Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 9, 1912 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 9, 1912
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. VOLUME XV. NO. 65. Suece(« <• to the lola Daily Regltter, the tola Da.o Record and the loja Daily Index lOLA, KAS., JAN. 9,1912—TUESDAY EVENING. Daily Register Weekly Reslster, Eetabllihed 1E97. Established 1867. SIX PAGES KILLED WHILE AT • WORK IN nun HEAVY HOCK CUrsilKU Ski \.\. OF rvins SIM?A. THE WEATHER. Forpcast for KunNUit: IncrraRlng rlundinPNH tonlRtat nnd VYedni'sduy; rlslne trniiieniliirv. Teiuperatute—Hlshcst yesterday at 4 p. nt. 21; lowest tbday at 4 a. m., 3; di'flclency In tempcratuie ycEterday 1U do ^rpCH; deflcrlenry since January 1ft. 137 dcKrce*. NO INQUEST IS TO SE HELD CORONKR i>mi>Ki) TiiVT rvisi: (•F HEATH IS (LEAK. Hrnd Wtiii was a M*-\l(iin and Litllc Knuwn of Him Ili-rc I '.odj at This morning alioiii s-vrn o'rini -lf. Crus ailba, a Moxir .ii, aiiprircr.tly thlrty-flvo or forty v.ins of iiRf, \v;is instantly killed at i!.i> lola I'ortlund quarry when a rock wliich ho was pri'ing from tlic wall of tlio cjunrry suddenly Ipssi-nrd ;ind f(>ll on him crushing his skull ' John Crawford, fon niaii of lhi> quarry ganp, and scvnral oilior nirn were in tho -luarry ai I ho lime tho nan was killpd, but none of thoni witnessed the nccidpnt. Tlic Mexican bad been wnrkins wi;li a crowbar on X rock wi -ipliing perhaps four hundred pounds, whicli ho was irj -iiif to pry loose. The min in th" ijuarry heard the rork fall, and turning from their work saw what liad bappenod Tlie man was dead whon ihoy reached him. jho eoroncr was called, but decided to ho'id no inquest as death was plainly due to an acrident. The boily •was taken lo the Sl'-epi-r niorKUo. GEMEN1 MEH6ER PROGRESS V( Kteiday. 1 II. Ill 10 2 p. 111. .1« :! p III . .". p. til . I'll r, 11. Ill IS 7 p, in. - l.s S p. Ill . 17 !• p. Ill M Today. 1 a. ni 8 2 a. m S :'. H. Ill \ < a. Ill •« *'• a. III. . .10 7 a. III.. .11 s a. Ml 11 !) a. Ill 1.". If p. i;i. .12 111 a. m ,2.1 11 p. 111.- .10 11 a. in 2S 12 11. lit . _ s 12 noon 37 I'reiipi !::;|on fur 24 IIOUVH ending 7 :i. 111. Iciltiy trtiiv-; amount (*r preclpt •.atl'iu iime .lanir.iry ist. normal. lii-Iativc hiiin!i;ii> 7 a. m. today, foi lirr i-enl; hnioir.cler sea level oi'.ll inclif.s;. Sunrise today 7:'.J'.l a. in.; sunsel :.:20 p. m. U.S. TROOPS GO TO CHIU WE WILL SEM) -m 5rE>- TO IIELI' rUOTECT THE KAILKOADS. Olhrr >'iition.s Will r (intril»ii(p a Sini- ilar Quota for llie Sanir Purpose, W'lltrr Urinir Sijueezed Out iiud AI. Are Squfi-zeU Alike. The cement plant IIKTBIT is siil: being threshed out at t'.-.e oV conient officials in Ixansas City. Imi exact information h.s to wi::U 1;. In IP;; acconiptlshcd is Iji'.k'n;;. The oitic- ers if a 11 ore (.f plants in Kansas aBd rdJ.Treiii tprri4ory are In aiiend- nnci.' at II. <' meeting and ilie one im- poriHul fact which ban eoiiie out of tile jiuitlUK Is tliai ilure now seriiiN a VP.";.- r»\(ir:ilili« ehaiUe tliiU t!.e deii. lie i.iiniinniHit'd. As. has lieen noli.l ih,. linsls <if tl;> p:npoi<eii aierger iii tlie aini;il viilwe ol tho properties to be put together ami this \alue Is to be based on the find- liTB^ of r^jipraisers wi .o iiave no Interest m .nythinK Im; itie iiiiili. .Vai- iira^ly, their rejinrts mt ilir \iiliiis ni many jilani.-: bclnw w;i;il llie owner. Iioped, but as the was uni- verKal, tliere devrlnjiod a prin-and- bear-it fcelins ak;n lo me human re- Bard for a s^uri-'iial opeiation. .Miei a tfue valuation \v.\^ been reached, each plant will l -f .iwarded stock in proiKjrfion to its assets and not in proportion to else. One re- jiort was that L'nited Kan,<as for in- ^'*'?ncp. would be re-issued in abiiu. the ratio of one new share of stock to • o oi luift (iio .