Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 8, 1912 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1912
Page 6
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THE iOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING, JA NUARY 8, 1912. BUSK SLOWLY CLJ Tin: iM.'sr WI;I:K OK THE XEW VKAIt ^nuWii A (IAIN. ^r(|^It^el of NiifVr LfirisItiOon, on rrii >t Jiml Tsirifi <jll(•^UoIl, liJi]irovlU!r. \cw Voslc .I:in. S.—Tiie first week HI ti;*' ni-w \,:ir sliowed a slight-bet- ;ir;n'ni in loii fmantlal and com- iin.:fir;l hfRlimrnt. T!ie improvement wa.i not i^o '.'.lutii olisvrvabie in any irnTiase in tiic vn:un]o of business as in rf -c <if t!ie I'nct that, v.i]:\ti ciiiiliiions art' coulJictin;; and ill : ill-.' !• iin.-ai!.>-factrtry, cor- r (.live foiK-s an' .•-•.radily at work. ! c '.e am! xl.i-ri- aio Miim oi abatement ;:. iinn ?l waicii is In :.'innilifr ;ii . i'.';'.v U' in a uioro rational at- li;::Me in eirclrs toward iarse (.i i'T-. Till- or .'y e \('c ;itinn is a . r:k of the inve .-tiiration. i)! of :,n in']iii ;y regarding • iinn'y tru>'.." Wliile (a -.'Iff avo tlie first :iiii'or;ai;<-e in liie ptibiic . ;:;< > : of ir ii.'in^' reas- ; 'A;;': imie '.i better or ^ i\ ;-. : :r.i:;-- a:^'n. Xo ;:^ts :-; irobale jr. -1 nt . I .--ion of Coni will 1..- i-'iiefly (ievoled I 1 o >?i!ily .-•.-la .'wiiat heal f:.-:a o::i: i- in ! •-• r. ;i;ir..'. ihc r':. i;;i i ( T .al'iy (> '.^ i 1,.;.:! ;;.!•'- or ^ r:>i:i<-: ; et:..n »• euin^ t; •• . wJ- r. ar;;-.-!I (j (l-'i •;. - .oi!. >::n.r l-.oi. - I ti'i.;: <:::• -. i:-'.(.oil I M :1UI a o>:] f.. !r. - ;:- .v.. I. • . ; 1. a ill.. '. liowc'.er. on on .;. •'. Ill'- ^r.>'io ->t iilce- ^' ..: ,1 I- tt in liie t-tt -e! : pi -v'l'--- of iion ore N • icr cot,on and , • . :i; o may be ri.'- •• ::i li looks ns i •<:>!<• Ji: t. 'I'he lalxir • :.( t.iu -crU 'in, but I UN • io:ini <-ied wltli I-;. -I-.-. 1 <• li.'id a .=ob- 'M : - i <'••.'. are likely 1 I .-;'i:o..i of a liiKiier in i;:l:ir"-; a re!M i:' j, lal -or ami i. •;• (^:-\v.-^ ( 1;'! s war ^• ; : N llli lit if tliO Ti . .y r am! cm i'.ii :it ' r.oi force. : - i';-i i.iinijal laM- ^ • ; !y i!. linrd. .-md • .;r .-ilr-'.-i -iy I'o snme- '•' .-• i ;till :i nt i- h. '1. M;.: t ::i' ei.ii f ' ; ),:•!:.• :^ MuK 01 • vi- n.: •. il ;;'u -^;n: . ' : I • i !":!y rr- ;itr:,; : I'll.;, i:;ion> ,;• • ! i< IV • iiu- • • . :,'} • e-i 'ill t ^ .y • ••• -.. •! ! in it. : '.i ary o\, - m • l!i-- -ai- e>:- '•aii- '•-r ;.-.':t:i' iirfiirr ! =T,.!- .i • i"uK. Tia- r--iy i - '' I • n- ...: f> • -ie-r rf : f- :.r-. r ;o ' ,::e ai-i-: lit ;i:or' r.y- .-'l.:ri;.-~; >. - n .v,o.-., !i;:.-:v lo l- ir ^' r:oiif.; i;i;!:or:! ;-oM '•-•n:!i!ion- .~t liav.' li--' n CXI-. !>I':-]•; '.varraiuin- o- I. -.o').! - ,;.i-t in •:•'.•'] ^. v! earn: •;• ui-;! T 1;: I''I;;I !'-! -l an:" .-'::o-v (•: •.•-...•ini: in- In • c. • -. !.ov.- : •; o;': . : !:y /otni- • '',T.''-ri~ y^'^i-:- in <-ir- n"i T ;^ in ii;ret l(arr;:!,.-.n > inr i- ;-• -I- '-I i-i'nOi'ion i m-'> intir.-l; 1,. ••• f.-.-ti: ••V. ;: r.-t' ••-.'••A h:ir • • N :•• • • i-' -i :i :r.- i • i!:-. 