Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 8, 1912 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 8, 1912
Page 5
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THE lOLA DAILY REGISTOB, MONDAY EVENING, JANUARY 8, 1912. FELIX AM) FINK "I Never Again Will Act as a Substitute for Cupid,*' says Felix: to Fink. YOU TAKE THIS fy.'X OF FLOWERS UP TD m aR !.a ... AND THM BUNOLS C*= lAUNORY TO ^HE CHIMAMAN ANQ l\V. GIVE YOU FIFTY CENTS. FELIX. t'UL G1V6 \CK1 A QUART£P. JF ytU TAKE TM'.S BliSOlE UP TO THAT GIRL'S »'0t iE. I'vE GOT To 00 OVER Tf THE CHINAnAN'S. WANTS-ALL KINDS. \V\\TI:P—wnop To SAW WITH j KOI: SM.K—A cnnu niirviNr. ! i.iiv..-. -:.\\. I'l.. lu- ;>'.r i i; :ir.- i ::>• !,:rki-. C.ili .it fi2'i rf. Oiii.i T;-AA-TED FOR CL-sTOMKn—A W\VT;:I< IM::V\TK NUi;iT AND Vrivate loan of JS«*iO cn a now ciRl-.i • i'. :i- U;.-- S; i.. • i.r.i;. T'lu'i lUKCUN VT .•?».'itum. room house on paved street, close in, 'I'M"'" . - M.i' . I'ro.wr. !.•'.;•.. K .i.-. j^ N r..;: r.n. .•),!. will ial;r east front. Want it for three years . I'^.'-a-^ :•"•> , k IT limP rm ya:'.. .Mtist sell. and am viWng to pav gooU Jnrt'rest. | —' ,\\;\!i.r .ir -ri: s, I'L-.TIVIO Kiiuti? X">. 1. The Peterson Land Co. I n AMKn-( r .KA.V HHITI: K\(;s. • P..11. } vnn sAiiK—A cnon six VKAR nil! I-.m-''". r^oiiml -.iTl'l Kvnt'lv. P'.innf I I'M. K.-^i'li-n. .• 7"4 1:. l -imnln. J. W. i rriiiuiii'i- I W.\.\T TO nK.VT—nv FEB. 1ST <»i'ii«'. or 6 rooui juoiJi'.-n, i.V'-e in. Box 163. lola, Kas. i W\NTi:ii-Ti) FOK SAT.K— FIVE WHITE OR- 1 pinsrion jiullets and one cockeril. Dr. KOU !?A1>:—StllTII SIDK UKi^- taiirnnf. or exrh:inp>' It anil my 7 . rou'.iii'il hull-" fnr n small :r.ict of iiii- ' [iroii'd land . Call on ar address .\. i .1. .li'.sTiri', ri '|ii3. K ;in.-. WAVTED—TO T K A n K GO I. ?) watch for good sadaio; "IT W. Madi.':on. H'Y f A I. V }•: S ; .Vi u.~iiiiie. Plione I-MK :>A(.K—POITH SinK RES- FOR RENT—FOR RENT roP. ..-^\!.r. -A i;0''.!) M;I.I'\! i"iUV . dv wi'.l oxi-hansri? rostaurani • ; i",,;,:r !_••, v. \,\ : :•:]•! n.'.'i Ji.ti;.--.- fur fiiia}} rr;iot ^ . . ..: . , i ;i Litvl. A. .1. .Ui.^tko. I'iivia. W.\NTED—GOOD LA.VO. WEr.I. ' r":: Wi N'; T;M • Jl N : Tv;-.- improvrd ivin^ lo:a. Will i . s.,,^.,, .tr«KS OP Xa ij FOU nKNT—A FIVE ROO.M DRICK ' :I<;H.->'. Plione 77S. ', FOR TIENT—MY ROCK CKEEK farm. Iniiuiie of Dr. W. S. Hendricks. half section or more if ^orth tV..: money asked. Give jirirc and fui; \'.'.\\r'i':> .vrv.>:: or;;. Ti) i-AUK !'-T, !;iuil wiiiiin 1 milo of lola at; lianicnlars ~for rVpIv. "'o^'^nV^V'onlV'•'••''•''•'''> '•'•>• ^'^ r-i!;:-:!. !':-.:;ain pri .i-: J .-.'^O down. bal;ir .rP j Me.«hen- & romp-mv." Tiils .1. Okla. " ' "lliliillllJilll.":] , i. r;ii t,. suit vl '^^•ila^..•r. .Vlk'n ' i tr— : — ; (•...wK .v }J .-a}ty 1 V> . KvaD< Ulrtp-, lola. WANTKn-vn uKNT r .ooM ; POR S\T F rORSMF WANTt:n_Goon SKOOMI HA.VH i pas kiti-hen ranpc. I' ^.'.'i. i ' " V'Mi fw.v.'-oxi-: ri.NK STANH- FvMJ .-A.'.K—S<-(Vr, ii rOI.LIi: • 1:-..; d.