-i .aies. .And rniled Kansas stood in the top rank in thi ma'iler oi valuation, .^s llie marke. stands today, it takes twenty shares to bring JU'O. so if the merger should re- Eult in one si-are for the preseni tUiee the ratio wciud be tlnee to one, instead of the presmt twenty to one.— lirovided, alvvay-;. ;})at tlie now share is worth something like par. All along tl-.e line the values are be- inc trimmed ::nd the amount of water being thus fqiieezed out of the store of cement companies wil 1 cause a Hood m the .»!i.«s(iiiii \;i;iey if i; i.- turned loose at one lime. .As soon as the stock apportionment is figured out, the financing of the new concern will be attended to and there is considerable .epceulalion a.s to llie proli- able iiresidcat of the merged company .with mrL :h talk of L. S. .Miicfcel!. of St .Louis, as the chief, lie is well known in Ida and i.-; tonnecleti with the National Hank of Commerce of St. Louis. .Kit repori- from Kansa.s City indicate that real progress is being made toward a mercer ami ti:e consensus of opinion is that it is the only salvation of.tlie diiiioializrd iKiiiinl industry in this state. DOCTOR'S AITO HA\ AWAY. in.v tho AssnL-iHlii! 1-1. ss) Wasliington. .Ian. 9.— X battalion of infantry, five hiimircd men, will be -•^ent liy the Cnited Siaes to Cliina to help keep open railway communlcn- :lon between Peking and tlie sea. This for', e is all that is required, in the opiniun of Mini.ster Calhoun, after ciiiisultation with other diplomatic >rfieers in Peking. Tlie triaty powers have undertaken ;i :e pnitc etion of the railroad between i'king and the ve?,. Interriiptftin of ;raffic along this line wliicli lias pre .:-n:eiI lie p:issaue «''f tlie mails for l<iiir (!.iv . h;ii; r.siilled in this decls- :m. Iii>'.;iehn:en!s of ilri.;-h troops liavf 111 in stationed al iniervals ho- wi'cn Pi -klng nnd Ciiin Wang Tao. ;t;;-i;rdiiig to the plan devised two :nonths a';o. .\ .laiauesi- general Is 'n eomiui'nd as he Is the r;ink!ng of;•;<•.• r. The re*.]!, i-live luitlnns .••.ssiiiiie •jargi- if different si 'iilor.s i.f the oMil. Cr .ii', Ilrltaln i;iking eiii -e of the •(•/•ti' r. W.wvfXi Peking iinil Yaiigtsiin ind Tiiflgkii; (lermnny. Tangkii tc T:'ng»l'nii the Cnited States. A'.ww 1). I-nnd'ow. nnd .iiipMn frnm Ijilieiniw fi> Cliinvviini;- Tao. Tlic Cnl; .il Siaiev lias no iroops In North China now e .vccpt : PHI 1 -gntlon giiard>. ;in:l lin!< litin unable lo assume re- sponsll ^llity for the, section alloitei; !ii it. tiiit llvlllsli triVops are protecliii: lli:it ditrirt until Air .rrleans arrive. .Ti :e foreign delaclii'ienls niiiiil;ei l ."i0 1(1 :;rii men. ace .innng to 1i ;e distance cn:itro!!cd. Tlie Mritlsl: giinw' 'las six :y -ri \e mile- of terriwuy tr cover. Tliis is tho longest MCtinn The .\iiii rienn section \f. thiriy -threi i'liles. T 'le troops have l>een ord«>reri ;o avoid liloodshed. if iiossible. and i; Is believed the rehels will not in;rr- I'ere within t.'ie foreTgn conlrolleri •;p !ie:e. although they may bcyoni; '."uinwang Tao. II. I SKY SGfiAPE "T BY FIRE THE MNE STORY EitnTAKI.i: irilLHIMJ TOTALLY HESTROYED. HT LEAST EOOR LIVES LOS THE MONEY I O.SS E.STinATKH AT FIFTEEN MILLU>.> HOLLARS. Thni is AKsiiiuinfr that the Scrnrl- lles in thi> TnnHs liar;- >et Been Iiijiircil. NEW PILOT AT THE WHEEL. W (>.nA> FELL FHO.H STAIRWAY. llrs. .Vioiel Mitchell Ininrpd in Accl- dent at J. W. Coffey Home. Roj!. rnolwb'' Sl«rte«l 11 anil ii frarb Tiie Stiippi-d It, Hr. I.eavel! is authority fur a wilril story of II Minaw.iy .