Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 18, 1954 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1954
Page 9
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, -..'. Cl If, ItSl ITHCAR ti U.rtnct N.tien. fctrfiftalii ty NEA bnict. lite. By HUGH LAWRENCE NELSON k THE. stoftY: Two "monsters". I'lft a faKed horror film publicity Stunt, stabbed Police Chlif Ottb Drbvfcr. The °nfy fciiiS Vvas k phone., call which Jltri duttii,.. a private detective, aftd members of the Colorado City police force think may have come from Mr. Atwbbdj a banker; the call wa* received the morhlftg Beforft thS murder. Meanwhile, Mayor Ed Stone has appointed Torty Hughes, a furniture dealer, tern- spot-dry police chief. Banker Atwood was finally 16- 1 cated in his suite of rooms in a small hotel directly across the avenue from his bank. A small, wizened man, with a hard fish mouth, if he. was glad to see Early and Dunn, he hid it well. Early performed a rather vague • introduction mumbling something (Ijifcbont the help Mr. Dunn was giving the Colorado City Police Department. "It's too bad you weren't here," Jim went on. "You have a clear View of the front of the theater. You might have been able to give us some help." Atwood was not a man to waste words. He saved a few by keeping still now. "We're under the impression," iMDunn struggled, on, "that. Chief "TDrover was on his way to see'you when he was killed." "What gave you that impression?" "Tho telephone conversation you had with the chief." "What about it?" ' That was a hard question to answer. Jim felt it would not do any good to ask directly for information Only by pretending some knowledge he did not have could Sfih-owd this banker into any admission Crowding Atwood was not an. easy chore, certainly nothing to be undertaken casually "It upset Otto Drover," Jim said at last "Don't see why," Atwood said "Drover was upset at the wedding reception He left to keep an appointment With you, wasn't it?" "Went to the wedding myself," Atwoocl s aid "Took my lunch hour go Didn't have time for the reception. But Otto could, have talked to me at the wedding" Jim remembered the crowds and doubted that ...''... "Your bank, is in the Holt Block Drover was killed walking north He could haVe been on his way to see you" "He could have been on his way to a good many other places," Atwood pointed Out His red-veined yGyes- moved swiftly -back and "'forth Between the two .visitors, but would not focus for any length of time on either He finally found a corner of the room which was of great interest "Then you don't think DroVer was on his way to see you?" "How could I know that?" At- woocl asked •-. Cautiously • "Your phone call to him," Jim said patiently ' "Oh, that" Atwood made a p.sound which he believed to be .a laugh but which sounded more 'like a. hen announcing the launching of an egg "Does the term 'four G's' mean anything to you?" Atwood started shaking, his head "Four thousand dollars," Jim explained Atwood's negative shake stopped abruptly ' • . ."Dollars mean something to me » -pf course I'm a banker" : "Mr Atwbod, we're investigating the death of Colorado City's Chief of Police Otto Drover was a friend of yours We have come to you for help" "Haven't any to give," Atwood said said She put her arm around Nancy's Shoulders Dunn stood 01^ the^ gidewalk and watchecl them walk' slowly across the lawn td th'e DroVer door He knew he was completely forgotten for the ^oment, knew the arrival of her friend was a grand thin;; for Nartcy And he had to admit to a feeling of great relief He had dreaded the next hours He felt he could not bear to watch Nancy's dry-eyed pain when there was nothing in the world he could do about it (To Be Continued) Showdown on Nee Support It was 10 minutes after 9 the following morning when the hospital and a disapproving Dr Pardon released Nancy Drover Jim iad waited some time in the lobby before the girl came, out of the plowly moving elevator She looked much better, but still appeared 4b be in something of a daze Jim took her arm, led her outside to a car he 'had borrowed He was willing to wait to let Nancy set any pattern for talking "Tell • me, Jim what you've found,". Nancy said. Dunn's eyelids felt a^ if they jyere made of . a sturdy-quality emery paper Too much coffee, too many cigarets, too milch useless talk during the night • "That won't take long," Jim said ''We made a few motions, had a big choice of guesses We got nowhere" Nancv sat quietly as he drove, her lax hands ; folded in her lap "You take it easy for a while," Jim ordered He decided this was morning to be: particularly stu- Take it easy- In the presence of death, as in the case of love, real sincerity brought only stumbling words It was the unfeeling people who could turn on the tap of nice phrases Jim stopped the borrowed car a short distance from the drive into the Drover- :garage Jim was out his side