-ivinu iraro: rr.:;i.-tored. -:\ L'..:; !•;> iT'.^'i ^i.; ti 'jii:;;;.:-s. l'!:ono liu.'. LOST AND FOUND. LOST—I.K..VTHER POCKET BOOK rnnMiiiinp: fyiv.c monfv and cards. l;(';-i> ln'twoi'-n South Wasiiing- (rm and .Vnrlii C'nttnnwood stropts. nndiT idea.--.' leave a* Reiri.^tcr office. Row aid. The Allen County Realty Co. .M.ike a .ir'^claUy of Belling Alien County Farms. WG also vrrite Insurance of all kind:-:, collect rjncs. pay taxes for non-residents, and do a general real estate business. We represent three of the best loan companies doing business in Kansas, and solicit a share of tDe loan business, and gunraniee as cheap rates and quick servi'.-e as can be bad any- wher«. The Allen County R<aUy Co. R. L. Ttaaapson, Vgr. OFFICES EVAXS ELDG. lOLA l.VXD FOR SALE! I have for sale the cheape.":t ICO acros of grass land in Allen County. For a iiastiire it cant he beat—ever- las'lng water—or it all can be mown. Closo to R. R. station. Part time.. 1 also have CH acres improved land cIo!?e to lola that I can sell at a bargain. Terms reasonable. C. 0. 1J0LLI>GEB .\OTICE. Wp have an escur>ion on thp of Tliis month to our Florida •land.^, AI^o an v.^cursion on tho I'lh to our Sacramtnto Vallcy t';vlifi)i Qia, lands. Call and maiie arranspraents to RO. ni.\lll .ES & rOTTtK lolii, Kiin>u?. PILES CUBED IV SIX TO 14 D.IYS. —Your druggist will refund money If PAZO OIXTMEXT falls to cure any case of Itching, Blind. Fleediug or ProtriidinR Piles In 6 to 14 days riOe. MONEY TO LOAN—-WE HA:VE A clioni who has JISOO private money to loan on Allen county land. If ytju want this, come quick. The Peterson Abstract Co. IIJIEBESIINB BJIS CITY mSll STHOVKIi l!V miK. .ttiiithcr KIri- Siurt* I 'rota ,1 Mii«l I uu^Uiil ('aii«i-. Rut U (Iwr- laki-u. IRA S. FRANTZ ' liVA-'.yilMl.U OVrtt'M.iVisT LAHARPE'S 8-DAr CAMPAIGN inv iM> yimv. 111:1.11 lon.iv. ..i. 1 i-iti. .-.'.d l.'lli. , i III- |;IMI Mill ('l..>i d 111 flu- <.a^ I .^llll^l:l:;^ ami .)| IIIM niiM>( <• arc liirnd til Ullirr I, DRESSED HO(;S. lb. OAIUP t'.i l:!; -.^..r ,,a,i 1: rr.-i-lit i;ir ;';;.-:!;.. s.i'r.l.o , v M :; M. Mmr.iy. ];:.i • n y <;;ir- In- .i OAS CiTY. .Ip.n ^ —n":;;:..:ii » iia.-- ToUiTTifii :rij;;i (i,:K:i.- . wlure lit" ;-vn in..k.i;_- a;;i r ,af:air^ of his .-•K. H. li • 'i:;id tlie nii .ifor 'iini. . L.ii.xir ;.;> i.-i.'^- hardH .Tiv .-Tn.k r iir.d la 't r huvnod tf i-..,r,:-;i'. ;'. •• Skinner. 'Ihe .\:'-a i-i-::' .. .ir- .n- Sh;i.d:vr. (,:' A::;.:;- ;i. M • W il-y Skinc'-r. A> n n.iin-.y >,> >. .-L- rust-d li.v I r;:i:e >:.;n i . r idead ?\si!-y isd 1.- in vu; >«^ntvnti'. r I? • .;: • l>(Nni! T!^.> :r;a! n-' 1 ;:ri; ^-x.- time in Vnu.: V.r iL -r.r,, .'.T.i'ii i!v->r.>id*raVr.r \x:",V.- •<•.:. anc- r.->mi.da;-r an i n-: c-; iiij-urancv i',n'.iV«a;:-r l>robab:y no; tl.rn. .^1.- enton^ive lAial d-n'.-r ' in;; this !,,i(l u-a::.'r busy, tt ;;ti. 1; a'.-coun.? ;> turnin? l.-r-' .Mr an.; .\tr^. .r.r.'y dpjirlii^tnri- V!.-;:-,: .M.". W. liun'.'ar y-.