1 II . f 1.. ft I . :i ;ii;-;' » r d. ; •: : - f;- •; if: t t -I o^'i-i <•;;• 'l;e \' ::. T : -Ty o;-. !. : . vo: (-:'•:( n -:-.o .1 int..: V •il :• -l -.i lo f;.o, la . ,- nti'' ti -i 'oi.-'i oir", -'•TtT ( or -idi r ;i !))o e;-. !ii:.\-nY c'!.!-:\vs. !ni'--i nc nt: i:. uai flar: t, >'<iney •i: froii; till U for (• for .'•onie !:!•';vMi Oi ritrvs sri'i'j.Y.;- Tea'''" rs (if tirilciiliitre nrid ni(v!ie S'ii'llce Needed. '.taa'i-i ti n. K:i-~.. .la'i, >-,- Tl-.i- diri: ti'l fi-r |r riioi:-; <-oi:-!l.i ti lit to toticli ;;: ri''i!;-" i.-^ <o:i--;,iit. ;.| )<-ii.~i jji KiitisTiF In llv la.-;t niontli, iiide<d. Ill- ;>;. 'I 'o'is t!;''t I KI V O pone ;i-hr^- •^-'-..-j V. ii- • vir-' -.o-- ir.i;'i'-r;-.-j« in ih;;' i' ; -I -1 ••;.!>•, in doii'.'-^t ;i- Fcioneo or ''•.i:!;-,rM I Viiitiii---. .Atiii Il'e pfTTliotis r.--i> al'-.:'ys OT iiiiiple'r t!.: .•il >o -it i "o to on''. T!:<' eom- 1. •••<-'•• in r'i -oT 'it!!'ndiit ions i:i llv- Ka!i?:is A'^rii-iilr-.iral ci)Ile::e, of wiiicii I' -;-or 1' \.. Ho'ton is eiiairnrin T'-iiri' -i tod.-iy. Ib.-'f sint." Ili-e< iiib'T "i ila- < ai]-; in iijs o:!ii o for W' il traiti- ( iin'-ivr? for bit-'ii sehoo's and nor nal F(-!iooI.-- v.iri>: A-.-rienltori', p-ilarv ?!,nOO to T'o:re?:ie 1^; :oi:f->-. .<;; salarv $700 to ?1 '•'•». .••••1 -i:!! Ti-i,''',ii !'J. 7; t.-iliirv $720 to .«!.-.'''ii. •jii,' ;o^i,io'is i-avii;;; tin- .-. a'.^- d';if ii-i I.;'n or v.oiiten wiili !•••• yii.r'.i t'io-liiii',; rxpcrif-nce .••lui (,->!!<-.Il' ir;i;iiia::. Tin- ae,rifi ;Itiir- ;:' (-o'!< i.s ii;! aiiN. to tL;;;'y (l:r o t-.v.ind. —T!'.» ele-::r;! l:ne (f Pr^tty Millinery :'-i"n!r at Ou rents on tiie dollar.— ;''.n:d.-:on'.'--. Atiditoritim SKATiXG RINK TuGsday, Thursday and Saturday Evenings at 7 o'cloclc, and Saturday .'•fternoon. ADMISSIO.V DvcnlnK 10c Skates lie AfleriiooiiN 5c SkafCH 10c Klpliiiirs Voeiii of TrlliuJo to Uio liifc IJoMiT 1». K^nns. /CoKliaiim draws wlili a pencil. .\)id I (III ilii:i;:s witii ii i ii, !tiil yon ^it lip 111 eoiitiiir^ lower lliiSNili>; e';;hl liiindi'id men /iOKl'tiiaii liiki'- liiiT of hi.-; biisliiesK, I la! •• < aio of i.-iiii-; I'.nt yoii lal'.o r -M -o oi l.'ii tiioiisand tolls S!;;.-liootia;; tli; oii.i-.ii llie lirine. ZoKhiiniu can liiindlt' his shnilows. And J liaitdJe my. style; I'.nt ynu ca nbandl.- a len-iiu-h Run To carry seven mile. To li!m that hath siliall be K I VPH— .\iid i:.iifs why ihi ." lei-ses arc sent To the Mian w!ii> hti.-; IiM-d niiue Htorit'S Tlian Zo{:baiim or I etiiild invent. SPECIAL OVERCOAT Our sale on all Oyercoats is on in full blast and will last for two weeks Jhis includes every Coat in the house — men's, boys' and children's. MEN'S OVERCOATS $20.00 Overcoats for .$15.00 $18;00 Overcoats for $14.50 $15.00 Overcoats for $12.50 $12.50 Overcoats for. $10.00 $9.00 Overcoats for $6.50 Beys' and Children's Overcoats $7.50 Overcoats for.... ... .85.00 $6.00 Overcoats for.... ... ..$4.00 $5.00 Ovepcoats for..... ....$3.50 $4.50 Overcoats for.':.. $3.00 $3.50 Overcoats for.... ....S2.75 $3.00 Overcoats for ....