••iiioimjliile. Ili- was-called to the north pin't of on one of ihe nights lasi Week and lift his car in the street with the engine i iinuing to preveni the radiator freezing. Wliile !ie wa.-- In the hoiiM- tlic ear started and ran half n block leaving the street .ind entering a y;,vd whore it was .'^topped by a peae!; ;re<» after it had broken a clothesline He thinks that the jolt against the tree threw i !ie clutch out. but is al a loss, to explain liow th.-» clutch was thrown in unless some boys.plavir:: in the strnet noticed the engine runring and threw the right lever and then ran frightened away w'bpn the fTPpt.v auto started. One of tbp lirh*-- on the car was smashed, but little other damage done. Sllms'.nV Word of ChMT. New York -Ian. S.—Henry L. Stimson, secrrJarv of war, said after luncheon at Oyster Bay with Theodo'-e Hoosftvelt ypsierday. according to the Tribune, that-fn his opinion Mr...RooBe velt Teould never be a candidate for the presidential nomination against President Taft. 1 :i.'-t <>venine alioiit six o 'clock Mr.-^ . yiolcl Mitchell, of Colorado, who 1: |liere m.iking an extended visit to hci -isier. Mrs. .1. \V. Coffey f.'ll fron 111' lev of the stairway on liie tlilrt' 'loor of <t-.e Coffey biiiidiiig to thi ioor iM'ifnv. and altlioTigh there wa^ v.itliirs to l.renk the UTriTic forci- o; '!e f .-i.'l. .'••he M .srnpi'd aimnsl jiiiracu- ously v,itlioi :t s<'rioi;s ir.jiiry. Mrs .Mitchell sustained a severe cut .ncros' •he entire width of the foreh'^ad whici •pqiiired severnl stitches, and the ?ef' shoulder and left hip were se\;erel> iriiised, lull otlierwise she was uninjured. Xo bones ivere liroken. anr there seems to he absobitely no in- 'iicaffon of infernal Injuries. ?\K-h a.' might be expected to result from sucl a fall. , i!rs. Mitchell Is a woman of abnir sixi.v -iive .••'•ai'.'' Of iige. and !^er f .Tii- :ng eye sight, togellier with the ap- iiroach 'iii: liarkne -s. confused Iier nn-' •i|ii> w;i'krd dlieclly Into the hanis- ler of Die stairway. f ;illliig ovi >r it to floor IK 'o-.v. Tlie sever" fall dli' 'ol r-r.der Iter uncfmsclous. and iil- •bo;pli ihe sbdfh w:i;-. a severe one • sp .'i-iMJiy c ,i to H woinaii of her iige 'he ;itl(lMlinR liliyslcinli exiiremies t!ir iplnion thai the aceidrnt will have •o si 'rlo;;s effects. LORIMER OK WITNESS STAND The Senalor Flatly Prnlcs All Knowl- eilge of Brlliery. fltv thr .\<<srici!iti -'l l 'ri "<>c> Washinglou. Jan. 9.—.Senator Lorl^ ••;> r look the w!lnei>e strind in his <iv.:; drfonso before the Ixirliner In- vcslluating committee ibis afternoon. "/>id yon ever pa.v any money or arytliing of value to anybody for your election7' asked Attorney Hanecy for l.orimer. "I did not." l.ori'^ier then, in answer to questions categoricallj" denied any knowl- edce of-hribery In connection with his election to the Senate. The annual meeting which was tc have been held tonight to elect directors of M'.e y. M. C. ^.. will be po?t pioned until next week. M.-. H. H. Muehlke. president of the board. Is out of town and the meeting will not he held until his return. fl'v the A.i.'ociiti-fl Pres.'!! New York, N. Y., Ji-n. n.—Th< great marble nine story building of the Kquifable Life Assunince com pany at 120 Ilroadway, home of the Mercantile Trust Company tho K<iul table Trust Company, the banking house of Kountze Flrolhers, the .Mer canlile Safe Deposit Compiiny, nnd Ihe Harriiuan Mnes was destroyed by lire today. Thre« men losf their lives loaping from the roof. The property loss is ••stitnatcd at ;ihout six million dollars Millions of dollars in cash and so- nurities locked In ihe vaults were noi believed to be afl'ectr'd by tlie flames William GIblln, president" of Ihe ,Mer nanllfe Se.fe Ilejiosif company. W;IF Innrisoned with lhr;-e other emiilo.