-t-riiay. T;,turn hiiu-.e loilay ; : l>i:;'.a tht-ir honff'.iold moving: back xo lola. Tl:ere cam* nea.- :^inc a fire x home o' Mr. and Mr.*. .Ma.vueli i -r. Xonh .Main s:rrr! SaiurLsy ni='.; ^• a result oT a Univrn vji ;:\ydini; in ;-. meter box. T" kv ii n.-i»-r freezic?. .Mr .Ma\-.w-;i [ I.n .-d a I'o.v o\fr mr;T»-r iinl a <::.;i'.l tf-rn in tin- Ti;" l;ii.ti-:a •• i'! .'^<>ttini: fire a 11::;: r'. \\.\ ii\.T a,< •. :•, :'::d A-' '• r ' v.niiir |"iri-.i f.:.:!:. < u,;i ini^ (li;;"" u i:>.ii:,jy »•.;.•}] ;i liy il:-•'.•1 i ri'd Tl.t- ''.••> li;o;ii|i: wurk ••.Minii'ii-i: inufli daii'.aK'.' wa.- di.:i',- H.i.s ruJnn]' mxrnint: »\ liU 'k..- i.-.i^ ::\ \. •• .'ii.Mti Fninn l :il. k J'':iir iii- iiwr. atui u - •.\ ; 1 ••.'I r ;.• .•i.-ir.r, ,,!• • .• M. • 'I \. • . ' •: W' : • i'.. n v.- ^ .;;iy :: .. : Yf»'.''rdav oVIoik rimiii at mil"' wi.-t III euiii" j'iaiii. »•.•.!; • l>ii:idini:.-. :r in a-:.i al;d V. ;•• "l!;. -iVv (•aiiir:'i^ii of r>ii- M'!i ' ...'.'1 i'.'ii- I'.ii .• I'll !,!• 1.: .\;. -1! j:i il./.. li-y i;, iiiuli: V. itli I'll- : jii.i'S,. I'.iirr y MiW.r, C. (>. <:;:.:;-.i; ' ''.Jiu-' r ./'!.(-• f'scar t 'ou^'. - r,;.v.i.... :\:-- •: a ;'.• ;\s I'''.; . T'.-.. 1.- nn T< ••xnV .tT ,s« rvii. • - .^.-..i i.' I'r't ii> i'Tiai; or .Mi ::ioi;i.-r > ;:i ; i. t..M >'.'ir, -• .1 : ;i. > .^Il••1^lodis! 1 hurrii ; v-;,* j.-;. r?.d for a unio:i i;-.ii!irrin.i! 1 •• v. .as i'.i? TU;> will Un- tr.ati'si w.-.-k ; r. V.,::" i •for fin- orp:,.r;;.»:iti(i:i and fnjrii • •• a ^-.v .' 1..- !:.-• 01 si'iak'Ts it looks a.; !i'ouv;li ; , : }• .. [)••}'• I.ili..rj'" \»ouM aiioiiiidjsh gri it r^ - ^ .'. .. . ;• " .\ •'•\r.: '•'•v...':.d V .y> only will -iti-m! . i::--'i.'!!.-.-. T;;.. f..!IoH in:.- 15 ili. ;.i .; • M- . r.i-r.'ii "t i; ••-•U' w'.-O ••>iU b<' h<-• • ' 'Liv .v.-i'ir- -N--ds ;:nd r>;.- ! 0!ii:.i;:-s ui .Sp'i '."."nrk f.jr .M li • • :.'! >•..->> ijii Miv.l. ru v""rari ii," J • t- . r- li i-,,;,k-- of Si. l.,.;;is. T .1-. si..-- . \-I.-Tli-- Clmrch ;tr.d . .ir-;i: l:. r.:." li. !;. ilrAf.-. ol ii, i M:- . K.iiis.,.- i';-;.. i::'Ti W. : !. . ••\ i.iii:;—"M'-n and llu- <; 11,- T. T.'.wb'.nan; of Kau.;• : ci-y. Thi;:-.:.-. •'. n d i V j (I II a ; ; i:\ ;is!:i." f. (;. of K:in-i!:'..\ Mr- k :-y. ' yiU'.iy !:-..-r;>--^-AIi;r. .--.s in (i!;.r i:!o>:^.' M A. of K..:'sus Ci:y. l:i ... '.;i,'id ni:::!y I.:iliiiri)i- luun'-s a rii:;,! r>- :iri- "ruy l"" u.•:!;;!.'n •-: dii;y. .U..»tf. i!.->r;.ir,. .1 '•,!;;; i.n;.- an.: lt «>y cvdvin :]•{- . r.y. "n'^-r.-••• and «atc(i:uan. vfu- si':;iii: u. .n- pine .'I. in w.-.^n !:.ty ;i-;ird (.r;.ik- inii souno. uf lire Win-n ;!i.y 0;- Cflvpred t).e lii-n^u.:: Uif entJr? <a--' end li! 'ill' main V.uiijiaji ••vi« in flames. Tlie hydrant l>«-::iir at the edc- ol the bui'idin? was in flanw's. Ti.- of the buiidins it was iaii'O^.'iilde t<j connect tr.e !;ur Th*- luain baildini; connect the hose. The main buiMict' room. T'.c -iv rtm.iin* but two buildings. thH d.-yf.' and the small oflir.