Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 18, 1954 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1954
Page 8
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.<?*5? "-,-*i •--".. 7 4 - r*' - , -V ^\* ilAft* ft@Pt, ARKANSAS if CMttc IS ORV THEM V THEY'LL YOU'RE NOT GOfNGJ SUPG -WHY NOT? TO LEAVE THEM rfvOU'DJU?* HAVE IN THE SINK V& S TO GET THEM ALL, GHT, jQt'M OUT AG A! N IN . *r -KV. TH£ ^jj^Ng IS THAT ALL' _ THANKS I GET FOR WASHING THE DISHES FOR YOU? emwe ^txi ? tfild * v.W larms tuler ge Whisper N M M N 43Nulive ot Denmaik „ v ^... e ^. ~-.-f.Bw town 44 Hcnvy blow 'attrlc InO)1ioand 46 Therefore Kentucky 47 Norway city ! ^61o 88 Cflrfipass point 48 Plant SD Universal 50 friend (Fi.) language 51 Bind a^-v^.w.-^S, .41 Trial 63 Dance step ;!& Ltflf*W^trth42 Wln^s 54 Girl's name ''""'"' ' A ' "is^i£__iii«i. rr M is * i^, Te »n4l I'"' $* "'", <^ *• ' " ? WskV jmfjluaet Wfftfijl i^E -4 ^ H •* . |fM rll?j»j. ^' *. M K7; *»lf jasu; 3I.« », .*s p'l* ; - U*iS **h« wa ^ f ' 1 ' i /Jj*li£r^^*£*2 «T WM *»'' ViU/W. 851) J «ti 57 •W SO 3t EZ 5fc 30 H7 •«> By Dick Turner > • v • ^' rf ""i" ' "-Hjgaff * -.T E! >* Clbbs take iTie_out to on a diet!" lunch W^/ .»AM0 SINCE lOSlMGtH LEASED ON MY STORE, I HAVg NO CHOICE t BUT TO MOVE ELSEWHERE r SURE HATE TO MISSWTRYOUTS AND-ALL THOSE GAMES THIS MMIrt. BUT MY n TPAIWN0 CAMP*, ' ' MlSTUH.MlLLS.YUH JUS'CANY. PULL UP StAKES AN' LEAVE TOWN NOW,,. AFTUH ALL JL ' 4 Pfwlirra V St«fr(** SfctW". VIC FLINT Bv Michael O'Motfov and Ralph Lon« OUT OUR WAV By J. ft. WilUdrni BUT I'LL .BET THEY'LL iki PLACE'S' VOU LOST IWTEREST J SIDEWALKS. 1 -ot^jj-w*-' — . TI—^^, .1 '^JrtJiC-iu.JitAf^ t t { / !V''<C«L»M'. 1^*14 OUR BOARDING HOUSE NOTA?At?SHOT-' , Hd/rmwMCTice 6W BULL'S-EVES X \ tMAT FEE USEPUL -IN* K^L FO, I AIN'T EVEN '•- ^ gEEN PAT CLOWN RV1CHE5ALL ' WASH TUBBS By Leslie Turner With Major Woopte ;TIN Tiwejtwises/i'Av PUTTIMGK- 6E)DSE MAJOR/t: MY EVEfJlN© MEAL THROUGH TH& j|f 2M L y Hop& v/ OUR 5TOMACM , . ., ._ ^.^ .- HEROIC MACARONI AU 6RATISJ.' — Your ib'EA TO TEST THE -MACHINE P(?OCE$5IMG ALL.1. EAT IN Jg%%3^?%f?^i; >" - ^/•••'• xx IT FOR A ViEEK 1^ . A CAPITAL PLANS MAR- TO $TW TILL IP T YOU'VE DONE BETTER MORfe OF A SUCCESS.../ THWO MOST. DO, KID t A(oO NOT GO &ACK.A FLOP... / FOP. EVERY BUT ITS MOT FAIR TO LUTHER, I THERE'S A HUMPRER WHO NEVER SKT ABOVE BOTH WOMPERFULi UP VOUR CONTRACT!. P6CIPEP TO C3O 60RR.V I VAKB A &TA.R FOR YOU I MOW 1MU6T LUTHBK1 I THIMK YOU'RE B0US . EH.EWIU? THOU5ISNPS mo NOWHERE! Service, Inc. T. M. R«B. U. S. Pat. Oil BOOTS ANlJilER BUbblEIS By Edgar Martin "ly BUGS BUNNY 'FUHftV BUSINESS By Hershbergex "He had it Installed to acquire a good stance for our boat trip to Europe!" . , HENRY By Carl Anderson SWACIpUSl.MV NEW HAT I 'IT'LL. BE V/UINED.' / SUSS 1 ' MV HAT.. STOP IT , FO"e-MB >f/ 3-18 'ALLEY OOP By 7. T. Hamnn .;.CANT LEAVE -'EH OUT v«..,:• HERE LIKE TH/XT THOUGH... IgfeV^.^ NO TELLIN' WHAT MIGHT * swttJ& -< 1 " TRV1N' TO KNOCK EACH 1 HAPPEN TO 'EM OTHER'S BRAIN50UT THINS. 1 , .^^.WELL, HELLO, OOP..J JsJ'SA SAD STORY, OOI? HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN/COUPLE \YE2ZlR...SURE IS... A LONG TIME.;. /^Of ADULT \ A BLOOD FEUD.' VVHATC.HAGOT /DELINQUENTS, v t THERE, BOY? ( I'D SAY..,WHAT'S WITH THEM, f. ANYWAY?"' .-v^-l' >'T v,.I/^'r. 3-IB f._H*S4_by NEA^Strvicg.Jiit CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer By Riisi Winterbothara nrn TPTHS PLANET PLDTCV CHBIf CALL'? INTHS a/IN£T£ Exaopes/ i/LAPI/H/g /S LOT 0'PEOPLE WILL PIE IF voy PCWT60TTHB ' /fl/LLlON/i TOM/ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs ^ T»I DON'T TRUST HW/T /^bn,OM>,HOW SILLV/ IPO BELIEVE HE WAS EWESDCOPRN;? A < J CAKL CHKNINS MOMENT AGO WEN I X CKOUND STOOP TO PO XTH1NS LIKE THAT?YOU ,..euTTneees Yw JUST DO'N'T \ 1 ONE THING I'M NOT TOONS I UUDERSTANO THE WUT... HE'S SUPPOSED TO BE I CKEMIVE WONP, DAD WeiTIN$ A BOOK WD M.L J SEE C K TH\NQ LIKE THAT HIM POING IS LOUNGING W?OUND) CAN'T BE FOKCEO.., WHEN THE MOOP STRIKES, HE'LL pASH A HALF

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