^- ees In tho vaults and was rescued only .".fter tiie firemen had sawed ihrou!;h several Iwo-ineh steel bar"?. One man is believed to havn Io.<ir Ills life in the vaults. Deputy Fi:-e Chief Walsh was rescued from the building after being imprisoned in tho imni- ii.iT fitnicture for nearly two Iiour.o. Tho fire was in tho heart of II" financial distrlot and Hie Pa 'in s "- IT- fouirht mainly from ilio tops of -.i-i"! boring skyserap -TS. Pusines.i w:;: liroiiirht almos; lo a complete st ;:iid still «niong lb" banking and liri :ke>- age houses, whose e'lMiloyes cniilil!!'; r.-ach Hie scene of tliolr dally :<etlv i tios Financial llrmn slopped bus! I '.ess lo earo for ilio lircmen. Tlio most viilii;ild<> records of Hn Isil 'ill ililo I ifi» Axsiiraiieo Society .-"r' koiil in lb.' brancli oillce \\\ tin. Ha::< i Inilhlltig sev( ri'.l Idncka from ili • miilii oli 'eo After Pr "Rl '|onl C.lblin was ri':< I!'(I ;iliil rarrl '-d io lln- holler ro (iiii (»;* li,. Trinity buHdltr;. .Vfler a briof |n- irrval Clhlln .-.- IM : "The vault bus ; spring lock ami I left my keys on th< oul.^lde. When tho man ami I .'•lerlot" II have llir' door .«wun«r sliii' and wi were bolh prisoners, 'i 'lie smoko v-as iwfiil. Wi- seroaiinil and rhou'eii hir W si 'eined as though we wer-' dcoiilod o be liakod alive The other man was ilive up to half an hour ago but jus< .ofove I was carried out he fainted nd 1 think he miml be dn :id." Gilillr may recov.-'r. President T.<ivett. of the HarrimaP Lines, said Mint ail of the I'nion am' Roiithem Pacific securbies held in tlie trrnsury were kept outside the citv that tile monetary loss to th? railroads would be small. Of the thirtoen hundred clerk's em- plo.ved by the Kquitabie society aboiij six hundred wero in the main building, -nhlle' the others were engage;' at work in the New Greenwich street buildin.g. Later \ews Add «J to Losses. Four mT are now known to be dead and five iniured. Later it wa-^ 1earn "d th!;t Pattalion Chief Walsh war niit rescued. His body is believ- fd to ho in tho ruins. Firo is still burr inir in llio d -^bris in tli • basement thir afternoon. Late conservative "Stiinatrs jdace •he los«! as hich as fifteen million dollars. According to an officer of the Kniiitahle the ereat safely deposit vaults In tho building last night contained securities acgrocnting bctweer two hundred nnd fifty nnd threo hundred million dollars. The vaults an believed lo be intact. ELECTING A G0N6RE5SW SnrresMir lo Jiidce MndUiin Chusei; Todiir In the Tlh HIslrk-t. tlly fho ,\«».K-lillOfl PlTHM) Mulcblnson. Kiis., .Inn. !).—-On-'account of bad roads nnd dlsagreeabl' weather voting Is llRht today upon Ibr successor of Represent at Ivo Madison of ihi' Seventh district. The Democrats regarded this as in their favor SMITH HECISION AFFIR.VED. tola Worl 'iimn (<'i-ls .(nord of i)l]7'it' In Suiirrmc Court .\tlorney F. .1. Oyler representing Clarence Smith, has received a message from Topeka stating that the sirpreme court has ^(Tinned the Und- 'rg OI tho ill- • -'iw t^e damage suP of Clarence Smith ."igalnsl? the lola Portland Cement Company. Smltl- was awarded $1750 for personal injuries at the trial pf the case bore ?omp time ago and "an appeal to the supreme court was taken, the company contending that the coiirt had erred in Instructing the jury. The «upreaie court held that there had •"«>n no error and that the Judgment •\ •-".o lower court would be affirmed. Rev. Perry Hanson returned today from Fort Worth. Texas, where he I 'ns been visiting one of his sisters. He exnecfs to start tomorrow to Min- neanolls, Minn., where he goes In the 'nterrfit of Chinese mlKP'ons,: probably to remain for some weeks. TO DIE iy 19 THE CONFES.SEH MrRDEHER KE- I'CIYED HIS SE>TEME TODAY. THE ALDRIGH PUN REPORTED iT I'UOroSKS TO TIK ALL THE ilA.