^ and of ro US'' al! the brick kiln.". -Ar this ti."a«f it is impossible to sa .v wha' will be done The plant runnina at full force, employing about fifty men. This disaster will not affect as many Gas City men as lola. Only a few mea oi Gas vera employed tbere. ; it-* \i;?.l> VMi:h UllIl.F \in Sl.i:i:i'1. .,a'; i.-d or a ?!.-.v siihs of wood .an If... .'-•-••n !i.-ido stcv'>s. For ih'> pas' • all*, ra ^oim! and CatluirtU- IMIU .Vn-ji-.v ii.>ys =.'.s ^ui 3 SUT>' hus ti 'j.-n Violf'iil —Tlirv \i-t on R"wid< a* 1 .som<^wIiat wrak. but I -aHarpe was I'lVV'''' ^'1* >">triK : It tl"- Ia=r town to turn to "niack • j-M/amoJiii" au(i "goods bo.V»*s" to help ., '•. ••• • : :'P'I ''r-jk'''' •.v;'r•^. Tii" aa? shortiiK'- is u .,!i .••<- . . . . .;• ;,i •. -•. .j-',!! ail ovir ,v'ar.'. A s.-id llilii;: ,;. : , v; r-:V''.y ' • ! ..'ir; i • -i: • .1 s'lli-'- f- w liM/'Mis Sn'nr- ' , • : .• V'': '.'.•••n-r j .'ru w ii-!i ;.i ih-- l.'^t mnriKnt 'M'-y •. , !• T^:- i I.-. n\.i-. 1 Tl'.iTfll.l!!!* hv'l ; -. •. • .- i- ..rij'-i.M nv!" r,,i (.-I-..I. I>.\i|.rs ari- •-c- • , •• . : v.i'' -: V. I : 111 j: ai:'i'lir .:!;iiar '-m KrdaV, tiu' .. ;,: ."lai. k:. h, i;.,. rUirx ilrifis sloiijii'iv !l::il!i- 'liiv (.;;>; d'!i;i|tv!y a:" \>''.;il\ii lli' avi;^,;'i ol rime V\l<d. Ancusi V:',r'iu:irdi tit l>''>'rlnn. fviv!;-. •r/.' til (iiy v.ts h'-r- .Suiid.-iy tor ja vl.= li V, i-li ia> duMnht'-rs. Mrs. :ii;d \l •• •' Sirii-'i. Hi.- '.vill i;o 'ij ••I.--' j ll.i-- llJ (h" r*- r iif 0. • V..-, k. '; i -I- > ri.iir.. M II flrii'lKt ' ' •' 'ill' ! -d ' .h!i':ill(i?i no-! Kii'lay ' '• ' . V. :•! ih- lii-li fii hmil haildill^: •• :-T..'; • Ml hiyli >rhijfjj li-nih- • • - ' • - . . . , ' r,j ••> i.'T r-jiort.s from thi'"%arlcus .- 3 •'.I-• ' n.-i:.' -vil! j ,.r,„.i,s T\\>' r. irfjrts wcro very satis- y, -1 • ! y •.. r.rn-.n--. A 1"- vac-nry. T!:o library room at iho high i'-.-^^yi a ^ .(.;;..,,1 ]•.:,: b« t-n undiTBoinK r'-pairs : I • • :\'' 1 :'• ' •I v,., V ..I • ! 1' I :i. • j (•,.-,•. ; : in:; a • n • ; i:;- i-.i- 1- W: Tl:\- I- I '< .(•!. • : j, :.' I.. ••.:!••. ;";:!nr'-.- f'^r ] ,.nr.:rory u, tli'> installment of «50t» '.•.i..n;;- I'.'i.t :. rf t.:'- ihiidr.-n. Uvorh of r.--v.- books. Prof. Shearer • I ,-..jw.->f..i ;^,:it tho bonks would be ^ I rr.idy lor loin Wednesday inorninjt. FstfMtt Sittfi /jJfjflg ' ^^'i'li^it" Turner, Pp'sid* ni of iHi- • *"*'i^ ' bci'.rd was instructed to api)Oint a R M g%0mm%^ I warchm.'in to ke»p Errs goioR al! ra mmMMmMMM9y^ •. niz^hl in the sr-Uool building during K.VXS.1S A>-D OKL.VnOXl i'^^.'"alToTed.^'"^^ iLow Rate; AnDD.ii or Seal-Annoili T.'J« Rod Mill was closed down a 1 Interest—VrUilege to Taj In FnU " fpw days last ww -K on account of ily Reduced Bates on Fire Insnranec!' Missouri aftrr an exti-nded visit with her inoth'T hori\ Tom (;<>• R of /'loasanfon aponf Saf- iinlay ahd Sunday wilh his family hfre. .Mr.i riarn llrownlnj: has rjuirnf'd 10 .Vi'iili'iin, Kaa., affr n two wi-ck's vi.iit ttiih Iwr falhiT, R. W. Murkier. Try a liUlli^ of iiiiv Wlillo Pino ("iii:;>Miiud t' Syrup. It wilt stoji •niir I i':ii,'(i.