretty .Millinery going at 50 .cents on Ihe dollar.— Richardson's. Merotnary. "You'll neTer asain be the fighter you once were," said the expert In pugilism. "Well," replied the man with bulgy muscles. "I don't want to be. A man new gets a chance to make big loc- tnra money till he's a has been." Auditorium SKATING RINK Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings at 7 o'clock, and Saturday afternoon. AD3IISSI05 SveBlng lOe likafes Ifie The Danger of Ln Grippe —Is its fatal tendency fo pneunu)- ula. To cure your la grippe coughs take I'oley's Honey and Tar Compound. 11. K. Fisher Washington. fCas.. .>-nys: "I was troubled with a severe attack of la grippe that threat ened pni-unuinla. A friend advised Foley's Honey and Tar Comiiotmd and I got relief after taking the first few doses, I took three bmlles and my la grippe was cured." fSet the genuine In tiie vellow package. J. IJ. .Mundis Co. TO THE WAYS OF THE WILD Timid Doe Finds There Is Some Good After All In the White Bipeds of the City. The heart of a deer, a poor, timid, pretty little doe, must have been near to bursting with gratitude a few days ago. Somewhere up among the pines in the moonlight she must surely have found a way. dumb brute though she Is. to tell her companions of the antlered tribe how good.after all are the white bipeds of the city when the hunting season is over. Out of the maelstrom of queer sights and scenes of snorting, puffing monsters that ran on wheels and uttered terrifying metallic sounds in which she found herself she was transported back to her native environment—In a motor car. Poor, little trembling creature. She shook and cowered and looked .as though she were gazing upon the end from her great liquid eyes. They took her back to the mountains, loosened their hold upon the soft neck and said to her: "Go. little girl." She hesitated a minute, then, realizing what to her was doubtless something beyond all belief, she sprang from the tonneau of the motor car and In three bounds was out of sight. Whatever caused the animal to stray Into the city from some one of the nearby canyons, no one knows.—Los Angeles Times. Friday. January IZfli (;nsiiin A .WacVlfty (Inc.) offer the Greatest Modem Play! Henry JIlller».s Savoy Theatre .\ew lork Succotts "THE SERVANT In the HOUSE" By (luirU's lijinn Kennedy with HUGO B. KOCH And the («'reafe>t Ca.'it Kver .Seen In the .Middlenest 1 year in .\i?w York City; I year in {.DIIIIIIU; I! months in Chicago; mnv idaying in Uerjiu Prices $1, 75c, 50c, 25c itfS or oiiKi n. • or •.n.i.y.ini., F KAXK J. I :i>r\r.v makes oaih hf k •cnloi mnncr «l Ihr luni o( V. J. I 'lmsLi i. Cn.. I I UUK Halattt In lh« (iiy of Tolnla. County :ini) tfomalO. iin<l uM flrm will jw, tfcr nim oi aVK Hr .SUt'.Kl) nOLI .AIt.s lor mti aiKl rvrry mr of O AT^IIKH ihat rannat M cufcU by IJu; uK a •lALL'a C A TAKKM Ct'llE. .FRANK J. CIIE.NEY. Sworn to iKtDre m- and Mtucrllmt In my pnacact tail ith day ot O '^Lbcr. A. U.. lAxi. A. W. GLIi,\.SON-. 5BAL I 1 H»!l'» Oiterrh CiiPf n talufn tntanailv »nd arU tinelly upon Hut ;>ioud anal mucjut wrfiru of t.« tittem. acnd for tntunoniabi. lire. P. J. CHlIXKy * CO . Toledo, i UU BSUH FamOr nil lor ccBNipMioa. Kigjrest and best stock of Coal and Wood HEATING STOVES In Allen County SOe Plaques 2Se tola Fiirmtdre SforT —0. J. Peterson:- Farta Loans Insurance. Abstracts. • 1

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