>KS MMJKTIILW. in TliN \>iiy Wall Street Oiiniinatlon is LiKicil ijiid I 'linh -K I 're- I rated. \Va >liliiKti >n. .Ian. 0.— The iiuinutaiy iiir.i!i ;.---ili >ir.s (on;; .iwalieii iriio .i lic- alllng a plan to ri -i'orm the eurniicy ^ysleiii. was laid before Congress yes«rd .iy. It pi-h})o.-i,»^ lierfecllon of lialrii:nn .".Nn-'. ii's original plan for a national risoive assoilatliiii, which Is 0 be a I'; -iiperaiivi' union of all the .iank^--in i ffei i an i voluiioii of tin tearing lioiise idea eMoniled lo fll- liii'.i' a <'('n1ral orgaui/.iilon. Tho Iniltides ajilll to iiiak. Ifeelixe tin- plan as ll^now st :inds. and to reji(':il all national banking laws wlileh would conflict with lis operation. Clianged AldrlrliN Plans Little. Few basic (•liange.^ have been niailo n the improveil plan which .Mr. Aidrich submitted to the conunissien several weeks ago. It is proposed to in- orporate iho reserve as.«o- .•iallon wliii a capilal cti'.ia! to 2o p?r rent of all the lianks wiiich liecon .i members. Betore tlie association can begin buslce .-s liwi million dollars in ash capital must lio imui in. Al! national banks may become members. .IS may all .'tale banks and trust com ,ianies which conform to certain stand ards of reserves and capi'ializafion. The reserve assVciation would become the fiscal agent of the government, hold deposits of tho government over for casii all the present )iit -t ?nding interest bearing public Jcbt issue circulating notes ,e:-tab!i.-h 1 i.niform rate of discount, hold the cash reserves of subscribing banks •A ^itli provisiou for llieir use for only Iiecific purposes, rc-iliscount commercial bills for tl-.e lianks and perform I'J the functions of a great national inanr '.al in'-titution. To Make Financial IHstrlrts. The Cnited Slaets is to be divided nto fifii -rn financial districts. Kav-h if these Is to have a branch, wliioli ompose fhe~-rentral organrfntiim. Tl:r district branches will lie composed of oral a.ssoelations of banks. The local issrc'atlons rlocl Iheir represenlation n the distric; b :an:-.'.es and Hie lattei led It iiresenlation in the central or- lunlzatlon. Hy r.n elaborate luetliod of elicling dirr'.tors in the district liran '-iie .s ;;nd In ti '.e central organization. t!ie com- tnlB >ion believi 's it has made liiipo'-- lb>e tl;e so -oailid "Wall .Street con- rol." IIS Well as conlnil of any set of individuals or eouiliinntlon of Imnks. N'o one dl.<lrlct can elict more than hrep of the i':irty-nine dliuclcr.^ on he main l.onrri. Under Hie plan New York, with 2;' •r crnr of tlie hanking ro'-ources of he country, would have S per cent i>? the riipresenfatlon on the lioard; Ne ^v Kngland. with 12 per cent of the ro- "oiirces. would have 8 per cent; tin Eastern States, with 41 per cent of the resotiices, woi'ld have l.l per ecn': he .Middle Wr -t. with 24 per cent of the resources would have .11 per cent he Soulhern Stlaes. with 11 per cent of the resources, would have 12 per cent, and the Pacific States, with 12 per cent of the resources, would have 23 per cent nf the representation. Where Uie Power Would He. The New England W.estern and Mid die West states, taken together w!t!i 77 per cent of tie 'resources, could elect only twenty-one of the fort.v-six directors In the National Reserve Association, and the Southwestern and Pacific states, with 23 per cent of the resources, might !:avp 4§ pcy. cenr ri tl'e representation. The lYercentaee of representation hare Ijeea basfd on Ihe theory that the New England. East ern ami ?.Iid(Ili' Western slair.