~\V.'ifi-ri* & lAinfiTiJ), |iriij:s and .lowolry. Mr-!, .lulia HiiKh<'s who has b<vn »i:^iiiii2 .1. E. Urninau niid faniilv. wiMif id Roiliiidd .vegiTihiy lo on joy a .'.Jjiirt vjilt biloro returning to (Ikla- hnaia I'i 'y. ^;r.v III 11-1 .Smith will visit hnr tiio:h .T. .Mr..- R .ini .s In N 'pvada thl.s \v..-k. Tlir I{i\i\-il meetlusa at thf Christian eiuinh continuo to ijfow in in- ti ^r<^st. Til':y will conlinuu this wce»k a: If-asr. —.S..irind:iand Coal Stoves at hit: hariiain.s at lUnes" Hardware. -Mrs. H. Tasgart wi -nt to .Vevada i^aMirday fo »'njoy a vi .sjt with h>>r lirnih r Satimol Kennedy, I, I.nwi- of Moraii spi'nt Paturday .iinl Sunday with f^jiHarpe frii-nds. T'li- co'i.viin '-rrfd in sr.-itini; ihf 1'.!S:.:P- l .al! c inu- b' tii«- I .a. ::nrl '.i'lran >:irls was Won by;'.' . Moran v.un hy a sror'- of It". :ii :;. Th" I-aHiirpf hoys w.-r^ al- .11 i|''f' bv thi- .Miiran boys I.'l 10 14 Mr and Mrs. G. K Gorr< II l .ft y. s- rpn.';iy Tor .V'.iplcton to si>'"nd a wi <-k Willi rclaiivos. .\. N'. Ransom was a bMsin '^ss visitor in Mnr?n Saturday eveninK, .Mi«^ E !.Tin<' .Skinner has j"i nirni 'd to Colony after a visir. with frif -nrls h"i'- and in Gas Ciry. K. K. I.ind.-sbcrry of .Moran w .is a bu.-;in<~s.s visitor h'-re yi ^siorday, Mirs ARtla IVdTson Wftit to Savnn- bur^ yest'-rday for a short visit before rc-turnin.i; to Uartlesville. YOU RISK >0 MO\EV. THE WEEK'S SALES LIGHT Tim ("old (or TnuU' K\en tu Ulrt, Diir- liiu' l'll^t frw Diiys. I'ltE.S DEFY THE K.MFE. Thp rjiu^i" of Tht'fr Formutlun StlH UeniuinN. Our Itfjitttiittiin Xonej Arr B;irk i»< Tl -.N l»;iVr. Wi- |iay lor all nifdi'iiif ii.-'.d during' thn tviiil if our rfinedy fails to •-i;iin',.-ifly r.'lirvc ym of i-on.^liparion •.Vr tak" all tiie risk. You are r,'»t "Idisatiil ii> ns in any wivy w\iai«i\ir. il you aictiii on.- i I'fi r. Could any- 'Ii!n^ In- mure IfT ynu? U Ih'Tfi ;:iiy r.afin why yiii f'honld lie.sltatp to [lilt iiur chiln;- ti a. .jirav.Ura'. ti'>il7 .\ iiio.-t .••rl.niiii •. rninmon-si'n.'i'". inatmi-nt Is llrxall OldiTlle!--, whii h | :iro latin like randy, "They arc very proDoiini 'id. i:r-ntle and pleasant In .utinn, iiml iiartliularly asreeable in I'v.ry ttay. Tii-y do not rausie dlar- j rhii.-a. naii.s,.i. fladilence, Kriplni; or iiiiii :• iri onvi-ni' nee. Rexall 0rd»r- • lie-. a"i- iiavtirii'Hrly snnri [or thild- rrn. aiT '-d and dHllrate |>er."-r)ns. • »r*r<' .vo!j to try Hp.\all Orderlle"; at our ri.-k. Three sizes, li'c. 2 .")C. 1 and •"•"c. Ri-nK-mber, you ran Ri-t I Rpxall Keniedir.-; In thI? f-o.MniimJty only at our .stoire—The Re.valJ Store. Burrr-lls Drug Store, West Side Sfiuare. X.- -t gas shortage. Furnaces number 5 ./Vl.Cunninenam idead TO TRADE. 1^0 acres north central Oklahoma: K rultlvated. n^eadov, pasture; all fenced; loO bearing trees; 3 railroads within 1% miles; station 50 feet from rcrner farm; R. F. D. ;niral telephone Will trade for good inside residence or business property. Jola. Price $7000. Mortgage |1600 S year« 6^7c. Write owner. Lock Box 253, Cbetopa. Kaas. Foilnwini; is the report of realty tninsmtlDD:' la .