Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 5, 1943 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 5, 1943
Page 2
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HOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS^ >pe Star Rifle-High „ w«ek-<Jw amnwm b* . Stof Publlshlrtg Co. Inc. -a> pal?n*r and Atox. H. Wojhbum) fcStdt bUlMlrtfc. 712-2M South Walnut strMt, Hop« Ark. second etas* matter at the Hope, Arkansas, under th« *«r» Assockitfd Prt»4 Newspaper Enterprise Au'n, Ro»« (Always Payable Ja By Ctty terrier, tier week 15c; L Nevada, Howard, Miller grid 'ceunHw, $3.50 pef year; else- SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith •WH el Tfce Auo<lat*d Preoi The dted Press is exclusively entitled to for repubheatlon of all news discredited to ft or not otherwise ...,™:in this paper and also the local 8;pubttshed herein. . _ National Advertising R«pr«entatlYe— Sruas. Domes. ln«.: M"PP,J ls AK T i5? l K- fe Building; Chicago, 400 North Mlch- Avenue; New York City, 292 Madison Detroit M.ch, 2842 W. Grand Blvd.; City 4.14 Terminal IBdfl.; New nion St.. Charoes on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be *> for all tributes, cords of thanks, reso- fts, or memarials, concern.ng the de- sdT,Commercial newspapers hold Jo this V irt the riews columns to orotect th«» fers from q deluge ot space-taking me- Ss. The Star disclaims responsibilitv ftte safe.;«eplng or leturn ot any iBeitsd mqnscnpts. assified It must be in office day befor* publication. ,U Wont Ads cash In advance. Not taken over the Phone. i ' Hm»—Je word, minima* »« ttr? llm^s— 5e word, minimum 75e Shwe »!me»—3Vi« *o? d . mln """S "j KOn* month—11e word, minmium $2.70 Kafes are for continuous Insertions only « MORE YOU TELL THE QUICKER „ , YOU SELL." t For Sale COPR. 1943 BY NE» KHVICE. INC. T. M. REC. U S. PAT OFF. h-S Woih f ubbs Contact Established Saturday, June S, 1943 By Roy Crone BUT WHV TlAMdNLYAFtiHERMAM, ,.-.-.,.- SHOULD THE \ BL$A. THE AW6WER MUST ]<3UR ALLIES •"-' HOARD \ COME FROM OTHERS 7lM EM6LAMP rSI<yMPDlM,<3EOR6l I U^E THESE UNVTED STATES CURRENCVf <fAH TWE CELLAROF I iJMAYOROLERT'5 FtSH OIL FACTO RV, THE NORWEGIAN UNPER6ROUMD , DISCUSSES EL^'S (CW T6LL US h^WiVWFIT* ECRET RADIO I TELL OUR ALLIES WHAT WE HAVE FOUND ACTION \ AROUND WUWAWV CAPTAIN EASYf . THEY'VE ,„..,. --.,._ 1HIM6 VERY PUZtlltoS, **•* 6tfc fvZ HEftTOUftKlEKi) or «N |»5KV/tet/e AMeR|CAlfoASi:jMEM6LAMp-HW*'lr> Popeye "The Merry Widower" Thimble Theater "I promised 1 wouldn't toll you he crawled out >f the /.-reck soaking wi-t today when a U-boat hit his destroyer aI'lei- IIP sank four subs!" toTHERS LOOK: SAND BOXES tor the children, delivered complete with clean washed sand. Hempstead County Lbr. Co.. nhone 89. ' 3tl CHOW AND COCKER JJSp»n;el puppies. Dogs boarded llby.day, week or month. Padgitts Igbennels., 20-lmpd Pvt. George Harris, at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., stands on$ as high as his rifle and bayonet. Standing 4 feet, 11 inches, he claims title to the Army's smallest soldier. 6v For Rent WNSTAIRS APARTMENT. Fur- mshed. Mrs. Mary Middlebrooks. hone 364. 5-3tcli. - ROOM UNFURNISHED ent. Close in. See Leo Robins. _ 5-?tp4- Wanted to Rent OR FOUR ROOM UN- lished apartment. Conven- flently located. Duplex preferred, Phone 768 before 1 p. m. Satur- 12-3tdh F U R N I S H E .D or 4 or 5-rqqrn, fur- ished house. Must have electric refrigerator. Call Joe Perry, 3-3tpd. +, "WHITE FACE HEIFER, out twp years old. J, W. Ray, 67, Telephone 40. 3-2tch. Wqntcd , WITH BICYCLE TQ CARRY ^newspaper route. Must be at least years old. Apply Hope Star. Lost Oil and Gas Lafayette County, Arkansas Royalty Deed: l/G4th interest; 2( year term; dated May 1, 1943; filed May 29, 1043—Vincent W. Foster and wife, and L. A. Foster. Jr., anc wife to R. C. Brehm—Nc of Frl SW ] /4 and all accretions thereto and S>A Frl. NW'/i and all accre tions thereto, all in Sec. 5, Twp 15 S., Rge. 25 West, containing 16 acres. Prepared by Mrs. Eunice Trip lett, Lewisville, Arkansas. Royalty Deed: 1/128 interest ( royalty aeres>; dated Mny 31, 1943 filed June 3, 1943—G. C. Buck anc wife to George Dorman; NE'Xi o NE'Xi of Sec. 9; SEVi of SE'A o Sec. 4; all in Twp. 19 S., Rge. 2 West. Royalty Deed: 9/G40 interest ( royalty acres); dated May 31, 194: filed June 3, 1943—V. S. Parham anu wife to G. C. Buck—NE'A NEV4 of Sec, 9; and SE'A of SE of Sec. 4; all in Twp, 19 S., Rg 23 West. Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease: Dated May 20, 1943; filed June 2, 1943—Magnolia Petroleum Company to Hunt Oil Company; lease dated April 26, 1943 from Four States Grocer Co. to Magnolia Petroleum Co., covering the NEVi and NVfe of SE 1 /! of NW1 /-> o£ Sec - 5 ' Twp. 20 S., Hge. 23 West. Assignment of Oil and Gas Lease: I Dated May 27, 1943; /iled June 2, 943—J. £. Werby and wife to Fred '. Haclaock; lease dated October 2, 940 from Sudie L. Cornelius and uisband, R- R- Cornelius to J. 7,. Werby, covering the SM- ot SE'Xi of ec. 35, Twp. 17 S., Rge. 24 West. FUNNY BUSINESS FOR ME. J <5UR6, 1 LOVES VA, BUT UUHO WANT'S SUCH IDIFE? DON'T WOU LOVE ME ** LOEL.L, -THERE'S <9Tll_L. THAT DA;WL\N6) MR.PAPPV OLD GOAT HA/S GOT A OI1FS I'LL. A^oK HIM PON'TCHA, ^U-SPOSE THE^HHP MS ON - wipe Donald Duck Standing Room Only! By Walt Disney Blondie On the Scant! By Chic Young ma. u. t. >AT. otr-.l "I keep him perfumed so we can find him during blackouts!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD «V Williom Fergmon ALASKA HAS A BROWN LEATHER Kpocketbook. Lost Saturday, May |29, .near Saenger theater. Con- itains fpur dollars and identifica- ftlpn papers. If founds p)ease re |turn to Hope Star. 1-tf PLACK HOG. "NOTIFY JESS ^.Morris or Ge9rge Cornelius for i reward. • 4-3tpd [Foretells Wrong End For His Own Story holrn —WP)— Soon after i „„„., young woman was fount bolted to death, Copenhagen pa B began to recieve letters abou »'#ase signed "Henry." Each on '" ". "you will never catch me. „_ police immediately trace< type writer through a defect i pf the Jceys and arrested a 21 Id Pane. The young sluclm sed the slaying. .,_ days before the murder he [ written a short story for a P4P- weeWyy maga^'ne toretell'.ng s pntire case. The story, however ' ' ip suicide instead of arrest. Hold Everything ABOUT IO.OOO THAN THE QF THE EARTH. LET'S SEE/ FIRST I'LL HAVE ) TO6ETOME S OF POP'S } SHOES CSUREVOLJVE ^ GOT IT ? Boots and Her Buddies ~^~-" .r n VO^XX.ViHV TWE. 6fx?, 1 VK? ? r Dear, Dear! By Edgar Martin XOO "•-' /7^ * S^-^ • « ^& ^\ \ ~- *"' •COPR. 1943 BV NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. Off., Jb DIAMONDS USED LAST YEAR BY U.S. \A/AR INDUSTRIES FOR DRILLING, GRINDING, SAWIN6.ETC., ON HARD METALS, HAD A TOTAL. WHISHT OF ABOUT /7l^f /-Vf/^/p/V CA&A73". RedJRider RP-D/JH^D'SUCH A MICE N/SP — 1 FEEL so RE.FRtSHET3.' Cold-Blooded Orders By Fred Hormon "My sister's boy friend rnedal, but all you bring is dishpan hands!" got a hc?ne OUR WAY By J. R. Williams •AMERICA'S ORIGINAL. CAME FROM WHAT COUNTRY f ANSWER: Originally from Germany, although, eorne Wve4 in England for a time before coming to Arnerica,. POOR KID-' SHE'D BE SCARE.'DSTiFF IF SHE KNE.VJ WHY 1 HA"D TO BURY HE.R. SILVER JE VJERE- PACKINV.' LO05EM Hi^ 7 'HOL'ST eR&P PISTPU. Alley Oop Going Our Way? By V. T. Homlin t^-^f'tyj^i'^i^^^fi''^'^^^^ '^-. ^^4V'p-^:^Ste^^{i^ ^/>^fei^iga^^^f2^^^^ OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoopie TH' ROOSTER EMVV E6AD, 3UD&E REMCHV/ <^f BV THE HERE'S VOUR. LOST J'f MW FWHEtS. BOOK/ —50 <|J AMD I TOUCHED VJP.S t\ IN SOUR COURT MOUR ADVERTISE-)VTO/V\ORROVO MBN>T THW T HUIOTED IT FOE.TWO DA-NS ,--^ A BOOKI& PLACE, PLU^ABER.TO IMTEMDEDTO PiMtSOU.BUT TrA£ »26 PREPARED To SlME WILL, tf , A -yb THE 6REAT V BUT MV GOSH , OSCAR... \/ SURE ,OOP, SURE...' ARCHIMEDES OF I THOUGHT WE WERE I/TIME FOR THAT LATER! SYRACUSE.' WHAT \GOING TO MT. ETNA TO ) BUT FIRST WE'VE ' A ^"SfliJy^ ^^ V^rllWt^^lL- Jggg^ 1 v J- j J '.em Freckles and His Friends Effective Remedy By Merrill Blosser HOW COME YOU GAVE THE HIGH SCHOOL PAPER THAT MURDER. STORY, HELD our ON US ? „_ MURDER STORY? THIS I HEY,CHIEF-THE PHONE'S ONE.V &EEN SWAMPED WOH CALLS, WANTIHS TO f IF KMOW IF WE'VE FOUNQJ THIS THE BODY ' r-y^ s WMAT mt PUUT . r-r j TH|NK ,.* v ITIS - 1U

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