^, by r< u son of their preponderance of capital, would beentlllt-d to elrcl a luaxiinum [of three diro;-tors for each district. In order to effect a combination to se- (•'iri^ a majority of the directors, a I I oiii'biiiation of eight districts would ! Ill ncc;'-:ary. Xo comliination could : be iii:i (!i' wl'lc'i did not Inchtde more ; iii:;n Sii ]n r c< nt of the li:'.nk'ng power I :' i!io I ountry. : "Wo tliJnk Ibis y!ateim1 \^f." says tl'e re ;i (ot. •'luust of ltsi.4f show. confMu- I sivi'iy that IIUTI ' c;>n be no hical doiii- • In.itiioi—no i !(ii;:ina'inn of Miti.'h lii- tere;ls In or;;:iill:i.'.i!iin. and thai Tear of pl•>^lllll• Wall Street cunlrol c:.n have mi siilisiantlsil^fojyidHtlon. GOV. WILSON ORGES 'EGONOriiy NEW FOR OHIO I <'0\VE>TIOX iJEi;i\ MEK (J RE A TS TORAY Ti; T WORK. Mii.iorlly of Delegates are Classeil ns Riidlcal.s itnil Resnlt Will lie tulorcslliig. xoTimtJ STARTI.IM; IIK SK\SA. TIONAL I\ HIS A>M AL. I'he >cw .lersev LegKlndirt' is Simply Askiil to (III Wiiat^t Ought to do Without Tilllnb'. (Hy tlio A.sancl:itoJ I'r^.-^s) Trenton. -V. J., ,laii. !».—Woodrow Wilson, Uovernor of .\ew .lersc?- sent liis lir«l aiiMiial mess .ige to tho Jegis- lati,r<; today. Ho d'. i.U nioal «.\- cliisively with economy and the necessity of co-ordination and simplifying the Slate governnieiii. Such mat- :eib. .sais t!:e Uovernor, admit 6f no l.;!rlis;!n bias, and "whatever differences of judgment may arise with regard to them, they need have no ffoi- ing of party favor.. We can get at Ihe lieart of things if we fhoose and we i-,iui(i I. Lit render ilio State a great '•r sor .ic- by so doing. Wastefulness and inelliciency are llicni- selves virliially forms of graft. They aflord fntttii! opponuniuea for ex- cry kind of abuse. "It is to tile <|uestions of eflicienc} nd economy, th' refore that 1 lirst in vile your serious attention." The Governor points out iliat the number of state Uoards is confusing, and recoinmoiuis ll ;e appointmeifl of a commission "to take into consideration the whole tineslion of simplying and co-ordinaliug tlie adininistrativt ageucioi of ,tlie slato" with tho re- •lui'st that I ho commission act prompt ly and barmoniousiy and report to the io );i¥laturo as soon I's possible. ( A>AI)IA.\S TO lALIIOH.ViA. (•(.lonj »f Ru».bin Diniklmliiirs Trun.-i- ler I'helr Allegiaure. tho. ,\r.-.ii-i;i:. it IVi-ssl U)s .\iiKol.s. Calii". .Ian. 1".—The en;ire colony nf, iloiilriiobars. consisting of nbiMit lwcl\o thousand professedly •ii ;llo-(!|'hic ItiiS'.-.lnn.-. will be moved !;> Soii:!iern California frcMu Saskaich- • wan. aecoriling tn h.-cal I ^Tlssian .s. Agents of'tiie Dpiikliobar.s ale expect"d here soon. KA.XSAS LAW I PHKLH. Till' Siiiireine Court Sustains Our "Illark Po»vder" Law. fHv ll -.K A«^'>cl;il.-(l l ~i-!W> WT -i.|ni:ton. .Ian. Ti:e "Hlack Powrtrr" law Kansa.-? in l!io7. to protect coal miners was today upheld as constitutional by the Supreme court. Inionip Tux I.ecal in Wisconsin. fISv tho .A .ss'V.-lat'il l*r.-ss> Madl.-on. Wis. Jan. Tlve legality of the Income tax enacted by the Ipgl.^latiire wa.;; sustained by the Supreme Court today. CliiWrrn lliirned to Dratli. (Pv Ih" .\ssiM -lTt.-'.i Pn-J^l nt^Inard- Minn.. .Ian. 9.—Five child rcn of Irwin Cariile were burned to dcEth and Mr. Carllle seriously burned In a fire which de.stroyed the Car­ llle re.Mdence at Moltry. Minn, today. .Illy 111" .\s>iinl;llill fl •••-1 Columbus, .Ian. !).