\lUn county for ijjo wi-i-k »-i\<'.in>: .lauuaiy :.. Il l.s furnl-'h- ed hy the lola Alislrait rompany. Frank Wood, manai;'!". . luU S:.ii'' buildlnK.- .Iiiniiiiry 1. 1^1*-!. Wnle.-i E. WDodnitf and wife to Wn:. .\. Snniiud and wife. liJ I'ai'ri's 4 niilf • riorr!ni-«'..c of Jfiiiiiholdt $t'I(iii .TamtM T. Treailway and wife to H .('. r .owslit-r 4" aen.-s iV.- wiles norti;- we.-t of Mildred Phlllii) J)i:k and wifi- to .laccb Uatl. 240 acns 3 mihs nnnheast of V-.-! ran f." " i" ! Chas. E. P>?nnin.B:on and to V" Tl.' Lord, residence and 2 ! cs ili S M.MrKinley Ave. La Ilariif._. $:.-.o .lenni^ E. Camar and iiu.sbaud Co Jiilta A. Miller, residence southwest corner Main and Xorth 12th strert,=:. La llarpe - S'i"" F. -V. Griizner and wi;',- in .loun Wi:.-t!i (prr flaim deed to 2 lots. 2US and 21" N. Hayp.s st.=. Lanyoaville Jl'it :ia::.<Mv \. iiendirsor. and wife to L. E. ifad.ff'y et al. re.-i<Jence properfy ."IT .S. llnil St, IMa %\ j Janiiary "i 1 Cl'iiik-nrine C. Bostwirk to Graee F-, Rosiwick. et al, undivided half in- ftT'^.-tin rvsidencf- and .', lots .'.iri; East s!n»t. Inla tl.".i»0 ; Flora B. Gri-en, and hu^oaud lo John ' 111-!; and wife rfsidencc ^2* Scuth (•((•".-mil' St.. Io?a Jl Minnie Ohlfest. Ex. to .Tohn Penniis- ton. lo: Ohlf'tst'a second Add. \ Riifus Staikweather and wif <7 :o Gr 1 e V. T!o .-Mvlrk, et al quit claim deer, to , re?i(!encr- and 3 lots East sin tt., lola (It I.i?ven.^ II. rtn^twlck and wife to Graie 1 F .Hostwitk, rt al. qnit claim d-^ed to n-.-id^Rc" and " hits .'.!;» East S:. lola «1 4«nfi.-iry Si. .1, .M .Vnwell and wife to .T. A. Hi ks & .to-ic L. Ilii-k.^' lot East .fa-k- .^^on Ave.. Irda . ; 11 , .Iii-i .jdi .V. Iliiks .•<nd wife to Mary A.) .ViMvlJ lurt^A :', miU-.i noith o'' Ga.s CItv tl W. 0. IlalKlpr Id al, to Edith E. P^r: kin-, 41) aires 2 mllcK northwest of lola - _- II Frank E Mif'rary ami wif*? to W. fi. f'ov. f|iilt riaim deerl to biislnes.s prfip IT;V on .''erondstreet, Eismnre-. ft Sheriff to Wm. SIsler, .S. of SE >; of n-rs-S" . - - -- $'jr. J IIII nil rr .<. 1) .\ Rihy and wifn to .Tamf.^ .M; I'li'dpR, lot ."•I'.-i Lincoln Ave, l.i llarp" . 1120 .frvin F Rls.'itt and wife to C. P. Miller 2 lots on Osborn St., Gas $2^. Chas E. Cutnmlngs and wife to C. F. Mlllrr. 2 lots northwest comer Crawford and Elm Sts.. Gas City $10 Total |22,4nS.0IJ Dally Average _ -t-191.60 f)nc i/I.'n-e wlirre .siir>rery' fallB to brliii; jiiirnianint ridiif i.-i In the treal mem of piles, hcau-se even wiien the ivfl tiitnor.< are cut awiiy, tin; i-aii.--e of thnhr formation still rernalnH. That rau.'-i' li poor i-l.i-ciilatlon. I>r. Li'on- harilf.< llEM -UOlO Is thi tablet n-ni- I'dy tiiaf Is taken Inuardiy and «et.s riiriiL", to the Inside iaii?>'. HE.\t-R(MIi IH -old for SI by C. R. .^Ii'-ncr '"o . I'^la. Kar. • . :.nd all ill ir.:Kl..; .'.i'li.'V l.;iik if it fall..;. I>r. L'-onii.irdt '"o . .