§2,25 Big Reduettons on All Men's and Boys' Suits <; See Our Windows Barclay-Shielcis "The House of Quality" GASH WHEAT IS iJKATII OF .MIfS. W. II. DO.NNKI.L (Olirr (H'K>S TO-MOKKOW. llliie» oi' Many .Moiitlis I.'eMiltcil in! Jaiiuiir.v Term Hits liiit Fi'w rrlmlDiil IM 'iitli .Saturdiij. ; ' liisrs for Triiil. The .lannu'.y term of the Allen county District conrt will open to morrow morninir. Ily the order of .Iml!;o Kmtft, the first day of each term Is naturalization day. but ! there niil )><' tin appJicant.s at tUis yoar. For .--.ime time it liad Iu'en evi-I time. Tlie court will probably occupy i" t tl'at diatth was netir. and whon I tlio time by eallinir the court docket -•.;;"iiii :! a so-.ire .'•iiikiiit; sp'!! ! setting cases and disjiosing of minor -ai;:rii;iy laorrilij;. hoiK' v/as alii'ost; iiii'tters. Mrs. W. II. Doniieil. iDrly -tUr!- fiir.s OI il!.-!', whose ho:ae j., at ',',><'> A'.A .);)i -k.-:oii aM'.'lue. liied .'silurday iHirni'oii at .'i::!!! o 'clock as tii' re- iii of an illness with laiicr. wiih . iilcli : 111' hiid MiiTored I;r ti. ' past I ti: '.siioriiil. .Mrs. nonm'il recently un- I'TWi'i't i'.n oprration. which, thoimh Tlie fol'.owin^ jury ha-s been Fiim nioned for the term: \V. Ii. Cain, T riMi-jlit ti-i'ii 'T uy rrliel'. could not! 15 .Cladfeiter R. U .KIktt, A. .T. Wi! ! 'k til.- a.i,;in.-.. of liie mali'.dy. ! liams. Kvereite ISeckes, .1, R Bissett !• d. f.-.-i-..) i-- si'.rvi.ed ^ly her 1 fhirence P. Smith. L. K. Potter, W. II ii-aii 1. W. Jl. Donnell. and two; Cook. O. T. LaCranse, lola; J. W, >-;'-.':< a, Wil'oiichliy I'onnell and Lower. Arthur fioes <;as City; .J. A : -'tai Monn-ll. The remains Campbell. La Ilarpe; .1. H. Frantz • .-iiip;iril this morning over the . deneva; G. W. Mc-Clnnp. .7. P. Snitcr- • ••-i-i I'a'-'iie to I'i'ven, Kas.. t!ie >;roni, f'us Knirieliardt. Klsmore • i---, - r lioi, . i .f the family, for bur-; William l!rtieri.'er. lltimboldt town 'al. Ti ly •.\i'r<' accomiiiiiiied by the ship; George Xoyes, lliiinboldt; AV. H family and by .Mis."; Aspell. of P.iuklin lliffendiMler O-a .^e town.^hip; .loshua .OI.. a naa,' of Mrs. Donnell, who Valentine Ciiarivs I'.lair, lola town , ~ !.'.); ill her I'odside for some lime. slill>. — Here i< a retnedy that will cure I <'Iaude StarVs, a Finelter workman •our cold ^V'.-y waste time and mon- I was iiainftilly injured this morning y • vaf: larnii!!,:; when yon can ,irt a' when some, hot metal which !'e was ,_,.,..,,..,{Ion ti'at has won a world-1 handlinif splaslied in the ladle and v.iil,? rcinitation by Its cures of this i .sent a iVw drops into an eye. The !i- -se and can always be depended | injury will not be permanent. 'ja'n? It is known everywhere as . •; r.aiberlain-s Cou.irh, and Is _Ti,e Missouri Pacific will have on 1 m-Oil-ne of real merit. For sale by , .lanttiiiy Hth, 14th and l.ath •'• '•'••^^^''^ i round trip tickets to Denver, Colo., for I .Vational Western Stock show at M-s Mr.hU- V. A. Rne and Clifford i '^vith u--':al stop over prlvil- Cov. i,ot!i of Kincaid. were married 1 '^f'^ '"V" "™ *° -January 31st . r.- ' 'a'l- SMtnrday afternoon by j Pt'<'nc iMi. K. h. Monger. Agent. 'o-(;.h I!, .^milli jiii!;:c of the prohat" • , , , -"i • liiil-i' «'. aKn cran'ed .