— Tho convinllon call' (I for HI > piirpoBo of framing i now coiiKfltiitlon for llio siiiio of ' Olil > assoinblci] heir Indny. The fart fliat a maJ (irlty--porlinpr as large as 70 per ceiil - of llio dolo- f.'aloM cliosoii lo (his convention nrr •lass.'d as "ProgrcHsivta." while He more conserv.itlve makes iii In doiormlnallon what It may lack It MiimlK-rs. foreshadows a bltn -r ; ITI(' protracted strugglo. Whati 'vor Us outcome, (he people v .'lll hav IhtTo- after their "say" about it in the crt •5 'iiiig general election. They rejected •he iiroposed constitution adopted- in 1S7.-5-4. Ohio is the first slat • east of the Mississippi to attetnpt tho revision of its organic lav.-" since direct legislation and direct control of puljiic oflicials Iiy lh'> e.'eclorato came into 'ocuo in s< voral far western states and the outcome in Ohio will be watchod with keenest interest by the people of everj- other state. Analysis of the statements regar^- ^ng the mental atfitudo of the dele- sates eiecf.ed. discloses the fact that .••II of the progressives are for the initiative and referendum and many of tiiem want provisions for the re"•<'! of the jiidiciar.v. Practically ev- "ry labor delegate stands for the re- c::ill Of all officers. Many of the farm- T delegates however, while favoring he initiative and referendum refuse to include the recall of .fudges in their program, jit the same time supporting Hiis idea for other offici.ils. Interviews with representative dele gates throughout the state justifies 'h^ statement that sentiment is more oonoerned with the proposed modifi- ealion of representative governinont than with any other matter likely to come before the convention. They prefer placing the liquor license oue.*^ Hon In r. secondary position. The initiative and refereDdum they assert. Is paramount to all issues. The"convention is in many respectr li.' u.'ost notable representative of all i -lasses of ppo)de of this state of any •jaiiiering in Ohio's history. Includ- (d III the porsonnol of Hie convention are one former congressman, one for- in<»'- lieutenant governor, two members of the present legK -ilaturo. many former legislatup's, many former Judges, several ininlBlers. a nuir her of farmers nnd ropresentative'.- from commercial nn.l Industria' walk.< of life. The Democrats have (he niajorfiy with sixiy-tlve delegates ihoKc'piibllcans have 4S delegates, the Ind'^pendenls 3 and the Socialists 3 I 'ndor Ihe !;iw providing for the con ventip.D 'ho oldest member present will' preside for the purpose of teni- I'orary or ';:'niz3tion. This honor will fail to tlio lot of .ludgo Dwyer of Dayton, who is In his eighty-first year. TWO SHU'S STILL MISSING. Two of Our Torpedo Roat Hestrojcrs .\ol Yet Heard From. HE RETRATED LITTLE EMOTION IT IS IMIERSTOOD THAT COM- MITATIO.N WILL RE ASKED. (aorernor nnd Council .Vay Srodlfjr the Scntenrr to LIfp ImprlsonincBt In I'enltentiary. (I:y tho .-\s.>iOcIated Pre.'<s) noston, Mass., Jan. 9.—Rev. C. V. T. Richeson, today pleaded guilty to first degree murder and was sentence}! to die on May 19. It is understood that petition will be made to Governor Foss and the executive council of the state to coin- mute the death sentence to Imprisonment for life. Richeson made no statement, itls face was pale but he was perfectly composed. He answered the fortnal questions propounded by Judge Sanderson in the simplest possiblR: way and when asked if he had anything to say. replied: "I have nothing further to say than my written confession." Richeson heard the death sentence with little apparent emotion. 'When bfcinght Into court he walked With slight asslslaace from the ofBoers who accompanied him. He wasn't Required to enter the prisoner's cage but remained standing. ^ District Attorney Pelletier read tho minister's writjt^en confession. He then said it became his solemn diity to move for sentence. Judge Sanderson asked the prisoner if he realized Ihe gravity, of his action in pleading giiiiiy. lilcheson said: "Yes sir." KEPT HIS WIFE IGXORA!