^t.iJun P., IJiiffalo, N. V. Wrl'o for hoot-: Erer Rabbit, the Hero. The folklore tales of the south and of the West Indies are often similar, the only difference being In tho hero cf the plot. Brer Rabbit Is the bcixt of fOutheni folklore tales; Bo Anancy takes the leading- part in the "West In- diap. epic. Geograpblcal dlsslssllariiy of origin explains tbo difference; the rabbit stories are of Congolese or Bantu origin: Anancy atorles originated on the gold coast. The rahbit was the totem from which the Bsstus were aupposed to be descended, while the Tshi-speaking tribes, from "R ^hom •West Indian negroes trace their de- Ec '<nt, had the anancy, or spider, as their totem. In the Anancy stories •»lld animals have the gift of speech; they converse freely with men and live on easy social terms \rith them.—Samuel fi. Jones, in the Soutbera Workman. FOR SALE, ALFALFA FARX KInirmun County. Kaas. 160 acres 4 miles from railroad station; fair ImprovemenU 100 acres alfalfa land; only about 12 feet to water . It's a bargain at $30 per acre Mortage 12000 eCc, due in 4 years. Can e.xchange equltr for good. Joja vropert^ at Ita cash ralne. lOLA LAM) C03IPAOT. mimi nSTHEili Gives Color, Lustre to Faded arid Gray Hair—Dandruff Quickly Removed. IV'-riT lime iir.Mi'Miirial, fr^^.,. and snl- [dj ir !iav..' l -'i -n used fiT ih.- liuir imd -••.lip. .M'lio .^t everyidc ki.'oifs of ilw r:.lii>' of -ilrll a couiliiliatloil f'R 1! i:'. :i ill- Till- li.iir, for tiiiiii;; ihuid.:: •• ! f.iiii:.^' Ii.ii.-, .mil fi.r i:.,.i.-ii:t' i:..- Ill o! n t?ii.">- till' i.nly wi.;- ii-> :: • .' f.of thiN .s'.ft IV.I . I • \v i' iv" thi- hiiiiii' f ifl'';.si''. a tii':li"'! << hi. !i v..i' (nMiJdr»"/;'o .-i/'d u "t alu.i .i. -.iii-f.o 1 ..-y. Noiv.T !ny» alia'^t i -ii -ry" dii::; faa sii!.;>ly hi-' 1 iilv.nw v.iih a n-iiiy- t .i -:i<e pri"!'.-r. .skiMfiilly i Miii;"i:iude 1 in jvi-rfri-ti.v •••;'ilnpi-d Inli-iru 'iTii-f. The Wyeih Chi -iiii .;! ('"riiiiiin.v of .\"iv York put ar) nn id.-al n-ia .-ly nf ihU f <>n. r.tlhtl ^Yy|•:'n\ S.iC"- yml Siilidiiir. Hair Ilemi'ilS'. and av :iliorin.> drii'.:sists tu sell it under puaranti -e that the ui'jn <-y will lie n-fna-h -.l if it faili to du csattly us reiiresent. d. If JMU ha\-e lUf .dtnfr, or If yottr hair i> turniii:; pray i:.- eoajius' out, uoa't iMsy. but pi't u bottle of thi.s remedy tiMlay. and see what a few daya* treatment will do i"or yuu. This preparatiiio i« offered to the public at fifty ivnl* a bottle, and i.s recommended and )>old by all drnggist-s. lOLA R. R.TIME TABLES i. T. * 8. f. BAaffAY South Bound. So. 201—Dalljr Ftessenrsr 1:05 9. ta. No. 203—Dally Fkaaenger S:tS a. N*a Zii '—DtLilj iexeeDt BuaJtrf Parsat- fcr 7 K:tOp. Qw .Vo. JTnUy fexcept S-j.-iday) Way FreiKht. Arrive I2:ul p. m. Depart 1:05 p. m, North Bound. So. ;02—Dully l'«.wni-?r 3:33 p. to. No. 20t —Dullv ]>aa!i<.-n|;iT i;2U n. m. No. Dally (eXL-ept Sunday) Viimen- ir<*r (:3i) a. tn. No. :iR—Dnily ("xrept Ruiirtay) Wny Fr.