-I A\ hen you want a reliable medicine •,ou-,;:,i-''.l- iTi-i 'o Vi--- Mart>,a S<-ho-' ["F 'T^''! ^"^^ Cb.aml>er- \V T I'lwf" of Coisi-'. ( oui;!) tCeniedy. It can always ; be depended upon :>nd Is pleasant and I Mtfe to take. For sale by all dealers. •iii-ni- • •an; i y iHJUnUMS I'l.A.V CA.MI'AKiN. 1 * i Washiiii-'ton, .Ian. S.—The Diniocratlc national committee. w!ii <-h meets iiere today, promises to have a large amount of "ginger" inserted ia Its de- liben'.tloiw. Primarily the obj' c i of the committee is to soJect a city and Jlx the liiite for holding the national convention to nominate the presidential tit-ki't. Several cities IncliidlnK Chicago, Ualllniore, N<!w York, St. lyiuia and Denvir are after the convention and It is lliouglit probable ihui either Dun- vi r or St. I.ouls will be the ultimate Helecilon. .\ormaii 1). .Muck, chulrinan of tho committee, will iiresldc over the nieet- inH>* Willlaii) JennluKH llryan will also be on hand. An iiiioreHlIng develupitK^nt of the last few da )H ]« tho campaign now I being wHKed for Senator Jaiueii A. O'QormBn of New York, who la being 1 Kroouicd for the nouilnatlon for president by tlie two Benalon from Weit yiryinla. Ue is » Tanuuany man {uid tuui » Urfo follQwlnf fn Neyr York lUt*. umw WKATIIEK n- AK(JEXTI.>E BEAKS EITUKE.S .V LITTLE 7 Catllr and Ifoi» Arc Botli lii ^bcr Willi a Slr«»n»r and .Steady Demand. {Uy I hi- *\.ssix:latc<l l'rc.«s> Chicago Jan. S.—Fine dry weather iO'Argentine offset the Influence in favor of bull side of wlieat. The open ing was unchanged to a >^ at ^ic lower. -May btarted $1.00% to l.Ul, don will enter evangelistic work at onco and will make his debut In n Tiil- M sa church. Il Is iinnoiinced thtit he J will cniulate Hilly Sunday, preachln.i: ( tho idaln gospel In plain words and hiring a corps of press and finnncitil agents to arrange details for hi.s-meet­ ings. Condon is a young man of sli;i;l;t; build, red-headed and fiery. It is his i disposition to do anything he do-s • whole heartedly and If the ditpatches rei'resent him accurately, his venture ' will not be a failure through lack of, self-enthusiasm. For the best Kansas. Lump and Arkansas ' Semi-Anthracite Coal ' July 93%; 'Sept. May 64%; July Close—.May ?I.OI; COUX—Jan. 6i; 04vi; Sept. O-'). OATS—.May 4DV:iS?;; July i^>€i%: Sept. 4l>i3. PORK—Jan. $15.S7ii; -May $10.23; July 5Jti.4-''i:. I>AKIi—Jan. $;).371i; J!ay ?9.r'7',i; July 5y.i!TV:;ft!t.70. Cliicaffo Live^*t«^•k. Chicago, Jan. S.—CATTLK. receipts li.v<><<, ten to L'.'c higher. Uecves $4.S0 fjS.7o; stwkers and feeders $:!.:501i 5.- sr.; cows and heifers $2.10ifi H.TO. HOGS—Ueceipts 27,000; ten at l .'>c aigiier. l .igiits $t ;.l.'i 'fi (;..">0; mixed :5(;.2i ''(7 'I.tIO; heavy $ti.2Ul /-)«.»;,"i; rough :;i;.2oti Co.'.. IHE PHILLIES LnlfariK* Pilolior Hack io flie Xatiun- al I.oaijiic >e.\t Sr.nson. AVichita Beacon-: Pitchers Arthur Rasmussen and "Lefty" Hrennan have signed contracts with the Philadelphia Xational League baseball club. .Mexander the Great has -.'so si.sni- fied his intention of b'comii.g n mom ber of ihi Phiilies' twirling staff. St. Louis (irain. St. Louis Jan. S.