(t. . .MoNanuirn Hid .\flt Toll Her Hon He Mad«> HIN Money. tny the Aiwocliitcrt r ^i-mi) San FrnnclHco. Jim. 9.—Mrs. Jojjn M< Namara, whose husband wui ar- ro.'lod In New York, charged with roih bing Hie b.nik nt .Vew WostmlniceT. liriiish Columbln, of threo hiihdretl : ii'l lifieon H'oiisnnd dollars last 8ep- tonibor. s::l'| today that her huibflod lu-ver dlsoiiHsed his buslneSB With !ier but stild It took him among rough oharni:ters. She wept thinking of bet* two d -Mighlirs. f^.r the A^'^oolnted PrpiVi^ Wa.shlngfon .fan. 9—The-.Mayrant and the M-~Call. two of the fourteen t'nited States tor;rdo. boat destroyers caught in a teirific Atlantic storm STinday, are still unaccounted for today, according to a dispatch from, the second division of the .Atlantic fleet which is sweeping the .=ea5 'n search of "them. .John Mc.Vamara of San Francisco, known to detectives of half a dozen riiios as "Australian Mack," was arrested In New Y'ork tonight on a warrant ciinreing him with larceny of $375,000 from the Bank of Montreal at Westminster, B. C. The bank was dynamitt^l September 14. Eleven hundred dollars was found In McNamara's wallet and detectives are searching the city for t240,000 of the bank's funds which he is believed to have brought to New .York. "For ten days McXamara has been under surveillance after traveling for two months over the United States tind Canada. , Police headquarters here say they first learned of his arrival through a tip that someone was trying to exchange a large amount of Canadian money for American curr rency. Money brokers and the menl who approached them were shadowed uhtil the trail, they said, led to Mc- Yamara's lodgings. No money was found there, however. ' -In .IrcompIIce jConfefiseii. Chicago, Jan. 9.—Frank HoUoway, 32,-who is also known under different names, confessed to the police to- . day that he was concerned In two liank robberies, one at Panama and one at New Westminster, B. C, in whxh $3S<v .ono was; stolen. He also admitted he was wanted for two murders and for many robberies la. Oklahoma. Holloway was arrested last night hy the police on suspicion of being a pickpocket. Holloway said that 154,000 of his sharp of the robberies was hidden In a Chicago hotel but de- 'cllned to make its. whereabouts known, . The police have received word from Texas that a man of Hal- lowny 's description was there. H* is fiiboui five feet seven Inches In height, of medium build and sallow camiiivx- Ion. k- JAILEH FOR RLACKVAIL. — A Kansas City Man Tried to Extort Money for Wife 's Shame. (Py the A.*i.Hoclated Press) Kansas City, Mo., Jan. ^.—David Lc'wl,'! w?s sentenced to a year in jail and the payment of a $50 fine here today for an attempt to blackmail W. ^ S. W'cbb. vice-president of the Missouri Savings Bank for $1000. Lewis plead the unwritten law. \ .M tho tnal Mrs. Lewis, w^ife of the flefendant. testified she had first met W?bb in a manicuring establishmeht in the Gordon & Koppel building; that they had frequently met-there and in the Lillls Building, and even In Mr. Webb's bank, where she bad a deposit, and that finally she went to the Northern Hotel, on Sixth Street, with Webb. Lewis wrote a letter to Webb de- n'andlng $1500 and threatening to de- trand more if this was not paid. _ Isaac S'out left today for Euiporir on liuslness. Clyde • Settle returned this morning from NecTdesba. where he baa been for a short visit with friends.

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