>fjtht. .Arrii-e IJ.J? ji. HI. - Jle yarl 1^:01 p. m. MISSOCRlTiCmF RAILWAY Freight*—Writ Bound. 4 .tl— I.ornl (dally Sun) Iv 1:48 p. m. 4S1—Colo. Itml pmi rcJ.illv) lr...»:i*p.ia. Fr«loht»— Ea »t Bound. 4riH_R»d Rnit uliillyj nr l :li»it .m. 4'.i:— (cliillv ex. Bull) nr «:no a. m. PaHcnoeri— Vfetl Bound. 407— Knnnnn rity-Ynti« Ciiitcr Mn« nnd Knpress <il.ill.v) Iv. ..«;47 p. m. 409—SI. f.ouN-Wlrhll.i Mn',1 mid Enprc^ (dally) Ir ..n:U n. m. Paiiengert—East Bound. 410—Ht. I.niilii-Knii.xnii City Miill and Rx- pre« fdalfyJ ur 7;17 p. m 40S—St. Lniil.i-Knniiiui City Mnll and press (cLiHy) ar g ;SI a. 01 Jf. K. A T. RAILWAT South Bound. •No. ^T^—Wny Krrlcht, irtally e «p *j>t Sijnil.T VI 4:^0 2. m Xn. 7.-.— M!x«I (dnl!v> 4:J5 p m No. 7 .1—r.o.«5»-np<.r M.TIIV) 11:19 I', m .Vo. 25—n.ver i'dillyl S.Sflii m Na'ih Bound. No. 21—P.i.<!!'pnsi>r Idaliv, l.ISp rr.. Xn. 7r,— MK-d M:iiI«I ...Srjnp n •No. «i72—Wav Fr<»lKht. (daUv .-rc.-v.i SiiTlnv> ; I!:l!> p rr. •STl and 57J will carry p.t.i!<enKers. KERCHAXTARLE AB.STRA^S. Every Abstract made In our pfflea ta guaranteed to be a merchantable ahetract or money refupde* lOLA ABSTRACT COMPA.VT Frank Wood. Manamr • •• + * + + ** + + + +* ^ • + ¥OXET TO LO*M > Will land on household ir:-^' vtanoc oTKana sewlnt * aklxM, rilamonda and Jew* + J. W. COFFET « lit B«rtk Street « JS Royal Typenrlter Xftnej 9 Hi Controls Exclusive Sale of thi - <9 ^ Boynl Standard Typewrit*' » H> In Allen County 9 E. n. Rnitirfnir. Ageil • 'i! Vo-thrup Bulldlna lola Kann 9 4? Typewriter Repairs and SnppllM 9 « Dr. C. M. Rnu • •B DEXTIST * Room Ko. I, .N'orthmp Rtd«|. 9 •S Extraction without pain by th» • % use of ^'trous Oxide Qai • « Phone— ("ice 5 .'i3; Bea 8Sl • « WHY 50T! • « Have Your Piano Tuned by u • ^ Experienced Tuner—On* T.l» 9 ^ ing In yotir borne town • « T. 0. CAStTSEY • 3 Piano Tuner and R;;palr»t • 5 Roherfs .Wusfc Co Pbone W • F. L. B. LEATELL, Ji Special ties— liisea^es of the Chea* Uiseases of ChUdroa FkOBLs—Office Be*. 14!. IOLA STATE BAKK BLDO • tt * • * Beal Estate and LlreslMk • ACCXIOXJSEB « * Batlalactlon guannteed.WtrB or • •i" phone at my expenae for dAtoo. « * R. B. CLARK, # * Istes Ceater Over Coo. Baak 9 + « raiLLlP HEICELB lia^k South St HARNESS A>D SADDELBY Gesml B«pairfngr, AU Kladi I HOBiEY TO LOA.V on ail kloda of household goodi or Jewelry—anything of value, nigui Pawn shop, Eaat Side Square. Offlee in Fruit Store. All iransactions atrlctly confl- denUal. i'i! Oftire Rrtu •» V Fboae !•;.>. Phone ISJ-T. -S ft DR. J. G. WALKER. S ft Kress BWg. * -S Successor to Dr. S. A. Coffman . » £ Special attention to Obstetrics 3 « and Disease of Children. 9 » ft $ S £ $ £ ft $£ft£ftS$3!3 A DEFEKBABLI ABSIBACT la one which contalna aeenr&ta Icformatloa of all recorda relating to the property described therein. A complete and accurate Abstract la the basis of a good deed.-* There are no better Ab- atracta than tboae prepared by THB FBTBBS05 ABSYBACT CO. XhwtVl 014 Cenrt Hou« Bide,

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