and around the car by the time someone had e door open. "J'Nancy! Oh, my dear!" He had not seen t he young woman come 'out of the Drover house Nancy jerked up h,er he^d at the familiar Voice "«I,o^n! ph,> Joan, I didn't >vant them tp -"bring yovi 'baqk Oh Jfaan— rl'm so glad you're here" ' • *'Mark "burgled the front door end Jet me }n ( " Jp,a.n ". V .1 By JOE HALL WASHINGON, I/PI— Senate Republican leaders postponed indefinitely today a showdown fight on the choice between supporting farm product prices at the present high levels or switching to the flexible system President Eisenhower advocates. Majority Leader Knowland (R- Calif.1 told'a reporter "that he had put 6ff to an uncertain date the calling up for debate of a wool production bill that was to trigger the fight on the key farm Issue in this election year: Both sides seemed .willing to have the showdown postponed. Delay until May appeared likely. Originally, Knowland had planned to bring up the wool mea sure, which is a part of President Eisenhowers farm program, either yesterday or today. But he did not call it up yesterday and, as the Senate recessed, announced quietly that today the lawmakers Would return to the Ha- Hawii.Alaski. statehood bill. Sen. Ellender (D-La), senior Democrat on the Agriculture Committee, announced last weelc-he would seek to attach'to the wool bill on two-year'extension of the present high-level price supports on basic commodities. Latest Mbm Ma chine Is Unveiled By RENNIE TAYLOR BERKELEY, ' Calif,,.» • — .The greatest thing yet in atom smash- ers—a mammoth machine which will lead; scientists onward into the exciting mysteries of the atomic nycleiis—-was unveiled today at the University of California. With this 'electronic ; giant scientists may turn up some surprise discoveries such as those • which led to the atom bomb.' A vast r new field for . deriving energy frozn matter is along'the possibilities: ' Although scientists had to leavn something about -the nucleus. ',to make the A-bomb, they still dori'^t know much about it. o find out know they must bus the atom more thoroughly than ever before. The new machine, called- the bov- atroh, is designed to do that. The bevatron, a part of famed Prof. Ernest O. Lawrence's radi- atrion laboratory is a race track- shaped affair of steel and copper 135 feet in diameter and 14 feet high—the largest nuclear research instrument in existence. It weighs 10,000 tons about the weight of an ordinary-sized U.' S. cruiser. It cost 9'/ 2 million dollars and was financed by the Atomic Energy Commission. Tidelands t Ruling May SpUlr Activity By CHARUOTTE G. MOULON WASHINGTON (UP) —The Supreme Court's sanction of state ownership of the "tidelands; 1 cleared the way today for increased offshore oil production atid payment of millions in pjled-up royalties to three states, The court's action is expected to dispel the remaining clouds hanging/over the claim of coastal states to the ocean bottom lands adjacent to their shores. Federal vs. state ownership of the lands had been a political, legal and legislative issue lor 17 years. The court in a brief unsigned opinion yesterday, refused to consider a •challenge to an act passed by 'Congress last year giving spates clear title to the submerged lands .out to their "historic" boundaries,, The ;action Is expected to spur drilling operations already underway in the coastal waters off California, Louisiana and Texas, Oil companies, who for years did not know whether the states or the federal government would eventually be their landlord, are assured that henceforth they will d,§al with the spates. , <, fj . And about $62,009;000 Jn bil>oy- ajties that have b.een buijd}ng,,up in a 'special federal fund awa}t» ing the eourj's ruling now become subject to state claims, about $50,QOQ[QOQ is cjaime^ b V California ana the balance by Texas, and tiouisia'na. ' • «^*M« f>5 per cent of operations to relieve contaract eye clouding m^ i-m Freshest and ^ • * •'-'•--'i-vrT.- --t-T--ti -H-M"l-^i?r' r ^TJ' : *titi When you shop at P KITCHEN PRIDE FLOUR ffom Lota I Farmers olid Growers' further assurihg us Produce to thfe Hb|& tS^ide tin-to* ,'; ^ r-*««"« *•"«*< '*** ffowtresh is Fresh? *-, - Visit the Hope RED 25 Lb. i Bag .79 STOKELY'S GOLDEN rREAM STYLE CORN 303 Can 19c DEL DIXI LIMA BEANS 300 Can lOc CAMPBELL'S VEGETABLE SOU P NQ. 1 Cans 25c WALKER'S AUSTEX BEEF STEW 300 Can 25c AMERICAN SOUR or DILL PICKLES Quart 1 Jar ONIONS RO'ME BEAUTY APPlfS FRESH LEAN WATER MAID RICE ~ - . T I---. * t > •* fit * i 3 . ' iiSilS\" v VSAB cW S TE1AI IUIE ll' 1 !" - r ' v ii > F ^/;v-;;?^S| I E Vw IYIC /% I • • •,» ; ^r i\', ?,\>ll ^ '* , V L," . ^ ". fT, **\TsL.K: 2 Lb. Bag FRESH GROUND ASSORTED FLAVORS JELLO Reg. PKgs. 25c HAMBURGER ClfoAHAY WICKLOW TRAY PACK BACON DEL MONTE YELLOW;CLING PEACHE IMPERIAL PURE CANE : " :#'± l < WILSON'S CHOPPED PINTO

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