—Futures close; wheal lower; .May $1 .00',.i; July 94Vi ft %. COnX— Lower. May C.'.%(0%; July OATS—Firm. .May r .oli; July 4i%. St. Loiil.-* Llv^•^to^k. St. l.ouis, Jan. K—C.VTTLK. re- elpts 2 ,:i (>0; ten to 2 '.c higher. Steers $4 ..">0fj C .."0; cows and heifers $:t.7."i'(i .00; sloekers and feeders $:!.2r )fi G .r.O. HOGS—lU'celpts 14.000; five at 10c ri/giier. Pfg.s and JigiKs- $,-..2./'?/fi.4.'i; htiichers $»;.2r .^t ;..'iO; heavy $G .40i'a' (;.30. tola Ice, CoM Sferag'earJ Fuel Co.- Kansas City Craln. Kansas City, Jan. S.—WHKAT, re,-i 'lpts cars. Cash wheat, steady. So. 2 hard. $1.03T-I.o.S; Xo. :i, $l.01(fi 107; .\o. 2 red $1.02; X". 3 lUifJl .Ol. Close—.May $1,01 tH.; Jtiiy '.CV.fJ?H. COK.\-*-Unchang.-d to '-ic higher. -Vo. 2 mi.\ed. liH: So. 3 fi4"«; .\o. 2 white. lUi'ittil; So. .'„ ti'.'i^i. Close— yr.\y i ;r..'.{j; .luiy cr .i /i.. OATS—Unchanged to Vjc higher. .\o. 2 white .-.O; Xo. 2 nii.\ed iH^^IH'J- IIYF—It.'.c ))er bushel. II.VY—I'nchan.ced to r >0c higher. Choice timothy $21^122; choice prairie ?!7..'iOfj is.oo. imob.M COR.N—$70^1140 per ton. Kansas City Llvrstork. City. Jan. 8.—C.\TTLK, receipts S.ooii; strong to l.'.c higher. Xa- Ive steers $."..2.">!rr S.2.">; cows and heifers $2.7r .Ti".<iO; stockers and feeders S4.00if; b'.OO; bulls $3.50® r..2.",; calves ?4.. -.Of/ 8.00. HOGS—Uecplpts S.fiOO; ten cents iilffher. Heavy H ?.7>fr 6.4T,; packers and butchers $6.20fi i ;.4,'>; lights $."1.90 1 G.2.-. Kansas City I'rodacc. Kan.'as City, Jan. S.—BT'TTER— Creamery .'.•ic; firsts 34; seconds 32; acking stock 21^;... KOG.S—B.Mras 34c; firsts 32; .sec- •rnU 17. St. $4.85 ' Lead and .S|ieltpr. I.i0uis Jan. 8.—l>ead, spelter, quiet, $6.35. steady. TO E.MILATE HILLV SIXDAT. .'len Condon, Tulsa .Sporting »ws Editor, RiTomcs EvaufC^IIsl. Telegraphic announcement from Tulsa tells of the conversion of Glen Condon, sporting editor of the Tulsa World and the newspaper man who first brought Pugilist Carl Morris ta the attention of fight fans as a heavyweight championRhip poBslhlllty. Recently Condon was invited to deliver an address at the dedication - of the .Salvation Army citadel In Tulca. Ho i-urprlFod hlmpelf with his po.wer of nrp'iiment and e\oquencc and immediately Bserted that he felt called to prefcb. Accordinf to Ui« ii««if.dlip«t^li, CoA "Lefty" is a new "m.onic'.<er" for .Ad Hrennan. of Laflarpc, who for several .vcars has been performing? briilinntly as a pitcher in bas.-ball leagues. He i.s a southpaw but up to this lime has been fortunate enough to eseai )e this commo'i nickname of "Lefty," • usually applied to battle-scarred veterans who are about ready for the boneyard. Brennan is a young man, just in his prime and hag many years of usefulness liefore him on the diamond. He vas d"- veloped by Tom Hayden on the old Tola O. K. League team. He started as a first baseman and nobody except Haydnn ever dreamed that the' smeller boy cou>d pitch Brennan ', himself was overjoyed when' he could f make anywhere on the inlield. But, | running short of. pilchers on-^ Oay.; Ifn.vdrn took (he .vnung nfhiefe ofT f'lo keystone s.'ick and lold him to ;_•') •(>• the mound. Brennan was astonlsbi-il at Hayden's nerve btit obeyed ord'rs | :ind went in. The result was just what was expected by nearly everybody. Before the Lallarpe lad had been soiithpawinc two innings, th- opposing hatters bumped lilm so viciously that he was obliged to retire. Th'' fans told Ilaydon to forget it. but not for the .Toplin magnate. "He'll make a pitcher some day," s-aid Hayden Many times after that Rrenn::n w:is hannnered unmercifully but Hayden steadily refusi 'd to let him quit. Then Brennan began io believe in himsf'f. I'ndiT the tutelage of "Old Fox" Mirediih he mastered some of the elementary tricks of the pitehing cam<'. Then lii> developed soni" of his own and finally went to Wichita in (h'' • -.: league Here he showed ra- -s: 'ugth and soon was sent to Philadelr.hia wh^re he started at the b<»ginning of last sea.son Manager Dooln farmed him to Buffalo in the Fastern L"a.stie and before the season was over w::s sorry that he had done so. Brenmin was the star of rbe league and had all of the stronjre^t hitters eating out of his hand. Hooin tried to recall him but Brennan declined to return to the big show without finishing the season where he was making good so sniendidly. So early this winter. President Fogel of the Philadelphia elub sent Brennan a contract with a handsome salary attachmfnt. The L.nHarpe Star signed and will be back in the majors nexi sea.son. He i.s t.Tking excellent carf of himself, bav­ in refrained from basket ball, football or any other game v.hich carried with it chances of Injury and he believes he will show the Quakers some- thng next season. IOLA STATE BANK WE Capital Stock $25,000.00 Surplus $12,500.00 PAY INTEREST ON TDIE DEPOSITS L. E. IIOiniLLE, Pres. W. S. KAl F.VA.V, 2nd Vice Pres. J. H. CA -IIPBI -IL, Cashier. A. IV.'l.'ECIi, Vic;--rre>.. I". O. i;E>.SO\, A.sst. Car\ler SAFETY DEPO.SIT IJOXE.S FOR 1 {E-\T. masaaaammm J. F. SCOTT, Cashier ASA r. >EW. From The Preston Xews: A.=a C. Sew was born near Lane, Kansas, April IS, ist "2. and died near Preston. KanfRs. December 2S, mil. age 49 years 8 months and 10 days. Remains were Interred in Friendship cemetery. His was a beautiful life a noble example of patience fidelity, truth and faith. Ho leaves a wife and three sons Mn\. of lola, Kunrts, and George and nick, residing at home, to mourn his l0 .-!S. —C. J. Peteraon: Farm Loana, lit'- lurance. Abatracts. THOS. n., President Alien County Bt^te la^k IOLA, KANSAS E.STAI:LI.'<JII;I> A (/«:AJ:TEK OF A ri;.\Tri{T. Capital $30,000.00 Surplus SICGOO.OO Deposits $550,000.00 I.\Ti;Ui:ST PAID <»N TIME IinOSITS SAFETY DEPOSIT P.OXES FOR EE>T TriENEWTON ' ^ CvMOAN'f » •' ! Best Lump Coal—delivered anvwhere in city. U. S. Patent and Fidelity Flour, to dealers only. Feed. Bran, Shorts, Oil Meal and Alfalfa Feeds. 100 poundr. ])er —g'U'.rr.nleed weights. 1 w'oa iv^-S]-!ii:^ St. EJavator Co. PHONE 157 Willis Pe^eau, Agent F<^ ihf qoickest results—The ;*ii*a-iiiil&^'*"^£iai^^ W9nt goldmnl

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